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Hot Chocolate with the Neighbours

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I live in a co-ed university residence, and I’ve been living in the same one for over three years now. Once a student gains enough seniority, he or she can get a single room. Out of the 50+ rooms in my res, there are only 10 singles. I was fortunate enough to get one this year.

My single was in one of the corners of the 3rd floor. I only had neighbours on one side, a double room to the left of my room. Luckily, my res was co-ed room by room, which meant that girls and guys could live on the same floor (just not in the same room, hehe). On the day I moved back into res, I noticed that two girls, both frosh, were moving into the room adjacent to mine. Since I’d already moved my stuff into my room, I figured I should give them a hand with theirs. After offering my services they introduced themselves as Deidre and Rachel.

Deidre was about 5’7″, with short, dark hair. She was decked out in jogging pants and a sweater, hiding what I later discovered was a gorgeous body. She had a great figure actually, the kind I was really attracted to: not wafer-thin like all of those damned models, but a full-figure, very voluptuous. Deidre had curves in all of the right places, and a fairly large pair of breasts, probably about 36D.

Rachel, on the other hand, was smaller than her roommate. She stood at about 5’3″, with long blonde hair that fell to the middle of her back. When I first met her, she had it up in a long ponytail. Rachel came off as a very sweet girl, if not somewhat naive. She had a fantastic little body, with smallish but pert breasts which always seemed to point skyward, and just about the nicest little ass I’d ever seen.

Both girls had went to high school together, and had completed the first year of their degrees at another campus close to their hometown. However, they’d had to transfer here to complete the final three years of their program. They were the same age as well, 19, 2 years younger than I.

After we finished moving all of their stuff into their room, I volunteered to give them a quick tour of the campus. Afterwards, we stopped for a coffee at a local restaurant and got to know each other better. The girls were really friendly, and over the first few weeks of the term we became fast friends. I learned that Deidre had just broken up with her boyfriend before moving out here, and that Rachel had been single for quite some time now. I found it hard to believe such a beautiful little girl would have any trouble finding a date, but she just preferred not to be in any relationships, I guess.

It seemed abundantly clear to me that Deidre had no such qualms when it came to dating though. Her bed was next to the same wall as mine was, and many a night I was awakened by several muffled moans coming through the thin walls, ranging from low growls to short, high pitched yelps. Whoever she was sleeping with always seemed to drive her crazy with lust.

Over the following months I spent a lot of time with Deidre and Rachel. We didn’t have any classes in common, most of mine being upper-year courses, but I’d walk with them to class, eat meals with them in the dining hall, and just hang out in my room with them. We even went out to the movies as a trio a few times, along with the odd trip to the mall or grocery store.

My feelings for the girls grew as I spent more time with them, but for different reasons. For instance, Deidre had grown up with two older brothers, so she was used to rough housing and play fighting, that kind of thing. Every now and then we’d joke around with one another, eventually leading to a “fight” on one of our beds. They usually ended up with one of us pinning down the other’s hands until he or she submitted. And if I was the one with the upper hand, I’d usually get her to give in by tickling her. If I was lucky, her sudden spasming would result in her breasts rubbing against my arm or chest. Deidre was also a lot less shy than Rachel. She’d had no problems with hugging me occasionally, or playfully calling me “babe” or “cutie.”

Rachel was a lot less physical, but I think the bigger challenge in getting her to open up made the task even more alluring. She’d never go for the play fighting thing like Deidre, but Rachel loved to laugh. I’d waste away many hours when I should’ve been studying, telling jokes to Rachel just to hear her beautiful laugh. Eventually, once we got to know each other better, we’d sit on her bed, or mine, and sit back or lie down, just talking for hours. I’d even gotten to the point where I’d play with her hair while we talked, and at night when I went to sleep, Rachel’s sweet smelling shampoo was all I could smell.

I’d considered asking one of them out many, many times, but I loved them both so much. There was no way I could risk losing either of them, and at worst, I could lose them both if I attempted to choose between them. Besides, Rachel wasn’t into dating steady, and I knew Deidre was definitely getting satisfied every few nights or so. Neither of them needed me as anything more than a friend, so I figured why jeopardize a perfectly fine situation?

