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Personal Shower

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Gloria was glad she finally convinced her husband, Gary, to visit their old friends, the Porters in Orlando.

Oh, Gary could be an old curmudgeon, sure enough. Everyone knew that. But even he admitted it would be nice to see the Porters again and Gloria was looking forward to seeing the Potters’ daughter and son-in-law at the same time. They lived in a nice old home (or so she heard) right on the beach and they would be hosting Gary and Gloria during their stay in Orlando.

One of the reasons Gloria was so eager to make the visit is that she and hubby Gary weren’t getting any younger. At 75, she was moving a lot more slowly these days and Gary had a stroke a few years back and wasn’t supposed to climb stairs or exert himself any more than necessary. This, of course, didn’t help his crabby disposition.

And Gloria had a nasty little secret that she was ashamed to admit even to herself. Unlike many of her friends who were getting older, Gloria found her “needs” (as she referred to the matter) increasing as she aged. Gary was unable to have sex any longer and he refused to try any of the new drugs (“It ain’t natural, goddammit!”) that would make it possible.

So Gloria would reach down into her bushy nether regions while watching television after Gary had gone to bed. Her screams while watching old reruns of Magnum P.I. were not because any violence on the program. It was old Gloria finding a little piece of heaven between her chunky thighs while watching a young and handsome Tom Selleck playing detective.

One time after watching the show, she climbed on top of Gary and rubbed herself against his flaccid member until he finally pushed her off (“What are you doing, woman?”) and Gloria could only whimper into her pillow, yank up her flannel nightie and strum herself to a quiet orgasm.


“Jesus, Gary is coming here? To stay in our home? What were you thinking?”

Robert was talking with his wife, Melissa, about the pending visit of Gloria and Gary. They were old friends of Melissa’s folks and while Robert liked Gloria well enough, Gary was a royal pain in the ass.

“He’s irritable, bossy, cheap and his breath stinks.”

“Well,” said Melissa shrugging, “they’re family – practically.”

“How am I supposed to get any work done while they’re here?” Robert asked. “I need to work in my office.”

“Don’t worry about it,” Melissa said. “They’ll be spending most of their time at mom and dad’s anyway and your office is upstairs. They’re sleeping downstairs. It’s just a few days, honey.”

Robert acquiesced, as he did with most things. He loved his wife even if she didn’t always provide as much action in the bedroom as he would have liked. She was an only child and her mother had given birth when she was almost 40. Her parents were aging and Robert spent more and more time at their house replacing light bulbs and making small fixes that her dad was too old to handle any longer.

“Fine,” he said. “I’ll live with it for three days.”


When Gary and Gloria arrived at Robert and Melissa’s home there were hugs and kisses all around although Gary looked as though someone had jabbed him with a hot poker when Melissa kissed him on the cheek.

Gloria was just the opposite. She gave a big hug and kiss to both Robert and Melissa and Robert got over his original peevishness at hosting these two old folks. Everyone settled in and Gloria caught up on the news of family and friends while Gary complained about the unavailability of his favorite courtroom show on television.

“Get me a beer, wouldja?” he said to Gloria who, unsure where to go, looked helplessly at Melissa.

“I’ll get it,” she said and Gary just grunted.

Gloria was pretending to watch some old soap opera (she actually hated watching them) but in actuality she was stealing little peaks at Robert. She hadn’t seen him in a number of years, at least since her “needs” started increasing. She never realized how much he looked like an older Tom Selleck.

“So Robert,” she said, “Are you staying busy?” And she was surprised to realize she was blushing. For his part, Robert didn’t notice anything unusual.

“Business is good, Gloria,” he smiled (what a pretty smile). “I wish it were better but, hey, what are you going to do?”

“What kind of dumb question was that to ask?” said Gary. “You don’t ask questions like that. Jeezus!”

Robert smiled and winked at Gloria and she flushed again.


Things were pretty uneventful on that first day after that. Gary and Gloria spent most of the day over at Melissa’s folks’ house, got home (they had gone out to eat) and went to bed. Robert decided he had overreacted and that this visit wasn’t going to be so bad after all.

He was annoyed – as expected – with Gary’s bossing of Gloria. And anytime she left the room, it was always “where are you going now?, or “what are you up to now?”. Gloria was pretty patient with it all and answered sweetly every bellowed question or command.

