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The Stranger

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I knew I was taking a huge risk. To change the game at this late date was to risk ruining a very adequate relationship. But, I knew I deserved more than adequate. I wanted so much more.

I suppose a little background is in order. I am 43 years old, working in an office, I have a “boyfriend” that I see three to four times a week.

He is sweet and considerate, he will follow along with most of my ideas for nights out and we have been seeing each other for over a year.

I am bored. God, I am bored.

And herein lies the risk. Tonight, I want to go beyond ordinary. Beyond the usual evening routine. He arrives. We talk about our day. I lean in to kiss him and he follows me to the bedroom. We each turn our backs and remove our clothes and climb into the bed. He rolls over on me. Kisses me a few times until he is hard and then he pushes his cock into my semi-dry pussy. He pumps enough for him to cum and then collapses on me. In a moment, he will tell me how good I am and how much he likes the sex. This varies only occasionally, depending on whether he has been drinking. Then, he gets very brave and actually approaches my pussy with his lips. A few kisses, maybe a lick or two and he proceeds with the regular routine.

Tonight, it will be different, or it will be over. Maybe this is unfair to push him into the something so different so quickly, but I can’t wait any longer to see if he has the type of passion that I need to have spent on me.

I dress carefully, very carefully for the evening. I have chosen to wear a black leather bra, black leather garter belt with stockings attached to it, high fuck-me heels and no panties. My hair and make-up are suitably slutty. The scene is set, the costume is on and I only await the second player. He should be here within the hour. I decide to step outside my apartment for a breath of fresh air, to step away from the soon-to-be seduction scene and sooth my nerves. I throw a black trench coat on over my seduction wear and I step outside on the porch. The door slams shut behind me…locking me out.

After a few moments of frantically pushing and pulling on the door, I realize that I am stuck outside. My keys and my cell phone are safely locked on the other side of the door. The apartment office is closed at this point and the parking lot is nearly empty.

I walk around the corner of my building, glancing at apartments… hoping to notice a neighbor that might be home. I knock on a few doors downstairs. No luck. I hesitate to go upstairs. I don’t know many of the people in my complex, but desperate situations call for desperate measures. I climb the external set of stairs on the back side of my apartment building. At the top, I turn to the right. I knock, no answer. The only other apartment is to the left. I approach the door and gently knock. The door opens. I see an attractive, older man, maybe mid-fifties. He is a stranger to me.

“Hi. I am so sorry to bother you, but you see, I am locked out. I live downstairs and around the corner. I was trying to find someone at home that would allow me sit for about 45 minutes until my boyfriend gets here with the spare key. My name is Lacey.” I tumble all this out in a hurry, hoping the door won’t shut in my face.

“Hello. Sure, come in,” he says as he opens the door wider.

I walk into a very light, clean living room with the largest television I have ever seen. He catches me looking and smiles.

He gestures for me to sit and offers me a drink.

“I would love one, but if I could impose for one other thing, I would really appreciate using your bathroom,” I say with a blush.

“Sure. It is right through the master bedroom door.”

I rush into the bathroom and relieve my need, hoping he can’t hear me pee. I have always been embarrassed by that… trying to pee quietly is a real art form. I finish, wash my hands and check my make-up. Good god! I forgot that I had on this trashy eye liner and lipstick! He must think I am a prostitute or something.

I leave the bathroom and enter the bedroom. Another tv in here, with a table lamp by the bed offering a soft light. I notice that just inside the door, there is a glass coffee table with art glass objects on it. And also, an array of the most erotic sex toys I have seen outside the sex store across the street from the apartment complex! I am mesmerized by the soft suede whip and crop, the wrist restraints, the nipple clips and assorted dildos and butt plugs. I can’t decide whether I am frightened or whether I am excited. I believe it might be both.

“Please, excuse the display,” he says. “I have company coming later this evening. We enjoy the toys and I like to have them laid out so I can reach what I want as I need it.”

I am so fascinated and so turned on. I look closer at this man standing before me. He is looking at me with a slight smile on his lips, a knowing smile. I see the strength and the humor and the sexiness behind the look. And, I also get a sense of his curiosity about me.

