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When i Met Him

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i sat nervously sipping coffee and trying to eat a muffin, in the small outdated hotel lobby. business men came and went, with barely a glance at me, but the desk clerk seemed much too interested in my top. my breasts swayed back and forth in my low-neck shirt, unbound as my Master had required. and i felt as self-conscious about that as the thought of whatever else would be required of me this morning.

no doubt, i thought to myself, he did that on purpose, to give me something to worry about other than him. or perhaps it was a test, a seemingly small thing that he’d know right away i’d done for him. an indicator of how the rest of the morning would go.

the wait was both indescribably slow and over too fast, because i felt my heart stop when his truck passed by the huge plate glass window. would i be able to please him? would i meet his expectations? after so much time together online, would the real me be a disappointment compared to the me he had created in his mind? all these thoughts and more clouded my mind with worry and i was shaking slightly in my seat when he walked into view. i watched his easy stride and the swing of his arms. and then my eyes found his face and for the first time we made eye contact.

and then the silly man winked at me.

the next part is a blur, i was standing, his arms were around my waist, we babbled a bit about coffee and before i knew it, we were standing outside my hotel room door. i was shaking hard, so much i fumbled with the card key, trying to get it into the slot. he was standing so close to me, just over my left shoulder.

and as the card hit the lock, his palm cupped my ass. my world stopped spinning and i leaned back into him. i must have whimpered, i felt incredibly aware of how close he was and totally unable to move.

i don’t know how i got the door open but i did.

i followed him into the room and immediately slipped out of my clothes. there wasn’t much, just the shirt and a thin skirt. black lace panties he’d asked me to wear. sandals.

i looked up from where i’d carefully set my folded clothes to see him smiling at me. his face full of love and warmth. almost in slow motion i saw his hand enter my field of vision, up near his shoulder. without a word and with that same smile he pointed to the floor.

before thinking, i dropped to my knees. i didn’t stop to make it graceful, or try for a production. he pointed and i fell. it was that simple. his hands were on my cheeks, cupping my face. his beautiful eyes passing back and forth between mine. then his mouth was on mine, soft at first. i touched his lips with my tongue, ready to withdraw if my boldness offended him. he met my tongue with his own, and each slid over the other, hot searching insistent.

i’ve never been happier in my life.

from the floor i watched him undress. slow. methodical. he talked as he went, i couldn’t tell you what he said. finally he was naked and telling me to stand.

“Now for something you asked for.” i had no idea what he meant but i stood when he gestured. “Turn around.”

i pivoted so my back was to him, still confused. i mean, i’d asked for a lot of things. we’d talked at length about how we wanted things to be when we met. boundaries, preferences, safe words, tools, experiences, activities, we’d discussed it all.

he stepped up close behind me, his hands sliding up my hips to cup my tits. i felt the warmth of his skin against my back, the tickle of his body hair. and when my head fell back onto his shoulder, the incredible sensation of his cock resting upright in the crack of my ass. his mouth was hot on my shoulder, his lips so soft compared to the sharp sting of his teeth.

i arched my back and wiggled my ass against him, turning my head so he could see the inviting smile.

“Into bed.” i went without a word.

i watched with delight as he stood over the table. earlier that morning i’d been so careful to lay out the tools we’d discussed. there was the cat i love so much with foot long knotted strips. and the leather slapper, seductive and deceptive. a red rubber ball-gag with its black leather strap. a small bag containing condoms and rubber gloves and different sorts of lube.

and my collar. i’d carefully chosen the beads, long curving black cylinder beads separated by dark blue accent pieces. he touched it, but let it sit for now.

the slapper spoke against his palm as he returned to the bed, and i felt his weight press the mattress down beside me. i felt myself unraveling as his skin touched my side, and i reached for his mouth with mine.

