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Two Into One Do Go

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Note from the Authoress: For any one who has read the Julie Journals they will know I always mention that my stories are a mixture of fact and fantasy. The content of this story is pure fantasy but the characters are fact. For that reason I have not included this as part of the Julie Journals. It is dedicated to a lovely intelligent woman and her partner who it has been a privilege to get to know.

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Julie sat quietly and calmly in a private booth watching the door of Lacey’s Club. Half concealed in the shadows thrown by the dim light Julie reflected on the exchange of e-mails over the past months. When she had mentioned the forthcoming trip to New York the other two women had insisted she visited Lacey’s. Unlike many places these days the private status meant the members could smoke, and although not a member Julie had been invited in as her name had been left on the guest list at the door. She was surprised at the difference shown to her by the hostess when she gave her name, and the knowing smile as she showed her to the booth in the back of the room.

The smoke from Julie’s Marlboro curled up into the lights and she calmly watched the couples at different tables. There wasn’t a man in the place but Julie had known it was a lesbian club before she came and was very comfortable with it. She felt a little nervous perhaps but also excited and had dressed especially for the occasion. The short black leather dress was tight in all the right places and split wickedly up the front so that it was nearly at her crotch when she sat down. The door opened and Julie knew straight away it was the two she was waiting for. Cassie was the shorter of the two and her blonde hair framed her pretty face. She was wearing black cowgirl boots, tight black leather pants and a shearling coat. Vanessa was taller at almost six feet, with dark brunette hair. She was wearing black thigh-high platform boots and blue jeans. To guard against the cold, she was wearing a full-length leather trench coat. She reached into her coat pocket and took out a pack of More cigarettes and a lighter. She placed the sexy long brown cigarette between her lips and casually lit it. Her slim gloved fingers now wrapped around the cigarette as she pulled the smoke deep into her lungs. The warm smoke was soothing, and she exhaled slowly through her mouth and nose.

Julie was hot with anticipation as she saw the two women moving towards her, but suddenly, her view was blocked by a figure looming in front of her. At first, she thought it was a man. Then she realized it was a bull dyke, dressed in a man’s suit and fedora. “I’m Wanda,” she said. “How about we go to the bathroom and I show you a good time.”

Julie was a little concerned by her situation as she would like to deal with matters quietly, but then she saw her two friends approach, and Vanessa tapped Wanda on her shoulder. As Wanda whirled around Vanessa snarled, ” Wait your turn, bitch,”

With that Vanessa took a deep drag on her cigarette, and blew a mouthful of creamy smoke into Wanda’s face. Julie wasn’t really afraid, but surprised at how aroused she was getting to see the women fight over her. Wanda opened up her jacket to reveal a large knife. “Get lost, or I’ll slice your nipples off,” she threatened.

Julie saw the knife and moved her hand instinctively to the small of her back and then cursed when she remembered that she was abroad and therefore not armed. Julie measured the distance between herself and Wanda and with a sinking feeling realised that starting from a sitting position was not ideal. Coiling her body like a spring Julie prepared herself mentally for the violent explosion when she saw Vanessa and Cassie smile at each other and opened their own coats. Both Julie and Wanda could see the gun in Vanessa’s shoulder holster and the one in Cassie’s hip holster. Wanda’s mouth opened in terror as she started to back away.

Vanessa smiled at Wanda. “Smart move cunt,” she snarled. “It would be a shame to see what brains you have splattered all over the wall.”

Where Julie lived, even the police did not routinely carry guns and to her surprise, her nipples were hard in anticipation as she watched her new friends ready to kill to protect her. She felt safe and warm with these two caring for her.

As Wanda skulked away to try her luck with another femme, Vanessa turned to Julie. “So you are Julie then” Vanessa purred as she held out her hand, “Cassie has told me a lot about you, and was wondering how much was true.”

Julie just smiled and moving slightly opened her long legs clad in black boots causing the split in the dress to open more. Vanessa’s face split into a wide smile as she saw Julie was naked under her dress.

“Hiya hun” Cassie said as she joined the table then smiled as well as she saw the view that Vanessa was getting.

The two women slid in either side of Julie and ordered champagne from the waitress who had appeared. While they waited for the waitress to return, they engaged on small talk: how were you, flight, your hotel OK, etc. As they talked, Cassie and Vanessa looked at each other knowingly. They had anticipated this problem and would have to deal with it.

Over the years, they had become addicted to BBC programs that were shown on cable TV. These ranged form adaptation of classic novels, to mysteries and comedies. But they all had one thing in common: they were unintelligible and the girls had to watch with closed-captioning subtitles. As Julie continued to describe her trip, they both thought the same thing: “Why the fuck can’t these people speak proper English?”

