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Mike woke up feeling deliciously happy and rejuvenated. He smiled to himself thinking about the events of the previous evening and reflected that all was well with the world and the universe was unfolding just as it should. In short, he was feeling pretty pleased with himself.

He checked the other side of the bed to ensure that Debbie was not there and an even brighter smile lit up his face.

He got up and made his way to the bathroom. He paused at Jennie’s bedroom door and looked through the open doorway; Jennie was fast asleep with Melanie beside her. The covers were thrown this way and that and he marveled at the two naked bodies splayed out before him.

Jennie was Debbie’s eighteen-year-old daughter and Melanie was her twenty-year-old friend. Debbie was supposed to be Mike’s girlfriend but she had taken off late in the night with a man he didn’t know and didn’t say much to Mike upon her leaving with the exception of, mind your own business.

Mike didn’t care; in fact he was elated! Debbie had been a lodestone around his neck since he’d moved in with her five years ago and in the recent past she had taken to disappearing for hours on end without much of an explanation. Although she’d said she was going to bingo, Mike suspected there was probably another man. Now that he knew it for sure he was thrilled because eventually that other man was going to inherit the lodestone that was Debbie.

Then there was Jennie. She had been a brat with Mike for most of the time he’d been living with her mother. He’d had to punish her a few times in the past for some of the more outrageous behavior she engaged in; God knows her mother wouldn’t discipline her in any way. Her mother rarely even talked to Jennie, which made Mike feel badly for her. Overall, Jennie was a nice girl with a sweet disposition and a good personality. What she was missing in her life was some good old-fashioned parenting, something her mother was obviously unwilling or unable to give her.

Mike had treated Jennie with respect when she deserved it and had treated her as a child when she deserved that. With a few bumps in the road along the way it had worked out so that they had developed a good relationship based on mutual respect; that is until a few weeks ago.

Mike had prepared a bowl of pot for himself when he was home alone and Jennie had walked in on him as he smoked it. Unable to deny what he had been doing, he didn’t even try. Instead, he had offered to share it with her and she took him up on it. Things were going extremely well between them after they’d gotten high and then something odd happened. They discovered that each of them had been harboring a sexual attraction for the other and, now that they were high, they had acted upon it. They had fucked each other’s brains out in the living room and, what’s more, both of them thought it was the best thing that could have happened to them.

Since that time, they’d had sex a few more times and they’d had a threesome on two different occasions with two of Jennie’s friends. Last night it was with Melanie and Mike couldn’t remove the grin that was plastered to his face as he remembered it. Now, looking down at Melanie’s naked body, only partially covered by the blankets that had been kicked every which way, he felt himself getting hard again.

At just twenty years of age, Melanie was all woman. She had a curvy figure that included C cup breasts and a rounded bum just below very shapely hips. She also had a saucy innocence to her, her face accented by the cutest button nose and pleasant smile.

By contrast, Jennie was a petite girl with B cup tits and a nice athletic body. She had long straight brown hair and the most beautiful smile Mike had ever seen on a girl. Although he had enjoyed sex both with Melanie and with Cathy, Jennie’s blonde friend with the slim body and doe-like eyes, Mike had to admit that his heart was definitely given to Jennie.

He sighed contentedly and continued on to the bathroom. He urinated and then stepped into the shower. As he finished his shower he heard the phone ringing. He began to rush to the phone but then it stopped. He shrugged and decided that if the call was important whoever it was would leave a message.

He went back to his room and dressed and then went to the kitchen to make coffee. After getting the coffee machine going he went to the phone and dialed for messages. As he suspected there was a message but he was surprised to see that it was from Debbie.

“I’m sending someone around to pick up my things,” she said, her words clipped with anger. “They’ll be around later today and don’t even think about trying to stop them!”

Mike chuckled a little and then sat down to drink his coffee. He brought the phone to the table and checked to see the last number that called and wasn’t terribly surprised to see that it was labeled as “Anonymous”.

Mike laughed a little bit when he realized that she was trying to prevent him from tracking her down.

‘Don’t worry!’ he said to himself, ‘I wouldn’t try to track you down if you were the last woman on Earth!’

It dawned on him then that Jennie was going to have to be told about this. He wondered how she would react to the news. Although Debbie could never be considered as mother of the year material, she was her mother. He pondered what he was going to say to her as he sipped his coffee.

