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Part of me hates this man, whom I’ll call “X” for now. We didn’t get along as a couple, which is why we broke up in the first place. I didn’t even hate him when we broke up- it was very amicable, the old ‘we’re just in very different places right now,’ blah blah blah… but very soon after the split, I found myself fantasizing, over and over again, about the sex we used to have. It became totally consuming, to the point that I finally found myself breaking down and calling him on the phone one day.

I tried to be subtle about it, but he saw right through the guise, and that led to us having breakup sex that night. I tried to tell myself it was a one-time thing; I mean, I certainly didn’t want to date him again, but for some reason now that we were broken up, I found myself wanting to do all the naughty things I hadn’t wanted to do before. I mean, ALL the naughty things, and more- I’ve become obsessed with the sex, the orgasms, pushing the limits with this man, and I’m afraid I didn’t hide my obsession very well at all. X now knows that I’m consumed with these thoughts, thinking about what we’ll do next, what he’ll make me do, and that I’m desperate for it not to stop. If he was a decent man he’d let me off the hook, help me quit, but instead he’s using my obsession against me- I’m being blackmailed over my own wanton desires, and I hate him for taking advantage of my weakness in this way.

Just this week alone I’ve been forced to masturbate for him countless times, with dildos, cucumbers, vibrating bullets, while he took pictures or video of me doing it. He made me sit in the passenger seat of the car with my tits exposed while he drove aimlessly around town, making me keep my hands at my side and him occasionally reaching over to tweak my nipples to keep them nice and hard for anyone driving by who might see. Yesterday I had to stop in at my office to work for a few hours; normally I work from home, but it happens occasionally that I have to go to the office for some of the paperwork. Before I left, he made me get on all fours on the coffee table, fucked my face for a couple minutes, then slipped behind me where he yanked up my skirt, dribbled a couple drops of lube on me before stuffing my ass with a butt plug. I was nearly in tears at the thought of having to drive to the office like this, take the 2-3 hours to fill out all the paperwork, and drive back with this vile thing rammed up my ass- but when I actually balked about doing it he slapped my cunt and told me I’d do it or else no more sex, no more orgasms- make that MIND-BLOWING orgasms- nothing from him ever again. I literally can’t stand the thought of it; I’m so obsessed with the sex, the games, the torment, that I’ll do anything to keep him from quitting. So I apologized by sucking his cock some more before I headed off to the office, ass plug intact. The pressure it applied while I sat at my desk was uncomfortable yet unbelievably arousing, and it took me almost twice as long to get my work done because I couldn’t concentrate on anything but trying not to cum in a roomful of my co-workers!

So now we’re going out to dinner. I had just gotten out of the shower and was moisturizing my entire body, including my freshly-shaved pussy, when he came in with a package in his hand. I looked at him quizzically until he started pulling clothes out of the package, and then realized he’d purchased an outfit for me to wear that night. I glared at him fiercely when I saw how short the black skirt was, and how low-cut and sheer the top was. If my nipples didn’t stick out over the top of the shirt then they would at least be seen through the fabric! My glare was lost on him, however, and he merely laughed at me. “If you don’t want to wear this, my little slut, then that’s fine. You can wear whatever you like from now on while you sit at home by yourself and masturbate to whatever free porn you download,” X said. I was still glaring but wilted, as I always did when he threatened to take away the sex. Damn him to hell for tormenting me like this!!

I fixed my hair and put on the hateful outfit and regarded myself in the mirror; I looked like a high-price whore. We were just about to walk out the door when I saw him take a plain white box from the same package my clothes were in and tuck it into my purse. I wanted to ask what it was but I suspected I’d find out soon enough. Off we went, and on the way to the restaurant I was forced to suck his cock the entire way while up on my knees in the passenger seat, ass in the air so that anyone driving by would not only know I was giving him road-head but also would get a good view of my ass and shaved pussy. I heard other cars honk several times while he reached around and plunged his fingers in and out of my pussy during the drive. Words cannot describe how I was simultaneously filled with rage, hate, lust, shame, and more lust.

We finally arrived, and I was shocked to see that it was actually a very nice restaurant. I haphazardly tried to fix my hair a bit and cursed him under my breath while trying to hide my visibly hard nipples poking through the fine mesh of the shirt. I’d been in this restaurant before; it had a serene, elegant atmosphere, and it reeked of money. No doubt the patrons and staff would be ogling my completely inappropriate outfit, but I doubted anything would be said. Sure enough, the maître d’ glanced at my short skirt, my protruding nipples, but was nothing but discreet and diplomatic while he led us to a table- in the back, of course, so as to not offend the other patrons. We were in a semi-private booth in the corner, and X waited for me to sit down before sliding into place next to me. He reached over and gave my left nipple a little twist and laughed at me while I tried not to gasp at the intrusion and draw attention to myself.

