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Swim Team Ch. 08

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The school year started with Gina and Mike eagerly looking forward to their final year of school. Mike ended up having a particularly heavy load of classes the first semester. He was short a few credits and wanted to make sure the final semester of his senior year would be fairly light.

From practically the first week of classes his schedule keep Mike very busy studying, working at the lab, or meeting kids from his classes to work on group projects. He and Dana managed to keep up their personal workouts in preparation for the coming swim season, but it wasn’t hard to see that the heavy class schedule was wearing him out.

Mike worked hard once the swim season started, but some of the magic from the previous year seemed to be missing. Dana knew it might be a result of his heavy class schedule, and she and the other coaches changed Mike’s training plan to get those last few percentage points of performance back. Unfortunately, nothing worked.

She and Gina also kept themselves in control and spent most of the swim season fucking each other exclusively so Mike could concentrate on his studies and training. Only occasionally would Mike join them for a wild, incestuous, three-way fuck.

Dana’s desire for a hard cock, and specifically for Mike’s hard cock, was left mostly unsatisfied all through the swim season. She occasionally toyed with the idea of renewing her relationships with Jack or Rick, but she decided it wouldn’t be right.

She guessed they would be more than willing, but she had seen both of them spending time with their girlfriends before and after practices and meets. What they had before was wild and fun, but she didn’t want to be the cause of breaking up their relationships by being the other woman.

Besides, Gina had committed herself to Mike and had stopped fucking other guys. Dana wanted to honor Gina’s commitment to her son by doing the same and not sleeping around. Also, Dana was afraid that if she started fucking other guys that one of them might somehow learn about her “arrangement” with Gina and Mike and expose their secret life. For the sake of Mike and Gina and for her own privacy she couldn’t risk that.

The season was a success for the team if less so for Mike individually. His personal results were still very good, but they didn’t quite match up to the incredible standard he set for himself the previous year. He did well enough to be an important part of the team’s solid season, but Dana knew Mike was disappointed that he wasn’t doing as well as the previous year. He handled his disappointment like a true leader and focused on doing whatever was best for the team and helped his teammates however he could. She was proud of the way he handled his disappointment like a real man.

The season ended, as usual, with the team’s end of season party. The night was wild and loud, but the loudest cheer of all came when Mike dropped to a knee in front of Gina and asked her to marry him. As shocked as Gina clearly was, Dana was equally surprised. She smiled widely when Gina happily said yes and the place erupted with cheering.

Dana slipped out of the party fairly soon after Mike’s big question. She wanted to stay and congratulate both Mike and Gina, but being around all those horny, excited guys in the drunken, testosterone-laden atmosphere of the party was more than she could resist. She was afraid if she stayed any longer she wouldn’t be able to stop herself if one of Mike’s teammates came on to her.

Back at the apartment Dana masturbated to relieve her pent up lust. It helped a little but she couldn’t wait to fuck Mike silly. She looked forward to being able to do that often now that the season, and Mike’s collegiate swimming career, were officially over. She changed and got into bed with a book figuring that Mike and Gina would be out very late celebrating their engagement.

Indeed, they did stay out very late. She heard them return and glanced at her bedside clock through sleepy eyes to see that it was nearly 4AM. She had been sound asleep and was only awakened by them talking excitedly and stumbling around the apartment drunkenly. The sounds and voices quickly moved to the other bedroom.

Dana imagined them tearing off each other’s clothes and getting ready to fuck. She knew she should leave them alone on this special night, but she couldn’t resist her horny curiosity. She quietly crept into the kitchen on her way toward Mike’s bedroom. She didn’t have to get very close to the door as they weren’t even trying to be quiet and had left the door open. Dana paused in the kitchen at the sound of her future daughter-in-law moaning wildly.

Before long the bed started creaking and it was obvious Mike and Gina were fucking. They both moaned often and the fuck soon became wild and frantic. The bed creaked loudly and bumped into the wall.

Just listening to them caused Dana’s fingers to find her excited clit. Dana leaned back against the kitchen wall and played with herself while listening to Mike and Gina fuck. The sounds from the bedroom reached a loud peak as they both came. Suddenly the house was washed in silence.

Dana bit her lip as she came to keep from moaning or crying out and gripped the counter to steady herself. When she finished cumming she crept back to her bedroom looking forward to giving the couple a special engagement congratulations the next night.

