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Look But Don’t Touch?

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Knowing glances across the room. A smile as your eyes meet. A quiet hello as you pass in the hall. A flirtatious wink of the eye as you catch him watching you walk away. Innocent flirtation is how it all begins. So it did for Jack & Sara.

Jack had worked many years for the advertising agency which made its home on the top 5 floors of a major high rise along the lakeshore in Chicago and had seen numerous executives, both male and female, come and go. However, Jack had never seen anyone like Sara before.

Sara carried herself with a professional confidence. She dressed sexy, yet tasteful and appropriate for the corporate world. Jack had noticed Sara immediately the first day she started working and he wasn’t the only one. In the first month there, quite a few people and not just the men had hit on Sara, either. She was amazed by how many times some hot, young number would approach her in the woman’s bathroom. Flattered as she was, she always turned them down. After all, this was work and she had to keep things professional.

During the first six months they worked together, Jack and Sara only saw each other occasionally, working on different floors in different departments, but when they did see each other, there were always smiles and pleasant hellos between them.

Sara loved Jack’s dark eyes. He was a handsome man in his early 40’s with slightly graying, dark brown hair. Jack wasn’t tall, but was confident, both with his professional demeanor and as a sexual being. He kept himself fit, but wasn’t a hard-core weight lifter, and Sara loved his wonderfully tight ass.

Sara was a beautiful brunette, late 30’s with long shapely legs, a nice ass and voluptuous breasts. She was very smart and had made her way up the corporate ladder in a short period of time. Although she wasn’t satisfied with her position in the agency, Sara was patient and would wait for her opportunity to move up.

Sara and Jack began their flirtatious dance after Sara had been at the company for around 12 months. They shared small talk during presentations and occasionally discussed personal matters such as movies, music & sometimes even sex during some shared lunches. One afternoon in particular, Sara was sitting with some of her female co-workers at lunch while Jack sat across the room with a couple of the other VP’s. She caught his eyes and directed him to look below the table. While sitting there eating and conversing with her friends, Sara, uncrossed and crossed her legs slowly a few times, inching her skirt up her thighs, until Jack could clearly make out her lacy white panties. Jack almost couldn’t keep up his end of the conversation, being so distracted by Sara’s thighs and panties. Laughing, she just winked at Jack and they went back to finish their lunches.

That afternoon, in the elevator Sara happened to be on her way up to Jack’s floor to meet with a couple of the other executives, when Jack got on after her, gave a polite smile and hello and stood just in front of her on the ride up. More people got on the elevator and soon Jack stood slightly to the right, but still in front of Sara. With her heart beating loud enough she thought everyone would hear it, she slowly eased her right hand forward and cupped Jack’s left cheek of his ass. Shocked by the touch on his ass, Jack covered his shock by coughing and glancing back and to his left, to see Sara smiling with a devilish grin and a wicked glint in her eyes. Jack didn’t say a word, just continued to stand where he was and allow Sara to cop a feel. Sara didn’t just quickly fondle his ass though, but slowly stroked his cheek, paying careful attention to not get noticed. Damn his ass felt fine, she thought, as the elevator finally arrived at their floor. Jack walked off and headed straight for his office, while Sara continued on to her meeting.

Sitting in his office, Jack couldn’t believe Sara’s actions. She was becoming very bold and he knew she was very sexually confident, one of the main reasons he was attracted to her. There is something intrinsically attractive about a sexually confident woman. As he sat there, he wondered how far she would be willing to go and to what end was she willing to play. Jack had to work this just right as he sat back and got his mind adjusted back to work.

It had been more than a week since Sara had grabbed Jack’s ass in the elevator and shown him her panties and Jack and Sara had seen little of each other at work. Jack was one of the first on the elevator that morning and Sara gave him a cheerful “good morning” as she joined him and a handful of others on their way up to work. Sara turned and stood in front of Jack facing the elevator doors and as more people entered the elevator she was soon pressed up against him.

As the elevator began its assent, Sara pushed herself backwards, resting her ass comfortably against Jack’s groin. Jack looked around at the others in the elevator and not seeing anyone else notice, lowered his right hand to Sara’s hip and pushed his hardening member further against her ass. Wow, he feels wonderful thought Sara as she began to get wet. Jack continued to push himself against her. There in the elevator with others around them, Sara slowly ground herself back and forth against Jack’s hardness. Sara closed her eyes and leaned back further into Jack as his right hand continued to caress her hip and ass. Soon the elevator was at Sara’s floor and she had to tear herself away from Jack and wind her way to the elevator doors. Jack moved his briefcase in front of him to hide his erection as the elevator continued to his floor.

