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Nicola’s Hairy Armpits

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To be honest, I can’t really pinpoint where my fetish for hairy women began. As a kid, I can remember looking at old photos of Victorian woman in lingerie, and thinking they looked slightly strange with the thick patches of hair in their armpits, and when I did see the occasional woman with hairy pits in real life, I thought it unusual rather than exciting.

I can remember visiting a young cousin of mine called Kim in hospital, a girl I had a bit of a crush on, and my surprise when she raised one arm over her head and displayed a patch of fuzzy, light brown hair in her armpit.

But all that began to gradually change. A major influence was my Aunty Lisa, my mother’s younger sister. Lisa was a bit of a hippy who we only ever saw infrequently, but when she did visit, usually to stay for a few weeks, she always brought me great presents and took me out to interesting places with her. I thought she was wonderful, and I couldn’t help but notice thick growth of spiky brown hair under her arms. I was just starting to get into girls in earnest, and found myself seeking out photos of hirsute women, and keeping an eye out in the street for glimpses of hairy armpits. I would lock these images away in my memory, and masturbate to them later on.

I can remember discussing the matter of female body hair with my first girlfriend, saying I didn’t see why most women felt it was so essential to shave. My girlfriend, a pretty brunette who had up till now religiously shaved her armpits and legs, didn’t seem terribly convinced by my arguments. Sometimes during winter she would stop shaving her armpits for a while, but every time the hair got long enough to look attractive she’d go and shave again, to my great frustration. My girlfriend after that was a blonde with very sparse hair on her body, so it was a bit of a moot point whether she shaved or not.

All of which brings me to my brief but rewarding relationship with a girl I worked with called Nicola. She was a Jewish girl, the same age as me, with an attractive face, brown eyes, olive skin, curly black shoulder-length hair and big breasts. When I met her, on the day she started, she was wearing a short sleeved blouse and jeans. I could see from the dark hair on her forearms, and the hint of down on her upper lip, that she was a naturally very hairy girl. When she wore a skirt the following day, I was pleased to see that, indeed, she didn’t shave her legs. Then, a few days after that, I got in to work and saw that she was wearing a sleeveless top. I went over to her desk to talk to her. As we talked her phone rang, and when she reached over to pick it up, I was thrilled to see a thick patch of black hair in her armpit

Nicola and I got on well. We shared a sense of humor, as well as liking a lot of the same books, movies, etc, so we always had something to talk about. I knew that, like me, she was in a relationship though, and didn’t hold up much hope of us ever getting together. Then I started to hear some stories about her which suggested that she was a bit wilder than she seemed on first impressions. She loved to go out dancing, I heard, and one night one of my fellow workers saw her in a nightclub getting intimate with a girl, so that a rumour went around the office that she was a lesbian. That made her even more interesting to me.

One day, I was making a cup of coffee in the kitchen at work when Nicola came in. There was a small fridge in there and Nicola knelt down on the floor next to me to put something in it. She was wearing a brown cotton top with a low, round neck, and when I looked down at her a thrill went through me like an electric shock. The blouse had fallen forward and, as she wasn’t wearing a bra, for a few delicious seconds I had a clear view of her right breast and nipple.

Now, as with any other attractive girl I have ever met, I had spent some time imagining what Nicola might look like naked. I had pictured her nipples being big and brown, but I saw they were actually pink. But what surprised me more than that, in that brief moment, was seeing that her nipple was surrounded by strands of black hair.

I had read about women with hairy nipples before, but it was the first time I had seen this in real life. As Nicola stood up and began to chat to me, I’m afraid I was a little tongue-tied.

I went off and tried to do some work, but I couldn’t keep my mind on it. Eventually I had to go into the toilet and masturbate, thinking about what I had seen. Despite all my fantasising about hairy women, hairy nipples were not something I had considered sexy before. It must feel weird to suck on them, I thought. And yet, the more I considered it, the more I appealing the prospect became.