Since she had gone to bed fairly early, Dana was up long before either Mike or Gina and felt refreshed and well rested. She looked forward to throwing her own little celebration for Mike and Gina and hoped they didn’t already have plans for the night. She went out shopping and found they were still asleep when she returned.

Mike and Gina finally emerged from their room a while later. Dana greeted them excitedly and they talked about the engagement. They chatted about possible wedding dates and locations and Dana and Gina agreed that Mike’s announcement had been a complete surprise. Dana asked if they had any plans for that night and when they said they didn’t she told them that she wanted to give them a congratulatory evening.

In the early evening Dana prepared an elaborate dinner for the three of them. As they ate and talked Dana could practically feel an excited anticipation fill the room. She felt her own lust growing and she hoped she wasn’t just imagining the feeling in the room.

She knew some of her own excitement was caused by her choice of wardrobe for the night. She had selected a form fitting dress that dipped low between her tits. It revealed more than a little of her cleavage, especially when she leaned over. The dress came to about mid-thigh and underneath she wore only a very skimpy black thong and matching bra. It was complimented with a pair of high-heeled shoes to create what she knew was a “fuck me” look.

She was initially quite overdressed in comparison to Gina and Mike but Gina quickly suggested that she and Mike should get “dressed” for dinner. When they returned Mike had changed into a nice shirt and a pair of dress pants that really showed off his ass while Gina wore a dress similar to Dana’s. As dinner continued Dana wondered if Gina was wearing something similar underneath her dress.

However, as excited as she was by Gina it was Mike that drove Dana wild. She hadn’t fucked him now in over a month and she craved his cock and body. She stared excitedly at his ass whenever he got up and rubbed her hand against his thigh under the table a few times as they ate.

Gina cleared the dinner plates and Dana told them how proud she was of them and how happy she was to have Gina as her daughter-in-law. She turned to Mike and rested her hand on his thigh as she told him how proud she was of the man he had become. The tone of her voice changed as she spoke revealing a clear double meaning to her words.

She continued her slow seduction of Mike with her tone, her teasing choice of words with double meanings, and her soft touches on his arm and leg. She noticed him squirming slightly in his seat and hoped it was because his cock was getting hard. Gina finished clearing the dishes and Dana didn’t notice when Gina slipped out of the room. In fact, Dana only became aware of Gina when the younger woman moved behind her and purred sexily into her ear.

Dana gasped in surprise as Gina whispered, “I know how much you’ve been missing Mike. I can assure you that he feels the same way.” Dana groaned excitedly at the confirming words that Mike wanted her as much as she wanted him.

Dana gazed excitedly into Mike’s eyes and in the next moment they melted into a wild kiss. Their tongues danced and Dana groped at her son’s body. It seemed that every moment, every sensation was greatly amplified by her wild desire and by not having been able to do this for several weeks.

As this kiss continued Gina remained behind Dana softly caressing her. Both Gina and Mike guided Dana to her feet and together they removed her clothes. Dana moaned excitedly as the two sets of hands smoothly and eagerly pulled off her clothes. Their excitement at discovering her sexy bra and thong further heightened Dana’s lust. Eventually, they stripped her completely naked.

Two mouths and tongues joined the four hands in exploring, teasing, and caressing Dana’s naked body. Eventually they led Dana down the hallway to her bedroom and onto the bed. Dana’s inner thighs were already coated with her excited juices in hungry anticipation of what they were going to do to her.

The teasing hands and mouths returned to her body, and Dana moaned loudly as her lust built. Finally, Gina said, “Yes, do it. It’s what she wants.”

Mike crawled between Dana’s spread thighs and in the next moment he buried his rock hard cock deep inside her pussy. Mike moaned and Dana cried out in wild lust at the feeling of his cock inside her. It was the first time in many weeks her pussy felt truly full and satisfied.

Mike’s lust was obvious and he fucked her wildly. His eyes practically glazed over in a lust filled frenzy. Very soon Dana was bouncing wildly under the strength of Mike’s frantic thrusts.

Dana’s tits danced wildly across her chest and she clasped her hands together behind Mike’s neck. “Yes, harder, harder!” she encouraged in short bursts between his wild thrusts. She knew he couldn’t last long at this wild pace but she didn’t care. His cock felt so great that she could only think of the moment and how badly she wanted to feel his cum spraying inside her.

