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Alicia & Shelly Go Riding

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In case you haven’t read any of my other stories, my name is Alicia and I’m eighteen years old. My best friend since fourth grade and lover since December is Shelly. She’s five months older than I and a very beautiful girl, if I may say so at the risk of being a little bit prejudiced. We are bisexual, not lesbians, because we have boyfriends, too.

We have introduced two girls in our senior class to the delights of girl on girl love, Brea and Samantha.

There is another new girl in our class who transferred in during the winter holidays. Her name is Rose Marie and she comes from New York, a place called Greenwich or something like that. It pissed her off to change schools in the middle of her senior year, but her father got transferred and it couldn’t be helped. She has this chip on her shoulder and takes her misfortunes out on everyone else around her though and comes across as being course and cynical. We tried to befriend her but her anger made it hard to tolerate her.

One day at school we were sitting around, talking with her. Brea and Samantha were there also. Rose Marie was in one of her bad moods, which seemed to be the norm.

“What the fuck do do you people do around here in Hicksville?” she asked. “The stores all close at nine o-clock! In New York, people are just starting to have fun at nine o-clock.”

“We have a movie theater, a bowling alley and a roller rink,” Shelly told her.

“Also, we have a riding academy where we can go horseback riding,” Brea added.

“A riding academy?!” she said. “Who the fuck rides horses?”

“I do!” Brea answered indignantly. “In fact, I own a horse. Do you mean to say you can’t ride a horse?”

“I didn’t say that. I can do anything if I want to.” she said defensively.

“Come riding with us this Saturday then, and show us how good you are,” Brea challenged. “I promise you we won’t laugh at you when you fall off.”

“I’m not going to fall off!” she said arrogantly. “I can do anything you hicks can do. You won’t get the best of me.”

“You’ll go then?” dared Brea.

“Yeah, – I’ll go. What should I wear to go horsie-back riding?”

I was amazed at how little Rose Marie knew about riding. I thought everyone knew what you’d wear at least. Seizing the opportunity, I had an idea.

“The spring days are warming up pretty good,” I said, winking at Brea. “We’d better dress light in case the sun gets really hot.”

“Yeah, a sun dress would be fine,” Brea said, looking serious but I could tell she was stifling a laugh.

“Okay, what time?” she asked.

“One o-clock would be good. That’ll give us time to get our house chores done and eat lunch,” Brea answered, getting a pen and paper from her school bag. “Here’s my number in case you need directions.”

“Cool. Okay, see you guys at one oclock then.”

“Yeah, we’ll be there,” I assured her.


Saturday afternoon came and Brea, Shelly and I were at the stables, waiting for Samantha and Rose Marie to show up. Brea was feeding her horse Salome while we watched. We were dressed in jeans and boots and halter tops.

Randy, the stable hand was there to saddle up the horses and lead out a group of riders when needed. Randy was a real hunk dressed in jeans, western boots, shirt and a wide brimmed western hat. His snug fitting jeans showed of his ass-sets well when his back was towards you, and when he turned around, the wad in his front would be enough to make a girl’s pussy tingle. If I wasn’t ‘spoken for’ to Travis, I’d be trying to fuck him silly.

Samantha finally showed up and we introduced her to Randy. Randy, being his normal, flirtatious self, put the charm on Samantha who ate it all up. She was so taken by Randy she hardly paid any attention to anyone else but him.

Rose Marie got there about fifteen minutes late when we were about to give up on her. She was wearing a white sundress with red and pink flowers scattered all over it and low open-toed shoes. She really looked beautiful in it and I felt a pang of guilt for what we had done to her and thought about confessing to her, but then decided to go through with it. She needed a lesson in humility.

Rosie looked at all of us dressed in jeans, then down at herself at what she was wearing. She looked self-conscious like she was considering backing out of the deal.

“Oh, I checked the weather forecast and they said is wasn’t going to be hot today, but that’s okay, you’re fine. You look heavenly,” I said.

Brea brought her horse out without a saddle, saying, “You can ride my horse Salome if you’d like, Rosie. She’s the most gentle horse here. The academy horses get a little frisky at times.”

“Okay, thank you, Brea. That’s nice of you.”

“My saddle is being mended though, but if you can’t ride bareback, we can rent one from the academy,” Brea said apologetically.

