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Amy’s Evolution

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I believe martial arts saved my life. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) to be specific. It saved me from obesity, low self-esteem, and it even stopped a rape once.

I love both the qualities on the inside that make me who I am and the way I look on the outside. But it took a while for me to get here. I grew up fat. No, not just fat. Obese. The problem started in about sixth grade and got worse through the cruel years of junior high and high school.

I lacked confidence because of this, and that in turn made me more shy, so I didn’t have much personality to compensate for the fat rolls. It was a vicious negative feedback loop. Making matters worse for my self-esteem, I went through high school with newly divorced parents. I became more of a pawn in their war than a daughter to them.

I never got asked out in high school. Not once. I was a natural red head, but instead of embracing my uniqueness like I should have, I was just embarrassed. I thought the fair skin and freckles just made me uglier. The extra tonnage seemed to hit me in all the wrong places, quickly giving me a double chin and hiding any semblance of a waist. The only thing I had going for me was a large rack. But my overweight condition just made them seem obnoxious to me. Instead of perky, proportionate breasts, I had jugs. I felt like a heifer with oversized udders and back pain. The boys must have seen it the same way, because they weren’t exactly beating down the door to come after me.

College was better. It was easier to make friends as my peers matured also and looked past outer appearances. I studied hard and always got great grades while holding down a part time job, and I began to realize that I was likely going to have a successful career if I continued to apply myself. My self esteem began to grow. My personality blossomed, and I developed a quick sense of humor. I was less afraid to talk to people. But I continued to neglect my health. I just had no interest or willpower to work out or eat healthy. I used that a convenient excuse for why I had lots of guy friends but no lovers by my senior year. The truth was, I didn’t even really care. I wasn’t interested in having sex. I didn’t seem to have any hormonal urges at all to drive me. The urge to study or eat dessert was stronger than the urge to spread my legs. I graduated college a total virgin. I hadn’t even given myself my first orgasm, let alone had a man do it for me.

I was fortunate enough to land a job right away. I moved halfway across the country to Richmond as a 22 year-old entry-level professional. I worked my ass off for about six months, earning a good reputation and securing my place in the company as a valued employee. But every day it got harder to look in the mirror. I realized that outside of college it was a lot harder to meet people. I began to think of things like getting married and having kids, which was natural since I was now in the working world. I realized none of that would happen. At this rate, a victory for me would just be living to forty without having a coronary.

The difference now was that I had the willpower and the free time to do something about it. I had just read one of those “think outside the box” self-help books, and I already had tried out a couple of new hobbies and other things that I wouldn’t normally do, but these were minor distractions. The big change came at the Mixed Martial Arts gym I passed on the way to work every day. One day I just decided “what the fuck” and went in. I needed to get in shape, but I knew if I just ran on a treadmill every day like a rodent, I would quickly get bored and stay fat forever.

It absolutely sucked for the first month. In addition to there only being a few other women there, I felt like everyone was making fun of me. But I eventually saw that actually these were a great group of folks. They encouraged me. A few of them had been overweight before also. So I stuck with it. It was weird to get sweaty while grappling with men, but after a while it didn’t seem so gross anymore. But it was hell. I was choked, arm-locked, had my face ground in the mat and had people suffocate me while laying on top of me. I was in every way made to feel helpless as I learned. It wasn’t all bad though, and it steadily got better. This was the most attention I’d gotten from men, even though it wasn’t exactly in a romantic way. But even if I wasn’t really interested in any of the men I trained with, it was fun to occasionally have them between my legs for the first time!

I noticed after a few weeks my jeans were looser and my face wasn’t as bloated. Once I started seeing positive changes, it was easy to find motivation to make more changes to accelerate the process. I started eating better and smiling more. I bought more fashionable clothes. I started growing out my short and bland hairstyle. People at work and at church saw the changes and encouraged me. I continued to train, and the classes just got more fun. I began to occasionally submit some newer men in training with chokes or joint locks. I felt empowered.

After about 30 pounds and eight months of training, I think I was much better looking but still too chunky. I was just barely entering that window where men who liked a lot of curves might not think I was too fat to make it a deal breaker. I got asked out. My first real date wasn’t a great one, probably due to my nerves, but it felt awesome to have a guy show interest finally. I soon got a profile on one of those dating websites and went out on a few more first dates. But I just couldn’t meet the right guy to move things to the next level. The guys looking for a relationship were picky, and I wasn’t interested in the guys I knew were looking for something a little more short-term. But I sure did enjoy finally occasionally getting kissed goodnight, and I became more confident around men.

After a few months of this, I made a big mistake. I accepted a second date at a guy’s house that I didn’t know that well. Everything seemed great. He was good-looking and charming, and he was a hell of a good cook. I had never been pampered before like this, and his efforts made me feel like a queen and clouded my judgment. We both drank too much. During a brief make-out session on his couch, I let him fondle my breasts over my shirt. Soon my top was off. I knew where this was headed, but I wasn’t ready to go all the way. I put on the breaks just as he shoved down his pants and underwear in a blink of an eye, giving me my first look at a real penis in the flesh. He got angry, first joking around, then getting pushy. Before I knew it, he was lying on top of me. I felt his erection poking at my inner thigh as he took just enough weight off me to be able to reach under and fumble with the button on my jeans.

The rest was a blur. I had never been raped before, but I certainly was no stranger to feeling a man’s heavier weight on my chest. I was a blue belt in BJJ at this point, and at least had a chance of defending myself against a strong man. I was taller than the average woman too, which helped. I was confused for a few seconds. Was this really happening? Could I be misunderstanding something and this was just some kind of passionate play, and was I supposed to go along? No. I was inexperienced, but not stupid. I remember staying calm and asking several times for him to get off, saying “no” more than once. He didn’t comply. By now my button was undone and the zipper down.

I wrapped him up between my legs in the guard position, easy to do since he was trying to force my legs apart anyway. I scooted my hips to the side to go for an arm lock, but we fell off the couch. I ended up on top of him, then quickly wrapped up his arm and fell to the side. With the force of my entire body pressing up against just his weak elbow joint, I easily broke his arm. I felt a weird satisfaction as his elbow made an awful crunching sound. I gave him a few elbows to the face for good measure, then retrieved my top and bra and left his apartment amid a sea of his obscenities and, oddly, apologies. We never spoke again. This was also the first and last time I ever drove home with too much alcohol in me. I felt horrible and lucky when I got home.

That was a valuable lesson for me that made me lose interest in dating for a bit. I remained a virgin, now at 23 years of age. I should have had my first sexual experience by now, because there would be plenty of opportunities if I let myself get involved with a man. I had no religious hangups, although I sometimes wished I did. I did attend church after all. Then I would have the best excuse of all for my puritanism, and maybe be a better person in the process. But I was getting way too interested in sex to stay on the sidelines. I didn’t want to wait until I was married for a good fucking, especially since I wasn’t sure marriage would ever happen anyway.

I think the aggressive nature of almost daily BJJ training changed my hormones a bit and made me a little horny. I was also far healthier, was not embarrassed by my body as much, and had higher self-esteem, which all worked together to increase my sex drive. Twenty minutes of exploring my curiosity on the Internet got me hooked on porn, and I quickly developed a masturbation habit. Pleasing myself was so much fun that I couldn’t believe I had waited this long.

