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You’re My Daddy! Ch. 01

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I had always been Daddy’s good little girl. I never did anything bad, I was always home before 9 pm, and I kept the house neat and tidy, and on top of all that I was still a pure virgin even though I was almost entering my 20s. But that all changed one warm April night. I was in the kitchen making dinner, Daddy hadn’t been feeling too well lately, he’d been complaining that his head was hurting, so I thought I’d make something simple.

I thought some lemon chicken with a Caesar salad would be nice. I’d finished with the chicken and placed it in the oven. While I was waiting for the chicken I decided to work on the salad. Then Daddy walked up behind me and put his arms around my waist. I was a little startled. I hadn’t even heard him come in. Daddy kissed my cheek and took a long sniff and then sighed, “Something smells good.”

“The chicken will be ready soon Daddy,” I said.

“Daddy’s hungry now,” Daddy said softly.

“It won’t be much longer Daddy,” I said.

But Daddy turned me around and kissed me on the lips.

“Daddy isn’t hungry for that yet,” Daddy said quietly to me.

Then, with his hands on my waist Daddy turned me around again and walked me to the table and bent me over, and then lifted my skirt.

“Daddy what are you doing?” I asked, looking over my shoulder at Daddy.

Daddy didn’t answer, he just smiled and licked his fingers and slipped his hand between my legs.

I bit my lip, although I didn’t want or expect it, the feeling of Daddy’s moist fingertips rubbing my clit through my panties was too good to protest.

“Just relax,” Daddy said.

I was his baby and he was my father, this was considered taboo. I somehow new that this would be coming soon, without Mommy would need someone to keep him company but I didn’t think It would be me.

I new Daddy had other women he was seeing. He had told me confidentially that he felt Mommy didn’t love him anymore and that she was planning to leave him, and me. That was when Daddy came home one night with Maria. Mom was out, thankfully, but I worried. But then the night after that Daddy met Jasmine, and then Selene. I started to wonder, then I found a number on the coffee table, on it was the name: Valentine’s Valentines, and beneath the name were the number and email address. They were just escorts, so I dismissed the bad thoughts that Daddy was just having fun. Since he suspected Mommy of disloyalty I thought Daddy was also entitled to his own corruptions and so I ignored the other women. But then I found Daddy in the living room crying. He told me that Mommy had left him for another man.

I had never seen Daddy like this before and I cried with him. The day after that I noticed Daddy looking at me with a smile but it was the kind of smile I had seen him give Maria, Jasmine, and Selene, even Mommy.

As Daddy rubbed my pussy he told me he’d never leave me like mommy did, but I couldn’t leave him either. My pussy was soaking by now, and Daddy slipped his hand in my pussy and gently fingered me with a single finger. I reached behind me and dug my fingertips into his arm but he just chuckled. I wanted him to stop but I also did not want him to stop. My mind was saying “no,” but my body was saying “yes!” It was so confusing. I started coming, and then the kitchen timer when off. Daddy took his finger out of me, wiped it with a napkin, then put on a mit and bent to take the chicken out of the oven.

“Nicely done,” Daddy said.

I had a feeling he wasn’t referring to the chicken. I smoothed my skirt, despite the fact I had cum dripping down between my legs, and then settled into my seat.

I found Daddy in the living room on the couch. He didn’t look happy. On the coffee table was a letter, it was very short and read:

Ted and I are getting married in a week. You and Emma can come to the wedding if you want, I will tell the church to leave you two open seats.

– Anne


I crumpled the note in my hand but Daddy told me to leave it. When I told Daddy that he should throw the note away he snatched it from me and put it in his coat pocket.

“Daddy you have to forget about her,” I said.

Daddy didn’t answer me.

“I knew,” he said darkly.

I didn’t know what he meant by that.

I didn’t have many thoughts in my mind but then I bent over and slide my panties off and dropped them to the floor, then I straddled Daddy’s lap and began unbuckling his belt. Daddy looked up at me but I didn’t stop what I was doing. I unzipped his pants and freed his limp cock which I began to stroke.

“Emma?” Daddy stuttered.

I didn’t listen to him. I couldn’t let Daddy keep thinking about Mommy. I had to make him forget about her and if this was the only way I could do it then to hell with everything else. I could feel Daddy getting hard in my hands, and without much else thought I guided his cock into my virgin pussy. It hurt but I didn’t care. I fought back my tears and slowly rode Daddy, rocking my hips back and forth.

“Emma!” Daddy cried.

“No!” I snapped.

I grabbed Daddy’s shoulders and pushed him back against the couch hard and then leaned forward and kissed him. Daddy pushed against me but I pushed against him, I could hear him moaning into my kiss.

Daddy gripped my arms tightly and pushed my back so were eye to eye but I kept rocking my hips.

“Emma stop this now!” Daddy said firmly.

“No! You can’t keep this up!” I shouted.

I pushed Daddy back against the couch. I wasn’t going to let him go.

“You’re mine! You’re mine you hear Daddy? Mine!” I shouted to him.

I rode faster.

“I’m the only girl you’re allowed to see! Me! You’re my Daddy! You can’t leave! I won’t let you go back to her!” I shouted.

Then Daddy started to cry, and moan. He was moaning and crying, partly for me to stop and partly for me to keep going.

I was giving up my virginity to my own father.

“Emma please,” Daddy said.

“No!” I screamed in his face.

Then I started to cry too.

I rode him faster. He was close. I could feel it and so was I. Then Daddy ripped off my shirt and ripped my bra open. He was fondling my breasts, kissing my breasts, sucking on my nipples. He kissed my neck, then I grabbed him by the hair and kissed him hard on the lips. Daddy gripped my hips tightly and bucked his hips upward to meet my downward thrusts. Then he came, I came too and I collapsed on Daddy. I rested my head on his shoulder and wrapped my arms around him.

“You can’t leave me Daddy, you’re mine,” I said.

But then I wondered what I had done. Was I just being a good daughter desperate to make and keep her father happy? Or had I become the lover? Or had I become abuser? Or was I all three?

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