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You Know I Can See You, Right? Ch. 06

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The following morning was almost a replay of the one before. I woke fairly early and drove over to Mom’s hotel, letting myself into her room with the spare key, again. The drapes were not drawn shut as they had been yesterday, but stood open allowing the faint light of dawn to softly light the room.

Mom rolled over and watched me entering the room. She said nothing. I moved to the bed and leaned down and kissed her mouth gently. Still no words. Standing, I began to remove my clothes. She looked like she might protest, but didn’t; not yet. I dropped my pants and was down to my tight black shorts. My arousal was evident. She was just about to protest when I stopped moving.

I leaned down and gently pulled the covers back to reveal her glorious nude shape. She scooted back a bit to allow me into the bed. I took her in my arms and we kissed, gently, lovingly. No hot passion, but soft and sweet. I rolled her over, back to me and spooned up behind her. I reached around and gently took hold of her full, soft breast. She didn’t protest or make any move to stop me. I proceeded very slowly, not wanting to break this magic spell. Satisfied that this was all I wanted at the moment, she snuggled back into me and we slept for a while.

When coming through the lobby I had requested that breakfast be brought up in an hour, on trays so we could eat in bed. A while later there was a soft knock at the door. I kissed Mom’s neck, scalp and shoulder and got out of bed to open the door.

A short while later, we were sitting side by side eating and drinking our coffee. Mom was sitting up bare breasted in bed, which was exciting beyond anything I could have imagined. Us, like real lovers, enjoying the calm, yet heated presence and closeness. Not a word had past between us yet.

After snacking a bit Mom got out of bed and padded quietly to the bathroom and closed the door. I sipped coffee and waited. I had no idea what to expect and had no agenda for the morning, just allowing the situation to unfold, slowly, gently.

I watched her as she emerged and walked smoothly over to my side of the bed. She was an incredible nude vision. She took a long look into my eyes, smiled a bit, shook her head in wonder and leaned down to kiss me again. Another chaste, soft kiss, but in this atmosphere, highly charged, like lightning. She crawled over me to her side of the bed and got back under the covers. It was so amazing to see every inch of her body, even the most private parts, as she climbed over me and worked her legs back under the covers.

It was as if we were playing a game to see who would break the silence first.

I had entered the room with a big paper shopping bag, but no questions emerged about it. After I finished a second cup of coffee, I got out of bed and went to get the bag. Mom just had a curious look on her face, btu said nothing, as our game continued.

Setting the bag on the bed I reached in and pulled out a smaller bag, overflowing with colorful tissue; a gift she recognized. She set her tray aside and sat up in bed with an expectant smile of her beautiful face. I gazed at her for a while, loving the rumpled look of her ‘just woke up’ hair. The image of her sitting there, childlike, smiling, nude to the waist, gorgeous breasts on full display gave me the most incredible sense of happiness. I loved this woman, utterly, completely!

I held the bag close and she pulled out a piece of bright pink tissue paper, then she withdrew one that was powder blue. I then reached in and pulled out what looked like a white hankie, only smaller. Her look turned more curious, as I pulled another one, in a nude color, then a third in black. I held the black one up and showed her what it was.

Her look was priceless. She seemed shocked and excited and surprised all at once. Her hand came up to cover her mouth in surprise. The effect was charming.

I reached my hand out to help her up and she gave me a look of shock. I could easily read her thoughts: ‘What? You want me to wear that?’ she said with only a look. I nodded, smiling. After a brief moments thought, she took my hand and stood up on the bed. There she was, standing before me, my goddess mother, completely nude.

She put a hand on my shoulder as I held out the tiny thong and she worked, first one foot and then the other into the openings. She allowed me to work the tiny scraps and material up her long legs, over her hips and onto her bottom, covering her pussy in front, barely. I turned her again and again adjusting the fit until it was perfect! I stood back to gaze at the effect which was electrifying!!

She put both her hands on her hips, as if to ask, ‘How do I look?’ I simply grinned like a idiot and nodded. It was miniscule! She giggled a bit and then jumped out of bed and practically ran to the bathroom to have a look. I watched through the door as she turned this way and that checking herself out. I could tell she was pleased with how it looked on her.

She peeked out of the bathroom door, hand over her mouth again, shaking her head with a “I can’t believe I’m wearing this’ look. One more glance over her shoulder, at her butt in the mirror and she rejoined me at the bed. I held out the other 2 colors which she took from me examining closely. She was impressed with the quality of the workmanship.

I took her by the hand and twirled her like a dancer. She was spectacular!! Taking a hold of her shoulders I stood her before me and reached back into the bag. This time I withdrew more black material, but not much more. I found the shoulder straps of the dress and held it out for her. At first she took in the shape of the dress, but as she studied it she noticed how sheer the fabric was.

A look of growing concern emerged as she understood just how nude she would look in this. She looked up to me and then back to the dress, then back to me. Alarm registered in her eyes. I took her hands and lifted them up over her head and began to slip the dress over her body. It slithered tightly over every curve of her exquisite form as I drew it down over her head, her breasts, her hips and then smoothed the material over her sexy bottom.

It appeared as though I had simply spray painted her nakedness. Her nipples jutted lewdly through the material attempting escape. There was a sexy dimple at her bellybutton, I turned her and the cute dimples in her lower back showed clearly as well. Lots of skin showed between her breasts, even more down her back. It was incredible on her!!

