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I Hate You

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As we walk into your room from the coffee shop, I push you hard against the wall. Not hard enough to hurt you but hard enough to get my desires across to you. While pinning your body, I reach down and pull your hands above your head, lacing your fingers and holding them high. I begin kissing at the nape of of your neck, biting it lightly and moving along towards your ear. As I kiss your delicious skin I pause to whisper how sexy you are… How much you turn me on… How much I want to make you cum. Your only response to me is “I hate you” which brings a low laugh from me.

Your breathing changes while I am talking, your body thus betraying you as you become more turned on. Your hips swaying, your breathing quickening, your body beginning to give in to your own wanton desires. With my right hand I begin roaming across your sides, back, and ass. Gently, I start massaging you through your clothes and teasing your senses even more.

Nipping and licking my way along your neck to your jaw, I tell you how I am going to taste your body and make you cum. With my free hand I grab a hold of your ass cheeks to emphasize my words. I continue to knead that sexy ass as I tell you how my tongue is going to wiggle and probe your tight-n-sensitive back door. I gently squeeze your fingers, press my body harder into you and caress your sweet cheeks more. I tell you how I will soon be stroking my tongue from your clit to your tight asshole. I tell you how I will soon be tasting every inch of your naked-n-raw flesh that I desire so much.

“Do you want it Michelle… Do you want to squeeze my head between your thighs, squeeze my tongue with your anal muscles as you cum? Do you want to taste the sweetness of your ass on my lips as I passionately kiss you?” As the words roll off my lips I feel your body shake with anticipation and excitement.

I reach around and take your right breast in my hand, caressing it like I did your succulent ass. Your nipple hardening against my touch. Again your body reacts to my touch so I release your hands. I release them just long enough to wrap my palm around your soft throat. Quickly I move my hand from your soft tit and slip it into the front of your PT pants.

My fingers grazing across that sensitive little nub, your deliciously hard clit. Together I use my hands on your throat and crotch to guide you to the empty bed in your room and push you against it roughly. Bending you at the waist I push your face into the mattress, then yank your PTs and panties quickly to the floor.

You begin to protest but I tell you to keep your mouth shut and enjoy the pleasures I am giving you. I drop to my knees behind you, gripping the soft globes of your ass as I slowly pull them open. I stare mystified at your cute little starfish as it winks at me. Starting at the top of your soft crack, I make long licks all the way to your clit. You wiggle, moan and gasp as you feel the warmth of my tongue slither through your crack, across your asshole and deep into the folds of your pussy.

You squeal as my tongue dips inside your soft flesh and then strokes your hard clit. With every scent, every taste, my desire for you grows. You continuously move your hips trying to make my tongue hit your fun spots and also to get away from its assault on your body. Your try and stand back up, only to be forced back across the bed as I cram my tongue deep into your delicious little ass.

While enjoying the sweet tangy flavors of your ass, I lay a hard smack to both of your cheeks. A low moan escapes your mouth in response, so I slap each cheek again. Despite your urge to move away from me, your frustrations get the best of you and you push your ass back harder into my face. With a mouth full of delicious ass I continue my duties as the devils little helper. Again and again I run my tongue from your juicy pussy and clit to your tasty ass. I hear you panting and moaning into the mattress, your fingers clutching the fabric as the sensations begin to overwhelm you.

If you could see me, my face is soaked with your juices… A smile stretching from ear to ear because I know how much pleasure I am giving you. The sweet aroma of your asshole and dripping pussy filling my nostrils, flooding my taste-buds and overpowering my senses completely. Your own emotions now betraying you constantly as you thrust your hips repeatedly against my face. The muscles of your ass cheeks gripping at my head as you attempt to trap my tongue within your anal ring.

As you begin to move too much I give you another quick smack to each cheek. As much as I had hoped it would give you pause it only heightened your eroticism and made you moan louder into the mattress. Since you are so turned on, I decide it’s time for you to take a more active role in your own pleasure.

“Gimme your hands, hold your ass open” I say. You reach back, pulling your sweet cheeks apart and quickly expose yourself completely to me. With my own hands now free, I lick a finger and insert it slowly between the soft lips of your soaked pussy. I bury my finger to the knuckle then pull it free and suck your juices from it. Again I slide my finger in and out of your dripping womanhood but this time reach forward and offer to share your juices with you.

Greedily you suck my finger as though it were a small cock. You lick and suck at it, savoring the sweet deliciousness as I just did. Pulling free from your mouth I repeat the process over and over, each of us enjoying the raw, sweet taste of your juices. Eventually I slip my finger back inside you but keep it there as I grind the rest of my fingers hard against your little clit.

