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Well Hugh Hugh

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I was about half way through University when the encounter occurred. It was probably the greatest sexual experience of my life, and one that I will never forget.

Let me introduce myself – my name’s Hugh, and I was a Sports Science student. I’m about 6ft tall, muscular build, dark hair and eyes. I’ve always known that girls find me very attractive, and to be perfectly honest, I love it.

It’s just a shame that more people don’t know about my ‘little’ secret, because if they did I would certainly get all of the attention that I craved.

One night after I had been in the gym, I finished up with some light cardio and decided to hit the showers as it was getting quite late. The building was currently undergoing some serious maintenance work, so as a result there was only one shower and changing room in use. It felt pretty weird to have to change with women; most people didn’t shower as they were slightly on the shy side, but whenever I knew there was very little chance of anyone walking in I usually strip off and have a relaxing shower before heading home. So here’s the thing – I’ve always known from quite a young age that my manhood is somewhat ‘special’ to say the least. It’s always been pretty huge for as long as I can remember, and I’ve always managed to smile about it and keep it to myself. So anyway, I slipped off my shoes, took off my shirt, pulled down my track pants and slid down my underwear so my dick flopped out and was completely on show. There is something I love about being naked – it always feels so exhilarating and liberating to me.

So I walked into the showers, and turned the switch until I felt a relaxing warm blast of water jet out and run down my body. I grabbed a bar of soap and began to just clean myself down, rubbing up lather. Then I realised that I had forgotten my shampoo, it was still sat in my kit bag in the adjacent room. Shit. I left the water running (I’d be back in two seconds) and walked out of the cubicle into the changing room. As I got to the doorway I realised there was a girl in the room sorting out her bag. I was going to step back into the shower but it was too late – she heard me and looked up.

“Oh sorry!” She exclaimed. She then fell completely quiet and just stared at my flaccid cock.

“Erm, are you ok?” I asked, wondering why she had just stopped talking. As if she had never seen a naked guy before! Before I could say anything else, her face turned bright red, she grabbed her bag and dashed out of the room.

“Huh?!” I said aloud. What was her problem? I just shrugged it off, grabbed my shampoo, finished showering and headed home.

So the next morning, I grabbed a quick snack for breakfast, and checked my timetable. I had to pop into Uni for an hour or so for a lecture on biomechanics. Great!

A couple of hours later as I exited the lecture theatre, I noticed two smoking hot girls from my year, Jessica and Angela lying on the grass enjoying the glorious sunshine. They were both wearing extremely short skirts, flip-flops and very low cut tops. Angela had a great pair of tits – Jessica’s weren’t that bad either, but she didn’t have much on her friend I have to admit. As I walked past checking them out, Jessica looked up and we made eye contact.

“Hugh, hey Hugh!” She waved at me, and signalled for me to go over to them. As I walked over, I noticed her nudging Angela with her elbow, who then sat up very attentively.

“How’s it going guys?” I asked, wondering why they wanted to talk to me – they have never shown any interest in me before.

“Good thanks Hun, how are you?” Jessica asked, looking me up and down. Angela seemed to be trying to check out the bulge in my pants.

“Yeah I’m great thanks, just had a lecture so I’m going to head home in a bit. What are you guys up to?” I couldn’t stop staring at Angela’s tits, they were perfect. I wanted to just stick my cock in between them – I bet she gives a great tit fuck.

“Erm Hugh,” Angela finally piped up. “I don’t think you should go home just yet.”

“Oh really – and why is that?”

“Well…” she continued. “Me and Jess saw Stacey last night – you know Stacey? She trains at the campus gym.” Oh yeah I thought – I think that was the girl I bumped into!

“Anyway, she told us something very interesting.” Angela continued to stare at my bulge. “She said that you have a huge…” She then bit her lip. Jessica smiled, also now checking out the lump in my trousers. I could feel myself getting slightly awkward.

“Did she really?” I asked. “And why are you two girls so interested may I ask?”

“We want to see it,” Jessica blurted. “Get it out for us.”

“Are you CRAZY?!” I felt really embarrassed now. “There are loads of people everywhere!” I looked around at everyone going to and from lectures. Jessica giggled.