Sara made her way to her office smiling and greeted everyone with a pleasant good morning. She quickly closed her door and sat down in her chair. Behind her desk she sat and found herself wanting Jack, still feeling him pressed up behind her. She slid her hands up under her skirt and found her panties soaked. Sliding her fingers inside her panties, Sara slowly slid two fingers up and down her slit and stopping at her clit, ground her fingers in a circle. She had never been this turned on at work, but realized she needed to get control and focus back on work.

Jack had a very difficult time making his way to his office due to his erection, but somehow made it as he settled down and began to focus on work. His assistant, Kelly knocked on the door and instantly he regained his composure.

“Come on in Kelly”, Jack said as his assistant entered his office, “and good morning”.

“Good morning, Jack,” Kelly replied as she handed him some interoffice mail and memo’s. “You have a 10 o’clock meeting with Steve this morning, but your afternoon is wide open.” she continued. “Is there anything that needs attention first thing this morning,” Kelly asked.

“No, I think I’m all set for my 10 o’clock, but I’ll let you know if anything comes up,” replied Jack.

Jack had needed to relieve the pressure in his pants, but now forced himself back to focusing on work. Checking his emails and messages, Jack noticed an email from Sara and immediately his thoughts turned to that hot ass of hers pressed against him in the elevator. Wondering what she had in mind for the day, he opened the email from her.

“Nice crowded elevator this morning. Hope you have a wonderful day. Sara.” Is all it read? What was she up to, thought Jack.

Jack decided to send Sara an inter office mail package with some special instructions. Let’s see how much she’s willing to play today, thought Jack as he called for Kelly.

“Please deliver this to Sara in marketing”, he asked Kelly as he handed her the package.

“Right away,” said Kelly as she headed towards the elevator.

Kelly delivered the package to Sara directly and headed back upstairs to get back to work.

Sara sat the package down and continued to work on a proposal. However, her mind wandered and she opened the package from Jack. In it was a single note.

“Wondering what you have in mind for the day? Hoping that the elevator ride turned you on as much as you know it did me. Place your panties in the envelope and return them to me. Make sure they are damp from this morning. Hope this isn’t too aggressive? Jack.” Read the note.

What am I doing? Thought Sara; but once again, her hands wandered down to her legs and up her skirt to her panties. This time she used her fingers more aggressively and pressed her panties harder into her pussy, causing more of her juice to spill into her panties. Once good and damp, she carefully slid them down and off her legs and quickly slid them into an envelope then into the inter-office envelope to be returned to Jack.

Sara called for Amy to come and get a package to be delivered back to Jack. “Thanks, Amy”, said Sara as she handed the package to her assistant. Amy immediately made her way to the elevator and upstairs to Jack’s office, where she handed the package back to Jack’s assistant Kelly.

Jack wasn’t at his desk, but Kelly placed the package on his desk and watched Amy as she walked back to the elevator. Amy has a really nice ass, which Kelly had noticed before, and Kelly smiled as Amy turned and waved back at her before the elevator doors closed.

Jack returned to his desk a couple of minutes later to find the returned package from Sara. He turned and closed the door, before opening the inter-office envelope. He reached in and pulled out the envelope inside with a smile on his face. Hoping she had placed her panties inside, Jack opened the envelope and was greeted with the wonderful musky scent of Sara’s pussy as he pulled out her panties. They were a small, lacy pink thong and the crotch was still moist. Jack wanted to pull them to his nose and inhale, but didn’t want to get caught by Kelly or anyone else coming into his office, so he quickly put them back into the envelope and placed the envelope into his bottom drawer of his file cabinet at his desk. Kelly buzzed in on the phone and reminded Jack about his 10 o’clock.

“Thanks, Kelly,” Jack responded into the intercom and he gathered his material and proceeded to his meeting with Steve.

As Jack left for his meeting with Steve, Kelly noticed his face was flush and he seemed worked up. She decided she’d try and find that envelope from Sara once Jack left for the day.

Kelly wondered what had upset Jack so much as she watched him hurry off to his meeting. She wondered what Sara had sent him in that envelope and her curiosity got the better of her. Beyond her best judgment, Kelly walked into Jack’s office and did a quick look around the room to see if she could see the envelope, but didn’t. So, looking behind her to see that Jack was gone, Kelly ventured further into her bosses office and began searching his desk for the envelope.

Finally finding it in the bottom file drawer, behind some other files, Kelly hesitated and looked out of Jack’s office to see if anyone was watching her. Jack would be in his meeting with Steve for at least an hour, but she didn’t want to get caught. Seeing that everyone was pretty much working and not noticing anything out of the ordinary, she opened the envelope and found the other envelope inside. Kelly pulled out that envelope and proceeded to open it. Its contents fell into her lap. It was a ladies pink thong! Kelly knew they had to be Sara’s because her assistant Amy delivered the envelope. Still curious, Kelly looked around and quickly brought the thong to her nose and inhaled Sara’s wonderful scent. Damn, she smells hot, thought Kelly, but quickly put the thong & envelope back into the inter-office envelope, then back in the drawer.