Things continued on this way until exams were coming up. It was around 11 pm on a Friday evening in early December, the last day of classes. Exams were scheduled to start on the coming Wednesday, so tonight was the last big bash before everyone put their noses to the grindstone. Most of the partyers from my res had finished their celebrating here and headed out to the local campus bar. I had planned to take it easy all night and have a little time off before starting the marathon of studying tomorrow. Looking out of my window, I noticed that it had started to snow out an hour or so ago, and a fair bit of snow had accumulated on the ground outside.

A knock came on my door. “Come in!” Turning in my chair to see who it was, I was struck by a wet object in the chest. A snowball!

“Gotcha!” a voice yelled. I looked up in surprise to see Deidre smiling wildly at me, all dressed up for the snow. Rachel was laughing hysterically at me, dressed up for the outdoors herself. They’d noticed the snowfall and had went outside to bring me back a little present.

“Why you little…” I got up and got dressed myself, then chased the two little devils outside, where a barrage of snowballs was flung by either side. After 10-15 minutes of that, we were quite exhausted and drenched. I suggested that we head back inside and warm up with some hot chocolate. I happened to have some, and the girls had a kettle in their room we could use.

We headed back inside to our respective rooms. I changed out of my soaked jeans and sweater, throwing on a pair of tear-aways and a t-shirt. I waited around for a few minutes, just to give the girls a few extra minutes to change and all that. Girls usually need more time than guys when it comes to that kind of thing anyway, or so I thought. After a couple of more minutes, I headed next door and knocked.

“Just a second!” yelled Deidre through the door. I heard some giggling from behind the girls’ door and after a few seconds it opened. Rachel brushed past me on the way out, clad in a bathrobe. “I’m going to grab a shower. Go on in and hang out with D while I’m gone.” she said.

I admired the view of her walking away for a second, then went into their room. Deidre was on her bed, lying on her stomach and facing away from the door. She’d changed out of her wet clothes and into an oversized t-shirt which she slept in. The shirt was pretty big on her, falling down half-way to her knees when she was standing. Lying as she was now, it was partly pulled up on the back. She hadn’t heard me come in, so I took advantage of my unnoticed entrance to take a quick glance up her shirt. I was rewarded with a slight glimpse of her underwear. Deidre had on a little pair of purple panties. My dick twitched to life at this sight, thinking about pulling those panties down over Deidre’s voluptuous hips and slowly revealing her sex…

Deidre turned up to see me there staring at her ass, almost as if she’d been aware of my presence the whole time and had given me a few seconds to drink her in. “Hey babe, did you bring the hot chocolate?” Too embarassed to speak, I just gave her a nod and put the tin of hot chocolate on D’s bed.

“You know, you can sit down if you want. I don’t bite… hard. Unless you’re into that kind of thing.” she said with a laugh. I smiled and took a seat at the foot of her bed, relieved that we were back to joking around again. I was afraid she’d get all weirded out at catching me sizing her up, but luckily she wasn’t.

Deidre sat up after I sat down on the bed. “Let me get the kettle…” The kettle was on her dresser drawer, which was next to the foot of her bed next to me. Rather than standing up to go get it, she crawled along the bed until she was next to me, then reached over me for it. I leaned back a little, giving her some room. Deidre extended her right arm, lowering her left side, which was the side facing me. This gave me a nice view down the neck of her shirt, and it was very clear that she didn’t have a bra on. Her breasts swayed a little with her motion, hanging down slightly but still looking very firm and appetizing. Her shirt was dragged up on her back again, and my gaze fell there, staring at those cute panties. Here was a virtually half naked woman practically draped over me, hovering over my lap. I felt my cock surge to live, painfully confined in my jeans.

I looked back up at Deidre and saw that she was looking straight at me, Shit, I was busted! There could be no excuse this time. I opened my mouth to apologize, but before I could spit out any words, Deidre leaned in and kissed me. She didn’t waste anytime, thrusting her tongue into my mouth, hungrily seeking mine.

That was all the invitation I needed. I kissed her back in earnest, wrestling her soft tongue with my own. My right hand went straight for her ass, massaging her firm buns though those soft panties. My left hand reached up and grabbed one of her tits through her shirt, feeling the hardness of her nipple and rubbing it between my thumb and forefinger.

