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Dr. Laurie’s E-D Appointment

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erectile dysfunction..? well, no…, not usually …

well, Doctor, I confess… I don’t, really think I have that problem

but I am curious, if…, uh, whether, an E-D pill could make any difference, or really, just what it might be like?

In a way I dreaded this appointment. First, having to disclose to the nurse on the phone, –why- , I wanted this appointment. Then of course, imagining discussing this face to face with the young doctor, this blond, tall, sexy, beautiful, young doctor who could be, and probably is, a model.

But admittedly, since my first and only appointment a year ago with her for a flu visit, I have wondered nervously but excitedly just how future visits might unfold.

Today she is a bit authoritative, if not slightly intimidating. She looks dressed more for a day’s trip across the country flying first class. I heard her mention “seminar” as she came in through the waiting room, maybe she was presenting. She is dressed in a black pleated skirt with sheer black stockings, very open strap shoes, also black, and a bone colored blouse of sheer stretch fabric that is quite revealing of a very sexy nude shade demi-cup sheer bra that barely contains her breasts, as they vivaciously pour forth. She is wearing a medium gray jacket, but it is unbuttoned… I try little to subdue my glance as she looks down at her chart.

“Paul, that is perfectly understandable, you wouldn’t believe how many of my male patients have come in and asked just as you are. Actually, almost as many female patients ask too, it seems. But unless their man is willing to have an exam, well of course, I cannot dispense. So you do realize, there will be an exam necessary today to issue the prescription? And you’re ok with that?”

well, sure, Doctor… I was expecting that, I mean everything requires an exam, I mean every prescription, doesn’t it?

“Yes it does. Now, this exam is really most of what is involved in a physical, and according to your chart, you haven’t had a physical in over three years. If you’d like to go the rest of the way, this can probably be covered under your wellness plan. Shall we do a complete physical?

Absolutely!… I mean sure, that’d be, um, perfect …

“Ok, good. I’ll need you to undress then to your underpants. When you’re ready, just have a seat on the examination table, I’ll be back to see you in a few minutes.”

I felt my face becoming hot when she said “underpants”, and I pictured myself nearly naked upright on this bench when back she comes through the door. I’ve been through this enough times before, but the doctor was always a male. That’s bad enough, and too, since usually a nurse shows up as well.

So here I sit, the room suddenly seems to have a slight chill that I hadn’t noticed before. And I feel my feet getting a little cold, kind of clammy, having removed my shoes and socks. I catch myself looking around the room at the diagrams on the walls, the jar of tongue depressors, that diabolically huge hypodermic that seems to be a fixture in every doctor’s examination room I’ve ever sat waiting in for as long as I can remember. What could they possibly use that for? Just then I can’t help it, I pull the waistband of my shorts out to peer at my penis, and what else, it is pantomiming a turtle with its head pulled all the way in.

“Are you ready for me, Paul?” I nearly gasp, maybe I did, I feel my face hot again only this time worse. I know better than to have risked that. I know she saw the look of chagrin on my face as I was looking down.

The doctor sort of giggles… “everything’s normal so far! …just for your information, you’ve already made it to the 95th percentile, meaning you’re of that percentage of my patients that seem to have one last look at their messenger of love before it ascends to the realm of aphrodisia.”

I smile, maybe a little sheepishly, but actually her repartee is helping. I look up to her and she is looking straight into my eyes, her eyes twinkle, her face is glowing. This is somehow reminding me of that last toast of wine of a fabulous dinner date that usually precedes a gratuitous blowjob at well over the speed limit while racing to get back home… suddenly I feel I am ready for anything to come.

But she is smiling a very warm, attentive smile. And unless I am mistaken, her body language, shoulders back, chest up and out, hips cocked a little, and head tilted a little, is telling me she is about to get aggressive.

She is seemingly harmless enough now though, having changed into the typical light blue doctor’s garb. Draw-string cotton loose fitting slacks and short-sleeved jacket …, well almost typical, as her trousers are slung low on her hips, and the jacket is really only barely waist length, revealing her perfectly flat sexy abdomen, but otherwise baggy and loose as usual. She turns away and I am now amazed, to find that her trousers are riding so low as to reveal just the beginning of the cleavage of her very nice ass.

She turns back, “First we’ll check your heart and respiration, while it is still relatively normal.”