Kelly returned to her desk and tried to focus on work, but she couldn’t get Sara’s scent or the thought that a hot woman like Sara was walking around the office without her panties on. Her bare pussy exposed to the open air. Kelly was too turned on to get any work done and although she considered herself heterosexual, she definitely had some bi-sexual thoughts & fantasies. Her pussy was damp and required some immediate attention. Damn, she thought, why didn’t I pack my vibe, as she practically ran to the women’s bathroom on the floor?

The elevator doors opened and Amy saw Kelly quickly walking away from her desk. What’s her hurry, thought Amy, as she quickened her pace to follow Kelly.

Kelly reached the bathroom furthest away from anyone and quickly checked the other stalls, before jumping into one, quickly locking the door and dropping her skirt to the floor. Her hands a mind of their own as she slid her right hand into her panties and buried two fingers into her wet pussy. She was soaked. With her other hand, Kelly massaged her right breast, pinching her nipple as she quickly pumped her fingers in and out of her wetness. Lost in the rapture of fucking herself, Kelly didn’t hear the door open and shut, until she heard a voice call out.

“Kelly, you ok?” Oh shit, that’s Amy, thought Kelly. How did she find me?

As if reading her mind, “Sara asked that I come up and speak with you about some files from Jack, so, when I saw you walking away from your desk, I just followed you.” Spoke Amy.

“You were in a pretty big hurry, are you alright?” she asked again.

“Yes”, Kelly weakly answered her. “Not feeling too well, that’s all.” She lied.

“Funny,” mocked Amy, “sounded more like you were feeling really well.”

“Is there anything that I could help you with?” she asked, standing at the door to the stall. “I’ll lock the bathroom door, if you’d like,” asked Amy, pleading with Kelly, as she walked over and locked the bathroom door.

Upon hearing Amy lock the door, Kelly unlocked the stall door and stood there with her hand still buried in her panties. “Need some help?” Amy again offered as she stepped into the stall and wrapped her arms around Kelly, kissing her passionately while pushing her up against the stall partition.

Kelly returned the kiss, as if she’d never been kissed before. Realistically speaking, Kelly had never been kissed like this by anyone, ever, especially another woman. Amy devoured Kelly’s lips and quickly their tongues danced around each other. As the kiss continued, Amy reached for Kelly’s hand in her panties and stopping the kiss, brought Kelly’s fingers to her mouth. Amy slowly, opened her mouth and licked Kelly’s sex off her fingers and gently sucked them both further into her mouth.

“My god, Amy, that feels so good. My pussy is so wet & I need to cum really bad.” Kelly moaned.

“I would have guessed that by the way you practically ran to the bathroom,” responded Amy with a wicked grin. “Guess, I’ll have to take care of your pussy for you,” she continued as she squatted down before Kelly.

Amy reached out and pulled down Kelly’s black panties, exposing her cleanly shaved, dripping pussy. Amy leaned in and thrust her tongue into Kelly’s moist lips, licking up towards her clit. She knew Kelly was close to orgasm and needed to cum fast. Amy continued to lick up and down Kelly’s slit as her juices leaked profusely down her inner thighs.

“Yessss, Amy, lick my pussy,” hissed Kelly as she put her hands on the back of Amy’s head and tried to get more of her talented tongue inside her.

Amy spread Kelly’s lips and thrust two of her fingers up inside her and quickly clamped her lips down on Kelly’s clit. Sucking hard, Amy quickly pumped her fingers in and out of Kelly. Kelly’s eyes were closed and she was grinding herself down hard on Amy’s hand and finally with a guttural moan she came, harder than she had in a long time.

As Kelly came back down from her orgasm, Amy stood, straightened her skirt and softly kissed Kelly’s sexy mouth. It was a very soft sensuous kiss that felt like they had been lovers forever.

“So, what got you so worked up, you just had to run off and rub one off?” asked Amy, curiously.

“You won’t believe me if I told you,” replied Kelly, “plus if I tell you, Jack might fire me, and I can’t lose this job, he is too good to work for,” she continued.

“Did it have anything to do with the package from Sara, this morning?” asked Amy, with interest. She knew Jack & Sara had a thing for each other and that they had been flirting with each other lately, like a couple of horny teenagers. “Sara was in a very good mood this morning when she first arrived. Then a package from Jack comes down and she returns the package back to Jack fairly quick. She looked a little flushed when she gave it to me…kind of like you look, now.” Amy concluded.