I gently took hold of her hips and brought her close in front of me. Her hands moved to my face and she drew me in close and kissed me hard. We just held that contact of our lips without getting to outrageous with our tongues yet. My right hand came up to the back of her head as my left swooped around to the small of her back as I just held her close.

Our lips parted but she pressed her forehead to mine. Eyes closed she just held me there for a long moment. I could tell she was reveling in the deepest love two humans can have for each other; mother and son; lovers.

When we looked into each other’s eyes, her were filled with tears, such that they were running down her cheeks. I would have been alarmed if not for the beatific smile of her face. Tears of happiness. She kissed me hard, not closing her eyes this time. Our lips caressed each other’s as we gazed into each other’s eyes. She pulled away smiling and then skipped off to the bathroom for another look.

She repeated her turning and preening again, examining every bit of her body wrapped in this diaphanous material. Then she reached underneath and removed the thong, making her completely nude underneath. I couldn’t take it anymore and strolled to the bathroom door to watch. She would admire herself, then smile over at me then return to her own reflection. I could tell she liked it. I have never been so satisfied with a gift for someone in my life.

She left the bathroom hurried to her suitcase and pulled out a sexy pair of pumps, and a Pashmina to wrap around her shoulders. She always did have a flair for dress. She practically ran to the closet and rummaged for a mesh snood and put it over her hair. The effect was instant and thoroughly charming. She was gorgeous!! Thinking of one last thing she returned to the bathroom and pulled a necklace from her bag. It was actually a small black choker with a sterling heart pendant. It was the crowning touch!

Her bare flesh was fully visible through the material, but she didn’t seem to care about that. She was elegant in her confidence with her body.

I had been standing in the middle of the room watching her move around me, styling an outfit to die for. She emerged from the bathroom and stood looking at me with a smolder that made me fully erect again. Never taking her eyes from mine, she removed the choker, kissed the little heart and set it on the bathroom counter. She pulled back the pashmina, reaveling the glory of her visible nipples to me again. She casually tossed it over the back of a chair. She then reached back the drew the snood slowly off her hair, giving her head a little shake. Her hair swung gently back and forth in opposite motion to her breasts and they gently moved in the dress.

Laying the snood over the pashmina, she then reached slowly up to the tiny shoulder straps of the dress. First one, then the other fell off her shoulders. She grasped the material at her breasts and began to peel it slowly down, like removing a second skin. There was a brief pause as the material first snagged on, then popped of her erect nipples, giving her breasts another lovely jiggle. Down she peeled it, over her ribs, her tummy, her hips, her pussy, then bending straight-legged, pushed it all the way to her black pumps and off onto the floor. She was bent completely double, showing me her naked back and sexy round hips.

She rolled her head a bit to look at me from down there, to make sure I was watching; like I would have even blinked for fear of missing something. She smiled such a luminous smile at me. Slowly she stood up again, placed her hands on her hips again and simply posed for me, in nothing but her high heels.

I think she was trying to get me to break the silence, but I didn’t. I wanted to! I was dying to tell her how beautiful, sexy, gorgeous, spectacular …I guess my facial expression said it all.

She strolled towards me in the sexiest way ever, like a model, crossing her feet over each as she came, slowly, slowly, her eyes never leaving mine. She gently placed a hand right in the middle of my chest and felt my pounding heart. Her smile widened at that. Gently pushing me I sat down on the bed.

She kept one hand on her hip while the other began to caress the soft, silky skin of her lower tummy. If she had any pubic hair she would have been running her fingers through it. As it was she was simply stroking her skin right above her bare pussy. She then raised her foot and placed her high heel right in my lap with a look that commanded me to help her remove her shoe. I did. Holding, gently caressing her calf as I slipped the shoe off. We repeated this same motion, slowly with the other foot. She changed her hands, from one hip to the other and continued stroking her swollen mound.

Once completely, beautifully nude, she stood for a moment in front of me and then returned to the bed and made quite a show of climbing in. She pulled the covers all the way up to where just her chin was showing. She ran her tongue over her lower lip, worked her eyebrows at me devilishly and then rolled over to nap for a short while longer.

I stood walked over to where she was laying in bed, with her back now to me and drop my shorts. She turned to look for a moment, gazing at my painfully erect cock, then lay back down. I pulled open the sheets and climbed in and snuggled my cock against her back, reaching around to hold her. We dozed for a bit.

Later I awoke to the feel of her pulling me towards her. She had turned towards me and was pulling me onto my stomach. She then straddled my back and began to gently massage me. She interspersed some light scratching all over my back and butt. She leaned down and stroked her tits over my skin. It was wonderful. I moaned aloud but still nothing was said. She kissed my ear, then my shoulders, then down my back. She shifted on top of me and kissed both of my butt cheeks; long and languid. She then kissed the backs of my thighs and gently blew warm air between my legs and over my balls.

I pushed my butt back at her hoping for more but she climbed out of bed, stood and stretched and then began to pull on the tiny black thong again. I was leaning on an elbow to watch this incredibly exciting display. She pulled some cute shorts out of her bag and slid them on, then a cute tight crop top over her bare breasts; no bra.

