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Submission to a Domme

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Her hands were cool and gentle as they caressed my face. Her fingertips traced my cheekbones, the bridge of my nose, then across my lips and along my jaw. I licked my lips in anticipation, my eyes covered by a blindfold, a little fearful of what to expect. It was bizarre yet exciting, something I had fantasized about but never imagined I would be brave enough to try.

Actually living out the fantasy was somewhat uncomfortable, being intimate with another female. Yet, here I was with another woman, a Domme no less, feeling her touch and tease my naked body. Her supple hands ran lightly up and down my outstretched arms, over my shoulders, across my collarbones. Her nails lightly scratched from under my chin down my exposed throat, and across my bare breasts. Her movements were slow and calculated sending shivers throughout me. I felt her fingers glance across my hardened nipples and I arched my back wanting to feel more of her touch on my full, heavy breasts. She traced her nails around my areolas, in widening circles, spreading out around my large taut globes then back in with tighter circles, until she reached my erect, rosy buds.

Suddenly she squeezed my nipples between her fingers and thumbs, stretching my delicate flesh, pinching harder until I winced from the delicious little pain. She softly moaned in approval then released one nipple to settle her mouth upon it and suck it in between her wet lips and nibbling teeth. I tilted my head back and groaned appreciatively as her tongue flicked my stiff bud and she sucked it hard. Then she sank her teeth into my spongy flesh just hard enough to cause me to gasp and jerk back a little. She stretched me then, her teeth clamped to me, pulling my engorged nipple until I cried out from the pain of her bite! She laughed softly and released me only to follow up with a heavy clamp with little teeth of its own digging into my tenderized bud. The pain, like many so many needles, stabbed deeply and my breath came out in a harsh rush.

She moved to my other breast and sucked and bit my soft, white skin. I could imagine the many bruises of her ravenous bites blooming all over my pale tit like small, dark flowers. She did not even suck my nipple but quickly captured it in the other clamp and gently twisted delighting in watching me squirm and bite my lip to stifle my whimper. Then she kissed me, deeply, sensuously, and pulled on both clamps as I moaned into her mouth, my eyes watering behind the soft blindfold. Her hand traveled down my side, tickling me, making me squirm and I felt the sharp sting of her slap against my breast.

“Be still,” she whispered and continued kissing me, her tongue pressing between my lips, past my teeth, invading my mouth. Our tongues slowly swirled as she coaxed my tongue into her mouth. I softly explored her mouth, feeling her teeth, the ridges on the roof of her mouth, then she began to suck my tongue hard, like a little cock. My breath puffed hard from my nose against her cheek and I whimpered until she finally released me and pulled her face away.

My pussy was dripping, aching, needing to be touched. My mind raced as I thought of how I had submitted to a man, a loving but commanding man, and how he used me for his pleasure. I was surprised but embarrassed at how this woman was affecting me. A female, touching me, making me wet and hungry for more and aching to submit to her in the same way. I wanted so badly to squeeze my thighs tightly together to alleviate some of the pressure building in my swelling lips. Yet the bar attached to my ankles kept my legs spread wide, inhibiting me from clamping my thighs together for my own pleasure or to hide from her sight and touch. My arms ached, stretched out; wrists, elbows, and upper arms tightly secured to a pole that pressed into my upper back and shoulders. Blind and bound, I was completely at her mercy. I wasn’t sure I could go through with whatever she had planned yet I was excited and extremely turned on. I felt naughty, deviant, mentally struggling with the idea of submitting to her but wanting it at the same time. I sensed her move away and I shuddered, apprehensive of what she might do next. I heard her move about the room and the moments stretched as I waited, desperate to feel her touch again.