“I can ride bareback, it’s no problem,” she said with her usual ‘I can do anything better than you’ attitude.

I held my hands down for Rose Marie to step on to get up on Salome’s back. She put her foot in my hands and, when she swung her leg over Salome’s back, I got a good view of two superb butt cheeks and white thong panties.

Randy, who was saddling a horse by Salome, had to step back quickly to keep from getting kicked in the face by Rose Marie.

“Whoa there, did I take your picture there, Cowboy?” Rosie asked, trying to embarrass him, I guess.

“Yep,” Randy replied coolly. “It was a very good view, too.” He went back to saddling the horse as if nothing had happened.

We mounted up and started up the riding trail which was nothing more than a one lane dirt road. We let the horses walk at a leisurely pace to go easy on Rose Marie. Samantha and Shelly were in front, side by side. Rose Marie and I followed them while Brea brought up the rear. I kept looking at Rosie. Her breaths were getting short and her eyes bigger around. Her pupils were beginning to dilate showing her sexual arousal.

We had to navigate around some large ruts in the road which caused the horses to step differently. I smiled to myself when I heard Rosie let out an “OH!”

Farther up the trail, Shelly turned around and said, “Let’s trot a little bit.”

“Okay,” I answered. “Rosie, hold tight with your legs so you don’t fall off and make a clucking noise to make Salome go faster.”

“Okay,” she answered with a shaky voice.

We bounced on our horses backs as they trotted along and with each bounce, our pussies would smack solidly on the saddle, or in Rose Marie’s case, the horse’s bare back. It is the second best feeling to a girl to being fucked.

I could hear Rosie start to whimper now, and every now and then she’d let out an “Oh, gawd, oh.”

We dropped back to a walk and I looked over at Rosie. Trotting had caused her dress to blow back exposing her white panty crotch pressed on the horse’s back. In her condition, I don’t think she cared where her dress was. She had no stirrups so couldn’t raise up for relief so she had to let Salome’s neck muscle caress her pussy with nothing but a thin strip of material between them.

“OH, my gawd, um, oh,” Rosie moaned.

“Are you alright, Rosie?” I asked.

“I’m fine,” she replied. “I just can’t – keep from coming.”

“Wait up, Shelly! We need to take a rest,” I called.

We dismounted and Rosie literally slid off Salome’s back to the ground with legs too weak to hold her up.

“Here, let me help you,” I offered and went to help her up, holding up her dress to brush some leaves and grass off her butt cheeks. What lovely butt cheeks they were. I made sure I got them nice and clean before I put her dress down.

We tied the horses to a tree and sat on some tall grass at the side of the road.

“Phew! You guys sure set me up.” Rosie said, still breathing heavy.

“Yeah, we’re sorry,” I admitted. “Will you forgive us?”

“Yeah, I forgive you, no problem.”

“At least she’s a good sport about it,” said Shelly.

“You’re not angry with us, are you?” Brea asked.

“How could I be angry with you when I’ve never been so sexually satisfied in all my life?! I should thank you.”

“But we did it in such a mean way. I feel horrible now,” Shelly said

“We should move farther back in the woods to get the horses out of the trail,” Brea suggested.

We led the horses back into the woods where we found a cleared area that had tall grass in it for the horses to chew on. We tied the horses up and sat in the grass at the other side of the clearing.

“I guess you’re done with horseback riding after today, – can’t say I blame you much,” Brea said.

“Hell, no! I love horses! If Salome was a ‘he’ instead of a ‘she’ I’d marry her,” she chuckled. “I was gonna suggest we go riding again next week. Could we?”

“That would be great, Rosie!” Brea exclaimed. “Next time you can wear jeans and we’ll have a saddle for you.”

“That’s good, although, I’ll miss being masturbated by Salome’s neck,” Rosie joked. She lifted her dress and spread her legs, putting her fingers to her crotch. “Look at this, my panties are soaked!”

I put my fingers on her panties, feeling the wetness of the material and the contour of her pussy lips beneath. “What did you do, pee yourself?” I joked.

“I might as well have,” she said pulling her dress back down.

“So, do you still think we’re a bunch of hicks with nothing to do?” Samantha asked.

“Aw, hey, I was just blowing off steam because I was pissed about moving and leaving my friends behind.”