“What was in the envelope, Kelly?” asked Amy, again, but more sternly this time.

“Sara’s pink thong” Kelly responded in a whisper. “And they smelled so hot; I got really turned on thinking of her rubbing her pussy through her panties, so I guess I needed to get off.” She continued.

“That little slut!” exclaimed Amy. “Who does she think she is just giving her panties away without permission?” She was ticked.

“But she’s your supervisor, Amy. How can you act like that?” asked Kelly.

Amy looked at Kelly and realized she said more than she should of. “Never mind, Sara and I will discuss the situation. I’m sorry I got so upset. I better get back to work before she wonders where I am.”

Amy left Kelly to straighten herself up, unlocked the bathroom door and headed back down to her desk, forgetting about the files she was supposed to get.

Jack left his meeting with Steve, pleased with not only the meeting and its content, but also with himself. It was lunchtime and Jack hoped he’d run into Sara. Rounding the corner, Jack had to stop short of running head first into Sara, as she herself was hurrying to the café.

“Oh, excuse me.” Jack offered, as he smiled at Sara. “Guess we are both kind of in a hurry”, he stated.

“Yes, well, I was coming to look for you,” said Sara. “We need to discuss the marketing project from last weeks meeting.” Sara handed him an envelope, which read Do Not Bend Photos, as she gave him a sly wink and devilish little smile.

“Is this something we need to go over together, or should I review this and get back to you?” asked Jack.

“It’s not important for us to look at them together; in fact, I’d rather have your honest opinion, once you have a chance to look the preview over.” Sara said and turned to leave.

“When would be a good time to get together to discuss them?” asked Jack. “Later this afternoon or can it wait till tomorrow?”

“Whenever you have some free time on your hands,” Answered Sara as the elevator doors closed in front of her.

Jack returned to his office with the envelope and asked Kelly to hold his calls; he didn’t want to be disturbed. Jack closed the door to his office and took a deep breath, walked to his desk and sat down in his chair. He quickly checked his email and noticed an email from Sara from earlier.

The email read, “Jack, hope you enjoyed the package from this morning. I couldn’t keep from thinking about your response. In fact, I had a difficult time focusing on anything else. Guess I’ll have to take care of things before getting back to work. I might even have to send you the results. Take care.” Her email ended with a little smiley face.

Jack couldn’t open the envelope fast enough. In it was a floppy disk with a sticky note, “Enjoy, you can tell I did!” Jack slid the disk into his computer and clicked on his Explorer, finding the correct drive; he double clicked and opened its contents. There were four digital photos and he clicked on the first one with great enthusiasm.

The first picture was of Sara’s panty-less pussy, or at least he assumed it was Sara. She had a small patch of hair just above her slit, but was clean-shaven everywhere else. Her lips were slightly puffy and Jack could make out a slight bit of moisture as he stared at her pussy. The next picture Jack clicked on showed Sara’s hand spreading her lips and exposing her clit. Jack had seen pussy before, however, he’d never seen one so beautiful, so close, and yet so out of reach.

The third picture on the disc was one Jack was hoping to see. There buried to the hilt with lips spread wide were two of Sara’s fingers. He could clearly see how turned on she was by the moisture dripping down her slit towards her ass. Jack was incredibly turned on, but the fourth picture took his breath away. Without giving away who was in the picture, this last picture showed a wonderfully sexy mouth wrapped around the two fingers, which were only moments before inside her pussy. Jack finished viewing the pictures and ejected the disk from his computer and dropped it in the envelope containing Sara’s thong.

Jack had a difficult time making it from his desk to the bathroom with a raging hard on, but he managed and soon had his right hand wrapped around that erection, stroking quickly and with his eyes closed he imagined Sara on her knees her moist lips wrapped around his cock. With his left hand keeping a steady grip on the toilet partition, his stroking increased and his balls tightened. It didn’t take long and he was soon shooting his load into the toilet in front of him. Relieved from the strain against his pants, Jack adjusted his clothes & made his way back to his office. Passing by his assistant, Kelly, he noticed she seemed to be smiling knowingly to herself about something.

“Is there something you’d like to share, Kelly?” asked Jack, curiously.

“No, Jack, sorry, just read something funny from Amy,” Replied Kelly.

“Isn’t that Sara’s assistant?” Jack asked.

“Yes, her and I are friends, both here and not at work,” answered Kelly. “That’s not against company policy or anything isn’t?” she asked with a wink.

“No, of course not,” answered Jack, “although, maybe it should be, young lady!”

Kelly just smiled and went back to work, shooting off a quick email to Amy about Jack running to the bathroom with what looked like a massive erection. However, work continued as usual and the day finally came to an end without any further exciting encounters.