She showed me her hiking shoes as she sat to put them on, reminding me that today was the day we were supposed to hike the Verdon Gorge area. I sat up and then stood, showing her my hard cock, as I began to dress as well.

She continued to toil away picking things up and putting them in her bag, until I realized that she was preparing to fulfill her promise from last night. She was preparing to check out of the hotel!! I began to help her pack, both of us silent as we moved about the room.

Finally, we had everything and headed out and downstairs.

We checked out, drove to my place, put her stuff away and then I pulled her into my arms and kissed her long and deep. Our tongues made passionate love to each other as we kissed and held each other. I changed into hiking clothes and then we headed out. I put the top down in my car because the weather was so perfect. Mom looked spectacular riding along in the bright sunshine.

I was aware of the time, though she wasn’t. I remembered that I had made a plan with Marianne to join us hiking. I was pretty sure that Mom either didn’t know or had forgotten. Her shorts were almost obscenely brief and her tits were stretching the fabric of her top almost to breaking. Her nipples were so hard and so visible that had we been home in the states, I would have insisted she cover with something. Here, who cared?

Right at 10;30 I pulled up to a cute little apartment building and parked. Mom gave me a curious look and I simply smiled. She remained confused as we simply sat there waiting. When Mari bounced out the front door and made for my car, Mom turned to me with a look of such surprise, shock, and panic I laughed out loud. Mari was briefly taken aback by the wild immodesty of Mom’s outfit, but quickly set that aside in favor of a look of pure curiosity. She was no slouch in the visible nipples department either, as she leaned into the car and kissed both of Mom’s cheeks in greeting.

Mari didn’t bother with the door that I opened and simply climbed into the backseat over Mom’s door.

“I am so ‘appy to be wiz you.” She sang happily. “To be wiz boz of you.” She leaned into the front seat and gave me a kiss that curled my toes. Our tongues danced a bit in greeting. We hadn’t kissed like that before.

I then looked at my mother from the viewpoint of how Mari must have seen her. Her shorts were so brief as she sat there, that you could almost see her pussy. Her breasts were obviously without support and in the bright sunlight you could actually make out the darkness of her areolas. I turned to really take in Mari’s outfit and only then realized that there could be a competition going. Marianne wore a very sexy, outdoorsy, somewhat revealing outfit of her own. Very short shorts and a top that threatened to spill her tits out at any moment.

Mari was smiling at us but then her smile faded.

“Is something not right?” she asked us. “You are not speaking a lot.” She sounded concerned. I was the one to speak.

“Everything is great actually, but we are having a contest to see how long we can go without saying anything to each other.” I told her smiling. Mom turned in her seat and gave her a big smile and shrugged. Mari looked confused but smiled a bit anyway, in confusion. “I don’t know why.” I continued. “We’ve been doing this since I picked her up this morning.”

Mari leaned forward, put her arms around both of us and kissed me.

“You both are so adorable together.” She told us, pronouncing ‘adorable’ in a very French manner, which I loved. She then turned and kissed Mom on the mouth. “I love that you love him so well.” Mom was a bit flustered, but found Mari’s broken English as charming as me. She gently drew her fingertips across Mari’s cheek as they shared a smile.

I hit the gas and headed out before we drew a crowd. The day was turning perfect, bright and sunny as I headed west on the A8 to the Route des Grasse, which would wind its way into the mountains. It would be a couple hour ride and we would lunch in Rougon before actually heading into the Gorge itself. It is much like driving into the Grand Canyon back home only not so arid.

As I drove we three just relaxed into a comfortable quiet, just enjoying the road. In the rearview I noticed that Mari’s blouse had lost a few buttons and her breasts kept coming into view and her blouse billowed open in the breeze. Her breasts were perfectly shaped, smaller than Mom’s but high on her chest and set rather wide apart, with petit rosy nipples that pointed slightly outward from the center. My cock was in a constant state the whole way.

Arriving in Rougon we found a quiet café off a back street with tables out under a wide tree. Mom looked a bit self-conscious about her nearly naked state, but Mari was reveling in hers, which I think helped Mom relax a bit. A bottle of good southern red wine also helped immeasurably.

Mari scooted her chair over right next to Mom’s. She put her arm around Mom’s shoulders and lean in close. I watched as Mom’s hand gently floated to Mari’s thigh and gently lay there, on the soft warm skin.

“Is nice? To be with 2 such beautiful girls as we?” Mari asked me.

“Is very nice!” I grinned. “Very nice indeed. You two are so beautiful!”

“I think is true.” She agreed turning to look Mom in the face. “We are very beautiful.”

She combed Mom’s hair out of her face and they shared a long look. They seemed to be really studying each other. Mari leaned in and kissed her again, soft but lingering. Mom had a look of uncertainly, but didn’t pull back and move at all. Mari kissed her again.

“It is very fun to tease poor Awndy, yes?” Mom smiled, both at the idea and the charming way she always pronounced my name.

“Yes it is.” Mom finally agreed. They both turned to smile at me. My cock was bursting.

We leisurely strolled arm in arm in arm to the car and then drove into the Gorge. Mom was suitably impressed with the sight. It should be classified as one of the great wonders of the world. At the deep switch backs that lead down to the Lake of Sainte — Croix, we pulled into the tourist parking lot. There were groups of tourists, some large groups but mostly just a few and some couples.

