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What a Holiday!

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I’m a 38-year old mother of two children, aged 11 and 6. In 16 years of marriage I had never had an extramarital relationship. But that all changed when I went on holiday to Tenerife a couple of months ago.

It’s not that I haven’t had opportunities over the years. I’m medium height with short curly black hair and a pleasant enough face, nicely shaped larger than average boobs and good legs.

I’m not fat, but I suppose you could say I’m carrying a few extra pounds, with a plump tummy which has never really sprung back from having two kids and quite a big bum. I work as a supervisor in a busy supermarket in Manchester, and I’ve had the odd offer from men, but it had never really occurred to me to accept any of them. I do love my husband, Tony, but — and I’d never really thought about this before — he is quite a selfish lover. We basically do it when he wants to, it lasts until he’s satisfied then he rolls over and goes to sleep, and his idea of ‘foreplay’ is having a round of golf with three of his friends. He’s also a devoted birdwatcher — twitchers they’re called — so he’s often away from home at weekends, leaving me to my own devices.

Anyway, I’d been looking forward to this holiday. Due to one thing and another we hadn’t been abroad for a couple of years, and I was really excited. I knew part of the reason we were going to Tenerife was so that Tony could clear off into the hills to stare at birds — the feathered variety — but I didn’t care. I was just going to hand the kids over every day to the tour operator’s youth camp, strap my brand new bikini on, and lounge by the pool soaking up the sun for a week.

In fact Tony did stay with me for the first day, sitting on a sun-lounger and reading a book, trying not to get too bored and looking at his watch every ten minutes — literally twitching. There were a couple of young lads messing about around the pool edge, clearly twins, tall and gangly, slim, with white-blond hair and hairless chests. At one point they bounced a beach ball near us and, as they ran past guffawing, Tony looked up from his book and muttered “Honestly, look at those little pricks.” Funnily enough, I had just been thinking that, judging by the bulges in their brief swimming trunks, they were anything but ‘little’ pricks!

After that first day, as I expected, Tony went off every day to pursue his hobby, having met up with a couple of single blokes who were staying in the hotel for the same reason. Naturally there were a lot of women around the pool, all of them seemingly younger and far more gorgeous than me, and the boys didn’t even notice me; why would they? It was incredibly hot in Tenerife that week and I was happy just to doze and tan, going for an occasional swim or a sweaty, tiring stroll in town. One particularly hot afternoon I lay on my front on my lounger, my bikini strap undone and the pants rolled halfway done my pale bum to get a decent tan. I fell asleep, and when I awoke the first thing I saw was one of the blond twins sitting on the lounger next to mine, staring at me. I came fully awake with a bit of a start and, involuntarily, lifted up a bit, possibly giving him a quick flash of nipple. As I eased myself down again I heard him mutter into the mobile ‘phone he was holding “Hey, Johnny, great MILF by the pool.”

I thought nothing of it at the time, having no idea what the term ‘MILF’ meant. If I had thought about it I would probably have imagined it was a variation on the ever-changing teenage slang that I heard the kids I worked with using. I sort of went back to sleep, but again I woke with a start, and a yelp, as a freezing cold liquid splashed onto my scorching back. With the shock of it I leapt fully up, to see both of the twins sitting on their lounger grinning at me like Cheshire cats. Before I had time to scrabble for my bikini bra they got a clear view of my naked tits. One of them said, without the slightest hint of apology in his tone, “Sorry about that Missus, Jimmy spilt his beer.” I thought they were cheeky little sods but, having been woken, I firmly buckled my bikini bra, lay on my back, and started to get into casual conversation with them. They were 18-year olds from Bristol, on their first holiday without their parents and their brat kid sister. As we got more familiar with each other I asked them what MILF meant. They fell about cackling with laughter, then Jimmy (I think!) said, “Don’t worry about it Janice, it’s just an Internet word.”

After dinner that evening I spent a couple of Euros searching the Internet to satisfy my curiosity. I quickly found lots of websites which used the term MILF, all of them with very explicit sexual content. That immediately made me wonder about the twins, but it took me a while to find a site which actually told me what MILF stood for: Mothers I’d Like To Fu…good grief, surely those attractive teenage lads couldn’t have meant me. With all the pretty young girls around the hotel and the resort, why would they be interested in having it away with a married woman old enough to be their mother? I had to admit though, I found the idea quite intriguing. After all, I’d only ever had sex with one other boy before I met Tony, and what middle-aged woman doesn’t have the odd fantasy about a virile young toy boy?