The waitress finally arrived with the Dom Perignon, uncorked the bottle, and poured for each of them. Julie saw the wistful look in the waitress’s eyes, wishing she could join them, but knowing she couldn’t.

“So you sure you want this to happen?” Vanessa asked staring into Julie’s blue eyes, resting her arm on Julie’s shoulder.

“Sure she does” Cassie smiled, “otherwise she wouldn’t be sitting there all dressed up like a Christmas present in leather.”

As the two women began to share their day with each other, Julie relaxed and then felt a hand on either knee climbing slowly upwards. Julie simply opened her legs and allowed the exploration to continue and wondered what would happen when their fingers met which was pretty close to happening.

As their fingers touched Cassie stopped talking and smiled broadly at Vanessa who smiled back. Then in unison both women pushed a finger each into Julie’s body and she couldn’t suppress a moan of pleasure as they worked their way in. Julie’s body stiffened as two of Vanessa’s fingers penetrated her and found the little ridge that was so packed with very sensitive nerve endings, the G-spot. Meanwhile, Cassie’s index finger adventured farther north, found Julie’s hood, and then probed under it to find her hidden clit. Julie’s back arched again as Cassie’s finger found its target. Julie writhed under their touch as Vanessa stretched her pussy and massaged the ridge with the tips of her fingers, and Cassie twisted and tweaked at her clit.

“What are you doing?” Julie moaned as a flood of lubricating fluid met Vanessa’s fingers.

“We’re just checking your size and seeing if you’re ready,” Cassie teased. They pulled their fingers out from their guest’s pussy. Looking seductively at Julie, they licked their wet fingers, and then dipped their cum-laden fingers in their champagne. As Cassie and Vanessa raised their glasses to toast her, Julie noticed her juices mixing with the bubbly liquid in their glasses.

Cassie leant forward and whispered in Julie’s left ear, “Our apartment is just round the corner.”

Vanessa whispered in the other ear, “The only question is who gets your ass and who gets your pussy.”

Giggling softly Julie purred, “You will just have to take turns won’t you.”

It was a short walk back to their apartment block and soon the three of them were inside the well-appointed apartment. The view over New York’s skyline was breathtaking and the two women smiled at Julie as Cassie said, “Make yourself at home, we just need to slip into something more comfortable,” and with that they disappeared into the bedroom. Julie looked out the other window with its spectacular view of Central Park, covered in a fresh blanket of snow.

Julie looked round and could tell from the quality that the two of them were clearly very successful. She was examining the books in the book case when she heard Vanessa say, “That’s better, much more comfortable.”

Turning Julie saw that both of them had stripped off and were both wearing shiny black leather thigh-high boots with 6-inch spiked heels. Julie let out a gasp as she saw the sight of her new friends in their come-fuck-me boots. From the look of their closely cropped landing strips, Julie could see that Vanessa was a natural brunette, and Cassie a natural blond.

Vanessa giggled as she saw that Julie’s mouth was wide open. “On the floor, baby” she ordered Julie, ” and get what’s coming to you!”

Julie lay down on the rug and spread her legs in anticipation as Cassie lit a cigarette and knelt down between her knees. She took a puff on her cigarette and then placed her mouth over Julie’s pussy. Julie’s body twitched as the warm smoke rolled over her pussy, and then gasped as Cassie’s tongue started exploring her inner thigh. Vanessa leaned over Julie, and their lips locked. Vanessa opened her mouth and extended her tongue into Julie’s inviting mouth. Their tongues met and Julie tried to match Vanessa thrust for thrust. Slowly and seductively, Cassie was moving up higher and higher, pushing up Julie’s dress to gain better access. Her tongue now found Julie’s labia, swollen in anticipation. With her two hands, Cassie spread Julie’s lips, and waited for Vanessa. Vanessa took a swig of ice-cold vodka, and bent over and placed her mouth over Julie’s right nipple. Julie screamed as Vanessa’s ice-cold mouth encased her nipple and her tongue flicked at her nipple, which was already rock-hard. The scream was Cassie’s signal, and as she plunged her tongue into Julie’s pussy, Julie’s body quivered involuntarily as the two girls worked on her, stimulating her erogenous zones with their fingers and tongues.

They held her down tightly as she squirmed with each thrust, with each lick, with each kiss. As Vanessa continued to kiss Julie and fondle her breast, Cassie blew another mouthful of smoke into her pussy and started to manipulate her hood.

“I can’t take it, anymore! I’m going to explode!” Julie cried. “Fuck me now and fuck me hard,” she pleaded.

Cassie lifted her head up. “I thought you’d never ask, darling,” she giggled. “We’ll be back in one minute.”