The next day couldn’t start soon enough for Jack. His mind was working overtime last night trying to figure out the next step in his flirtatious escapade with Sara and how much he should pressure her, after all, some people had been fired for less sexual harassment than what had already happened between the two of them. He needed to proceed carefully.

A couple of meetings first thing in the morning kept Jack’s mind on work, however, returning to his office just before lunch, Jack saw Amy leaving Kelly’s desk after dropping off an interoffice envelope.

“Good morning Jack,” greeted Amy as she passed him on her way to the elevator.

“Good morning Amy,” replied Jack, “is Sara busy this afternoon?” he asked.

“No, I think her schedule if fairly open and flexible this afternoon,” answered Amy. “Should I have her call you later?” she asked.

“No,” replied Jack. “I’ll give her a call this afternoon, probably just after lunch. Thanks, though.” He finished as the elevator doors closed between him and Amy.

Jack thought how lucky Sara was to have such a bright, sexy assistant working for her. Speaking of bright sexy assistants, Jack wondered where Kelly was, not seeing her at her desk. Jack returned to his office to check his messages and verify his schedule for this afternoon. Sitting down at his desk, Jack noticed the bottom drawer of his file cabinet was not shut all the way. Opening the drawer, he also noticed the envelope containing the thong and disk was sitting wide open in the back of the drawer. He knew he didn’t leave it like that and wondered who had been in his files.

Kelly had returned to her desk and appeared slightly disheveled, so Jack called her into the office. “Yes, Jack?” she asked as she stood in the doorway.

“Come on in and close the door behind you, please.” He asked Kelly and she sat down nervously.

“Is everything ok?” Jack asked Kelly. “You look slightly flustered or upset.”

Kelly looked away from Jack, and responded, “No, I’m fine, just a little tired or something,” she lied.

Jack wondered, “Are you sure you’re ok?” he asked again. “There’s something I’d like to ask you, but I want an honest answer.” He continued, “We have a really good work relationship, don’t we?” Jack asked Kelly.

“Yes, Jack, you’re great to work for and easy to get along with.” She answered. Not to mention very easy on the eyes, she thought to herself. However, she did start to squirm in her seat, wondering what Jack was getting at.

“Well, as I said, I’d like an honest answer, so, did you happen to find anything of interest in the back of my bottom file drawer?” Jack asked her directly.

She was caught and she knew she shouldn’t lie to Jack.

“Yes, I did & I couldn’t help myself. They smelled so hot and it turned me on so much, I had to take care of myself. However that was yesterday, and you had all those meetings this morning, so I thought I’d take another look and found the disk with the pictures. God they are fantastic & I couldn’t help myself and again had to rub one off in the ladies room.” She babbled on. “I’m so sorry & god, this is really embarrassing,” she quietly said as she looked at Jack with tears welling up in her eyes.

Jack sat back in his chair, taking a moment to think about this whole situation. On one hand, his assistant had been sticking her nose where it didn’t belong, however, here was his hot, young sexy assistant admitting she masturbated at work and found Sara’s panties and pictures a turn-on, not that he could blame her for that.

With that, Jack relaxed, “Kelly, it’s ok; I know you were only doing your job to begin with, however, you did go through my files without my knowledge. I understand your fascination with the items in question and share in that fascination, which is why I’m not going to report that anything happened. We’ll both just forget about this and continue to work together as professionals. Is that clear?”

Kelly looked at him with her beautiful brown eyes and smiled. She had another thought. “Yes, Jack, that sounds fine, however, since we share this interest, is there anything I can help you with?” she asked him.

“What did you have in mind, Kelly?” Jack asked her curiously.

“I think Sara’s assistant could help us both get what we want, as long as she sets it up.” Kelly explained. “I don’t think their relationship is the same away from work as it is here.” She continued with a sly smile, not telling Jack everything, but definitely catching his interest.

“Go on…” Jack asked her and they continued to further discuss the situation until late that evening…

The week continued and passed without further exploits between Jack and Sara and finally the end of the week had arrived.

Jack arrived at work early to finish up some work and around 8:30 that morning received an email from Amy, Sara’s assistant that a conference call had been scheduled with a client of theirs late this evening at 8:00pm and his attendance would be required.

Great, there goes a great start to the weekend, thought Jack. And he went back to the business at hand.

Kelly arrived later than usual this morning, however, with a sly wink and a flip of her short skirt, Jack forgave her. Kelly had been wearing some very flattering clothes during the week and today was not exception. Jack asked her to check his schedule for meetings and to get to work on some items needed for that conference call tonight.

“Isn’t that kind of late to be scheduling a conference call?” asked Kelly.

“Yes, well, when clients call, we must answer. Don’t worry; you don’t need to stick around.” Jack answered.

