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You Know I Can See You, Right? Ch. 05

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I woke late, which is not my usual, but I was feeling a bit rough. I swallowed 3 ibuprofen and sat in a hot, hot shower for a bit, allowing the scalding water to pound on my aching head. This always makes me feel better. Also, not having to work today helped my mood. I had arranged several days off in the row to spend time with Mom.

Mom. She flashed into my fuzzy head and my body began to respond in its usual manner. That full, heavy feeling in my cock began at once. I sat there idly diddling my balls as I replayed all of the sexy things we had done since that fateful day of her mistake with her computer camera.

Forgoing my usual coffee and Croissant breakfast, I dried, dressed and drove over to Mom’s hotel. It might be early for her, but I couldn’t resist being in her company another moment. Arriving at her room I let myself in with the spare key and quietly slipped inside. I could make out her form in the darkness of the room. I didn’t want to push it too much, so remained fully dressed and lay down on the bed as opposed to getting in the bed.

She stirred a bit as I scooted closed and spooned her.

“Andy.” She moaned groggily. “Don’t be naughty.” Her voice was slightly scolding.

“Not to worry. I promise.” I wrapped my arm around her shape, buried under covers, and she moaned happily and scooted closer to me.

“Mmmmm. Morning sweetie love.” She murmured happily and then dozed a bit more.

I dozed off again as well, and an hour later awoke to a real desire for coffee. I hugged her tight, kissed the back of her head, whispered that I loved her, and then phoned for coffee, croissants, and fresh fruit to be brought up to us. Then I crawled back onto the bed. Half asleep, Mom grabbed my arm and brought it close around her, placing my hand between her breasts, still on top of the covers though. I could feel her soft mounds close around my hand on both sides though; heaven!

10 minutes later she had to pee.

“I said I have to pee.” She reiterated.

“You want me to take one for you?” I joked.

“No. I mean, … I’m naked.” She finally admitted.

“So?” I asked, confused.

After a moment she told me that it might sound silly, but I couldn’t see her nude. I was taken aback, then said,

“But I’ve seen you nude many times by now.”

“Not in person, though.”

“I’ll close my eyes, I promise.”

“You’ll peek.” She told me.

“I might.” I joked. “Seriously, I have seen you completely nude and, … well, … doing things that, …”

She turned around to face me with a look that told me that she was still Mom and in charge.

“Really? I can’t even peek?”

“Well,” she relented, “maybe just a peek.” She smiled and then slipped out of bed and padded softly to the bathroom. She was holding her breasts, to cover them, absurdly, but the sight of her gorgeous tushy and she bounced along was enough to energize my cock again. I forgot to close my eyes, so I watched full view and detailed in my mind her sexy back, defined deltoids, narrow waist, sexy defined quads; what a body my mother has. And beautifully tan as well. As she slipped into the bathroom I noted the tan line of her butt. Mom wore a bikini with a fairly modest coverage; lots of white on the adorable bottom.

“Andy, sweetie,” she called from the bathroom. “I forgot my toothbrush. Can you bring it from my overnight?” I got up and opened her case, fished around for the brush and paste and headed for the bathroom. The door was open and I was afforded a sight I shall never forget. Mom was sitting on the toilet, completely nude, arms crossed to hide her bare breasts, but she was nude! Completely nude, sitting there in such an intimate pose. This, to me, was as much a turn on as watching her masturbate. The intimacy was surprising.

I left the stuff on the counter and backed out. Mom smiled a thank you. I returned to the bed and got in, rolling the image of her around in my hangover- addled mind. I heard the toilet flush, then water as she brushed, then watched intently for her return. There was a long silent moment where no sound issued from the bathroom. ‘What was she doing?’ I wondered.

