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Flesh for Fantasy

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I sat eating a simple grilled cheese and a bowl of potato soup. Well, perhaps not eating as I was enraptured by a woman sitting with another having lunch three tables away from me. Her friend had her back to me but I did not care. She was not the source of my attention. No, I was spellbound by the woman facing me. And because of that I was somewhat surprised.

For some reason I have been attracted to slim women tall or short, with nicely shaped smaller asses. I have never been a fan of the Beyonce, or Kardashian booties, though the now legal Kendall had an ass I love. The slender women I had fallen for had breasts somewhat large for the slenderness of the body, but never too large or pendulous like most men love. I have always felt that if it did not fit in one hand and could not be administered to by one it was a distraction and a disservice to a woman’s other breast. I loved the dimples created above the crack of a woman’s ass in the small of her back, and I guess it was because of that, that I was not fond of what is commonly referred to as a “Tramp Stamp.” In fact I simply hated the thought of tatoos on a woman. Tattoos, I believed, marred the single greatest work of art that God ever created. The female body (which was the vessel transporting the 2nd greatest – her mind.)

Eyes generally did not matter, though at times they were so remarkable the body fell away and I fell in. I feel the same way about women’s legs, short or long matters not, as long as they have tone and shape to them. I know, I know what I am describing here is not the perfect woman, but the perfect sounding misogynist, myself. But no, I absolutely love everything about women, I just have traits deep in my subconscious that makes me drawn me them. These traits are the starting point to getting to know them and to know them is to find their true beauty which is often converse to that of the outer beauty. I have been led astray far too many times. But I digress.

This, woman, this enchanting beauty three tables down that had me ignoring my lunch was different completely. I had absolutely no idea what is was that drew me to her and held my attention. I could begin by describing her physical appearance, perhaps that might give me and perhaps you as well, some insight.

She had a deep burgundy hair color that despite being silky in appearance had depth, curls that bounced with every moment, or laugh. Ah, her laugh, deep, natural and easily released was intoxicating. I wanted to hear more. But her voice I could not clearly distinguish which at this point made no difference because whatever may come out of those full luscious lips was somehow destined to be melodic. Her face though somewhat fleshy still showed the beautiful bone structure underneath. While a plus size woman, her curves were somehow just as appealing and interesting as those of any slim woman I have loved. She wore a knee length navy blue skirt and a white button up collared blouse, and over it was a simple white sweater that as she was now removing it exposed her sleeveless arms. Sumptuous full bodied drink them in arms. They were large and years beyond slender . . . and I was in love.

One thing you must know about me is that I have a fetish. Smooth, supple skin. I have loved rubbing and caressing skin since I was a kid. I believe it started when I used to curl up next to my mother while watching TV and I would lay my head on her large fleshy arm and love the touch of her skin against my face. At some point I know not when, I started to caress her arms, not in a sensual or sexual way, but to feel the smoothness and coolness of the skin. I loved the feeling in a much similar way as the cool place on a pillow that you snuggle into and happily doze off. I loved the soft feeling, better than silk, velvet, or suede. Unfortunately, this has cost me in some of my relationships. I simply love to make my women feel pleasure and at times my caressing has overstimulated them or often woke them from their sleep. Apparently my hands have a mind of their own as I sleep. If they had a perfectly smooth skin complexion I was in heaven, and often times for them hell. I have tried to find someone who could cure me of this, but all has been to no avail. Which explains why I am eating alone today, as well as most others.

I pushed my food forward and away from me. I could eat nothing and it was rapidly closing in on time for me to head to my next appointment. Gathering up courage I left enough for the lunch and a nice tip and headed towards the women.

I stopped a respectable distance from the table not wanting to crowd them or make them ill at ease and introduced myself, “Hello Ladies, I do hope my interruption will not trouble you too much, but for some reason I felt compelled to say hello. And also to thank you for making my lunch bearable and enjoyable. The slender lady who had her back to me blushed and held her hand to her chest in a demure way. But I ignored her and reached in my pocket and pulled a business card from my wallet and extended it to the dream before me, “I am not soliciting you for business, but hope beyond my wildest dreams you take my card and when you have a chance, google me, visit my site and get know who I am before you say no. I would love to take you for coffee, for lunch, for dinner or whatever allows us to talk,” I stopped to take a breath and judge her reaction. Still smiling, good. I continued, “I heard your laugh and it was intoxicating, but I could not make out your voice. I would love to hear it, hear your thoughts and see you.”