After a few seconds of that, Deidre broke off our kiss and kneeled over me. I leaned back against the wall, letting her straddle my legs. She reached down and grabbed her shirt, slowly pulling it over her head. I stared, transfixed as the material caught under her breasts finally came loose and her magnificent breasts bounced back into position, her nipples fully erect and begging to be sucked. Deidre threw the shirt behind her and looked at me lustfully. I immediately lowered my head to her left tit, drawing its nipple into my mouth. I ran my tongue along her aerole and gently nibbled her nipple every few seconds. She just put her hands behind my hand, egging me on with her soft moans and grinding her ass onto my throbbing erection that was still trapped inside my jeans.

I had to free my dick, lest it explode in my pants. I reached down for the button to my jeans without letting go of Deidre’s breast. She saw my hand going for my fly and pulled back, sliding down so she was kneeling on the floor with her torso over my legs on the bed. Her hands quickly undid my jeans, releasing most of the pressure on my penis. I lifted my ass off of the bed to allow her to yank them off completely, which she deftly did. I still had a pair of grey boxers on, and there was a rather large stain in them from the huge amounts of pre-cum she’d elicited from me earlier. Deidre smiled wickedly when she saw this. “Did little old me cause you to make this mess?” She then leaned her head down and kissed the spot, causing my cock to twitch and strain even harder against its last barrier.

My boxers have a button fly in them as well, and Deidre took notice of this, pushing my dick toward the fly until its purple head stuck out. She didn’t bother to unbutton the fly, letting only the head out for now. Her tongue licked underneath the head, running across the sensitive underside and drew a deep, low moan from me. Deidre looked back up at me with those deep brown eyes and fixed her lustful gaze on me as she swirled her tongue back up onto the top of my penis. She planted several kisses all over my cock head, then swallowed it completely into her warm, wet mouth. I was trying my damndest not to come yet, but it was all I could do not to unload my balls down her throat.

Deidre must have sensed this somehow, as she released her hold on my penis and stood up. She turned around back on to me, looking over her shoulder at me, and sexily wiggled her ass as she lowered herself onto my crotch. She still had her little purple panties on, and my dick was still mostly in my boxers, but it felt so good as she slowly and sensually rubbed her ass into my hard cock.

I responded by reaching around for her tits again, rubbing the underside of them and squeezing my palms over her rock-hard nipples. She sought out my mouth again and we kissed some more as she continued grinding against me.

This was heaven! I closed my eyes, trying not to think about how impossible this seemed until only a few minutes ago, for fear that I’d wake up from this dream. I kept my eyes closed as I felt Deidre pull away, and wondered where her mouth would go next. Surely she was about to rip off my boxers and really go to town on my cock! After a few seconds of eagerly anticipating her next move, I opened my eyes just in time to see the door shut as Deidre left! She’d grabbed her own robe and left the room without saying a word. This threw me for a loop, but before I could even comprehend what had just happened the door opened again. This time, it was Rachel who came into the room. Here I was with my cock half out of my boxers, lying on Deidre’s bed!

My hand went down to cover up my raging hard-on as Rachel’s jaw dropped. She had her robe on, her wet blond hair hanging out over her shoulders. I waited for her to flip out at me and kick me out. Instead, she came over and stood in front me, removing my hand from over my boxers.

“That bitch! She went and started with out me!” Rachel then untied the belt to her robe and opened it up. Her flat stomach looked amazing, and my glance turned down to her well manicured sex. She was definitely a real blonde, as a small tuft of her pubic hair revealed. She’d just kept a little strip of hair above her pussy, while the rest of it was completely shaved clean.

I looked back up into her deep blue eyes, and she just stood there smiling at me. She was actually blushing a little, and I could tell she was a little nervous about the situation. I figured I’d have to be the aggressor here, so I inched out to the edge of the bed and wrapped my hands around her hips, underneath the robe. Rachel exhaled as my hands softly traced up her hips to her side. I stopped when I felt the underside of her breats, looking into her eyes to see if she still wanted me to go on. She just nodded at me, standing there before me trembling. God, she was so fucking sexy! My hands moved up a bit further, pushing the robe up past her shoulders until it fell to her feet. Rachel’s breasts were now bared to me, and her nipples were surprisingly large and puffy. They pointed upward and were already hard. I moved my hands to either side of her head and slowly moved in to kiss her. Rachel closed her eyes and moved in to meet me. Our kisses were soft and tender at first, but after a bit Rachel reached up and put her hands behind my head, pulling my mouth harder against hers and really whipping her tongue into a frenzy. Her tits rubbed against my shirt, making her nipples even harder if that was possible.