The burning sting answered my curiosity as I felt her crop bite into my belly. I yelped and she whipped me again, across the top of my breasts. Then her crop landed on my sensitive side, right above my waist and I flinched and cried out. She continued, working around to my back laying a crisscross of dark, red lines on my white, creamy skin. First my upper back then lower until she reached my ass. She continued to circle me, treating the whole of my body to the lash of her crop. I could only stand there and cry, my body flinching with each hit, feeling conflicted at letting this Domme play with me, impose her will on me. The strikes came harder and faster as she punished my plump cheeks, across them, to the sides, and slightly underneath where they joined my thighs. At first it was not an erotic or enjoyable feeling, it hurt badly. It was humiliating, almost belittling because she was enjoying my pain, cooing encouragement with every whimper and groan from my mouth. Yet, my pussy was as sodden as my blindfold from all my tears. I wasn’t sure how much I could take, but I was unwilling to relent and speak my safe word, just yet. I was at last rewarded when the sensation of all those burning blows sizzled and sank into my flesh, communicating hot and mysterious signals to my cunt. My pussy began to twitch and I could feel my juices seeping, beginning to smear the insides of my upper thighs. She moved around to the front of me and plunged her fingers into my slippery, needy hole and fucked me while she intermittently struck the side of my ass cheek with her crop.

“You’re so wet. What a pain slut you are!” she teased me. I could feel my face blush hotly, ashamed by the truth, ashamed at getting off on the pain. Yes, I was fiercely aroused and I groaned wishing so badly to hump her hand like a crazed slut, to feel her fingers fuck me harder, the heel of her hand rub against my throbbing clit. I trembled and whimpered, “Please, please” over and over. She pulled her fingers from me and whipped the crop once across my pussy and I screamed from the fiery pain. As I shuddered and gasped from the violent heat on my puffy lips I heard her laugh softly.

“I’ve got something for you, slut. Something you will beg me for. Do you want to come, pet?” she asked as she kissed my cheek.

“Yes, please, Miss P, please!” I gasped.

She turned me around to face toward the bed. From behind me she raised her hands to my breasts and squeezed and caressed them. I loved the feel of her soft tits pressed against my back and the heat of her body on my skin. Her hands roamed down my front, pressing her fingertips against my pussy, then slid around to my ass. She stroked the red stripes that laced my cheeks then slid a finger up and down between them. I could feel her dipping her fingertip just slightly inside my cunt then rub it up and down across my anus. I whimpered at the salacious sensation, feeling wicked but nervous by wanting her fingers to penetrate my virgin ass hole. Such a dirty but deeply submissive act. She gently pushed on my back to lean me forward and I fell face down on the bed, my feet planted on the floor, my ass and pussy shamefully exposed for her use. I heard slight movements behind me and anxiously wished I could see what she was doing. It wasn’t long before I felt something hard and cool probing at my tight pussy hole and rubbing along my slit. She softly caressed my turgid sex with her long, thick strap-on and my sweet juices wept from my cunt all along the head and shaft. It was embarrassing to be so vulnerable, to submit to her this way, and I stiffened, feeling somewhat reluctant.

“Oh, god!” I groaned in dismay as she toyed with me, inserting the head of her dildo into my cunt only to pull out and slide it up and down my slick pussy lips. I wondered why it seemed so easy to submit to a man yet I still struggled giving in to this Domme, no matter that I was so needy for her. Perhaps part of me was a little disconcerted at giving in to a woman; this was not the norm for my way of thinking. Or, maybe I was somewhat ashamed beginning to realize that I was truly a slut, in dire need of domination and being controlled for the pleasure of a Mistress. I could not deny that I wanted, I needed, to give in to the will of this vivacious and commanding woman.

“You’re my bitch, aren’t you?” she calmly asked. Her words made me hesitate. Was I her bitch? Was I merely a horny body she enjoyed tormenting? “Well? Answer!” She slapped my ass hard bringing me back to focus on her rather than sink into a ponderous journey of my motivation.

“Yes, Miss P, I’m your bitch!” I blurted out as she teased me, poking me as if she was going to fill me up and I was desperate to feel her do so. “Please, Miss P, please fuck me. I need you to fuck me, please?” The words were out before I realized it, much to my chagrin. She chuckled and leaned down and released my ankles from the spreader bar.

“Aren’t you a horny slut? Your hot cunt is just dripping, you should see how wet you’re making my cock. It’s nice and slick, covered with your juices. Turn around and get on your knees.” I was disappointed, wanting so badly to feel her cock inside me. As my arms were stretched along the pole I awkwardly strained away from the bed, turned around, and dropped to my knees before her. Grabbing my hair in her fist she pushed her cock to my lips. “Lick it, suck it my little bitch.” Then she pulled the blindfold from my eyes and I looked up at her face. A small smile curved the corners of her pretty lips as she gazed down at me. She knew what I wanted, to give in to her, although in my mind I tried to hold back.