“We figured as much,” Shelly said. “We’d like to be your new friends now – if you’re willing.”

“Yeah, I’ve already made you my best friends. So what else are you guys into?”

We looked at each other, not knowing quite how to answer that question.

“Do you like girls?” I asked her, tempted to put my fingers to my nose to smell her pussy juices but denying myself the pleasure.

“What do you mean, ‘do I like girls?’ You mean do I, like, “like” girls?”

“Yeah. Have you ever had a girl lick your pussy until you came?” I asked.

“No, never.”

“Have you ever let a girl masturbate you while you masturbated her?” Shelly asked.

“No. Hey, – wait a minute, you guys aren’t –

“We’re bisexuals, we love women just as much as we love men,” I told her.

“You asked what else are we into, so we’re telling you,” Shelly said.

“It’s like, we help each other masturbate when no males are around – or when we’re in the mood for something different,” Samantha said.

“See, we have this club that meets at – that meets at a house where bisexual and gay women get together to have fun,” Brea told her.

“It’s a sex club for women. We meet every Friday night,” I told her.

“Ho – lee – shit! And I thought New York was a swinging town!” she said.

“You’re welcome to join us if you want to. If you don’t want to – (shrug) – you don’t have to and we’ll still be good friends,” Shelly told her.

“We would ask that you don’t spread the news around if you don’t join,” I said. “There’s only two rules that you have to meet to be a member in good standing. You have to shave your pussy and you have to make love to at least one member. – What do you think? Would you like to join us?”

“I don’t know, – I’ll have to think about that,” she said.

“Would you like a free preview of what it would be like?” Shelly offered.

She didn’t say yes, but she didn’t say no. Brea and I kissed as she watched us . Shelly and Samantha started to undress each other. Rosie sat with her knees up, panties showing carelessly, arms folded across her knees and chin on her arms, watching Shelly and Samantha as their clothing fell to the ground.

I removed my top and let my bra-less breasts bounce free. Brea took off her shirt and brassiere and let the sun shine on her ample breasts. Rosie gave a soft whistle at the sight of Brea’s gorgeous tits..

Shelly and Samantha were nude, on their knees kissing while their right hand fingered the pussy of the other. Their left hand caressed perky breasts.

I was laying so close to Rosie my head almost touched her hip where she sat. Brea was sort of on top of me with one leg between mine, humping her pussy against my thigh while bumping my pussy with her thigh. Our right breasts were pressed together as we humped one anothers leg. I could tell by Rosie’s heavier breathing and dilated pupils that she was getting aroused, so I gently took hold of her arm and guided her hand to my left breast. I held her hand there but her fingers massaged my breast on their own.

I looked at Shelly and Samantha again. What an erotic sight they were, kissing passionately while playing with each others breasts, Their hands masturbating the pussy in front of them.

Samantha started to come on Shelly’s fingers with various whimpers, trying not to make any noise. Sounds travel far in the woods.

Brea got up and pulled my boots and jeans off, then removed her own. She put her knee between my legs again and humped my leg faster and harder as her orgasm came near. She moaned and gasped as her orgasm shook her body, then fell away from me. I guided Rosie’s hand ever so slowly from my breast down my ribcage, over my stomach, across my abdomen to my panties where I stopped at the waistband and took my hand away.

“Would you finish me off, please,” I asked her.

Her nostrils flared showing her arousal, but she hesitated. But soon her fingers slipped slowly under the waistband of my panties and traveled gingerly across my shaved, smooth mound. Her hand trembled almost violently as her fingers slid farther down to find my moist slit waiting there. I rolled slightly to where I could reach her panties and gently massaged her pussy lips through the material. I held my mouth open up to her in an invitation to kiss. She moved back and brought her mouth down on mine. Brea pulled my panties off to give Rosie freedom of movement in my wet pussy. We broke the kiss and resumed our mutual masturbation. Rosie then masturbated my pussy like it was her own and enjoyed the experience almost as much.

Brea moved to Rosie and pulled her wet thongs down and off. I inserted a finger into Rosie’s wet pussy and searched for her g-spot. When I found it, she let out a low moan of pleasure.

Rosie’s fingers in my pussy had aroused me to fever pitch and soon I could feel my orgasm begin to boil deep within. When I reached my peak I let out a low moan and crashed with delight.