I broke off the kiss, stood up beside Rachel and pulled my shirt off. She backed up a bit and sat on the edge of her bed, which was directly across from Deidre’s. Rachel’s ass was on the edge, and she spread her legs wide, moving her fingers down to spread open her labia. “Eat my cunt!” she ordered me. I was surprised to hear here talk that way, but definetely not dissapointed! This was a whole different side to Rachel, one that I was glad to be experiencing.

I obediently kneeled down between her gorgeous, long legs and kissed her right thigh, then her left, alternating between the two and moving upwards until I reached her wet pussy. I inhaled her pungent aroma before lowering my lips to her outer lips. I licked up each one that her fingers held open, then sunk my tongue into her open hole. Rachel moaned as I invaded her pussy, gently poking about and releasing some of her juices. I withdrew my tongue and lapped up some of her wetness, then quickly flicked it over her clitoris for the briefest of instants. Rachel let out a grunt, then reached down with her other hand to rub her clit herself. I returned my oral ministrations back to her inner vagina, delving inside again to poke and pry into her wet, velvety womanhood. After withdrawing again to lap up more excess juices, I reached up and inserted a finger into her, slowly pushing and pulling it in and out of her. Rachel leaned back on the bed now, removing her hands and giving me complete control over her pussy. I added another finger to the assault, then moved my other hand to rub the area between her pussy and her ass. That, combined with the extra digit and my tongue now unabashedly attacking her clitoris, drove her crazy. I looked up to see Rachel pulling on her nipples, repeating “Oh God oh God oh God!” over and over in a hushed, sexy tone. I kept my eyes locked on hers as I let my hands and tongue go to work.

By now, my boxers were drenched again, only this time from all of my own secretions and not melting snow. I was about to free up a hand to ditch my underwear when I felt a pair of hands slip into the sides of my boxers. Looking over my shoulder I saw it was Deidre. She had just gotten out of the shower, having grabbed one herself after she’d heard Rachel finish up.

“Hey baby, I see you’ve found someone else to play with while I was gone.” said Deidre. I winked at her as she dropped her robe, letting her great tits fall out. I noticed she still had her purple panties on though. I would have said something, but talking with one’s mouth full is impolite, plus I was really having fun playing with my food! Deidre picked up on this anyway. “I noticed how much you like these panties, so I figured I’d let you remove them yorself. Consider it an early Christmas present. Now, time to open mine!”

With that, Deidre pulled down my boxers, finally releasing my aching prick completely. I kept eating Rachel for all I was worth, dipping down every once and a while to lap up her secretions. Deidre sat behind me, and I felt those hard nipples grinding into my back. She reached around, stroking my cock as she kissed and nibbled on the back of my neck.

Rachel began moaning louder and louder and began screaming at me. “Fuck yeah! Lick my fucking clit, suck it hard! Oooh, yeah, like that! Fuck, I’m coming, don’t fucking stop!” Her hips were gyrating furiously, grinding her hot pussy into my mouth. My entire face was drenched in Rachel’s hot juices, and she kept coming and coming for about 20-30 seconds straight. I’d never heard her be so loud or vulgar before, and it was a huge turn-on to see this side of her. My cock was steadily leaking pre-cum into Deidre’s expert hand, and my balls were aching for release.

Deidre removed her hand then, much to my dismay. She layed back on her bed, raising her legs together toward the ceiling. “My turn! Come over her and take these sexy panties off of me. My pussy can’t wait any longer!” I gave Rachel’s swollen sex one more kiss before turning around to face Deidre. I placed my fingers into the front of her panties, feeling how soft they were. Sliding my fingers to the sides, I began to tug them down over her sexy hips, staring at her crotch as her magnificent cunt came into view. Deidre had shaved all of her pubic hair off, and her bald pussy was glistening with her own juices. I let out a moan as I saw her wet snatch, and I continued to move her panties up her extended legs, removing them and tossing them on the floor. I placed my hands on Deidre’s feet and slowly pushed them apart, lowering them at the same time. I looked down at her pussy, seeing her wet netherlips part as I splayed her legs open. Her pink tunnel was open, slick and shiny from her excitement.