long slow wet kisses, growing slowly more passionate. i felt his hand sliding over my body, over my tits as their weight pulled them down to my sides. over my hips and over my thighs, as they twisted and thrashed. and trailing back up, the texture of his hand had changed, it was different. i opened my eyes and pulled away, just as the slapper landed on my nipple. it was a gentle blow, sounding so much louder than it was. definitely got my attention though. my back arched and i writhed beneath him, babbling by this time, begging for more.

he covered my chest in small red patches as he slowly worked his way down my body. he knew i can control most aspects of my orgasm with the exception of being slapped on the clit, and i begged him for mercy as he edged closer to my cunt.

i was so afraid of losing control, afraid of disappointing him. and the anxiety i’d felt in the lobby came rushing back. i babbled and gushed, trying to find the words to explain while my body betrayed me, arching and shaking and begging for more.

he soothed me with a kiss and with the words “Come for me zen.” all bets were off as he spread my thighs with his free hand, and began systematically swatting my cunt. the blows which landed mostly on my mound, protected as it was by the short-trimmed hair, were delightful. but those which landed on my clean-shaved labia were more intense. i bucked and writhed beneath him, part of my brain registering his careful placement.

when he began to concentrate on my clit, i nearly came with the first blow. again his voice, thick with desire, telling me to come.

with the third strike i joyfully obeyed my Master. my legs went rigid and my hips lifted up off the mattress. i stopped moaning, stopped breathing. when the tension exploded deep in me, i finally drew breath again and cried out. the waves that carried the crest through my body brought babbling incoherent words. yesyesooohgodMasterMasterMASTER….

and his arms were around me. cradling me. his voice was in my ear and i felt as much as heard his reassuring words. i rocked and convulsed against him, and like the steady center of my universe that he is, he held me.

sometime later he pulled me over his knee. i don’t know how we got there. i don’t remember exactly what came before it, nor do i care.

his palm felt so reassuring on my ass. the steady beat of it, like a pulse. the rhythm, the placement. i begged for harder, until i got it, and realized there was no turning back.

my cunt was bouncing on his thigh, my legs between his, my upper body stretched out on the bed beside and behind him. i was on fire from hip to thigh. and filled with a wet ache, not from the stinging slap on my ass, but deep in my pussy. a steady throb, beating in time with his strokes.

finally and too soon, it was over. he pushed me aside on the bed. “on your knees, slut.” i obeyed of course, but i was apprehensive. i knew he’d been uncertain how far he wanted to take our first meeting. as he’d told me the first time we played online, you can’t have it all the first time out. i wanted him so badly and yet, i was concerned that we not rush things too much. but in this like all things, i gave him my trust. and like all things, he did not disappoint.

i heard him behind me at the table and risked a glance. “You’ll probably need this…” he fit the ball gag into my mouth. when i looked concerned, we discussed tapping as a safe sign and he returned to the table.

it was difficult to remain still with the pulse of my cunt, and i rocked on my knees like an animal in heat. i wanted so much but with an effort focused on my bigger need, which was to be used by him. to be found pleasing and good. i turned my head and saw him rustling in the bag and whimpered. quickly i turned away, ready for however he decided to use me.

the first thing was the snap of rubber. aha, i thought, a glove. the lube was cold on my ass but by then i was ready. one hand on my hip to steady me, i felt the tips of his fingers seeking entrance. slowly and carefully he opened me, one small step at a time. i rocked and pressed back, wanting more and more and more. but he was patient until his fingers slid easily inside my ass. “Touch your cunt, zen.” i needed no more prodding, my left hand shifted to take the weight of my upper body, and my fingers sought out my clit. so smooth and hard under my fingertips, so slippery and wet. i felt my Master’s fingers sliding in and out of my ass, and heard his breathing behind me. i couldn’t beg for release with the ball in my mouth, but he sensed my rising need. he taunted me, asking me if i wanted to come and answering “Soon Soon” when i nodded furiously.

on and on it went. every time i felt the edge approach, i pressed down the desire to come. i was losing control. my need was slowly becoming bigger than i was, and thrust my hips back harder on his hand.

finally i heard among the sweetest words i know “Now, zen. Come for Master.” i was swept away. i shook and moaned and cried out his name as my whole world dissolved around me.

when i came to myself, the ball gag was gone and i was curled around him on the bed. my head on the curve of his shoulder, his voice soft and sweet in my ear.