“Oh, that’s not a problem, I didn’t have any thing else planned for this evening & who knows, you might need some help during the call,” responded Kelly.

“Great,” said Jack, “Why don’t you go ahead and order some Chinese for this evening before the call and we’ll pull everything together.” He continued as he went back to his desk to continue to prepare for tonight.

Kelly checked his schedule and with nothing else planned for today, she began to gather the necessary information for the conference call. Kelly also responded to Amy’s email and let her know that both Jack and Kelly would be available for the call tonight.

Amy received the email from Kelly letting her know they would be ready for the conference, and even though Kelly wasn’t part of this little scheme, Amy smiled all the more to herself. She’d have to take an extra long lunch to prepare for this evening, thought Amy and she let Sara know that she, too, would be taking an extra long lunch this afternoon, but wouldn’t tell her why. This could be fun, thought Amy.

Amy took Sara to the spa for an afternoon of pampering, and even though she wasn’t sure what her assistant was up to, Sara appreciated the attention. Amy made sure that they both received a full body massage and she insisted on a Brazilian wax for her pet, Sara. For even though, Amy worked for Sara, Amy was Sara’s master and demanded the best from her sub at all times, even at work.

Amy had been furious with Sara for her flirting with Jack; however, she couldn’t stay mad at her for long, especially when the thought of where this could go came to her. She would “punish” Sara, soon enough. The two of them spent most of the afternoon at the spa and returned to work after 3pm. Most of the employees had left for the weekend, since it was company policy to allow its employees Friday afternoons off, the office would be quiet for tonight. Not even the cleaning crew would disrupt the planned events.

Jack and Kelly ate their Chinese while putting together their presentation for tonight’s conference call in a very relaxed but professional manner and both wanted to get this over with as soon as possible, so they could enjoy their respective weekends. Soon it was time for the conference call and Jack asked Kelly to shut his door, even though he knew no one else was around. It was habit. Kelly shut the door and returned to her seat, when Amy rang in to see if everything was ready.

“Yes, Amy, Kelly and I are all set on this end, is our client ready as well?” Jack asked.

“Well, Sara isn’t in here yet, so I thought this would be a good time to review the agenda.” Amy responded. “This conference call isn’t really work related, however, both of you will find it enjoyable and entertaining. The entertainment for this evening is my pet, Sara, however, she doesn’t know who is on the other end of this call, and I’d like to keep it that way. Is that understood?” she asked.

“What is the meaning of this Amy? Do we understand what?” asked Jack.

“I’m sorry Jack, but that wasn’t an answer to the question!” scolded Amy, with a stern tone. “Do you both understand?” she asked again, this time more firmly.

Kelly & Jack looked at each curiously, however, they both shrugged their shoulders and answered in unison, “Yes, Amy.”

“Good,” responded Amy, “now from what I understand, my pet has been showing off her pussy to you, and your assistant has been nosey, hasn’t she, Jack?” Amy continued, “If either one of you would you like to get to know my pet more intimately, you’ll sit there and listen during this call, however, neither one of you is allowed to speak. Is that understood?” she asked, again with a very stern demeanor.

“Yes, Amy.” Jack & Kelly again responded in unison. Jack was beginning to enjoy this and was hoping this wouldn’t be the last time they could all play at work together.

“Ok, my pet, please come in and assume the position.” Came Amy’s voice over the speakerphone. Amy had opened the door and allowed Sara into the office they were making the call in; it was after all Sara’s office. “Now take your clothes off, quickly.” Amy ordered her pet.

“Yes, mistress”, responded Sara.

“Please tell our guests, whom you serve & what you are.” Amy requested.

“I am your pet, Mistress Amy & I serve you.” Sara answered her.

“Now, please tell our guests what you are doing and what I am going to be doing to you, my pet.” Amy continued in a demanding stern tone.

“I am completely naked as requested by my mistress and I am on my knees on my desk with my ass in the air awaiting your next command.” Sara spoke the words as if this was commonplace.

“Please continue”, requested Amy.

“My pussy is completely bald, as is my ass & my nipples are erect, ready for whatever my mistress has planned.” Sara stated, again as matter of fact.

“Very good, my pet”, replied Amy, as she could be heard removing her clothes in the background while standing behind Sara. “Now, I understand that you and a co-worker have been having a flirtatious relationship, isn’t that correct?” inquired Amy.

“Yes, mistress”, Sara answered.

“Tell our guests how naughty you’ve been and what you would like to do with this co-worker”, demanded Amy.

Sara, hesitated, not knowing who was on the other end of the call, if anyone, and when she didn’t answer immediately…SMACK! Amy’s hand came down hard on her right cheek, spanking her ass & leaving a red mark, which caused Sara to wince.

“Tell them!” scolded Amy again.