The waiter was there promptly and took our drink and appetizer orders, promising to return for the rest of our orders when we were ready. X leaned over and whispered that I was to sit there with two of my fingers inserted into my pussy until he came back for our orders. I tried not to snarl at him but couldn’t help it, a little bit. He merely laughed at me- completely patronizing me- and told me to get on with it and to please use my right hand so he could see more, as he was sitting to my left. So I tried to study the menu and kept those two fingers buried in my pussy while he unabashedly stared at my crotch. I wasn’t to actively play with myself, just keep the fingers buried in there, so I felt somewhat grateful that it was a little easier to be discreet about it. But it was difficult to keep a straight face while ordering our food from the waiter while those fingers were in there…

Finally, we finished ordering. The waiter left, and I was allowed to remove my fingers from my now very-warm pussy. X leaned over and kissed my cheek before whispering, “Here are your instructions: Go to the bathroom, and take your purse with you. Inside your purse is that white box you saw me place in there. Go into a stall, take out the white box, open it, and remove what I have inside. You can carry it back here in your purse but once you come back you are to remove it from your purse and hand it to me, before you sit down. You may not sit down until I say so.”

I shivered as his lips brushed my ear, and I was filled with both dread and anticipation at what might be in the box. Without looking at him I pushed away from the table and, grabbing my purse, made my way to the restroom as quickly as possible. Once there, I stepped into a stall, locked it behind me, and pulled the mysterious box out of my purse. I looked at it for a moment, the dread and lust building up, before opening the box. Inside was one of the thickest dildos I’d ever seen, and there was a suction cup at the base of it. I gulped audibly, and sagged against the side of the wall… surely he didn’t plan to use this monster on me? I was heavily into denial when I walked out of that stall, the hateful dildo inside my purse again. I looked at myself in the mirror, hating the girl I saw there for being too weak to walk away from this torture. Hating her for actually loving the torture, the shame of it all.

I made my way back to the table on shaky legs, and stood there while he smiled at me derisively. I felt like I was stuck in some kind of surreal movie scene as I reached into my purse, pulled out the horribly thick dildo, and handed it to him. Thank God we were tucked into the corner so it wasn’t immediately visible what he was holding. He smiled at me again before taking the dildo and placed it on the seat, so that the suction cup adhered to the polished wood seat, (what if it had been a cloth seat? He must have planned this out ahead of time.) and the dildo was straight up and down, looking like a stubby missile ready for launch. The room started to spin before my eyes as I realized what was coming next.

X looked at me and said, very softly, “Sit down.” I seriously considered taking a seat in another chair, but he already knew what was going through my mind. “Don’t even think about it,” he said. “Get over here, hike your skirt up in the back, and plant that cunt down on this cock. I don’t care how good it feels or how much it hurts- if you want me to get you off tonight or ever again you’ll do what I tell you- now.”

Bells were clanging in my ears as he spoke, and I moved as if in a dream to take my “seat”. I stepped into the booth first, and hovered over the dildo while discreetly raising my skirt the whole 3 inches it took to expose my pussy. Down I sank, slowly, until I felt the tip of the cock touching my pussy lips. I was already wet from my fingers earlier, and I was completely ashamed at how aroused I was at that moment, knowing that at any second someone could look over and see my awkwardness in sitting down- as if they could possibly guess the reason behind it. I felt the damn dildo push an inch into my pussy, and I looked over at X. He was watching me intently, eyes flicking back and forth from my face to watching the offending cock disappear inside me. I kept my eyes on his face while I slowly continued my descent. The phallus went in another inch, and I felt my pussy already being stretched beyond normal bounds. The cock only got thicker on the way down, and before I could take the whole thing in I had to actually slide up and down a few times until my pussy would accommodate the size of it. Further down I pushed, my legs trembling from holding my weight, keeping me from taking it in all at once. The only indication that X was enjoying this was a very subtle change in his breathing, as he watched me whimpering while I pushed further down on the dildo. My breathing was labored and I struggled not to moan out loud while the damn thing felt like it was splitting my cunt from the inside out. It hurt, but oh god, it also felt so good…