He decided that he needed to get to the hardware store to replace the locks on the house. Debbie may have decided she didn’t want to live with Mike anymore but he didn’t trust her not to come around to steal as much as she could get away with when he was not home.

He dressed and drove to the store and picked up replacement locks for all the doors. While he was there he had some spare keys made and then went home to install them. He had just finished replacing the last one when Jennie appeared wiping her eyes sleepily.

“What are you doing?” she asked.

Mike sighed heavily and then rose from his kneeling position.

“Look Jennie,” he said, “I have something to tell you. Something you might not like.”

She looked him in the eye and blinked. Mike could see tears beginning to well and he immediately felt like crap.

“Do I have to leave?” she asked, her voice quavering.

He smiled slightly and shook his head.

“No, but your mother is leaving.”

Jennie released a breath, one she had obviously been holding and then hugged Mike fiercely.

“I knew that!” she said. “I knew she was going to leave after you fought with her last night.”

Mike grinned and nodded.

“I’m surprised it took her this long to leave,” Mike said.

Jennie wagged her finger in Mike’s face and then pointed at the new locks.

“I’m surprised it took you this long to do something about it!” she said. “She’s been treating you like garbage for years and you never did anything!”

“I didn’t want to leave you alone with her,” he said. “She never acted like a mother and I figured you needed someone around to make sure you were okay.”

Jennie sighed and hugged him closer.

“You’re not my father you know,” she said with her head buried in his broad chest. “I can take care of myself.”

“Maybe I wanted to be here for you.” He said tenderly.

Jennie looked up and then stood on her toes to kiss him. Her tongue slipped past his lips and she swirled it around his tongue and then hummed softly. Mike lowered his hands to her bum and squeezed softly and Jennie sighed contentedly.

“So this means we can do this more often!” she said with a smile.

Mike nodded and leaned back against the wall as she reached down to undo his pants. She kneeled down and pulled them to his ankles, taking his semi hard cock completely into her mouth, all in one smooth motion. Mike gasped as his cock grew to its full length and Jennie cooed softly as she sucked on it. She reached with one hand for his balls and squeezed them gently as she sucked and Mike gasped again. She stroked the length of his cock with her other hand and pulled the head from between her lips long enough to smile at him.

Upon seeing her big smile, that smile that he found so captivating, Mike gasped again and he felt the cum boiling up from his balls.

She placed her lips over the head once more just in time for his semen to shoot into her mouth. She pushed her cheeks out as she had seen Melanie do when she sucked Mike’s cock and allowed the load to fill her mouth. She was very satisfied with herself when only two or three droplets escaped her lips to drip onto her chin.

“Wow!” he said as he slumped to the floor beside her. “You get better at that every time you do it!”

Jennie grinned and gave him a peck on the lips. Then rose from her knees and stood over him.

“Thanks!” she said. “I seem to learn more and more with each new friend of mine you seduce.”

“Actually,” Melanie said from the doorway, her arms crossed over her chest, “I seduced him.”

Jennie laughed and went to Melanie and hugged her.

“Did you hear the news?” she asked. “My mom moved out and now it’s just me and Mike living here! Isn’t that great?”

Melanie smiled and hugged Jennie back.

“You mean we can have Mike all to ourselves?” she asked.

“You mean I have Mike all to myself!” Jennie said. “I’m just happy to share him with you!”

“Share him with me and Cathy I suppose.” Melanie grunted.

“And anyone else I see fit.” Jennie responded. “Just be glad I’m willing to share him with you.”

“Do I get a say in all this?” Mike asked as he stood from the floor and fastened his pants.

“Yes,” Jennie said. “You get to tell me which of my friends you want to fuck each night; as long as you fuck me too that is.”

Mike arched his brow and then smiled.

“When was the last time you called Charlene?” he said.

Charlene was a friend of Jennie’s that Mike hadn’t seen in several months. Now that he’d been given the green light, he wanted to see just how far Jennie would take this.

Jennie smiled broadly but Melanie looked like she was about to pout.

“What about me?” she said. “Didn’t you like what we did last night?”

Mike smiled and went to Melanie to give her a hug.

“Go and bend over that couch and I’ll show you just how much I liked it.” He said in a husky whisper.