After a long silent pause, Mom emerged walking slowly, head high, not covering anything. Her breasts were gently bouncing and swaying slightly as she walked slowly back to the bed, eyes on mine, pulled back the covers and climbed in. No comment about my having gotten into the bed. She rolled her back to me and scooted back up against me. She reached back took my hand and brought it around her. She kissed my palm and then placed my bare hand between her bare breasts and simply held it there. I was electrified!

“I love you Andy.” She said quietly, and then no more was said until the food arrived.

The sun had appeared and the morning was still a bit cool but the veranda was perfect for breakfast. I had room service set up outside, tipped him and closed the door behind him. Mom was watching me the whole time. I went to the closet and pulled out a plush white robe and simply held it up for her. She threw back the covers, exposing herself to my view again and then stood and allowed me to cloak her in the robe.

Little was said as we drank coffee, ate our fill and watched the town coming to life. There was something so purely sensual about gazing at Mom’s bare calves and feet and she rested them on the chair next to me. I had seen much of her body, (certainly not to this latest extent), over the years and never once gave it a thought from a sexual standpoint. Now I couldn’t imagine not seeing her from a sexual standpoint. What an incredible change this was. She was staring at me.

“We’re in trouble, aren’t we?” she asked after a long moment.

“Why do you say that?” There was an even longer moment.

“The things that we’ve been admitting to each other, … when we’re excited, … and … you know …”

“What we want to do, … and be to each other?” I asked. She nodded. “You’re not in trouble with me.” I smiled. She didn’t. Another long pause ensued. “I admit that it would be difficult if other people knew about this …”

“Marianne already knows.” She cut in.

“No.” I countered. “She doesn’t know anything.”

“Well, … she suspects.” Mom stated.

“What if she does suspect, but doesn’t care? Or even better, … or worse, … likes the idea, or is turned on by the idea?”

“Did she say something?” Mom asked me.

“She told me that she was excited to watch us ‘sexy tease each other’.” I chuckled. “I love the way she speaks English; totally charming.” Mom smiled at that.

“She’s an adorable girl.” After another long pause she said, “Do you think she might be turned on by the idea of us, … together?”

I just smiled at the thought, but didn’t answer.

“What time is it?” she finally asked.


“What?!!” she cried out. “It’s almost noon? How could you let me sleep this late?” she scolded. “I didn’t come to France to sleep the day away.” She stood, but was flustered for a moment at what to wear. “What are we doing anyway?”

“I thought a relaxing couple of hours at the beach would be a nice kick-off for the day.” She considered the thought smiling. I asked,”You brought a suit or shall we buy you one?” She turned to her suitcase and began to dig through looking for what she brought.

“I brought a suit but it’s kind of modest.” I waited for her to find it and then called her over to me, as I sat in a chair.

It was a lovely black maillot one piece with an open back and tiny shoulder straps. I took the suit and moved her right in front of me, my hands on her hips. She gazed down at me for a moment until I reached for the tie to her robe.

“Whoa. What are you doing?”

“I’m helping.” I told her, with a sly smile. She considered my words for quite a while as she held my hands captive. I just waited, hoping against hope that she would relent.

“That is way more than just a peek.” She chided softly, but was still considering. “This has a very high naughtiness potential.” I just maintained my gentle smile, my heart absolutely pounding in my chest. She smiled sweetly, and gently released my hands, and gave me a look filled with meaning: ‘don’t push this too fast and fuck it up’.

Very slowly I untied the robe and let the straps hang. I didn’t move further, just waited for the robe to unfurl on its own. Slowly, very slowly it did, until there was a 3 inch gap down the middle. I was gazing into her eyes, so saw the expanse of elegant skin between her breasts via my peripheral vision; gorgeous. It occurred to me that if I looked down her pussy would be visible. I think she had the same thought and was just waiting for me to steal a look there. I didn’t.

“Mom,” I whispered softly, “you are the most exquisite, exciting, beautiful woman I have ever known. You have such a profound effect on me. Potent sexuality to be sure, but way more than that; a deep admiration and love for you.” Our eyes were locked, gazing deeply. “I love you so much!” I whispered. “So much!”