I tentatively reached my tongue out and licked along the length of her cock. It was surprisingly life-like with a thickly ridged head and veins along the shaft. I pulled it into my mouth and sucked and she pulled my hair so that she could thrust it in and out of my mouth. My lips dragged along the shaft and I worked my tongue around the wide, flared head. It was hard yet spongy and I could taste myself on it. I was beginning to enjoy sucking my Mistress’s cock, greedy to feel it fill my mouth. When she pressed it in further and kept pushing against the back of my throat I gagged and moaned. My eyes watered and I shot her a look of panic when I could not catch my breath.

“Too big for you? We’ll have to work on teaching you to swallow it more deeply.” She pushed my head back and released my hair. “Enough for now. Get up and lay back on the bed, on your stomach.” It was difficult to get up, my balance being off with my arms stiffly stretched out to my sides. I struggled but managed to get up without falling and turned to lie on the bed as Miss P had instructed. Then she reattached the spreader bar spreading my ankles even farther apart than they had been previously.

“So, you want your Mistress to fuck you?” she asked as she dragged her nails down my back and ass, my skin still tender from her whippings.

“Yes, please, Miss P. I need you to fuck me!” I meekly whispered. My pussy contracted and I could feel my juices copiously drooling from my aching hole. She slid her fingers up and down my slit and teased my clit. I pushed my hips back trying to get her fingers down and inside me and she slapped my sore cheeks. “Shame on you for trying to sneak my fingers into that nasty cunt. I told you to stay still, slut! I’m sure a sound paddling would cure your inability to keep still.” Her cell phone on the nightstand suddenly began to ring and she left me to answer it.

“Hello? I’m fine but I’m a little busy at the moment. Oh, you are? If you’d like you can come up for a drink. It’s been a while since we’ve had a nice chat. Good, I’ll see you in a few minutes then.” Miss P sat on the side of the bed and brushed my hair from my eyes. “A good friend is just down the street and wants to stop by for a quick visit. He’ll be here in just a couple of minutes. Be a good slut and just lie here and relax for a bit.” She got up and retrieved a silk robe from her closet and pulled it on tying the belt around her slim waste. “I’ve got something to keep you occupied, though.” She opened the drawer of the nightstand and pulled out a butt plug and a tube of lubricant. “You’ll like this!” she said as she lubricated the plug and pressed it to my ass. I moaned and squirmed as she pushed it in.

“Please, no, Miss P,” I gasped as it stretched past my anal ring. It burned and I pushed my hips against the bed trying to get away from the painful invasion. “Oh no…I’ve never…”

“Virgin ass? Poor baby, you’ll be just fine. Once you get used to it you’ll grow to love it. Besides, we’ve got to get your ass stretched for my cock, don’t we?” her voice was deceptively sympathetic. She tossed the tube of lubricant on the bed beside me. Here eyes sparkled as she grinned seeing the surprise and dismay on my face. She leaned over and softly kissed my lips and left the room leaving the door slightly open.

Several minutes passed by and I lay there trying to calmly breath but I couldn’t help squirming. The plug was short but thick and felt terrible stretching my ass hole. The clamps on my nipples were also becoming unbearable and I arched my back so they my breasts weren’t pressed against the mattress. This only caused my ass to clench and seemed to pull the plug in more deeply. I grunted trying to find a way to ease my discomfort but I was not that successful. I suddenly heard voices and realized her surprise visitor was male. She offered him a drink and asked him to have a seat and relax. I softly moaned to myself wondering how long she was going to be, how long I’d be left with the plug stuffed into me and my nipples throbbing for relief. I glanced toward the door and could see him sitting on the couch facing the bedroom door! Oh god, if he looked closely he would be able to see me on her bed! I shut my eyes willing him to not notice me.

It seemed as if they talked for a long while and I was beginning to feel a burning in the backs of my legs. I felt frustrated wishing he would hurry up and leave. Their voices were low and I could not hear what they spoke about but suddenly I heard Miss P’s voice more clearly and was shocked to realize she was coming towards the bedroom and opened my eyes to see her visitor following her! Heat flooded my face and I turned my head the other way in sheer embarrassment.