Melanie grinned and then scurried to the back of the couch. She bent forward and then smiled at Mike as he approached her from behind.

“What about me?” Jennie said.

“One thing at a time,” Mike said as he unfastened his pants, allowing them to fall around his ankles once more.

He lifted the back of Melanie’s night shirt and pushed his hard cock against her pussy, marveling once more at her round bum and puffy lips surrounded by faint wisps of light brown hair. He entered her slowly and groaned. Her tunnel felt like nothing he’d felt before. She seemed to be able to grip his cock using nothing but her vaginal walls. She gave a groan of her own and wriggled her bum appreciatively as he slid in and out of her.

“What about me?” Jennie repeated.

Mike looked at her as he continued to slide in and out of Melanie and beckoned her over.

“Well get over here and get yourself ready!” he said with a grin.

Jennie smiled and rushed to his side. She bent forward beside Melanie and raised her own nightshirt to expose her bum and pussy lips to Mike’s heated gaze. She leaned toward Melanie and kissed her passionately. Melanie gave a hum of approval as she tasted a hint of Mike’s cum still on Jennie’s tongue.

Unable to resist the sight in front of him, Mike withdrew from Melanie’s pussy and then pushed inside Jennie’s. Both girls whimpered almost simultaneously, Melanie from losing the feel of Mike’s cock inside her and Jennie from gaining the feel of Mike’s cock inside her. Mike continued to pump, savoring the feel of Jennie’s vagina. While Melanie seemed to be able to grip his cock with her pussy, Jennie’s tunnel felt extraordinarily tight and fresh, no matter how many times he fucked her.

The girls continued to kiss and Mike felt for a tit with each hand. In his left was the generous C-cup that was Melanie’s and in his right was the smaller B-cup that was Jennie’s. He felt their nipples pucker as he squeezed them and studied their differences as they jiggled and bounced in his hands.

Again he withdrew his cock, this time to pull out of Jennie and then to thrust into Melanie. Again both girls moaned together but this time Melanie placed her fingers at Jennie’s entrance and probed her lips. Jennie bucked slightly as she did this and Mike put both his hands on to Melanie’s wonderful bum as he began to pump harder. Melanie gasped and Mike pulled on her to meet his strokes. Her legs spread wider until her feet were almost beside Mike’s, his on the inside and hers on the outside. He started pounding and Melanie wailed a little bit.

“I’m going to cum!” she said with a strained voice.

Mike grunted and thrust into her again and again as hard as he could. Sweat began to pour from his forehead and he was pumping into her for all he was worth.

Suddenly Melanie let out a cry and she slumped forward onto the couch, her limbs trembling and her breath coming in ragged gasps.

Mike smiled to himself and then pulled out of Melanie only to shove himself inside Jennie as quickly as he could.

Jennie cried out in surprise and then let the cry go on as the pleasure from his thrusting took her over. Mike kept the same rapid pace he had done when Melanie came and now he was close to cumming himself. He shoved into Jennie hard, his hips slapping against her bum with each stroke. His face grew red and his breath came in gasps as he fucked her. With one last shove he felt the cum shoot inside her and he groaned loudly.

Jennie wriggled against Mike’s thrusting and she felt the hot cum fill her insides as he grunted. She reached for her clitoris and gave it two or three tweaks and then she too was cumming.

The three fell sprawling against the back of the couch and it was several minutes before they heard pounding on the front door.

Mike raised himself to his feet with a sigh and went to the front window. As he looked toward the front landing he saw a man he vaguely recognized pushing his own face to the window, shielding the side of his face with one hand as he tried to glimpse through.

“Get yourselves upstairs and get dressed,” he said with disgust. “It seems your mother’s new boyfriend is here for her things.”

The girls rushed up the stairs, squealing quietly as they went and Mike went to the front door. He opened it and stared at the man waiting there dispassionately.

“Yes?” Mike said.

“How come this fucking key doesn’t work?” the man demanded, waving the offending article in front of Mike’s face to punctuate his remarks.