But before I could bend down and taste Deidre’s hot box, Rachel slid between us. “Hey buddy, don’t you know it’s ladies first? Where are your manners?” She then proceeded to tongue Deidre’s pussy like a seasoned pro, something which blew me away! Here were two ladies I’d been torn between for months now, and I was fucking them both at the same time! And better yet, they were fucking each other too! It was too much to believe!

“We’ve been wanting to invite you to our little sessions for awhile now. Haven’t you heard us going at it through the walls? We were hoping you’d get curious and come over and join us.” Deidre explained while Rachel continued munching on her swollen cunt. Now it made more sense… the two types of moans I’d heard, why it’d only been on Deidre’s side and not Rachel’s… damn, why hadn’t I caught on sooner?!?!

Now was not the time to be worrying about that! It was time to finally enjoy the situation. I sat up on Deidre’s bed, offering my cock to her. She swallowed it into her wet mouth, furiously bobbing up and down on it.

“Oh God yeah, Deidre… your mouth is so fucking warm and wet. Suck that cock, suck it down your throat! Ooh, fuck… I’m gonna fuck your hot little roommate with my cock, do you know that? I’m going to fuck her gorgeous little cunt, would you like to see that?”

Deidre pulled my cock out of her mouth, rubbing it on her cheek as she nodded vigourously. I got off of the bed, squeezing Deidre’s nipples one more time before getting off of her. Rachel was still doing an amazing job on Deidre’s cunt, her chin was soaked with the fruits of her labour. I grabbed my dick, pushing it down between Rachel’s ass cheeks until its head slided across her wet pussy lips. She instictively pushed her ass back, trying to slip my cock inside her. I pulled back and teased her by rubbing it over her clit, then dragging it back across her outer lips again and over her asshole. After a few seconds of this, I eased my cock into her, feeling the vice-like grip of her cunt squeezing my dick for all it was worth. Damn, she was tight! I slowly worked in all of my 7″ until I was almost completely inside of her. It was such a comfortable fit, I just stayed there for a minute to catch my breath and fight off my impending orgasm.

While I took a breather, I stretched out over Rachel’s back, cupping her firm little tits while rolling her nipples. I whispered into her ear, “Oh yeah Rachel, you’re really doing a great job eating Deidre’s pussy. I can see you’ve done this before, haven’t you? I bet you two have been eating each other’s hot little pussies since high school, haven’t you? Come on Rachel, suck that cunt! Work Deidre’s clit, make her come! I’m going to fuck you until you both come, so you’d better keep sucking that beautiful pussy!” Rachel moaned into Deidre’s cunt as I continued talking dirty to her. I later learned she was quite the little nympho, and all of her shyness outside of the bedroom only increased the amount of satisfaction she got from all of the dirty talk and wild sex.

As I kept egging her on, I started to slide in and out of her tight little pussy. She had great control over her vaginal muscles, and she was able to time her squeezes of my cock with each thrust. Soon we were fucking furiously, Rachel’s chin driving into Deidre’s cunt with each fuck. I was driving my cock into Rachel’s tight pussy as fast as I could, and she was milking me with each stroke. My balls were smacking off of her smooth ass every time I drove into her, adding to the sensation her vice-like snatch had on me.

“Ohhhhhh fuck… Rachel, I’m going to shoot my load into your hot pussy! Fuck, you’re doing it to me, babe, your cunt is milking my cock… here it comes, I’m coming! Ahhh…”

I drove my dick as far into Rachel’s pussy as I could and shot my load deep inside of her. After sending several spurts of hot come, Rachel started to come herself, moaning and groaning while humping back against my cock as her body was wrenched with her orgasm. Seeing both me and Rachel coming drove Deidre over the edge and she too came with a roar, her fingers dancing wildly over her clit as she rode out her orgasm.

The three of us lay there for awhile, recovering from the wild events that had just unfolded. I brushed back some of Rachel’s damp hair and kissed the nape of her neck. She reached back with her hand and gently pulled my lips to hers, kissing me softly. Deidre sat up and leaned down, making the kiss a three-way one. Deidre’s juices were still smeared all over Rachel’s face, and both Deidre and I broke off to lick off the remainder from Rachel. Then Deidre bent down, scooping her finger into Rachel’s pussy and pulling it up with a gob of my freshly spent cum on the end of it. She offered it up to Rachel, who engulfed it with her mouth, looking straight at me while she did.