“She’s still in training but she has quite a bit of difficulty in keeping still. In fact, just before you called I was about to punish her for squirming and moving her hips.”

“Nice ass, just begging for a spanking, isn’t it? How long has she been in your training?” the mystery man asked with amusement.

“Only a couple of weeks. She’s eager to please. She just doesn’t have very good self-control with her hips.” Miss P came over to me and caressed my ass cheeks. I unconsciously flinched expecting a slap instead of a soft touch. “See what I mean?” Miss P moved away from me for a moment but she was quickly back by my ass and I felt something smooth and hard rubbed across my ass. “My friend would like to watch for while, I’m sure you don’t mind, do you slut?” I was stunned, already embarrassed at this stranger seeing me like this, let alone having him watch Miss P punish me. “Answer me, bitch!”

“N…no, Miss P, I…I don’t mind,” I stammered as tears welled up in my eyes. I screeched as I felt the abrupt pain of her paddle smack down hard on my right ass cheek. She liberally applied sharp swats to both cheeks and sometimes on the middle over my crack. With each hit to the middle of my ass the plug was pushed in and then shifted back as my ass relaxed between blows. I pressed my face into the bed and cried out with each smack. For a few moments it stopped and I gulped the air into my lungs between sobs. Then it began again, only harder and I glanced back mortified to see that she’d handed the paddle over to the man and he was now spanking me. I screamed as the paddle crashed down upon my ass and wiggled my hips in a futile attempt to get away from his harsh swats. I was gasping for air and overwhelmed with shame at having this stranger not only observing me in my vulnerable state but having taken over punishing me. I lost the count of his blows after 30 and could only lay there and sob, becoming exhausted and no longer able to resist. My ass was beginning to feel numb and I vaguely wondered how long it would be before I would be able to sit normally again.

“That’s it. I think she’s had enough. She’s absolutely crimson, almost burgundy, isn’t she?” Miss P said and the punishment was halted. “Here, my little slut, have a sip of water. You’ve cried so much I wouldn’t want you to become dehydrated.” She had a glass of water with a straw and held it to my lips as I gratefully took several long swallows. I knew I must have looked a mess, my face tear stained and my nose running from all my crying. Miss P was kind enough to wipe my face with a tissue and give me a few more sips of water.

“For all her protesting her cunt is sure wet, even her thighs are damp with her pussy juices. Just lovely.” The man said as he stroked the insides of my thighs with his fingers then slid them up and down my slit. I whimpered at his touch, frustrated that even through all that pain my pussy tingled and twitched with need. He slid two fingers into my cunt and I groaned at the feel of his lewd intrusion. I glanced up at my Mistress as she slid her robe off and lay it across the pillows above my head. She glanced down at me and smiled then looked up at her guest.

“Oh yes, help yourself, my dear,” apparently responding to some gesture he’d given her. I was suddenly horrified to feel the man’s nose and mouth pressed against my sopping pussy! I screamed in surprise and looked up at my Mistress watching her stroke her cock with one hand and rub her tits with the other as she watched her visitor. While I couldn’t deny his tongue and lips felt absolutely divine on my swollen pussy I was upset that she was allowing another to touch and use me.

“Please, make him stop Miss P!” I whimpered humiliated from the entire situation but feeling my cunt tighten and twitch in response to his licking and sucking. She frowned at me and pulled a ball gag from the nightstand drawer and quickly silenced me with it.

“Your body belongs to me, slut. If it suits me to share it then I will. Look at you. Is the bright flush on your cheeks from embarrassment or arousal?” she taunted. I squeezed my eyes shut knowing it was both. I was ashamed to be used by the stranger but I could feel an orgasm slowly building deep in my cunt. I could hear the man grunting and slurping, sucking and biting me and I was completely helpless to resist!

“What a hot little bitch you’ve got here. I may have to steal her from you,” he chuckled as he pulled away and wiped his face on my burning ass.

“I don’t think so, dear. But I’m glad you enjoyed her. Why don’t you get another drink for yourself and have a seat and watch for a while.” Miss P’s tone of voice was firm and low. Did I detect a slight hint of possessiveness? I was relieved that she had made him stop but still very much distressed that he would be allowed to stay and watch my Mistress and me. As he left the room she began to untie my arms from the pole. I groaned from the pain in my shoulders as I moved my arms around and pulled them close to my body. Then I felt her release me from the spreader bar and I rolled each foot around to work out the stiffness from each ankle. I turned my head and watched as the man came back into the bedroom and sat in the chair across from the bed.