I did that for a few months after the almost-rape incident. The weight continued to come off, and by now I felt I had less than 20 pounds to lose to arrive at my ideal weight. I had a clearly defined waist and just needed to get rid of some pooch in the stomach, fat around the thighs, and an inconvenient double chin. I didn’t look that bad anymore from behind. I was pleased with the shape of the cheekbones and other facial features that had emerged from my fat face. My breasts stayed very large, and I began to wear clothes that showed some cleavage. I was definitely getting a lot more looks and compliments now, and I could look in the mirror and humbly tell myself that I was looking at the beginnings of a beautiful woman.

This is when Claudia and I started to spend more time together. Claudia was one of the few other women that I trained with. She started a few months after me and was therefore always at about the same skill level as me. We were the same age and both professionals, but that’s where the similarities ended. She was completely ripped from the moment she sauntered into the gym, because she was already a serious kickboxer and just wanted to work on her grappling. She was a gorgeous, outgoing Latina with a very warm and genuine personality.

I still wasn’t dating much after the incident. I wasn’t avoiding men, but I had cut down my prospects a lot when I deactivated my online dating profile. I wanted more friends to hang out with and fill this free time, so I asked her over to watch a movie and eat dinner. We quickly became friends outside the gym.

I don’t think there is anyone on earth besides Claudia that could have gelled with me so well as to instigate the events that came to pass. She was beautiful inside and out and was one of the most interesting people I’d ever met. She had traveled a ton and was fluent in four languages. Unlike me, she dated a lot and put her body to use. As we slowly became best friends, I got a true picture of how slutty she really was. The woman had sampled a lot of cock, and I enjoyed all her stories. She loved sex and had no desire to tie herself down yet. This translated to a lot of well-satisfied men who later had their hearts broken. I slowly began to date again, and we shared stories. Mine were always with a little less detail and focused more on bad first dates. She knew I was more reserved, but I never told her I was still a virgin.

We soon had standing hangouts together on Friday nights if we didn’t have dates. We were usually at my place since it was more convenient to our work and the gym, and it always involved a nice dinner and a movie rental. We’d usually watch a chick flick and make fun of the people in it while we drank too much. I looked forward to this night starting on Monday of each week, and I secretly began turning down Friday night dates so we could be together. I think Claudia felt the same way, but she enjoyed a variety of dick so much that she didn’t turn down her dates. But she often came over for a night cap afterward if she didn’t shack up with whatever lover had her interest since we were both night owls.

I was attracted to Claudia. Ever since I was in elementary school, I can also remember being attracted to women. It was rare and subtle compared with my attraction for men, but with the right combination of personality and gorgeous looks, I would notice a girl and think, “Yeah, I might want to kiss her.” For my tastes, Claudia was easily the most beautiful woman in the world. She had long, dark black hair. Her face was fair and freckled like mine, but I was a Midwestern red head and she was an exotic Latina with Spanish roots. We were both relatively tall. I was about 5’10” with Claudia maybe an inch taller. Claudia wore spandex a lot while grappling, and her muscles rippling on her butt cheeks often had a mesmerizing effect on me. She had a tiny waist and flat stomach, with a nice chest that was a lot smaller than mine but would still fill my hand nicely. After months of grappling with her, it was a given that I knew her breast size well since I was pressing against them and accidentally groping her quite a bit.

She also had impeccable style with clothes, and I never knew which version of her I liked more: the spandex-clad, sweaty version, or the made up, elegant version. Both were so attractive and effortlessly seductive. Some might find her too skinny since she had low body fat, but I thought she was perfect. Her butt was tiny, but the muscles gave it enough mass and curves to look great with her tiny waist.

I have no idea if Claudia was attracted to me in that way, whatever “that way” even meant. I just loved being around her and might have liked to kiss and see how that made me feel. I had no idea what potential we had together and how much I would come to feel for this woman. Claudia and I never talked about it. Things never got weird, but they did change. Over time we became so close that it was natural for us to cuddle under a blanket. I was grateful that my small couch, which was really more of a love seat, forced this physical closeness.

We could talk about anything, and after a few drinks it always turned to sex. Claudia loved to talk, so she didn’t really notice that I wasn’t sharing as much. I think this is why an enormously popular, outgoing woman loved to hang out with little old me on Friday nights. She could be herself and talk about anything in a judgment-free zone. I kept my own details vague enough to fake that I had any experience without lying. After a few months of hanging out, we began a tradition of watching a little porn at the end of the night. Claudia had busted me by finding a bit of it on my computer one night, and we ended up watching some of it together. We both thought it was cool to watch in small doses for a good laugh, and the fact that we typically had a few drinks in us helped.

We drank responsibly. It only took a few to get us more than tipsy, and she sometimes crashed on my couch. I usually drank only on Friday nights. It was never weird. Her “walk of shame” consisted of putting on workout clothes early in the morning and going straight to the gym. That seemed very respectable to me.

We began a rotation where one of us would pick the movie, and the other download in advance the right porn to look at if we got to that point. It was a fun game, and Claudia and I continued to get to know each other and grow close as weeks passed. We enjoyed talking about which guy we thought would be the best guy to screw and why, and then we’d make fun of the girls for various reasons. It was obvious that Claudia evaluated the whole man, but the most heavily weighted variable was how much he was packing. She was definitely a size queen.

One night I decided to be a little risque, and after I ensured Claudia had sufficient red wine lubrication in her, I put on a lesbian scene with Andie Valentino. “Wow, we haven’t watched one of these before,” Claudia commented. We were cuddled on the couch, her hand on my knee. I don’t know on what planet casual, non-sexual female contact among close friends like this would be considered normal, but Claudia and I were just like that now.

“I like this girl. She’s the only porn star I would kiss,” I said with a giggle. Andie only did lesbian scenes, at least that I could find. The brunette had a gorgeous face and natural breasts that rivaled my own in size. She was famous for her defining characteristic of oversized pussy lips. I also had big lips and was a little self-conscious about it, so seeing her on screen looking beautiful made me feel beautiful about my own body. I just wished I had her ripped physique to go with that chest.

God bless Claudia, she read my mind. “Oh wow, have you kissed a girl before, Amy? I wouldn’t have guessed. I thought I knew you,” she teased.

“No, never. You?”

She shook her head no. “Nobody asked me before,” she said. I looked out of the corner of my eye and she was smiling at me, waiting. And just like that, it happened that easily. We leaned in. Our lips connected, just for a second longer than a peck, then we parted. I stared into her eyes for a second. I wish I could say our first kiss was amazing and we tore our clothes off immediately, but it was nothing like that. It was awkward.

“Ehhh, I don’t know,” I teased. “I do think you’re hotter than all the porn stars we watch, but really, that did nothing for me.” A compliment with a dismissal in the same sentence seemed appropriate.

“Yeah, I expected more from you, too,” she fired back.