“Alright, I think we all need another shower now.” Deidre said, standing up and putting on her robe. Rachel gave my shrinking dick a final squeeze before donning her robe as well. I looked around for my boxers and quickly jumped into them before following the girls out into the hall. Luckily everyone was still gone out and no one saw us going into the women’s washroom right across the hall from their room.

The shower stalls in the washroom were fairly large, thankfully. There was more than enough room for all three of us to fit in one. I opened the stall door for the girls, letting them in first. They both got in and threw their robes over the door, gloriously naked once more. I slid down my boxers as Deidre turned on the water, and was surprised to see my cock still partially erect.

Rachel had brought some soap and shampoo, and I put some in my hair, then proceeded to wash Deidre’s. Since she was taller than Rachel, she started to wash the shorter girl’s hair. We just talked and laughed for a bit, almost as if nothing had happened, as if this sort of thing happened every other day. I lathered up my hands and nonchalantly reached around, soaping up Deidre’s firm tits. I felt her nipples respond to my handiwork, stiffening once more into hard little nubs. My cock was now pretty much fully hard again now, and it was rubbing between Deidre’s ass cheeks.

She turned around, then tapped Rachel on her shoulder, pointing out my revived erection. Then they both sank to their knees and began kissing the inside of my thighs, working their way up to my dick. Rachel got there first, but ignored my shaft and instead took one of my testicles into her mouth. Seeing her roommate’s preference, Deidre snatched up the other one into her mouth, and they both began caressing my nuts with their soft, warm tongues. The heat from the hot water made my flesh more pliable down there, allowing them to really work their magic on each of my tender balls. Deidre broke off first, grasping the base of my shaft in her left hand, then slowly and firmly rubbing its head with her right palm. Rachel continued pleasuring my sack, now switching to the other testicle vacated by Deidre. I put my hand behind Deidre’s head and slowly pushed it toward my throbbing cock. She put her mouth over one hand, pulling up on my shaft from the bottom with on ehand, and pulling her other hand, now in a fist, over my throbbing head. Deidre’s tongue met my head on every down stroke from her top hand. I’d never gotten a blow job like that before, let alone with another sexy babe lavishing my balls with her mouth!

After a few minutes of this skillful oral double team, Deidre stood up and leaned against one of the shower walls. “Come over here and fuck me now! I want to feel all of your hard cock inside me!” I walked over to her, Rachel in tow, still sucking away. I grasped one of Deidre’s thighs, lifting it up to give me better access to her hot pussy. Rachel grabbed my dick at its base and lined us up. As I slid into Deidre, Rachel switched over to sucking Deidre’s cunt. Then she ran her mouth over both of our genitals as we slowly grinded against each other. I looked down and saw Rachel fingering herself at the same time, working three of her little fingers up her tight pussy.

Even though I’d just spent myself about 15 minutes ago, it didn’t take much of this kind of action to bring me to the brink again. I let go of Deidre’s leg, letting her wrap it around my waist instead, freeing up both of my hands. They immediately slid down to her ass, massaging and squeezing her firm buns and pulling her further onto my cock as we picked up the pace of our fucking. I lowered my head as Deidre moaned, squeezing her tits and offering one up to my mouth. I pulled her nipple into my mouth, gently nibbling and pulling on it.

Our thrusts were wild now, my balls bouncing off of Rachel’s cheek with every stroke as she continued to lick us both. Rachel was still rubbing herself, but now one of her hands was flying over Deidre’s clit, adding to her pleasure.

I felt that familiar tingling at the base of my balls, signaling my pending orgasm. I pulled out of Deidre and Rachel instictively reached up and started stroking my cock as fast as she could. Rachel sank down in front of me, beside Rachel, the two of them rapidly thrusting their fingers inside their pussies. That sight was the clincher for me, and I came with a loud groan, shooting out more come than I thought was possible after my last load.

Seeing me come pushed the girls over the edge, and they both squealed at the top of their lungs as their orgasms peaked. Then they both proceeded to lick my cock clean, then licked my come off of each others’ breasts where I’d managed to shoot some of it.

We cleaned up once more, then headed back into their room for a little more action before we all passed out from sheer exhaustion. There was no better feeling in the world than when I woke up the next morning with my arms around both of their naked bodies. Ever since then, we’ve made a habit of getting together at least once a week for our little sessions. Whenever I hear those moans through my wall, that’s my signal to come on over for some “hot chocolate.” I’m a much bigger chocolate lover now than ever!

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