With that I bowed, wished them a good day and turned to leave. As I did so I distinctly saw a look of confusion and a brief flash of indignation on her friend’s face. My Lady was beaming ear to ear.

I headed to my next appointment in a building just a few doors down and checked in at the front desk. As I waited in the lobby the two women came through the door and flashed their badges to the lady and security guard behind the desk and continued past to the elevators. They waited, then as they entered the slender woman turned, saw me, then flipped me the bird. I suddenly laughed out loud as the woman who had been behind the desk approached.

“Mr. Williams? Is everything okay?” she asked.

“Oh yes, sorry. A thought just occured to me . . . ” I trailed off and figured it best not to explain.

“Um, yes, well, Mr. DiMeteo is ready to see you. Please follow me.”

She led me past her desk to the elevators. She turned and handed me some company publications and informed me, “Seventh floor, turn right and tell Sue you are there to see Mr. Di Meteo. Good luck,” she said and then turned and left for her desk.

I entered the elevator with a few other employees back from lunch and waited as they exited on different floors. The elevator chimed “Seventh Floor.” The voice though digitized was a real woman’s voice and very earthy and sexy. I exited and turned right looking at the publications as I walked to the end of the hall and stopped at the desk. As I lifted my head I announced, “Mr. James Williams here to see Mr. DiMeteo.” The woman I had not paid attention behind the desk spun in her chair quickly and gasped. It was my Lady, more beautiful than ever as her open mouth quickly closed and broke into an ever widening smile.

“Oh, Mr. Williams!” She said trying to drop the card under the desk. I saw over her shoulder that she had my web page open and had been viewing it. She saw what I was looking at and blushed

Her office voice was simple, professional, and sexy as hell . . . in fact I thought, was it the voice of the elevator? “Nice to officially meet you Sue.” Again a blush.

“As you Mr. Williams,” please follow me. She rose gracefully and turned towards the office.

My God her ass! Though her ass was large was perfectly shaped and wonderous.

She opened the door, “Mr. DiMeteo, Mr. Williams.” With that she closed the door.

The meeting was fantastic, and from the all the info I was receiving from her Boss I hoped I would soon be working in the same building as my Lady. We shook hands and he offered the standard we’ll get back to you. I thanked him and showed myself to the door as I was anxiously thinking of talking to Sue once again. To my dismay Sue was nowhere to be seen.

I headed to the elevator and as I entered so did another person. I stepped back and looked up into the eyes of – Sue. She dropped what was in her hands and quickly moved forward and shoved me against the wall and locked her lips to mine. She moved her hands through my hair and chased my tongue as I desperately tried to reciprocate and breathe.

The elevator chimed 2nd floor and she quickly broke the connection, picked up her files and left as the doors opened. Stunned I simply stayed against the wall and waited for the doors to close and open again.

I left the building and walked the two blocks to the parking garage. I got in the car and sat for a few moments trying to think through the events of the afternoon. Nothing went as expected, and yet I was worried about none of it. I smiled, started the car, and punched through the stations and I stopped as soon as I heard “Happy.” I smiled the rest of the way home.

Once parked in the building’s garage I took the elevator to my floor and turned to the left to head to my apartment. Mrs. Turner’s nineteen year old slender, well shaped daughter Kitty even said her usual seductive hello which I brushed past lost in thought. I entered my apartment and headed to my couch placed facing the window and sat down thinking of Sue. I stared out the window for time before I realized my phone was ringing and the shadows had more of an angle.. It was an unknown number but I answered hoping it was the firm with an offer.

“Hello,” a familiar voice timidly said. “Is this Mr. Williams?”


“Ah, umm, yes?”

“Is this about the job?”

“Well, no, not exactly . . . I just wanted to apologize for the incident, you know, in the elevator . . . ” her voice trailed off.

“Sue. You need not apologize. In fact I loved every single moment of it. To be honest,” I said leaning forward as I looked out the window where the light outside had dimmed enough to provide some reflection inside, “I My Lady, am still smiling.”


“Yes. Would you like to see it?” oh no, I thought, was that too soon?

There was a pause, and then a sigh, “Absolutely.”

“Okay, where do you live I am on my way and we can go get something to eat. I was so distracted on the way home I forgot to stop,” I said laughing.

“Well, I googled you and you are so far on the other side of town, is there somewhere in the middle we can meet. I am sorry, but I do not want to wait too long and decide to back out. Is that okay?”

“There is a downtown Cafe/Bistro near where you work -”

“Caffee and Sam’s! I love that place!” She shouted. “I am on my way!”

I laughed as I realized she had hung up. I loved her enthusiasm.

