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Queen of the Ball

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Katie kept looking at herself in the mirror, she couldn’t quite believe what she was wearing. When James had told her that they were going out to buy her an outfit for the New Year’s Ball, she hadn’t expected anything like this. In the ten months that they had been together they had been to several of the monthly D/s parties held in San Francisco. As a Master, his attire was always formal, I.E.

black tie and coat, but as his sub she wore whatever he wanted her to. Of course, being a sub, her attire always included a collar with her Master’s name on it, as well as wrist cuffs. So far, she had gone to parties wearing as much as a robe that covered her from the top of her head to her feet, (which ended up completely open by the end of the night); to as little as her Halloween costume where she had gone as a tiger, wearing just body paint.

In this case James had taken her to the nicest store in town and literally dressed her from the skin out. He had started with black silk (not nylon!) stockings, and a black lace garter belt. Then to her surprise, a pair of white French cut silk panties. Normally she was never allowed to wear panties, unless, of course he had a reason. It took quite a while to decide on the rest of her outfit, but he finally picked out a floor length strapless black dress. The bodice had slender, almost invisible stays, which held up the dress and molded it to her body, and the front was cut into a deep “V” to show off most of the insides of her breasts. One side of the slightly flared skirt was slit most of the way up her thigh. On the front of the dress, starting from her crotch and fanning up and out was a burst of silver and diamond-like sparkles. The whole thing was topped off with a short-waisted jacket, also black, as were the low-heeled pumps he had selected to complete her outfit.

As Katie studied her reflection, she appreciated the other accessories James had chosen. Tonight she was wearing her stainless steel collar. The highly polished metal offset the black of the dress and complemented the sparkles on it. Her cuffs for tonight were also stainless steel but looked like ordinary bracelets. You had to look closely at them to see that they were locked around her wrists and not about to slip off.

She had carefully applied makeup and her hair was pulled up and back so her collar showed to it’s best advantage. Looking in the mirror one last time she noticed James standing behind her looking too. “Beautiful. That is the perfect outfit for tonight. You couldn’t look prettier.”

Katie spun around once for his inspection, then stepped close to him. Putting her arms around his waist, she snuggled against him and gave him a tight hug. “If anyone had told me that I would ever wear anything as nice as this I would have told them that they were crazy! Thank you so much sweetheart!”

James gave her a long close hug before stepping back and giving her a swat on the ass. “Come wench, or we shall be late for the ball. Your coach awaits.”

It was a beautiful night to be driving to the city: Cold but cloudless, and a full moon to light their way along the highway. The drive to San Francisco was a good two hours, and after exiting the highway it was another fifteen minutes before they reached the party site. James carefully threaded his way though the narrow streets of the SOMA district to what looked like nothing more than an old warehouse. Pulling up into the driveway, James stopped in front of a large roll-up door. Getting out of the car he walked up to and knocked on a smaller door set to the side. A small panel opened and James showed their invitation. The panel snapped shut, and as James got back into the car, the large door started moving up. Driving into the building, James parked the car. He got out and walked around to the trunk where he removed a few things that Katie couldn’t see. Then he rounded the car to open her door.

As Katie moved to get out he stopped her. “I need your feet first, pet.” When she swung her feet out of the car towards him, she found out what one of the items from the trunk was. James pushed her dress up out of the way and fastened a narrow padded leather cuff around each ankle. A chain, about three feet long, connected the two cuffs together. She realized then that she was to be hobbled this night. Helping her from the car, he spoke again, “Hold your hands out.” As she complied, she looked down to see him attach a short length of chain between her wrist cuffs. As a final touch James clipped a stainless steel lead chain to her collar. “You are dressed so finely that we can’t have you mistaken for a Domme tonight.”

She followed a short way behind him as he held her leash lightly in his hand and led her to the admission table where two members of the guiding body of the group sat. James again produced his invitation and handed it to them. Even though the man behind the table knew James well, he still followed the procedure.

“Names!” he snapped out.

“James and Katie Wilson, Orangevale,” James replied.


“Me, nineteen ninety three, her two thousand one.” The woman who was also behind the table looked quickly at her records then nodded.

With a smile the man looked up at both of them and spoke again. “Great that you could make it tonight James, Katie.” Then looking mostly at Katie he continued, “I’m sure that this will be a very interesting night for you.”