“Yes mistress. I’ve sent a co-worker my wet panties after rubbing them against my pussy and I’ve sent the same co-worker some pictures of me playing with myself, even sucking on my fingers after I came on them, imagining that I was sucking on his cock after he had fucked me.” Sara explained.

“Who were you thinking of while playing with your pussy, my pet?” asked Amy, already knowing the answer.

“His name is Jack & I’ve thought about his cock fucking me in numerous ways my mistress.” Sara responded to the inquiry from her mistress.

Amy had removed her clothes and was now standing behind Sara, naked with a large strap-on dildo. “Would my pet like me to fuck her pussy like Jack would?” she asked with some disdain.

“Yes, mistress, please fuck me with your cock like Jack would!” Sara begged her mistress.

“Tell me, my pet, what you would like to do with Jack’s cock before he fucks you?” asked Amy.

As Sara began to describe what she wanted to do with Jack, Amy reached between her legs and slowly stroked Sara’s soft pussy. Sara was already soaking wet with the anticipation of her mistress fucking her. Amy loved the way Sara served her.

“I would like to kneel before him and slowly undo his pants, letting them fall to the ground. Reaching up with both hands, I’d yank down his underwear and let his cock free. I imagine it’s a beautiful cock, and I’d take it my right hand and slowly begin to stroke him. Mmmmm, I’d wrap my lips around the head and slowly suck him into my wet mouth to get him nice and hard.” As Sara continued her description, Amy eased the head of her cock into Sara’s wet pussy. “Yes, mistress that feels so good, your cock is so big and hard. I’m going to make Jack’s cock big and hard as well. Still slowly stroking his cock, I pull my mouth off him and begin to suck on his balls, one at a time, lifting up his shaft to allow me to suck and lick his sack. His balls feel wonderful in my mouth, mistress.”

Amy continued to slide her fake cock in and out of Sara’s pussy, which was very wet as it began making slurping sounds, which were clearly heard by Jack and Kelly over the speakerphone.

During the phone call, Jack & Kelly had become uncomfortably aroused. Kelly looked out to the office beyond to see if anyone was around & when she didn’t see anyone, decided she’d make herself more comfortable. As quietly as possible, she stood up and slid her skirt off and to the floor, allowing Jack to see her black lace thong. Jack had been sitting behind his desk and had undone his pants as well to allow his cock to spring up and relieve the pressure in his pants. However, Kelly couldn’t see what he was doing so she walked around Jack’s desk and sat down on top facing him. Jack had backed his chair up allowing Kelly access as well as the full visual of his erection. Kelly licked her lips seductively as they listened to Sara continue her description.

“Jack’s cock is big and hard, isn’t it my pet?” asked Amy. Kelly nodded her agreement with a wink at Jack. “Would you like Jack to fuck your pussy or your ass?” Amy continued.

“My ass, mistress, please put Jack’s big cock in my ass!” Sara begged, as she turned to look at Amy and spread her cheeks.

“Where do you want Jack to put his hard cock?” Amy asked again.

“In my ass” Sara responded.

“Beg him for it!” demanded her mistress, while she firmly held onto Sara’s hips.

“Please Jack, fuck my ass! Stick your big hard cock in my ass!” shouted Sara as she braced for the fucking she knew her mistress would give her.

Amy placed the head of her slick fake cock at the entrance to her pet’s ass and shoved hard, impaling the entire length of her dildo into Sara’s ass.

Sara gasped as the cock spread her ass and winced with some slight pain, which was quickly replaced by the pleasure of having her ass completely filled. Amy slowly pulled her cock out and slammed it back in with a slap as she began to leisurely ass fuck her pet. She loved the fact that her pet was such the butt-slut.

Jack & Kelly could only imagine what Amy looked like fucking her pet Sara as they both began pleasuring themselves. Kelly’s hand had disappeared into her panties and she had two fingers quickly up in her pussy, fucking herself, while she watched Jack slowly stroke his cock. Her other hand had disappeared up her shirt; however, Jack couldn’t keep his eyes off of Kelly’s hand in her panties. He wanted to see more. And reaching out with both his hands he grabbed her thong and quickly pulled it down and off, exposing her beautiful, wet pussy to his face. Jack loved to give cunnilingus and wasted no time replacing Kelly’s fingers with his tongue, pulling her ass closer to the edge of his desk, he licked the entire length of her slit causing her to moan loudly.

Sara heard the moans, but didn’t care. The only thing that mattered was being fucked by her mistress. “Please mistress, please fuck me, fuck my ass!” she begged.

Amy slapped her ass again, with another loud smack, as she increased the tempo. Amy’s pussy was on fire and she was close to orgasm as she fucked her pet harder and harder.