We caused rather a large stir with the erotic display of my two girls. Mari didn’t bother with the buttons of her blouse but simply undid it completely, exposing her breasts momentarily and then tied it loosely at the waist. She and Mom, though wearing different outfits completely both managed to draw all of the attention of the men, which drew some curiosity and ire from the women.

We strolled to the edge of the gorge, which drops seven hundred meters to the flowing river below. I stood with an arm around each of my girls for a long while, just admiring the view. The water is the most amazing green color. Back in the car we drove a ways to a spot where a steel climb down, then down then down again, brings to the water’s edge. There is a gorgeous trail along the water, which Mari told us changes with almost every rainy season.

We rounded a corner and came upon a small pebbly beach. Mari suggested that we lay out for a bit and get some sun. We both seemed game and Mari instantly removed her blouse, offering me my very first view of her perfect tits. They weren’t tan but weren’t white either, as if they saw the sun only on rare occasions.

I pulled a large blanket out of my pack and laid it out, then removed my pants and shirt and laid down completely nude. Neither girl expressed any shock, but I think they were both a bit surprised at the boldness of my maneuver.

As Mari was unbuttoning her shorts, slowly, not wanting to get too far ahead of Mom, Mom simply pulled her top over her head. Her gorgeous, full breasts bounced just slightly as she did so. Mari had a brief look of total envy over their beauty. As if in response Mari dropped her shorts to reveal a sexy white thong. She seemed to be saying ‘Take that!’ as if in competition for my attention.

Mom hesitated for just a bit, taking her time to fold her top just so and remove her shoes. Mari sat down next to me cross-legged, and was half watching Mom, half taking in the view. Mom unbuttoned her tight shorts, unzipped them rather slowly, apparently very nervous about exposing her new, miniscule thong. It had the slight effect of her putting on a show. With a rolling motion of her hips she worked the tight material over her bottom and off, letting them simply fall with a gentle ‘whoosh’ to the gravel.

Mari gave such a surprised look upon seeing the virtual nothingness of Mom’s bathing suit bottoms, I actually laughed out loud.

“What?” Mom asked, defensively, immediately.

“Oh sorry, nothing. I think Marianne is just a bit surprised by your bold choice of bathing suit.”

“I am not even.” Mari countered. “It’s just …”

“What?” Mom asked again. I realized that this was the first time she had uttered a word all day.

“I did not know that American women were, …” she stammered, looking for words and phrases that she didn’t fully command. Mom waited for her explanation. “I always believed Americans were, … that American women were, … shy?” she asked, wondering if her words were correct. Mom wasn’t understanding fully. “Puritans?” Mari tried again. “Not willing to show their bodies as you do?”

Mom considered her words for a moment.

“Well, honestly, … I don’t think you are wrong. About Americans, anyway” Mom told her. “I might never wear this.” She said indicating the tiny patch of cloth that counted as bikini bottoms. “Or go without a top if Andy, …” She caught herself about to divulge something private.

“What about Awndy?” Mari asked, swiveling her gaze back and forth between us.

“Well, … Andy bought this for me. Yesterday.” Mom admitted quietly as she ran her fingers over the material, not realizing that she was actually running her fingers over her pussy in front of us. She caught herself and jerked her hand away.

Mari’s mouth dropped open a bit, at this admission. Slowly her eyes rolled from Mom’s to mine.

“Truly? You have bought this for your own mother?” I smiled a bit sheepishly.

“Actually I bought her three of them in different colors.” Mari’s amazed expression remained.

“Oooo la la!” she finally whistled. She brought her hand up and shook it waving her fingers as if to say, ‘Wow! How hot is that?’ “Show me?” she asked Mom turning back to her.

Mom steeled herself, then slowly turned a little circle displaying her body for our inspection. Once facing front again, Mari reached up and took the material in her fingers. This required her to slip 2 fingers under the tiny hem, right next to Mom’s pussy. I watched as Mari’s fingers gently slid back and forth, between the tight material and Mom’s flesh.

“I like!” she said quietly. “I like this very much!” She looked up into Mom’s eyes. “You are so beautiful, Szhudy.” She pronounced my mother’s name with that French ‘J’ which always made my skin tingle to hear it.

My cock was so hard under me as I lay on it watching them. Mari’s eyes rolled to mine.

“Your mother, Szhudy, is so beautiful!” she told me.

“Yes.” I said simply. “I know this.” Mari’s smile turned just a bit wicked.

“It is exciting that you bought this for her to wear.” Mari continued to gentle feel the fabric. I simply smiled and nodded. “And it pleases you to see her wear it, yes?” I continued nodding.

“Is it fun to wear this suit for Awndy?” she asked Mom, without turning to look at her.

“Yes.” Mom squeaked. Her voice seemed to have lost itself in the moment.

Mari withdrew her fingers and extended her hand a bit higher, offering it to Mom.

“Come lay with us?” Mari asked her. “Come lay here with us.”

Mari scooted her bottom a bit away from me making room for Mom between us. Mom moved around and lay down on her tummy between us, facing the river. Mari laid her arm over Mom’s back to reach and touch my back.

