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When Two Mistresses Meet

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She was feeling a little nervous as she arrived. Mistress Heather, as she was known in the D/s community, was still a rather young girl of 23. She had been a practicing Domme for a little over 3 years, however most of those experiences were in the confines of a few of her college relationships. It had only been for the last 9 months that the blond haired Domme had sought more professional experiences with true sub girls.

Now here she was arriving at this mansion for her first ever slave auction. Tired of just temporary experiences with different subs, Heather was convinced she was ready to acquire her first full-time slave. She had heard about this auction from one of her Domme friends who she had rented a few subs from on occasion. She had called and spoken to the host, Mistress Kimberly, and quickly decided to register as a Domme buyer for the auction.

Despite her confidence that she was ready for this, the excitement now had her feeling a bit anxious as she was led into the mansion’s ball room. Here she was greeted by Mistress Kimberly, who Heather recognized quickly by her voice.

“Welcome Mistress Heather, I’m so glad you decided to register and attend. It’s always an exciting time when a new Domme joins one of our auctions,” Mistress Kimberly said, shaking Heather’s hand warmly, smiling. Kimberly was already in a Domme outfit that exhibited a portrait of fierce confidence. Seeing Kimberly in a pair of black leather boots that went up to just below her knees, a tight leather skirt and a black corset, Heather suddenly felt inappropriately dressed in her jeans and normal looking blouse.

As if reading her mind, Kimberly smiled reassuringly and said, “Don’t worry, you’ll have time to change in your room before the Inspection Time tonight. Most Mistresses arrive just as you are at first.”

“Oh good,” laughed Heather with relief. “Thank you very much for accepting my registration. I’ve really been excited about this ever since hearing it.”

“I bet. I’ve been told that you’ve never owned a full-time slave, is that correct?” inquired Kimberly. Heather nodded with a smile. “Well good, I can guarantee you will go home tomorrow very happy. Now, here’s your room key. You’re sharing a room with another Mistress. We’ve matched you up according to your top 3 preferences that you put on your registration card.” Kimberly explained this as she handed Heather the key.

“Thank you,” responded Heather. She had been a bit surprised to find out that she’d be sharing a room, but quickly decided this would be a good thing to meet yet another Domme, especially one with similar likes as her.

“You have two hours to relax and get ready before you should arrive at the Main Banquet room for the Inspection. That will be your time to look at all the slaves to be auctioned off tomorrow and decide which ones you want to try and purchase.” Mistress Kimberly flashed another big smile at Heather as she shook her hand once more, and then turned to greet another Domme who had arrived.

Heather was instructed by one of the maids where to find her room and that her bag would be in there already. Heather left the ball room and headed for her room. As she walked, she thought back to the registration card she had filled out for the auction a month back. She had been a bit surprised when it asked her to list her top 3 preferences of BDSM things that she liked. The list of options was huge, and she had quickly crossed out some of the more extreme things such as toilet, piercing, and animals, since she was a much more sensual Domme. After some time, she had finally marked down light bondage, strap-ons, and joyfully had marked down her favorite thing of all: foot worship. It was this that excited Heather the most. The feeling of power and arousal it gave her when a sub was worshipping her feet, whether it was tenderly or forced upon them roughly, was intoxicating. Heather absolutely loved it and knew that no matter what girl she got tomorrow, the girl would have to be good at foot worship.

Heather finally arrived at her room and discovered that whoever she was sharing the room with had not arrived yet. The first thing Heather decided to do was change. She wasn’t really into a lot of Domme clothing, but she still had some outfits that she felt real confident in. After stripping out of her normal clothes, she slid on her favorite black skirt. Then, she put on a red button-up blouse which she purposely left half-way buttoned so that just the top of her black bra underneath showed. She set out a pair of open-faced heels to wear, shut her bag, tossed it on the side, and then hopped up on the bed to relax a little.

She was sitting up against the headboard with her eyes closed, daydreaming about what the auction might be like when she heard the room door open. Opening her eyes, she saw a brunette Domme walking in, a maid trailing her carrying a bag. Heather swung her legs off the bed, careful to keep her skirt from riding up, and stood to greet her roommate. The maid placed the bag on the bed and quickly shuffled out of the room, locking and shutting the door behind her.

“Hello,” Heather greeted her roommate with a smile, “I’m Mistress Heather.” Heather extended her hand.

The other Domme paused a moment, examining Heather up and down before finally smiling and shaking Heather’s hand. “Mistress Heather huh? So you’re the girl.”

Heather felt a little confused at this greeting, but didn’t show it as she placed her hand back to her side. “Yep, I’m the Domme you’re sharing a room with. And your name is?”

“Mistress Kerri” replied Kerri as she smirked and turned to set her bag on the floor. She, Heather noticed, had arrived already dressed for the occasion. Similar to Heather, she didn’t have any of the stereotypical Domme wear either. Instead, she wore a red skirt with the exact same type of heels that Heather had already placed out. Like Heather, she also was barelegged, something that Heather could only assume was likely to be a common thing among Dommes who enjoyed foot worship as Heather did. Kerri was wearing a black lace tank top with spaghetti straps. Heather noticed that she wasn’t wearing a bra underneath. Heather assumed that like her, Kerri must enjoy the confidence that came by displaying a picture of sexiness.

“So,” Kerri said as she turned back to Heather, “You’re the one that kept me from having a room to myself this year.”

This time, Heather’s confusion was apparent. “I’m sorry…what do you mean I kept you?”

Kerri smirked again. “You see, an average of 30 Dommes attend this every year. Most are regulars that come each year. It just so happens that I’ve been the only one for the past 5 years that I’ve come that has emphasized foot worship enough to put it down out of all those preferences. And now…here you are, taking that away from me.”

Heather wasn’t sure how to react. First, she had been surprised that Kerri had been coming here for 5 years. She looked to be about 26, which meant she had likely started being a Domme even younger than Heather had. Second, Kerri actually sounded upset at Heather, which Heather hadn’t been suspecting. “Well,” began Heather, “I’m sorry Kerri that happened. But, I don’t know how I was supposed to know that would happen.”

Kerri stared for a moment, and then her face broke out into the first genuine smile that Heather had felt she had given. “Aww, it’s ok Heather. You seem like a nice enough girl, I guess I can handle it. Have a seat, let’s talk and get to know each other.” Kerri sat on the side of her bed, facing Heather, who in turn, sat on her bed. “So, you like having your feet worshipped huh?”

Heather grinned, “Yea. God I love it. I find it so erotic.”

“Hmm…I know what you mean,” smiled Kerri. “However, I must say that you don’t really look the part of a Domme…let alone one that would be so aroused by foot worship.”

This was true, Heather knew, as it wasn’t the first time she had heard this comment. Most Dommes stood closer to around Kerri’s height, who looked around 5’9. Heather was a very small 5’3. Her legs and feet therefore were rather small, and she had been told by the same Domme friend who told her about this auction that most Dommes who enjoyed foot worship had the longer, slimmer legs with feet to match that Kerri sported. Heather never let this bother her though, since she knew what she enjoyed and never felt like she couldn’t Domme at her height, even enjoying Domming sub girls who were as tall as Kerri. Besides, Heather knew she wasn’t lacking in size in other areas. She had decent muscles for a girl her height, and she sported a beautiful pair of natural 34c breasts.

So in response to Kerri’s comment, Heather simply shrugged. “Yea, I’ve been told that before. But that’s fine, because I know what I enjoy and am plenty confident for being a slightly shorter Domme.”

Kerri smiled at this and then let out a small yawn and stretched. “So…tell me…have you tried it yourself?”

“Tried what?” asked Heather, once again a little confused by this response.

“Worshipping a girl’s feet of course,” Kerri said with a slight giggle.

Heather gave a look, slightly taken aback. “What? No…of course not.”