“Not here silly! I meant we should go somewhere more secluded…”

“Ok then.” I said. “What’s in it for me?” The two girls looked at each other and started giggling.

“Shall we do it?” Angela asked Jessica. Do what? I wondered. They carried on giggling.

“If we are impressed, we’ll toss you off.” Angela said looking up at me. Then both the girls started laughing even louder, a few people looked across at us.

“Really? I asked. That doesn’t sound too bad a deal!” I looked down at both of them, both of which were both still staring at my crotch area.

“Lets go then,” Jessica said as she stood up, pushing out her chest. She picked up her bag, and Angela did the same. “Where shall we go?”

“End of the playing fields,” Angela started. “I don’t think there are any more Sports practices this afternoon. ” Jessica turned to her.

“And how exactly would you know that?” She asked, I was wondering the same thing.

“Well, I like to watch all of the fit guys playing Rugby don’t I?” she said, giggling. God, I thought. These girls are so hot. I’d love to just fuck the hell out of the both of them. Ten minutes later, we had reached the top of the playing fields. There was no one around whatsoever.

“Come on then stud, show us what you’ve got,” Angela seemed desperate for me to pull my cock out.

“And you promise you’ll jerk me off if you like what you see?” I asked again.

“Of course,” Jessica chimed in, also looking very eager for me to drop my pants.

“Ok then, I said with a slightly hesitant tone. I undid my top button on my jeans, and slid them down below my hips. Both of the girls looked at each other excitedly before averting their gazes back to me. I took a deep breath, and yanked my underwear down, allowing my cock to flop out. It slapped against my left leg, and then just hung there. I looked up at the girls. They were both just staring at it, with their mouths wide open.

“So do you like it then?” I asked, smiling.

“That’s the biggest fucking cock I have ever seen,” Angela whispered, unable to take her eyes off it.

“It’s like a monster cock”, Jessica exclaimed, also whispering. I felt so awesome – I could tell these girls were desperate now to touch it. My cock just hung between my legs, my big bell-end uncovered, it’s purple head glistening in the sunlight. Jessica suddenly grabbed her bag and reached inside.

“I have to measure it,” she quickly said. “It’s so fucking big. I has to be twice the size of my boyfriend’s.” She grabbed a tape measure from her bag (fashion student), and stretched it out, holding it up against my huge flaccid wad.

“How big is it? Angela asked. Her voice seemed shaky.

“Eight and a half inches,” Jessica blurted out. “Eight and a half inches,” she repeated herself. I stood there, feeling like a fucking porn star – this was awesome. Jessica looked up at me with a dazed expression on her gorgeous face.

“How big does it get when it’s hard?” she asked. Glancing back down at it.

“Why don’t you make it hard and find out?” I asked, cheekily. I swung it from left to right in front of her like a pendulum, the head slapping against my legs. My balls started to feel really warm with sexual excitement – as they are so big, they produce loads of cum. The girls were still starting at it.

“It’s SO fucking big,” Angela remarked again. “It’s like a fucking horse cock”. She reached forward and held it midway up the shaft. She lifted it up and looked at my heavy hanging balls. Your balls are also fucking huge, like cricket balls!” she exclaimed with shock.

“I have to see how big this thing gets!” Jessica yelped with excitement. She reached forward and grabbed my cock, then started to jerk me off. Her rhythm was quick slow, and I was enjoying every second. “Oh my god,” she kept saying. “Oh. My God!”

“Mhmmm!”, I threw my head back and just savoured the moment. Two gorgeous girls are staring at my cock, one of them is jerking me off – this is so hot! I began to feel my cock twitching as it swelled up, getting bigger and harder.

“Don’t be so greedy!” Angela said, and pushed Jessica out of the way, starting to jerk me off herself. “Let me have a go”. She began to start stroking me ever faster, really going for it. Jessica looked up at me.

“You going to get hard for us baby?” she asked, licking her lips. I threw my head back again, feeling Angela’s hands rubbing my dick.

“I have to use both hands!” she said excitedly. She really picked up her pace, starting to rub harder and harder. I could feel my dick getting so hard now, sticking out like a huge fucking great flagpole. She suddenly stopped.

