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Weapon of Mass Penetration

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It was now a few weeks since the night Cathy collected her prize as the winner of the Supersizeme competition. The competition where she and her friend Jo competed to see who could find and fuck the guy with the biggest cock. Cathy won with my 14 inches out doing the best that Jo could come up with, a good 12 inches but sadly for her a couple of inches short. I couldn’t believe that I had been able to find a girl who could take my 14 inch cock and to top it all off she was an absolute babe. She was fit, tanned and enormously well endowed with huge tits.

We had been seeing a lot of each other over the last two weeks but had yet to meet any of Cathy’s friends. But that was about to change when Cathy was invited to a party to catch up with some old uni friends. We were excited but also a bit anxious about going as Cathy new that some of her old friends would be there and that they had a reputation for stealing other girl’s guys. We had only just arrived when I noticed a lot of the girls were whispering to each other when they saw Cathy and me and it wasn’t long before I was sure that Jo had spread the word about me or rather should I see it. It being my massive cock that had allowed Cathy to win the big cock competition with Jo and it wasn’t long before a few of the “friends” starting hitting on me.

Every time I went to get a drink one of them would follow me and start chatting to me often staring blatantly at my groin. They were all young fit looking chicks dressed in short shirts and tight tops. I was having real trouble keeping my cock under control. Finally one of them named Pat started rubbing her hand up my leg. You should have seen the look on her face when she soon found that it wasn’t my leg that she was rubbing but my massive cock. Her jaw dropped and she just stared at my jeans as she kept rubbing it.

I asked her if she liked what she felt and she replied that she couldn’t believe it and asked if was for real. I told her that it was and she stared shaking and went pale.

I went out described what had happened to Cathy. When I told her about what Pat had done Cathy informed me that Pat was well known for boasting that she could get any man and that no guy could satisfy her. I told her that I bet 14 inches of rock hard cock would sort her out and have her begging for mercy.

Cathy agreed and told me that while she wouldn’t be keen on me fucking all of her friends she would not have a problem if I gave Pat one hell of a fucking provided she could be there to see it.

Anyway as the night went on we all had more to drink and I soon found myself outside with Pat. She was flirting with me terribly and soon she had her hands back on my cock. This time I returned the favour and took her big tits which I guess were about 36Ds in my hands started rubbing them and licking them through her dress.

We went into the nearby games room which was empty and I quickly removed her top exposing her huge milky white tits. Pat dropped to her knees and undid my shorts and after a little trouble Pat finally exposed my massive cock.

She was in shock being confronted by such a massive piece of manhood.


“Oh my god your cock is fucking massive! It’s like bigger than my forearm, MUCH bigger. It must be a foot long!!!” exclaimed Pat.

“Try more,” I replied proudly.

“13 inches?”


“14 inches?”

“That’s right and I’m ready to explode a huge load all over your pretty face!” I announced.

“Shit, even your balls are massive! They’re like base balls. Mmmh, there must be so much cum sloshing around in there,” suggested Pat.

I grabbed your huge horsecock with both hands, feeling its awesome power, realising my fingers are not even close to encompassing its soda-can thick girth. A great big glob of pre-cum appears on the enormous velvet head. I lick it up hungrily and more pours out. My face is now coated with your potent pre-spunk and yet still more pours out, clear streams of sticky fluid leaking out continuously.

“Shit, you’ve already come more than my previous boyfriend and its just pre-cum! This cock is fucking amazing!”

Your girlfriend Cathy has joined us and looks on, nodding approvingly. I now really start to suck on the monster while jacking off the enormous shaft. I can only fit the huge mushroom head between my lips, but I bite on it and loudly slurp all your excess cream, like a possessed woman. I roughly massage your huge balls, one at a time since I can barely hold one in my tiny hand. Then I start descending on your 14-inch pole, biting the side of it and licking at the angry veins. Some of them are so big, they look like small cocks. Your cock is so hard, it’s about to burst. I can hear your loud moanings and know I’m gonna be soon coated with your cream.