“Hmm…,” Kerri now said more thoughtfully, “I thought not. Tell me Heather, how old are you?”

“I’m 23, why? Don’t try telling me I’m too young, cuz you can’t be older than 27 and you said you’ve been here for 5 years.” Heather now was starting to feel a little defensive, unsure where Kerri was trying to go with these types of questions.

Kerri just smiled, still looking thoughtful. “You’re right, I’m only 25. However, when I was a much younger Domme, I had the benefit of being told something very useful that has helped me not only be a better Domme, but helped me enjoy being a Domme all that much more. Want to hear it?”

Heather looked a little doubtful, but said. “Sure.”

“Well, my friend, who was an older Domme, told me that a Domme could never fully appreciate the pleasure that a sub can give to her until she understands the mind set of the sub during each of the things that she has a sub do.” Kerri said all this with a smile, and then just paused and waited for Heather to process it.

Heather just stared at Kerri, almost not believing what she was hearing. “So you’re trying to tell me that if I want to really feel pleasure from having my feet worshipped, I need to experience worshipping a girl’s feet just like a sub?”

Kerri nodded, “Yea, now you’re getting it.”

Heather shook her head, “No way. I would never do that. And I happen to enjoy having my feet worshipped just fine. I don’t think it needs any help.”

Kerri now smirked once again, as she had earlier when first arriving. “What are you scared of Heather? Afraid that a sub would think less of you if you just worshipped her feet a bit?”

Heather looked at Kerri, still feeling thrown from all this. “I’m not afraid of anything. I just…I just don’t see any benefit from doing something like that.”

“Oh come on,” replied Kerri, “you’re telling me that you’ve never once been curious as to what it feels like? To be on your knees softly licking around another girl’s toes, kissing and sucking all over it? I know you’ve had to been just a bit curious what goes through a sub’s mind while she’s doing it…how she could possibly enjoy it.” Heather just sat there as Kerri paused. She clearly hadn’t been prepared for any of this, and Kerri finally smiled at her once again. “I’ll tell you what. I know a way you can try it and not worry at all about anything anyone else will think. No one, especially one of your subs will ever have to know.”

“What’s that?” Heather had asked the question so quickly, it even surprised her. What did it matter, she quickly thought, you’re not actually considering this?!

Kerri on the other hand, just stayed smiling at her. “You can worship mine. I mean, I know that might sound like I’m just looking for some action, and I won’t deny that I won’t enjoy it, but honestly, I’m just looking to help you out. We’re alone here, no chance of anyone else witnessing, I don’t think you’ll ever have another chance like this without risking feeling like you’re losing the respect of one of your Domme friends or worse…one of your subs.”

Heather looked at Kerri for a moment, shocked, and then shook her head. “No way,” she replied. “You’re just trying to embarrass me. You want me to do this so you can go out and tell everyone how I’m not a real Domme or shit like that.” Heather was becoming annoyed. Kerri was treating her as someone beneath her, and she didn’t like it.

“Whoa…relax Heather…I’m sorry,” Kerri said as she put her hands up in a relax motion. “I’m sorry I caught you off guard. I don’t mean to disrespect you. I just think I can help you is all.”

Heather just looked at her skeptically. She hadn’t expected anything like this. She had hoped to have conversations with other Dommes and even learn from them, but this was not what she had in mind. What Kerri was talking about was way beyond anything she was prepared for, and it didn’t sound normal.

Kerri stared back at Heather the entire time, a gentle smile on her face. “You don’t trust me, do you Heather?” she asked.

“Well…I don’t know you,” responded Heather softly. She didn’t want to offend Kerri, even if she was still unsure that Kerri meant her no offense. “What you’re suggesting is quite unusual, and not exactly something that I see myself doing to someone I just met.” “Oh, but you could see yourself doing it?” said Kerri quickly.

Heather flushed just a bit at the question, but recovered well and just shrugged. “I guess if one of my Domme friends suggested something similar, and it was just a one time experience to learn from, maybe. I really don’t know.”

“Well maybe I can help you trust me then,” said Kerri.

“How?” asked Heather.

No sooner had she asked when Kerri slipped off the edge of the bed and went to her knees in front of Heather. Heather didn’t even have a chance to get over her shock and say anything before Kerri had picked up her right foot and wrapped her mouth right around her big toe. Heather sighed with pleasure as she felt Kerri suck on it. Then Kerri let go and got up, sitting back in her place on the bed.

She had a great big smile on her face when she spoke, “See…now, I just did that, and yet I’m still sitting here a Domme right? Do you respect me any less?”

Heather smiled and shook her head, giggling. “No, of course not.” She was starting to see how silly she might have been being.

“Well there you go,” said Kerri. “I just think you should experience a full experience of worshipping a girl’s feet is all. I might enjoy it, but I’m not doing it to make fun or make you look bad. I just want you to have this opportunity before you buy a full time slave tomorrow.”

Heather listened with a lot more ease this time. It did make a little sense what Kerri was saying. Now that she allowed herself to think about it, she definitely was a little curious about what the experience would be like. It definitely wouldn’t be something she’d enjoy, because after all, it wasn’t her feet that were going to be getting licked and sucked. But, if she could also know what her sub would be feeling while it was happening, wouldn’t that intensify the feeling, she wondered?

Kerri demonstrated her perceptiveness again as she broke the silence saying, “You know you’ll be able to stop anytime you like. So not like you’d be helpless.” Kerri was smiling with such warmth that it managed to relax Heather’s nerves some. “It’ll just be between us, I swear.”

“Umm…well, ok,” Heather finally replied.

Kerri grinned widely. “Great,” she said. She reached down and quickly removed her shoes. Then she placed her bare feet back down on the floor, looking at Heather and patiently waiting.

Heather watched Kerri removing her shoes, getting a good look at her bare feet. They really were beautiful. Although never bringing herself down to worship a girl’s feet before, she always admired other girls’ feet, especially when they were well kept like Kerri’s. Kerri’s toes were painted a pretty bright green, which surprised Heather a bit. Heather didn’t mind showing off her girly side with her bright pink painted toes, but didn’t expect Kerri to be the same way, after how strict she first appeared.

After a few moments, Heather realized Kerri was waiting for her. She took a deep breath and finally slid off the bed and got on her knees. Her heart was pounding as she stared at Kerri’s feet, so close now to her. Slowly, she reached down with her hand towards Kerri’s right foot.

“Ah ah,” interrupted Kerri. “Don’t forget to ask permission slut.”

Heather’s head snapped up, and she gave Kerri a questioning look of annoyance. “Excuse me?” asked Heather. “I decided I’d do this, but that doesn’t mean you’re entitled to call me that name.”

Kerri frowned a moment before taking a breath, looking a little impatient herself. “Listen Heather,” she began, “we’re doing this so you can experience what a sub experiences. Well…that includes asking permission, being called dirty names…the whole thing. If you’re not willing to let that happen, then this is pretty much pointless.”

Heather listened quietly. Again, Kerri was making sense. Heather sighed, finally saying, “Ok, I see your point.” Taking a breath, she looked up at Kerri once more, “May I please worship your feet Kerri?”

Kerri reached down and slapped Heather across the face. It wasn’t that hard of a slap, but the shock of it was enough to make Heather cry out slightly in a partial scream. Before Heather could speak, Kerri spoke sternly, “How dare you address me improperly you filthy slut! You will address me as Mistress or you can expect to get hit a lot harder and in a much more sensitive place!”

Heather glared up at Kerri, brushing her hand against her cheek. She was furious, and she had a good mind to stand up and tell Kerri to forget the whole thing. But at that moment, Kerri just smirked. Again, it was as if she knew what Heather was thinking, and the smirk was taunting Heather…questioning whether she had the stomach to go through with it or not. At that moment, Heather became determined to show Kerri up. She could take this. And when it was all done, Kerri would see that Heather was serious about becoming the best Domme she could be.