I didn’t see the lads again until the next afternoon, as they slept in late. I gave them a friendly wave across the pool when they showed up and they made a bee-line for me. I still had most of the bottle of the sparkling wine left that I’d had my lunch with, and it seemed only polite to offer them some. Well, we got chatting, and I commented about all the pretty young girls around the pool, and how jealous I was of them. The lads shook their heads, and one of them said “I don’t like skinny women. I’d much rather have a nice experienced woman like you any day, with a bit of body to get hold of.” I felt myself blush scarlet, but I knew I was giggling like a schoolgirl. Then the boys suggested we go for a dip in the pool. I half-protested, but they each grabbed one of my hands and pulled me up and, all three of us laughing hysterically, they more or less chucked me in, then jumped in after me. We sort of got into play wrestling, then I felt a slim hand slide down inside my bikini pants and cup one of my bum cheeks, just for a moment. We all carried on giggling and I pretended nothing had happened, then they finally helped me out onto the poolside.

I fell back onto a lounger, gasping for breath with the laughter and the exertions in the pool. I also felt very relaxed and quite flushed, what with the hot sun and the fizzy wine. One of the boys lay on the lounger right next to mine, and the next thing I knew he was snogging me wildly, with his tongue halfway down my throat and his hand right inside my bikini bra, his fingers tweaking my nipple. I honestly hadn’t meant to allow things to go that far; well, not that quickly, anyway. It sort of sobered me up a bit. I pushed him off me and slumped back, feeling slightly dazed. The kid — I think it was Jimmy, he was the more cocky one — leant over me and murmured, “Why don’t you come up to our room for half an hour Janice? We both want to shag the arse off you.”

I shook my head blearily and whispered something like, “I don’t know…I’m not sure…” Here was I, a happily married woman with two lovely kids, and two teenage boys I barely knew were telling me they wanted to fuck me. I should have told them to bugger off and leave me alone; instead I was saying I wasn’t sure! That’s how far gone I was. Jimmy and Johnny more or less made my mind up for me. They exchanged a glance then pulled me to my feet and, one holding each arm, lead me gently but firmly towards the lift up to the bedrooms. To any onlooker who had taken notice they would probably have looked like two coppers arresting a suspect! They didn’t even give me chance to get my rubber flip-flop sandals on. The moment we got in the lift Jimmy was all over me, kissing me again, his hand down the back of my pants and a finger stroking my bum crack, while Johnny stood back and watched with eyes like saucers. Despite myself, despite a tiny part of my brain shouting at me to get my sanity back, I couldn’t help kissing him back, gnawing at his mouth while my own hand slipped down the front of his trunks and wrapped itself firmly around a big erect cock.

Still locked onto each other, kissing and laughing at the same time, we stumbled the few yards out of the lift to their hotel room and fell inside, where they immediately lowered me onto the bed. I semi-sobered up again as, almost like synchronised swimmers, they dropped their trunks and stood before me. I found myself staring at two identical young, slim, muscular blonde men, both over six feet tall, with thick six-inch cocks standing out rigid from their wispy pubes. Mesmerised by the sight, I felt incapable of any rational thoughts as I sat up and, still gazing at those twitching dicks, reached behind me and undid my bikini bra, dropping it on the floor beside the bed. One of the lads breathed “Christ!” and then they advanced, one on each side of the bed, on each side of me.

It hadn’t occurred to me to begin to imagine what it would be like to have two men make love to me at once. It was the most intensely erotic experience of my life, and there were times when I thought my heart would burst with the sheer excitement of it. As one of the boys kissed me on the lips, our tongues delving deep into the other’s mouth, the other brother would nuzzle one of my ears and my throat; then they would switch roles. Hands squeezed and stroked both my boobs, my big brown nipples straining fit to explode, then one of the hands spider-walked its way down my belly and fingers twirled in my thick thatch of black pubic hair. When they both started sucking my tits I could barely catch my breath I was gasping so much. Two blond heads on my chest as two pairs of lips simultaneously closed over a breast, two tongues tweaked my nips, two sets of sharp little teeth gently bit and grazed them. I knew I was moaning so loudly I could be heard halfway down the corridor, but at that moment I couldn’t have stopped if my six-year old daughter had walked in on us, holding my husband’s hand. There were now two sets of fingers in my bikini pants, each tickling the crease where my legs met my torso, making me squirm with pleasure.