“Yeah, I’m cumming, take my load you slut!” you screamed.

The first powerful jet sailed clear past my head and hits the wall 6 feet behind me. I have never seen anyone ejaculate such a huge amount of cum at such a distance. But you are far from done. You take matters into your own hands, so to speak, and aim your cum-cannon at my countenance, coating my face and hair in thick globs of cum. My face is completely messy and I lap up your juices with my fingers, opening my mouth for you to fill me up.

“More! Come in my mouth, you fucking horse-hung stud!” I yelled as more massive streams jet from your enormous cockhead, filled my mouth up completely, rivers of cum pouring from my lips.

“How about on your tits baby! Do you want some on them?” asked Brad.

“What, you’re still cumming??? That’s, unbelie…” I can’t finish as you fire a last salvo into my mouth and I must swallow or drown. Then your lower your cock, a hard task since it is so absolutely rockhard, and fire some more cum at my tits. I can’t go on counting how many shots of cum you’ve already ejaculated but each one was extremely powerful and voluminous, and you are still going. A few more shots are enough to completely drown my 36d breasts in your copious goo, then you just drool more thick strands of cum onto the floor. I put my face under your cock and slowly slurp the long dangling strand until I reach your tip. Then, grabbing your massive cock with both hands, I clean your doorknob-sized head with my tongue. It takes a while and then I realise you are still hard…

“What, you’ve just come a pint of your spunk all over me and you’re STILL HARD???”

You look at me smiling. “Now, for the REAL fun to begin.”


At this point Cathy moved in closer and smiled as she saw her friend Pat plastered in my cum. It was dripping from her nipples her nose, her hair and her lips. Cathy didn’t say a word as she ran her index finger along my shaft until finally it reached the head where she scooped up some of my cum before coating her luscious full lips with my spunk. She looked at Pat who was still wiping spunk from her face and said “Like that did you cum hungry slut” before turning to me and kissing me passionately on the lips.

“Looks like Pat would like to know what it would be like to be fucked by your mega-cock babe. Is that what you want is it Pat, do you want Brad to fuck your pussy good and hard with his horse cock? Well is it?” demanded Cathy.

Pat just looked at her with her eyes saying it all as she looked longingly at my growing cock.

“Damn it Pat if you want him to fuck you with you had better start begging for it or I might just fuck him myself, now beg women beg!” saidd Cathy.

“Oh please Brad please fuck me with your huge cock I must have its immenseness inside me, please fuck me, make me your big cock slave. I’ll do what ever you want I’ve just got to have it in me NOW!!” begged Pat her big tits heaving with the thought of being torn apart by this 14 inch cock.

Cathy started stroking my cock to make sure that it was at its maximum length before asking Pat to stand up and lean against the wall. Once she had done this Cathy positioned herself behind Pat and slowly pulled her shirt down exposing Pat’s panties. Pat started to grind her buttocks into Cathy’s hands as Cathy massaged her cheeks.

Pat’s panties were moist with her juices which were flowing freely. She was rubbing her tits with one hand as Cathy rubbed her pussy from behind. Finally Cathy removed Pat’s panties exposing her neatly trimmed pussy. I moved over to her, my massive cock pointing rampantly skyward. I grabbed Pat around the waist my cock poised to enter her from behind. Pat pushed back eager to have me fill her with my immense size.

I grabbed my cock with hand as I held her waist and positioned my cock at the entrance to her pussy.


I feel the heat of your pulsating rod at my pussy lips and squirted thick juices in delight. It coats your immense cockhead, already dripping with lubricating pre-cum, in anticipation of the impaling you are about to give me.

“Shit, be careful with that thing Brad, I never had any cock that big before,” warned Pat.