Heather finally broke the silence, “I’m sorry…Mistress. May I please worship your lovely feet Mistress?”

Kerri grinned at Heather, definitely looking pleased. “Of course you may you little slut,” she answered. There it was. Heather knew the talk was now over, and the actual time to do the deed had come. She drew up her resolve as she reached down and picked up Kerri’s right foot. It actually had a good smell as she drew it up to her face. Heather placed a few kisses along the top of the foot. Kissing from the ankle, all the way to the toes with soft little kisses. She then went back up to the ankle and licked along where she had just kissed. It was pure adrenaline that kept her going as most of her was screaming that this was too strange and wrong. She finished licking across the top. She brought Kerri’s toes to her lips, kissing them. Then she opened her mouth to place Kerri’s big toe inside.

“Hold it,” interrupted Kerri. Heather’s head snapped up in confusion. “This…this isn’t right.”

Heather was confused as she let go of Kerri’s foot. “What…what do you mean?” she asked. A small part of her wanted to question if she was doing it wrong, but her self-confidence quickly dismissed that idea. She knew what she was doing had to have been pleasuring for Kerri.

“Well…it’s you,” Kerri replied. “I mean…what you’re doing is great, but you still look like a Domme.” Kerri paused for a moment giving Heather a considering look before speaking again, “I think you should get naked.”

Heather hadn’t been prepared for this, and her mouth dropped slightly in shock at how matter of fact Kerri sounded. “What? Now just wait a moment,” she finally said. “I think that’s carrying it a bit too far.”

Kerri just shook her head. She wasn’t angry, but she seemed pretty resolute. “It’s not,” she said. “Your clothes are still giving you some of your confidence that you have as a Domme. This is about experiencing everything that a sub experiences while worshipping a Domme’s feet. And a big part of that is being naked and vulnerable at the feet of that Domme.”

What had Heather gotten herself into? Of course what Kerri said made sense, as did so much of what she said. But was Heather really ready to take it this far? She knelt there pondering. When she finally looked up, Kerri had that same smirk on her face as she did before.

“Listen,” spoke Kerri, “maybe this isn’t the right time for this. You don’t seem ready to take this step. Maybe I pushed too far. I think it’ll help you a lot, but after all, we don’t want to force you to do something you’re not ready to do.”

It was a challenge, and Heather knew it. Kerri was sounding very gentle in what she was saying, but Heather knew the bitch was challenging her. And even though it probably would be so much easier to just tell Kerri to get bent and stand up and be done with this, Heather couldn’t stand seeing that smirk on her face. Heather stood up. Standing right in front of Kerri confidently, she unbuttoned her blouse. Pulling it off her shoulders, she next slid her skirt down and off. She didn’t flinch at all now that she was standing in just her bra and underwear. Instead, she simply unsnapped her bra and removed it. Finally, she finished undressing by pulling her underwear down and off. She stood back up, completely naked, but very confident in her body as she stood there in front of Kerri.

The entire time, Kerri watched Heather get undressed smiling. Heather was a beautiful girl with some great, natural breasts that were quite big for a girl her size. Kerri stared for a few moments as Heather stood there naked. Heather remained unphased, totally comfortable with Kerri staring at her naked form. “Great job Heather,” said Kerri breaking the silence. “Now, get back on your knees where you belong slut and get back to work!”

Heather slowly knelt back down. While standing she had been totally confident and comfortable, it was at this moment kneeling that her nakedness suddenly made her feel somewhat vulnerable. It was definitely the effect that Kerri had been hoping she felt. Heather understood what Kerri had meant, as she now definitely felt herself feeling less confident kneeling naked in front of Kerri. It would definitely be something to remember next time she had a sub in this position.

Heather’s heart pounded a little with nerves as she reached and took Kerri’s foot again. Looking to pick up where she left off, she opened her mouth and placed it around Kerri’s big toe. Heather had never sucked on someone’s toe before, so it was a strange feeling as she started sucking on Kerri’s big toe, rolling her tongue around it as she did.

“Mmm…that’s very good slut,” Kerri cooed. “You know, I’d never know this was your first time, such a natural.” Kerri grinned down at Heather, who would glance up at her from time to time.

Heather couldn’t believe how Kerri was talking to her, but couldn’t believe more that she was letting it happen. Still, Kerri’s smirk was fresh in Heather’s mind, and she wanted nothing more than to throw that smirk right back at Kerri once she had finished. Heather took Kerri’s big toe out of her mouth, working on the next toe now. She slowly went down the line, sucking on each of Kerri’s toes individually. It really wasn’t as bad as she thought it might be, and in fact she enjoyed the soft little noises that Kerri would make as she worked on her toes. But then Kerri would ruin it and make a degrading comment, and right away Heather would just go back to treating this as something business-like almost rather than sensual.

Once Heather was done sucking on Kerri’s pinky toe, she knew there was one more thing left to do before moving on to her other foot. Kerri obviously knew as well as she tilted her foot back to present the bottom of her foot to Heather. Again, Heather couldn’t help but admire Kerri’s foot. It was longer than hers but was still very beautiful. She actually had to admit feeling a bit drawn to do this next part. Heather began to lick all across the bottom of her foot. She lapped at the sole multiple times, going from the heel all the way to the toes again.

“Ooo,” Kerri moaned. “That is good….and you look like just a little puppy, lapping my foot…good girl.” Kerri was grinning with pleasure as she watched and felt Heather’s tongue work on her foot.

Finally Heather was finished, and set Kerri’s foot down gently. Heather smiled up at Kerri. “Half way done Mistress,” Heather said with a little bit of a cocky smile. She then reached to pick up Kerri’s left foot.

That’s when it happened. Just as Heather was about to pick the foot up, it lashed up at her. It connected with her squarely in the face and she went flying backward right onto her back, white spots flashing all across her eyes.

The moment after Kerri had kicked Heather, she grabbed her small handbag and sprung off the bed on top of Heather as she smacked against the ground. Kerri was able to roll the dazed girl onto her side. Wrenching her wrists hard behind her back, Kerri pulled a pair of handcuffs from her bag and cuffed Heather’s wrists together, before rolling her back onto her back.

It was like being half awake for Heather. She felt Kerri beside her, but her entire mind was on the excruciating pain in her face. She cried out in a groan as she tried to bring her hand up to her pained face, only to feel it being wrenched behind her. What was happening…something cold against her wrists? Then she realized she couldn’t move her hands anymore, as she started to blink her eyes back into focus. Slowly, the white spots disappeared, and Heather found herself looking up at Kerri’s face.

“What…what the fuck?” mumbled a groggy Heather, still trying to figure out what just had happened.

Kerri was straddling Heather’s waist, staring down at her with that same smirk Heather had seen before. Only this time, it seemed to be saying so much more. “Hmm…that’s an interesting question Heather,” stated Kerri. “Because actually, in this case, the answer is you. You’re the one who’s fucked. Or at least will be…fairly shortly.”

Heather didn’t understand. What was Kerri talking about and why had she done this to her. Her face was still aching, and she felt something warm coming from her nose. Kerri was pulling something out of her bag, which turned out to be a tissue. She reached down and wiped at the warmness on Heather’s face, which turned out to be blood. The sight of it sent Heather into a fury.

“What is wrong with you?! You kicked me! Why the hell did you kick me? And…” Heather started pulling at her restraints, “Let my hands go now! I don’t know what the hell you think you’re doing but this is over, now!”

Heather barely saw it coming. The back of Kerri’s hand coming down to land hard on Heather’s cheek. Unlike the first slap, this one stung the entire side of her face causing Heather to cry out in pain. “Consider that your last warning Heather,” Kerri warned. “Speak to me like that again, and it will be the last thing you say.”