“I’m so disappointed,” I added, joking around. I was crushed, but I should have known we couldn’t be intimate like this all of a sudden. Perhaps it didn’t happen like this in the real world; we had to ease into it. I was grateful I had a partner both willing to try and able to make jokes about it to smooth things over after it bombed. But I wasn’t turned off, rather it was just awkward. She was still gorgeous, and I knew I wanted to do it again.

Claudia was ready to leave shortly thereafter. She had stopped drinking and sobered up since she was running a 5k race the next day. I grabbed her arm on the way out and we went for our usual close embrace. “Let’s do it one more time just for fun,” I said. She was leaving, so there was less pressure.

Our lips met again, and this time they lingered. I felt her breath, sweet and feminine. Our full lips melted together softly. It was different than a man’s kiss, or at least the few I’d smooched before. Both of us were soft and unhurried. She paused after a few seconds and came up for air. “One more time, with some tongue,” she said. Our lips met again, and this time our mouths opened and her tongue slid into my mouth. I massaged it gently with my tongue before thrusting into her mouth to return the favor. After a few more slippery exchanges we were done. I wanted more, but I sensed I shouldn’t push my luck yet.

“Better,” I said.

“I would say it has potential. Is this going to make it weird and ruin our friendship?”

No way, I thought. “Nothing will ever ruin our friendship,” I said. She smiled. “I don’t plan on going any further anyway,” I said. “My panties are a little damp, I admit it. But I have my limits.” She laughed, probably not realizing I was dead serious about my arousal. “But I do want a kiss goodnight from you every time you walk out my door.”

“Deal.” Even though the kissing had been slightly uncomfortable for us both, I was still glad we did it. At this point in my life, anything out of character I did was a blessing and symbolic of my newly improved self.

For the first time that night, instead of thinking about men when I masturbated, I thought about Claudia. I took my time, bringing myself close to orgasm several times before backing off, building the anticipation a lot before finally pulling the trigger. I went through several lovemaking scenarios in my imagination as I stroked my clit, not really sure how a real-world session with Claudia would actually play out in bed. How do women do it? My knowledge came from porn, and I knew that was at least partly misleading. In the end, just imagining Claudia kissing me and touching me was all it took to get off.

My desire for her was part physical for sure. I thought of her beautiful eyes and hair, her kind face, her shapely legs. I thought about her nice ass in tight spandex, and I thought about how good it felt when I was all sweaty laying on top of her in the gym. But it was also the emotional connection that got me off. Unlike all the men that previously joined me in my mind for a heavy masturbation session, Claudia was the only person that I truly loved, trusted, cared about, and was attracted to in real life. This intimacy enabled me to really open up to her as a lover, sadly only in my imagination.

Claudia and I continued our Friday night “dates”, and I got that kiss every night. I wondered what people would think when they saw us at the gym training hard, grappling with the men and each other, if they knew what we did when we were alone. She stayed over more often on those Friday nights. We were comfortable enough around each other, and my place felt like home to her. One night she got a little drunker than me and fell asleep talking to me in my bed. That turned into her sleeping in my bed from then on if she stayed. I only had a one bedroom apartment, and my tiny couch which I had purchased used really sucked to sleep on unless you were super drunk. The second time she did this my air conditioner was crapping out, and we stayed up really late. She came out of the bathroom and crashed on her stomach on top of my sheets in her panties and bra. I’m glad her face was in the pillow, or she would have seen me staring. Her butt was so cute and flawless.

“Nice tramp stamp,” I teased her. She had a very cool looking design on the small of her back with edgy black and red lines. “Cute butt too,” I said and patted her tiny behind over her black panties. It wasn’t really rock hard since she was relaxed, but I could still tell that was muscle there, and I was pushing around just enough fat to make her feminine with none to spare.

Claudia looked up and smiled at me. “Good night,” she said and gave me my kiss, then she was out. I wanted to make out with her and see what happened, but I was too scared. Looking back, doing nothing was the right thing. She wasn’t ready. But I sure was. That night represented a milestone for me as I leaned over and tried to peer between her slightly spread legs. There was no doubt now. I wasn’t just attracted to Claudia with a desire to kiss her and cuddle. I wanted to take her panties off and make love to her. It was oddly liberating to know for sure what I wanted, even though I had no idea how to go about it. My overall sexual libido for men was growing also, so I felt secure in my “straightness” even as I became more enthralled with Claudia. From that point on, any time she stayed, she slept in her panties next to me on the bed. I always had on pajama bottoms. I was such a prude. I just hoped Claudia went to sleep with her panties a little moist also, but I didn’t know how to take the next step. I didn’t want to risk losing her as my friend, and I was also scared of rejection.

Soon Claudia left for a couple weeks. Her grandmother in Mexico was ill, and Claudia was beside her bed when she passed. The two were very close since her mom had married very young, and her grandmother had played such a large part in raising her. We talked every night while she was there, and we hung out more than usual the first week she returned. At this point we really were best friends, and I would trust her with anything.

Claudia quickly returned to her cheerful self and her never-ending quest for cock. A couple Fridays later she canceled for movie night with me, then called me at 11PM and said she’d be over in five minutes. I was on my second glass of wine already, and when Claudia showed up, she was clearly way ahead of me. She was wearing some kind of exotic outfit with a skirt and tall boots. Her hair was styled but a little messy. I had a feeling she had been bedded already, and I was right.

“I went to Damon’s,” she said as she fell into my arms.

“Booty call? You’re going to break his heart again, you know. How did you get here?”

“He came over to my place to fuck me, then I made him drop me off here. I made it clear I just needed his size and a good lay,” she joked. “He accepted my terms. I might be a little sore tomorrow.” I laughed. I had never heard Claudia use the F-word outside my apartment, but here she was completely authentic and held nothing back. She and I had talked about Damon before. She dated him for about a month during the previous year. His defining characteristic was the largest and most reliable cock she had been with. I had no idea about his personality. Someone that didn’t know her well might assume she had low self-esteem or was feeling sorry for herself by doing this, especially so soon after a personal tragedy. I knew better. Claudia was confident and secure. She just needed a good fucking every once in a while, and she went after what she wanted. She wasn’t after a man’s validation. She was after orgasms.

Claudia sat on the couch, relaxed with her legs slightly spread. “He gave me a cream pie about ten minutes ago,” she said slyly. “I felt some of it drip down when I was getting out of his truck. So annoying. This is why I make men pull out.”

“Oh God, girl! Think safety, come on.” I was shocked. I knew Claudia did stuff like this, but it was different this time because it had literally just happened, and she was very graphic with her details.

“You know I’m on the pill, and I’ve known him a while,” she said.

“Show it to me,” I said. I regretted it as soon as I said it. At least, until she did what I asked! This turned out to be the best ice breaker we could have possibly invented. Thank you, man-I-have-never-met called Damon!

“Well I’m not wearing any panties, so this will be easy,” she said casually. Claudia lifted her legs and spread them with her feet on the edge of the couch. She easily hiked up her mini skirt on both her front and back side, and sure enough, her pussy was on full display. I must have been staring, frozen. “Well, come close and see. You’ve seen a vagina before.” I laughed and came closer. The lighting was dim, but standing only a few feet away now, Claudia gave me a great view. She was completely shaved. I enjoyed a full view of her swollen labia, much darker than mine and brown, due to her Hispanic roots no doubt. Her lips were shiny, like she was aroused or someone had been licking her. But her crack was closed tight, and I didn’t see any semen flowing out.