I didn’t forget about Rosie. I got up on my knees and inserted two fingers deep into her love canal and massaged her g-spot with a ‘come here’ gesture of my fingers. I finger fucked her, making sure a finger would caress her g-spot with every stroke until a squeal from her signaled the arrival of an intense orgasm. Her body shook and rocked in orgasmic bliss. When she settled back, I took my fingers from her pussy and licked them clean while she watched me. To cap things off, I twisted Rosie’s thongs and held them high in the air. I brought them down over my mouth and squeezed them, letting a drop of fluid drop to my waiting tongue.

“Fucking shit! I didn’t think I could come again but that was the best one ever!” she exclaimed. “You – are – fucking amazing.”

“Thanks, but we need to get back and return the horses. We’ve been gone for over an hour.” I said wistfully.

“Yeah, and I need to get home and shave my pussy!” Rosie quipped.

“You’re joining the club?” Brea asked.

“Fucking aye,” she exclaimed. “If it is going to be anything like today, I wouldn’t want to miss it.”

“You have my number if you have any questions about it,”

We got dressed and I noticed Rosie, somewhat stronger but still wobbly legged, thinking about getting back on her horse.

“I’ll trade horses with you if you’d like,” I offered.”

“Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you,” she replied. “My pussy needs a rest. My panties are still wet, – I’ll make the saddle smell like pussy though.”

“That’s okay, your pussy smells like a horse,” Samantha joked.

“Oh, it does not!” she said defensively. “Does it?” looking at me.

I put my fingers to my nose, “Your pussy smells wonderful, just the way a pussy should smell.”

We mounted up and rode back to the stables. When Randy saw that Rose Marie had changed horses, He grinned knowingly.


Monday after school, Rose Marie caught up with me outside.

“Alicia, hey, wait up!” she called.

“Hey, Rosie. What’s up?”

“Are you headed home?” she asked.

“Yeah, I live so close I don’t ride the bus,” I answered.

“Are your parents home?” she quizzed.

“Well, my dad’s at work but my mom’s at home. Why?”

“I shaved my pussy, I thought maybe you’d like to see it.”

“Oh, sure, – ah, maybe we could sneak into my bedroom long enough for that.”

“I’ll walk you home – if that’s alright.”

“Sure, fine. So how was your weekend?” I said making small talk.

“I’ve been so horny since Saturday, I could hardly sit still. I loved what you did with your fingers.”

“Yeah, I loved what you did with your fingers, too,” I said feeling my pussy start to tingle.

“Well, could we continue where we left off?”

“I’d love to, Rosie, but my mom’s home. We’ll have to play it by ear.”

The tingle in my pussy became a throb. I really did want Rosie. She looked so pretty in her school skirt, walking with me and had lost her anger now. I wanted to take her in my arms and kiss her right there.

We soon were home and my mother was there, reading through her cookbooks. I introduced her to Rosie and let them exchange small talk. I was trying to think of an excuse to invite Rosie up to my room but couldn’t think of a single thing. I need to have a hobby or something, I thought.

“Well, I need to go to the store,” Mom said. “You girls can hold down the fort while I’m gone. And, Alicia, stay out of the snacks so close to supper.”

“Yes, Mother,” I said, exasperated. As she went out the door I said, “Mothers!” to Rosie.

“Well, at least you have a mother. All I have is my father. Do you know what it’s like to want to talk to your mother about something and all you have is a father who is a mother-substitute?”

“No,” I said softly, appreciating the fact that I had a mother. “But you don’t know how anal she can be sometimes, especially here lately,” I spat. “Something seems to be bugging her and I don’t know what it is.”

“Your mother has never worked, was always home to look after everyone’s needs, had no worries or plans of her own, is probably approaching the change of life, and you don’t know what’s bugging her?”

“No,” I said in bewilderment, stunned that someone was lecturing me about my mother.

“She needs to have an affair.” Rosie said bluntly.”

“Rosie!” I was shocked. “She’s a happily married woman! She’d never have an affair.”

“Oh? How happy would you say she was in the past six months, or year, or past five years? I’d say she’s got the over forty blues and is probably wondering every morning she wakes up what all she has missed and will miss out on in the future in life.”