Heather was in pain. Her whole face ached. But none of that could subdue her anger. “Fuck you Kerri!” she screamed. “Let me go now!” Heather turned her head sideways toward the door, screaming as loud as she could, “Somebody help me! Kerri’s gone crazy, I need help! Somebody! Please Help Nowummfffph!”

The last part of Heather’s screamed got muffled out as a rubber ball was shoved in her open mouth. In her somewhat panic and screaming she hadn’t even seen Kerri pull the ball gag out. And now, before she could stop it, her mouth and been stuffed by it. She couldn’t even spit it out as Kerri held it tight until she had fastened it tightly behind Heather’s head.

Once the gag was in place, Kerri let go of Heather’s head, and Heather turned to face Kerri. Until now, she was convinced that this whole thing would soon be over, and she’d be getting the hell away from Kerri. Now, a panic shot through her. She wasn’t able to speak. She tried yelling through the gag, but all that came out was a gurgled groan. The ball gag was quite large and made her jaw ache so that trying to talk was only further torture. Heather didn’t understand what was happening. What was Kerri planning on doing with her?

Kerri had been staring down admiring the gagged Heather during this internal panic of Heather’s. Once again, Kerri seemed to be reading Heather’s mind as she spoke, “Heather, I feel you want some things explained. So let me try. Let’s see…where to start? Well, I guess I should first admit I lied to you when I first came in here. You see, foot worship wasn’t my number one choice. It was actually my second choice. My first choice was DB.”

Heather’s eyes contracted to a confused look. She had remembered that choice, but also remembered having no clue what it was. She had just assumed it was some crazy kinky thing that was beyond her so she had ignored it.

Kerri had paused a few moments before continuing to talk. “You see Heather, DB is the initials for Domme Breaking.”

Heather’s eyes went wide at hearing this. She knew what this meant. However, she had always heard of it as merely a fantasy. Something that only fake Dommes think about. She never in her wildest imagination thought something like it went on. Not only that, but now it was all too clear what Kerri had in mind. This was absurd. She couldn’t get away with it. Heather would never break, and this would only be seen as rape.

Kerri just kept smirking down at Heather, who was now shaking her head no. “I can see you’re starting to understand a little, but still not nearly the full picture. You see, as someone who is a Domme Breaker, I register for these auctions every year knowing I may not actually be invited. There’s about four of us who are DBs, and unfortunately there really aren’t that many Dommes who we decide it’s appropriate to break. Usually, there’s only 2 or 3 each year. In fact, this is my first time attending the auction in 3 years. And I got lucky too, because you’re the only Domme getting broken this year.”

As Heather listened, it was like she was being read a fairy tale. This couldn’t be real. Kerri had to be lying to her. The last words of Kerri’s, stating that she was to be broken, sent her into a state of frenzy. She tried thrashing her body but Kerri just held her firmly between her legs. She pulled at her cuffs only to be greeted with the pain of the metal against her wrists. She cried out against the gag once more, wishing she could scream at Kerri, but it was no use.

Kerri just laughed. She allowed Heather to have her little fit before she talked again. “Silly girl, Heather. Do you really think screaming would help you anyways? Of course everyone heard you during your first outburst. The thing is everyone knows what you’re here for. Mistress Kimberly informs all the servants and all of her guests well ahead of time. She knew about you before you even registered after all.”

Heather was confused again. How could this be? She had never met Mistress Kimberly in her entire life. How would she have known Heather was going to register and to choose her as a Domme to be broken?

“Oh come on,” said Kerri to the confused looking Heather. “You can’t figure it out? Guess you really are a blond,” Kerri said with a snigger. “Here, I’ll help you. Does the name Mistress Rachel mean anything to you?”

Heather’s world was falling apart. Rachel!? Was Rachel really responsible? Rachel had been the Domme who had told Heather about the auction. But she had known Rachel a lot longer than that. She had dated Rachel for a few months in college during her sophomore year when Rachel was a senior. Heather had introduced Rachel to the whole D/s lifestyle and Dommed Rachel in their sex life together. However, after Rachel had graduated, they broke up due to the long distance between them. They kept in contact as friends, and Heather soon learned that Rachel had become a Domme herself and had even decided to live the D/s life more permanently. Hearing Rachel’s stories is what had made Heather decide on doing the same 9 months ago, and of course is what had led her to come toe the auction today. How could Rachel, her friend, do this to her?

Kerri seemed to be enjoying watching Heather as her mind raced and raced. “That’s right my dear, your own friend Rachel sold you out,” stated Kerri. “Now, back to what’s going to happen now. I’m going to begin your breaking. There’s no use fighting,” for Heather had started thrashing lightly again upon hearing this. “Heather, there’s one thing you need to start to accept. By the time you’re actually free and able to move freely, you’re going to be nothing but a slave and will have accepted that role, even if you are somewhat bitter.”

Heather stopped thrashing, knowing it was useless. However, she still defiantly shook her head ‘no’ in response to what Kerri said. She would never accept the role of a slave. As soon as she could, she’d get the hell away from Kerri. In fact, she might even find a way to pay the bitch back. However, even as Heather thought these things, there was still an overwhelming sense of fear concerning what was about to happen.

Kerri reached down and grabbed Heather’s chin firmly, her thumb and fingers squeezing Heather’s swelled cheeks. As she held Heather’s head fast, she stared into her eyes as she spoke in a very serious tone, “You will do well Heather to not make this more difficult on me and yourself than necessary. You’re a smart girl, and I’m sure you’ve already figured out you’re screwed here. There’s nothing you can do to prevent what I’m going to do about it, you can just make it harder than necessary. However, if you do that, it will be all that much more harder on you…and, if you piss me off enough, I’ll decide not to take you home with me.”

Heather’s eyes widened for just a moment. How could that possibly be a bad thing, she wondered? “Instead,” Kerri continued with a smirk, seeing Heather’s expression, “you’d be put up in auction tomorrow and merely go to the highest bidder. Which means you’d go home with some amateur Domme breaker, not a professional. And amateurs are known to compensate by just using a lot of beatings. So unless you want to be a walking bruise the rest of your life, you won’t fight me too much!”

The thought of being auctioned off was too much for Heather to even consider. That couldn’t happen. Even though she despised Kerri more and more with each passing second, the humiliation would kill her to have to be auctioned off in front of all these Dommes. Not to mention, the being physical beaten part did not sound good at all. The pain her face was already feeling from being hit by Kerri was bad enough.

Kerri had let Heather consider what she said for a few seconds before standing up. She then reached down and grabbed a handful of Heather’s hair. “Come on slut, stand up!” came the command from Kerri as she pulled hard on Heather’s hair.

It was the last thing that Heather wanted to do…just listen and obey. But the instant pain on her scalp from the way Kerri pulled it was way to intense to resist for any amount of time. She struggled a bit to sit up without the use of her arms. Kerri didn’t ease up for a second while Heather slowly shifted to her knees and finally stood up. Quickly, Kerri had positioned herself behind the smaller girl keeping a tight hold on her hair, which she kept tightly pulled backwards, so Heather’s head was slightly tilted back. Kerri also grabbed Heather’s left arm as she spun Heather around to face her bed. Kerri was very aware of how she kept Heather positioned. She knew of far too many girls that would fight and use their legs to try and kick. While she knew Heather wouldn’t provide any threat, it would still be nice to avoid such an incident.

Heather was grimacing as Kerri held her fast, facing her to the bed. The tight hold she kept on her hair was not pleasant at all. She tried for a split moment to try and twist her arm away from Kerri’s grasp, but was meant with an even harder pull backwards, before having her head and body shoved hard forward. Kerri kept her own legs against Heather’s so that only Heather’s upper body was pushed over the bed. Kerri’s push was violent enough so that Heather’s face smacked the covers on top, the ball gag being pushed against her mouth even harder, causing a grimace and slight cough.