Since you are holding your ass open, I lean in and begin tickling your puckered asshole with the tip of my tongue. I begin by licking just the outer edges of your cinnamon-ring to tease you. Your body responds by arching your ass directly into my face. I then move my tongue a bit as I attempt to lick each ridge of your anal muscle, moving from the outside edges, along the dirty creases, to the delicious center of your sweet, sweet hole.

As each pass of my tongue caresses your asshole, I add a little more pressure and a little more lust. As my desires grow, I slide a second between the soft folds of your pussy, stretching your further and pleasuring you more.

With two fingers slipping in and out of your dripping cunt, your ass cheeks open in your own hands and my tongue teasing your sensitive asshole… I start to devour you. I lock my lips around your dark stained hole and suck it hard as I slide my tongue up your sweet ass. Your breath catches a bit and then you squeal as I fully penetrate you. Slowly I begin to fuck your ass with my tongue as though it were a mini cock. Sucking, licking, tonguing and biting… I begin eating your asshole like it is my last meal.

Your moans now sound like half screams as the excitement and sensations begin rocking your body. I feel your juices seeping out of you and dripping down my hand as my fingers continue working on your tight pussy. With my free hand I reach out and smack your ass hard, again. I smile inside as your body jumps a little with each impact. I feel your asshole clamp down momentarily on my tongue as you take the sting of the smacks.

I feel you then relax as my tongue slides completely into your tight-n-tasty backdoor. With my tongue fully buried in your ass I begin wiggling it, twisting it, and thrusting it deep inside you. With complete abandon I attack you with my mouth, in your mind it feels like I am trying to eat your soul through your ass.

Reading your body, I take my fingers from your pussy and remove my mouth from your juicy ass. With another quick smack to each cheek, I slowly slide my pussy soaked finger into your asshole. I love how your body fights my finger at first by clamping down on my intrusion with your anal muscles. I love even more how your desire for ass play right now betrays you. I love how your tight asshole relaxes allowing my finger to easily slide deep into your dirty ass.

Twisting my fingers and sawing it back-n-forth as I slide it into your ass repeatedly. While doing all this I lean in and begin licking at your stretched brown ring of muscle and nerves. The combined stimulation of my finger filling your ass plus my tongue stroking your sensitive anal nerves is obvious by your loud panting and moaning.

I then dip down and suck your clit hard between my lips as I continue finger fucking your hot-n-juicy ass. I graze your clit lightly with my teeth, suck it with my lips and bathe it with my tongue. All this attention to your yummy parts then causes your body to relax, your asshole continues to loosen around my finger till it is gliding through your ring and making you almost cum.

Spitting your clit from my mouth, I slowly stand-up behind you and in doing so pause long enough to slip a fresh finger into your pussy. You wail loudly as I now stretch both your pussy and asshole. Leaning over you as I finger your sweet holes, I begin whispering in your ear.

“Do you want it Michelle, Do you want to cum? Do you want to drown me in your sweet nectars as you cum in my mouth or would you rather cum, shaking on my cock as I pound your beautiful pussy into submission?” I say as I lean back and take in the view. You have no idea how hot-n-sexy you look right now Michelle.

From this angle I see your gorgeous face all flushed and sweaty. I see all your yummy bits on display as you lay there bent over the bed holding yourself wide open. I see your tasty little rosebud shimmering wet with my saliva and your own juices, the folds of your pussy glistening with your wetness and your hard little clit begging to be sucked. I feel your body responding to me, your asshole massaging my finger as it easily slides in and out of you. I see my middle finger gliding effortlessly through the swollen wet lips of your pussy.

It’s almost too much for my senses and I have to force myself to divert my stare back to your sexy face. I wish I had the willpower to stop what I was doing and kiss you right now but alas I do not. We will both have to “suffer” and deal with the pleasures at hand because I am by no means ready to stop.

As I am looking at you, I bottom out my fingers and again grind my knuckles against you. The smile and moan that light up your face once again tell me your are thoroughly enjoying yourself… even if you hate me for torturing you like this. As before, I drop to my knees behind you but this time I pause to reach down and free my cock from the confines of my pants. With my hardness now free, I begin anew with my worshiping of your body. My lips, fingers, and tongue ready to continue the Devils work at tormenting your orgasmic little body..