“Fuck me.” She said. I looked down, and saw my cock fully erect, in all it’s glory. Angela picked up her tape measure and held it up down the length of my cock. She looked absolutely gobsmacked.

“How big is it babe?” Jessica asked, sounding really excited and anxious at the same time. Angela moved back and just continued staring.

“Eleven and a half inches,” she gasped. I smiled, and looked down at them. That’s right – I’ve measured myself a few times recently, and she’s spot on. Eleven and a half inches exactly. Angela then got the tape measure and wrapped it around my shaft.

“Fucking hell, it’s seven and a half inches around!” she said with excitement. Jessica looked up at me, totally floored.

“Hugh, your cock is fucking beautiful,” she said. “It’s the biggest cock I have ever seen in my life, it’s fucking monstrous!” I looked down at them.

“I have to suck it.” Angela suddenly blurted out. “I want to put it in my mouth!” She leaned forward and kissed my big, bulging purple head. She then licked it, and kissed it again. Jessica looked very proud of her friend.

“You go girl!” she said, giggling to herself. She leant forward to get a better look. Angela then put my head in her mouth, before popping it out of the side of her cheek. I love it when girls do that. She did it again.

“Mhmmm, keep going baby!” I threw my head back in ecstasy. She then took my cock out of her mouth, and looked at Jessica.

“I’m going to see how much I can fit in my mouth,” she said.

“Go on, get it down your throat,” I ordered her. “Suck it good, suck all that cum out.” She took a deep breath, grabbed my shaft, and then just plunged my dick into her mouth. It felt incredible. Her eyes rolled back in her head, as she began to deep throat me. Fuck, this girl knows how to suck cock.

“Is she a good little cocksucker?” Jessica asked looking up at me. She looked eager to have a go herself.

“She’s fucking amazing babe,” I groaned. Angela began to gag, before pulling my dick out. She gasped for air. She had only managed to swallow half of it.

“Mhmm, I felt like I was choking!” she exclaimed. “And I only got halfway down! Jess, see if you can do any better!” She turned to her friend. “Suck that big, beautiful, throbbing cock!” This was turning into the greatest day of my life.

Jess leaned forward, and took my bell-end in her mouth. She then forced her face into me, sliding my dick further into her throat. She grabbed my ass cheeks and pushed herself into me. God, she knew what she was doing! I was loving every second; it was a fantasy come true. I looked down, and sure enough she had about eight and a half inches of me in her mouth and throat. Her eyes started to roll back in her head, and she slid my dick out slowly. She gasped for air when her mouth was empty.

“Goddamn girl!” Angela blurted out. “That was some serious dick sucking!” She looked at her friend, “are you ok”. Jessica looked up at her. “I’ve never been better Hun, that was brilliant! I love deepthroating my boyfriend, but this is like deepthroating a fucking donkey!” She leaned forward and kissed the head of my cock. “God, it’s so big! It’s like a fucking arm holding an apple!” the two of them giggled uncontrollably, and Angela grabbed my cock again. She started jerking it off. I cannot believe my luck!

“Jess, why don’t you suck on his balls?” she said, grinning up at me. I like the sound of that!

“Well sure,” Jessica said. “How do you want to do it?”

“Well, if you go around to the back of Hugh, and lean back under his ass, then you can suck his balls like that. And I’ll just carry on sucking his monster”, she giggled looking up at me. What a pair of good little sluts, they seem to know exactly what I want! Sure enough, Jessica moved around to my back, and leant her head back so she was looking up at my asshole and balls. She then leant up, and stuck my whole left nut in her mouth. Angela started sucking the tip of my cock again. Jesus, this was fucking amazing. They were both “mhmmm’ing as they sucked my dick and balls for all they were worth. I looked down at Angela’s tits as they bounced back and forth, getting all sweaty in the summer sun. I reached down and pulled her top down so they popped out. They were fucking beautiful. Her nipples were small and hard, and her tits had a great tan, she obviously likes to sunbathe topless!

“Mhmmmm!” Angela gargled as her head bounced on my cock. Whilst Jessica was sucking my left nut, she was massaging my right, and then she switched over, and did the same thing in reverse.