“That’s a gorgeous pussy, and I would expect nothing less from you,” I said and smiled at her. “But it doesn’t look like it’s just been tapped.” I couldn’t believe we were having this conversation. It was silly, and I sounded like a man who had seen way too much porn. Yet I couldn’t look away and stop making stupid jokes.

“Let’s see if I can push some of it out.” Her purse was on the couch next to her, and she pulled out her panties. She used her legs on the edge of the couch to lift her butt and put the tiny thong under her crack, always being considerate of other people’s stuff. I suppose I didn’t want body fluids oozing out on my couch, but if that was the price to pay for a view of her pussy, it was certainly worth it.

Claudia smiled and brought her hands to her crotch. I was glad we had seen so much porn together, which oddly made this a little less shocking and awkward. When she pulled her lips apart, a small hole opened at the bottom. “There has to be more in there. He always shoots a lot. Huge cock and huge loads. The two don’t always correlate. I was a lucky girl tonight.” I saw her abs flex, then nothing happened for a couple seconds. “There we go,” she said and giggled. I couldn’t believe it: semen bubbled up into the tiny hole, then oozed down to where her anus pressed against her panties. The viscous fluid did not vanish, instead a glob remained at her entrance, with a thin stream coating her perineum downward. This was the first time I had seen real semen. The soft yellow light was dim, so I could barely make out the white tint to the shiny fluid. But there was no doubt as to what it was.

I didn’t realize that I had continued to move closer, transfixed. I was within arms reach, smiling curiously and looking at her pussy. Then Claudia really shocked me. She ran her finger from her anus to her vagina, clearly getting semen on it, then stuck her tongue out and transferred a generous glob with her finger and pulled it into her mouth. She then put her middle finger back into her vagina to get the glob still perched at her entrance and whatever bit was just inside. She held her finger out to me. Without hesitation, I threw caution to the wind and opened my mouth and sucked down the length of her wet finger, running my tongue around the digit to accept the fluid. Oh my God, I thought to myself.

My mouth gave a kissing sound as her finger plopped out. I inhaled, and the barely perceptible, unfamiliar taste of semen grew as the strong scent augmented it. I could scarcely believe what I had just done. My first taste of cum didn’t come from a blowjob, but instead came from the used vagina of my best friend! The texture was slimy and sticky, and the taste was both sweet but unlike anything I had ever tasted. Surprisingly, It didn’t gross me out at all. Claudia and I were looking dreamily into each others eyes, our faces neutral, perhaps in a state of shock. She wiped her crotch with her panties to remove the excess as she stood, ready to make this even more interesting.

She leaned in, and we shared our most intimate kiss thus far. There was lots of tongue and passion as our lips pressed together hard. I was getting off big time on the idea that a man’s spunk was flavoring our kiss. It seemed so naughty and taboo and completely out of character for me, even above the already exotic appeal of kissing a beautiful woman. Our soft moans of pleasure seemed very load without my TV or stereo on. We shared his load for a few minutes as the taste dissipated, then we slowly broke off the kiss. By now we were in a tight embrace and looking into each others eyes again. She was pulling me into her, and I felt my crotch rub against hers through several layers of pesky clothes. “Holy shit,” she whispered.

“He has a nice taste; very neutral and not too overwhelming,” I said, as if I had taken enough loads to know the difference. “As do you.” We slowly smiled, then we both suddenly burst out laughing. Claudia excused herself to the bathroom, presumably to rinse her panties and clean up down there a bit. When she returned, I had a drink made for us to wash out the taste, not that it bothered me. I was excited to have finally tasted a man’s essence.

“I think I sobered up completely in the two minutes I was in the bathroom,” Claudia said. “You okay with what happened?”

“I don’t know. You are so manipulative,” I accosted her teasingly and poked her in the sternum.

“Hey, you’ve been on a lot of first dates lately, so I figured you needed a reminder of what it tasted like.”

“That’s true, but only because I don’t do what you do on first dates,” I said. If only she knew that was really my first taste at all!

Claudia made herself comfortable again on my couch, drink in hand, then she moved the conversation to a more serious tone. “I lied to you just a little,” she said. I looked at her inquisitively. “I was feeling low today. I don’t know why. You know, sometimes you just can’t explain it. I felt depressed because of what happened last month, then I felt slutty and even mean after giving it up to Damon. Maybe it’s time to grow up. Do you think less of me?” She waited a second, then hastily added as if she just realized she might offend me: “None of this has to do with kissing you. I feel very relaxed and not guilty at all with you, even doing what we just did.”

“Wow, that’s the first hint of any insecurity I’ve ever seen from you,” I said. “You’re human and not perfect after all.” She nodded. “You’ve said so many nice things to me, building me up as I’ve lost this weight. Give me two minutes to return the favor.”

“Okay,” she sad as I sat next to her. I moved a bit of her long hair out of her face and stowed it behind her ear, then left my hand affectionately on her shoulder.

“One of the things I love about you is that you do everything on your own terms, and you are the best friend I’ve ever had. When you’re ready to, you know, not be such a slut and settle down,” I said and paused for us both to laugh and release the tension, “you will bring the same love and consideration to a man that you have to me, and you will be a great partner. I love that you go after what you want and don’t let anything stop you, putting that great body to use. Plus you are the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen, and there’s bound to be a lot of men that feel the same way.”

She just looked at me for a few seconds. “Thanks,” she said.

“Anyway,” I said, completely changing the subject off the serious stuff, “I want to ask you about something I saw. I love your shaved look. I was thinking about doing that.”

Claudia kissed my hand, still thinking about my earlier sermon, then made the transition to the new discussion. “Most men like it that way now I think. Plus it feels cleaner and more sensitive. Do you have a hairy pussy?” She raised her eyebrows at me, and I knew she was playfully poking fun.

“I’ve never shaved anything other than the bare minimum for a bikini line. I think I’d just feel slutty, even though I know that’s silly. Plus I have really big pussy lips, and I’m self-conscious. Lack of pubes would just make them show more. Or it could just be since I’ve always been so heavy, it’s not like I’ve had to worry about people looking at my hairy bush.”

“Well you won’t have that problem anymore, skinny girl. I think a lot of guys like that more. I mean the large lips,” Claudia said. “Shave it. Don’t hide it.” I laughed, and we continued to talk and have a couple drinks. Claudia eventually asked me some more questions about why I hadn’t had any action lately. I still hadn’t told her about my experience level, or lack thereof. I decided to share my story from the bad date earlier in the year, since that would make it more plausible for why I hadn’t wanted any action lately. Claudia was shocked that a man had tried to sexually assault me, but she loved how it ended so badly for him. “Well that explains a lot,” she concluded. “But now it’s time to start looking for your Mr. Charming.”

“Agreed,” I said, refusing to correct her cute mistake of demoting Prince Charming to Mr. Charming with her sexy Latin accent.