I passed Kitty in the hallway again and this time pissed her off as I sped by only acknowledging her enough to say, “I’m sorry,” as I quickly brushed past. The elevator was not fast enough. The lights were too slow. Other drivers were in my way. And my perception of time must have been totally off. It had only taken fifteen minutes to get two blocks from where I had been earlier today that took me thirty to get home.

As I opened the door tires screeched to a stop on the other side of the street.

“Sue!” I yelled laughing.

“Um,” she said exiting her car, “I didn’t realize I had been going that fast.”

“I didn’t either. It took me fifteen to get here and thirty earlier to get home.” I said as I offered my arm. “Shall we,” I said gesturing towards the Bistro.

We entered and found a booth off to the side, avoiding the tables and chairs in the middle of everything. I waited to sit until she had. Once seated I blurted out, “Sue, I gotta know, is . . . is that your voice in the elevator?”

She laughed and looked me in the eyes, “Yes, it was an office contest I won. I get teased a lot about it being too sexy to be used in an elevator”

“Oh, oh, most definitely. Very, very sexy. But,” I added as took her hands in mine, “Not as sexy as the real thing.”

She blushed but still held my gaze.

“This may be too much too soon, but I have got to tell you one of the reasons I had to say hello earlier,” I paused taking in a deep breath, “I was in a trance watching you talk. The movement of your hair, the way your body moved as you lived the moment, and especially your laugh.”

“Go on,” she breathed.

“I could hear talking, but no voice was distinct, or loud enough to be heard and enjoyed,” I explained, “but by then I was smitten by everything I could see about you and I had to know. I had to know if the inside was as beautiful and remarkable as the outside.”

She cocked her head to the side and leaned back but did not let go of my hands. “Really? Is this some sort of pick up line or style of yours?” she asked in disbelief.

I took a deep breath, “NO. I mean, no. I am embarrassed to say this, but I have never been a pick up person, nor one who despite my own size, went for the full figured woman.” I looked down ashamed to look her in the eyes,” I continued forcing myself to look up, and I continued, “it is perhaps part of why I have never had a lasting relationship. That, and …”

“And what?”

I looked out the window and then after a few moments I turned and looked back into her eyes and continued, “I also, have what, well, some would call a fetish.” I waited for her to digest it.

“A fetish?” she asked the question hung in the air uneasily, “What kind of Fetish?” she asked releasing my hands.

I explained, “I love the feel of a woman’s skin, especially when cool to the touch. It started when I was a kid and used to snuggle with my Mother on the couch watching TV. She was a large woman with pillow sized upper arms I loved to touch and rub. It has cost me relationships because sometimes I caress too much, I over stimulate them and they eventually feel it is just too much and leave. I’m sorry,” I apologized, “I just love to touch, caress, and feel a woman as I give her pleasure. I have sought help, seen three different psychiatrists but to no avail. And I don’t have a Mother complex.”

I looked down and waited for her to leave.

Instead, I felt her once again cover my hands and take them into hers.

“Sue,” I said, “It is up to you. Run now, or stay and hate me later.”

“I won’t run. And I,” she hesitated, “can’t see how anyone could ever have too much of what sounds to me very intimate with a touch of tenderness. Will, will you show me what you mean?” she asked.

“Yes, sue, Oh yes,” I smiled hopefully, “but when?”

“I’ll follow you to your place, and then we can decide what to do then.”

I squeezed her hands and looked at her, “Thank you.” As we stood I moved to her and gave her a hug, but I kept my hands to myself. I held the door open for her and followed her out.

I drove to my apartment and entered my card to the scanner and then punched in guest as well. We parked near the elevators and I gave her my arm and escorted her to my apartment. I opened the door and watched as she entered and went straight for the window.

“Wow, what a lovely view,” she said turning, ” I can see why you have the couch here and not aimed at a TV.”

“I spend a lot of time here on the couch, I guess this is my other psychiatrist.” I joked, “would you like something to drink?”

“Wine, if you have it.”

“That I have,” I said as I went to the kitchen. I awkwardly open the bottle. Wine is not my thing and this was a bottle left behind from my last love interest. I poured a glass for her and filled a glass of water from the sink for me.

I found her sitting relaxed as she leaned back on the couch admiring the view. “Here you go. I hope you like it, I have never tasted it, and to be honest it was a vintage left behind from my last, well, you know,” I awkwardly added. “I hope you enjoy it.”

She swirled it around and gently smelled its aroma, then lifted it to her lips and knocked it back.