“Keep your face against that bed slut,” Kerri said as she let go of Heather’s hair, but kept her hand pushing on the back of Heather’s head. With her other hand she started to rustle in her bag once more. Hearing the noise, Heather tried struggling again, but Kerri managed to keep her most free limbs, her legs, pinned against the bed. Finally, Kerri found what she wanted and pulled it out. She then grabbed Heather’s hair once more, giving it an awful yank back so that Heather’s head was forced awkward up so she could see the object Kerri dangled in front of her.

Heather let out a muffled cry. In front of her eyes was a black cat-o-nine whip with black beads at the end of the strands. It didn’t look friendly at all. She was going to be whipped, and there was nothing she could do about it. She tried kicking back but only made it an inch before she met Kerri’s legs and went nowhere.

“Aww, I see you don’t like the looks of this,” mocked Kerri. “Tell you what then slut, if you agree to be a good little girl and not move and kick your legs while I work on them, then maybe you won’t have to get whipped by this. Ok?”

Heather grimaced. She couldn’t stand the way that Kerri was talking to her. Kerri was treating her like a sub, and it pissed her off. However, despite how bad she wanted to fight, she knew it was hopeless. Plus, she knew she wouldn’t be able to stand more than a few whips from this thing without begging for mercy. So resentfully, she nodded her head a few times.

Kerri let go of Heather’s hair. “Good girl,” she said. Kerri placed the cat-o-nine right next to Heather, who set the side of her head back against the bed, trying to look back at what Kerri was going to do. Kerri meanwhile, was busy rummaging through her bag yet again, but this time she kneeled down before Heather could see what she was doing. Kerri pulled out two leather cuffs that had a few metal rings on them. She was slightly surprised at the fact that Heather wasn’t moving. Heather must not like pain that much at all, which would definitely make things easier Kerri thought. She placed the first cuff around Heather’s left ankle, who flinched slightly when she felt the leather, but quickly relaxed and let Kerri secure it. Kerri did the same thing to Heather’s other ankle.

Heather’s mind was racing. She knew that those were leather cuffs that were put on her ankles. She was pretty sure she had a good idea of what was about to happen. After all, she was bent over the bed in perfect position. How many times had Heather fucked subs in this type of position? The only problem was Heather had never been the one on the receiving end. In fact, Heather had never really ever been fucked at all. Sure, she had masturbated with several small to mid size dildos, but never been fucked by another with a strap-on or dildo. She so much preferred a sub’s mouth rather than her own dildo anyways, what was the point to ever even consider trying?

This train of thought led Heather to the realization how this was all about to change. Kerri was about to fuck her. She knew it. Heather’s mind started racing. She should run, shouldn’t she? But what good would it do? She had no hands, and the door was locked. It would likely only piss Kerri off, and then Heather would get beaten along with getting fucked anyways. But wasn’t it worth it? Heather couldn’t just let it happen could she?

It was in the middle of these thoughts that Heather felt her left leg grabbed and pushed far away from her right. Before Heather could even reach a conclusion with her thoughts, she felt something hard pushed between her legs, hooked onto her ankle cuffs. Kerri had just secured her to a spreader bar, and Heather was trapped. The full horror of her situation and its consequences slowly began to creep over her.

Kerri, after finishing securing the spreader bar, took a few moments to admire her work. She began running her fingers along Heather’s flesh. She brushed along Heather’s back, down her spine, just tracing them against Heather’s ass cheeks. As she did this, she noticed Heather’s eyes began to tear up. Kerri had expected this. The emotion of the moment would make it almost impossible for any girl to not tear up, and Kerri was wise enough to know it wasn’t a sign of giving up. Heather would still have plenty of fight in her for sure. Still, the wicked side of Kerri smiled, enjoying the sight of Heather’s tears forming as she brushed her fingers right along Heather’s crack. Heather’s body squirmed as little as it could while Kerri finished by tracing her fingers along Heather’s thighs before bringing her hand back to her side.

“You are very beautiful Heather, that is for sure,” Kerri said softly. “You will make an excellent trophy to show off to friends. Now, listen carefully. I’m going to remove your gag. I take it from your tears that your mind is finally starting to realize how helpless you are right now. So, please keep that in mind. If you scream or yell or say anything stupid at all, you’ll be whipped. That way, the screams people hear will be of you in pain. Do you understand?”

Heather was a mixture of being embarrassed, feeling panicked, and also a tad bit relieved that her sore jaws would finally find some relief. She hated the fact that her emotions had finally made her give in to shedding a few tears. Despite how helpless she was right now, she was not about to give in to Kerri’s sick little plan. Still, after hearing Kerri threaten the whip, she knew for now she’d have to keep her temper in check as she nodded in response to Kerri’s question.

“Good girl” replied Kerri. She unbuckled the gag and removed it.

Heather took a few moments moving her sore jaw muscles before looking backward at Kerri, the side of her head still against the bed. Heather stared at Kerri, who had gone back to smirking. It took every bit of Heather’s restraint to not shout at Kerri to let her go. She knew that would just piss Kerri off. And yet, she wasn’t about to beg, so instead, Heather ended up just staring coldly at Kerri.

Kerri didn’t wait long. The silence wasn’t all that surprising, as she was sure Heather was having to fight herself to keep from screaming at Kerri. “Now, I’ve had time to examine and toy with my new trophy,” stated Kerri. “The next part of our introduction together will be your first fucking by me.”

“No!” exclaimed Heather a bit loudly. The desperateness made her voice sound more begging than she wanted to present, but it didn’t matter at this point. “Kerri you can’t! This…this is rape! You can’t fuck me!”

Kerri simply reached underneath Heather with her right hand. Finding Heather’s breast, Kerri pinched her nipple real hard.

“Ahh…” grimaced Heather. She closed her eyes from the shooting pain she felt from the very nasty pinch.

“Oh I can!” stated Kerri sternly, not letting go of Heather’s nipple. “And what’s more, you’re going to ask me to fuck you in a very polite and eager voice.” After saying this, she let go of Heather’s nipple and waited.

Heather opened her eyes, still feeling the painful tingle from her breast. She glared angrily at Kerri. “I will not ask you to do that,” she said coldly. “I do not want you to fuck me. I don’t let anyone fuck me!” She slowly grew louder as she talked.

Kerri’s smirk didn’t fade for a second. She simply nodded. “Oh that’s it is it?” she asked. Reaching down into her bag, she pulled out a thick looking 9-inch strap-on. “You’ve used these but never been used by them, huh?”

Heather stared at the strap-on. She herself only owned two of them, the biggest one being 8 inches, but still fairly thin. What she was looking at was massive and she knew it would not be a pleasant experience receiving that as her first experience ever. She shook her head quickly in response to Kerri’s question. “No…I haven’t. And…and…you can’t use that on me now either!” Heather was finding it harder and harder to speak as her nerves took over, her heart pounding fast.

“Well…tell you what. I promise I won’t fuck you until you ask me to,” explained Kerri.

“Well that’s never going to happen so why don’t you just let me the fuck go!” interrupted Heather fiercely.

Shockingly, Kerri didn’t respond with violence. Instead, she just smiled and once Heather was done, she merely said, “Well, the thing is little slut, I’m not going to stop whipping you until you’ve asked me to do just that.” After saying this, Kerri picked up the cat-o-nine and positioned herself to the side of Heather.