The man looked to be in his thirties or forties, it was hard to tell with some people; especially chain smokers who almost always seemed to look older than their real age. Mike guessed he was a chain smoker because he had a cigarette clenched between two fingers with practiced ease; two fingers that had been stained yellowish brown from nicotine over several years. His brown hair was long and pulled back in a ponytail that fell below his shoulders. He had mirrored sunglasses perched on top of his head and was wearing a blue denim jacket which had seen better days. It was now stained with grease and a few other things that Mike didn’t want to guess at. His blue denim pants were equally dirty and sported holes from wear on both knees and in other places. The word “BIKER” screamed through Mike’s mind as he looked at him.

“Can I help you?” Mike said.

The man sighed and looked back over his shoulder toward a blue Eagle Talon parked at the edge of the driveway. Mike followed his gaze and saw Debbie sitting in the passenger seat with her arms folded across her chest and a scowl on her face as she realized that Mike had seen her.

The man looked back at Mike and nodded, hoping that the message had been received and that he wouldn’t have to speak anymore than was necessary.

“Her things,” the man grunted.

Mike laughed a bit and opened the door to let the man in.

“Is she coming in too?” Mike asked.

The man shook his head and gave him a hard look, daring Mike to challenge him in any way.

“Good,” Mike said and then closed the door after the man came inside.

The new lock clicked into place and the man stared back at the door suspiciously when he heard it. He glanced back at Mike with his eyebrow arched, more unspoken messages, and Mike reached forward and demonstrated how to release the lock and open the door.

The man nodded and started to move toward the stairs.

“Just a minute,” Mike said and the man turned toward him looking irritated.

“Girls, is your door closed?” Mike called out.

Their muffled response told Mike that it was and then he led the man to the bedroom. The man looked around the room and then gave Mike a questioning glance.

“You get what’s hers and I’ll stay and watch,” Mike said flatly.

The man scowled and took a deep breath. After a moment he nodded and then went to the closet.

He had obviously been briefed by Debbie on what was there and on what to take. He reached up and pulled her suitcase down, pointedly shoving Mike’s suitcase back onto the shelf as it began to slip outward to where it might fall to the floor. Mike sat down on the bed and watched the man as he grabbed Debbie’s clothes by the armload and shoved them haphazardly into the suitcase.

Next he went to the dresser and Mike was impressed when he unerringly went to her drawers, emptying each one into the suitcase and ignoring those drawers that held his belongings.

After about ten minutes the man stopped and scanned the room with his eyes to see if he had missed anything. Mike reached for some clay figurines and held them out to him. The man studied them for a moment and then took them into his hand. He took two steps toward the night table and dropped them into the trash bin beside the bed.

Mike laughed out loud.

“That’s about everything,” he said. “Do you want a beer?”

The man gave Mike an odd look and nodded and he slung the suitcase over his shoulder. Together the two of them went to the kitchen and Mike pulled two beers from the fridge.

“Consider this a peace offering,” he said as he handed one to the man.

The man dropped the suitcase on the floor and took the beer. He took one long swig and then sighed heavily.

“Just a minute,” the man said as he placed the beer on the table.

He took the suitcase to the front door and pushed it open.

“Come and get this!” he shouted.

He dropped the case on the landing and Debbie soon appeared. She picked up the suitcase and said something that Mike couldn’t hear.

“Get in the fucking car and wait there!” the man said in his gruff voice.

Debbie started to respond but he stopped her in mid sentence with a glare.

“I told you to get in the car!”

The man then closed the door and sauntered back to the kitchen. He picked up his beer and took another long swig. He leaned against the counter opposite Mike and looked at him.

“You’re alright you know?” he said.

“Thanks,” Mike said. “Maybe you’ll have better luck with her than I did.”

The man grinned and took a drink.

“I make my own luck,” he said.

Mike nodded and the two men studied each other for a minute.

“Is her daughter coming?” the man asked suddenly.

Mike shook his head and the man nodded.

“Good!” he said. “I can’t stand kids!”

He finished his beer and then placed the house key on the counter beside Mike.

“We won’t be needing this anymore,” he said.

“Neither will I,” Mike said. “I changed all the locks. Make sure you tell her that.”

The man nodded and grinned.

“You know her well!”

Mike nodded and the man walked to the door and out to his car.

Mike followed and watched from the door. As the man opened the car door Debbie asked him a question Mike couldn’t hear.

“She’s not coming!” he said to her.

Debbie started shouting although Mike still couldn’t hear what she said.

“I told you she’s not coming, she doesn’t want to!” he said and then started the engine. “Now shut up, we’re leaving!”