My pussy lips distend when your huge knobhead plough into my depths. It hurts but at the same time, I can’t wait to have your mega-cock all the way up my twat. My eyes are fixed on your huge cock as inch after inch enter me. You are about halfway in as I am more filled than I have ever been before.

“I can’t believe I’m so full and you have so much cock still to go! Fuck, this dick is the biggest in the world!”

“That’s right baby and you won’t feel another man after I’m through with you” you snarl back.

I love you manliness and how you take control. I have an orgasm from your dirty talk and half of your 14-incher in me.

Suddenly, you grab me by the waist and impale yourself completely in me. Your cockhead must be up my stomach. The feeling in unbelievable and I scream in ecstasy. Your massive balls slap me repeatedly on my upturned buttcheeks, they are becoming red from the pounding your bullballs are giving them. You masterfully fuck me senseless with your rock hard monster cock for what seem like ages.

Cathy is rubbing my clit as your cock pummels my insides. She jacks off your gigantic shaft with both hands on the upstrokes. The fucking is noisy, juices slushing around, my cunt vibrating with climax after climax, your pre-cum and my juices oozing out like a torrent. After thirty minutes of merciless pounding, you finally grunt and your cock grows even bigger and harder inside me.


“Tell me where you’re going to deliver your massive load stud,” asked Pat.

“Oh my god Brad, I can’t take it any more you’re splitting me in two you big stud. OH FUCK you’re killing me with that thing,” yelled Pat.

“That’s OK baby I can’t hold back any longer I think I’m going explode so get ready because this is going to be big,” I replied.

“Oh shit pleeeease cum before you split me you big stud!!” screamed Pat.

Cathy was enjoying every minute of this huge fuck as she finally saw Pat get what she deserved, a cock that not even she could handle. Cathy had slipped around to the front of Pat who was still bracing herself against the wall as I firmly held her hips pulling her back on my rampant hardon. When I looked Cathy had taken to sucking Pat’s nipples and massaging her big tits. This sent Pat over the edge as she screamed in ecstasy at the treatment we were giving her.

“Oh fuck Brad please cum, I can’t take it any more,” whimpered Pat.

“Where Pat? Where do you want me to unload this cum cannon?” I asked.

“All over me Brad, cum all over me plaster me in your hot cum,” pleaded Pat.

I continued to pump Pat’s pussy a few more times before pulling out and positioning her in front of me. Pat grabbed my cock and started furiously wanking it and slurping the cum now oozing from its massive head.

Cathy joined in and soon there were three hands wanking my huge cock.

Oh fuck ladies here it comes I yelled. But before they could prepare themselves the first of many shots departed my cannon landing on the pretty little faces of my two big cock sluts.

Oh fuck he cums like a geyser, look at him cumming yelled Pat reeling as shot after shot impacted her face, tits and stomach. Yeah good isn’t he replied Cathy now grabbing hold of my cock and aiming fair and squarely at her massive 44 inch tits.

What an awesome sight seeing these two big titted beauties covered in my cum. Cathy grabbed my cock and ran it all over Pat’s face who was now licking her own lips to taste my cum.

“Well ladies how was that??” I asked.

Pat replied that she was now a big cock slut and that nothing would ever satisfy her again.


As Cathy and I both begin to recover from the awesome sight of your massive cum-cannon plastering both of us with load after load of thick cream, your rampant hardon demands more attention.

“I want you to take me up the ass now you bull stud!” I demanded.

“I thought you’d never ask” replied Brad.

Before letting you impale me with your gigantic fuckstick, I must make sure you are truely well lubricated. Thanks God, your bull balls still contain enough splooge to drown a cheerleading team in and as I start yanking of your 14-inch crank, precum begins to ooze out yet again. Cathy helps me spread the viscous fluid all over the vast expanse of your meat. Of course, we can’t help ourselves and have to suck on your giant helmet from time to time and suck some mouthfuls of pre-spunk but there’s plenty of it anyway to lubricate your giant cock.