Claudia had arrived a little drunk already then never stopped drinking, so she slept in my bed again. I wanted so bad to hold her and kiss her and see where things led, but I was too chicken. By now I was convinced Claudia was at least a little curious and perhaps attracted to me too, but she made no further move on me. I sensed she might want it, and it was so frustrating. She was very mysterious even to her best friend. It must drive men crazy, I thought with a laugh.

The next weekend was a Christmas party with the entire gym at our BJJ instructor’s house. This was the only social circle we had in common, so it was fun to see her out of the gym or apartment. We were mostly all young and single, so it got loud and obnoxious by midnight. We did a gag gift exchange; the white elephant or whatever it’s called. Then one of the few annoying people in the class made some snide remark to me while I was sitting next to Claudia about us being lesbians. It was a common immature joke given towards women that grapple probably, and it was no secret she and I were close. I barely heard him, but others noticed. Claudia came to my defense with just the right amount of firm hand to put him in his place but not ruin the night for everyone. “Hey, just because she doesn’t have sex with you doesn’t mean she doesn’t like men. I wouldn’t give you the time of day either, Jeff.”

By 1:00, the party was winding down, and Claudia and I were talking privately. “That pissed you off, didn’t it?” I said. “You shouldn’t let that d-bag get to you like that. But thanks for sticking up for me. He’ll probably apologize to us next week anyway when he’s not hammered.”

“Yeah, I know. Let’s get out of here,” she said. We thanked the host and departed. Our training partner’s poor joke was made worse by the fact that Claudia and I did actually arrive and leave together. I took her straight home. It was a shame that we weren’t really attracted to anyone from our gym class or had the right romantic chemistry with any of them. They really were a great group of guys with common interests, so I chalked this up to a statistical anomaly due to the small class size. For Claudia there were more reasons. As a very attractive and promiscuous lady, it was smart to keep her dating, work, and recreational circles separate anyway.

“Want me to walk you up and hang out for a while?” I asked.

“I feel kind of negative, and it’s late. We’re both off Monday, why don’t we hang out tomorrow? I want to hear about your date,” she proposed.

I loved the idea. I was dying to spend time with her. This was Saturday, and we had canceled our ritualistic get together the night before since we both had dates. Mine had gone well, and I wanted to tell her about it. My date and I had made out for 15 minutes in his car before I rejected his further advances at my door, simply because it was too soon to let it get more physical. He had already called twice for a third date. I knew I could possibly lose my virginity before New Year’s to a guy who I had at least had a few conversations with and was quite a good catch it seemed. God only knows what story Claudia had for me.

I put some thought into our visit the next night, even though I wanted it to appear informal. I also had some news from work I had to share with Claudia. It was not good news for us at least, but the situation might help us become closer. I tried to look as good as possible without making it seem like I had tried too hard for a night in. I made sure I had on the right amount of makeup, and I paid attention to my hair and styled it down. I dressed in a great new pair of jeans to go with my slimming body, and I made sure I had a nice top on that showed a little of my assets.

She arrived at about 7PM, and we drank a couple glasses of wine as I finished making a light dinner. When we finished eating and sat on the couch, Claudia discussed her Friday night first. Her date turned out to be a bore. He was six inches shorter than her, which to her credit didn’t stop her from getting to know him. But he blew the night by having a bit of a complex about it she thought, plus he wasn’t that good looking or smart or interesting to begin with. Claudia occasionally took a date from an Internet connection also, and they rarely worked for her. “Just once I want to go on a date with someone whose company I enjoy and who I am as attracted to as much as you,” she said.

“Well, that’s just not going to happen,” I joked. “And thanks.” It was subtle and disguised as a joke, but I did notice the first direct statement she had given me that my attraction for her was at least somewhat reciprocated. Despite all the kissing, she had never said that. I changed the subject to me and explained to her that I had spent a nice evening with Charles on our second date. I told how we had kissed in his car for a long time, but that I put him off for anything else. “He’s the first guy I’ve been out with in a while I might actually want to date steady, so I don’t want to put out early and blow it. But it was hard, because I really want, well, you know.”

“You need to get laid,” Claudia offered.

“It has been a while, yes,” I admitted. A “while” being infinity or in a previous life, I thought to myself. “I hope he doesn’t blow it, because I want to test drive this new body I’ve been working so hard on.”

The conversation lasted for a while as we finished a third glass of wine. After that, we didn’t watch a movie, instead I moved us right to the porn. “So, I found some very unusual stuff. You’re going to love it. It’s cheesy as hell, but I have to admit, it gets me off.” She was excited, so I showed her a unique video and explained the concept. Women started grappling in a tiny swimsuit, and points were awarded not only for controlling your opponent, but also for doing things like forced rubbing of her pussy, rubbing your tits in her face, or whatever. The skimpy outfits always came off after a round or two. After three rounds of eight minutes each, the winner strapped on a dildo, turned into a dominatrix, and fucked the loser. It seemed really, really stupid, but completely awesome too.

We started watching a good match between two beautiful ladies who actually seemed to know what they were doing. “Wow,” Claudia said. “I think we could take them easily, but you can tell they are really actually trying to win, and they know what they are doing. Sort of.”

Soon it was the famed round four, and the winner donned her strap-on and went to work. The brunette with little tits grabbed the curvaceous blonde’s pony tail and let her around for a while, made her bark like a dog and deep throat her dildo, then eventually began fucking her doggie style. A thorough anal session soon followed.

Finally Claudia broke the silence. “I don’t think this is how women have sex.”

“Me either,” I said.

“But I really, really like watching it.”

“Me too.”

We laughed, and I started showing her another match. “I like it a lot, because the women look real. They aren’t as made up as they would be on a porn set. You can tell they work hard, and they are actually exhausted and sweating by the end. Twenty four minutes is a long match,” I said.

“I agree,” Claudia said. “And the women are completely uninhibited. I can see all their imperfections because a wrestling match is so different than scripted sex scenes. There’s a little cellulite here and there, a little pooch in the tummy sometimes, and a jiggly butt. But I can also see the real fitness and muscles on them too. They are so beautiful. And they seem to love doing it, whether they win or lose. How have we not seen or heard about this before? I wonder if the guys at the gym even know about it?”

We were on my tiny couch, our thighs touching. We were sharing a blanket, because I’d deliberately left the heat a little low so we’d have to cuddle. Claudia had her feet on the edge of the couch, her raised knees propping up the blanket. I pulled back the blanket, exposing her.

“What?” she said.

“You were in an interesting position there. I just wanted to see if you were touching yourself.” Claudia was wearing black leggings, and her hand that was not on my knee was indeed between her legs but just relaxed against her thigh and not stroking her crotch. Her leggings were tight, as always. Claudia seemed to abhor any fabric that didn’t cling tightly to her flesh and squeeze out all empty space, allowing her form to show through completely.

“No, but I want to right now while seeing this!”

“I have to admit, I am kind of rubbing my inner thighs together thinking about it myself,” I said and giggled.

“Do you think they are all lesbians?” Claudia asked.

“Some,” I said. “But they do straight porn too, and some don’t do other porn at all. I read a little bit about it, and I think they are mostly straight woman that maybe are a little bi or just think it’s fun to appreciate and enjoy a beautiful woman.” I had no idea if that was true, and I felt bad for a second thinking about how I had just so casually labeled people. I just wanted us both to feel that two women making love was quite normal.