“Oh, – gawd, – do you think so?”

“That’s what happened to my mom. She passed forty, I turned eighteen, Daddy had a great job he was all wrapped up in, and she went off the deep end because she felt she was denied something. It happens.”

“I love my Mom and would hate to lose her like that. What can I do?”

“She needs to meet new and exciting friends, – maybe a toy boy, a young lover to use as a fuck buddy. Or, maybe a woman friend, – like the friends you have. Do you think she would go for another woman? She’s a beautiful woman and could get anyone she wants.”

“I suppose you’re right, but – gawd – she’s my mother. I don’t think I could help her like that.”

“Maybe not directly, but do everything you can to not stand in her way.”

“Yeah, I guess you’re right. – Well enough about my mother. You said you had something to show me? Let’s go up to my bedroom.”

Rosie followed me up the stairs, probably looking up my short skirt, on the way to my bedroom. I know how girls who just discovered they like girls are, they’re worse than boys.

In my bedroom, I turned on my stereo. The volume was a little bit loud but that’s the way I like it. I sat on my bed but Rosie remained standing. She began dancing to the music.

“My pussy’s wet,” she said dreamily.

“So is mine,” I stated emphatically.

I kicked my shoes off and sat on my heels to watch Rosie do a strip tease for me. Slowly she took off her shoes, her linen blouse, her lacy bra, her short skirt and her socks, all to the beat of the music. The song changed and she danced seductively for me wearing just her white thong panties. When that song was about to end, she slowly peeled down her panties and stood posing with her newly shaved pussy. Her body was so-o-o-o sexy.

She laid down beside me and we began kissing, french kissing, and feeling each other up like silly, horny school girls. Well, that’s what we were, though, at our age, we’re supposed to act like young women. Her hand was all over me, squeezing my breasts, caressing my legs, and stroking my pussy through my panties, heating me up good and proper.

I took my clothes off as fast as I could and laid down beside her.

“How do you masturbate?” I asked her.

“With two fingers, one on each side of my clit and rub in circles,” she said with a curious look.

Let’s masturbate together. I want to see you jerk off till you come,” I suggested.

We laid back and began to masturbate. I watched her hand and she watched my hand. We were wet and ready so it took no time for us to have an orgasm. I noticed when she came her pussy was wetter than mine, but with my orgasm rippling through me, I couldn’t think any more about that.

“Lets sixty-nine now, Alicia. I’m dying for my first taste of pussy, – and want your lips on my pussy so bad.”

She got over me with her head between my legs and brought her pussy down to my waiting lips. What a pleasurable taste her pussy had with her pussy juice and baths soap scent mixed together. I doggy kissed her butterfly lips with a flat tongue which made her pussy lubricate even more.

She went for my love canal right away, sticking her tongue in as far as she could get it, drinking my pussy juices which were flowing profusely now. After getting a good taste of my pussy, she moved up to my clit which she sucked on and gently nibbled it with her lips. It didn’t take long to give me an orgasm.

I flicked my tongue rapidly across her clit, making her howl with joy. She rewarded my tongue with a fresh supply of pussy juice, mewling as she came. I noticed small streams of clear liquid coming out of her pussy in little squirts.

“Did you piss?”

“NO,” she said indignantly. “Why?”

“Well, you squirted when you came then,” I informed her.

“Get the fuck out! I squirted??” she asked, astonished.

I guess that’s how your panties got so wet from riding Salome.”

“Well, fuck me in the ear! I’m a squirter!”

“Yep. We’ll have to remember to put a towel under you,” I grinned.

“I want to try doing what you and Brea did. Can we?” she asked.

“Put your knee between my thighs,” I told her.

We fucked our thighs, our pussies touching with every stroke of our hips until we had another noisy orgasm. Rosie was rubbing our pussies together again when the bedroom door opened and my mother entered the room.

“Are you all right I heard – ALICIA!” she said with the most shocked expression I’ve ever seen on her face.

Rosie got up slowly and sat on the bed, not trying to cover up. I was too shocked to move.

“Alicia! Rose Marie! How could you?”

“It was easy. We took our clothes off and -” Rosie quipped.

“What do you think you are doing in my house,” she said to Rosie, almost crying.