It was a radio contest that eventually got us together. She won a couple of tickets to a film that we had both talked about wanting to see, and she invited me to see it with her.

We enjoyed the film and went to a pub afterwards to talk about it. We had a few drinks and she told me about her family and her boyfriend, an older guy who she was having problems with. She hadn’t seen him for a week, she said. I told her that my girlfriend was away for the week, visiting her parents in the country. She nodded. If that gave her any ideas her face didn’t show it.

At closing time left the pub. We were standing on the street outside, waiting for taxis to take us our separate ways when, without thinking about what I was doing, I put my arms around her and kissed her. She immediately kissed me back. For perhaps ten blissful minutes we stood kissing passionately as cars drove past us. I ran my hands over her back, then cupped one of her round breasts in my hand, and rubbed my thumb against her nipple which felt hard through the material of her T-shirt.

Coming to my senses I hailed a cab and we both got in. “Where are we going?” I asked her.

“Do you want to come back to my place?” she asked.

That sounded fine to me.

We continued to kiss in the back of the cab on the trip there, which took about 15 minutes. Nicola lived by herself in a block of flats by a beach. We walked up a couple of flights of stairs, grabbing at each other and laughing drunkenly. When we got to her door she started to search her handbag for her key. I couldn’t control myself any longer and, pushing her back against the door, pulled her T-shirt up and kissed her big, beautiful breasts, my lips brushing against the hairs around her nipples. I felt her hand fumbling at my belt, undoing it, and then she managed to unzip my pants and thrust a hand into my underpants and felt my cock.

Suddenly we heard someone coming up the stairs. Nicola, laughing, managed to find her key and opened the door and we literally fell into her flat. She was wearing jeans and I managed to unzip them and pull them down to her ankles. It was only now that I realised just how hairy she was. The insides of her thighs were covered with dark, thick hair which extended perhaps three inches beyond her crotch, while above the waistband of the red cotton panties she was wearing, a trail of black curls led to her bellybutton. The rest of her legs were hairy as well, although when I ran a hand up them I found that the hairs, while dark, were quite fine to the touch. Taking hold of the waistband of her panties above her hips, I pulled then down – she lifted her butt off the floor to help me – and tossed them away. Nicola immediately spread her legs wide, and I caught a glimpse of plump, dark pink folds of flesh in the midst of her massive bush.

Nicola, obviously not in need of any foreplay, cried out “Fuck me, Fuck me!” in a voice I felt sure the neighbours would hear – but what did I care about that? On automatic pilot now I stood up, pulled my shoes off, and got my trousers and underpants off. Kneeling down I took my cock in my hand, gazing at Nicola’s hairy cunt, and a few strokes were enough to get me completely hard. Falling on top of her, I pressed the head of my dick into her cunt meat, and found that she was wet, and slipped easily in.

I began to fuck her. “God, that’s it – harder!” she said, and I began to really pound her, as hard as I could. She had her eyes closed and she kept making a lot of noise until she came with a scream, and I let myself cum too.

We collapsed together on the couch and got our breath back. “Well, that was fucking nice,” she said. She still had her T-shirt on and I lifted it up and gazed at her beautiful breasts with the hairy nipples. I put my mouth to one of her nipples and began to gently suck on it as she stroked the back of my head.

As I continued to enjoy her tits she reached down and took hold of my cock and began to stroke it. When I was hard again she slipped off the couch onto the floor and started sucking me with a passion. When I told her I was about to cum she nodded vigorously without taking my dick out of her mouth. I ejaculated onto her tongue and she sat back against the couch, licking her lips and swallowing it all. She would later confess to me that she loved the taste of sperm, and as long as I was seeing her I was never in want of a blowjob.

Later, I lay in bed with her, nuzzling my face into her hairy armpit, my tongue licking at the damp hair, tasting her salty sweat.

“God, Nicola, I love your body,” I said.

“You don’t think I’m too hairy?”

“No, I like it,” I said.