Probably because of his wild fuck the night before Mike lasted longer than Dana imagined possible. As their fuck reached its peak the headboard pounded against the wall and the springs of the bed creaked loudly. If their neighbors were home they would surely know someone was fucking, and Dana relished the nasty thought that they would never imagine she was fucking her son.

Finally, Mike lost his control and began cumming inside her. He grunted and pounded his cock back and forth inside her dripping wet pussy as he sent a series of thick, heavy jets of cum inside her. Dana had anticipated this moment so eagerly and Mike’s release was so wild and complete that she quickly felt her own orgasm approaching.

She grasped his lower back and pulled him forcefully toward her. She wanted to feel his cock completely inside her and wriggled her hips from side to side as his cock spurted out the last few jets of his cum.

Dana erupted into her own wild orgasm with a loud cry. The moment was so forceful and intense that Dana squeezed her eyes shut and saw stars. Her whole body rocked and the pleasure washed over her in waves.

She felt completely spent once she finished cumming. Mike dropped beside her and gasped for air as he tried to regain himself after their wild fuck. Dana would have been content to lay there and bask in the moment and in his arms, but no sooner had Mike moved beside her than Gina crawled over her.

Dana groaned excitedly. She had been so absorbed in fucking Mike that she had literally forgotten Gina was even in the room. She looked up and watched Gina’s naked body crawl over her. Gina immediately got into the 69 position on top of Dana and lapped wildly at Dana’s pussy.

Dana’s pussy was already incredibly wet with the combination of her own excited juices and Mike’s cum, but now it grew even wetter as Gina’s saliva added to the mix. Gina’s pussy felt just as wet as Dana’s as it settled down over Dana’s mouth and Dana explored and fucked it with her tongue.

Gina’s mouth felt incredible on her pussy, but in the wake of her strong orgasm Dana knew it would be a while before she was ready to cum again. Dana instead concentrated completely on Gina’s wet, excited pussy. Dana eagerly tongue fucked Gina and savored Gina’s wetness. After several long minutes of exploring and tongue fucking Dana concentrated on teasing Gina’s clit.

Dana knew exactly how to tease Gina’s clit and she used every trick she knew to drive Gina to the brink of her control. She let Gina hover there for a few moments before she triggered Gina’s long, hard orgasm.

When she finished cumming Gina rolled off Dana and turned around. The two women kissed and held each other excitedly. Again, a part of Dana felt content, but Gina’s teasing left her excited and she knew just what she wanted.

Dana parted her kiss with Gina and rolled toward Mike. Mike had stayed on the bed watching his mom and girlfriend in their excited 69. It was obvious that he enjoyed the show as his cock was already semi-hard.

Dana pushed him onto his back and immediately brought her mouth to his cock. She moaned from deep in her throat as she tasted her own juices on his still wet cock. Using her hands and mouth she brought his cock fully back to life and sucked him for a few more minutes. As nice as it would be to let him cum in her mouth she needed to feel him inside her again.

She let him pop out of her mouth and crawled over him straddling his cock. She lowered her pussy onto him and easily sank his full length inside her. She sat up straight over him and rode his cock.

Mike groaned and held her hips as Dana spent many long minutes expertly riding his cock. She occasionally ran her hands over his hairless, muscular chest and admired his smooth skin and sexy body. She knew just how to ride him to keep him in control and she made sure this fuck lasted for an incredibly long time. She had waited for this moment for so long that she didn’t want it to end. She wanted to fuck him until she was utterly exhausted and couldn’t possibly continue.

Eventually she worked herself into a healthy sweat and the muscles in her hips and back ached from the sweet strain of their fuck. Finally, Dana decided it was time. She allowed herself to teeter on the edge of her orgasm for a few more delicious minutes before she finally let it wash over her. She threw her head back and moaned deeply as she sat down firmly on Mike as her pussy danced around his cock.

When she finished cumming she crawled off Mike and positioned herself on her knees and elbows. Mike sprang off the bed and grasped her hips excitedly before plunging his cock into her pussy. Dana knew Mike loved to finish their fucks in this position and she moaned as he fucked her wildly. Her fuck had left him so excited that it only took a few minutes before he plunged his cock as far inside her as he could and came.

When Mike finally finished his long orgasm he pulled out of her pussy and dropped onto the bed. Dana fell forward and lay, completely exhausted, between her two lovers. The last thing Dana was aware of was Gina crawling around her so she could lay beside Mike. With Mike now between the two women Dana drifted off into a happy and deep sleep.