“No!” shouted Heather. “Please, you…” Crack! The sound of the cat-o-nine lashing against Heather’s bare ass interrupted her sentence. “Ahh!!” Heather screamed. The pain was excruciating. She felt pain shooting from every spot where each one of the beads had smacked against her ass. Crack! The next lash came before she could even gather herself in from the first, and she screamed yet again. She began trying to thrash and get away, but it was no use as she could barely move at all. Crack! “AHHHHH”

Kerri was enjoying this. Heather absolutely hated being whipped, which made it all that much better. Kerri lashed out with three more vicious strokes of the cat-o-nine. Heather screamed in response to each one.

“Please, stop!” shouted Heather. The pain was beyond what she even imagined. It felt like her skin was being cut away with each strike, and the burning was constant throughout and continued to intensify with each stroke.

“You know how to make it stop you dumb slut!” said Kerri with no compassion. Crack! A seventh stroke now hit Heather, followed by a quick hard eight. Crack!

New tears were now going down Heather’s face, but these were from the physical pain. Everything in her wanted to fight. She couldn’t give in! But….Crack! “Ahhhhh!” she screamed. “Ok ok…fuck me fuck me…just stop whipping me please!”

Kerri was smiling. She could see the many lines of red that blurred together on Heather’s bum. Heather herself was crying, which delighted Kerri even more. Clearly this girl had no tolerance for pain, which would make Kerri enjoy breaking her in even more.

“Are you sure?” inquired Kerri. “Or should I give you a tenth just so you can figure it out?”

“No, please don’t!” shouted Heather through her tears.

“Then what is it you want, slut?” asked Kerri, staring right at Heather’s eyes to make sure Heather knew that this was a question she didn’t want to get wrong.

Heather didn’t stop crying, even as the pain was slowly subsiding. These new tears were now tears of defeat, and with that came shame in how easily she was giving in. But looking at Kerri’s eyes, it didn’t take her long to answer in a quivering voice, “I want you to …I want you to fuck me.”

“Aww…not bad slut,” commented Kerri through a grin. “But I think what you meant to say was, ‘I want you to fuck me, Mistress.'”

It was too much for Heather to handle, and she broke down in sobs. Call Kerri, Mistress? She couldn’t. She had before earlier when it was just an experiment. But now Kerri wanted her to say it for real. It would be the final admittance of defeat, and something inside her wouldn’t allow her to say that word yet.

Unfortunately for Heather, Kerri’s patience didn’t last long. After a few moments of sobbing, Kerri chose to beat the word she wanted to hear out of Heather. Crack! The cat-o-nine whip lashed hard against Heather’s ass yet again. A piercing scream came from Heather that broke up her sobs. Kerri didn’t bother to stop at one. She unleashed 3 more vicious blows in a row, barely allowing Heather to scream in between each one.

“Ahh…OK! Mistress!! Please fuck me, Mistress!” cried out Heather after the 4 vicious slaps of the whip. It felt like her ass was literally on fire and slowly torturing her to death.

Kerri laughed victoriously. “Wow,” she said as she glanced at the clock. “So here we are, just barely over a half hour from when I first walked in, and you’re officially calling me Mistress and asking me to fuck you.” Kerri laughed again. “I think this is one of the most pathetic attempts at resistance I’ve ever encountered.”

Heather looked back at Kerri through teary eyes. Her humiliation, pain, and anger all burned as Kerri mocked her, and before she could stop herself she lashed back. “Fuck You!”

After Heather said it, she instantly regretted it and waited for the whip to come lashing out again. Indeed, Kerri’s laugh disappeared as she glared at Heather. But to Heather’s shock, Kerri set the whip down. Instead, she reached out with her hand and grabbed Heather’s cheeks, squeezing very hard. “Oh no, my little slut,” Kerri solemnly said. “It will be you getting fucked. And just for that stupid outburst,” Kerri let go of Heather’s cheeks and picked up the strapon that had been laying on the bed, “I think maybe I’ll put it in you dry. I was going to let you get this wet, but now, I’m not sure you don’t deserve getting ripped to shreds with a dry cock like this!”

Heather’s body freaked out. It didn’t result in a whole lot of movement other than her just rising up a bit and falling back down to where she started, but her whole body gave one last effort to break free from the bonds Kerri had placed her in. As soon as this failed, she started stammering through tears, “No…Kerri…I mean Mistress, you can’t! Please, I’ve never had anything that big in me before. Please…you have to use lube, please!”

It took everything in Kerri to hold back her excitement and keep a serious look on her face. It was almost too good to be true. Not only was she breaking a young Mistress, but this young girl also had never been fucked with a strappy, and now it sounded like she had hardly shoved anything in her pussy at all. It felt as if she was about to deflower a virgin in so many ways that if she didn’t have so much self-control, she would have been all over Heather in an instant.

Instead, she merely stated blandly, “I don’t ever use lube Heather. If my sluts want the strappy wet, then they make it that way.”

Heather couldn’t pretend not to understand this time. She had spoken very similar words to her own subs. But still…what Kerri wanted her to do was so degrading…how could she bring herself to do it?

Kerri knew Heather was understanding what she said, and she wasn’t about to give Heather a long time to think about it. “So,” Kerri began, “if you want this thing wet, then you have something to ask me. Otherwise, I’m going to put it on, and once it’s on, it’s going inside you slut.”

Why?! That’s all that was going on in Heather’s head. Why was this happening to her? She was about to be fucked….no, she was about to be raped. And there was absolutely nothing she could do about it. She could make it hurt a little less, but to do so, would be so degrading, she just couldn’t accept it. Her mind was at war with itself. ‘Just ask her and get it over with.’ ‘No, that would be too far. I can’t just accept this role.’ ‘You’re going to get fucked either way. Do you realize how much it’ll hurt.’ ‘I don’t care! It’s too much.’ ‘Just ask her to suck the strappy!’ ‘NO!’

Kerri sighed as she watched Heather internally fighting with herself. Apparently there was still a speck of spine left in her. Oh well, Kerri thought, plenty of time to get rid of that. And with that thought, she began to put on the strappy.

Seeing Kerri moving and putting the strappy on seemed to snap her out of what was like a daydreaming coma. Suddenly, what was about to happen hit her like a mad truck and instantly she was sobbing and begging. “Noooo…..nooo please….please don’t do this Kerri…please. You can’t…please. Ok I’ll suck it….I’ll suck it. Please not dry…no…it’ll hurt. Please stop…..this is rape! Someone help me!”

Kerri just kept securing the strap on through all of Heather’s pleas, totally unphased. As she finished, she just looked at Heather who was still sobbing and pleading. The dumb slut was even crying for help still. For a moment, Kerri considered putting the gag back on to shut Heather up…but then she’d miss out on the screams that were sure to come from this virtual virgin.

So instead, with the strappy now secured, she began to position herself behind Heather. Heather was squirming uselessly against the restraints, but Kerri was easily able to hold the bound girl still by grabbing onto her hips.

Heather was bones were aching with how hard she was pulling at her restraints in vain. She was no longer looking back at Kerri as she felt herself being positioned for her first ever fucking. Instead, she was lying on the side of her head facing the door, screaming for help. She tried screaming out, “Somebody help, I’m being raped!!!” But the door remained closed. It was a solemn site, and it had Heather continuing to sob. Then she felt it…the sensation of a rubber tip touching the lips of her pussy. She screamed out, “Noooo!! Please Kerri nooooo….please…don’t do this!”

Kerri listened to Heather’s sobs and final plea. In a final torture, she just silently held the tip of the strapon cock just barely against Heather’s gorgeous looking pussy. Then after a few silent moments filled with nothing but Heather’s broken sobs, she took hold of the base of the cock with her right hand, while her left reached up and caught hold of the chain part of the handcuffs that bound Heather’s hands.