“’Cause a lot guys are put off by it, I know.”

“No, I think it’s sexy. I – I don’t understand why women shave in the first place. I don’t think it’s natural.”

“I used to shave, when I was younger. I used to be so embarrassed about it. And I’d get my legs waxed and round my fanny and, oh, it was hell. And the stubble, I’d itch like crazy. And then I thought, fuck it, this is the way I am and if guys don’t like it that’s their problem.”

“Well, good for you,” I said. I wrapped my arms around her and fell asleep, my face still nestled in her armpit.

I woke up just after dawn. Nicola was lying on her belly next to me, fast asleep.

I sat up. The sheet was draped over her buttocks, and I gently pulled it aside. I had a chance to examine her body really closely for the first time. Parting the big black bush of her pubes with my fingertips, I gazed at the thick amber folds of her cunt and, pressing my face to it, took in its strong, humid smell. The hair continued up between her buttocks, and framed her crinkled, reddish brown arsehole, which I sniffed as well and then began to lick, pushing the tip of my tongue into the soft opening.

I felt Nicola stir. “Mmm,” she said sleepily, “what are you doing?”

I paused. “I’m licking your bum,” I said.

“Well, keep doing it. It feels nice.”

After a few minutes of indulging myself like this, my chin growing slimy with the juice that was starting to flow from her vagina, I sat up on the bed. I’d had a bit of a hard-on when I woke up but now my dick was really throbbing. I straddled Nicola, sitting on my haunches, my cock resting on one round arse cheek.

Placing my hands on her buttocks, parting them, I lifted myself up slightly and planted the head of my dick against her moist slit, which looked startlingly red compared to the surrounding fringe of black hair. I’m quite hairy myself, with the base of my dick and my balls covered thickly, and the sight of our genitals meeting like this, our pubic hair mingling, made a nice picture.

I began to pump my prick into her, my hands squeezing her round, firm buttocks, my thumbs pressing in towards her anus, stroking the black hairs around it. Nicola grabbed hold of the iron bedhead, the muscles of her back and shoulders straining, crying out “Oh, God, yes, Fuck me. Fuck me!” I held onto the bedhead too to give me greater leverage, sweat running down my sides, my belly slapping loudly against her buttocks until we both came in a perfectly timed orgasm.

“Fuck,” I said, collapsing on top of her.

It was a Friday morning and both of us were supposed to be working that day but we called in sick (making phone calls a few minutes apart – we didn’t want them talking in the office about us just yet). We had a shower together where I had great fun soaping her breasts. Afterwards we dried each other off, and I got her raise her arms, and rubbed her armpits with the towel.

I lay on her bed and watched as she put on a purple silk blouse and a black skirt, and brushed her hair in front of her dressing table mirror. We went and had some breakfast in a nearby café, then, having nothing else in particular to do, did a little browsing in shops and went to a movie (where we spent more time groping each than watching the screeb). Walking out of the cinema, Nicola spoke to her best friend, Tina, on her mobile phone, and arranged for us to meet her at a bar later that evening.

With a few hours to spare, we bought some wine and went back to Nicola’s flat. I poured us a couple of glasses and we drank a toast to our affair, however long it was going to last. We were sitting on the couch and my eyes wandered, as they had been wandering all day, to her breasts . I put my glass on the coffee table and began to unbutton the blouse. Nicola smiled lasciviously and said, “You love my tits, don’t you?”, thrusting out her chest as I undid the last button and pulled the blouse open.

Cupping her breasts, one in each hand, I kissed them reverently, feeling the heavy weight of them, and licked her hairy nipples. “They’re superb,” I whispered.

“I know,” she said, laughing. Meanwhile she was rubbing my dick through my pants. “Get your cock out,” she said.

I did as I was told, unzipping my pants and pulling it out. It was half erect, but began to stiffen as soon as she started touching it.

“Come into the bedroom,” she said. “I’ve got a treat for you.”