The car backed out of the driveway and Mike saw Debbie’s mouth moving at a mile a minute as they pulled away.

He shrugged to himself and was about to go back into the house when he saw Cathy walking up the driveway.

Cathy was Jennie’s friend and had gotten high with Jennie and Mike last weekend. That night the three of them had engaged in their first threesome. With her shoulder length blonde hair and slender body, Cathy seemed to exude sexuality. She had a reputation with the boys in the neighborhood as a real slut; even she would admit that she couldn’t count the number of partners she’d had in the past year, although she could probably say that she had been fucked every day that she wasn’t on her period. None of those encounters though had compared to the threesome with Jennie and Mike. That particular session had been so intense it still made her nipples hard and her pussy flow when she thought about it.

“Hi Mike,” she said with a grin.

Mike held the door open for her and she went through, brushing against him teasingly as she went. Mike grinned and slapped her bum softly as she passed. He doubted she could feel it much through the blue jeans she was wearing but she smiled and winked at him as she continued on through the kitchen toward Jennie’s room.

Mike followed her to the foot of the stairs and called out for Jennie.

Jennie appeared at the top of the stairs and looked at Mike with trepidation.

“Is he gone?” Jennie asked.

Yeah,” Mike said with a heavy sigh. “He’s gone. I hope she knows what she’s getting herself into.”

Jennie snorted and leaned against the wall at her side. She folded her arms across her chest and frowned.

“She always gets herself into something,” she said wearily.

Mike pursed his lips and then turned to Jennie.

“Well, she’s gone and it’s just the two of us now,” he said.

Jennie smiled and turned toward Melanie and Cathy who appeared in the bedroom door.

“Let’s go call Charlene! It’s time for a party!” She said, then ushered them into her room.

Mike shook his head and returned to the kitchen. As he thought once more about Debbie being out of his life for good his mouth curled up into a broad smile. He sat down and stared at the ceiling smiling the whole time.

Hours later Mike was sitting in the living room watching television. He heard the doorbell and turned slightly toward the window. He couldn’t see who was at the door but he knew that Jennie had called Charlene to come over; he assumed she was now here. The doorbell rang again but neither Jennie nor Melanie seemed to have heard it.

He got up with a sigh and went to answer the door. He pulled it wide and couldn’t help but smile as he saw Charlene standing expectantly on the landing.

“Hi Mike,” she said with a bright smile. “Is Jennie home?”

Mike held the door open and gestured for her to enter.

“They’re in her room,” he said. “I’m sure you can find your way there.”

Charlene smiled once more and walked quickly through the kitchen on her way to the stairs. Mike turned to watch her go and inhaled sharply as he watched her shapely bum wriggling inside her tight blue jeans as she walked.

Charlene really was a beauty. She had blond hair cut at her shoulders and a pretty face with sapphire blue eyes. Her mouth was small and dainty with a perfect set of teeth. Mike was convinced she could be a model with her classic good looks.

She was wearing a brown suede jacket tonight so her body was somewhat hidden, although Mike had seen her at the beach with Jennie and her other friends. He knew she had smallish but very round and ripe breasts and a nice rounded bum. Her tummy may have been described as a little chubby but it only appeared that way because of the way her bum stuck out so proudly behind her.

As she went up the stairs Mike wondered if he would see more of that pretty little body before the night was over.

As he resumed watching TV he saw Jennie pass by the doorway on her way to the kitchen. He heard the refrigerator door open and then the clanging of glass bottles. Then he saw Jennie reappear on her way back to the stairway holding four bottles of beer against her oversized T-shirt, the one she commonly wore as a nightshirt. Her legs were bare and Mike assumed the shirt was the only thing she was wearing.

She turned toward him as she passed and blew him a kiss. Then she was gone and he heard her feet running up the stairs and then the sound of her bedroom door opening and closing.

He went back to watching TV and put the thought of the three girls upstairs out of his mind. He instead concentrated on the episode of Stargate Atlantis that was airing. As he watched, Jennie came down to the kitchen twice more for beer and once Melanie made the trip. She smiled broadly at Mike as she passed and he admired her nightshirt, which just happened to be one of Mike’s button-down dress shirts that she had acquired last night.

Mike could feel his cock stiffen slightly as he watched her sashay past with the four beer bottles cradled against her belly. She grinned at him once more and then she too was gone.

