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Black Garter Belt

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Our love life had become rather uneventful. We were both busy at work, so we did not have the time or energy necessary to have a very interesting sex life. And as much as I love my lover, I love nasty sex.

My chance to change things began when a work-out partner of mine mentioned that she wanted to go lingerie shopping. She was in a long distance relationship and wanted to buy some sexy lingerie to surprise her boyfriend next week.

She thought it would be fun to hang out outside of the gym. I thought about it and decided that since I usually did not dress up for my lover, maybe wearing something new and different would spark something.

We met at Victoria’s Secret, since that’s where I usually shop for lingerie. My friend wanted to check out teddies and garter belts. At first, I was hesistant. When I told my lover that I was going lingerie shopping, he said that he liked what I already wore, simple bras and G-strings. So I started out just by shopping for a new strapless bra and lace thongs. I threw in a French-style sheer black and pink babydoll and G-string just for fun because it was a girl shopping day.

I surprised myself. I’ve been described as “casual sexy.” My clothing has always been basic, and my lingerie is usually cotton, although I’ve been known to throw in some satin stuff. I’ve always relied on my slender, athletic body to do most of the talking. I like dating athletes, so they appreciate the muscles I have on my abs and back. And I’ve been lucky enough to have perfectly proportioned, very well shaped breasts and a heart shaped, completely toned ass. Why did I need to hide all of that in lingerie when I know that I look best naked?

But I loved how the babydoll looked on me. It hid my stomach muscles so all you saw was the outline of my thin waist and made me look even more feminine. Still, I wasn’t sure if my lover would like that look, so I hesitated.

My friend, on the other hand, was going all out. She loved a black lace corset with matching g-string and garter belt. And she looked hot in it. I had never seen her outside of the gym, she always wears baggy clothing to work out in, so I had no idea how nicely built she was.

We talked about what we saw. My friend, who is still a student, was hesitant to spend so much money on a purchase that would probably only be used once. I mentioned to her that there was a Fredrick’s of Hollywood in the mall, that I had never been, but we could check it out to see if there were better deals there. She said that she had never been there either, we both considered the idea a little too trashy, but since we were doing the girl’s day out thing and trying to seduce our boyfriends with sexy lingerie we should at least check out the place.

At first, we were right in our initial bias. Fredrick’s of Hollywood has some really cheap, trashy stuff. I mean, who wears marabou? And there was a whole lot of polyester, poorly tailored lingerie. But it was cheap! And if we were going to do this, we reasoned that we might as well go all out. Very quickly my friend found another black corset and g-string. She bought it as well as some black thigh highs, and had everything wrapped up for her boyfriend.

At first I didn’t want to try anything on, but my friend convinced me that I should at least have fun since I’d probably never go in there again. I started picking out the most outlandish outfits I could find, and I started giggling so much that my friend demanded to see what I was wearing. The first outfit was a black babydoll dress with a lace bra and a sheer skirt, paired with a mesh thong. Both my friend and the saleslady admired me in the outfit, but my friend said that with my figure I should wear something tighter. She ran off and found a black lace teddy. It was awesome. The entire thing was made of lace, it had a halter, so my back was shown off. I have to say that I filled it out pretty nicely. I bought it as well as a garter and black stockings.

I wasn’t sure if my lover would like it, since he really isn’t into dressing up. He said that he thought that garter belts were sexy, but everything else seemed a little over the top and trashy. I decided to help ease him into things, so I returned to Victoria’s Secret and bought a plain black strapless bra and matching g-string and started planning the evening in my head.

My friend went off with her purchases to start preparing for her boyfriend’s arrival (she had all sorts of bath oils and massage oils and was planning for a very romantic night with plenty of crazy sex). I went off to the grocery store to do the old fashioned seduction.

They always say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, and my lover definitely is that way! I bought a good bottle of chardonnay, some sourdough bread, double-crème brie, champagne and goose liver pate, olives, raspberries, cherry tomatoes and spinach. He had to work all day long, and I knew that he would love the little indoor picnic I had prepared for him.

He had to work late, coming home two hours after I had expected him, but he called ahead and I had time to set everything up so that when he came in the door, the whole table was laid out. He looked so happy. And the food was fantastic. We ate up everything, opened up an extra bottle of wine I had chilling in the refrigerator and ended the meal feeling great.

Then, knowing that he was tired and probably not going to want to stay up all night, I left him watching television in the family room while I prepared myself. I took my hair down, and it seemed to be agreeable that night, full of body, slightly tousled looking, hanging halfway down my back. I trimmed the hair around my pussy (my lover does not like a smooth pussy). I did my usual bedtime routine, but ended it by spraying on my perfume (Chanel Allure, his favorite). Then I got out of my clothing, put on my new bra, rolled on my stockings and garter belt, and put my g-string on over the garter belt (this was very important so I could take off the g-string and my lover could still fuck me while I was wearing the garter belt). I went into his closet and found one of his shirts (a basic light blue Oxford) to wear over my lingerie. Then I returned to the front room to find him.

“That shirt looks a little large on you,” he commented as he looked me up and down. It’s true. He’s so much taller than me, the shirt looked like a dress on my. However, I still showed enough leg for him to see the garters attached to my stockings. “Ooh, what are these?” he asked as he reached over to run his hands up my silk stockings. He slowly ran his hand up my leg, to wear the stockings ended, then traced the garter up my right buttock. We both gasped as he touched my naked skin. “I think we’d better get this big shirt off of you.”