As they walked to the freight elevator behind the admission table, Katie leaned close to James and questioned in a whisper, “What did he mean by that?”

Lifting the gate to the elevator, James just smiled and replied, “Don’t worry about it. You’ll find out.”

When the elevator rose to the third floor of the building, the noise of the party washed over the couple. The crowd was larger than Katie ever had seen here, but the building was so big that it was far from crowded. At each end of the long hall was a stage with a very large screen over it. Similar screens were positioned in the middle of each of the sidewalls. She knew these were for the projection TV system, but right now they were currently showing just a light show. On either side of and below the screens on the sidewalls were an array of suspension frames, 4×4 frame-works hung with chains and leather straps for holding the sub, ladder like sets of horizontal bars and the large “X”s of St. Andrew’s crosses. At this early hour of the evening most were still empty, but here and there, small groups clustered showing that an apparatus was in use. One thing Katie had never seen before. In the center of the hall another stage had been set up. This one was round, about twenty feet across, and about five feet off the floor. On it were two upright 4×4’s about eight feet tall which were topped by a cross beam. As she and James passed this stage, Katie looked up into the rafters and saw spotlights that could be trained down on the stage, but for now it was dark and empty.

Moving into the hall, James and Katie were greeted by several of their friends. Many of the women “ooh’ed” and “ah’ed”, complementing Katie on her dress. Katie was careful to remember the conversation rules. Doms could speak to other Doms and to subs, and subs could then reply to them. Subs could talk to other subs as they wished, unless one was gagged. While most Dominants didn’t really stand too fast on these rules, it was always better to remember them, as there were some stuffy enough to insist on it.

James led her over to the bar and buffet table. At the bar he got them each a drink, then, as she held the cups, he made a heaping plate of snacks from the buffet table. Motioning Katie to a table near by, they sat down and enjoyed the food and drink. As they nibbled on their snacks, several friends stopped at their table to chat and catch up on all the things that had happened in the last months.

After finishing their food, James and Katie began to wander around the edge of the room looking in on the scenes taking place. At one of the suspension frames a Mistress had her sub tied and hanging horizontally, face up. The Mistress was working her sub over with hot wax. Holding two lit candles, one in each hand, she was covering the female sub from neck to toe with the wax. The sub’s twitches and mews of pleasure left no doubt how she felt about it. As a drop of wax to her clit pushed her over the edge, she moaned out her orgasm. Katie gave a slight shudder of her own knowing just what the woman was feeling.

In a corner of the room was a piercing booth. They watched as a woman got both of her inner labia pierced. Katie kept her eyes on the woman’s face watching closely, trying to see how painful it was. She knew that James wanted her to have this done but wouldn’t push her to do it until she was ready. Next to the woman was a male sub getting his nipples pierced. He was wearing a rubber ball gag, and from the look of his jaw muscles, the ball was going to bear deep impressions of his teeth when it was over.

After about an hour and a half, Katie was beginning to wonder just what was going on. They had stopped and watched several scenes and had talked to many of their friends, but other than the occasional rub and pat to the ass and a few pinches to the nipples, James hadn’t done anything to her. Usually by now she could expect him to have done something. If not an out and out scene, at least her breasts exposed or her dress pulled up in back to expose her ass. When one of the other members came up to them and whispered in James’s ear, she definitely knew something was up. Leading her to a relatively quiet corner James sat them both down.

“You remember that every time we have been here, there has been a demonstration of some sort.” James’s voice was soft as he looked at her. With a sinking feeling inside her, Katie just nodded. “And you know I wouldn’t ask you to do anything I didn’t think you could do.” Again she just nodded. “My precious pet, when they first asked me, my thought was to tell them no. But you have come so far so quickly, and I am so proud of you, I couldn’t resist showing you off. Tonight we, you, are going to be on the main stage. The only reason I didn’t tell you earlier is because I knew you would worry yourself into a complete tizzy about it if you knew beforehand.”

Everything was falling into place for Katie now. The comments at the entry desk, comments she had heard from others, the dress. James watched her face closely reading the thoughts as they ran though her head.

“I can’t do this!” she thought. “How could he do this to me. Put me on the spot this way. Damn, what does he expect from me anyway?