She hugged me to her, my cheek in full contact with that gorgeous skin in her cleavage. We remained in this embrace for a long time. Her fingers combed through my hair and she kissed the top of my head. Nothing more was said.

After a long embrace, she finally released me. I looked up into her eyes again, reached up and gently eased the robe off her shoulders. It fell out of my vision, as our eyes remained fastened on each other.

“May I look at your body?” I asked quietly. She simply smiled and nodded.

My eyes traced a lazy path down from her face to her perfect breasts. They were mere inches from me. Her nipples looked painfully erect. The freckles on her skin were so close now, so adorable! I noted that her ribs were nicely formed and created a lovely arch above her tummy, which was flat and sexy. Not ripped, but beautifully shaped and the skin looked velvety soft. Her tummy was framed on both sides by sexy hip bones which drew a slight arrow shape aiming lower to her mound which was pronounced and perfectly smooth; not a hair there. She was very turned on! It was apparent.

I could just make out her pussy lips from this angle, which were full and swollen, opening slightly to reveal her clitoris hood peaking just a bit. Her thighs were gorgeous with chiseled definition at the quadriceps. Beautiful calves rounded out a pair of beautiful legs, her feet standing in the puddle that was the robe, lying on the floor. I couldn’t possibly imagine a sexier sight, ever!

“You are soooooo beautiful!” I moaned when my eyes had retraced their path back to her face again. She smiled nervously. I noted the pounding of her heart in the veins at her supple neck. She was practically panting.

I grabbed her swimsuit and arranged it to help her step into it. She lifted a leg to slip it through the leg hole, which afforded me an incredible view of her pussy, not 6 inches from my mouth. I was drooling. Pulling it up, it hid her perfect pussy from my eyes and then more of my mother’s gorgeous body disappeared behind the thin, stretchy material. Her nipples, however, could not hide their excited state. They threatened to rip holes in the thin material. I wanted to bite them!

Once in her suit, she took a few steps back and began to model it, swaying her hips and turning.

“How does it look?” she said over her shoulder. “Too modest for the South of France?”

“Honestly, no way. It is perfect. You are perfect.”

“Oh, sweetie. You are so kind to me. I love it.” She moved forward and kissed my cheek. She lingered close like that for a moment longer. “And I love you Andy. I love you so much baby!”

I reached up and gently took her face in both hands. I held her close, then leaned in and kissed her lips long and gently; so softly you could barely feel it. She just stayed there, leaning over me, and waited for me to finish.

“Come with me. Let me show you my beach.” She grinned and we headed out.

We gathered our gear, stopped for some snacks and drove around the marina and then east around the point on the road to Monaco. I was taking her to a place that I loved and that not many people frequented, especially during the week. We were heading to a place, below Mont Baron, where you had to know which turn to make off of the roadway; otherwise you wouldn’t even know it existed.

Halfway round a high speed bend you had to slam on your brakes and dodge into a small opening in the guardrail. It was actually the driveway to an ancient villa that someone had purchased, begun to renovate and either became bored with, or ran out of money. It sat halfway between total demolition and the start of repair. It had been this way for years. We drove past the villa and down numerous switchbacks until we reached a stand of trees where we parked.

I grabbed our bag and we headed down the winding trail that led to the only sandy beach for miles in either direction. The south of France has very few sandy beaches, even fewer which are naturally sandy. Cannes, the famous film festival location to the west of us, has it’s sand imported from Morocco. Here there is a vein of soft pumice stone which decays slowly and the sand erodes gently to the water where it builds up into a lovely, if somewhat tiny beach. Have a party for 20 people and it becomes standing room only.

As we arrived and stepped out on the sand we noticed a woman up at the north end of the sand just getting up to leave. She was lovely, older, wearing a large fashionable hat and was nude save for a tiny black thong, which was smaller than I’d ever seen before. She had lovely big breasts that were as tan as the rest of her, with dark erect nipples. She strolled slowly to where we were laying out towels, before wrapping a bit of cloth around her hips and another around her breasts.