Pulling my two fingers from you and reaching up, I quickly force them into your mouth. I have always been the guy to share my good fortune with others so why should this time be different than any other. Your own passion getting the best of you, you release your cheeks and grab hold of my wrist so I can’t take it away. With renewed fever you start sucking hungrily at my fingers, savoring every elicit taste and flavor your pussy and ass has to offer. Suddenly I slap your ass very hard with my left hand. Once, twice, three times, making your body sting and yet almost cum.

While you are distracted by the momentary pain, I yank my hand from you, my fingers making an audible pop. I take my hands, spread your cheeks wide open and slide my tongue as deep into your slightly gaped asshole. I couldn’t help myself, your sweet little asshole looks so tasty, so sexy, so pure… It looks fucking hot winking at me, still gaped open the same size as the finger which was just buried in it. I couldn’t help myself as I ran my tongue from your tongue to your ass over and over again, sucking up your juices as I went.

Eventually I stopped my tongue bath just long enough to slide my tongue once again into your asshole. As deep as humanly possible I slide my tongue into your tight little ring, the sweet tangy flavor of your ass filling my mouth as I go. The delicious taste and my tongue coupled with your pussy juice still wet on my lips is driving me wild. You jump a little as I suck hard on your swollen anal ring and begin to violently fuck your ass with my tongue.

Too much, it’s all too, too much as I reach down and begin to stroke myself. I feel you jump as the heat of my cock comes in contact with your leg. Slowly stroking myself I begin alternating between your pussy and ass with my tongue. Probing, licking, sucking, I pleasure you as my hand is rapidly stroking my cock. I’m now torturing myself as I can’t stop debating whether to continue dining on your soul or simply stand up and push my swollen cock deep inside of your wetness.

Much to my sadness I realize I need to bring things down a notch. Right now, making/letting you cum would be as easy as shooting chickens in a bathtub and I certainly don’t want this to be too easy on you. Releasing my cock, I stand, grab your wrists and hold them back over your head. While holding them there I slap you hard on your ass cheeks again. I stand up behind you now, take my cock and rest it against your wet and swollen clit while grinding myself against you. I hear you moan as my cock teases your hard nub and you moan even louder as I release your hands and grab your hair roughly. Your locks are soft, wet with sweat as I pull hard on your scalp.

“Do you want it Michelle, do you want to finally cum? Do you want me to finally give you that release your body needs so much?” I say as I wrap my free hand around your throat. Squeezing down hard I pull you up to look at me by the neck and hair. I stare into your eyes and see tears. At first I think I have hurt you but before I can asks what is wrong I realize it isn’t physical pain which is making you weep. Those are tears of passion and sexual frustration. I realize you are about to cry because you want and need to cum so, so bad. Too bad I am in charge of this game and there is no way I am letting you cum yet… you are not ready yet.

Still holding you by the throat I lean into you and taste the saltiness of your first tear. It is wet and cool on my lips, which is a stark contrast to how your wetness between your thighs felt a few minutes ago. “Tell me what you want Michelle… use your words and tell me exactly what you want” I say as I twist your hair a bit more. “Do you want this married cock to fuck you till you cum or would you rather taste my cock as it slides into your sweet mouth?” I ask.

With a loud groan you push your ass back at me as your answer. Your voice is raspy as you choke a bit from the pressure of my hand. Finally through a gasping voice you say “I jussst wa-aant t-t-tooo cum!!”

“Say it Michelle, tell me what the fuck you want or I will leave” I say. With that I release your throat and hair only to take a light hold of your sexy face. I bring my lips to yours and kiss you passionately. As our lips mash together, our tongues begin to battle each other. As I break our kiss I grind my hardness against your wet pussy and slide my finger into your mouth. “Which will it be, do you want to cum or shall I leave?” I ask.

Your response is quick and catches me off guard as your hand shoots between us and grabs hold of my cock. “Get the fuck off me Winn, get the fuck off me and let me have some of this cock,” you say with a squeeze. The passion in your eyes is almost frightening but says it all while being very hot. I push off of you and stand there waiting, curious as to how you think this will proceed.

Again you surprise me but this time it is with your speed. You are quick like an Emu as you flip your body around so your head is hanging off the edge of the bed and level with my hardness. Without any hesitation you reach and grab hold of my cock. A moan escapes your lips as your grab me and guide me into your mouth. Now it is my turn to moan and groan, the wet heat of your mouth acting like a bolt of lightning through my body as you take my cock in deeply. Reaching up, your hands grab my ass to give you leverage as you begin sucking my cock like you life depends on it. As if I wasn’t turned on enough, your mouth begins to bring me close to the edge of orgasm.