“My pet,” James’s voice cut though her thoughts. “You know I wouldn’t have accepted if I didn’t think you were ready. You have come much further than you give yourself credit for. We are not going to do anything that we haven’t done before, we are just going to do it up there.” He pointed to the circular stage.

Katie’s thoughts calmed and slowed as she considered his words. She did know he had never asked more of her than she was ready to give. She remembered the time she had been strapped to one of the crosses. How quickly the crowd had faded from her perception as he worked his magic on her. And this was something that He wanted. She knew that she could never say no to this man, this man who held her heart and soul in his hands.

Taking a long look at the stage, Katie inhaled deeply then spoke. ” My Master, my Lord, my love, I am ready for whatever you have in store for me. When do we start?”

James reached over and pulled her out of her chair and into his lap, holding her close to him and hugging her tightly. Bending his head, he gave her a kiss that took her breath away with its passion. “That’s my sweet pet. I promise you that this will be a night to remember, even if it’s not one you could tell your grandchildren about!”

Breaking off the kiss and glancing at his watch, James spoke again. “And now is as good a time to start as any. Can’t have you getting second thoughts and backing out at this late date. Come my pet!”

Katie expected them to take one of the elevators to the second floor so she could undress and maybe slip into a robe or something of the like, so she was quite surprised when James led her to the side of the dark stage and guided her up a set of steps to the main platform. Since most of the light in the room was concentrated around the edges where things were currently happening, the stage was very dark and they attracted no attention. James led her between the uprights and unhooked her leash. Unhooking the chain between her wrists, he reached up and pulled down a pair of wide, well padded leather cuffs, which were attached to ropes that went over pulleys at the tops of the uprights. James tenderly wrapped a cuff around each of her wrists and carefully tightened the straps that held them in place. Then he knelt and removed the chain from her ankles. In its place he hooked ropes that ran to the base of each upright. Standing again, he adjusted the wrist cuffs so the ropes ran up the insides of Katie’s wrists where she could grab and hold the ropes in her hands.

Leaning close to her, James whispered, “Remember my pet, my love, we won’t be doing anything that we haven’t before, and you can and should use your safe word if you need to. Oh, and just to help you feel a little more comfortable with this, we will be using our own toys.” James nodded toward a table set to one side of the stage. On it were floggers, a crop, clips, and other “toys”. Their toys!

“Oh, so that’s what else was in the trunk,” Katie thought.

“One last chance. Are you ready my pet?”

Not trusting her voice Katie nodded. James moved around the frame pulling the ropes tight. Katie’s hands were pulled up and out over her head while her legs were pulled apart. Her stocking-clad leg pulled though the slit of her dress exposing it almost up to the top of the stocking. James tied the ropes off (slip knots she noted) and checked that nothing was binding or pinching her. Then he walked to the table and removed his jacket, preparing himself for what was to come.

“Close your eyes and relax my pet, it will be a few more minutes before we start.”

Katie had already noticed that the lights around the room had been getting dimmer, the signal that something was going to happen. The background music had changed also, letting all know it was time to wrap up any scenes in progress. The room was completely dark, the music quiet when a light came up on the end stage that Katie was facing. Charles, the president of the society, was standing there holding a microphone.

“Ladies, gentleman, Dominants and subs, Masters, Mistresses and slaves.” His voice rang and echoed though the room. “Tonight is a special night, and we have a special treat for you. It took a bit of persuading, but we managed to talk one of our premier Doms into sharing with us tonight. Let’s see what we can all learn from Master James and his beautiful wife and submissive, Katharine!”

The light on the end stage dimmed to blackness as the ones on the main stage slowly came up, and at the same time the stage started rotating! The start was gentle and the rotation slow, about one turn per minute, it was so smooth that Katie couldn’t feel the movement at all. But she very quickly had other things to think about.

James stepped in front of her and gave the command, “Pet, attend!” “Heck, You’ve got my full attention, and you know it,” she thought to herself, but realized why he had done it. His voice came echoing back to them out of the sound system. This was his way of letting her know that he was mic’d so it wouldn’t startle her later. What did startle her a bit was when she replied; “Yes my Master!” and her own voice came flowing out of the sound system too. She knew that she didn’t have a mic on her, but didn’t have any time to wonder how they were picking her up.