This was only the start of the rest of school year for the three of them. Ever since Gina had moved in they had lived as open lovers, but now things seemed even more intense and wild. Mike’s class schedule was a lot lighter and with the swim season finished they could freely and frequently satisfy their wild desires.

Mike and Gina talked often about the plans for their wedding. Dana joined right in and helped them with their plans. She felt that the two of them had a great relationship and she could tell they really cared for each other. She knew that their relationship was, to say the least, unconventional, but somehow she felt sure that Gina and Mike were meant to be together.

Gina and Mike reached another big decision about their future during this time. Gina was interested in attending graduate school and had received a great offer from a school that was strong in her field. After a lot of conversation they decided to go for it. Mike did some research and found that there were a lot of job opportunities in his field in the city where the college was located. He started applying for jobs and he soon found a position that would allow him to start right about the same time that Gina would start graduate school.

Since they would be moving a good distance away Mike and Gina decided they wanted to get married right away. All of their family and friends were nearby now and they decided to get married near the end of summer just before they moved. It wasn’t much time to plan a wedding and the three of them all worked hard to put it together.

Dana was very happy for both Gina and Mike but selfishly she felt a little sad. She knew that when they moved away it would naturally mean the end of their relationship. She always knew that what they had wouldn’t last forever, but now that she was facing the potential end she still felt a little sad.

Dana focused on enjoying every moment of the time they still had together thinking that it would end all too soon. She enjoyed their fucks now perhaps more than ever. She took her time and concentrated on every moment and detail of these fucks thinking that they would end soon. It all felt so much more intense now – the incredible taboo of fucking her son, the wild sensation of fucking her son’s fiancee, and the most incredible feeling of fucking them both at the same time – and she tried to memorize every moment and sensation.

Dana thoroughly enjoyed the first part of the summer and the last crazy few weeks before Mike and Gina’s wedding. As with the rest of their relationship, they planned the night before the wedding to be a little unconventional. Instead of the usual bachelor and bachelorette parties with friends they planned a “quiet” evening at home. Actually, Dana planned the evening for them.

Dana created a perfectly romantic, sensual evening for them. She knew that this might be the final time she would be with them since they would be moving away soon after they returned from their honeymoon. Dana didn’t know if they would want to continue like this after they were married or if they would simply be so busy packing and getting ready to move that they wouldn’t have another chance. Just in case, Dana wanted this night to be special.

After a wonderful, elegant meal the night was full of soft candlelight, gentle music, and tender, passionate foreplay and sex. Dana started with a bottle of massage oil and gave both of her lovers sensual, full body massages.

They returned the favor to Dana and she willingly gave herself completely to their lingering full body massage. By the time the night was over none of them had gotten much sleep at all. Instead, all three of them traded long, intense orgasms until very, very early in the morning.

They all got up early the next day to start preparations for the wedding. Even though they were all exhausted and completely drained none of them complained or minded at all. The wedding itself couldn’t have been more beautiful or fun. Gina made a truly stunning bride and Dana felt proud to have such a handsome, wonderful son. It was a near storybook wedding and reception that ended very late at night. Mike and Gina left several hours earlier for their hotel room, and Dana was one of the last people to leave the reception. She was happy that she had reserved a hotel room for the night so she didn’t have to worry about getting home.

Mike and Gina left for their honeymoon fairly early the next morning and so Dana didn’t get a chance to see them and wish them well before they left. They were flying to the Caribbean for five sunny days of lying on the beach and, undoubtedly, wild sex.

During this time Dana thought a lot about what she would do now that Mike and Gina would be moving away. The idea of staying in this apartment didn’t seem very appealing without Mike and Gina so she decided to finally get serious about buying a house. She figured it was probably time to buy a house, look for a part time job, and maybe find someone closer to her own age to date. In short, maybe it was time to start acting her age and live a “normal” life.

Dana tried not to dwell on it, but at times she couldn’t help but feel sad that things were ending with Gina and Mike. She thought about how everything had started as just a simple fantasy in her mind. At the time it seemed so taboo and unbelievable, but now she had actually lived out things that were far more forbidden and taboo than those first fantasies. She tried to focus instead on feeling happy for Mike and Gina and their new life together.

A few days later Dana greeted the newlyweds at the airport and they went to a restaurant for dinner. Mike and Gina told Dana all about their trip. They both looked very tanned and rested and it wasn’t hard to see the happy, contented smiles of two people who had spent a lot of time fucking.