After a while Stargate Atlantis was long over and an incomprehensively boring movie was playing on the Space Channel. Mike wondered to himself what was wrong with modern day script writers who couldn’t seem to stop themselves from inventing impossibly complicated plot twists; the best films were based on the simplest of plots.

“Hey Mike,” Jennie said.

Mike turned to the archway that led to the kitchen to see her leaning with her back against the entrance, one leg bent at the knee with her foot resting coquettishly against her other knee. She was grinning broadly and he knew she was up to something. He grinned back and slumped into the couch, knowing what she was about to ask.

“Do you want to come and smoke some pot with us?” she said.

Mike allowed his smile to get bigger and he chuckled.

“I suppose I’m the one supplying the pot too huh?” he said.

Jennie shook her head adamantly, almost as if her feelings were hurt.

“No,” she said. “We brought our own!”

Mike was pleasantly surprised and he stood up with enthusiasm.

“Actually,” she said ruefully, “we’ve already smoked one joint together. What we really wanted was for you to bring your little pipe.”

Mike laughed and rushed to get his pipe from its hiding place and then followed Jennie up the stairs. She opened the door and Mike was greeted by a hazy cloud of smoke, thick with the smell of marijuana and beer. He looked around as Jennie sat down with the girls, all of them dressed similarly in over sized shirts of varying descriptions. He noticed that Charlene had taken one of his button-down shirts just as Melanie had.

All tolled, it was a sight to make him excited beyond belief. Here were four lithe young girls only half dressed with their nightshirts barely concealing their bodies from the hips upward. They were seated on the floor with their legs thrust into the center of their little circle, their shapely calves and thighs on display for his viewing pleasure.

He felt his cock stiffen slightly underneath his track pants and then sat on the edge of the bed so he was partially behind and to the side of Jennie and Melanie. They both shifted to make some room and tugged at his pant leg urging him into the group on the floor. He shrugged and moved downward until he was in the group and tucked his legs underneath him in a partial squat.

“I think I’m a little overdressed,” he said indicating his loose track pants.

“You can take them off if you want to.” Cathy said with a giggle.

“You slut!” Charlene exclaimed with a guffaw.

“Yeah right!” Cathy retorted, “Like you’ve never seen a guy with no pants before!”

Charlene gasped and turned crimson red and then stared at the floor.

“That’s okay,” Melanie said nuzzling up to Mike’s side. “We’ll convince him to get rid of those things somehow; I’m sure something will come to us.”

All the girls giggled as they stared at him and Mike began to feel a little uneasy.

Jennie finished packing the pipe and held the lighter to it, coaxing it gently to light. She took a deep breath of smoke and then passed it to Mike. Mike took his own haul off the pipe, noting with amusement how Charlene watched him as he did; she seemed to be fascinated that he would actually smoke up with them.

He passed the pipe to Charlene and held the lighter in place for her as she sucked on it uncertainly. She took a small breath and looked from Jennie to Cathy, wondering if she was doing it right. They nodded their encouragement and she took a slightly deeper breath. Her eyes suddenly went wide and she pulled the pipe out of her mouth and stared at it in something like wonder. She coughed slightly as she blew it out and then leaned back heavily against the side of the bed.

“Oh my God!” she said breathily.

The others laughed softly at her reaction and then the pipe was passed to Cathy. She took it into her mouth and sucked on it while staring Mike in the eye. Teasingly she ran her tongue around the edge of it and then pushed the whole stem of the pipe into her mouth, moving it back and forth slowly like a small cock.

“You are such a slut!” Charlene said dreamily as she pushed herself to a sitting position again.

Cathy grinned and passed the pipe on to Melanie who began sucking on it and coaxing some wisps of the potent smoke into her lungs.

Cathy then reached down to the hem of her T-shirt and swept it over her head and off with one fluid motion. Her little tits were every bit as tasty looking as Mike remembered them and he licked his lips as her nipples puckered into small pink buds before their eyes. Her pink panties consisted of a small triangular patch of cotton fabric covering her pussy, with a red elastic hem reaching to an equally small triangular patch covering her bum.