“Bonjour.” She said smiling, I think noting the difference on our ages. And passed very near to us as she made for the trail up. I greeted her in French and my mother greeted her in English, which made her pause another brief moment, trying to figure out what we were about. She looked familiar to me and I may have to her as well. At least I had that feeling, and briefly thought that it would be fun to join her here sometime.

“Wow.” Mom said once she was out of earshot. “Modesty isn’t needed here much.” I chuckled that perhaps not. “At least not of you have a body like hers.” She added.

“Yeah?’ I asked innocently. She gave me a look.

“Perfect breasts.” She whispered to herself.

“Totally.” I added, joking. Then seriously, countered, “Though not as perfect as yours.”

Mom scoffed aloud. She was arranging her stuff and then dropped to her knees on the towel.

“But hers are totally tan.”

“You know what’s funny?” I asked her. “I much prefer your tan lines. I much prefer your breasts, but tan breasts look like they see the sun all the time. Breasts that are white from being covered all the time are way sexier. They’re private, secret. That is so much sexier!”

We both laid down on our backs side by side.

“Not that I wouldn’t absolutely love to watch you lay out topless.” Mom was silent for a long time. I didn’t want to push the issue too hard.

“It’s been a long time since I laid out topless.”

“Did you enjoy it?” I asked.

“I got sunburned.” She stated flatly.

“That may be because I wasn’t there to protect them with sunscreen.” She laughed, in a ‘Yeah, I’ll bet’ kind of way.

We lay quietly for a while. The sun felt wonderful. I flashed on the notion that the rest of the world was at work. The ocean was gently lapping at the shore. The slightest breeze caressed our skin.

“I would love to get you a thong like she was wearing.” I finally said quietly.

“Where would I wear it?”

“Right here, with me.”

“Topless, right?” I told her that ‘of course. That’s the point’.

I leaned up on my elbow, looking down at her. Her physique was exquisite in her one-piece.

“Be topless for me.” She lay quietly without responding. “Be topless for me.” I repeated quietly.

“Protect them with sunscreen?” she asked after considering for a moment. She looked up into my smiling face. “How do you do that? Make me want to be so naughty with you?” she smiled.

She sat up, gave me a long look and then slowly began slipping first one strap, and then the other off her shoulders. She made a motion to turn from me just a bit and then pulled the suit down off her breasts and then way down to her hips, trying to turn it into bikini bottoms. Her nipples were so hard.

“Put sunscreen on my back?” she asked.

I moved to kneel behind her and worked sunscreen into the soft skin of her shoulders and back. I did her arms and then pulled her back towards me a bit and, pouring more lotion into my hands, reached around to gently, slowly work lotion into her tits. She was looking down at herself and the way that my hands manipulated her flesh. I stroked and kneaded the tender flesh of her perfect tits.

“God Mom! Your tits are so perfect!” I whispered into her ear.

“Yes? You really think so?” she whispered.

“I do! They are so perfect. They feel so good!”

“I cannot believe that I’m letting my own son play with my tits.” She said half to herself. “Oh yeah!” she whispered almost silently, “Do the nipples. That turns me on so much.”

We sat there for maybe 5 minutes while I played with her tits, my cock screaming stiff in my shorts.

“Are you hard?’ she asked.

“Of course.” She simply reached behind and searched out my cock, gently stroking and squeezing it through the material. I wished I was nude. She hummed appreciatively.

“You have to stop now, or this may get really out of hand.”

“I don’t mind.” I countered.

“I do sweetie. Andy, I am loving this new dimension to our relationship,” she turned to face me, “but it is incredibly fragile. Don’t fuck it up! Or let me fuck it up!” she was very earnest. “I feel so, … on the edge, as if I may decide suddenly that I have to stop this forever. I don’t want to.”