“We were helping each other masturbate to get off. It’s much more enjoyable than whacking alone. Don’t you ever masturbate, Mrs., ah, – What’s your mother’s name?”


“Don’t you ever masturbate, Jean? Don’t you just love the way your fingers feel in your pussy, massaging your swollen joy button? Oh, sure you do, we all do. I’ve been masturbating since I was eleven years old. Sometimes I masturbate four or five times a day, it feels so good”

I was amazed at how quickly Rosie calmed my mother down.

“So?” Mother said.

“So that’s all we were doing. It’s so much better to have someone help you masturbate and get your pussy off than to do it yourself all the time. Is that so bad to want to get off and make your wet pussy come? Are you ashamed of yourself when you masturbate, Jean?”


I do believe Rosie was getting Mother sexually excited. She was stroking Mom’s upper arm and Mom never pulled away.

“But you are – ” Mom started.

“We are over eighteen and legally adults now,” Rosie reminded her. “We are bisexual adults and right now we are horny as hell. I think you are horny, too, Jean, – aren’t you? – Wouldn’t you like to join us and masturbate too?”

I was as shocked at the question as Mom was, but Mom didn’t say no!

“I – I have to cook supper,” she said softly.

“We’ll order pizzas and you can stay here and have fun with us instead of cooking supper.”

Rosie had put her hand on Mother’s knee and would slide it up under her dress while she talked. Mother would push her hand away but with less resistance each time.

“Is your pussy wet, Jean?”

Mom didn’t answer, all she could do was whimper.

“Your pussy is wet, isn’t it, Jean?!”

“Yes,” she whispered.

“Yes what?”

“My pussy is wet.”

I have never heard my mother say those words, or anything like them.

“Alicia, why don’t you order the pizzas while your mother and I masturbate?”

I got up to go to the phone, not believing what I was seeing and hearing. It was like an erotic dream.

“There, Alicia is going to order pizza. She wants you to masturbate with me and be happy. Don’t you want her to want you to be happy?”


“Yes what?”

“Yes, I want her – to want me to be happy.” I heard Mom say before I left the room.

After I ordered the pizzas, I went back to my room, still naked, and found Mother lying on my bed with her dress up and Rosie stroking Mom’s white panty crotch. I laid down beside Mother and watched Rosie’s hand masturbate my mother’s pussy. It turned me on so much I had to touch myself while I watched.Rosie’s hand. Mother saw what I was doing and watched my hand play with my pussy.

Mom was whimpering now and Rosie slid her hand under Mom’s panties. I could hear wet squishy noises as Rosie’s fingers worked in Mom’s sopping wet pussy. Rosie and I were masturbating faster now, getting ready to come again. Mom started to moan loudly and toss her head from side to side.

“Yeah, yeah, go ahead, come for me, Jean. Let your pretty pussy come over my fingers. That’s it, come for me, Jean. Go ahead, come”

Mom had an intense orgasm, moaning loudly as Rosie’s fingers worked in her pussy. The sight and sound of my mother having an intense orgasm brought me to my goal. I creamed on my fingers with a low moan.

“Oh, gawd, I’m coming!” I said.

“Watch me come now, Jean. I’m almost there, watch me come.”

Rosie was masturbating herself while she did Mom, and soon brought herself to a crashing orgasm. Clear liquid squirted from her pussy again, this time even more than before, most of it landing on the carpet.

Mom looked at me and smiled sheepishly, then looked at Rosie who kissed her mouth tenderly. Mom returned the kiss and cupped Rosie’s breast.

“That’s what we were doing, just masturbating is all. It’s alright if we masturbate, isn’t it?” You can join us anytime you feel like it. Would you like that?”

“Yes, you can masturbate in my house anytime you want to, and I just might join you from time to time,” Mom said. “I never even guessed girls could be so much fun. Thank you, Rose Marie.”

The doorbell rang and Mom jumped up from the bed. I never seen her with so much spring in her step.

“That’s probably the pizzas. I’ll get it. You girls really should get dressed before you come down, you’re father will be home any minute. We don’t need him asking too many questions now, do we?!”

Mom hurried to the door to get the pizzas.

“How the hell did you do that? One minute she was upset with us and the next she’s eating out of your hand.”

” Street psychology, the best defense is a good offense,” she said. “Always try to keep your opponent on the defensive, that way they can’t attack you.”