When they returned to the apartment they talked more and opened some wine. Finally Mike said that he and Gina had something to tell her. From the way he said it and his body language this seemed like it might be something really important. Dana’s mind raced as she tried to guess what they were about to say. She thought that maybe they were going to say that Gina was pregnant, but instead what Mike said was so unbelievable she had to ask him to say it again.

“We did a lot of talking on our honeymoon,” Mike summarized, “and we want you to move with us.”

“I know it sounds crazy,” Gina added, “but this time living together has been so amazing we just don’t want it to end. Please say you’ll move with us.”

Dana’s heart jumped and her pussy tingled excitedly. This was beyond anything she could have ever guessed. Never did she think they would ask her to move with them. However, as excited as she was, she felt like she had to make sure they had really thought about it. She asked if they were sure. She said that they had just gotten married and, as much as she too had loved their time living together, this would be a chance for them to have a normal married life.

“We don’t want normal,” Gina answered, “we want what we already have. We want this to continue for as long as it can.”

Dana still couldn’t let herself fully believe this was happening. She looked at Mike and asked, “Really?”

Mike took her hand and answered, “Yes. I, we, love you. Living together like this makes us very happy and we don’t want it to end. Please say you’ll move with us.”

Dana was so excited and surprised by this that she broke down in tears as she said that she wanted nothing more than to move with them. She hugged them both tightly and told them that she loved them. The hugs advanced to kisses and the three of them soon made their way to Dana’s bedroom.

Dana felt reborn and recharged as she traded long, deep kisses with them. They pulled off each other’s clothes until they lay in an excited tangle of naked bodies on the bed as their wild kissing and caressing continued. Dana had fully expected that the fuck before their wedding night would be their last, and to now suddenly be with them again and to be facing the idea of moving with them and continuing their wild affair was exciting beyond belief.

Dana wanted to show them both how much she loved them and right now that meant she wanted to make them both cum. She started by crawling between Gina’s tanned thighs. Gina’s pussy was already incredibly wet even before Dana licked it. Dana slowly and passionately licked and teased Gina’s pussy for a long time before Gina burst into a long, deep orgasm that rocked the bed from the power of her body shuddering.

When Gina finished cumming Dana turned to Mike and gazed wildly at his rock hard cock. His tip was already soaked with his pre cum and Dana swirled her tongue around his tip to collect the clear, slippery fluid. Mike was so excited by watching Dana suck Gina’s pussy that it only took a few minutes of Dana’s hungry blowjob before he moaned and filled her mouth with a big load of his cum.

Dana hungrily swallowed his cum and kept sucking and licking his cock for several minutes after he finished cumming. She would have continued for longer except Gina pulled her away from Mike’s cock and guided her onto her back.

Gina met Dana with a long, deep kiss and their tongues wrestled excitedly. Dana knew that Gina would be able to taste hew new husband’s cum in her mouth and it seemed this only drove Gina more wild with lust.

Eventually Gina parted their kiss and dropped her mouth to Dana’s excited tits. As Gina’s lips wrapped around one of Dana’s stiff nipples Mike moved between Dana’s legs and brought his mouth to her pussy. They very quickly had Dana teetering on the brink of an orgasm. The final straw for Dana was when Gina kissed her way down and joined Mike at her pussy. With Gina’s skilled lips and tongue teasing her clit and Mike’s tongue shoved deep inside her pussy Dana was no longer able to resist cumming. She clutched at the sheets and let her powerful orgasm take control. The room seemed to spin and the orgasm felt like it lasted for hours.

She didn’t know if she blacked out or just became so engrossed in her pleasure that she lost track of her surroundings, but the next thing Dana knew Gina was beside her. The two women were lying side by side on their backs. Dana gazed down between Gina’s spread thighs and watched Mike slowly fuck her. Dana and Mike made eye contact for a moment and Dana gasped as Mike pulled his rock hard cock out of Gina and moved over to between her spread legs. With a slow, steady stroke Mike drove his cock inside his mom’s pussy and Dana groaned in ecstasy.

As they fucked Gina sat up and then crawled on top of Dana. Their tits pressed tightly together and their mouths met in a long, intense kiss. Soon after Gina settled on top of her Mike pulled his cock out of Dana. He readjusted his position and Gina groaned happily.