Cathy then surprises me and starts fingering my anus with her sticky index.

“Gotta stretch that little hole and make it all slippery if you’re gonna take Brad’s huge cock up there!”

While Cathy primes me for your massive manmeat, you jack off with long two-hand strokes, admiring the sight of your girlfriend fingering my arsehole.

She now has four fingers stuck halfway up and is rotating her hand to really stretch my poor little hole.

“I can’t wait!” you say angrily and you push Cathy away, placing your angry knobhead at my backside.

“Oh please, be careful with that horsecock! I’ve never had a cock anywhere near that big in there before!”

“Yeah, you’ll be singing a different tune when I’m done with you my little cock slut!” boasted Brad.

Pushing your helmet in, I can feel my anal passage dilating to the max to accept your forearm-sized shaft up my chute. It hurts like hell, but I can’t show it, since you own all my holes now that I’ve seen what your mega-cock is capable of.

You have nearly half of your giant rod up me now and I’m furiously rubbing my clit while Cathy is playing with my hard nipples, biting them and twisting them to red hotness. You pre-cum flows freely from your rockhard cock, lubricating my backside and making your powerful invasion less hurtful. After a while, really start to like it and your immense size is no longer a discomfort but a source of intense pleasure. I am convulsing as you pound my ass with long ten-inch strokes, pulling out almost completely, before slamming your horsecock back in with incredible strength. I can see your huge muscles rippling, your massive biceps straining under the effort, your large chest heaving and your six-pack abs glistening with sweat. You lift me up in the air and hold me under the legs, letting my weight fall down on your massive pillar time and time again.

You just exude power as your show of manliness goes on and on. Finally, after another half hour, I hear you grunt and my anus feels like it’s going to be torn apart by your engorged and ready-to-explode enormous dick.


By now Pat was delirious with ecstasy, she was alternating between pleasure and pain screaming one minute for me to fuck her even deeper the next begging me to stop. Cathy had taken to simply driving her right hand into her pussy while furiously rubbing her massive tits still glistening with my cum from earlier with the left.

As I continued to sink my shaft into Pat there was a new twist. As I looked to my right I noticed that we had an audience. Six girls had gathered to watch and they stood transfixed by what they were seeing.

“Hey ladies, don’t be shy come over closer and get a real good look at your friend Pat get fucked by the biggest cock you will ever see!!” I suggested to them.

They tentatively moved in closer now visibly shocked at what they were seeing.

“Look at the size of that cock will you” yelled a pretty little blonde.

“Yeah it must be 10 inches long and look at what he is doing to Pat with it!” yelled a stacked brunette.

“No way, no cock is that big, it is rather large but I reckon its no bigger than 8 inches” said a stuck up red head.

“8 fucking inches, are you blind girl. This thing is 14 fucking of pussy tearing ass fucking cum blowing cock,” you scream.

With that Pat slowly raised herself from my shaft. First 8 then 10, 12 and finally all 14 inches of my cock was exposed. There was a gasp among the girls shocked by that they were seeing.

“And you let that thing fuck you in the ass!! That’s fucking crazy,” yelled one of them.

You just kept of wanking my massive shaft, your small hands stroking my baseball bat like cock.

“Yes I do and now this big stud is going to finish me off and blow his huge load up my ass,” you tell the girls.

With that you sit back down on my cock once again slamming your weight down until my shaft is totally inside of you. With me taking your weight and raising you up and down it is not long before you are once again delirious with pleasure screaming that you are climaxing.

“Oh fuck Brad I can’t take it any more pleeeease cum, fill me with your massive load!”

“Get ready Pat this is going to be massive.”

I hadn’t noticed but Cathy and the stacked brunette and each grabbed one of my balls and were massaging them helping to pump the huge load up my shaft in readiness to explode in Pat.

“Oh fuck Pat I’m cumming babe, I’m fucking cumming!!” I screamed.