“I think that’s it. I’ve had sex with a lot of men, but I’d sure like to dominate a woman like that once. I’m kinky as hell and would try anything. I’m secure in my femininity. If anyone judged me, you know where they could go,” she said.

“I think I would try it, but only if nobody else knew.”

“Yeah I agree on the last point. I just act tough like I don’t care what people think.”

“I rate these videos as a ten. It’s an easy sell for us, since we grapple for fun,” I said, leaving out the little detail that not only did I grapple for fun, I also wanted to make love to a certain woman sitting next to me.

“I’ll second that. I think that’s our first perfect score.” We liked to joke around about porn, so one of the things we did was always give our evaluation for how fun it was to view.

“You might lose if you did it, you know. Some of those girls look tough,” I said. Claudia just smiled and shrugged her shoulders. I was very happy with the way the conversation was going. I didn’t want to delay the bad news I had though, and I hoped it might even bring us closer together before I had to say goodbye. “Can I get you another?” She nodded. It appeared she would be staying over again.

“I need to talk serious for a minute,” I told her as I sat down. “I have some bad news. I mean it’s good, but bad too.” I cupped her cheek affectionately and leaned in for a lingering peck on the lips before continuing. She was puzzled for sure. I went on to tell her that I had a promotion, but they wanted me relocated to Baltimore after the New Year. I was moving right after the holiday break. She paused for a second as she thought of the implications, and no doubt she came to the same conclusion as me. It was a two to three hour drive with the potential for horrendous traffic up I-95. Friday night hangouts were over, and I wouldn’t see her in the gym almost every day either.

Claudia congratulated me and held me close, but it was a sad moment. I was moved, because I could see her eyes sparkle a little as she fought back tears. That emotion triggered the same response in me. I had never had a friend this close, and now I had to leave her.

“I do have some good news to share though,” I said.

“Thank God, I’m struggling here,” Claudia replied. “But I’m so happy for your promotion. You work so hard, you definitely deserve it.”

I was playing with her hair now, and I moved the other hand to her knee and smiled. I had been working out and dieting hard over the past few weeks with the holidays approaching, and I had finally made it. “This morning for the first time, I hit my target weight on the scale. I finally made it.”

“That’s great! I don’t see how you could look more beautiful, and I’m very proud of you.” A minute went by as we thought about the news I had shared and absentmindedly watched the match on the screen. “Maybe you can start showing off that figure that you’ve been hiding behind baggy clothes,” she added, clearly teasing me. “Those new jeans are a good start.”

I had to laugh. “My clothes are always about three weeks behind my diet, that’s why. But, seriously, I was hoping to get more specific feedback from you to identify any lingering trouble areas I needed to work on.”

“I’m always here for you with an honest opinion,” she said. Hoping I was correct, I translated that to mean she wouldn’t mind a closer inspection of my body.

“I’m not used to jeans this tight anyway, so I think I’ll take them off,” I said as I stood. Claudia had seen me in panties briefly before by now, and I had seen her many times. But this time it was different. I was asking her to look at my body, and I would attempt to see if there was any desire in her eyes. I slowly stepped out of my pants, then took off my top, revealing my best set of underwear. The bra was purchased recently, so the fit was good, and it it made my enormous cleavage pop out really nicely while still supporting me well. The panties weren’t a thong, but they were tiny and had a nice fit. I wasn’t leaving much to the imagination. I felt great. I had really come a long way, but at the same time I was vulnerable. I hated to admit it, but one negative comment from Claudia would tear down a lot of my new-found, fragile self-esteem. Fortunately my best friend was not going to disappoint.

I was standing close to the couch, and Claudia ran her hand over my tummy. “Wow, you really have made tons of progress. No muffin top left, no belly, just perfect curves. Even your belly button looks cute now. You’re beautiful, but I hope you know that I’ve always thought that anyway.”

“Thanks. Do you think I should keep trying to trim down? I don’t have your defined abs so much yet.”

“No. Your belly is flat when you have good posture, and I can actually see good definition there already.” I loved her for saying it. All I could think about was that I hoped she didn’t stop talking. “Turn,” she commanded. “I want to see your butt.” I turned away from her and looked over my shoulder at her. I had been looking at my ass every day as I lost weight, and I absolutely loved it now. She seemed to agree, and I was thrilled to hear it. “That’s an awesome tush, girl.” I clenched up a bit and giggled as she affectionately gripped my left cheek. “Nice muscle tone, feminine but not too much extra in the trunk. You have a great hourglass shape now.”

I turned back and faced her. “I’m so glad you like it,” I said. In addition to the jiu-jitsu, I lifted weights in my company’s smaller gym twice a week. I didn’t stay long, but I never skipped my heavy squats or deadlifts. I don’t know why in the world I was always the only girl doing these exercises instead of running on a treadmill. After the fat melted off, the payoff from the hard work was clear. I had a great ass, but there had been no easy button to get there.

“I do like it,” she added, just looking into my eyes. A few seconds went by as I smiled. “But I always did. Seriously, you’ve never had to change to impress me. But you do get better looking every day, and your confidence is growing just like your smile.” There was a moment of silence as I just enjoyed standing there having her look at me. “Every guy that sees you must be trying to fuck you now.” I laughed and shook my head no. “Yeah, right. When was the last time you went on a date and didn’t hear from the guy again?”

“It’s been a while. I admit it was different before.”

“And don’t you get about a zillion more emails from Match?”

“No, actually. But I haven’t changed my pictures or my stats in forever. I still confess to having a few extra pounds in my profile.”

“Not anymore,” Claudia said. “There is something about you that I don’t like though.” I gave her a questioning look. “You still have an amazing rack. You’ve gotta be a double D at least. I mean I’m not good at guessing sizes higher than mine, so who knows. Did they shrink at all?”

“Very little. You don’t like?”

“No I love them. I’m just jealous. You don’t deserve those.”

“Good. I like it when you’re a little jealous,” I said. “You don’t want these anyway. They are so heavy, they just drag me down.” I tried to keep a straight face for a few seconds, then gave up the lie. “I love them, I admit it,” I confessed.

She gave me that look like it was a pathetic attempt at a lie, then she stood next to me. Her hand pressed against the bottom of the bra’s cup on my left breast. She lifted slightly, feeling the weight in her hand and triggering a slight jiggle of the overflowing tissue outside the bra. “I’ll bet if we unhook this bra, those puppies will sag to the floor, or they’ll stay exactly the same because they’re fake.” I shook my head no. This was the kind of teasing only friends this close could get away with. “Don’t you at least have some nasty stretch marks to deal with now?”

“No, I’ve been blessed,” I said.

“Take it off. I want to see them,” she said.

“No, I don’t think so.”

“Come on, you’ve seen my creampied pussy. I think you owe me.”

“I want to keep some mystery,” I said.