Doctor now reaches inside her jacket, withdrawing the business end of her stethoscope which she leans forward and places it against my right breast. It is not cold.

As she roams around my chest listening, her left hand presses me gently beside her right, it feels caring, and affectionate.

Finished with the front, she directs, “Please raise your arms above your head.”

I do. She then leans very close against me, passing the stethoscope behind me. Her arms are around me as she probes about my back, listening. As she moves I feel the press of her now free breasts sweep against me, Her breath is soft in my ear. Her pussy is firm on my left knee. She hesitates in each new position. I feel my penis engorging, stiffening. This is going to be awkward.

As she concludes, she gives me a light slap at the top of my ass as she pulls away. Her face is a bit flushed.

“Heart and respiration slightly elevated. Well, your heart is pounding, and there’s some hyperventilation. Perfectly normal.”

“Hmmm, however, I see that you -are- about to fail the erectile dysfunction portion of this exam already!”

I guess so. My cock is now straight up and my dick head is standing up and out of my bikini briefs, reaching for my navel. I feel very guilty right now.

“But seriously though, you’re doing great, because next we need to evaluate your normal erectile function. For this part of the exam we really should have a nurse present, do you mind? …. You’re hesitating. But if you’d rather sign a release…”

Almost panting, I manage to breathe the words, “no.., I mean yes doctor, I am comfortable to give a release” …I’m like -oh shit-, the things that come out of my mouth. She is smiling at me again, as she turns and reaches for her clip board. She leafs through the pages, then hands me the pen, and holding the board against her, perfectly tilted atop her chest, says, “Sign here, please.”

Taking back the pen and replacing the clip board to the countertop, she pauses turned away, her hands busy in front of her.

As she turns to me, she parts her jacket open, whereupon her exquisite breasts splay forth before me, translucent ivory with delicate blue veins beneath, her nipples the soft color of orange sorbet. I love sorbet!

“Now I will ask you to stand, at attention, if you will, and step out of your underpants completely.” It’s nice of the Doctor to grant me this freedom, now that my cock has risen halfway out and she’s seen it anyway.

As I shift to drop from the examination table and onto the shaky step, she reaches her right hand down into the front of my shorts, grasping the lower part of my erection. With her left hand she slides around behind my ass, pulling the shorts down and away as she proceeds, transitioning from the right side and then pulling down on the left, until they completely fall to my ankles.

Sliding her left hand under my scrotum, my testicles instinctively draw in as she cradles them gently in her right hand…

“Do you know what the wet towel test is, Paul? Some patients have likened this test to the locker room matches they recall from high school and college, of testing their erections by draping successive wet towels across it to measure its strength.”

“We have a similar, but more scientific test to determine the same thing, the numerical robustness of your erection. Is this at least about average stiffness?”

With this she begins squeezing and twisting my hard-on and trying to bend it, and is repetitively forcing it down.

“Your penis feels completely erect to me! Nice and hard…! I mean, it seems fully rigid..!” The Doctor now strips her jacket completely off and tosses it across the chair, and in seemingly the same movement, withdraws the clip from her hair, allowing it to tumble around her shoulders.

Cupping my balls again, she slides the ringed end of a hand held spring scale over the head of my penis. The loop is hinged, and she ratchets it down tightly onto my cock just past the rubbery glans of the cock head. Pulling down on the scale, she occasionally pinches scientifically at the head of my penis as she takes her measurement. Downward she pulls, until the stiff member is just past horizontal and pointing toward her crotch. It is then that I notice the wetness, just beginning to seep from her pussy. This arouses me even more, and involuntarily, my cock arches back up again against the strain of her pulling.

“I had you recorded at 33 ounces for a horizontal deflection, but you seem to be throbbing up to a 39, Paul.”

“Do you know what a Laparoscope is?”, she asks, as she is releasing the scale contraption from choking my penis.

”This lets me examine for whether there is any scar tissue in your urethra. This may be a bit uncomfortable, or it might even be pleasant, if you enjoy slight pain as an eroticism.”

Still holding my hardness, but now fondling it down and up, kind of like a hand job, she opens a drawer from the exam table, taking out her laparoscope and a tube of gel. It is not the big complicated laparoscope system like I’ve seen before on medical TV, rather, it is a hand-sized metal cylinder with about a ten inch transparent rod on one end and kind of what looks like the face of a magnifying class on the other.