Just as I didn’t think I could take anymore I saw the waiter coming our way. I was still hovered precariously over the seat, and was in a blind panic that he should catch me trying to maneuver my self on to this thing, so I took a breath and relaxed my legs, which forced me down on the rest of the cock instantaneously. I couldn’t help but let out a little yelp as I felt my pussy lips stretch around the cock, and I struggled to compose my face before the waiter arrived, while that bastard next to me actually laughed. In the split second before the waiter reached our table he reached over with his right hand and laid it on my pussy, so that his fingers were resting on top of my clit. Just as the waiter arrived at our table he began to lightly drum his fingers across the top of my completely engorged pussy, and his tapping added sensations to my already stretched and sensitive clit. I tried so hard to behave normally as that stupid waiter took our order, but he had to notice how hard I was breathing. To my dismay X continued his little tapping to my clit while ordering, and I could only be vaguely grateful that at least the table cloth hid his hands from view. Somehow we finished giving our order, and the second the waiter left X turned to me and increased his tapping. I had to fight to keep from crying out but couldn’t help the whimpering as I looked back at him. “Now,” he said, “start rocking back and forth on it. You’re to grind that cock so your pussy juice gets all over the seat below you.”

Oh how I hated him, the bastard. I just sat there, glaring at him, and refused to move. Between the dildo having me stretched so full and his fingers tapping my clit I was afraid that the slightest movement would make me either scream or cum, or both, and God help me if either of those things happened. If I screamed the entire restaurant would be staring at me and there was no way to quickly get away with this huge cock impaled inside me, and if I came… oh god, if I came without X’s permission… he’d make sure I paid for it later. So at first I refused to move and X just smiled at me evilly, before saying “You’re thinking of being disobedient now? After you’ve already got a monster-size cock inside of you? Go ahead. I’ll start a commotion so people will look over here and wonder why you can’t stand up. Or I’ll slip under the table and start sucking your clit so you can’t help but cum screaming in front of a roomful of people. Or I’ll cut you off completely- and you’ll have to find someone else who’ll satisfy all your dirty little needs.” I was breathing even more heavily as he spoke, filled with rage, and fear that he’d make good on any of those threats. He continued speaking in his husky voice. “Now start moving that cunt and grind on that cock- or I’ll get the ass plug that I also slipped into your purse and I’ll fill up both your holes right here, right now.”

Icy terror at the thought of this happening prompted me to start moving. Slowly, I started grinding my hips back and forth. The intrusive cock moved with me and stretched me even fuller, and I felt X increase the tempo of his drumming fingers. I was all but hyperventilating, trying not to cum, while X watched my face intently. “Don’t you dare cum,” he said. I tried thinking about anything to take my mind off it- math problems, an issue with work I had yet to address, my crabby and horrifically ugly college professor, things like that. So far, so good. But then X, who saw that I was keeping it under control, said “What a good little cunt you are!” and that was it for me. It felt like the top of my head came off as wave after wave crashed over me and I came hard… and loud! People were turning to look, which added to my mortification, which added to the pleasure, and I came again! Moaning and grunting and swearing like a sailor. Men looked intrigued and women looking disgusted- and maybe jealous- and I saw the waiter and maitre d’ hurrying towards our table with a look of alarm on their faces. I couldn’t even look at X, I was too busy trying to reign in my raging arousal and get myself under control.

“Is everything okay here? Madam, are you well? Do you need a doctor?” The elderly maitre d’ asked me this while the stupid waiter looked on. If I wouldn’t have been trying so hard to get myself together I would have laughed at them- hadn’t they ever seen a woman cum before? I just kept my head down and my eyes averted. I leaned slightly towards X, and whispered “Please… please help!” I was desperate for this to be over. I heard X give a snort at my plea, but to my surprise he turned to the waiter and maitre d’ and offered an apology on my behalf. He mentioned that I had a “condition” which caused sudden outbursts like that, and he promised it wouldn’t happen again. They graciously nodded and said they understood, and left us alone. Slowly, gradually, the eyes of the other restaurant patrons left us and everyone went back to their meal. Except for me and X, of course.

I could feel him staring at me, disapproval radiating off of him, but I couldn’t bring myself to look back at him. “Were you allowed to cum just now?” he asked. I shook my head no. “Did I give you permission to behave like a whore and cum in front of everyone just now?” Oh, the shame… I moaned and shook my head no again. His husky voice dropped another timbre and he asked, “Do you think you should be punished for this?” I felt a tear start in my eye, partly because I was so ashamed for cumming without permission but also because I was so ashamed that I even felt the need for further punishment. He took my silence as rebellion, and reached out to twist my nipple painfully. I gasped and he asked me again, “Do you? Answer me- should you be punished for this tonight?” I gave in, and nodded once for yes, lost to my desires. I would be punished that very evening for my disobedience.

On the way home I was forced to wear both the ass plug and the huge dildo inside me as I sucked his cock into my throat. The rest of my punishment that night will have to be told another time…

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