Her hand came up to cup my cheek. My hands had stopped their squeezing but continued to hold her tits. “I am loving this, sweetie! I love your hands on me! I love how sexy you are, and how sexy you think I am. I’ve never, ever, felt this way about anyone, or myself. I dream of fucking you for hours and days and weeks.” She became very thoughtful. “I am, however, this close to calling the whole thing off and flying home.” It was suddenly very sober between us.

“Let me lay down.” She finally said. “You can look all you want. I want you to look at me, at my body, at my bare breasts, … but let me work this out, … in my head, … for a bit?” My hands dropped to her ribs, then her hips. I sat back and then moved to lay on my own towel. She smile her thanks and lay back as well. Her breasts glistened in the sun. I simply lay there watching her for a bit.

“God I would love a photo of you like that.” I joked.

“Yeah?” she asked. “My camera is in my bag.” She laughed at the shocked look on my face. “You can take all the pictures you want of me. With MY camera.” She added.

I spent a half an hour posing her and photographing her in a wide variety of poses, all fairly tame but tasteful. I helped her pull her suit into the crack of her bottom to make a thong out of it. Her pussy lips were clearly swollen and visible as her suit rode deeply into the crease between her lips.

Finally I lay down next to her and we held hands as we napped a bit.

It was hot when we woke and we walked hand in hand to the water’s edge. Her breasts were swinging gently, sexily. We waded in waist deep and stood hip to hip, arms around each other looking out across the bay at Cap Ferrat. We splashed each other a bit before heading back in.

“You are the most beautiful woman I know.” I told her once back at our towels. She turned and threw her arms around me, crushing her tits into my chest and kissed me passionately on the mouth. My hands found her bottom and pulled her close, into my erection.

“I love you so much, sweetheart.” She said. “I love you, … son.”

We kissed a while longer, then heard the distinctive sound of a car coming down the road to the parking area. The nice thing here was that nobody could sneak up on you, because the sound of anyone approaching drifted down to the beach long before those people could even see the beach.

“You have no idea how much I wish that I could fuck you, sweetie.” She whispered conspiratorially into my ear. My cock throbbed at the comment. “I think we may be done here.” I turned her in my arms and reached up to gently cup her breasts again. I gently squeezed both and played both thumbs over her nipples.

“You have no idea how much I wish that I could fuck you, Mom.” I whispered back.

I released her and she worked her suit out of her butt crack and up and over her tits again. I was genuinely sad to see them go.

We began heading back up the path as a group of young kids came noisily down the switchbacks towards us. I greeted them in English, which gave them the impression that we were tourists and didn’t speak the language. They immediately began talking about my mother in the most graphic language; her big titties; hard nipples; her sexy ass; all the things they would do to her if I hadn’t been there. I smiled to myself. ‘If they only knew’, I thought.

Mom wanted to have a quick nap and then go out wandering and shopping later. She asked if I would just drop her at her hotel for a bit. I figured that she needed a bit of time alone, to think and relax. I felt like heading home to jack off. I was still so erect when we arrived at her hotel, she made note of it.

“Is that still because of me?” she smiled. I told her ‘of course’. She kissed me with just a touch of tongue and then scampered into the hotel lobby.

I headed into town to a woman’s clothing store that I knew. They sold bikinis and I hoped I could find the thong that we had seen on that woman earlier. I wanted to see my mother model it for me.

I found the thong at the store and the lady that helped me was very intrigued with who I might be shopping for. I thought briefly of telling her it was for my mother, but then thought better of it. They had it in black and nude and I bought both, thinking that the nude color on the beach might be interesting. The saleslady then suggested that white might offset her tan, so I bought the third.

They also had various cover-ups and sexy little accessories so I got some of them as well. She then went out on a limb and showed me a tiny dress that took my breath away. It looked at first like just a simple little-black-dress, but looking closer I noticed that it would be incredibly tight when worn and was made of a material that was so sheer that up close you would be able to see everything though it. I bought that as well.