Doctor then inserts into my penis about four inches of the long tapered tip of the squeeze tube, squirting lubricant into me as it withdraws. This drives my cock wild as it repeatedly springs up in reply to being penetrated. Now bending down and gripping around my cock with her left hand, she next gently guides the rod of the laparoscope into my urethra, sliding it slightly in and out, apparently to spread the lubricant around, most of it seeming to be oozing back out as its displaced by the instrument. This feels wonderfully erotic. I am now enjoying this exam the more it proceeds, and feel obligated to adore the Doctor’s swaying plump breasts as my duty for keeping my penis erect during Doctor’s examination.

Feeling the underside my cock with her fingers for the progress of the laparoscope into me, she halts her insertion just as it reaches all the way to the base of my erection. My cock cannot stop responding, pulsing randomly at the presence of this foreign tube that impales it.

“Two hundred ten millimeters.” And with that she bends down to squint her eye into the laparoscope, very slowly withdrawing it, following its progress as before, pressing very firmly this time into the thick vein-like vas deferens underneath while subduing my cock that involuntarily throbs in her hand from her touch.

“Perfectly healthy two hundred ten millimeter urethra, Paul!” And at that, the door pops open and through it comes the nurse that had led me to the exam room when I first arrived, hand out to accept the slimy laparoscope from Doctor Laurie’s outstretched hand. Looking to be no more than 24, her nurse is a very cheerful prominently cheeked strawberry blonde with a gorgeous girlish figure, her narrow hips seemingly wide in comparison to her wasp-like waist. Attired in the same blue scrubs as Doctor Laurie, she blushes as she pretends to avert her eyes from the erect shaft pointing at her from between my loins.

Doctor Laurie is putting her coat back on, and as she looks down while buttoning her buttons, we are all three kind of staring at her now very wet crotch, that now reveals a perfectly defined vulva straddling the seam of her pants.

“Marci, would you take Paul’s blood pressure while I go change?”

“Sure, Doctor Laurie…, but maybe you would like to borrow my bottoms?” asks Marci, her voice rising giving emphasis to her inquiry.

“Well that would be an absolute angel of you! …Marci!”

So now I am really about to pass out in disbelief, both of these fine bitches are stripping off their pants to exchange, when Marci says, “Doctor, you could just bring another set of bottoms for me when you come back?”

“Great idea Marci!” says Doctor Laurie, as both giggle away.

Behind the exiting Doctor the door closes, and standing before me is this angel of a woman, a cloud of strawberry blond fur between her thighs, and her full upward and outward pointing breasts that have just emerged from her quickly discarded jacket. With her nearly bald pouting pussy lips pinching low between her gorgeous strong thighs, the tan of her bikini line contrasts erotically with the milky color of her pubis, that matches the very same hue as her tits. She stands before me totally nude except for her stethoscope. She feels very friendly as she smiles quite genuinely.

Now taking up the sphygmomanometer, she gingerly wraps the cuff around my erect cock, unable to subdue a nervous giggle. As she leans down I feel the heat from her cheek. She reaches her stethoscope into the base of my cock, pushing up between my testicles. Holding the cuff and the stethoscope together by wrapping around my penis with her right hand, she pumps the sphygmomanometer bulb with her left, treating my cock to an end to end squeezing unlike it has ever had before. As the beating of my pulse rakes my cock, the head gets even more enlarged, and turning purple, looks like a thermometer about to explode. At that Nurse Marci plants her lips on the end of my beleaguered cock, and giving a great big noisy smooch says, “there, there… the mean old nurse is almost finished with you…”

The door bursts open just behind me…

“One thirty over eighty, Doctor”, Nurse Marci says just as Doctor Laurie walks in.

Pretending to frown, Doctor Laurie exclaims, “Thaaat’s a nice normal pressure for a healthy naked man whose lipstick covered penis is in the hands of a fabulous 23 year old nubile beauty!”

“Ahem. We’ll introduce the medication now.”

“Paul, here is the tablet, go ahead and swallow, and wash it down with this. It is precisely 4:15”.

Wheee-eew! That was some kind of pill wash, Doctor!. It burns!

I think it might’ve been tequila. In fact, it tastes like Patrón.

Squeezing the washing bottle again, Doctor Laurie squirts the cup full again, then does the same with another, and handing one to Marci, together they sing out, “Bottoms Up!”