He picked me up, I wrapped my legs around his waist, and he carried me to the bedroom, all the while kissing me furiously. He put me down in front of the bed, threw off my shirt and kept on kissing me as I unbuttoned his shirt. Then he turned me to face the mirror so we could both appraise my body. “God, your sexy” he murmured.

“Just for you” I answered. We both like knowing that he owns my body. I can feel him, hard and erect, behind me. I turn to face him, kiss his mouth again, then start to pull down his pants and go to my knees.

My lover is still facing the long mirror, so he can see my lingerie clad body kneeling down in front of him, taking his length into my mouth. He is already hard as a rock, but I just want to suck on him for a while to prolong the torture. I know that he loves how I give head. I have one hand wrapped around the base of his cock, while the other hand gently holds his balls. I focus most of my attention to the head of his cock, licking and sucking especially there, but I like taking as much of him into my mouth as I can handle. I can usually at about five inches without gagging, which is why I have my fist around the base so that his whole cock can be stimulated. Without looking, I know that my lover is alternating between looking down and watching his cock enter my mouth and looking in the mirror at my firm ass, perfectly framed by the garters.

When he thinks he might not be able to take it much longer, he grabs my shoulders and motions for me to rise. He kisses me, then says “I want to fuck you now.”

I had left an armless chair in the middle of the room, hoping that he’d let me ride him. I placed it at an angle with the mirror so that we could both watch ourselves fucking. He sat down in the chair, and pulled me so that I was standing, straddling him.

Without any warning, he slid a finger into my very wet pussy. “It feels so tight” he said. He finger fucks me while nuzzling the tops of my breasts. “Take off your bra” he whispers in my ear as he add another finger to my pussy.

I do as he says, and he starts devouring my breast. He then pushes my g-string aside and lowers me onto his still hard as a rock cock. I am so wet that he slides in completely, easily. I wrap my arms around him, and he moves me up and down on his cock. It is incredible. Each thrust bottoms out on me, I can feel him slamming against my cervix. He is almost too big for me, and I love being so full of him. He is so much bigger than me, he controls me completely, dictating the rhythm with which we fuck. He has a good view of the mirror, so he watches as his 8 inch cock disappears into my tiny little pussy. He growls in my ear in animalistic delight, and I succumb to the sexual tension finally broken. “I’m going to cum” I breath in his ear. He starts thrusting me down even harder onto his cock as my muscles contract and I breath faster and faster. I flood him with my love juices, and as I collapse against him, he chuckles at the wet mess I have made. “I can’t believe how wet you get” he says as he runs his fingers through the wetness between my pussy and the base of his cock.

He pulls me off of his cock, pulls off my g-string, then pulls me back onto his cock. He starts fucking me again, this time wetting his fingers in my secretions. I know what is coming next. I turn around to watch us in the mirror, my garter belt still framing my ass, as he sticks a finger in my pussy alongside his cock. He then removes it from my pussy and moves to slide his finger into my ass. It looks obscene. I am tiny compared to him, my legs are barely thicker than his arms, and he is using the finger in my ass to tell me when to rise and fall on his cock. It’s like heaven, and I hope that he will keep on fucking me this way until he cums. There are times when I want to move faster, to speed up the rhythm, but when I try, he takes his other hand and pushes me down hard on his cock. “I am in control” he growls.

I beg him to cum, I love feeling him grow even larger and thicker, and I love looking at his face as he becomes lost in his animal instinct. But he tells me that he isn’t ready to cum. He wets a finger on his other hand, then slides it up my ass. He starts spreading his fingers. I look around at the mirror to see his hands, each grabbing a cheek, pulling my asshole wide open. “Oh God, yes” I moan.

He lifts me off of his cock, then repositions himself to the entrance of my ass. “I want you to watch yourself get fucked in the ass” he whispers. I turn again to see his huge cock at the entrance of my ass. It is shiny from my juices, and it slowly eases itself into my waiting ass. It looks so big, and my ass looks so small. My lover takes both of his hands and pushes down on my shoulders and forces my ass to take his entire length. There is that moment where my ass hesitates, but I will it to relax and slowly, he slides in.

My nerve endings all start tingling. I bury my head in his shoulder, weak with the feelings washing over me, and just let him move me. He moves me back and forth to maximize the friction of my clit and pussy over the base of his belly. It feels so good, I know that I will start to cum soon. I hang onto him tighter.

My lover feels my ass start to contract around his cock. He suddenly changes his rhythm. He now starts lifting me up and down on his cock, more for his own stimulation. I can feel him growing thicker inside of my ass, even as my ass grasps him. He starts slamming my body down on his, sometimes it feels like it is tearing my ass apart when he thrusts into me as I am contracting, he is so thick and I am so small. It hurts and I start clawing at his back. Faster and faster he fucks my ass, and his face takes on a mean expression. He grunts and cries out, standing up, and thrusting me as hard as he cans down on his cock. Finally he stops. I have tears running down my face from the pain. He kisses them, then carries me to the bed and lays me down gently.

He pulls out of me, then stands to go to the bathroom to wash off. I pull off the garter belt and stockings. He comes back in a couple minutes with tissue for me to wipe up, then he crawls into bed next to me and we both pass out with exhaustion.

Tomorrow, I plan on wearing the lace teddy.

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