She had fucked girls with dry cocks before, but usually their pussies were wet enough to not make it super difficult. But judging by what she was seeing, Heather was not close to being turned on. That would only come over time, as Heather’s breaking transitioned from erasing her Domme will, which is what this was all about, to eventually instilling a sub will in her. But for tonight, Kerri knew that it was going to be difficult at first getting inside Heather. The way she figured it, there were two ways. Slowly just inch it in, through much struggling and sliding. Or, she could just force it in through several hard thrusts. Now, if Heather was just a sub Kerri was looking to punish, the dry fuck would be enough and she’d ease it in. However, this was a breaking, and Kerri firmly believed every experience had to be at a maximum. Heather must learn that she no longer belonged to herself.

It was more torture than being whipped for Heather: lying there completely helpless, the tip of an enormous strapon resting against her pussy. She was sobbing, although nearly out of tears. She had felt Kerri position her hands, grabbing hold of the cuffs. Heather shut her eyes, trying hard not to tense up to make the pain worse as she waited to be raped. It seemed like an eternity before suddenly, Wham! It felt as if a knife had just pierced her insides, and she let out a blood-curdling scream!

Kerri had thrusted her hips forward as hard as she could while holding the strappy straight so that it would go straight in and not be rejected by Heather’s tight pussy. At the same time as her thrust, she had yanked back on the cuffs, pulling Heather’s body back a bit. There was no way all 8 inches would go in, but Kerri was still impressed that her first thrust was able to break through much of Heather’s tight pussy’s resistance. About half of the cock had disappeared inside Heather, whose scream was so loud it even surprised Kerri a bit.


Heather’s screams were so loud and frequent that Kerri began to wonder if she might hyperventilate and pass out. But still, Kerri wasn’t about to stop. She just smiled and thrust forward again, shoving even more of the cock into Heather. Heather screamed out in pain again, still begging and pleading with Kerri to stop. Only about two inches of the 8-inch strapon remained. At this point, it was like pushing up against a wall, and it took Kerri a few more hard thrusts to finally get the entire thing into Heather, who screamed and cried out the entire time.

The feeling was unreal to Heather. Her pussy was on fire. The foreign object felt huge and felt like it was throbbing inside her, causing waves of pain and nausea. She had screamed with each thrust, but now Kerri had paused from the thrusts, which Heather knew likely meant the entire thing was inside her. She slowly began to quiet her pleas, which now were totally meaningless, and soon she was just lying there quietly crying.

Kerri waited for quite a while, keeping the cock shoved completely inside Heather. Once Heather had quieted down some, she finally spoke, “Heather…I want you to look at me.” She said this very softly and yet the seriousness in her tone could not be mistaken.

Heather quieted her sobs. Then with a groan, as she practically was groaning with every breath due to the pain, she looked back. Tears in her eyes, she could just barely see Kerri’s face out of the corner of her right eye.

Kerri smiled at her. “That’s a good girl. You know, I have to say I’m quite impressed. To have 8 inches shoved up in you your very first time…you make a pretty decent slut.”

Heather grimaced, but said nothing. The shame wouldn’t allow her to. At first, she had been feeling helpless and upset, but this was the first time true feelings of being ashamed and embarrassed began to set in.

“Aww…” came the mocking voice of Kerri. “Is that a slight blush I’m starting to see?” These words didn’t help Heather hide the blush anymore either, as the words just further embarrassed her. Kerri continued, “Seems like someone’s starting to realize just what it is you are now. And what you are Heather, from this day forward, is my little slut, which I can beat, fuck, and force to do whatever I want whenever I want!” Kerri’s eyes focused in on Heather’s as she said these last words. As soon as she was finished speaking she reached up with her hand that had been holding the handcuffs, and now grabbed a good handful of Heather’s pretty blond hair. She gave it a hard yank back, forcing Heather’s head to pick up so she was staring straight ahead, and then Kerri began to truly give Heather her first ever fucking.

Heather had groaned and let out a small cry of pain when Kerri grabbed her hair so abruptly. But she let out some more screams when Kerri started thrusting in and out of her. It still burned as she felt the strapon ripping in and out of her tender pussy, which had previously never been subjected to such a thing.

Kerri started out just pulling the strappy half way out before thrusting back in. Her pace was steady, wanting to slowly work Heather’s pussy open so that she could soon really begin to give Heather the fucking she deserved as Kerri’s newest slut. After a few initial screams again from Heather, they turned into more groans. There was no more pleading from Heather, another good indicator from Kerri that Heather was giving up, or at least recognizing there was nothing she could do even if she fought.

Heather could almost start to feel the pain subsiding, when all of a sudden, wham! “Ahhh!” cried out Heather in pain yet again. This time it was caused by Kerri finally deciding to deepen her thrusts. In fact, Kerri now had pulled back so that just the tip was inside Heather before she thrust hard in again, her own hips smacking against Heather’s ass. Heather gave out another small scream of pain. This only came as encouragement to Kerri as she did it again, and then again.

Heather could never imagine a feeling quite like this. She was completely helpless, totally bound up. Plus, Kerri had her head pulled stiffly back by her hair, which she yanked a little more with each thrust. It was painful, disgraceful, and the worse torture Heather could ever imagine. It was all made worse by the fact that there was nothing Heather could do to stop it. She just had to take it. She was being forced to accept it, and the shame grew and grew inside of her with each hard thrust she received from Kerri.

Kerri now began to pick up the pace a bit. The slaps of her waist against Heather’s ass began to grow more frequent and even a bit louder. Heather’s groans were no longer as individually distinguishable as she didn’t any time to gather herself before receiving another thrust.

It seemed to be lasting forever. Heather was pretty sure the pain would never go away. But then something happened, and it happened so suddenly and strongly that Heather didn’t stand a chance to even fight it. Her pussy started responding with pleasure. Her muscles were now waiting to receive the strapon in between thrusts, and Heather’s body began to tingle. Before Heather could keep herself from doing so, one of her groans suddenly changed into a moan right in the middle. As soon as it happened, she went beat red. Her mind was screaming at her, telling her body not to give in, while praying that Kerri hadn’t heard.

But of course Kerri had. In fact, it led to Kerri increasing the pace yet again. And after a few more thrusts, Kerri spoke up, “I heard that moan little slut. It’s ok, we both know your body is enjoying this now, so go ahead and give in.”

Heather was so upset and embarrassed as she heard Kerri’s words, all the while her pussy continuing to be ravaged by Kerri and the huge strapon. She was pissed at herself for enjoying this, while still being pissed at Kerri for degrading her like this. She could feel her body still responding pleasurably, but she wasn’t about to admit it. “….,” Heather tried saying, although by even speaking she was allowing soft moans to come out with the words. “Fuuuuck you…..uuu…”

Kerri just laughed as she continued fucking Heather. “That sounds so pathetic slut,” she commented. Kerri could pick up by Heather’s voice that she was probably closer than even Heather herself knew. So Kerri threw all her energy into fucking Heather as hard and fast as possible. She had grown her stamina quite well over the years and took pride in the intensity in which she could fuck her subs.

It was unreal. Heather had never felt anything like it. Her body loved it, and Heather knew it. It was so much better than anything she had ever experienced, which just made Heather hate herself and Kerri that much more. She was moaning now, unable to contain them. And she could feel the orgasm building inside. She tried fighting it for a few moments, but amazingly Kerri didn’t let up. The strappy was ripping the orgasm from her, and despite all her efforts, she was soon letting out a loud moan as she orgasmed in a way that she had never experienced before.

Kerri listened to the moans of Heather’s orgasm as she continued to fuck her all the way through it. Once done, Kerri let go of Heather’s hair and pushed the back of her head down, so that Heather’s face hit the bed. She then slowly pulled the strappy out of Heather. Looking down, Kerri grinned as she saw a mixture of Heather’s wet juices and blood. It wasn’t the amount of blood of a total virgin, but definitely gave proof of Heather’s previously tight pussy. Kerri then went beside Heather and crawled up on her knees onto the bed. She stopped right by Heather’s head, facing her.