James asked her the question he always asked before starting a scene, “Pet, what is your safe word?”

“Master, my safe word is red!” The answer had to be given even though she knew full well that tonight there was no way she would use it!

When James stepped back from her, she noticed the hunting knife in his hand for the first time. She knew now how her clothes were coming off. If she had had the time, she would have shed a tear for the wonderful dress that was about to be ruined.

James pulled on the lapel of the jacket and asked, “Whose jacket is this?”

Katie knew this part of the game. “Yours Master!” she replied in a clear voice.

The knife slipped between her skin and the cloth of the jacket, effortlessly slicing from shoulder to wrist, up one arm then the other. James pulled it free of her and threw it into the crowd.

“Whose dress is this?”

“Yours Master!”

The knife was slipped into the neckline of the dress and slowly pulled down, its razor sharp edge sliding through the material as if it wasn’t there. Being low cut and strapless the dress fell behind her as it was cut. First exposing her breasts, then her smooth belly and finally, as it slid to the floor, her lace garter belt, stockings and white panties.

As James walked behind her to remove the dress (it wouldn’t do to trip on it!) a movement off the stage caught Katie’s eye. Looking up at one of the large screens mounted around the room she saw herself. Arms high, legs wide, her breasts moving with her breathing, nipples hard.

From behind her she heard, “Whose stockings are these?”

Without even thinking she answered, “Yours Master!”

This time the edge of the knife wasn’t turned outward. James carefully pressed it hard enough against her legs to cut though the fine silk but not break her skin. Katie held very still, knowing how sharp that knife was and how hard James must be concentrating right now. She closed her eyes and focused on breathing slowly and smoothly. She felt the knife move several times across each calf then progress higher up her legs. The edge of the knife stroked slowly across her thighs, moving from the outsides and working inward. She could feel the slight burn of the knife’s edge against her skin, then the coolness of the air as the silk parted.

When she felt the knife move further up her leg to press between her nether lips, she held her breath. She knew she was wide open down there now, and could feel the sharp edge of the knife through the silk of her panties as it traveled though her crease, pressing not quite hard enough to cut the silk there. The knife then passed slowly up her body, across her belly, then ribs to come to rest under her right breast. His control of the pressure was such that the sharp edge left a reddened welt, but didn’t cut her soft skin.

“Whose body is this?” His voice echoed loudly in the room as all watched and waited for what would happen

“Yours Master!” she replied taking a quick breath.

The knife moved from under the right breast to the left, around each in turn, circling with its trail of fire. It then slid up between her breasts, across her collarbones and stopped, the sharp edge of the blade now pressing against her neck.

The room was deathly silent as his amplified whisper rolled across the crowd, “And whose life is this?”

The game had never gone this far before, but she knew just how to answer. “It is yours my Lord, my Master!”

She felt the knife draw slowly across her neck, leaving a hot burning trail in its wake. The pain brought forth a rush of juices between her legs, as she felt the slow trickle of blood from her neck where he had very carefully just broken the skin.

The blade was withdrawn and his whisper, for her and only her rang in her ear, “That was perfect! Damn, woman, I love you!”

She opened her eyes when she heard the “thunk” of the knife being driven into one of the uprights holding her. He had rammed the tip of the knife deep into the wood well above her head. He gave her a quick smile and a wink as he turned to the table with the rest of the “toys”. There he made a show of picking up each and “testing” it before setting it back down as if he couldn’t decide which to use next. She knew what he was really doing was allowing her time to catch her breath and gather herself after the intense start.

As the stage turned, she again caught sight of herself in one of the overhead screens mounted around the room. The wonderful silk stockings were in tatters on her legs. But other than fading red lines, her legs and body showed no sign of where the knife had passed. The bleeding from her neck had already stopped, and only one bright red drop had flowed down between her breasts. Looking at herself on the screen she realized why he had her wearing the white silk panties. Where her juices had soaked them they had turned completely transparent! What better way to show how wet she got during their sessions?

Katie had never seen herself this way before and was fascinated by the woman she saw on the screen. Hair already starting to come loose from its bonds, nipples standing hard, breasts heaving with her breathing, panties obviously soaked with her juices. She forgot to watch James as he finally selected a crop from the table and moved behind her.