She smiled, looked at me and laughed, “Sorry, I am a bit nervous. It was nice, she had good taste. May I have another?”

“Sure I smiled. I’ll be right back.”

I filled her glass and placed the bottle on the end table in case she wanted more.

She looked at me and asked, “So you are not a wine lover I take it then?”

“Not really, I drink somewhat, but it’s just not me.”

I settled back on the sofa and Sue seductively slid next to me and snuggled in. I placed my left arm around her and instinctively my hand began moving along her arm. Her skin was smooth and so very soft. Sue looked up at me then laid her head on my chest and sighed as my hand slowly swept across her arm and softly massaged it as it went. I heard a soft moan escape her lips. We sat quiet for sometime and I consciously forced myself to stop. As soon as I did Sue looked up at me and said, “You needn’t have stopped, I was enjoying it immensely. Your hands move so softly as if they had a mind of their own and seem to be guided for my pleasure.”

“Would you like me to continue?”

“Yes, please.”

“Okay, sit up for a moment and allow me to readjust.” I turned sideways my left leg along the back of the couch and the other draped over the edge. I patted the couch between my legs and said, “Scoot over and lean back into me here.”

She did and as she settled in she let out a long sigh. I brought both hands to her arms and slowly alternated between soft gentle strokes and and caresses. Her arms were my wildest dream, my Moby Dick and I was filling with desire. I brought my hands up and began to massage her neck and now her sighs turned to moans. I worked my fingers up along the nape of her neck and around to the back working the tight tendons of her neck. As I did so I could feel the tension of the day release. Her moans grew louder as I was now working her temples and kissing her neck.

“Oh, please, please don’t stop there.”

I worked my hand back to the sides of her neck then around to the front and slowly down to clavicles and then onto her chest. I stopped momentarily to unbutton her blouse and slowly opened it then moved my hands in and to the sides of each breast. Though they were large they were for me simply perfect. I slid both hands around and under and was now cupping her breasts and searching for her nipples with my thumbs through the material of her bra. It was a simple utilitarian bra design for support and containment with the clasps fortunately in front. I moved my hands to her clasps and slowly unfastened them. I pulled them away to the sides and her breasts slid free.

I was entranced by her lovely alabaster skin delicately dotted with freckles. I moved my hands back to her breasts and began to rub her areolas with my thumbs. They were a beautiful dark pink and small around her nipples, something you don’t often find in large breasts. Her nipples were wide and soft and rapidly drawing together and upwards as my thumb stimulated them.

As I continued to nuzzle her neck she moaned again and her hands went to her waist and unfastened her belt then the hem of her skirt. Her left hand dove inside while her right hand clasped the back of my neck and pulled me in closer and tighter into the nape of her neck. I was mesmerized as this beautiful woman began to pleasure herself before me. My hands had stopped their administrations and her nipples began to soften and retreat. I brought my hands up and placed them gently on each side of her face and bent forward to kiss her deeply. The release of her breasts and the sudden exposure began to once again force her nipples to thicken and stiffen as the cool air worked its magic. Her left hand was beginning to move furiously and I began to tweak her nipples, softly at first then harder.

Her hand was frantic, and her legs began to spasm as I softly and slowly caressed her breasts. I slid her to the side and leaned in to take her right nipple into my mouth and began to suck. Slowly at first, but as her grunts and groans escalated I increased the suction. When I felt her rapidly tense up I bit down on the nipple and twisted the other. Her body instantly shivered and then began thrashing about with cries of god knows what escaping loudly, incoherently from her lips. I let go and held her tight and moved a hand down to feel her wetness. As she started to slowly come down and relax I inserted first one and then two fingers and began to push in and pull out as my thumb worked her bud. In a matter of moments she began to shake again and her eyes flew open as she creamed my hand and her legs clamped shut. She tried to breathe, but I thumbed her clit again and then pressed down as she let loose a violent shake then collapsed as she passed out.

I slowly withdrew my drenched hand and licked her juices off with gusto. I made sure I got between each finger, the palm, and the back of the hand and as I finished I heard her ask, “My god do I really taste that good?

“Most definitely yes, but unfortunately I have no more to offer. Oh, just wait,” I quickly plunged my other hand down and into her dripping wet pussy slid three fingers in and scooped out some of her fluids and then brought them up for her to taste, but then thought differently as I sucked them off and lowered my lips to hers. Ours tongues danced as she sucked her juices. When we came up for air she asked, “What would you like now?”

Well I have felt your lovely pussy with my hand but now I can not wait to let my cock have a turn,” I said then added, ” If that be your wish. I know my tongue would also love a turn.”