Dana realized that Mike was now fucking Gina as Gina lay over her. Dana wrapped her arms around Gina and caressed her ass and back. She could feel Mike’s thrusts through the way Gina’s body rocked over her and even though he wasn’t inside her it still felt somehow like she was a part of the fuck. Dana marveled at Mike’s control as he moved his cock back and forth between the two wet pussies for a long, long time. Dana lost track of the number of times he slipped out of her pussy only to return a few minutes later.

Eventually Mike couldn’t hold out any longer and he came inside Gina’s pussy. Dana longed to feel his cum filling her pussy, but she excitedly realized that she would have many more opportunities to feel that in the future. Once Mike’s orgasm was done Dana decided that if she couldn’t feel his cum inside her pussy then at least she could taste it inside Gina’s.

She whispered what she wanted into Gina’s ear and Gina gracefully spun around before settling over Dana in the 69 position. Dana immediately drove her tongue into Gina’s pussy and felt the warm, thick combination of Mike’s cum and Gina’s excited juices seeping out onto her mouth and face. She drank in their combined taste and savored every moment of licking and teasing Gina’s pussy.

For the second time Dana felt Gina’s pussy spasm and twitch as Gina’s orgasm played out with Dana’s mouth on her pussy. Just seconds after Gina’s orgasm passed its peak Gina teased Dana’s clit perfectly and Dana burst into a long, satisfying orgasm.

When Dana finished cumming Gina spun around again and the two women traded a series of long, slow kisses. Mike soon joined them and all three caressed and kissed each other as they laughed happily about how they’d be able to do this often at their new place.

The rest of the summer passed in a wild blur of moving plans. Dana had been preparing for Mike and Gina moving away, but she certainly hadn’t planned on moving herself along with them. They quickly changed their moving plans to include Dana and Dana immediately set to work finding them someplace to live.

Dana talked to the newlyweds and she offered to use her savings to buy them a house. Mike and Gina had planned on finding a rental apartment, but with the situation now it somehow felt right to Dana that they should have a house. After all, Mike and Gina were married and might be starting a family before too long, so perhaps the extra room of a house would be a good thing. Besides, Dana knew that having a house would be a great investment for the young couple. Her own financial advisor had been bugging her for years to reinvest in a house instead of “wasting” her money on rent. Now she knew the time was right to buy a house and share the benefits with Gina and Mike.

Between planning, packing, and working with her Realtor to find a house, Dana barely had time to think about just how crazy and wonderful this turn of events was. In just a few weeks she had gone from knowing that Gina and Mike were moving away and the end of their amazing affair to the realization that this wasn’t the end at all. Instead, this was just another chapter in this unbelievable story. Now, however, Dana felt like this wasn’t just a crazy phase or experiment by the two kids. They had time to talk things over and they decided, without any input or prodding from her, that they wanted to continue with Dana.

During all the craziness of packing and preparing to move Dana, Mike, and Gina did have time for a few discussions that seemed simultaneously crazy and yet necessary. One night over dinner they talked about whether they should hide the fact that Dana was Mike’s mom after they moved. They reasoned that nobody in their new city would know them and they could possibly just pass themselves off as roommates.

This idea initially excited Dana as she knew that it would mean they would be able to be a little more open with their affair. The idea of being able to publicly display her affection for Mike and Gina was exciting. She knew they would still need to be discreet as it would still look odd to have a young married couple obviously fooling around with a much older woman, but still it would remove the incest taboo.

Ultimately, they decided that they wouldn’t hide the fact that Dana was Mike’s mom. Dana reasoned that eventually it was likely to be discovered somehow and by trying to hide it they might cause lots of problems for themselves. They decided that the best course of action was simply to be honest outside the house and keep their true relationship behind closed doors.

Dana knew this would be even easier when she got the great news from her Realtor. It turned out that the housing market in their new city was not nearly as expensive as their current city and so with her savings Dana was able to afford a much bigger house. On the advice of her Realtor and financial advisor she bought a bigger house than she figured they needed simply as an investment. The house was in a great, up and coming neighborhood and so it looked a sure bet to increase significantly in value over the coming years.

With a house this big it would be completely feasible for a mother to live with her son and new wife and not raise any eyebrows. It would be very believable that Dana would have her own portion of the house and that they would be living independently even if the real truth was very different.