As shot after shot pumped into there was screaming all-round. Finally you could take no more and cum was leaking from you and pooling on my abs.

“Oh fuck we have to see this, do you think he has anything left for us?” asked the pretty blonde.

“NO way, Pat has drained that big stud and he’s finished,” said the red head.

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing so I extracted my still convulsing cock, gripped it tight to prevent any more cum spewing from my cock, took aim at the red head standing 7 feet away and when I had her in cum-cannon’s sight let go and blew a massive stream of cock which smashed into the red head’s face.

“Oh my god did you see that” yelled the blonde as the red head wiped the cum from her face.

“Is there anyone else who wants some,” I said liberally spraying cum in the general direction of the girls.

Hands went up everywhere so I moved closer and sprayed cum at all the pretty faces I could see. What a fuck fest cum soaking orgy it was. Pat was slowly recovering from her massive ass fucking Cathy was walking around with her massive tits exposed and the other girls were wiping their cum soaked faces.

Well after all that I was finally done, well at least for a while until I could get my cock hard for round two!!!


After this mind-blowing, cum-soaking orgasm, I thought your cock would surely deflate. Boy was I wrong. Still rockhard, rampant and wanting more, your amazing 14-incher was ready for more fucking, despite having unloaded three giant loads of cum in the last hour. Cathy saw that you were eager for more pussy-stretching pleasure and nodded approvingly when you walked slowly to the uptight red-head.

“You thought I was only 8 inches. Now, I’ll show you what 14 inches of real manmeat feel like,” you growled as you ripped apart her clothes, exposing her bare 38DD breasts and shaven pussy.

“No, please! I want to be faithful to my boyfriend,” she pleaded. But her eyes, transfixed on your mighty pillar of flesh were telling another story.

By now, all six hussies had shed their clothes and the room was filled with moans of womanly lust. Both Cathy and I had started licked the pussies of some voluptuous vixens. I was too exhausted to take any more of your pounding and preferred to watch you display your supernatural manliness on the six new buxom girls that had watched you ass fuck me to oblivion.

The redhead prepared herself for the ultimate impaling, helped by a couple of her friends who were encouraging her to take you as deep as she could. I could see her pussy dripping in anticipation and soon enough, you filled her with your pussy-stretching rod of pleasure. She was delirious with lust after less than twenty seconds and you pounded her for ages while the rest of us were a mangled mess of lesbian cunt-licking, ass-fingering nymphomaniacs.

When you came, I swear I saw your enormous cock distending even further, stretching the poor girls pussies to the max as you unloaded another massive load of your unending cream in her. Amazingly, your humongous cock was still rockhard when you pulled out and you had no trouble sinking it into the pretty blonde who had been in awe of your enormous weapon since she had first seen it.

“Now, its your turn slut! Im gonna turn all of you into my little cock-sluts,” you growled as ten inches of your stone-like cock pounded the blonde girls overstretched pussy.

“YES! Fill me with that horsecock,” she was begging And that you did.

Up and down, your glistening shaft disappeared down her tunnel, her cuntlips sucked up on every upstroke from the shear power of your forearm-thick manmeat. The other girls were still engaged in a torrid cunt-licking competition but a couple of them were too mesmerised by the sight of your humongous shaft to be able to resist jacking off the few inches remaining outside the delirious blondes pussy. Another brunette girl was gently massaging your bullballs, coaxing the massive loads of cum to come out so she could have a ride on your huge cock before the end of the evening.

Well, suffice to say, you did not disappoint any of the ladies present that night. After unloading another giant load (I counted at least a dozen massive streamers of cum) on the blonde’s giant tits), you proceeded to fuck the other four girls to almost death. Cathy was lucky enough to have you last, since you lasted at least an hour, pounding her mouth, pussy and ass for ages before cumming all over her face.

Eventually, even a superstud like you finds his limits and we all fell asleep, knowing we had participated in the hottest orgy on the face of the earth.

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