With my penis grasped firmly in her hand she led me into the bedroom and told me to sit on the bed and take off my clothes. She pulled her blouse off, unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor, the pulled her panties down and tossed them to me. I laughed and pressed them to my nose, smelling the cunty smell on them.

She went to her dressing table, picked up an ornate glass bottle which was sitting on it and came over to me. She poured some of the contents – it was a thick, perfumed, rose coloured oil – onto her hand and rubbed it onto my cock and balls. She then upended the bottle over herself so that some of the oil dripped onto her breasts. Putting the bottle down she ran her hands over her tits so they were completely coated with the oil.

She leant over me and we kissed. Her big, oily tits were pressed against me, slipping and sliding against my chest in a delightful manner. Then she lay on her back on the bed and motioned that I get on top of her. She had me move up until my stiff, oiled prick lay between her tits. Taking one in each hand she squeezed them together, my cock imprisoned between the fleshy mounds. It felt wonderful!

I began to move my cock back and forth, titfucking her, watching the head of it emerge from between her breasts then disappear again. She bent her head forward, her long tongue licking at the tip as it peeped out.

I felt I was going to cum soon. “Put your arms back,” I said, and she threw them behind her head. I grabbed hold of her greased tits, grinding my cock between them, drinking in the sight of the black hair in her armpits until I ejaculated with a shudder, my sperm splashing onto her neck.

“Did you enjoy that?” she asked. One of her hands went to the sperm, her fingertips dabbing at it, then licked them.

An hour later we were sitting in the bar waiting for Tina, whom Nicola had told me all about during the day. They were obviously close friends. When Tina finally arrived I recognised her from a few times when she had come in to our office to see Nicola. She was an attractive if slightly feral looking girl with a long, pretty, freckled face, blonde dreadlocks, an assortment of piercings in ears, nose and tongue, and Celtic tattoos on her arms.

We spent a few hours at the bar, talking and laughing, then went to a nightclub. While we were on the dance floor Nicola and Tina started hugging and kissing each other and feeling each other’s tits, to the delight of the other dancers. Later, when we got back to my place, I asked Nicola if she and Tina ever fucked. She smiled mischievously and said, “What do you think?”

On the following day, Saturday, a friend of Nicola’s was having a birthday party in a beach house she had rented up on the coast. Tina turned up around 11am, looking rather the worse for wear, to drive us there (she had ended up getting off with a guy, she explained, and going back to his flat to snort coke). She was wearing a red tank top and cargo pants, and I noted with approval the patches of fuzzy, dark blonde hair in her armpits, not nearly as thick as Nicola’s, but nice all the same. Tina and I had hit it off together, and already visions of the three of us in a ménage a trois were dancing in my head.

It was a great party, with about thirty people getting blind drunk and going crazy. There was an impromptu band, and some of the girls went skinny dipping – including both Nicola and Tina. Tina had a nice body – pale skin and large, tapering breasts with rings through the nipples. She had just the hint of a pot belly, and at the base of it a big untrimmed bush of dark blonde pubes. Later, when she was dressed again, I had a brief moment alone with her, and put my arm around her and gave her a playful kiss, at the same time giving one of her tits a gentle squeeze. She grabbed my hand but, instead of pushing it away, slid it under her top so I could get a proper feel.

The party went until dawn, but I can’t say I remember much about the last few hours. Nicola and I woke up on the beach next morning with pounding headaches. Everyone retired to a nearby hotel for some recovery drinks, and we stayed there for lunch.

About two o’clock we piled back into Tina’s car and headed for home. It was a hot, sunny day and the car didn’t have any air conditioning, so about an hour into the trip Nicola suggested we stop at one of the mostly deserted beaches we had been driving past for a swim. I backed up this suggestion wholeheartedly.

Tina parked the car at the next beach we came to. We found our towels in the boot and walked down towards the water. Tina was wearing a cheese-cloth top and cut-off jeans, and after last night’s display I was hopeful she would swim nude again. I wasn’t disappointed. When we got close to the water’s edge, we laid our towels on the sand. Tina pulled her top over her head and the jeans off – she hadn’t been wearing any panties, I noticed – and ran naked into the water. Nicola and I followed suit.