SMACK!!!! Katie lunged forward as fire blossomed across her ass. Even though the silk that one hurt!

“Pay attention to ME!” James demanded as he walked around in front of her, riding crop in his hand. He then started rubbing the crop along her body, starting with her raised arms. Every few inches he would tap the tip of the crop against her skin. As he moved lower on her body the taps grew slowly, teasingly slowly, harder. The crop stroked the smooth skin of her sides and hips, then moving back to circle each breast. A firm tap administered to each hard nipple. Katie shuddered at the contact with her now very sensitive nipples and felt the wetness between her legs increase.

The crop stroked across her belly, the taps now becoming smacks that left light red marks behind. Stroking down the outside of each leg, red spots every few inches, then up the tender insides of her thighs. Katie knew where the crop was heading and let a soft moan escape her lips.

“Don’t you even think about it!” James commanded her. “We have a long way to go before you can even think of cumming.” And with that the crop landed with a sodden smack right on her open pussy. Katie bit her lip and let out a long moan.

“This will not do,” she heard James say. Then she felt the knife against her skin again. The back of it this time as it slipped between her hip and the elastic band at the top of the panties. A quick flick of the wrist, and a repeat on the other side and the soggy silk fell between her feet.

“Much better,” James said, and rubbed the shaft of the crop against her now exposed clit. “Don’t you think so my pet?” Katie’s only answer was another moan as the woven leather of the crop rubbed across her sensitive flesh. James stepped in close to her, his fingers parting her nether lips and then probing deep inside of her. He slipped his fingers free and as he withdrew them he gave her clit a pinch.

“Why, my pet, you are positively drenched. Now someone might get the idea that you are liking this,” he teased. He lifted his juice covered fingers to her face and rubbed one under her nose, filling her sense of smell with her own odor before allowing her to lick his fingers clean.

He trailed his hands down across her chest to her nipples. Taking one in each hand he pinched and pulled each hard enough to make her gasp. “If these get any harder, my pet, they are going to pop. I think we need to do something to keep that from happening.”

James turned back to the table, setting the crop down and picking up a set of three tweezer-type clips all connected by chain. Katie realized that the rubber tips had been removed from the clips and she watched him closely as he approached her again. Taking a nipple between his fingers he rolled it and pulled it, stretching it even further. He then set the clip around the base of the nipple and tightened it fully. This wrung another low moan from Katie as the metal bit into her flesh. James repeated this with her other nipple. Katie stood as still as she could, eyes closed as she fought the sensations running though her body. The pain from her nipples seemed to run directly to her clit, making it stand out further, and making it much more sensitive. Katie was fighting hard to keep her orgasm at bay.

James voice cut though her concentration, “Pet, look at me.” Katie’s eyes flickered open. James was holding the third clip up before her face. “Do you know where this one is going?” Katie just nodded dumbly. “No, that won’t do, pet. Tell me where this is going.”

Katie had to swallow several times before she could get her voice working. “You . . . you’re going to put that one on my clitoris, Master,” she managed to stammer.

“Yes, and be sure to hold still, pet. You know how sensitive you are down there and we wouldn’t want to get this in the wrong spot, would we?” James’ voice held an evil lilt.

As he knelt and used one hand to tease her clit more fully into the open, Katie bit her lower lip and held her breath. She felt the cold metal surround the bud of flesh then tighten around it until she was groaning from the feelings coursing though her. James stood and gave a tug to the chains where they met, pulling on all three clips. Katie’s breath exploded out of her at the rush of pain/pleasure, and she fought with all her concentration to keep from cumming. James watched her closely, ready to distract her if need be, but saw she was getting the urge under control. Dropping the chains he moved to the table to select the next implement.

What he picked up was her favorite “toy”. A three-foot long, twenty tail flogger made from fine suede. Next to it was one almost identical, which he also picked up and hung on a peg at the back of the frame Katie hung from. Walking around in front of her again James held the flogger at eye level. Katie, sensing him there, opened her eyes again.

“You are ready to continue?” Not really a question, more a statement for her to agree with. Not trusting her voice at all at this point, Katie just nodded. James nodded back at her and stepped behind her again.