“Let’s go get some pizza, I’m hungry.”


The next day at school I told Shelly what happened with my Mom and Rosie. No matter how many times I recounted the events of the previous day, she just couldn’t fully comprehend it all. Rosie, Shelly and I decided to meet at my house after school. Partly excited, partly apprehensive, we walked the distance from school to my house in record time, uttering a thousand ‘what ifs’.”

Usually when I come home with someone, it was, ‘hello, how are you, Alicia do this’, but not this time.This time she was much different.

“Shelly! Rosie! How nice to see you! Would you like a soda pop and some chips? Have a seat in the living room and I’ll bring it out to you.”

I went into the bathroom and brought out some towels to sit on just in case.

Mom wasn’t dressed the way she usually is in a house-dress made for working in and low shoes. Today she was wearing a knee-length skirt that fit close to her ample butt, and high heeled shoes. Her blouse was low-cut which revealed ample cleavage between her more than adequate breasts. She sat with us and had some soda and chips.

“I shouldn’t be eating these chips, they’re too fattening. I already look like Pamela Anderson,” she said, lifting a breast in each hand and bouncing them a few times, giggling.

I didn’t even know she knew who Pamela Anderson was, let alone that she would compare her breasts with her’s.

Shelly and I were sitting on the love seat so Rosie was sitting on the sofa next to Mom. She leaned in close to Mom.

“You’re looking beautiful today, Jean, all dressed up and made up,” Rosie said, sniffing. “Wearing perfume too. Sexy!”

“It’s just some cheap stuff I got for Christmas last year.”

“Yes, you do look pretty today,” Shelly said, noticing the change. “You even look younger today.”

Mom was wearing a gold chain necklace with a heart locket which Rosie picked up to admire, touching plenty of skin on Mom’s neck and upper chest as she did so.

“Pretty necklace. Mmmmmm, nice soft skin,” Rosie said in a sultry voice.

Rosie ran her fingertips lightly over the tops of Mom’s breasts, touching only the part that showed in her low-cut blouse. Mom looked over nervously at Shelly and I. I nudged Shelly’s leg with my knee and we began kissing, stroking arms and brushing breasts. The last thing Mom needed was an audience.

Mom parted her lips slightly when Rosie leaned down to kiss her mouth lightly. One kiss turned into dozens, and quick little kisses turned into long lasting French kisses.

I helped Shelly off with her top and she helped me take off mine. I unclasped her brassiere and she unhooked mine. I began to doggy kiss Shelly’s perky nipples. I took only quick glances at my mother from time to time to see how things were progressing, attempting to stay one step ahead of them to keep Mom at ease. I slid a hand up Shelly’s leg to caress her crotch.

Mom uncrossed her legs and put a hand on Rosie’s bare thigh to feel the smoothness of her skin. I realized then that Mom was still a very pretty woman even though tiny wrinkles started to form at the corner of her eyes. She married Dad right out of high school and had me at nineteen which would make her about thirty-seven now, and still a hot piece of ass as the boys would say. Rosie put her hand on Mom’s knee. Mom allowed her legs to part slowly to expose her stockinged legs and milky-white thighs, encouraging Rosie’s fingers to move forward..

Shelly was now kissing my perky breasts and sucking my nipples as her hand massaged my crotch.

Rosie was kissing Mom’s breasts through her blouse while slowly moving her hand farther up Mom’s parted legs. She put her hand on Mom’s breasts to squeeze them gently.

“Let’s take these off so I can see your hooters,” Rosie said.

Mom leaned forward while looking at Shelly and me and pulled her top up over her head, then allowed Rosie to unclasp her brassiere. Her breasts sprung into view and were as beautiful as any I’ve seen anywhere. More beautiful than mine or Shelly’s. I made a mental note to compliment Mom’s figure to Dad every chance I got to get him to appreciate her more.

“Would you like to see my breasts, too?” Rosie asked softly.

“Yes. Let me see them and touch them,” Mom replied, her voice husky with passion.

She started pulling on Rosie’s blouse so Rosie removed it and her brassiere. Mom reached over and caressed Rosie’s breasts, then Mom leaned back as Rosie engulfed a nipple with her mouth and swooned as Rosie sucked on each nipple, pulling it up with her suction and letting it plop back down.