“It is very exciting for me to watch you. I enjoy to watch you sexy tease each other.” She told Mom. She had said the same thing to me, the night she first met my mother. Mom didn’t react, just lay there with her chin on the back of her hand, gazing out at the turquoise water. “Is it exciting for you? To sexy tease each other?” she asked Mom. Mom thought about it a long time. Neither of us said anything for a long time.

She turned to face Mari square on, which put their noses mere inches apart.

“Yes.” She said firmly. She was testing Mari to gauge her reaction. Mari simply moved her hand up my back, over Mom’s shoulder, into her hair and pulled her close, kissing her lightly on the cheek.

“You both, …” she told us, her eyes flicking back and forth between us. “You are both of you, so lucky to have each other in this way.” She was looking very earnest. “You love each other for true. As a mother and son lover each other always, …” she was looking very thoughtful now. “But to love each other, … as people, … as truest friends, … like lovers do, …” she looked like she might cry. “It is like a treasure, what you have to each other.”

“Oh. You sweet girl.” Mom told her and they kissed. It wasn’t sexy or hot or anything of the sort. It was more like Mom would kiss my sister Jackie; maternal. Mari’s tears now came on like a flood. Mom and I had no idea what this was about, but this was not the time to ask, simply be there for her. “Oh sweetie.” Mom cooed and she quietly cried.

I was quite taken aback, as she had always been the firm, in-charge type of French girl that I was used to. We had unearthed something here.

“Oh sweetheart.” Mom said as she move to hug the nearly naked girl next to her.

“I am sorry.” Mari sobbed into my shoulder.

“Don’t you be!” Mom soothed. “Don’t you ever be. Not with us.”

I was watching a powerful, meaningful exchange between two women that, I suddenly realized, I loved. I scooted close to Mom and reached around to hold Mari as well. Mari arm came around me and crushed me to them. We just held each other for a long time.

A bit later I realized that my erection was pressing firmly into Mom’s hip as we all hugged. I made a move to separate a bit and Mom’s hand came around behind me and held me close to her, not wanting the moment to end quite yet. My cock stayed where it was. Her hand had been on my hip, but it then slid to my bottom and gently squeezed the handful of flesh there. I worked my hips a bit and ground my cock into her hip a bit harder.

She moved Maris’ face around so that she could kiss her gently, lovingly, then turned and did the same to me. I reached around and wiped tears from Mari’s cheeks and she gave me the most luminous smile!

“Come.” Mom said. “Let’s go in the water.”

The three of us walked hand in hand to the water’s edge and waded in about waist deep. It wasn’t warm by any means, but it felt so good. I steeled myself and dove in. When I surfaced I turned to see the girls hugging waist deep in the water, their breasts pressing together; an incredibly sexy sight.

They finally swam with me, briefly, the water being too chilly to stay in long, but we played some grab ass in the water. Both took the opportunity to take hold of my cock. I grabbed their butts and breasts. I think they even grabbed each other’s breasts a bit, playfully.

We lazed a bit in the sun on the blanket, me in the middle now. I dozed a bit but was awakened by someone gently teasing my cock. I looked down to see Mari tracing her fingers along the length of me.

“Yes, it is.” Mom whispered.

“Yes, what is?” I asked.

“We both think your cock is gorgeous.” Mari admitted. “Look how big you are. Very handsome.”

“Et Mama aussi.” She said as she reached across and groped and handful of Mom’s full breast. “So perfect.” We both watched as Mari simply held it gently, measuring its fullness and weight. She gently squeezed and we all watched the shape shift a bit with the side pressure. The skin was elegantly smooth, Mari stroked her thumb over Mom’s hard nipple, releasing it to bounce back into position. Mom’s eyes began to glaze over just a bit. “This feels good? Yes?’ Mom simply moaned that it did.

Briefly we all turned out attention to Mari, as Mom did the same to her, cupping and squeezing her breast and toying with her nipple.

“Mmmmm Oui!” Mari moaned quietly. “La la la! Fantastique.” She said aloud.

Mom’s fingers finally left her breast and moved to my chest and toyed with my nipple. Mari moaned at the sight. Mom stroked her fingers over me in a wider and wider arc reaching almost to my cock, which was dancing and jerking with anticipation.

“Oh, oui.” Mari breathed. “Touche, sil vous plait, Mama.”

Mom ran her fingers down my thigh and up the inside. We all held our collective breath as she gently, with a feather touch, ran her fingertips up and over the length of my cock. Mari moaned at seeing the contact, while I gasped at the touch. Mom’s fingers came all the way up to my chin, which she turned towards her and we kissed softly.

“Touch his tongue with yours.” Marianne whispered. Mom drew back a fraction of an inch and her tongue peeked out. I gently pushed mine out to meet it and they touched. “Merci, c’est magnifique!!”

It was time to head back. We rose and dressed slowly, not wanting the magic spell over the day and this place to end. I pulled Marianne into my arms and kissed her long and deep. I then did the same to my mother. Mari joined us in this last kiss and the three of us kissed at the same time. Three tongues dancing together; magic!

The drive back up out of the gorge was spectacular in the afternoon light. It was dark by the time we got home. Mari needed to get an early bed, as she was working early. We both kissed her goodnight, but not like at the gorge. That spell was past.