She felt the leather caressing her shoulders and back as he first draped the flogger across her. He let the tails run like a waterfall down her back before drawing it away for the first blow. To Katie it felt like a hundred spots of heat of the lashes biting at her skin. The leather was far too soft to cut into her but James was good enough that only the tips of the tails caught her on each stroke. Every one of them taking its nip of her skin leaving a fiery tingle as it passed.

The first few strokes seemed almost at random, keeping her guessing where, when they would hit. But James knew her well and just as this was becoming frustrating to her he shifted to a constant rhythm. To the spectators it looked like a martial arts demonstration. The flogger never stopped, it flowed from the strike, looping smoothly around and striking again. No matter where it struck, her shoulders, her back, her ass, the cadence was constant. Several times James shifted it from one hand to the other, never once missing the beat, or missing Katie.

To Katie it was like being subjected to a constant rain of hot coals. The pinpricks of pain from each tip blended into an overall heat that slowly overwhelmed her senses. Pain and pleasure faded into one another as her endorphins kicked in, and she lifted into her subbie space. The crowd was gone, the ropes and cuffs holding her were gone, even James was gone. The only thing that mattered was the flow of pleasure/pain blooming across her back.

She sensed more than felt the change when James picked up the other flogger and started using both of them, one in each hand. All she knew was that the flow had become a river, a torrent, carrying her along uncontrollably. She didn’t hear her own sobs and gasps as James drove her closer to the edge. She didn’t hear her own voice begging for more, even more. The edge was coming ever closer, she could feel it building up inside of her. That undeniable fire filling her to overflowing. Deep inside she knew she had to wait for James to release her, to give her permission to climax, but if he waited too much longer it would crash over her totally out of her control. The edge, right to the very edge, then. . . .

James knew her responses very well. From the tension of her muscles, from her labored breathing, from the way her hands held the ropes as if her very life depended on holding on, he knew. He knew how close to the edge she truly was. Dropping the extra flogger to the floor he circled in front of her again. She was only aware that the feeling on her back was no longer increasing. James reached out almost causally and grabbed the chain linking the clips on her nipples. With a quick flick of his wrist he jerked the clips from her nipples.

The effect on Katie was electric. Her eyes snapped open, unseeing. Her body tensed, every muscle rigid. She rose up onto her toes as her arms pulled at the ropes holding her. Her climax would not be denied as the fire from her nipples burned into her being.

She was teetering on the very edge when his voice reached her, “Not just yet, pet.” Only his voice could reach the inner part of her, only his command could stop her body from simply reacting. She grasped desperately for the control he expected from her. Jaw clenched, holding her breath, she put everything she had left in her to stay on this side of the edge, knowing he wouldn’t, couldn’t, make her wait much longer.

James held the nipple clips in his hand then slowly wound the chain around his hand moving closer and closer to the final clip still trapping her clit. He was close enough to feel the heat radiating from her over-stimulated body. The one hand wrapped in the chain was very close to the final clip, the other, still holding the flogger, moved between her legs. He rubbed the handle of the flogger against her wet opening.

His soft voice released her as he simply said, “Now.” At the same moment, he pulled the clip off of her clit and slid the handle of the flogger up into her receptive pussy.

Katharine Elaine Wilson ceased to be, burned to nothing by the nova that started in her clit, traveled to her nipples, reflected, amplified from her back, and down to her clit for another trip around. Her scream echoed throughout the building even without benefit of the amplifiers. As it washed across the crowd many other screams joined hers as others, inspired by her, followed her. Katie spun far out into space escaping into the oblivion of unconsciousness.

Hands gliding smoothly across her back. The scent of fine oils and the feel of an analgesic cream taking the burn from her skin. Katie’s awareness gradually returned. She was lying on some kind of soft mat, not quite face down, but with her head pillowed against something warm. She could feel at least four hands moving across her back and legs, and there was another hand stroking her hair. She took a long slow breath and lazily opened her eyes.

“Welcome back, my sweet pet.” James was the one stroking her hair. Her head was lying on his thigh and his face was bent close to hers watching her intently.

Katie smiled up at him then pursed her lips for a kiss. James lowered his mouth to hers and they exchanged a long soulful kiss.

“How do you feel, sweetheart?”