I waited for her to call when she awoke. No need to push her; ‘let her sleep’, I thought. It wasn’t until around 4 in the afternoon that she finally rang me. She wanted to stroll around town and do some shopping. Maybe dinner at a small café?

I picked her up outside of her hotel. She was standing on the street waiting for me. I think she was nervous to have me come up to her room. We drove over by the marina and parked the car and wandered for a few hours, had a light meal in a small café, sitting at a small table on the sidewalk. The weather was perfect and she looked amazing in her sundress and strappy heels. I couldn’t wait for her to model the dress that I just bought her. I was going to give them to her later, as a surprise.

We killed a bottle of wine with our meal and then continued on, up and down the side streets, hand in hand. The sun disappeared and the lights came on, and by the time we realized it we were miles from the car. We had strolled uphill to the corniche, and wandered along the Riviera above the marina.

With the lights of the city below us I pulled her into my arms and held her against my chest. We stood looking down at the nighttime view of the city.

“You live in such a beautiful city.” She told me.

“I do enjoy beautiful things.” I responded, and then gently eased my hands up her ribs and cupped both of her breasts. She made no effort to stop me. I kissed her neck. “Do you mind me taking liberties like this with you?” I whispered in her ear.

She considered my words a long time.

“No.” she finally said. “I guess I don’t.” she snuggled back into me a bit. I gently squeezed her braless tits in my hands. “I love your hands on me. But, …” It took her a very long time to continue. I just kept caressing her tits, feeling her hard nipples against the palms of both hands. “I just feel like such a, … bad person, … to let you turn me on like this.”

“There is no way,” I assured her, “that you are a bad person.” I kissed her neck again.

She turned in my arms and we shared first a long deep look, and then a long deep kiss.

“I am letting my son touch my body, … see my body in the most inappropriate ways. I have let you see me naked. You were just holding my breasts. I’ve allowed you to fantasize about,… fucking me, fucking his own mother.” She looked quite distraught. “I’ve dreamed of fucking you too.” We shared a long concerned look. “Where the hell have we come to, in our lives?”

“A place of love and desire.” I finally responded. “I love you. I love you so much. I love you as my mother, but it feels like that time is past. I don’t need you as a mother anymore. I do want you in my life though. I want to be your lover.” I gave her a huge smile. “You can feel how much I want to be your lover.” My aching cock, pressing into her tummy, left no doubt about it.

She gave me a sad smile.

“This could destroy everything.” She finally said sadly. I got the feeling that something was changing. I hoped that it would, but in the right direction. Was she relenting to her desire? I had the fleeting thought that maybe the risk was all too real. Could this destroy who we were to each other?

“I think perhaps I should go back to my hotel.” She finally told me. A cab happened by and she flagged him down. I couldn’t persuade her to let me drive her. She seemed in a panic to get away. I let her. The taxi driver spoke no English, so I had to tell him where to take her and she kissed me quickly and drove off.

I watched the taxi disappear and then turned and headed back, weaving drunkenly to my car. I don’t remember much about the drive, but was suddenly home and in my apartment. I brought my computer to bed and hit the call button on Skype and let it ring her for a while. There was no answer. I tossed my clothes on the floor, dejected, and climbed into bed.

Some time later the Skype went. I fumbled a bit with the answer button and was connected with Mom. Her screen was dark; she had no lights on. I didn’t either so mine must have been dark on her end too.

“Baby?” she asked quietly. “You there?”

“I’m here.”

“I’m so sorry love.” She said in a voice that conveyed her despair. “I’m so sorry to have simply left you by the side of the road and run away. Run back to my room here. I feel like such a chicken!” I said nothing. “It’s just so alarming how much we turn each other on. I feel like such a, … bad person?. No that isn’t it really, … I just feel so ‘weak’. You totally turn me on. You turn my insides to mush, … and make me so wet and ready and, …”

There was a long pause in the darkness.