“Get up on the bed on your back, now, slut.”

I was stiff and sore as I crawled up on the bed then turned over. As my ass came in contact with the bedspread a moaned behind the gag. I arched my back holding my butt up but my Mistress corrected my position and pressed her hand on my belly forcing me flat. My inflamed ass hurt so badly even against the softness of the bedspread! Miss P removed her strap-on and lay the harness on the pillow next to my head. She looked into my eyes and smiled as she removed the gag from my mouth. Her hands gently caressed my body and breasts then she pulled on the chain of my clamps and I hissed from the searing pain. She leaned down and kissed me deeply and as her tongue slid into my mouth she released one nipple from the clamp. I groaned loudly as the blood flooded my strangled nipple, feeling it burn as if put to a flame! I whimpered against her mouth, my breathing fast and frantic as her hand slid to my other breasts and she freed that nipple as well. I arched my back and groaned again as that nipple burned back to life.

“There’s my good bitch. You’re doing fine. Let’s show the gentleman what a pain slut you really are.” Miss P retrieved a flogger and stood on the opposite side of the bed so her guest would have a clear view. “Keep your arms out to your sides and your legs stretched wide, my little whore. Do not dare to pull your arms or legs in. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Miss P,” my voice quivered with anxiety. I nervously glanced at the man and he smiled and raised his glass to me then took a sip and reached one hand down to rub the bulge in the crotch of his pants. I blushed and jerked my head back and stared straight up at the ceiling.

The first lash was to my belly and while it did not sting badly it surprised me and I flinched slightly. My Mistress slowly worked her way up my body and the stinging became more intense. When she landed the flogger soundly across both of my breasts I screamed from the heat of the pain on my hypersensitive nipples.

“Seems we’ve struck a nerve. How did that feel?” Miss P softly laughed.

“Ugh,” I grunted as the pain throbbed in my nipples and spread down my breasts. “Oh god, Miss P, that hurt!” I panted trying to maintain some composure. Tears spilled down my temples into my hair. Then she struck my breasts again and paused as she watched my face scrunch up in agony. She flogged my tits a few more times, pausing between each strike so that I had to endure the fierce fire in my nipples for several moments. I had my eyes closed trying to concentrate on keeping my arms and legs out but each time she lashed me I could not keep my torso and hips from slightly jerking. I was surprised she made no mention of that but perhaps she enjoyed seeing the pain manifested in my flinches. She worked her way down my belly then struck my thighs. I grunted and panted and made my legs stiff so as not to allow them to move in any way. The stinging was intense and I could feel it tingling like needles all the way up to my pussy. I suddenly felt the bite of the leather ribbons on my soft pussy lips and I howled and arched my back pressing my ass against the bed. This only reminded me how tender my cheeks were and I began to sob. After a few more lashes to my pussy I thought I was going to come out of my skin and could not stop the screams from my throat. For the first time I considered using my safe word. But she must have sensed I was at my limit because she set the flogger down on the bed and walked to the other side and picked up the glass of water.

“Good girl. Here, take a drink.” She cradled the back of my head, my hair was wet from my tears and sweat, and helped me drink from the straw. I gasped between sips trying to catch my breath. “Your body is a lovely rosy red. I’m proud of you, you’re doing so well. So now you get a reward.” She set the glass down and climbed onto the bed and straddled my face with her bottom facing the footboard. “You get to lick your Mistress’s pussy and make her come. I’m so wet and ready for you my pet,” she said as she lowered her cunt to my face and looked down into my eyes.

I had never sucked a woman’s pussy before and I was a bit wary of doing it now. I could smell the musky scent of her glistening sex and felt the sweet smoothness of her hairless lips pressed to my mouth. I closed my eyes and kissed her and rubbed my lips against hers trying to gather my wits about me and use my tongue. She pressed down covering both my mouth and my nose and I struggled but then slipped my tongue between her engorged lips and swirled around her soft, juicy cunt. She rose up just enough to let me breathe. I licked her tasting her tangy juices not unlike my own. I settled into a rhythm of sorts and the more I licked and sucked the more I began to enjoy her hot flesh. I swirled my tongue around her clit then pushed my tongue into her hole, moving back and forth, slowly at first. Her hips moved back and forth and I realized she had begun to move a little faster so I matched her pace with my tongue and alternated sucking her clit with flicking it with the tip of my tongue.