We had snacked on the way back on wine and a baguette and some local cheese that we bought along the way. Neither of us needed more dinner. In fact we were beat from the long day. All that was said on the short trip back to my place was that Marianne probably needed someone to really talk to about her past. Mom suspected that there hadn’t been much affection in her upbringing.

“I must say though, … ‘Awndy’, …” We both laughed. “I really, … really like her.”

“I do too.” I admitted, to us both. “I really do. She’s a doll.”

I parked the car in my spot, put up the top, grabbed our stuff and we walked up to the house. We walked in the door, closed it, set our stuff down and stood there for a moment.

“Well,” Mom said, “Here we are. As I promised.” She seemed very nervous.

“You take the bed, I’ll have the couch.” I told her. She looked at me and smiled.

“Don’t be nervous. You’ll be fine.” I told her taking her into my arms for a gentle hug.

“What a spectacular day.” She said, nuzzling my chest.

“Yes it was!” I agreed. “You two are the most amazing women. And what a place, huh? Isn’t that an incredible sight?” We stayed like that, in our embrace as we chatted about how incredible the Verdon Gorge had been.

“Thank you for taking me, sweetheart.” At last she said, “Time for me to get some sleep.” backing out of my arms.

She busied herself getting ready for bed, as I made up a nest on the couch. We both stood hip to hip at the bathroom sink brushing our teeth, her in a cute silk camisole and me in my underwear. I could make out her nipples gently stroking back and forth under the lightweight fabric as her arm moved back and forth with the brushing motion. Her eyes were watching mine, knowing full well the display that I was enjoying. Her gaze even dropped to my shorts a couple of times. I was not fully erect, but felt pretty heavy down there, just being this close to Mom.

I set a glass of water by her bedside and pulled down the comforter. She climbed into my bed, which gave me a glimpse of the fact that she didn’t wear the panties that must have come with the top. A brief glimpse of her sweet little pussy lips was enough to make me swell to full hardness. Mom noticed this and gave me a look.

“You are too much, mister.” She said smiling wryly to herself.

I lay down on the couch, under the open window, and listened to the late night sounds of the city below me. Suddenly I was more tired than I realized and was sound asleep.

I woke slightly to roll over, on the unfamiliar couch, and cracked my eyes just a bit. They then flew open when I noticed Mom sitting right there on my coffee table. She smiled just a bit when I noticed her. She was just watching me, chin in her hand, elbow on her knee; quietly watching.

“You okay?” I asked her.

“Mmmm hmmm.” She replied, then added. “Ever since you were a baby, I have loved to watch you lay there sleeping. I haven’t watched you for years, but you’re just as cute now as then.”

“It’s warm.” I told her as I threw back the covers, only then realizing that I had stripped off my shorts some time earlier, due to the heat. “Oops. Sorry.” I said and pulled the covers back over me. She smiled slightly and gave me a ‘Yeah, right.’ kind of look. “I didn’t realize, …” I stammered, but her expression didn’t change. “Sorry.” I finally said simply.

“I didn’t mind.” She told me quietly. “I like to look at you. You’re beautiful.” I flung the covers back again, not caring that she saw. Mom made an obvious glance to my cock, which was beginning to grow. “Beautiful.” She repeated.

“You too.” I whispered.

“Me too?’ she asked.

“You’re beautiful.”

“Oh.” She said. “I thought, … that you wanted, …” I simply nodded at the double meaning of my statement.

She sat up straight, considering, and then slowly pulled the silky material up and over her head. She then sat there, straight-backed and proud as I examined her bare body. I moaned my approval and admiration, taking in all of her glorious nude skin. Her nipples were hard little buttons. She leaned back, placing her hands behind her on the table, and gently raised her chest, pushing out her tits.

Then, slowly, very slowly, opened her legs, spreading open to me view, showing me the most beautiful little pussy ever. Completely hairless, lips slightly darker than the rest of her, swollen and full and slightly parted. Her inner lips were clearly visible but tightly closed, though her clit was peeking just a bit. It looked like the pussy of an 18 year old girl; perfection. As her legs spread a bit wider then inner lips parted a bit and a silky strand of moisture stretched between them. I was drooling.

She, in turn, was watching my erection grow and bob, rolling a bit on my thigh, waking, rising, and then standing up of its own accord.

“How can a mother and her son both find each other such a sexual turn on?” she quietly asked me.

“Well firstly,” I started, “we love each other so much already. I do. I love you so much!” Her eyes came up to mine, smiling, along with her sexy lips. “That we both find the other so physically attractive is an added plus. As for that ethereal bond, that some people simply can’t resist the other, I’ve never figured that out, but it is quite a powerful draw.

“It sure can be.” She agreed.

“Your penis is so gorgeous, sweetie.” Her gaze had returned to it. “It was so electrifying when I touched you by the river, …” She was getting into that raw, passionate state that I was coming to recognize. I said and did nothing to break the growing spell. “You are so big.” She whispered.

I watched as she moved to sit up and then slid to her knees on the floor next to me. My cock was aching and bouncing by itself. She knelt right alongside my cock, as she gently placed one hand on my chest and then other on my knee. She just studied my cock. I did and said nothing.

“You are so big, sweetie.” She repeated so quietly I almost didn’t hear her.