The other girls gasped and then started tittering together. Melanie looked around the room, meeting the eyes of each person there and then began undoing the buttons on her shirt one at a time. She grinned saucily and then pulled the shirt off to reveal her large C-cup breasts. Much to Mike’s surprise, she was not wearing panties and he could see her curly auburn pubic hairs between her crossed legs.

Cathy’s mouth went wide and she let out a great guffaw as she pointed at Melanie’s bare pussy. Jennie was giggling with the rest of them and she pulled her shirt off and tossed it across the room where it almost fell into her laundry basket. Her generous B-cup tits jiggled slightly as she laughed and she pinched her nipples playfully, making them stick out like little cherries. Like Melanie, she was not wearing panties either and her brown patch of pubic hair glistened slightly with moisture.

Cathy stood up and slipped her own panties to her feet and stepped daintily out of them. She giggled and tossed them at Jennie who grabbed them out of midair and then held them to her nose, inhaling deeply to catch the scent of Cathy’s pussy in the fabric.

All the girls gasped at Jennie and then they turned to Mike expectantly. Having enjoyed the show so far, he knew that his erection would be immediately visible as soon as he stood up. He grinned and got to his feet and, before they could react to the bulge in his pants, he pulled his pants and shorts to the floor. Then he removed his shirt and stood proudly in front of the girls with his fully erect cock for all of them to see.

Jennie, Cathy and Melanie all smiled at his display, their mouths watering slightly and their pussies beginning to tingle at the memory of how that cock had felt in each of them.

Charlene was having trouble grasping what was going on around her. One minute, they were all getting high and the next, everyone in the room was naked except for her. She felt her own pussy tingle as she looked around and she had no doubt where this was going; she knew they were all about to fuck. What she couldn’t grasp was that it appeared they were all about to fuck Jennie’s father. She could tell by studying each of them that this was something they had done before and she had a brief feeling of jealousy that they hadn’t told her about it.

She gulped and stared with wide eyes at Mike’s cock. She had seen cocks before and his was just about average, about six and a half inches in length and with a swollen mushroom head about two and a half inches around at its thickest. There was a drop of cum poised to drip to the floor at his pee hole and Charlene gulped again when Jennie reached out to smear it onto her finger and then bring it to her mouth.

Jennie giggled and pushed her finger between her lips, savoring the taste. She grinned at the others and then laughed out loud as they watched her.

Melanie reached forward with her mouth and engulfed Mike’s cock completely. Cathy and Jennie gasped and then leaned forward to watch eagerly as she started sucking. Mike groaned aloud and entwined his hands in her hair, grasping for it and curling her ringlets around his hands as he held her mouth in place. He started moving his hips and Melanie allowed him to fuck her mouth softly. She puckered her lips around his shaft and cupped his balls gently as he moved.

Mike felt his eyes cross as she took him in. She had opened her throat and her mouth now felt like the warmest wettest pussy he had ever fucked. She looked into his eyes as he moved; her eyes wide and doe like as she slurped along his cock.

She felt an orgasm approaching as she sucked him off and she smiled to herself, knowing that she hadn’t even touched herself. She enjoyed sucking cock so much she was about to cum just from the feel of his cock sliding between her lips.

She groaned around his shaft and Mike felt his balls pucker up. With a loud grunt he started to cum. Jennie and Cathy moved up close to Melanie’s side and, after the first spurt shot into her mouth, she moved aside and then Jennie took it into her mouth to get the second spurt. Melanie let go of his cock and then Cathy wrapped her little hand around it and took the head between her lips. She stroked the shaft a couple of times and was rewarded with a slow stream of cum that drooled out of his pee hole.

The three girls sat back, giggling and licking their lips and humming with approval at the taste of Mike’s semen. Jennie leaned toward Melanie and the two of them pressed their lips together in a passionate kiss. As the others watched they could see the whitish semen coating their lips and tongues as they swirled around each other.

Cathy looked Mike in the eye and stood up. She stepped to his side and wrapped one arm around his waist as her other hand began to stroke his flaccid cock. Mike reached down and cupped her bum in his hand and then kissed her. He slid his tongue between her lips and she responded with her own tongue as they parried and thrust. Mike’s cock began to grow again and Cathy got on her knees facing Charlene. She raised her bum proudly toward Mike and he knelt behind her, rubbing his cock against the swollen lips of her pussy. With her hair so naturally light her lips were pink and puffy and Mike closed his eyes in bliss as he pushed it slowly inside her.

