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Summer of ’65

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My first sexual encounter with a man happened in the summer of 1965 with my cousin Bob. I was 18 at the time, Bob was 20 and a college man. Bob was almost 6 feet tall. Had an athletic build, jet black and square jaw. A rather good looking young man. I on the other hand standing at a towering 5’7″ with blond hair and blue eyes, lean and lanky.

The years have blurred the particulars but It was one of those lazy summer days, B. C. (before cable). I was reading when Bob came into the house.

We started talking and soon the subject of sex came up. He did most of the talking, saying stuff like wouldn’t it be great to get laid. I thought it would be, of course. I hadn’t been with a girl yet, and probably wouldn’t anytime soon. It seemed most of the girls I knew didn’t do sex. Not without marriage first, anyway.

Being a bit immature and hornier then hell, I started to get a hard-on. I was embarrassed and tried to hide it. Then I noticed that Bob was rubbing himself through his jeans. This seemed kind of strange to me but it also drew my attention to his crotch. While he talked I just responded with ‘yeah’ and ‘neat’ from time to time.

He finally convinced me to just have a look at his cock while he looked at mine. That seemed harmless enough, so I agreed. We stood up and for a few seconds we just stood looking at each other awkwardly. Not really sure what to do, I asked Bob to start. Once he had his pants unbuttoned, I did the same. He let his pants fall and then pushed his jockeys down. His cock popped up and just about slapped his stomach. I just stared. His cock had to be at least 8 inches. He was circumcised, and his cockhead was shaped like an arrowhead and was a bit on purplish side. I thought it was rather impressive just the same.

I followed suit and dropped my jeans and jockeys, letting my circumcised seven-inch cock pop out. My cock was thicker than Bobs and curved slightly. Both of us had little pubic hair then. It was an awkward moment I guess, both of us just staring at each other’s cock, but I liked the way I felt with my pecker out in the open – nice and cool – and I was getting harder, it seemed.

Bob finally asked if I wanted to touch his cock. Curious, I moved forward and reached for his hard cock. I touched it gently at first, just letting my fingertips move around, it then finally grabbing it and stroking. I couldn’t believe I was stroking Bob’s cock, and I was beginning to enjoy it. He started moaning and sighing loudly said how good that felt. So I told him to grab my cock also. As soon as he touched me, my cock jumped. I closed my eyes as he started stroking me and I thought I was in heaven. It felt really great.

After a few seconds we both stopped stroking the others cock. Sheepishly I asked, what now?

Grinning, he said would I like to suck his cock now. Not knowing exactly what to do, I asked how?

Just put it in your mouth and suck – like on a straw. Kneeling in front of his hard member. I grabbed it with one hand the placed it in my mouth. What an incredible feeling. Not only was it hard but also felt soft at the same time. I couldn’t believe how hot it felt in my mouth. Doing what he suggested I tried to suck him like sucking on a straw. No, move your head up and down – sliding like I heard him Bob say. Again, doing as directed, I started to slide my mouth up and down on his cock. I reached up and grabbed his ass so I could get a better rhythm going.

Putting his hand on my head to guide me, Bob began to groan loudly. After a few seconds I could feel his hips moving to my rhythm as I slid my mouth along his cock.

I remember thinking this is really cool. I loved the feel of his hard cock in my mouth. I sucked and licked all along his shaft to his balls. Not wanting to make a mess on the chair, I stopped and said; let’s go up to my room. Once there we both got naked. Bob lay on the bed holding his hard cock, now glistening with my spit. He was eager for me to continue. Moving between his legs I resumed sucking his cock. I bobbed my head up and down as he lifted his hips to meet my downward strokes. His breathing became ragged and more intense. I was really getting excited now. My cock felt harder than steel. I felt Bob’s cock swell and jerk: I knew he was going to cum. Groaning loudly, God, I’m cumming, he shot his hot juice down my waiting throat. It seemed like he had buckets of sperm. A bit salty and thick, but not bad. I could get used to this, I thought.

I continued sucking him until his cock was soft again. Rising up on my knees, Bob got up and started stroking my erect manhood. Lowering his head he took me in his mouth and began an exuberant and lustful massage of my cock. Moving faster and faster I could feel a tingling in my balls that reached up to the tip of my rock hard cock. Almost yelling I shouted I was going to cum. Bob lifted his mouth from my cock and started jerking me off as fast as he could manage.

Then I exploded, all over his face and hand. It seemed like I kept cumming for several minutes. When the last squirt was done I just laid back, exhausted.

Wow, that was really neat, I said. Yeah Bob replied. Then he got this twinkle in his eye. Want to try something else? What I asked? Bob was grinning broadly, and I noticed his cock coming back to life.

Roll over and get on your knees, he said.

For the life of me I couldn’t figure out what he was up to. Then I felt something slightly wet and cool press against my anus….

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