Her hands began to drag the fingernails in tiny circles almost of their own accord. She was circling my knee and one of my nipples and she continued to watch my dancing cock perform for her. Her left hand, moved slowly from my knee up my thigh and began to gently, lightly scratch my aching balls.

“Such beautiful , … big, … full balls, …” She was in a trance. “Mmmmmm all that cum, …”

Her other hand began an agonizingly slow journey down my chest, across my stomach and began the same gentle scratching in my pubes, right at the root of my cock. It leapt, by itself, towards her hand, trying for some kind of contact. Her thumb and forefinger were caressing all around the base, but not up onto the shaft at all.

“You are so big, sweetie.” She whispered again. “Such a wonderful, … big, … hard, … handsome, … cock.” This last word she uttered with such intense sexuality I almost came right there.

“Can I touch you Andy?” she asked from deep in her trance.

“Yes Judy. You can touch me.” Using her name gave her a slight jolt.

“Call me Mom. I like when you call me ‘Mom’, … when we’re like this, … when I’m about to touch your gorgeous cock.”

“Yes Mom. You can touch me.” I repeated, emphasizing the work Mom for her.

“Touch you where, Andy? Where would you like me to touch you?”

“Touch my hard cock, Mom.” I whispered to her. “Feel me. Feel how hard I am, … for you. Just for you. You are so incredible, you make my cock so fucking hard! I want you to feel the size of me, the warmth, how badly I want you.”

There was another long moment, as she raised her hand and then, gently, softly wrapped her finger around the thick shaft, closing her finger tightly. We both moaned loudly at the contact.

“Oh yeah!” I moaned.

“Oh sweetie love! Oh Andy, baby! My sweet baby. You feel so good!” Her voice was strained with the intensity of holding her son’s cock in her hand for the first time. “You are so fucking hard sweetie. I looooovvvveee your big, hard cock, Andy, Son.

Her left hand continued tickling my balls as her right just kept squeezing and releasing, again and again. I simply lay there thrilling to the incredible sight of my other playing with my cock and balls. I didn’t want to break the spell, so just laid there quietly.

“Oh sweetie love! Oh Andy! I love it. I love your cock, baby.” With that she leaned over the kissed the tip. My whole body jerked involuntarily with the contact. “Mmmm yes. I love your cock, baby.” She repeated kissing the head again and then again.

“I’m kissing your cock, Andy. I am so wicked. I’m kissing your cock. I love kissing your cock. I am so wicked. I shouldn’t love this so much.” She tried to convince herself. “I am so wicked for loving this so much. I have to stop. I don’t ever want to stop kissing your beautiful cock, sweetie love, but I have to stop kissing your big, …” kiss, “…hard,…” kiss, “…sexy, …” kiss, “manly cock.”

It was amazing to witness her insane state of mind. Internally she was battling with herself so hard, as her lips teased and pleasured my penis.

Finally with one last losing attempt to gain control she opened her mouth and engulfed the entire head of my cock, letting it then slip slowly from her lips.

“This is so wrong, baby! I am so in the wrong!” she willfully released my cock, wet with her spit, from her grasp and moved back a bit from the couch.

“No.” I said, gently, simply. “You are not!” I whispered forcefully. She moved to get up but I moved quicker, turning on the couch and gathering her wrists in my hands. “You are not. You are my lover, … and I am yours.”

Her eyes drifted to mine as if in a complete drunken stupor. She looked dazed. I helped her back up onto the coffee table and knelt, moving between her thighs. I wrapped my arms around her and held her tightly to me.

“I love you so much.” I whispered in her ear. “And you love me.” Her hands gently found my hips but she didn’t hug me back. “We are lovers, Mom. You and I. Together. We haven’t ‘made love’ yet, but we will, I have no doubt. Hug me. Hug me like my lover.”

It took a minute for her to gather her thoughts, but then her hands slid up my body wrapping around me and hugging me. Then she hugged me tighter, then even tighter.

“Yes.” I whispered. “Lovers. We’re lovers.” I let the thought sink in for a while, then added, “Say it. Tell me that I’m not wrong. That we are lovers. Say it.”

“Oh Andy. We are, aren’t we?” I nodded. “We’re lovers. I do. I love you so much sweetie!” We stayed like that for a long time, holding each other tightly.

My hands began to caress little circles around her back, feeling the elegant skin and the underlying structure of her muscles. It reminded me that she was really fit. I stroked down over her hips and over the part of her bottom that I could reach. She began to do the same to me. Our caresses were beginning to confirm what we had just agreed: that we were lovers.

I pulled back a bit and reached up to cup her cheeks, cradling her face in my hands. We smiled at each other. She had tears on her cheeks, which I wiped away. This was a major step in our relationship, but we had crossed over into a new realm. I kissed her gently but slipped my tongue in her mouth deeply. She took it with a gentle sucking.

I pushed back and sat on the couch, taking her hands in mine and pulling her up to stand in front of me. I couldn’t get over the notion that my mother was standing between my knees, completely nude and now, finally, admittedly, my lover, soon to be my sexual partner.

She stood calmly letting me explore her slowly, calmly. I caressed her hips, her sexy round bottom, her tummy, lower over her swollen mound, and finally up to her breasts; her incredible breasts. I took them both lovingly in my hands and cupped and gently lifted them feeling the fullness and their weight. Her nipples were so hard they looked painful. I wanted to sooth them.