Over and over you pull me by the ass, then push me away… moving my cock in and out of your mouth. Slow then fast, just the tip, then choking on the shaft as you suck my cock with uninhibited passion as though you were a woman possessed. You are working me so well I soon feel my cum beginning to tighten in my balls. To give myself a moment of rest I pull out of your mouth and then feel your wet lips sucking and licking at my balls. To further take my mind off the intense pleasures you are giving me I lean over you and run my tongue roughly against your clit.

Soft fast strokes of my tongue much like you are doing to my balls. I reach up and slap your clit soft then harder. You respond by running your tongue from my balls to my taint, stopping just short of my shaved asshole. Now virtually lying atop you, I spread your lips wide with my left hand. As I expose your dripping hole and hard clit, I slap your pussy hard with my right hand. One, two, three hard slaps I feel your body beginning to shake like before.

You reach under me and slide a finger inside yourself, stirring around in the juices and soaking it with delicious. I try and catch your finger in my mouth as you pull it free but you are Emu quick and begin sucking the finger before I can get to it. I expect you are about savor yourself again but am shocked when I suddenly feel you probing at my tight asshole. Although I clench up at first, you continue to probe me causing my anal muscles to slowly relax. As I suck your clit into my mouth again, I slide my own wet finger deep into your ass.

Together we begin teasing each other’s assholes as we lay there locked together. I feel you pull free from my ass, then slide back into me with a wetter finger. I love how you just tasted my ass as you licked your finger to get it wet again.

As we continue to finger and lick each other, I feel your body continue to tense and shake again. I know how desperate you must be to cum. We’ve been going at it for over an hour now and I still won’t let you release your orgasm. When you take my cock back into your mouth and begin massaging my asshole deeply with your finger, you almost make me cum as you graze my prostate. You feel me jump and begin sucking me harder. My brain is on fire with sensations as your mouth continues to glide along my cock, your finger continues to probe my ass.

Your free hand now wrapped around my hardness, jerking me in your mouth as you suck passionately on my swollen cock. With each thrust of your finger, suck of your mouth and twist of your hand you are pushing me closer and closer to the edge.

While you are feverishly pleasuring me, I continue to slip my finger in and out of your ass while dipping my tongue into your honey flavored petals and sucking your clit. I guess I want to test you, I want to see if your sweet ass can take it. I want to see if in the heat of passion your cute little asshole can take two of my fingers deep into your puckered depths. With that I slide a finger deep into your pussy and pull it out, watching in awe as a string of your sweet nectar drips from the tip. I then slide my other finger out of your ass, take it into my mouth. I suck away at your tangy sweetness, both to savor the sweet flavor and to re-wet it so it will slide back into you smoothly.

I then pair my two fingers and place them against your tight hole. I run my tongue along your clit and then slap it hard as I push my fingers forward and slowly insert them into your ass. Your muscles fight me at first, but begin to relax and allow my two fingers to penetrate you. With the second smack to your clit, your asshole completely relaxes and allows my fingers to slide together deep into your wanton little asshole. As my fingers come to rest fully in your ass I pause to let you get use to the fullness. As I pause, I suddenly feel your teeth grazing along my cock as though you are trying to tell me to continue. Taking my cock from your mouth you moan loudly, “Holy fuuuuck,” you say as I smack your clit again.

Since my cock is already out of your mouth, I decide it is time to reposition and push myself off you with my free hand, my fingers still filling and stretching your sweet ass.

As I push myself off you, your finger slips from my ass. I am surprised as I feel a rush of cool air on my stretched little hole, an almost emptiness with your finger gone. Still sliding my fingers around within the muscular ring of your ass I pull your hips around with my free hand. I now have you lying sideways on the bed. As I position you, I bring your left leg up and lay it on my shoulder. I now have a great angle to watch your pussy drip as I continue to finger that sexy butt of yours.

I reach down now with my left hand and fish the small bottle of mineral oil out of my pants. Biting the top, I twist the cap and liberally pour the liquid all over your sweet pussy and ass. Almost instantly my penetrations of your ass get 100% easier as the lube works its way into your stuffed little hole. I then pull my fingers free from your ass for a quick moment. I reach over and spray the oil directly into your gaping hole. “I want to pleasure you, not hurt you,” I say as the cold liquid blasts your sore anal ring and spatters the inner walls of your naughty little hole.

With a generous amount of oil now coating you inside and out, my fingers become a blur of passion as I rapidly slide them in and out of your backdoor. You wail and moan into the mattress as the sensations course through your body. As you get louder, I slap your clit harder again and easily slip two of my left fingers into your juices and oil soaked pussy. Now you are practically screaming as my fingers have you stuffed in both your pussy and ass. To keep you quiet I pull my hand from your pussy, take hold of your head and force your hot mouth once again around my cock.