“Are you ready for your collar now, zen?”

it was all i could do not to cry.

i knelt at his feet by the table. all the tools were there again, the gag and the slapper. the collar was in his hands.

“Show me how to work this clasp, please zen.” toggle clasps are tricky. we smiled over it like a small joke between us and i held my hair as he fitted the thing around my neck.

i let my hair fall and put my hand flat on my throat. leaning back on my heels at his feet, i looked up at him.

“yours,” i said in a small voice. “Mine,” he replied.

and taking my face in his hands again, he searched my eyes. back and forth, back and forth. i simply showed him my soul and somewhere he found what he needed, because he shook his head with a wry grin.


he turned and walked across the room then, leaving me kneeling there. i was watching him closely as he faced me again, and with a smile he said, “zenobia, crawl over here and suck your Master’s cock.”

i knew better than to hurry the trip across the carpet. he’d positioned both of us to his advantage and i knew my role. so i crawled slowly, catlike, closer and closer to him. my tits hung low and swayed gently as i moved. in time i arrived at his feet, where i placed a small kiss.

then his hand was in my hair, hard, lifting and pulling me onto my knees. without hesitating i opened my mouth, expecting him to drive deep into my throat. but he paused there, released the tension in my hair and let me begin.

the head of his cock was smeared with precum, so i gently closed my mouth around it. rolling my tongue around the tip did more than clean it up, it drew a groan from above me. his fingers tightened in my hair, but didn’t press, so i felt free to take my time.

i released the head of his cock, and slid my tongue down the shaft, watching a wide streak form as i wet him. when i reached the base, i buried my nose in his hair, inhaling deeply and nuzzling. small licks and kisses lead me to his balls. i sucked one gently into my mouth, lifting it with my tongue and feeling it move and bounce in the sack. then the other, moving gently, careful of my teeth. i wasn’t sure how sensitive he was yet, and i didn’t want to hurt him.

a quick nuzzle at the base, and i drew my flickering tongue back up his shaft. my hands were flat on his thighs as i took the head of his cock into my mouth. without pausing i slammed it home, feeling it fill my throat and mouth. he shuddered and moaned. slowly, inch by inch, i withdrew, his cock leaving me a little at a time. a quick light suck on the head, and again i slammed down. my lip and tongue covered my teeth, so i hoped all he felt was hot and wet, and the strong pressure of my mouth cradling him.

another moment of this and his hips had found a rhythm of their own. i slid one hand around to his ass and gently lifted his balls with the other. they rolled in my palm as i lightly squeezed and pulled. my mouth moved on his cock in time with his hips, faster and faster. his breathing was audible as his pace increased. controlling my gag reflex, i took his driving cock deep inside me over and over.

then i felt the small change in his cock, the small almost imperceptible swell before orgasm. his hands tightened in my hair, pulling and stinging my scalp. and just before the first spurt and the change in the rhythm of his hips, he said my name. it was ringing in my ears as i swallowed him, pulse after pulse. his cum slid down my throat and with an effort, not a drop was wasted. i held his cock gently in my mouth until i knew he was finished. carefully i withdrew, releasing the head with a whimper.

“Lie down with me,” he said. within moments we were on the bed. i molded myself to his side, my head on his chest.

i knew i faced the biggest challenge of all next. watching him leave. i didn’t want him to. his hand stroked my cheek, he was telling me how pleased with me he was. he called me by all my names, and knew the secret part of me which has no name. then i knew i could let him leave that day, because i knew there’d be another day.

i put a hand to my collar and smiled.

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