“Open your eyes and look at me.” When I looked up at her I saw the excitement burning in her eyes the expression of such pleasure on her face. “Oh yes, bitch, that’s good. That’s absolutely wonderful,” she moaned. “Suck me harder.” I could hear the mounting tension in her voice and she occasionally pushed her cunt flat against my face as my tongue fucked her tight hole. When I could no longer hold my breath I would move my head from side to side and she would let up a bit. I softly bit her pussy lips and was thrilled to hear her groan and pant as she came closer to the edge. Then I grasped her bulging clit between my teeth and softly bit it as I flicked it with my tongue. I watched her sweet breasts softly bounce as she fucked my mouth which encouraged me to suck and lick harder. “Ohhhh…come on…make me come, make me come!” She cried out then jerked her hips and squashed her cunt hard against my face as she twitched against me. I was pleasantly surprised to feel her juices gently gush from her as she came hard against my mouth.

“Bravo, little slut! That was beautiful watching you make your Mistress come hard like that!” the man chuckled. I was so involved with sucking Miss P’s cunt I had nearly forgotten he was there! Embarrassment washed over me again as she lifted herself off my face and sat on the edge of the bed. I watched as her back expanded with fast breaths as she calmed down.

“Yes, for your first time you did quite well. I’m looking forward to you improving your technique, pet. Believe me you’re going to get lots of practice!” Miss P said as she turned around and kissed me. She giggled and pulled away, stroking my damp hair. “If I’m not mistaken I think you rather enjoyed it, too, didn’t you?”

“Yes, Miss P. You have a beautiful pussy and I love the way you taste,” I shyly admitted. She slid her hand to my pussy and gently stroked my slit and clit. I felt her fingers press beneath me and she smiled at me.

“Why pet, you actually have a large wet spot beneath you! I bet you’d like to feel that cunt of yours filled with my cock,” she commented as she slid her fingers into my pussy. I shuddered and yearned to push my hips up and have her fuck me harder. “Roll over then and get on your knees. Bitches get fucked from behind, doggy style.” She stood up and pulled the harness back on as I quickly rolled over and pulled my knees in. “Come closer to the edge of the bed and push those knees farther apart,” she instructed as she retrieved the tube of lubrication and walked around to stand behind me. She pushed the end of the butt plug and I sighed heavily having become used to the feel of it and almost forgetting it was still inside me. “Oh yes, both of your holes are going to get some attention now, slut.” Miss P slowly began to stroke my slit with the head of her cock. She teased my hole with the head of it as she manipulated my clit.

“Please, Miss P, may I move my hips?” I whimpered desperate to feel her big, long cock buried in my cunt.

“Since you’ve been doing so well I will allow it.”

“Oh thank you!” I practically cried with relief and my hips began to sway with the strokes of her cock up and down between my puffy lips. She held the shaft under me and struck my clit with it several times as she slid her fingers into my hungry cunt. I was moaning and pushing my hips back and forth fucking her fingers. I could feel her fingers wiggling inside me massaging the inside of my tight, slick walls and groaned with such pleasure. But I needed something longer and thicker and I finally I couldn’t stand it, “Please fuck me, Miss P!”

“I am fucking you, pet! Doesn’t it feel good?”

“Yes, it does, but I need…” I hesitated, “I need your cock, please!”

“What a whore you are. You want my cock?” she teased as she held the head of the dildo just to my weeping hole. Even when I pushed back she would pull back not letting me take it deeper into me. My pussy contracted and squeezed on her fingers hungry for more, something bigger that would stretch me and go further in to the depths of my starved cunt!