“That’s it girls, suck my cock and balls, make me shoot my load all over your pretty faces!” I moaned. I had no intention of Cumming yet of course, I wanted to fuck them first. However, those words seemed to work as they both built up their sucking speed considerably. Jessica took my balls out of her mouth, then leaned even further back and started licking me up and down my shaft. My balls rested comfortably on her chin and neck. Angela took my dick out of her mouth, and spat all over it, her saliva running down my shaft and dribbling onto her friend’s eager face. I started thrusting my cock into Angela’s mouth, fucking her face, whilst her friend went back to sucking my balls. “Mhmmmmm!”

My dick and balls were now completely covered in saliva. My cock was so fucking hard; I could have knocked a tree over with it. I sat back on the grassy verge, so both of my new friends could suck, lick and kiss my monstrous cock from each side. They both got down onto their hands and knees and did exactly just that, their asses stuck up in the air. Man, this must be every guy’s fantasy. Angela grabbed the base of my throbbing meat, and just stared at it.

“Hugh, you should totally be a porn star with this cock, it’s the most magnificent thing I have ever seen.” She uttered. Man, what total sluts I thought. They both have boyfriends! She then began sucking my head again, whilst Jessica massaged my balls. I leaned over to Jessica and started making out with her. I leaned over to her ear and whispered…

“I want to fuck you both. I want you both to cum all over my cock.” Jessica looked absolutely overjoyed at this concept, and began kissing me again, whilst her friend was still busy trying to fit as much cock as she could into her little mouth.

“I want you both to bend over, right now,” I ordered. Both of them did exactly as I asked, their beautiful asses raised up to the sky. They were both wearing French knickers under their miniskirts. I leaned forward, and yanked their panties down so they were round their knees. Rubbing their pussies, I could feel they were both extremely wet.

“I want you to fuck us both with your big cock baby!” Jessica remarked. She turned her head to look at me, her gorgeous sweet pussy in my face. “You know you just want to fuck my holes”.

I leant forward, and stuck a finger from each hand in each of their pussies. They both made an ‘oooooooo’ sound.

“Keep going baby,” Angela moaned. “Stick all your fingers in, finger fuck me for being such a naughty girl”. At this request, I stuck an extra finger in. God, their pussies were so warm and tight. I can’t wait to stick my dick in there! I began simultaneously finger fucking both of them, with all four fingers on each hand. They were loving it. I then removed my fingers from Jessica’s pussy and started kissing it. I slid my tongue in gently at first, and then I began to really fuck her with my face. I also stuck my thumb up her asshole.

“Ooooooo yeah baby, eat that pussy. Make me cum all over your face baby, mhmmmm!” Jessica was clearly enjoying herself! I then started licking out her ass instead, and finger banging her pussy again. I can’t say the taste was pleasant, but it felt amazing, as it was so dirty. I was fucking this girl’s asshole with my tongue. Her knees were shaking, and she kept moaning at me to do it harder and faster. She reached underneath and started furiously rubbing her clit. Her asshole was starting to taste more and more delicious with every stroke of my tongue. Meanwhile, I had two fingers in Angela’s pussy, and two up her asshole. She turned around and was delighted to see what would soon be in store for her.

“Oh my god, I’m going to cum, I’m going to cum!” Jessica suddenly started to shriek. Her whole body suddenly started to violently shake, and she had to steady herself with her free hand. I started sliding my tongue in and out even faster, making her shake and scream with delight. With an enormous yelp, her whole body tensed up, and pussy juices began flowing like a fucking waterfall. I buried my face into her pussy, and licked it all up. She then collapsed on the grass, panting like an animal. Then it was time for me to turn my attention to Angela. She turned to look at me.

“Eat my dirty little ass baby, eat it all up,” she demanded. I was happy to oblige! I started giving her the tongue in the ass fuck treatment, whilst I jerked my dick off with my free hand. It didn’t take long for Jessica to get back up though and start blowing me again. Whist she ran her tongue around my shaft, I tongue fucked that asshole like there was no tomorrow. I grabbed the back on Jessica’s head and rammed my dick down her throat. I pulled it out, and she began kissing it again. It was absolutely soaked in her spit. She let my rubbery head slide between her lips, as she sucked it like it was a fucking ice-lolly. Meanwhile, I was burying my face into Angela’s ass, which she was thoroughly enjoying.