Robert genuinely liked Gloria. He always had – and not just because she was so saintly in dealing with Gary. She was always willing to go the extra mile for friends and strangers alike, never had a bad word to say about anyone and was about as honest and sweet a personality as Robert had ever known.

She was wearing new shorts that she bought because they were in Florida and not Michigan any longer. Robert, a little frustrated himself, checked her out as she walked to and fro delivering beer, crackers, the channel changer, magazines and a catalog to her ornery old husband.

Nice, big ass, he decided, then he caught himself. For the luvagod, he said to himself, this is a dear friend and a woman in her mid-70s. What was he thinking?

He was thinking that Gloria’s ass stretched out those new shorts very appealingly and even though she had chunky thighs, she had cute knees and manicured toes that poked out through her sandals.

Gary decided it was time to return to his office and see if he could talk Melissa into some late night action – and soon.


The next morning Gloria was ready to get cleaned up when she realized the downstairs bathroom did not have a shower. All it had was a claw foot tub that she could barely climb into anyway.

Well, she would just have Melissa help her upstairs to their shower. And then she remembered that Melissa had gone off to work. And Robert was at the gym.

“Good morning,” said a cheery Robert as he opened the front door, a towel around his neck. He was just returning from the gym and was wearing tight shorts and a simple t-shirt that showed off a handsome physique from his regular workouts. Gloria flushed again and felt an all-too-familiar warmth in her loins as he smiled at her.

“Problem?” he asked.

“I want to take a shower, Robert, but there’s no shower downstairs.” Then a little quieter. “And I don’t think I can make it upstairs on my own. Is it okay if I shower upstairs? And would you help me get up the stairs, please?”


When Robert walked into the house after coming back from the gym, he was a little shocked to see Gloria standing there in a red satin bathrobe – not what he would have expected from Gloria.

There were little padded slippers on her feet and only a satin tie keeping the robe closed and the package inside from spilling into view. But it wasn’t working all that well. Robert could see that it was a handsome package, indeed. He was able to view a shocking exposure of breast that Gloria only closed after a few moments and he could see a pleasant little paunch straining at the robe tie.

He was shocked to find himself gasping a little but he was able to disguise it as a result of his gym workout. He wiped he head with the towel and said he would be happy to escort Gloria up the stairs.


“Where are you going, Gloria? What are you up to?” bellowed Gary, still in bed.

“I’m going to take a shower. Go back to sleep.”

“Hurry up,” he said. “I want breakfast.”

Gloria turned to Robert with an expression that suggested she wasn’t always pleased with Gary’s attitude. Robert smiled and took her arm.

They moved slowly up the steps and at each step, Gloria’s robe seemed to fall open more and more. At first, Robert tried not to look over at her but in the interest of safety (he wanted to make sure she was holding onto the opposite handrail) he finally cast a glance and could see her left breast almost fully exposed with the nipple swinging against the open front of the robe – slowly hardening.


Gloria was breathing pretty heavily herself when she saw Robert in his gym attire. She felt frustrated by her need for help and she was a bit more irritated than usual at Gary’s constant harangues on this trip.

Then she did something that surprised her. She consciously pushed her chest out and the robe opened just a bit more than was, well, ladylike.

Gloria pretended she didn’t realize what she was doing while talking with Robert but she could tell he took notice and this excited her in a way she had not been excited in quite a number of years. Yes, she still had a handsome set of breasts. And Robert appreciated them.

She slowly closed the robe and let Robert help her upstairs and into the shower.


“I’m hungry!” Gary shouted just as they reached the top of the stairs.

Gloria took a deep breath as she pulled herself onto the landing and she looked at Robert and smiled, either at Gary’s call or the fact that her breasts were on display, Robert couldn’t tell.

Robert went into the shower stall and turned the water on. While doing so he wondered if Gloria’s apparent openness with regard to her body was just “familial” or some kind of come-on. No, he decided. It couldn’t be that.

“Here’s a clean towel,” Robert said and as he handed it to her, she let the robe tie come loose completely. Now she was standing there naked except for some loose cotton panties. Despite his earlier excitement, Robert was now decidedly uncomfortable.