Claudia changed moods in an instant. Her arms circled my waist, and her eyes met mine as she averted her gaze from my chest. “I’m so sad you’re leaving.” She leaned in and gave me quick peck on the lips. Her right eye was a little misty again. I smiled. She gave me another quick kiss and pulled back. I knew what she was doing. The harmless pecks were designed to see if I wanted more. This time I leaned in a little to meet her halfway, and she had her answer. Our kiss started with our mouths pressed together lightly, then her arms up went around my head as I reached around her waist and pulled her tight. I pressed into her harder, sliding my tongue into her open mouth. She sucked on it gently, then her tongue entered my mouth and gently explored for a while. Then the two tongues met in the middle and began a slow dance around each other as we moaned softly and stood pressed together in my tiny apartment living room.

Claudia and I had kissed before, even with tongue. But it was never like this. This kiss told us beyond doubt without saying a word that we both wanted to be lovers. I could tell by her soft moans and the way she pressed her whole body against me that she wanted more. I had never felt this rare combination of both intense desire and comfort in someone’s arms before. When our kiss finally broke off, I noticed that an entire round of the match had expired. That put the kiss at almost eight minutes long, and it ended too soon for my tastes. I pressed my cheek hard against hers, not wanting to be separated. I enjoyed her breath on my neck and the feel of her breasts against mine behind her clothes. One of my hands went from her waist a little lower to rub her butt gently. “Would you ever let yourself make love to a woman?” I whispered in her ear, finally asking the question that had been on my mind for months. We were alone, but I just felt weird saying it in a normal tone of voice. My heart was racing.

“No,” she whispered back, her hot breath stimulating my sensitive ear. She waited just long enough to worry me before continuing. “Only with you.” I knew she wasn’t implying that I was not a woman, but that I was the only woman she would do it with, and the only one she wanted to do it with. The thought sent goose bumps all over my flesh where she was breathing, and a warm feeling grew between my legs.

“Unfortunately, it’s a bad night for me,” I said and switched to a sheepish grin and pulled back to look at her. I was near the end of my period. “But it’s never a bad night to tell someone you want them, right?” I hastily added. Maybe we could have done more anyway. But I had a plan, and it wasn’t for tonight.

“It’s a bad night for me too,” she said, then we both laughed. “Good lord, are our cycles really in synch? So which one of us is the dominant one that made the other’s timing change?” I turned and looked at the big screen. It was round four, and one of the ladies was plowing the other doggie style, her demeanor clearly indicating her dominance. We laughed and slowly released our tight grips on each other.

“Whew!” I said, fanning my red face with my hand. Fair skin made me a dead giveaway for my emotional state. “It feels a lot warmer in here.”

“So, let’s talk about you turning 24,” she said. It sounded like a change of subject, but I knew she was thinking the same thing as me, perhaps how to tie all this together. “Are you planning anything special, you know with your church group or with one of those guys you are dating?”

“For sure I’m putting off dates until after Christmas. I might try to plan something for New Year’s, especially since you won’t be here.” Claudia was flying to Cancun to meet her sister for the New Year. “My church group planned something on Saturday for those of us staying in town to celebrate December birthdays, of which I am one. You know, me and Jesus,” I said. “If you wanted to toast my old age, our usual Friday night be the best time. That’s the 28th, which just happens to be on my birthday.” Actually, it was perfect. Claudia would leave the next afternoon, then I’d be in the moving process by the time she returned. It was terribly sad, but at the same time it made it more likely that she would push her boundaries with me.

“I can’t think of anywhere I’d rather be than with you on your birthday. Can I take you out dancing again like we did that one time a while back? Men love Latinas doing Country and Western,” she said. Indeed that had been a great night worth repeating.

“I think I have a better idea,” I said, trying to seem as confident as possible. It was time to lay my cards on the table. “But you can’t laugh at me, because it’s a crazy idea. And if you don’t think the idea is incredibly brilliant like I do, then we won’t do it.”

“Ooh, if you’re that excited, then I know I will be, too. You’re the birthday girl. I am at your disposal. No laughs, I promise.”

“And if you don’t want to do it, it’s going to make me feel embarrassed for even bringing it up, so you have to promise not to tell anyone or ever talk about it again.”

“Now I am curious for sure. Okay, I promise.”

“Do you have the key to the gym still?” Our gym was in a large warehouse-like facility. It had a very open feel, but there were no windows, only an access door and an emergency exit. On Friday, we’d have total privacy, and Claudia had the key since she ran an impromptu ladies open mat sometimes.

“Uh huh,” she said. I smiled slyly and turned to nod at the TV. As if I had planned the timing with the ladies on the video, they were done fucking now and were standing with their arms around each other being interviewed about what a great time they had. What a great time we will have, I thought, no matter who wins.

“Top secret. Just us and nobody else will be there or ever know it happened. I want to do that. With you.” I looked into her eyes now, waiting for the response. She let a few seconds go by as she processed the shocking suggestion and I waited tensely in limbo. Then she busted out laughing, doing exactly what she promised she wouldn’t do.

“Oh my God, Amy!” she said. “Are you serious?” I nodded. “That’s the best idea I’ve ever heard! I accept your challenge.”

I was relieved, and our positive energy fed on each other. I couldn’t believe this might actually happen. “We have to discuss rules, because some changes will be needed,” I said. “And I don’t know about you, but I don’t own a strap-on. So we’ll have to get one.”

“I have one. It’ll do great for this.”

“What? Really? I thought you’ve never been with a woman before?” Suddenly I was sad. I thought this was the one new experience I could give her.

“I haven’t. Who said I was using it on a woman? One of my boyfriends was a little kinky.” Perfect, I thought. She had never been with a woman, but our biggest logistical hurdle was handled. She was adorable when she shrugged her shoulders, acting like it was perfectly normal for her to fuck a boy in the ass. “I’m pretty skilled with one, and I’m going to love fucking you with it,” she added. She suddenly reached out and playfully pulled the front of my panties out and let it snap back. I could see my fiery red bush out of the corner of my eye. I had left the maximum amount of hair when I had last shaved my bikini line. I was suddenly embarrassed, and even though Claudia was looking in my eyes, she might have noticed. “Ooh. The carpet matches,” she said. Yep, she’d noticed.

“What makes you think you’re going to win? You know the odds are stacked against you,” I said.

“We’ll see,” she said. “So when we do this, it’s going to be legit, right? I know if I win, I’m going to treat you like the naughty little whore you are and boss you around.”

“Same here. I think the points system is kind of hard to understand, though, and we won’t have a ref obviously, so we have to make changes. I think you know where I’m going with this.”

“Submission only?” I nodded. “Perfect.” We would continue the match until someone tapped out. “No excuses, and no complaining.”

“Yep. It’s more pure,” I said. “And we won’t need a ref.”

Claudia and I talked about it until bedtime. I hoped the act itself was as fun as the anticipation. She was too tipsy to drive that night, so I had the pleasure of her company next to me in bed all night. Nothing happened, because we were both content to let the sexual tension build all week leading up to the main event.

I flew home the next day and came back on the 27th, the day before our date. Claudia pretty much made my Christmas, because I was overjoyed over the entire break. My family thought it was due to the weight loss and promotion, which ironically was not it at all. But I did have a great break. My brother’s girlfriend wasn’t too annoying this year, and my mom and dad were civil to each other and had been living together again for almost two years now. But I put all that behind me as I got on the plane to come back to Virginia. I had been masturbating heavily for the past two weeks: at least once a day, sometimes more. I stopped on Christmas Day to let my hormones build up until the match.

