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What She Taught Him

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“That’s her. Check it out. Wow,” whispered Billy Sherman’s buddy. They were at the town bar that they had been going to since before they were legally allowed to drink. And there, at the end of the long bar, not far from the door, sat Sue Lockhart, the middle school gym teacher.

“I dare you to go talk to her. I dare you to have a drink with ‘Lesbo Lockhart’. What do you say? Are you afraid of the ‘Dragon Dyke’?” he challenged.

Billy looked down the bar at the middle-aged woman. She was alone, nursing a drink, half-watching the TV above the bar. He thought she looked kind of plain and maybe a little sad. He really didn’t feel like making her the object of a stupid dare. At 22, wasn’t he beyond that sort of thing?

“Forget it. Let’s just leave her alone. OK? She looks like she doesn’t need the aggravation,” Billy replied.

“Aggravation? You’re just afraid she’ll bite your dick off! Here’s five bucks. It won’t even cost you anything. I dare you.” Billy’s drinking buddy slid a five dollar bill to him and got up to stand by the pool table where he would have a clear view if Billy should take his dare.

Billy sighed. He didn’t want to annoy a woman who had never done anything to him. But he was bored. Maybe he would do it. As he thought about what he would say to her, he actually began to think of things he wanted to know that she could tell him. Not crazy stuff, but about what she thought of the town and the hundreds of kids she had taught and seen grown up. Of course he couldn’t ask about the rumors of her being a lesbian. Rumors? Hadn’t he and his buddies seen her at it?

It was a year or so before. Billy and two of his buddies had gone out to the parking lot to smoke a joint. The bar had the use of a large parking garage of the office building next door. From the smoke-filled car, Billy and his friends had spied some movement in a little sports car a row in front of them. Under the garage lights they had discerned Miss Lockhart and a much younger woman locked in an embrace in the little car. They had opened mouths pressed tightly together and were going at it pretty hot and heavy. He couldn’t see their hands, but when Miss Lockhart finally got out, she had to tuck her blouse back into her neat slacks.

No, Billy couldn’t ask about that. The guys had thought the woman she was with looked like the high school’s Homecoming Queen from several years back, but they couldn’t be sure. Can you imagine if Miss Lockhart was doing it with one of her old students? That was hot.

Before he knew exactly what he was going to say, Billy found himself trying to stroll nonchalantly toward the lone woman. He sat down next to her. Miss Lockhart looked up, wondering what this young man wanted.

“Yes?” she asked. Billy could hear tried irritation in her voice and immediately regretted this.

“Hi, Miss Lockhart. I’m Bill Sherman. Can I buy you a drink?” Billy tried to sound relaxed and grown up.

Sue Lockhart chuckled to herself.

“Hi, Bill. It’s Sue. And yes you may buy me a drink. But I’ve got to go after that, OK?”

Sue waved to the bartender. Billy raised his empty beer mug to indicate that he needed another. He paid for the drinks.

“So, Bill, what do you do?” Sue asked.

“Not much. That is, I’m looking for a job. I graduated from State in May. Not many jobs around right now, so I’m doing what I can and enjoying the summer. I know what you do.”

“Oh, did I teach you?” she asked.

“Yeah. It was a few years ago. I’m not surprised that you don’t remember,” Bill was crushed that she didn’t remember him. He had hoped to talk about that.

“Bill, why did you want to buy me a drink? I saw you with your friend. If this is a bet, or a dare, let’s just call it a night, ok?”

She sees right through me, Bill thought. What now? If all else fails, maybe honesty would work.

“Miss Lockhart, I mean Sue, you are a very good-looking lady,” he started. That much was true. Sue was about 5’7″ with not an ounce of fat on her toned frame. Years of teaching gym had left her body unchanged from her days as a three-sport star in high school and college. “And I was hoping…”

“Hoping what, Bill?” Sue tried to drag it out of him. “What were you hoping?”

“Well, I’d like to get to know you,” Bill finally managed.

“What do you want to know, Bill? Are you curious about what they say?” Sue challenged.

Bill was trapped now. She had really seen through him. There had been talk about the lady gym teacher for years in the small town. Was she or wasn’t she gay? He had seen her kissing a woman, but maybe there was some other explanation. There was no escaping this.

“Are you gay?” Bill whispered.