Amy’s thighs slapped into the back of Sara’s ass and reverberated through the phone as Jack continued to suck on Kelly’s pussy. He took two fingers and shoved them deep into her pussy while his tongue danced on her clit. Kelly was close as well, as she closed her eyes and squeezed her right breast under her shirt, pinching and pulling the nipple as it became hard. Jack fucked her pussy with his hand and clamped down on her clit while he sucked intensely, causing her to climax. Kelly came with squeal, which she tried to keep quiet, but couldn’t, the squeal turned into a long moan of pleasure.

Having heard whomever it was coming through the speakerphone; Sara knew that she had helped that person reach orgasm. This knowledge and her mistresses able fucking caused her to have her own wonderful orgasm as her mistress Amy continued to thoroughly fuck her ass.

Amy’s own orgasm was quickly behind her pets and she reached down with both hands to cup Sara’s breasts, while she slammed her cock into Sara’s ass one last time grinding her own pussy hard against her lover’s ass, coming as she gently kissed the back of Sara’s neck.

Amy reached down and hung up the phone, allowing her some quiet time alone with her pet.

The hum of the phone call being ended caught both Jack and Kelly by surprise.

Jack sat back with a glistening face and still painfully aware of his erection. Kelly didn’t say a word, just slid off his desk onto her knees and quickly engulfed Jack’s cock with her mouth. He wasn’t the biggest she’d ever had; however, he quickly grew as she took him to the back of her throat. With her left hand she reached up and cupped his testicles and continued to suck on his cock, keeping it wet as she bobbed her head up and down in his lap.

Jack closed his eyes and enjoyed the feeling of Kelly’s moist mouth and with the images of Amy fucking Sara’s ass still fresh in his mind; he came, shooting burst after burst of cum into Kelly’s mouth. She had been ready for his load and eagerly swallowed every last drop making sure to clean and lick the head as she smiled up at Jack as he sat there smiling looking down at her.

Jack’s erection however didn’t falter. Still hard, he lifted Kelly from her kneeling position, turned her around and bent her over onto his desk. Kelly was amazed with Jack’s stamina, but didn’t complain, even after all that had happened, she desperately needed a hard cock in her pussy. Kelly lay on Jack’s desk, spread her legs and grabbed the edge of the desk, bracing herself for the extreme fucking she hoped to receive.

Jack didn’t make Kelly wait long. He slowly eased his erection up into Kelly’s very wet pussy until his entire length was inside her, causing her to moan. Jack leaned down over his assistant to whisper in her ear.

“Beg for it!” he growled lewdly.

Kelly was incredibly turned on. “Please Jack, fuck my pussy like you want to fuck Sara, I need your cock. Please, master, fuck me hard!” Kelly begged, as she turned and looked back into her bosses beautiful brown eyes.

Hearing Kelly call him “master” was all Jack needed to hear, as he grabbed her hips, eased his cock almost all the way out and slammed it back into Kelly’s pussy so hard her ass quivered. Kelly grunted with the impact. Jack was incredibly hard and he increased the pace of their fucking. Holding onto the desk and enjoying every thrust of Jack’s cock, Kelly was in ecstasy. It had been too long since she’d last been fucked like this. Jack pounded into Kelly with an amazing tempo and each time he pulled out of her, Kelly’s pussy sucked him back in.

Sweating and grunting with the intensity of their sex, Jack and Kelly each began to reach another orgasm. Kelly cried out first and her orgasm caused her pussy to clench down around Jack’s cock. With a final hard thrust, Jack’s cock pulsed numerous times as he emptied his load inside his assistant.

Jack pulled his now shrinking cock from Kelly’s pussy with a wet slurping sound and sat back in his chair. Kelly didn’t move and he watched as his seed dripped from her well-fucked slit. Kelly didn’t say a word as she stood up and collected her clothes until she reached the door and turned around to look at Jack, her boss. Her master.

“Master,” she said, as Jack raised his head to look at his beautiful assistant, “I hope I can continue to be of assistance in helping you achieve that which you so desire. I will do anything you ask of me.”

Jack looked at her incredibly. “Kelly, you have never disappointed me before. As with tonight, you were amazing and responded better than I could ever have hoped for. I know you will do anything I ask of you and with your help, we will share in not only achieving that which we desire but also, maybe even turning the tables on her mistress.” He said with a wicked grin.

Kelly smiled at Jack, knowing that not only would their relationship would be different when she returned to work on Monday, but also that her master would do everything he could to have Sara spread naked and begging to be pleasured.

As he drove home, Jack realized how absolutely lucky he was to work with such sexy, adventurous women. His assistant Kelly had been very eager to please him this evening; however, he knew that she too, wanted to be able to have some one on one time with Sara. Something Jack would make sure would happen, sooner than later.

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