Heather had allowed herself to just breathe into the bed. She was so ashamed, and her body felt completely exhausted. It wasn’t until she felt Kerri up on the bed beside her that she turned her head to look at what Kerri was doing. What she saw staring her in the face was the point of the large strapon that had just ravaged her body. It was now covered in both cum and blood. Heather looked at the evidence of her rape and teared up.

Kerri, however, had no interest in Heather’s tears. She had another plan for Heather. “Clean it off,” she instructed sternly.

Heather’s teary eyes widened. Kerri couldn’t be serious. Of course, she should have expected it. How many times had Heather herself had her subs clean off a strapon after she had used it on them? But now she was in this position, and there was blood on it, which made it even more revolting. She shook her head, whimpering, “No….please.”

Kerri, ignoring the plea, grabbed Heather’s hair firmly, tugging her head and mouth right up to the strappy. She then pinched Heather’s nose, and forced Heather’s mouth to open up and take in the strapon.

Heather closed her eyes and tried to ignore the taste. She licked and sucked the strapon, just wanting to get this disgusting act over with. Kerri kept her there for quite a while, using the grip on Heather’s hair to bob her head back and forth on the strappy. She even gagged Heather a few more times just for good measure. It was pure torture for Heather, who now felt so defeated from all that had happened to her. Finally, Kerri removed the strappy from Heather’s mouth.

Heather lay there, silently crying as Kerri climbed off the bed. Heather could somewhat see Kerri moving around from the corner of the eye. It seemed as though Kerri was once again getting dressed. Then, Kerri was packing. Heather feared what was going to come next, and she made one last effort to plead with this woman who had changed her entire world so quickly.

“Kerri…” Heather softly began with tears still on her face, “please can you untie me and let me go now? I just want to go home. I promise I won’t say anything to anyone…just let me go home.”

Kerri was picking something off the floor when she looked up and smiled at Heather in response to the question. She slowly climbed back onto the bed, looking down at Heather. “Oh Heather, my silly little slut,” Kerri said while running a hand through Heather’s hair. “Don’t worry, we’re going home. Your new home that is.”

Then before Heather could even get out a word of protest, Kerri was forcing something into her mouth. It was the ball gag again, and try as she might, Heather was once again unable to speak as Kerri secured it to her mouth tightly. She groaned in protest, but knew it wouldn’t do any good. She just laid there helpless as Kerri got back up and went back to work. The next thing she knew, Kerri was picking up the phone and talking to someone.

“Yes, my new slave and I will be leaving now. Please send some people to ‘wrap’ her up and carry her and my stuff to my car….Thank you.”

It was going to happen. There was nothing Heather could do. She was realizing now everything Kerri had previously told her was true. She was now about to be taken home as a slave, the exact opposite of what she had come here for this weekend. What was worse is she was about to be paraded out in front of everyone, all the Dommes there that weekend, like just another slave.

There was a knock on the door. Heather heard Kerri opening it, giving some instructions that she really couldn’t make out. There were footsteps coming towards her, and then her wrists were being grabbed firmly by two pairs of hands. She felt the handcuffs come off, but after a few twitches, she knew there was no getting away from what must have been a few girls who were in the room to keep her secured. Soon after the handcuffs were off, she felt something else being placed around her wrists. They felt thick and smooth, and Heather soon figured that these were leather cuffs now being placed individually around her wrists.

After those were placed on Heather’s wrists, her body was yanked backwards. Her legs were still held firmly apart by the spreader bar, so the girls had to lower her all the way to the floor on her back. For the first time, Heather saw that four girls, all dressed in slutty looking servant clothes and collars around their necks, were the ones that now held her firmly captive. Heather looking into their faces tried to issue out some pleas, but they all came out muffled. She hoped that her tear streaked face would be enough to convince these girls that they were doing something wrong, but instead, they just smiled, in fact one of them even giggled, and kept working.

While two of the girls held Heather’s wrists firmly so she couldn’t move them, the other two brought over what was basically a long metal pole. As Heather looked at it, that’s all it really was except for the fact that it had large metal rings attached to it near both ends of the pole. Heather had no clue what the purpose of it was for until her hands were being forced up, and the cuffs on her wrists were attached to one of the metal wrings. Then it dawned on her. She was going to be carried out hanging from this pole. She was going to be carried out like a piece of meat.

She tried one last muffled cry of protest as the girls went to work on her legs. The spreader bar was removed. Heather ignored the ache for a moment that she felt, and the relief that came from her legs finally being able to not be so spread out, because she was busy trying with all her strength to prevent her ankle cuffs from being attached to the bar. But it was a futile effort, and soon she was fastened to the bar.

“Alright lift her up and let’s go,” came the voice of Kerri. Heather had almost forgotten she was there, but sure enough, as Heather looked up, Kerri was standing just over her head with a big grin on her face.

Then Heather’s body was being lifted up into the air. It was a very unpleasant and painful feeling. The cuffs dug into her wrists and ankles as all her weight was being supported by them and their attachment to the bar. Heather looked around helplessly as she began to be carried out of the room by two of the servants. The other two trailed with both Kerri’s and Heather’s bags. Kerri led the way out of the room, and instantly tears began flowing down Heather’s face once more. Her cheeks grew a bright red as she felt so humiliated and helpless. She couldn’t believe that this was happening…this was real.

Thankfully no one seemed to be around in the hall, but it did nothing for the despair that Heather was feeling. Then, they all took a turn. Heather wasn’t clear on where they were going, but she knew the entranceway she came in at was the other way. Some panic began to build up inside her as she dangled there crying. As they walked, Heather began to hear some noise growing louder. They were heading towards it, and Heather’s crying became sobs as she recognized the noise as many voices talking.

They came to some doors, which were immediately opened, and in they walked to a room filled with over 60 ladies, all decked out in their Domme gear. They had been eating dinner and talking, but the entrance of Kerri and Heather brought the conversation to the end. Heather looked through her teary eyes out at them, desperate to find a compassionate face, but instead just saw nothing but smiles and muffled laughter. There was a slightly raised stage up front, and they headed right there. Heather could see the hostess, Mistress Kimberly, already standing on the stage as they got there.

“My dear Ladies,” announced Mistress Kimberly through the microphone that was amplified through the large dining room, “may I present to you Mistress Kerri and…her new toy, ‘mistress’ Heather.” The way Kimberly had mockingly said the word mistress in front of Heather’s name was so humiliating. Immediately, the room was filled with laughter, followed by lots of applause. Kerri just smiled and waved to the crowd. She then handed to Kimberly what looked like a check.

What Heather was feeling was something she was sure went beyond humiliation. It was the worse feeling she had ever experienced in her life, as she dangled there in full display of the entire room. Kimberly then came over to where Heather was. Heather looked up pleadingly into her eyes, but just was greeted with a cool grin from her as well.

Kimberly leaned close to Heather to talk. “I must thank you again for registering and attending Heather,” Kimberly teased. “It’s always a pleasure when we can break a stupid Domme girl like yourself.” As she said this she suddenly slipped a finger into Heather’s pussy, getting another round of laughter from the audience as Heather’s body twitched upwards from shock. “Oh and don’t worry my dear,” Kimberly continued. “We’ll see each other again I’m sure…Kerri and I are quite close and will definitely arrange a visit or two.” She laughed as she took her finger out of Heather’s pussy, then wiped it right across Heather’s cheek.

As Kimberly moved away, the servant girls started moving Heather once more. As Heather looked, she saw that they were following Kerri, and this time they were heading towards the exit. As Heather saw the doors draw nearer, she cried for the last time in this building. She cried as the doors to her new life as nothing but a sex toy drew nearer. She cried as she realized what a mistake it really was to ever enter those doors in the first place.

THE END….for now

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