Julie got to her knees, and was a little dizzy from the cigarette smoke and the alcohol, but mostly, it was from these two women who had taken charge of her like no one else ever had. Oh, she had been with women before, and she was usually the dominant one. Despite her experience, she had never been this out-of-control, never pleaded —she had actually begged–for someone to fuck her.

As she got to her knees, Vanessa and Cassie had come back with their gear. With a sly smile, Vanessa handed Julie another glass of champagne, then turned with her back to Cassie. She stepped into a strap-on harness, and then played with her own nipples as Cassie positioned it, tightened the straps and made sure it was snug and secure. Then they changed places, and Cassie now had hers in place.

They stood there, confronting Julie and helped her to her feet. “You ready for the big ride?” Cassie teased.

Julie nodded silently as she recalled how she had described to Cassie in graphic detail in various e-mails how she would like to be fucked by two women. Julie moved to strip and Cassie laughed as she said, “Oh no hun stay just as you are, thought it would be nice if that dress unlaced at the front.”

Julie undid the laced front allowing her breasts to spill free. Her nipples were still rock hard, and they giggled as they saw the hickey Vanessa had given her right breast.

“I’ll just be one minute darling,” Cassie said as she lay on her back, her knees bent to expose her crotch and Julie saw that Vanessa was now lubricating a strap-on. On a closer look, she saw it was no ordinary one. The outer strap-on was 8 inches long and quite thick, and then she saw the inner dong and the remote. Vanessa handed the toy to Cassie who closed her eyes, and with a practiced feel, slipped the inner dong into her pussy. Cassie grunted as the dong found it’s place inside her and she locked the strap-on into position on the harness.

Vanessa moved behind Julie and holding her shoulders tightly, pushed her down on her knees in front of Cassie. “On your knees, bitch!” she commanded. “And take her deep!”

For Julie, this was a dream come true, and she gabbed the shaft of Cassie’s cock and started to lick it at a furious pace. Then, as Vanessa started fondling her from behind, she took Cassie’s cock deep in her throat. After just a few minutes, it was more than Julie could take and with pleading eyes, she looked at Cassie. “I need you inside me! Please.”

Cassie laughed, and held the strapon upwards by the base. “Hop on hun” she purred.

Julie had to pull the dress up over her hips to get her legs wide enough and straddled Cassie’s body. Vanessa placed her arms around Julie to steady her and to get another feel of her tits. Julie’s pussy was still soaked from the foreplay that had started in the bar and easing down teased her pussy lips on the head. Cassie reached up and holding Julie’s hips pulled her down until she was fully impaled. A long sigh of pleasure escaped Julie’s lips as she felt the strapon deep inside her and Cassie also moaned as Julie’s pressure on the strap-on pushed the inner dong deep into her pussy and against her G-spot.

For Cassie and Vanessa, this was one of their favourite sex toys; the better you fucked your partner, the better you fucked yourself. Cassie started to make gentle upwards movements of her hips as Julie pushed down to meet her thrusts. As she became wetter, Julie started to ride the strapon harder lifting up until it almost left her body then pushing down hard. And with each movement of the strapon, there was a corresponding thrust of the inner dong inside Cassie.

Cassie and Julie were now synchronizing their thrusts Cassie heard a familiar moan and knew that Vanessa’s dong and strapon were in place. Julie felt the orgasm begin to rise in her body and almost screamed in frustration when she felt a hand on her back stopping her movements. That was Cassie’s cue and she put her arms around Julie’s neck and pulled her towards her, and raised up her legs and wrapped her boots around Julie’s midsection. Cassie was always amazed that these strapons were so firm and so flexible. When she had been with guys, any rapid change in position would make them lose it. Even at this angle, her strapon was still fitting snugly in Julie’s pussy.

Holding Julie firmly in place, Cassie now locked lips with her. As their tongues heatedly explored each other’s mouths, Cassie felt Julie’s body shudder as Vanessa applied the cold gel to her ass,

“It’s time baby,” Vanessa murmured as she probed first one then two fingers into Julie’s ass. Julie squirmed on Cassie’s strapon as she felt the probing become deeper and more intense. Vanessa was making sure that Julie was being well stretched and lubricated before she plunged her cock deep into her. As Julie squirmed under Vanessa’s touch, the strapon moved in and out of her pussy and the dong in and out of Cassie’s.

When Vanessa finished the lube job and pulled her fingers out, Julie’s body tensed as she realized what was coming next. The head of the strapon felt tight against her ass and Julie breathed deeply to relax and as she did so the head slipped in.

“Ahhhhhh fuckkkkkkkk” Julie exclaimed.