I was busy with family over that week, so I didn’t go on any dates. I took a call on Christmas from the man I had been on two dates with, Charles. Three other men I’d been out with once tried to get me on the phone, but I screened them. I was going to have to get used to being in demand. Not answering calls seemed disrespectful, but I knew I had to play it this way. I told Charles I needed to focus on family for Christmas, but I made a New Year’s Eve date with him, which would be a few days after my date with Claudia.

On Thursday night, back in my apartment with some privacy, I shaved my pussy for the first time in my life, or at least the part that the bikini hides. I was surprised at how easy the decision was. I knew I was behind the times. Claudia probably wouldn’t care, but still, I would be embarrassed if she had to wade through this bush to get to the pink parts. I tried to make the experience memorable as I sat on a towel over a pillow in my living room in front of an angled full length mirror. Porn played on the television. I had purchased a cheap pair of clippers, and I began by mowing down the entire bush to under a quarter inch. I took a long shower, then I came back to the mirror with a razor and shaved everything except a small triangle above my clitoral hood. There was enough space for someone to suck on my clit and stay clear of any bush, but I still had enough fuzz above it to show what I thought was sexy, natural red hair. I raised my legs high and shaved the red fuzz around my butthole too.

I cleaned off the shaving cream and came back fresh and clean with a new towel and looked at myself in the mirror for a while. I had been self-conscious of my pussy lips before, but now I could really see them well for the first time in my life. I thought they were perfect and gorgeous. Since I was on the tall side at 5’10”, I didn’t have a small pussy. The crack was tall, enveloped by lips that were larger in proportion to the pussy anyway and jutted out about an inch. I ran my finger through them and peeled them back, and they reached across much of my outer labia when fully extended. I admired myself in the mirror. The light pink flesh was glistening in the light. I was already aroused from all the attention I had paid myself.

In addition to the bush being gone, with my new, slender figure, I could see much better over my flat tummy. I had improved my flexibility from grappling and was surprised at how wide and open I could spread my legs, exposing my pussy even more for inspection. My hand pressed lightly against the lips, and I could easily feel the difference. Already the cool air against newly exposed, hairless flesh was turning me on. Now I really felt the increased sensitivity as my hand rested unimpeded against my vulva, the dangling fingers anxious to play. I gently inserted the middle finger, pressing deep inside, enjoying the feel of the palm of my hand resting against bare skin. It felt incredible. Despite the large size of my crack, the hole itself was tiny. My single digit felt cramped as always inside my unused vagina, which gripped it tightly as I smiled in pleasure. I pulled my finger out and tasted my juices for the first time. I couldn’t really taste anything, which I suppose was a good thing. I briefly remembered tasting Claudia and her lover like this, and I shuddered with excitement at the thought.

I reached into the shoebox strategically placed next to me and pulled out a bottle of Astroglide. I dribbled it on my pussy lips and reinserted my finger, noticing the improvement in ease of insertion despite how naturally wet I already was. I alternated between flowing the finger in and out of the hole and rubbing my clit, and soon I was approaching orgasm. I could climax in a variety of positions, but my favorite was on my belly with my legs closed tight. I knew I was less than thirty seconds away if I rolled over. But I wanted to drag this one out.

I pulled my Rabbit vibrator out of the box. I had purchased this about four months before, grateful for the covert online shopping experience that modern society afforded. As I lost weight and my libido increased, I was determined to expand my sexual boundaries a bit since I wasn’t getting laid. The shaft was thick, at least as big as the average penis. It could vibrate or twirl slightly to get someone off as it slid in and out. The base had a small tickler sticking out of it, designed to vibrate intensely against my clit as I inserted the dildo. The tickler worked really well, and I had used it many times to get off just pressing it against myself, but I had never inserted the actual shaft. I wasn’t too concerned about giving up the physical signs of my virginity with solo play, and I didn’t think that stuff really mattered. But I still had been hesitant, knowing once I did it, it was gone forever. Screw the feminists, some things matter whether they should or not.

But I planned on going through with it tonight in case I lost the match the next day. I didn’t want Claudia to see me as a virgin. I was worried I would bleed messily on the mat or it would hurt so much I wouldn’t enjoy it. Plus, my inexperience embarrassed me. I wanted Claudia to feel like she was having sex with a woman in her twenties that was on her level, not a young teenager.

I nervously brought the tip to my pussy. My ample lips were already peeled back, and I felt the vibrations flood my entire vulva. It was heavenly, both the pleasures of the moment and the anticipation of insertion. I had waited a long time to try this. I could see everything in the mirror, and it was a huge turn on. My pussy released more and more of its own lubrication as I rested the dildo on the outside. The cute lips curled and bent to the side around the tip of the large shaft. I could see my body sweating slightly and my face flushed with excitement.

I imagined it was Claudia there, perched at my entrance and preparing to drive forward and deflower me. Or maybe my recent date Charles, whose firm erection seemed very willing when I felt it against my crotch while making out. He would look me lovingly in the eyes while he thrust into me, tearing me and making me a woman, then he would cool me off with a gushing flood of his thick cum. The thought almost made me climax right then, and I felt a huge desire to plunge the dildo inside my hungry pussy. I didn’t know if I had an intact hymen or anything like that, I just knew I was tight around one finger and there might be some tearing to accommodate the fake penis. So I joined a second hand at the base and prepared to thrust forcefully inside and get it over with. I could feel the tension already inside me from the pressure, and a small burning had begun at my entrance.

But I stopped and didn’t go through with it. I realized as I lay there that if anyone would think it was cool I was a virgin, it was my best friend, and that I should give her more credit. The memory of our night together would be unforgettable if I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect if I lost the match and everything was a new experience. I should trust her to ensure I had a great time, even if she was brutally dominating me when she took my virginity. Plus by stopping now even without an orgasm let alone penetration to finish the session, I would be dying to fuck Claudia that much more by tomorrow night, aching for release. I set the dildo on the towel and slapped the carpet hard in frustration, then laughed at myself.

At that moment, my stupid iPhone’s text alarm chimed. I got up, wondering if it was Claudia thinking about me. She wasn’t much of a texter, but it was her nevertheless. “can’t wait to fuck you @9PM. don’t be late OR early,” it said.

We had talked a couple times on the phone over the past week, once at Christmas and once that morning to tell her I had gotten home okay. But we never discussed the date. The girly trash talking commenced via text messaging.

I implied I would win: “Don’t forget my penis – I will need it”.

Her: “I’ll let you kiss me anywhere.”

Me: “Good. I want to kiss you everywhere, and fist you.” I couldn’t really think of anything else to say quickly.

Her: “You should take an enema. I might give you anal.”

Me: “You’re not getting my ass… it’s for special occasions only.”

Her: “I can’t wait to see you.”

Sensing the war of words was ending, me: “You mean the world to me. Remember that when I dominate you.”

Author’s note: if you’re still with me, thanks. I hope you enjoyed it so far, and please let me know who you want to win! I am almost done with part 2, but I can adjust fire if needed.

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