“Well, I admire you actually having the guts to ask,” Sue said evenly. “Yes, I am gay, Bill. That should save us a lot of time tonight. Shouldn’t it? If you want to go back and report to your friend, go right ahead.”

“No, I don’t want to go. I want to talk to you.” Bill was taken by Sue’s frankness and unapologetic air. He didn’t want her to think he was a creep. “What’s it like, being a lesbian in this town?”

“Well, Bill, it’s not a lot of fun. I try to be very discrete because my job is dependent on the school board’s ongoing approval of how I conduct myself. And they aren’t the most open-minded bunch. This isn’t New York. There are no gay bars or clubs where I could openly approach other women. So, I try to stay under the radar.”

“Are there many others in town?” Bill was surprised and excited to be having this conversation but was wrapped up in it now.

“Other lesbians? Sure. You might be surprised. Shocked even. Yes, even a little town like this has lesbians. I’ve heard people talk about the couple down by the country club. They are a sweet old pair. And there are a few single gals around. And Bill, there are a number of married ladies in town, mothers and grandmothers, who…let’s say they dabble a bit, shall we?” She was half-trying to shock the younger man, but it felt good to talk openly, if quietly about the local scene.

“And speaking of dabblers, every year there are quite a few younger ladies who come back from college on break who have discovered a little something about themselves. I try not to get involved with too many of them because they generally aren’t gay. They just enjoy something different for a little while and then go off and get married.” Sue sighed, remembering.

“Wow,” Bill heard himself say.

Sue smiled at his amazement. She was mostly done with her drink. She reached for her keys.

“Don’t go, Sue. Please. I want to talk more,” Bill said earnestly.

Sue felt a twinge. She had assumed she would shock the young man and he would go back to his friend and spread some more gossip. She hadn’t counted on him caring.

“Bill, I’m tired. I want to go home. But if you want to talk a little more, you can come back to my place for a drink or a coffee and then we’ll call it a night, OK?” she offered.

Bill’s friend was shocked to see his buddy and ‘Lesbo Lockhart’ leave the bar together. They weren’t exactly arm-in-arm, but he watched them go to their respective cars and drive off, Bill following close behind the older woman.

At Sue’s small, tidy apartment, Bill became bolder. He had begun to really like Sue’s openness and willingness to share about her life and lifestyle. Besides which, Bill could not help noticing Sue’s toned, sexy body and generally youthful appearance. Her arms and legs were shapely and muscular, but far from manly. As she made him a cup of coffee he watched her tight ass through her pants. Sue excused herself to change into a little shirt and sleep pants. It wasn’t quite a belly shirt, but Bill enjoyed the glimpses of her flat, tight abs. She had small, firm breasts that Bill glimpsed through the nearly sheer top. Miss Lockhart was a hottie. He could see how she would attract every lesbian in town. The subject turned to sex.

Sue feigned shock at Bill’s question about what women did together. “Bill, come on. You’ve been on the internet. I know you’ve seen videos. I have a toy box that I keep for when I have a lady here. We use vibrators and dildoes and massage oil. Do you need me to draw you a picture?”

They laughed together. Sue liked Bill. And Bill was attracted to his former teacher, although he knew he was out-of-bounds for her. Or was he?

“What about men, Sue? As attractive as you are, they must hit on you all the time.”

“Well, thank you, Bill. But most men in town have heard I am the ‘town dyke’ and stay away. I guess the short hair and no skirts or ribbons keeps them away. But some sometimes guys hit on me. And sometimes I say yes.”

“Really?” Bill swallowed audibly. “That is, I didn’t know you…”

“Went both ways? Bill, I prefer women. I always have. But I don’t hate men. And frankly, while making love to a woman is my primary desire, there are some things that I can’t get from a woman. As good as her fingers or mouth may be, sometimes I need to feel someone inside me. A toy is not the same as a warm, hard cock.” Sue heard herself use the word. “Oops, did I say too much?”

“Oh, no, Sue. I find it…” Bill stammered. “I can see where you would want what you want. Everybody does.”

Sue looked him in the eye. “What do you want, Bill?”