“Feels good don’t it.” Vanessa said softly as she pushed the strapon deeper and deeper into Julie’s ass until it was fully home. This set off a chain of reactions. As the strapon penetrated deep in Julie’s ass, Vanessa’s inner dong was forced deep into her pussy. And as the forward pressure pushed Julie into taking Cassie’s strap-on deeper into her pussy, Cassie’s dong was forced into her, too.

Julie was now trapped between the two women, with Cassie having wrapped her booted legs against Julie’s middle and Vanessa straddling her ass and fucking it with her strapon. Satisfied that they were all positioned properly, Vanessa said, “OK let’s ride.”

That was the signal for both of them to activate the battery pack switches. As the strapons began to vibrate in her pussy and asshole, Julie began to rock back and forth, as Cassie and Vanessa started to feel the buzzing in their own pussies, they joined Julie in a rhythmic back and forth motion, with each thrust setting off the chain reaction stimulation. With that Vanessa pulled back and Julie felt herself lift partially upwards before Vanessa firmly drove the strapon back into her ass forcing her down onto Cassie’s strapon.

“Oh my fucking god,” Julie exclaimed as she felt herself being filled in both holes. Vanessa and Cassie began to fuck Julie in earnest and with each pull back Cassie pushed upwards and then inwards as Vanessa forced Julie back down. The movements became harder and more forceful as Julie relaxed more and more until at one point both strapons nearly left her body and then both plunged deep at the same time.

That pushed Julie over the top and screaming loudly bucked and writhed as the two women kept up their steady fucking. Orgasm after orgasm burst in Julie’s brain until she felt she would pass out from the pleasure. Now, Cassie and Vanessa started to feel their orgasms starting and Julie was confused as she had just had one of the best set of orgasms in her life and she was still being fucked and she felt that she was going to start up all over again.

Cassie could feel her nipples becoming very hard and her pussy was now wet. Vanessa continued to lean forward applying constant pressure to Julie’s rectum and Cassie moved her hips upward to propel her cock into Julie’s pussy. Cassie began to moan as the dong rocked back and forth inside her pussy, and she now felt herself beginning to cum. Her pussy began to pulsate in increasingly powerful contractions. They seemed to be more potent, intense and longer than any she had experienced before. The intensity was incredibly overwhelming! “OOOOH MY GOD!” she screamed. “YES! YES! OOOOOHH YEEEEEEESSSS!” She writhed around in uncontrolled ecstasy, her pussy contracting and contracting in wave after mind-blowing wave of extreme pleasure. “OOOOOOOOH FUCK! OOOOH GOOOOOORD, YEEEES! YES, YEEEEEES!” Cassie continued to scream in ecstasy

Meanwhile, Vanessa was starting to cum and was bucking her hips up and down, pounding Julie’s rectum with abandon. As the first wave hit her, Vanessa’s face was contorted in rapture as it consumed her totally. Each successively powerful contraction left her gasping and screaming in unrestrained exaltation, “ahh..ahhh..AHHHH..Yesss Yessssss..”

As Vanessa’s body contorted in ecstasy, she heard Cassie scream, ” I’m coming again!”

“Me, too,” Julie moaned

“That makes three,” Vanessa thought to herself as he own orgasm burst again.

As Vanessa and Cassie continued to thrust their cocks into Julie, and the dongs into themselves, their pussy muscles started contracting simultaneously. All three of them were writhing and screaming and cumming in unison.


“ahhh..ohhhh..AHHHHH Yeahhh oh Yeahhhh!” Julie moaned.

“Fuck me like a whore!” Vanessa squealed as she started to cum again.

Their pussies continued to explode. Spasm after spasm violently engulfed them as they fucked back and forth in rampant, unrestrained rapture.

“YEEEES! OOOOOOOOOOOH! YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES!!!!!!!!” Julie shrieked as she collapsed on top of Cassie in exhaustion.

Eventually, the waves of pleasure began to subside. Vanessa slipped her strapon cock out of Julie’s ass and pulled her off Cassie’s strapon. . Cassie looked up at the two of them. “Oh, fucking Jesus Christ!” she moaned as she tried to stand, but was still a little shaky and collapsed back to lie next to Cassie and Vanessa. “That was fucking unbelievable! It was fucking out of this world!”

The three women lay silently next to each other trying to regain their breath. Vanessa kissed Julie gently on the back of her neck as Cassie kissed Julie’s face. Then Cassie whispered softly, “See two into one does go.”

Julie looked at the two of them and whimpered pleadingly, “I’m ready to go again.”

Vanessa looked at Cassie and smiled. They had found a new and wonderful fuck buddy.

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