Gloria flushed a little and patted his hand when she saw his discomfort. “It’s okay, honey, we’re practically family.”

But, Robert thought to himself, we are not family and as he watched those pendulous breast swing against each other he wanted nothing more than to suckle at them.

But with a force of will (how can I have such thoughts about such a wonderful lady?) he turned and walked out of the bathroom not knowing if it was the humidity in the bathroom, his recent workout or seeing Gloria in the all-together that had caused beads of sweat to pop out of his brow.


Gloria dropped the robe to the floor but Robert had already turned around. She was a little disappointed but resigned. What would he want with an old lady like her?

When they were climbing the steps, she could feel her breasts swinging in the open and it was wonderfully free, especially with a handsome man standing next to her. That thought and the brushing of her breasts against the robe caused her nipples to grow hard, as they often did while watching Tom Selleck cavort while her pudgy fingers danced between her legs.

Gloria stepped into the shower stall and her foot slid across the floor and soon she was on her knees. “Ohh,” she called out. “Ohhh….” The water poured down on her head and in a matter of moments, Robert was there to help her, reaching out to pull her up.

He was absolutely naked.


Gloria stood up, murmured a “thank you” and turned around to look at Robert while the warm water poured onto her naked flesh.

She was amazed at how comfortable she felt. And how alive. Her nipples tingled and her loins ached. And there was something else. Something quite pleasant, indeed.

Robert was wearing an unmistakable look of lust across his features. Despite that, she said something very strange.

“I have to pee.”


It was hearing Gary call out stupidly to Gloria one more time that caused Robert to turn around.

To hell with it, he said to himself. To hell with trying to do the right thing. To hell with Gary. To hell with trying to fight down his dark urges.

He pulled off his gym clothes and tossed them in a pile outside the door just in time to hear Gloria calling out. He immediately rushed to help her up and was struck dead by her old, pudgy body, the long dugs with the fattened nipples, the soft thatch between her legs and a look of absolute honesty and openness.

“I have to pee,” Gloria said, ignoring the fact that two people who were not related or involved in any way were standing naked together in the shower.

Robert closed the stall door. “Then just pee,” he said. “Just do it here. Go ahead. It’s okay.”

Ironically, Gloria seemed more shocked by this than anything else. “Oh, I could never. It’s so . . . improper.”

“You know, something?” Robert said. “We spend our whole lifetime holding piss in either because it’s inappropriate or we’re wearing clothing. We’re always ‘holding it in.’ When you’re in the shower, you don’t have to hold it in. You can be like the animals of the forest. If you feel like peeing, than just do it. You have a beautiful body, Gloria.”

And with that, Gloria, for the first time in her long life, peed in the shower and Robert watched. The stream spurted from between her legs, than along her legs while the warm shower water washed over her.

Gloria smiled and looked into Robert’s eyes but couldn’t help noticing that he was growing erect – and quite an erection it was.

“Oh, my,” was all Gloria could say.

Robert moved closer to her and kissed her full on the lips while holding onto her left ass cheek. Her tongue, tentative at first, danced in his mouth and her right hand reached out to grab his erect cock. It was heaven.

Gloria was breathing quite heavily now and she needed to sit down on the bench in the shower. Robert’s hard body reached down and pulled a faucet sprayer from the wall and turned a knob on the shower.

“This is a personal shower,” Robert said. “Do you have one of these?”

All Gloria could do was shake her head no, and smile.

“It’s used to get to those special places. Here, let me show you.”

They both could hear Gary downstairs calling. It was too bad he couldn’t make it up the stairs or he might have been surprised at the goings on in the shower. Of course, Gary never went looking for Gloria anyway. He just summoned her.

But not now.

Robert turned the personal shower on spray and held it to Gloria’s pussy. It was full of soft hair and, surprisingly, most of it was still black. So soft. Robert grabbed a soap bar and massaged Gloria’s pubic hair.

“oh. . . .” was all she could say.

He moved his fingers inside her cunt and could feel her wetness – and it was not caused by the personal shower. Robert washed her chunky legs, licked her knees which had tempted him yesterday and ran the spray over her toes. Gloria threw her head back and Robert took her right foot and jiggled it against his erect member.

“Oh, God,” she said. “Robert, don’t stop.”