Bill moved to her and kissed her. Sue responded by kissing him back much more deeply. Bill was emboldened. He ran his hand up her body under the small shirt. Her breasts were small, but very firm. Her nipples were like tiny spikes. He rubbed his palm against each one, and then began to pull at her loose sleep pants. She raised her hips and pushed them off. His hands moved to her hips and one hand cupped her mound. A finger pushed inside her. Sue moaned. Bill was not being gentle, but Sue was not complaining. She raked her nails down his back over his shirt. He quickly pulled it off. Sue grabbed his hand and pulled him into the bedroom. She knelt in front of him to undo his pants and push down his underwear. She took his cock in her hand and stroked it, looking up at him. Her mouth attacked it. Bill held her head in his hands and pushed it into his crotch. She rubbed her face on his hardening cock and then took it into her mouth. She loved the feel of it growing stiffer. It lengthened to the point where she had to back off to keep from gagging. Her hand stroked the stiff rod.

Bill lay back on the bed and let her suck his cock. She cupped his balls and pumped the shaft. She licked it and slobbered on it to lube the stroking. Bill had never seen a woman so into it. He reached down to touch Sue and tried to swing around to sixty-nine with her. She was having none of it. She sucked his cock and seemed to savor its feeling, its warmth, and its taste. She moaned as she sucked it and Bill could feel the vibrations. He felt his balls tighten. His passion was rising to match hers.

Finally, he could take no more and he pushed her back roughly. He grabbed her hips and held her down, positioning himself between her legs. He took his cock in one hand and rubbed his cockhead against her warm slit. He found the opening and pushed in with a powerful thrust. Sue screamed in animal delight. She held the younger man tightly against her. She bucked her hips up to meet his thrusts. She twisted and ground her pelvis into his. She wanted to feel his hard cock rubbing every part of her hot, wet pussy. Bill was amazed by the aggressive way this woman fucked back at him. It was so unlike the passive younger women he had been with before. They were always telling him to slow down and to be gentler. This woman was hungry for all he could give her as hard as he could give it.

He tightened his muscles to fight back a too-early climax. As he did, he felt Sue spasm and erupt on his cock. She was coming and all he could do was hold on and maintain the thrusting rhythm that had brought on this eruption of pleasure. She twitched and jerked and made sounds like that were alternately sweet coos and loud, almost painful yelps. Her hands were all over his body, stroking his chest, then pounding at it. Her nails scratched his back up and down. Her hands gripped and squeezed his ass tightly. She lost track of the number of times she came. It was all one long orgasm for Sue.

Finally, her moans subsided and she languidly rolled over.

“You know what I need now?” she asked, not waiting for his answer. She raised her hips and pulled apart her cheeks, inviting his violation.

Bill knew what she wanted and was not afraid to oblige, although he was hardly a veteran of anal sex. He spat on his hand, rubbed his cockhead and her asshole, but Sue stopped him. She reached into the nightstand drawer and retrieved a bottle of lube. Bill glanced at the array of dildoes and vibrators in the drawer, but quickly opened the bottle, lubed his cock and her hole and positioned his mushroom head against the tight, pulsating circle of muscle. He pressed steadily against it and it yielded to the force. Sue grunted between gritted teeth. It was a grunt of pain, but she did not want him to stop. She wriggled and undulated her hips and Bill thrust in more deeply.

He felt the heat of her insides and the tight ring of her sphincter gripping his cock. He pumped in and out more deliberately than he had her pussy. He did not want to rip her apart. Besides, the realization of what he was doing and the sensations he was feeling was rapidly bringing him to the point of no return.

“Oh, yes. Oh, fuck my ass hard. Give it all to me, Billy,” she almost shrieked at him. She reached down between his legs and cupped his heavy balls. She squeezed them firmly.

Bill looked at the reflection in the mirror across the room of the lithe woman bend over, coupled to him. Her athletic body seemed to ripple with energy. Her head tossed up and down the short hair glistening in the low light. Sue Lockhart was a gorgeous fucking woman and he was banging her tight asshole. It was too much. He felt an eruption of his own. His balls exploded and he gave one final thrust. He was balls deep in the older woman and she twitched and spasmed with her ultimate climax. They groaned as one and collapsed on the bed.

After a long pause to recover, the two lay together. Before Bill could ask for another date, Sue told him that she might call him again, when she needed another change of pace. Later, as Bill drove home, he wondered if she would call him. The sex had been amazing, but he knew Sue was really just using him. It wasn’t a romance, but it was better than anything he had ever felt before. Now he needed a story to tell his drinking buddies.

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