“Yes, please! Miss P fuck me with your cock!” I almost shouted, frantic to have her pound it into me! She grabbed my hips and thrust herself all the way into me. I loved the feel of it stretching me, the feel of her soft, warm thighs against mine! “Fuck me hard, please, please,” I begged her. She pulled out and began to thrust in and out harder and faster and I groaned loudly from the exquisite sensation of it! She roughly fucked me and I pushed my hips back and forth meeting her just as hard. I was beside myself with pure joy. I couldn’t get enough of it! I was even beyond caring that her friend sat and watched us. I glanced at him and saw that he had his cock out and was jerking off. I almost laughed at how surreal it all seemed…this Domme wildly fucking me, the man masturbating in rhythm to our own thrusts. Even in my fantasies I’d never imagined how decadently wonderful this would feel.

Miss P slowed a bit and I suddenly felt her pulling on my butt plug. As she pulled it all the way out I was filled with slight dread. Fucking my pussy was one thing, but feeling the huge cock in my ass was another. I wasn’t sure I wanted my ass fucked, not yet, I wasn’t ready for it! She squirted a dollop of lubrication on my anus and slid her finger inside.

“You’re stretched out nicely, slut. Not a lot, but it will do for a start.” She inserted a second finger and slid them in and out as she continued to slowly fuck my pussy. It did feel good, I couldn’t deny it. Yet I was scared of having that thick phallus plunged into my rectum. I glanced at the man, his fist had slowed and he was fondling his balls, too. He was timing himself, waiting for my Mistress to take my ass. I suddenly felt irritated that he was there getting off on us having sex and just waiting to watch Miss P take the most private part of my body. “You like my fingers in your ass, don’t you?”

“Yes,” I answered hesitantly. I didn’t want her to use her cock though, only her fingers.

“Yes, what?” she asked then smacked my tender cheek.

“Ow! Yes, Miss P, I like your fingers in my ass!” She pulled the cock from my pussy and I moaned with disappointment. But she continued to slide her fingers in and out of my anus while rubbing my clit with her free hand. It felt incredible and I wished she would not stop! I could feel my climax rapidly building. “Please let me come, Miss P! Ohhhh…I need to come!”

“Not yet, slut.” But she did not cease and I was getting closer and worried that I would not be able to hold it. “Move up on the bed, now,” and as I crawled forward she climbed behind me never taking her fingers from my tight hole. Miss P spread lubrication all over her cock and rubbed a generous amount on the head then pulled her fingers from me. I flinched as she pressed the bulbous knob to my hole and pressed in. “Beg me for it, whore. Beg me to fuck your nasty ass hole!” She slapped my bottom and I winced. Then she reached under me and toyed with my clit. My entire body shivered straining to hold back my orgasm.

“I…I…” I spoke haltingly. Did I want her to fuck me this way, use me, to possess such a private part of me? Another hard slap of her hand to my tender ass brought out a squeal from my trembling lips. I was scared and not entirely sure I wanted to have my anus invaded and the thought of asking for her to do it was very humiliating. Yet I had submitted to everything else so far. My body was for her to use as she pleased. Yet something held me back.

“I don’t hear you. Beg me to fuck your ass, bitch! Do it! Or would you rather have another spanking, say, 100 blows to this already raw ass?”

“NO! No…please no more spanking,” I sobbed. I was torn but I could not bare the thought of such a harsh spanking.

“Then what should I be hearing right now?” She reached down and continued to tease my clit, pinching it as if enticing me to say the words she wanted to hear. Oh god I wanted to come so badly. I was desperate for it, so close to the edge. I groaned and vacillated between giving in or speaking my safe word. I certainly did not want to be spanked again but I also did not want to let her down by saying it. I thought of that man, sitting there, like some kind of morbid spectator waiting to see the ass fucking climax at the end of our torrid sex show. I felt ashamed that she had allowed this man to spank me and that they had both enjoyed my embarrassment. Yet as I felt her fingers on my clit and the head of her thick cock pressing against my anus I was sliding past the point of no return and relented to her command.

“Please, Miss P, fuck my ass!” It was strange hearing the words that rushed from my lips as I slowly accepted what was going to happen. What was I? I was a shameful slut, I was for her pleasure, and much to my chagrin I really did want to give in to her; even at the cost of my own shame.

“Again!” she growled at me. I choked back my sobs and took a deep breath.

“Please, Miss P, I want you to fuck my ass!” I begged her.