Rosie’s hand had pushed Mom’s skirt all the way up her legs now, and was massaging Mom’s pussy through her panties. Mom’s whimpers and mewls became louder as she encouraged Rosie not to stop.

“Oh, Rosie, that feels so good. Don’t stop.”

Shelly and I had removed our skirts and had a hand in each others panties, fingering the slits we found there. We helped each other off with our panties and Shelly got between my thighs and doggy kissed my pussy.

Mom was watching us with great interest. Rosie looked back at us and slid her hand beneath the waistband of Mom’s panties to her waiting pussy. Mom moaned with great pleasure as fingers found her love nest. She squeezed Rosie’s breasts as they kissed deeply. Rosie pushed Mom’s panties down, then bent down to take then off.

Shelly and I got into a sixty-nine position where we could do each other and watch what Mom and Rosie were doing at the same time.

Rosie caressed around Mom’s clit, then slipped a finger deep into Mom’s wet love canal. Mom’s legs flew apart wider in acceptance of the penetration and moaned with glee. Mom had hair all around down there, but not so thick that I couldn’t see her clit, butterfly lips and Rosie’s finger sawing in and out of her sopping wet fuck hole, making wet, sticky noises with each thrust. My Mom was no longer my mother then, but a beautiful young woman having wonderful sex. I was so turned on by the sight.

“Have you ever tasted pussy before?” Rosie asked her.

“No,” Mom said softly.

“Would you like to taste mine? If you don’t like it you can quit,” Rosie said softly.

“Okay, let me try it,” Mom replied.

Rosie got up and removed her skirt and panties then sat back down. Mom removed her skirt, then knelt between Rosie’s feet. Naked, Mom lowered her lips to Rosie’s smooth slit for her very first taste of pussy. Her butt was in the air with her pussy lips nestled under her butt cheeks so sweetly. She swooned and doggy kissed Rosie’s shaved pussy with pleasure.

The sight of Mom’s naked butt waving in the air, her sweet pussy flashing at me, her mouth buried deep in Rosie’s cunt was just too erotic. I had a crushing orgasm right there, moaning loudly as I came.

“Oh, fuck, I’m coming,” I moaned.

Mom looked back at me to watch me have an orgasm. I guess she got off watching her daughter bust a nut. I inserted a finger into Shelly’s asshole and licked her clit until she had a wonderful orgasm, her pussy juice running all over my lips and cheeks.

“Oh, yes, yes, yes, I’m coming,” she squealed.

Mom went back to licking Rosie’s pussy, drinking Rosie’s pussy juice and bobbing her head as she delved every nook and cranny of Rosie’s wet cunt. I don’t know what came over me then, all I knew was there was a beautiful young woman in front of me whose pussy needed to be pleased. I knelt behind her beautiful butt, put my hands on her beautiful, sexy butt cheeks and spread her ass open. Before she knew what was happening, my tongue was deep into her sopping wet pussy and Shelly was playing with her beautiful breasts.

When Mom realized what was happening, she was too far gone to do anything but swoon and enjoy every minute of it. She moaned and shivered and shook as her orgasm approached and I was the one bringing it on. I swirled my tongue around her clit and inserted a finger into her love canal. She came almost immediately.

“Oh, gosh, I’m going to explode! I – aaahhhh.”

I felt her pussy muscles contracting against my tongue and finger as she experience the throws of an intense orgasm. I kissed Shelly so she, too, could get a taste of Mom’s pussy juices off of my lips.

Mom kept working on Rosie’s pussy until she finally was overtaken by a splendid orgasm. Rosie squirted a series of sprays of clear love juice as her pussy convulsed with orgasmic spasms. We were all surprised at the copious amount of liquid shooting forth from between Rosie’s butterfly lips. Mom’s hands were under Rosie’s butt cheeks and she gazed at the shaved pussy before her as though she wanted to remember what it looked like forever. She gave it one last kiss then got up.

“I wish we had more time, but I have to get supper ready.”

While we got dressed and I asked Mom, “What have you got planned for Friday night? How about a girl’s night out with your daughter and her friends?” I asked.


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May wrote

That was an amazing story loveeeed it please tell me there is more 🙂 i want to know what happens between the mom and daughter and if they go to the house on Friday!!!!!