I leaned in and kissed the right one. I kissed it a second time and then drew it into my mouth. My tongue washed over it, back and forth, as her hands both came up to hold the back of my head.

“Mmmmm yes, sweetie!” she moaned passionately. “Suck me lover. Oh I love that so much!!” I continued to slowly caress the hard tip with my tongue. “You remember what I told you last month? About how you used to suck my nipples so hard when you were drinking my milk?, I used to feed you with these. Your adorable little mouth sucking on my nipples. I loved feeding you my milk. I wish I could give you my milk again.”

“Oh yeah! I wish you could too. That would be so exciting!”

“Yes baby! It was so sweet, my milk. You would suckle for an hour at a time. I would get so wet feeding you. My pussy would get so wet, ache so much, when I would nurse you.”

“Are you wet for me now?”

“Of course, sweet lover. You know I am. So wet for that big hard cock of yours. Sooooo fucking wet for my son’s beautiful big penis.” She was cooing into my ear, as she leaned down, combing her fingers through my hair as I went back and forth from one perfect nipple to the other. “Mmmmm. You suck me so good. I can’t wait to see how well you suck on other parts of me.” She said with a sexy chuckle.

She felt my erection against her leg and moved a bit to capture it between her calves.

“Mmmmm. My goodness! You feel so fucking hard!” She whispered into my ear. “My son’s cock is so hard for his sexy mother, isn’t it?” I moaned that ‘Yes it was!’ “Yeah? Is it? My naughty son has a big hard cock for his own mother?” I moaned louder at her incredibly sexy talk.

My hands glided down her back and over her sexy butt. I squeezed her buns, which elicited a soft moan from her. I sneaked my fingers between her legs and over her pussy lips, which were swollen and open. Her pussy was drooling sweet fluid from her excitement. I gently bit down on the nipple in my mouth.

Mom pulled my face to up to gaze into my eyes.

“Baby.” She panted, “Sweet Andy, baby.” I have never seen a woman so turned on as she was that moment. “You’re going to fuck me aren’t you?” she asked the question as if she feared the answer.

“I want to, yes.” I replied, worried that she was backtracking, yet again. I would never force her though. That was certain.

“I want you to! I want you to fuck me so bad! Take that incredible cock so deep in me! I am going to let you fuck me sweetheart, darling. You will fuck me, I promise!” There was definitely something on her mind, though.

“You want to wait?” I asked her, knowing full well that she did.

“Would you hate me?” I chuckled.

“No. I could never, … would never.” I smiled up into her concerned face. “Simply knowing that we are going to actually make love, … at some point, … is enough for now.” Her look softened. She even smiled slightly. “I can wait, .. if you can.”

Her eyes rolled back in her head a bit.

“I’m not sure I can, baby. But I want to. I’m not sure why really, … but I do, … for now?” This last little question came out as such a tender pleading for time. She bit her lower lip, hoping beyond hope that I would be able to make us both halt this and wait for another time.

Placing my hands on her hips, I moved her back a bit and stood up, my cock pushing into the soft skin of her tummy. Nose to nose I smiled down into her big blue eyes.

“Come.” I told her taking her by the hand. “Let me put you back in bed.”

I led her to my bed and turned her so I could kiss her once more. Our tongues played together again. My hand found her right breasts and gently held it and squeezed a bit. Her hand dropped to my cock and she squeezed that.

“God I want this in me so bad!”

“You’ll get it soon enough. Maybe tomorrow? Maybe next week, next month, but soon. Once you have it you’ll never stop getting it. Every day, every night!”

I laid her back in bed and she arranged herself on display for me, one arm over her head the other hand casually running over her pussy lips. I bent and kissed her mouth, then both her nipples, then her tummy and then, after a brief pause, right on her clit. Just my lips, no tongue, but the contact electrified her.

“Goodnight lover.” I said, standing. My cock was literally like a rock it was so hard. Her eyes fell to it and she immediately sat up.

“Oh my god! I can’t stand it. Just once?” she asked as she moved towards it and wrapped her lips around the shaft. She drew me in really deep, until she gagged hard and withdrew. “Fuck! You feel so good! I love the taste of you Andy.” She smiled wickedly up at me. “I love the taste of my son’s sweet cock.”

I stood there in shock for a moment. I was on the very edge of cumming without even touching myself.

Goodnight, .. Mom.” I finally whispered, smiling, I turned and left the room, went to my couch and lay there for 2 hours, wanting to jack off furiously, but also wanting to save every drop of my salty cum for my mother. ‘Jesus, what a day.’ I thought to myself. “What will tomorrow bring?’

To be continued …

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Mark Osborne wrote

Reading this story kept me erected the whole time. It is an amazing story. So sweet, so tantalizing. I would give it a ten out of ten.
Thank you for writing it.

John Nesbit wrote

What happened to Chapter 5?

Chris wrote

It’s there. If you search the title in the search bar at the top of the page, you’ll see all the chapters. That’s how I’ve been reading it.

Chris wrote

Amazing, amazing, amazing writing. The tension between mother and son is incredibly sexy. The way the foreplay and sexual contact is written is just amazing. This series is great, and this chapter was a favourite.