Sometimes, it is easier to be open and forthcoming with complete strangers than it is with people we have known for years. I decide to tell him about my problems in the bedroom and what I have decided to do about it. I think maybe he will understand.

When I finish describing my hopeless sex life, I tell him about the new erotic lingerie I had bought, hoping that it would exite my boyfriend. But, now, I am starting to second guess the whole thing. I tell him that I am wearing it under my coat.

“Take it off,” he commands, “Let me see.” I untie the belt on my coat. I let the coat fall open and then I slide it off my shoulders and drop it to the floor.

“Ahhh,” he says while reaching out to run a fingertip over the leather cup of my bra, “May I?”

I nod and he cups his hand around the breast barely held in the leather harness. One finger runs smoothly over the top of my breast sending a shiver right down my stomach to my clit. I feel the moisture starting to seep from my pussy lips and having no panties to absorb it, it starts to wet my upper thighs.

He moves around behind me. He brushes my hair aside and breathes on my neck and leans in a gives my shoulder a kiss, a lick and then a slight nip with his teeth. He continues to lick and kiss down the center of my back until he reaches the upper curve of my rounded backside. He takes a less than gentle bite of my ass… biting it as though it were a juicy apple. I give a small scream of surprise and he gives my naked cheek a smart swat with his palm.

“Oh, god.” I feel the shiver to my toes and back again. He palms my bare ass, squeezing and spreading my cheeks. His finger runs down my crease to my asshole, gently tracing circles around it and then continues to my wet thighs and pussy. He lightly brushes my extended clit with his fingertips then dips two fingers into my dripping pussy. I hold my breath. I can’t remember being this excited before. I am practically naked standing in a strange man’s bedroom and letting him — to hell with “letting”… I am begging him to touch me.

“Do you even know what it is you want?” he whispers in my ear. “Do you know why you are wet and excited? Do you want me to show you what I do to women that come into my playroom — show you what I do with those toys that you can’t take your eyes off of? Do you want me to flog you, clip your nipples, fuck you with my toys and then, and only then, fuck you with this cock?” And saying this, he pulls from his pants an impressively hard, long cock.

“Yes, yes,” I say, “I want it all. Please show me, please teach me what I am dying to know, dying to feel. Please fuck me.”

He releases the catch on my bra and slides the straps down my arms. He turns me so he can look at my large, erect nipples. He places my bra on the bedside table and goes to the toy table and picks up two clips.

“Have you ever had your nipples clipped?” I shake my head no… I can’t really speak. I watch him walk over to me and he takes my nipples between his thumb and forefinger and pinches… hard. Then twists them until the pain/pleasure makes me gasp and moan. Those nipples are now about a half inch long and hard as pebbles. He takes the clips, and one at a time, he fits the tight clips on the nipples. The weight of the clips tugs my breasts and my nipples slightly downward… the pain is magnificent!

“You will wear them until I tell you to take them off. In fact from this point on, you will only do as I say. You are in no danger and you can say no at any point. But, when you say no, it all stops… no more touching, no fucking. Do you understand?” I look him in the eye and I nod. Strangely, I trust him and I need this so very, very badly.

“Good. Lie down on the bed with your ass on the edge. Spread your legs and let me look at you.” he demands. He kneels on the floor. I can no longer see what he is doing, where he is looking. I am open and vulnerable. All I can see when I look down are my tits with the clips on my bright red nipples and my stockinged legs spread wide.

“What are you doing?” I ask.

“Quiet. No questions. I will tell you as I am about to do something. I will let you imagine how it will feel just moments before I do it. But, you will remain quiet. Or, do I need to put a gag on you?”

“No,” I say. “Please…”

“I am going to just barely touch my tongue to your clit… lightly rubbing it. Then, I am going to plunge it into this very wet, very sexy pussy.” He proceeds to do exactly that… effectively fucking me with his tongue. I am embarrassed to say that I cum from it almost immediately.

“Ahh, I could taste that,” he whispers against my pussy. “And, I understand how bad you needed that. But, from now on, you must hold back… you must not cum until I tell you to. Do you understand?”