“I just (—-), …” She mumbled. I completely missed what she had said.

“I’m sorry, what did you say?” I asked.

“You heard me.” She whispered.

“No. I really didn’t. You were kind of mumbling.”

“I said, … I just want you to fuck me so bad!” she whispered again, although this time I heard her clear as day. Another long pause as I rolled her admission around in my brain. “I just feel so wicked.” She whispered again.

“But you know how much I would love to fuck you, as well. Don’t you?”

“Well I certainly enjoyed feeling your erection against me earlier.” Another pause settled in. “I loved the feel of your cock. Your hard, hard cock. That gorgeous penis of yours.” She sounded like she was just talking to herself now. “God! I’m your mother sweetie, and I’m telling you how gorgeous your penis is, how much it turns me on to know it gets so hard, for me. Your cock is so amazing sweetie.”

“It is all for you, Mom; if you’ll have it. Let me give it to you. Let me show you the wondrous feeling of pushing it into your beautiful body.” She gave a little moan. “I want you to enjoy fucking me so much that you never want to give it up.”

“That’s just my problem. Even if we did do it, … even if we did make love, just once, ’cause we couldn’t stand it anymore’, … I would have to have you all the time.” She groaned a bit in frustration. “I just know that I would love it so much, I would make you fuck me all the time!!”

“Oh Mom! Please! I’m begging you! Make me fuck you all the time! Live in my bed. Let my cock live in your pussy. Let me fuck you every night.

After another long pause, I added,

“This, … for me at least, … is waaaay beyond just a simple fuck though. I want to make love to you. I love you! I want to make love to you with my whole heart, my whole soul. You and I have been inextricably intertwined my entire life. I want to pleasure you in a way that no other man alive can do. No other man can make you feel the way your own son can.”

“What kind of mother would that make me?” she asked quietly.

“The very best. The very sexiest.” I replied softly. “It would make you my mother, my lover. I want to make love to you, just to show you how incredible it would be after. To wake up the next morning together, nude and warm and entwined in my sheets. Our bodies would become so familiar to each other. You would be an incredibly sexy woman, with a deeply loving son, who could sexually pleasure his mother in the most intimate ways; my cock in your pussy, my lips on your lips, my tongue caressing your tongue.”

There was a long silence, just the sound of our heavy breathing, in the darkness. Neither of us had a light on.

“Oh Andy!” Mom finally gasped. “I am so ready for you. I am so wet right now. Your cock would be heaven inside me, filling me.” She sounded like she might be crying, but I didn’t want to press. “I would love to kiss you so deeply as you fill me with that beautiful big penis.”

“Oh, Mom! It is big! It is so hard right now. I’m stroking it. Is that alright?”

“Oh course sweetie! Stroke that gorgeous big cock for me.”

“What are you doing right now?” I asked her.

She breathlessly described how she was tugging her nipples and fingering her pussy. She described wanting to spread her legs as wide as she could to allow me the deepest access to her wetness. She wanted to wrap her arms and legs around me and hold on for dear life as I just hammered her slick pussy with every inch of my ‘handsome cock’. I listened intently as she came and then shortly thereafter, came again. I began to shoot as she was coming the second time.

We each lay in our own darkness, panting hard and calming. We had done it again.

“Can I ask you to promise me something?” I finally asked her.

“Yes.” She said after a thoughtful pause.

“Will you check out of your hotel tomorrow and come and spend the balance of your trip at my place?”

“Oh Andy. I don’t know, …”

“I’ll take the couch and you can have the bed, if you like, …”

“No sweetie, … if I stay at your place, we’d sleep together.”

“Only if you wanted.” I told her. “Do you promise?”

This time the pause was long and agonizing.

“I promise.” was all she said, quietly and then hung up without another word.

To be continued

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Chris wrote

Oh God this series is so good. The descriptions of the mom and the sexual tension between them is amazing. I’m loving it!!