We swam around happily for about half an hour, then emerged dripping and lay on our towels, with me in the middle. It felt nice to be naked in front of them. Nicola leant over me and kissed me, and began to run her hand over my chest.

“So,” she said to Tina, “what do you think of him? I told you he had a nice body.”

“Nicola!” I said.

“Don’t you think so?”

“Oh, it’s not bad,” said Tina, smirking a little.

“What about his cock?”

“Nicola!” I said, looking at her horrified. I might have been an exhibitionist, but this was going a bit far.

“Do you think it’s big enough?” asked Nicola.

“I don’t know,” said Tina, staring straight at my penis now, which was lying flat on my belly and, after the cold water, not looking too big at all. “How big does it get?”

“Let’s see,” said Nicola, reaching over and taking it in her hand. I gasped involuntarily and sat up.

“Hey, relax,” she said, pushing me back down while continuing to gently massage my cock and balls. I lay back on the towel again. God, it felt good, and the fact that Tina was watching her do it made it better. I felt myself rapidly getting hard.

Nicola was kneeling beside me now, jerking me forcefully so that the head of my prick was swollen and shiny. Then, grinning cheekily at Tina, she bent over me and wrapped her lips around it. I let out another gasp as she started to fellate me.

After a minute or two she paused, holding my cock at the base so it pointed straight up, glistening with her saliva. “So,” she said to Tina, “what do you reckon?”

“Hmm,” Tina said, and she reached out and grabbed the shaft between thumb and forefinger, and tentatively ran her fingers up and down it. It was the first time I’d ever had two girls touching my cock at the same time. Needless to say, it felt wonderful, and when Tina started to suck me too, it was even better.

For the next few minutes they took turns sucking me. Sometimes their mouths and tongues were on it simultaneously and they would break off to kiss each other. I noticed that, as she attacked my cock, Tina had one hand firmly pressed against her crotch, rubbing it.

The two girls paused and looked at each other, not saying anything but they were so close I don’t think they needed to speak to communicate. Then Tina straddled me, her pussy opening up to reveal a clit ring in addition to her other piercings. Nicola still had hold of my cock and guided it into Tina’s pale pink cunt.

I lay with the sun beating down on my face as Tina began to pump up and down on me, her tits bouncing. I reached up and grabbed hold of them, playing with her nipple rings with my thumbs, then slid my hands up so that my fingers brushed against her armpit fur.

Nicola stood over me, her feet planted on either side of my head, her arms around Tina’s shoulders, and started to kiss her as she fucked me. As I watched, Nicola began to squat down, her arse coming closer to my face, until she was sitting on it, her raw, wet, hairy genitals, salt-tasting from the sea water, pressed against my mouth. For a moment, as I lay on the towel with the hot sun beating down on me, my whole world became cunt – Nicola’s grinding into my face, my nose in her arsehole, while Tina’s tight hole squeezed at my cock. I threw my arms out, my fingers digging into the hot sand, and gave myself up to it.

Then, just as I was about to cum, as if she sensed it, Tina lifted herself off me. Nicola took up a position to one side of me and grasping my cock, slimy with Tina’s juices, in her fist, quickly worked me to orgasm. The two girls watched as my sperm shot up into the air and spattered down on my belly and onto Nicola’s hand, and laughed at the sight.

Nicola picked up one of the towels and wiped me off. As she was doing this, Tina grabbed her from behind and pulled her back, and I watched as the two of them rolled around in the sand, fingers dipping into each other’s hairy slits until they had made each other cum.

After another swim to wash ourselves we got back into the car and hit the road again. As Nicola and Tina chattered away in the front, making plans for the night ahead, I lay in the back seat with a rolled up towel under my head and drifted into a well satisfied sleep.

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