After a few minutes, just as I felt my swelling tits couldn’t take any more, the lads moved down my body, pushing the pants down as far as my knees. Without a moment’s hesitation I bucked and kicked them off. The only thing I wanted in the whole world right then was to get one of those big blond pricks inside me, fucking me senseless. But Jimmy and Johnny continued to tease me. One of them attached his mouth to my tummy, just above my pubes, licking my sensitive flesh there and reaming my belly button with his tongue; at the same time his brother licked and nibble my inner thighs, inches from my pussy. Four hands roamed all over my body, stroking, tickling, tweaking and scratching. I could feel my thighs spreading wide until they would go no further, and my bum rising off the bed, desperate to get someone inside me. I was whining like a little dog, totally humiliating myself on the hands and tongues of these cocky teenagers — and I didn’t give a shit, I wanted so badly to be fucked.

Finally, just as it felt as if my cunt was turning inside out in its desperation to be filled, one of the lads slipped his body below mine and between them they manoeuvred me into position, facing him. I actually screamed with relief as he eased his big cock inside me. He gasped to his brother, “Christ, this has been well fucked in its time”, then teased me, sliding just the tip in and out of me until I bellowed again, when he drove into me right to the hilt. I started pistoning my thighs up and down, sinking as deeply onto him as I could with each stroke as his blond pubes mingled with my black ones. I suppose I had just thought that the other brother would wait his turn; but after a few strokes they stopped me moving, I felt something rub against my backside — and a moment later I felt a sharp, painful pressure as another big prick slammed into my rectum.

The one above me held me by the hips while the one beneath massaged my tits as he screwed me. I couldn’t quite believe what was happening: I was being fucked up the cunt and the arse at exactly the same time. I’m not sure if I would have believed it was physically possible, and I’d certainly never been arse-fucked before — the very idea would have revolted me. But as one of them hammered into my big sloppy pussy, and the other hammered into my tight puckered virgin bum, the most incredible heat started to build up in my belly and chest and the feeling of both of them screwing me was incredibly, unbelievably, sexy. The boy underneath me came first, I felt him shoot into my pussy and ease back on the bed, stirring his prick inside me in small circles. I followed quite quickly, with a blood-curdling scream that must have been heard at the pool 12 floors below. As I collapsed onto the first boy, the second kept pumping into my arse, and finally he gave a loud groan as he shot his load up my anal passage, and slumped onto the other two of us.

What an afternoon that was. Before it was out they had both had me in both orifices, and in my mouth, and one of them had given my cunt a good tonguing as well. He was quite skilled at it, and as he sucked and nibbled on my clitty I bucked like a live wire, almost throwing the poor bugger off the bed! After that, the pattern of my week was firmly established: morning soaking up the sun by the pool; afternoon in Jimmy and Johnny’s room, stroking, licking, sucking and fucking them in every way we could think of between us; and in bed at night sleeping the sleep of the dead. On our last full day I even went into town and bought a little toy at a sex shop; we had the most incredible afternoon, with me fucking Johnny with a strap-on dildo as Jimmy fucked me. I had more sex in those few days than I had had in the last two years of my marriage.

The lads and I didn’t exchange addresses or anything, and I don’t suppose I’ll ever run into them again; but that week did have one lasting effect on me. After 16 years of being a good girl I’ve suddenly become addicted to naughty extramarital sex, ideally with two blokes at once. Only last week I had it away with two hunky young builders who are working on a patio next door, although they weren’t as imaginative as the Bristol lads. I’ve also got my eyes on a couple of young students across the road. I’ve made sure they’ve ‘accidentally’ seen me naked at my bedroom window a couple of times recently, and one of them went out of his way to have a casual chat with me yesterday, so you never know. Tony, my husband, has noticed a change too. He says we need to have more foreign holidays, as it seems to have completely rejuvenated me. He has no idea — fortunately!

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