“Relax, take deep breaths. Don’t fight it, just relax,” she instructed as she slowly eased the head inside me. I cried out and pulled away but she grabbed my hips and continued to push that thick cock in. I cried out even louder as the head pushed all the way in past my tight anal ring.

“Please stop! God, that hurts!”

“It always does at first!” she sternly said. “But isn’t that what pain sluts like?”

I screamed with frustration. She then pinched my clit as she pressed the hard head of her dildo deeper into me. The invasion burned all the way into my bowels and she had not even pushed in that far. How was I going to endure this?

“Oh, no, please!” my words were muffled in the bedspread. I tired to pull my hips away in fear of that long, thick cock spearing my ass. I felt horrified of what I’d begged her to do, of feeling that thick cock violating my tight passage. She grabbed my hips and I tensed in anticipation of her cock shoving deeper into my aching ass. I cried hot tears as she paused letting my rectum adjust to the stretching of her shaft.

“Breathe, pet. You’re doing well. Relax,” she softly encouraged. Her fingers gently rubbed my clit and stroked my slit. Despite myself I could feel my cunt twitching in response. How wicked it was to feel aroused even as my rectum burned with such pain! Then she slid in a little further and paused. We continued this way until she had the entire seven inches buried in my ass. She leaned down on my back and I loved feeling her tits pressed against my skin. She reached under me and stroked my nipples and gently squeezed them. I moaned at how wonderful that felt; my stiff buds were still extremely sensitive so it did not take much to feel the electric jolts of pleasure shooting from my tits to my pussy. Then she pulled herself back up and began to pull her hips back. I had to steel myself from pulling my own hips forward to release myself from her cock.

She went easy on me, slowly out, then slowly in. I found that when she pulled out my ass and pussy twitched and it was beginning to feel good. Yet, when she pushed in it still sent pain shooting down inside me. I could feel the ridge of the cock as she pulled back and this delicious sensation started to increase my arousal. After a few minutes I could tolerate the feeling of her pushing in a little better as I was anxious for the reward of feeling the head of her cock glide along my rectal walls on its way back out. That was a fantastic feeling! Once again she reached under me and played with my clit, circling it, tapping it, pinching it. I began to move my hips as well and oh, god, when she pulled back and squeezed my clit at the same time it rendered me nearly breathless! I was moaning and feeling my climax on the rise.

“Fuck me, Miss P! I need to…ohhhhh, yes!” I cried as she increased her pace but it seemed she was careful not to push in too hard.

“What does my naughty whore need?” she egged me on.

“Please let me come!” I gasped as she wiggled my clit back and forth.

“Oh, I love watching my cock slide in and out of your tight ass, slut. So delicious…” she moaned and I suddenly felt a vibration which caused me to jerk against her. I had not known there was a little vibrator in the harness and was reminded that this was for her pleasure, not for mine. I heard her breathing harder as she thrust in and out of me, her fingers became more intense on my aching clit. “We’re going to come together, you and I. So close now…” she almost whimpered.

“Please, now?” I begged her feeling my pussy begin to spasm. There was no way I was going to be able to hold it back!

“YES!” she yelled and bucked against me, driving her cock into me. My orgasm was swift and hard overwhelming any pain from the cock as I lurched and cried out with her. Heat enveloped my whole body as my stomach tightened and my pussy contracted. I screamed with the power of it, the intensity pulsing fiercely throughout my entire being! We cried out in unison both swept up in the wild sensations flooding our bodies. She leaned over my back again and I could feel her hot, damp body pressed to mine and it was heavenly! Finally she pulled out and as she did I felt a second, softer orgasm ripple through me as I collapsed to the bed and she dropped beside me. I was vaguely aware of hearing her friend grunting and gazed at him just as his cum shot from the end of his cock, arching high into the air and landing on his leg. He squirted several times and then slumped in the chair, panting just as hard as we were.

“My god, you really must let me share her one day. You sit and watch. That was fucking fantastic,” he said between breaths. Miss P laughed and pulled me close to her. She caressed my body and leaned in to kiss me.

“Not a chance, this gem is all mine. It can only get better, don’t you think so, pet?” she whispered against my lips.

“Yes, Miss P, I think so, too,” I whispered back and nuzzled in close to her, partly relieved it was over with and partly wondering how soon she would take me again.

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