After the ensuing gasping subsides…

“Marci, now I need you to climb onto the table, on your back, just so that Paul can approach the end of the table and rest his testicles there. I will examine his prostate, and, we will do a semen capture.

Good, just open your legs out of Paul’s way. And Paul, don’t be shy, Nurse Marci is going to just secure you with her legs around you because this part of the examination can be a little vigorous and surprising.”

As Nurse Marci wraps her legs around my waist and clenches me between her thighs, I notice her pussy lips have changed, now puffy and distended, parted and firm, the inside pink between is glistening slightly. Absentminded, as she pulls on me I almost fall on top of her.

“Paul…, hold yourself above Marci, support yourself on your hands, like you’re going to do a push-up.

“Marci, now hold the cup to Paul’s erection as I perform the prostate examination.”

The end of my dribbling cock is about an inch from Marci’s begging cunt lips as she encloses it with the vial.

“Have you had a digital exam to your prostate before, Paul?”

“Well, I think you’re going to like this one today!”

Nurse Marci is breathing heavily, excitedly, staring into my eyes, just inches from my face, while dutifully holding the plastic cup to the end of my solid erection using both hands. She caresses me, stroking my cock, and fingers between my testicles, very gently and lovingly. I feel the tube of lubricant enter up my ass, and the lubricant running out, dripping from between my legs.

Doctor Laurie now takes my balls and the base of my cock from behind with her left hand, and penetrates my anus with her latex gloved fingers, first one, then two of them, twisting and pumping them in and out easily with the lube. Finally she shoves firmly in, jabbing into my prostate gland that is caught between her prodding fingers and her other hand that gropes my perineum. I feel the semen oozing from my cock. It feels almost like an orgasm as she pushes it out of me.

“Come on now, Marci!, You and Doctor Laurie are taking this patient all the way home!”

Marci has inched her body downward against me and is grinding the underside of my erection with long arching caresses of her reaching pelvis. She is deliciously slippery, and the energy of her pussy, hot and fiery, beams power into my now throbbing shaft. Except that she still holds the vial firmly on my cock head, it feels as though my burning hard penis will disappear into her belly with the very next nuzzling of her pussy crack.

My head is swimming, I’m lost in ecstasy, flooded with both their energies. The image of a Caligula orgy parades in my imagination. Doctor Laurie has caught up with Marci’s constant rhythm, and every pass of her fingers over my prostate sends a throb from inside my ass out through my cock, which at this point, seems to have almost doubled in thickness and grown at least another two inches longer. Both sensing that I am almost ready to come, Laurie is perfectly fingering my prostate with every stroking of Marci’s hot open slit. Somewhere inside me moans out, “may… I… come now, I can’t…can’t wait…” my orgasm bursts, throbbing and shooting and throbbing…

As the two angelic medical professionals milk my prostate dry… my orgasming isn’t stopping… an almost violent shiver courses over my body, as my legs are nearly collapsing. Just then Doctor Laurie shoves me forward with a thrust into my anus and my cock goes straight into Marci as I’m drawn easily inside her now sopping cavernous cunt.

Torturing my prostate now, it feels as though Doctor Laurie is trying to reach into Marci’s cunt by going through me. Marci is moaning, then sighing, gasping deeply, and virtually weeping as the massive cock slides into her, cock that has now grown to resemble something more likely to be seen ominously between the loins of a rampant black prize stallion. The massive shaft buries itself furiously into her, I can feel the head of my cock penetrating into her cervix, the fabled “third pussy”. Her wanting pelvis arches upward, her knees pulled up to her shoulders, gaping her pussy to receive the every thrust deeply into her delicious canal. The outpulling of this enormous shaft drags her to me with it.

As Marci’s vagina begins to orgasm, spasming and squeezing viciously along the whole of my cock at once, she is coming, and coming, and screams, “Geee.. Geeee… spah-aah-aaht”, so loudly that even the waiting room must be witness to our orgy. But this brings no pause whatever to Doctor Laurie… As she moans her delight, she is riding up and down the back of my leg with her soaked pussy, which I clench tightly for her pleasure. The scene all about is drenched in our sweat, mixed with the wetness of come all over, except mine. Set aside above Marci’s head, the vial indicates: 24 cc’s .

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