The day of the move arrived quickly and Dana, Mike, and Gina watched as the movers added their belongings from the apartment to the stuff Dana had in storage that had already been loaded on the truck. By the time the movers left they were left with only a few suitcases that they easily loaded into the cab that took them to the airport.

The trucks would take a few days to arrive and so after their flight landed they planned a little mini-vacation to get to know their new city. They had a few meetings to finalize things with the house and to get things in order for Gina’s graduate school and Mike’s new job, but neither Mike nor Gina needed to start for a couple of weeks so they had plenty of time to relax.

Through Mike’s new job they found a great rate on a small suite at a hotel. The company couldn’t help with the moving costs, but they did a lot of business with this hotel and so had negotiated a great rate so the three of them would have someplace to stay until their stuff arrived.

The cab ride to the airport was fast and uneventful. They arrived at the airport just early enough to grab a bite to eat and stock up on some new magazines before they boarded the plane.

Unfortunately, they hadn’t been able to get three seats together and so Dana volunteered to take the single seat so Mike and Gina could sit together. Dana ended up about three rows behind the other two and happily the guy sitting next to her slept most of the flight.

Dana took a few naps also but, as she stared out the window at the big, puffy white clouds beneath the airplane, she used this relatively quiet time to reflect on everything that had happened in her life. Not even five years ago she was stuck in a dead end, lifeless marriage to a guy who had checked out of their relationship long before the divorce was ever final. It seemed funny now that Dana was almost thankful for the slutty secretary who had started fucking her husband. If it hadn’t been for her and the resulting affair she might still be stuck with Todd.

Instead she was now in the midst of the most amazing, unbelievable relationship she could ever have dreamed. Even in her wildest times in college she would never have guessed that she would end up, at 40 years old, living in a very open relationship with a couple almost 20 years younger than her.

She had been in the relationship for a while now, but somehow this step of moving across the country and into a house together felt more formal and made everything feel more real. Maybe it was just the college atmosphere before, but somehow Dana had always convinced herself that things were ultimately just a wild fling that couldn’t last. Now, however, she began to think otherwise.

The idea of the coming years filled with being able to fuck Mike and Gina made her pussy ache. With all the hectic, last minute details of the move they hadn’t fucked in nearly a week. Dana couldn’t wait to get to the hotel so she could fuck them both long and hard.

Her mind then wandered to memories of fucking Gina and Mike. She thought about Gina’s tits and the way they felt under her tongue and how she loved the strong taste of Gina’s pussy. She thought about Mike and his rock hard cock and strong, lean body. Thinking of sucking his cock filled her with that now familiar thrill at the realization that she was her son’s lover.

Aside from the unbelievable situation of being in an open, three-way relationship, the fact that the other two people were her own son and her daughter-in-law made everything more crazy, taboo, and wildly exciting. Never, even at the height of her relationship with Todd, had a man had such a strong physical effect on her as Mike. At first she assumed it was just because of the knowledge they were committing incest, but the feeling lingered even to this day. Dana wondered if there wasn’t something more. Perhaps there was some deeper physical or spiritual connection between them that only a mother and son could feel. Perhaps their fucking intensified this connection. Whatever the cause, she knew that she would gladly keep fucking Mike for the rest of her life.

The fact that Mike had married someone as wonderful and amazing as Gina was another thing that amazed Dana. Dana marveled at how Gina could be so open and accepting of Mike and Dana. There was no doubt that Gina was powerfully turned on by the fact that Mike and Dana were lovers. This, combined with Gina being an incredibly nice and sweet woman that Dana genuinely liked and Gina being an amazing lover, was clearly more than Dana could have ever hoped or dreamed of.

After all that had happened the past few years Dana wondered where the future would take them. Her mind filled with visions of fucking Mike and Dana in every room of their big, new house and of making that a habit over the coming years. Her mind also filled with other possible visions of the future and she happily gazed out of the window pondering all that might happen in their new house and in their new life together.

The next thing Dana knew Mike was beside her on the nearly empty airplane. She had fallen sound asleep and managed to sleep through the landing and exiting of most of the other passengers. As if Mike could read her thoughts from the flight he extended his hand to her and said, “Come on, are you ready to start our new life here?”

Dana smiled happily as she took his hand and replied, “Absolutely.” If the future was anything like the past four years she knew it would be impossible to guess what might happen, but as long as she was with Mike and Gina and a part of this crazy, wonderful relationship she knew everything would be just fine.

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