She sat up and then stood. “Stand up, and let me undress you.”

I did as ordered. She started with my tie, which I had forgotten to remove when I got home the first time. She then unbuttoned my shirt and after each button she gave me a deep soulful kiss. she peeled my sweaty shirt and undershirt from me and tossed it to the floor. She rubbed my chest and giggled as she stopped to twist my small man boob’s nipples. Her attention then turned to my belt and pants. She pulled them past my waist and let them fall to the floor. I stepped out of them then she looked at me and laughed. “Tighty Whities?”

“Why yes Ma’am,” I laughed. “If not for them you would have been speared to death by now, and I would be trying to explain it to the police,” I said matter of factly, trying hard not to laugh.

“Really, so this lump needed such restraint?” she said as she pulled the waistband down and it sprang free. “Oh my, this is a concealed weapon. I do think may just kill me!” she laughed and then as she took it in her hand she cooed, “Let’s find out how many bullets you have in this.”

She lowered herself to her knees and then tenderly kissed it before licking in and swallow most of my nine inches. Her tongue expertly swirled around my cock as she began to bob her head down the shaft until her gag reflex kicked in. I think this beauty would be able to take me whole in time. As I finished that thought, she let it pop free from her mouth and then walked to the kitchen and brought back a chair.

“Sit. I want to ride you with this gorgeous view behind you.”

“Yes Ma’am,” I said and quickly obliged while she slowly removed her panties and brought them to my nose to smell.

“Does this excite you,” she said smiling wickedly.

“Yes, you have a heavenly smell. One which I love.”

“Good,” she said. She straddled my lap and took hold of my dick and brought the tip to her pussy lips and before continuing took a deep breath and then dropped on me as it sank in deeply.

“Ooooooooooooooooooooh, it feels so, soooo, damn goooood!” she hissed.

I was in heaven. I had never had a woman who being this tight take me so deep so quickly.

She looked into my eyes and began to rock, but then she stopped and looked me in the eye and growled, “Lift that ass and fuck me hard, fuck me deep, fuck me till we drop!”

She began to roughly bounce on my lap and before long I was lifting and plunging up as she violently dropped, our bodies smashing together sending waves rippling across our flesh. The smell of of sex permeated the room. We slammed into each other harder, faster, and suddenly she came losing control on a drop and when we hit the chair it lost our fight and shattered slamming us to the floor as I erupted violently into her pussy. We laid there still wrapped in each others arms with my cock still rock hard inside her. I wanted to speak, to thank her but I rolled her over off the chair and clear of the debris and pulled her legs up onto my chest and starting moving within her again. Her eyes began to open and a beautifully wicked smile appeared. All she said was, “More!”

I began to pump her harder and deeper with each thrust. The animal desire that this woman had released in me was unknown, unexpected, and absolutely embraced. I was now growling and grunting with a determination to fill her hole and to make her pass out so that I could carry her to my bed, allow my hands to roam her body until she woke and then do it all over again.

Wave after wave crashed over her and through her. Sweat glistened on her wonderfully jiggling tits. Had I had time I would enjoyed suckling them. But I was on a mission. I could not stop. Her moans became one long drawn out, “Unnhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.” Her eyes had seemingly rolled into the back of her head forever. Yet I continued. Flesh slapping and pounding into flesh. Cum seeping from her pussy along my cock and down past her bunghole to the floor. My hair was soaked and was in my eyes but I could not raise my hand. I continued to drive and then suddenly every bit of cum, juice, liquid I had in my body filled her and overflowed. Spent, I fell to the side.

I woke covered by a blanket with the smell of coffee in the air.

“Good morning,” Sue said as she raised a cup to her mouth. After taking a drink she continued, “What was that last night? I mean don’t get me wrong, it was wonderful, but I have never experienced anything like that before.”

“Did you enjoy it?” I asked from a sitting position still on the floor, “I hope I did not hurt you. I just, I mean, I had,” I had to apologize, “I am so sorry, but, and I am not blaming you, but I have never felt that kind of raw energy before . . . I just, I just hope I haven’t hurt you, or scared you away.”

She laughed and took another sip, “I am still here aren’t I?”

I fell back onto the floor, and sighed, “Yes, thank god, yes.”

“But you know, we never got anything to eat?”

I laughed, got up and walked still naked over to my Lady and kissed her on the lips and headed for the shower. “Care to join me for a shower?”

I did not look back but I heard her set the cup down and then heard her feet rush to join me.

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