He had no intention. “Stand up and turn around, sweetheart.”

Robert helped Gloria stand up but before she turned around, he grabbed her left breast then suckled and bit at the other while her fingers quickly and naturally started stroking her cunt. Her breathing was picking up. “Turn around,” he said.

Gloria put her head against the wall and Robert took the personal shower and ran it along the length of her back, her ass and her legs. She had a firm, old woman’s back that was pudgy and soft, but it was her ass that attracted his attention now. He wanted it since yesterday and now it was right there in front of him in all its cold white, fat and flabby beauty.

Robert put the personal shower on a harder spray and ran it along the length of her ass crack. He took soap and massaged it into the crack then rinsed it off with the hard spray of the shower.

“Take it sweetie,” he said to Gloria, handing her the shower. She immediately put the nozzle against her vagina and began moaning. The moans grew louder when Robert started taking little nips at her ass with his teeth, then probed her anal opening with his tongue, all the while spray from above and the personal shower were splashing on his face and body.

“I want to eat your ass, Gloria. It tastes delicious,” he said, tonguing her asshole mercilessly, forcing it past the rosette. Gloria alternately bucked against the personal shower and against his eager tongue.

“Glo-ooo—oria!” They could both hear the shout from downstairs.

For her part, she was almost laughing from the crazy scenario of her husband screaming at her from downstairs while this horny young man assaulted her virgin asshole.

“Can you put, you know, your thing in there?” Gloria panted. Then she laughed to herself again. “I’ll handle the front.”

Robert leaned against her ear, the water pouring down on them, her breath increasing. He bit her ear and she moaned again. “You want me to fuck you in the ass, darling Gloria.”

She nodded. An echo of Gary’s last bellow was still ringing in their ears. “I want you to fuck me in the ass, darling Robert, while I use your personal shower.”

Robert grabbed the bar of soap and liberally soaped her ass crack. She was incredibly hot, moaning and pushing against even this. He grabbed his cock, played with her, ran it along the length of her ass, poked at one globe, than the other.

“Do it,” said sweet-voiced Gloria. “Do it now.”

Robert plunged into her ass so quickly that her breath stopped abruptly, then started again. Her sphincter had reflexively closed from the unexpected assault, then had eased. “Okay,” she said. “Okay, I’m ready now. I want it all.”

Robert didn’t need a second invitation. The purple tip of his cock was past the sphincter and with remarkable ease the remaining 7 inches slid into that hot and forbidden cavern between the great globes that had tempted him so deliciously yesterday.

“I’m doing it, Gloria. I’m fucking your ass. And it feels wonderful, sweetheart.”


“I’ve never felt anything like this. Oh. Pump faster, baby. Give it to Gloria. Give it all to me. I want to hurt with your cock in me I want you to fuck me forever.”

Robert did, indeed, want to fuck her for a long time but his own frustrations and her surprisingly nasty talk were pushing him over the edge. And she was going along for the ride.

“Oh, yes, oh yes, oh yesssss!”

“Glo—ooooooooooooo-oooooo-ria!! Where the hell are you??”

Now she was bucking in both directions, toward the personal shower which she seemed to have placed wholly in her cunt and forcing even more cock meat into her ass. Robert banged in and out of her asshole, ramming his entire length each time, seemingly growing longer with each stroke. It excited him beyond all expectation as he watched his gleaming rod pounding her fat, old ass.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” Robert said. “You are the best fuck I have ever had,” he said, and he meant it.

“The same here, baby. Cock me. Cock me!” She couldn’t believe the words coming out of her own mouth.

Robert pounded like a steam engine, held her ass with his hands, then stroked her tits which were swinging wildly now amid the water and the steam. He pulled at her nipples. More moaning. It was coming now finally, mercifully.

But Gloria came first and Robert was glad. She yelled, her head raised as though she had finally conquered Everest and Robert poured weeks worth of semen into her aged bowels while both shouted, ‘yes, yes, yes!’.

Robert’s cock plopped out of her ass and she fell, spent, relieved and satisfied, to the shower bench.

Gloria took a number of breaths and used the personal shower on Robert’s hard-working cock, massaging it back to hardness.

She looked up at him, nipples hard and red, smile beatific. “I guess you’ll want breakfast now,” she said.

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