She gave a long, sensuous stretch, feeling her whole body, searching for any trouble spots. “Well, I hurt so wonderfully,” she purred. “Other than a stiff shoulder from being tied in that position, nothing is really wrong. But, damn! What did you do to me tonight? I have never felt anything like that before. I didn’t think I could cum so hard, ever!”

James gave her a soft smile, “Let’s just say that you were inspired, as well as inspiring tonight, sweetheart.” He stroked her hair for a bit longer, letting her enjoy the massage she was receiving, then gently inquired, “Do you think you are ready to get up? We have to go back up there and show them that I didn’t kill you,” James ended with a chuckle.

Katie stretched again, loath to give up the wonderful massage she was getting. “Well, I suppose if we must, we must.” She sighed and rolled over, pushing herself up to a sitting position.

James was immediately there to help her stand and balance her should she need it. Her legs were a bit on the rubbery side, but she stood with no trouble. “Ummm, do I go up like this, or is there something I should wear?” Katie asked. The words were no sooner out of her mouth than one of her masseuses was beside her holding a very light and soft cotton dress. James helped her put it on and she realized that it was cut like a Greek toga, draping from one shoulder across under the other arm. She wore nothing underneath, but the dress was fairly modest, belted at her waist by a gold colored rope, and falling to just above her knees. James led her to a full-length mirror so she could inspect herself. Her makeup had been removed and her hair let down and brushed until it shone. The dress fit as though it had been made just for her, and knowing James, it had been. She looked at her reflection and decided that she would not try to re-apply real makeup, just a touch of eyeliner and lip gloss since she suspected that she would have to appear in front of the crowd again. She finished this slight touch-up then turned back and forth in front of the mirror a couple of times before announcing, “Let’s go!”

They were on the second floor of the building in one of the private rooms that were reserved for play and rest. She and James had, in the past, used them for both. Walking to the end of the corridor they entered a small elevator. When the doors opened again, Katie realized that they were behind one of the stages at the end of the big party room. James led her up to the heavy curtain that separated them from the stage.”Wait here till you hear your name, then come out on the stage,” was James’s only instruction to her. He then flipped a quick signal to Charles who slipped though the curtain.

Katie heard the clicks and pops of a microphone being picked up off its stand. Then Charles’ voice boomed from the speakers, “My friends, James Wilson!”

James stepped though the curtain and Katie heard the applause break out from the crowd. This applause quickly tapered off and then Katie heard, “Now the queen of our New Year’s two thousand and one ball, Katharine Wilson!!”

Katie took a deep breath and pushed though the curtain. What greeted her was not so much applause as thunder. She would have sworn that she felt the building shake with the clapping, cheers, and stomping of the crowd. The noise had barely begun to die down when James stepped up next to her and placed a gold tiara on her head. He then grabbed her by the upper arms, pulled her close to him and gave her a kiss that made her legs turn to jelly. The noise of the crowd swelled around and over them anew.

When James finally released her and stepped back, one of the lady members of the board was standing there with a giant bouquet of red and white roses. She stepped up in front of Katie, bowed to her and gave her the flowers. She could hear Charles trying to get the crowd to quiet down a bit.

When Charles was finally able to make himself heard again, he told the crowd, “We have a couple of special surprises for our queen still.” Gesturing with a flourish he waved to woman standing to the side of the stage. Walking over to Katie and carrying a large box she stopped as Charles held the mic up for her.

“As you are all aware the society never pays for the demonstrations. But we do feel that the participants should get some reward. Katharine, James knew that you would mourn the loss of the beautiful dress, so we have a replacement for you!” The woman opened the box, and inside, complete down to the white silk panties, was a duplicate of the outfit she had arrived in! Katie stole a quick look at James and saw him grinning from ear to ear. “As a final reward,” the woman continued, “If you want, you may remove your collar and for the rest of tonight, and at the party next month, participate without any restrictions on you.”

This time Katie didn’t even look at James. Almost dropping the bouquet she held, Katie’s free hand flew to her neck, feeling, making sure that her collar was indeed still there.

When Charles canted the mic in her direction, Katie said clearly, “Thank you very much for the crown, the roses and the honors, and thank you very much for the dress. But,” she paused and turned her head to look James straight in the eyes showing him all the love she felt, “I will NEVER take off my collar!”

As the crowd once again roared its approval she saw the pride on James’s face as he mouthed, “I love you.” and blew her a kiss.

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