“I am going to get some more toys. Stay right where you are.” He rises up and goes to the table and brings back an assortment of toys. He holds each one up and tells me what it does and where he is going to put it.

“This one is a butt plug,” he says, holding up a green bulbous toy. “I am going to put lube on the toy, on your ass and rub it into you, very gently. Then, I am going to ease it into your virgin ass. You are an ass virgin, aren’t you?”

“Yes” I gasp. He spreads my cheeks and fingers my hole and leaning into me, he takes his tongue and licks around the hole. I gasp and moan. He grabs the bottle of lube from the side table and squirts a generous amount onto my ass… working it into the interior of my ass with his fingers. He takes the butt plug, runs a bead of lubricant down from the tip and proceeds to push this object into my tight, lubed ass. After a moment of pain, it slides in. And the feeling is one of fullness and completeness… it is very hard to describe. At this point, I am panting and I have tears in my eyes. Dear god, it feels like I have been waiting my whole life for this experience, and I am loving it!

“This is a rather large dildo that I think will do very nicely in that wet pussy of yours. I don’t think any lube at all on this one,” he says. He pushes that monstrous cock into my pussy, waits a moment to let me adjust to the size and then tells me to take it in hand and to fuck myself with it.

“I want to watch how you do yourself. I want to get a feel for how you like it. Different women like different depths and speed.” he says as I start to pump it in and out. I find my rhythm and soon, I am pounding my pussy with this plastic penis. I feel it to my toes. But I especially feel it in my ass because every time it passes the knobs on my butt plug, it ripples a bit. Delicious.

“Ahh. You are fucking that pussy so hard.” he says. “I am going to come around the bed and climb up behind you, crawl over you and watch you from this angle. Look up and you can see my cock and balls hanging over your face. Lick them.”

I open my mouth and let my tongue run around the back and sides of his freshly shaved balls. I suck one into my mouth, giving a slight pull. I hear his gasp. It feels so wonderful to make him lose just a bit of his control.

“My cock. Take it in your mouth.” he demands. I open up wide and he lets a part of the length slide into my mouth. He then pushes it in deep. Too deep and I gag. I can’t take all of it and the tears are pouring from my eyes. I want to do this and, again, I try to take more as he pushes deeper.

“Relax your throat and try to take more,” he pants. “And keep fucking that pussy. You can’t imagine what that looks like from this angle.” I am trying to take all of him, but I find myself trying to draw back off of it. It is a reflex. But I have no where to move… my head is pressed into the bed and he is beginning to pump my mouth now. Suddenly, he pushes past my gag reflex and I am taking it to the root… my lips at the base of his cock and closing around him very tightly. He has to pull past this tight band every time he pushes in or out. He is getting larger with every pump and I can feel the build up… and know instinctively that he is going to cum at any second. This excites me so much, that I reach a point that I want to cum, need to cum. My hips are starting to raise and lower uncontrollably.

“Yes.” He says… only that and nothing more. He removes the clips from my nipples.

“Mmmmh!” I moan around his cock. The pain is incredible as the blood rushes back into those tortured points and with that, I cum so hard I am seeing stars behind my closed eyelids. And at that moment, he cums… shooting down my throat. More and more. I swallow and swallow, but some of his seed slips from my lips and runs down my chin. He pulls his cock from my slack lips. He collapses to the side of me, with one arm over me.

We wait for a moment or an hour, I couldn’t tell at that point. Only that I needed to breath and get the feeling back into my limbs. He finally rises from the bed and removes the toys from my pussy and ass. He leans down and takes my hands in his and pulls me to a sitting position.

“Can you stand?” he asks. I nod and he pulls me to my feet. He nods to a clock beside the bed. It has been almost an hour since I got to his apartment. “Your friend should be here by now.”

“Go to him.” he instructs. “Don’t be afraid to show him what you want, what you need. And if you ever need any more lessons, you know where to find me.”

He helps me on with my coat and gently kisses me as he ushers me to the door. I leave and turn at the steps to look back at him, but he has already closed the door.

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