Charlene sat virtually frozen in awe and fear as the orgy around her played itself out. Although she was becoming more and more aroused as the action became more heated, she was still unsure of removing her own clothes. On the one hand, seeing her friends crowd around Mike’s cock as he came into their mouths was very stimulating. On the other hand, she had never before been drawn to men not in the same age group as she. Although she had to admit that Mike was good looking and pretty well kept, he was in his thirties and almost twice the age of both Jennie and Cathy at eighteen and Melanie and twenty. Charlene was nineteen and thought that Mike was far too old for any of them.

As these thoughts ran through her drug and alcohol addled mind, Cathy was leaning toward her as Mike fucked her from behind. The look of bliss on her face as her head rocked from the rhythm of Mike’s hip movements made Charlene shiver with desire. She reached tentatively for Cathy’s cheek and then leaned forward to kiss the girl.

Unlike the other girls in the room who had never considered sex with other girls until recently, Charlene had long known of her bisexual tendencies and had longed to see and touch her friend’s bodies for some time. As she kissed Cathy her own nipples puckered to hardness and she felt her pussy juices flowing copiously.

Cathy pulled Charlene’s shirt off and then lowered her head to suckle the girl’s nipples. Charlene sighed deeply as Cathy took her nipple between her teeth and nibbled on it.

Mike saw Charlene’s tits exposed for the first time, noting absently that her nipples almost looked like blood red moles, the kind of nipples he had only seen previously on Oriental girls.

Cathy tugged at Charlene’s panties insistently, finally exposing her blonde covered muff. Without pulling them all the way off, Cathy simply buried her head into the wet mass of fur and began licking furiously and enjoying the gasps and sighs that Charlene made in response.

Mike started banging into Cathy hard, gasping with pleasure as her tiny pussy sucked at his cock. Mesmerized by the sight of her pink lips moving back and forth on his shaft he then looked over her back to see Charlene with her fingers tangled in Cathy’s hair. She was pulling at her and panting breathlessly as Cathy ate her out, her tongue dancing across her clitoris and exposed pussy lips.

With a groan of desire, Mike pulled out of Cathy and then launched himself at Charlene. Cathy moved aside, somewhat surprised at Mike’s urgency. She then smiled and held Mike’s cock head at the entrance to Charlene’s pussy. Mike shoved it inside causing both him and Charlene to groan loudly. Then he started pounding into her as hard and fast as he could, forcing the breath out of her lungs with each thrust. Cathy massaged Mike’s balls and Charlene’s asshole with her fingers, which were well lubricated by their mixed juices.

Charlene started screaming in ecstasy and Mike let out a loud gasp. Then the two of them froze in place, his cock shoved deeply inside her and her hips raised to meet his thrust. There was sweat standing on their brows and they both quivered for a moment. Then Mike fell to one side and Charlene fell to the other, both of them spent and panting to draw breath.

Mike opened his eyes slowly and looked up to see Cathy looking down at him and smiling brightly. Melanie and Jennie were fondling and kissing each other but also looking at him with lusty grins on their faces.

Jennie then pushed Melanie back and started licking at her pussy. Melanie sighed and settled back happily as Jennie licked her. Feeling inspired, Cathy lowered her pussy on to Melanie’s mouth and hummed happily as Melanie’s tongue tickled at her sensitive places. Mike knelt down and began tonguing at Jennie’s pussy, reveling in the taste of her as she wriggled her bum in appreciation.

Mike was a little surprised when he felt Charlene’s mouth close over his cock. He looked back to see that she had slid under his hips and was now holding his shaft as she pushed him back and forth between her lips. He sighed at the feeling and then renewed his licking of Jennie.

Mike opened his eyes the next morning and sat up in alarm. He looked around to see that he was in his own bed. He rubbed his eyes and then lifted the blankets slightly to see Cathy’s naked body on one side of him and Charlene’s naked body on the other.

He smiled to himself and slid out of bed, careful not to disturb either of the girls. On his way to the bathroom he paused at Jennie’s door to see her and Melanie curled up to sleep together, their nude bodies entwined around each other as they snored softly.

As he went to the toilet for his morning piss he smiled once more and mused to himself.

“Sometimes a man’s home really is a castle!” he said.

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