Now I get to share in your pleasure, enjoying the feelings as you not only suck my dick but moan around it. Still drilling my fingers into your asshole your body starts to convulse again, your much awaited orgasm building. In between my own moans of pleasure I ask you, “Do you like feeling so full, so wet, so ready to cum…Do you want to cum now Michelle? Tell me with your mouth, suck my cock like you mean it. Make me believe you want to cum.”

Suddenly it feels like heaven just went down on me as you begin sucking me ravenously, your hand a blur as you stroke my cock into your mouth. Both of us moaning and panting as we bring each other closer and closer to cumming.

Reaching over, I grab your hair hard and forc my entire cock into your mouth and quickly yank your head free. You cough lightly with a gag as I say, “Enough.” Sliding my fingers from your ass I push you and roll you over. “It’s time to cum gorgeous, get on your bed on your knees.”

And as quickly as I say it, you roll off the bed and hop on yours. I grab your pillows and stuff them in front of you to scream into. I move behind you and slap your ass cheeks. Positioning my cock against your pussy, I poke you with just the tip. I smack your ass again then slip a finger in and out of your oiled ass as I say “Tell me Michelle, Tell me now.”

With a yelp and a moan you practically scream, “fuck me, please just fuck me Winn, let me cum and fuck me.” Before the last words even leave your mouth, I slide my entire length into you. I hear your scream loudly into the pillows, your body shaking hard as you instantly begin to cum. Your pussy begins milking my cock as your muscles contract with your orgasm. Through your moans and screams I hear you shouting, “yes, yes, yyyeessss, oh fuck.” over and over.

Since you finally found your orgasm I decide to make it even better. I grab a hold of your hips and pull you tight against me. You are almost falling off the bed as I grip your throat tightly and pull you even harder onto my throbbing cock. By now I begin pounding my cock into you. Your wet pussy feels so amazing as I begin fucking you for all I am worth. As if I didn’t think you were sexy before, you are blowing my mind with how hot you are as you cum.

With your throat in my right hand, I slap your ass hard with my left, then reach forward to pinch your nipple hard and quickly wrap my hand in your hair. Using your hair and throat as leverage, I pound my cock into you as hard as I can. “Cum for me Michelle, cum hard… Cum now… CUM NOW MICHELLE!!!” I yell as you begin screaming even louder and shaking even harder.

With my own orgasm now dangerously close I keep fucking you as you cum again and again. With each jolt of your orgasm, I feel your pussy contracting around me, your juices making us just a little wetter and your body shaking just a little harder. Even through the pillows, your orgasmic screams of passion are almost deafening. As the strongest of your orgasm waves hits you, I can feel your juices running like warm honey and dripping off my balls as they slap your clit violently.

Finally you can’t take anymore and reach back slapping my thigh. Rightly so I take it as a sign you need me to stop, that your body can’t handle any more pleasure. Gradually I ease my pace until I have all but stopped sliding in and out of you. My own orgasm is so close it feels as though at any moment I will explode.

I pull my cock from you and rest the tip against your tender asshole as I begin stroking it quickly. My hand is pounding my hardness as I press the wet head into your ass over and over. As my tip pushes through your anal ring, the feeling is finally too much for me and my orgasm crashes through my body. My cock swells just a little bit larger as my cum starts to explode just inside your ass.

You and I both moan loudly as my hot cum starts shooting into your heavenly asshole. Again and again and again my cock pulses as more of my sweet cum shoots. As I paint your insides with my sweet juices, it begins to leak around my cock and drip down onto your well fucked pussy. My whole body shaking as the final throws of passion hit me and my orgasm begins to subside.

Slowly, so I don’t hurt you I pull my softening cock from your deliciousness and drop to my knees. Hungrily I begin lapping up my cum, licking your pussy clean and sucking your sweet asshole dry. I collect it all in my mouth as I drain your body of every drop of our juices I can find. Rolling over, you sit up to face me and lean in to kiss my wet lips. Taking your head in my hands, I kiss you passionately. Our tongues fight as we share the tastiness of our combined passion. Kissing, tasting, enjoying, we share the wonderful blend of flavors that our spontaneous lust has created….

After a while we break our kiss and I ask you “Is that what you wanted Michelle? Is that what you needed? Did you ever think this guy would be able to do that to you when we met a few short weeks ago?”

With a smile on your face you laugh and say “Your stupid… … … I hate you,” with a wink.

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