“I want to fuck your big tits,” I groaned, trying not to shoot my spunk all over Jessica’s face. Angela turned around, and got on her knees facing me. I pulled out of Jessica’s mouth, and stuck my shaft in between her titties. She spat into her tits, as I began to fuck them, my big hard dick sliding in between them like a pair of water balloons. She started sucking my cock too, which felt fucking insane.

“Do you like fucking my tits baby?” she asked, looking straight into my eyes. “I love feeling that big, hard monster cock fucking them, my titties wanking you off. You going to cum for me baby? You going to cover this pretty face?” What a dirty little slut!

“Get on your knees, right now.” I barked at her. She did as she was told. She stuck her ass up in my face. I started stroking my cock, ready in anticipation. I spat into her ass and pussy, and stood up, crouched over her.

“Fuck her baby, fuck that pussy and ass,” Jessica said. “Fuck her like your riding a little pony!” That was enough for me. I grabbed my cock at the base, and rubbed the head up against her pussy hole.

“Fuck me baby, fuck me now. Fuck me with that big cock, make me scream, make me cum all over it, you fucking bastard!” Angela screamed.

Before anyone knew it, I rammed my cock down into her pussy. Man, she was tight. She screamed in pain and ecstasy, throwing her head back, wailing. I left my cock in the same position for a little while, filling her pussy out, stretching her like elastic.

“OH MY GOD!” Angela screamed. “OH MY FUCKING GOD! HIS COCK IS MASSIVE!!” The funny thing is, not all of cock was even in her! Only about 7 inches of it! I slowly proceeded to lower my dick even further down into her, as she moaned and wailed like a puppy. Jessica was just watching us in total awe, rubbing her clit. I then pulled back a little, before sliding deeper again. There was no way I was going to get all my cock up her pussy. I needed to fuck her ass.

“I’m going to fuck your asshole baby, ” I exclaimed. “Will you let me fuck your hot little asshole?”

“OH MY GOD YESSSSSSS!” Angela wailed as I filled her cunt up with my enourmous piston. I pulled my dick out, and stuck it in Jessica’s face. “Suck it,” I ordered, “suck it like a good little cocksucker”. She did exactly as I ordered, and tasted her friend’s pussy all over it. Angela was meanwhile trying to get her breath back. She gasped, like she hadn’t been breathing for 5 minutes. Her pussy was stretched; guess she won’t be walking for a while!

“Ahhhh yeah!” Jessica was such a good cocksucker. Probably better than Angela, but who cares. I pulled my dick out of Jessica’s mouth, and rubbed my head against Angela’s asshole.

“This will probably hurt baby,” I warned.

“I don’t care, just fuck my asshole baby,” she said. “It wants to be fucked by your monster cock so badly, so, so bad. Fuck it good.” She was begging me.

With a deep breath, I rammed my dick down into her asshole. She screamed out in pain, like I had just stabbed her with a fucking sword! Man, I could get my entire dick into her ass, I thought. I slowly slid my cock deeper into her, closer and closer to my balls.

“FUCK ME, FUCK MY ASS, FUCK IT BABY, FUCK IT YES!” Angela was screaming so loud, it’s surprising no one could hear! I started going up and down, sliding my dick in and out – with ever fuck, it became easier and easier. Her asshole was getting stretched to hell!

“Fuck her like your riding a little pony you fucker!” Jessica shouted at me. “Fuck her like the bad little slut she is!”

I started fucking her asshole like there was no tomorrow. She was screaming in pain and ecstasy, telling me to fuck her harder and faster. Riding her like a fucking horse, I did exactly what she told me to do. Jessica grabbed hold of my ass, and helped me push down in order to get as deep as possible. This was incredible. I grabbed Jessica’s face and pulled it towards mine.

“I want to fuck your ass too honey, will you let me fuck your ass too?” I asked her, more politely than intended. She looked at me, and kissed my lips.

“Of course big boy, fill me up like a fucking pony!” she wailed. Yanking my cock out of Angela’s no stretched to fuck asshole, I jerked my cock, and got ready to plunge it into Jessica’s ass. Angela just collapsed on the grass, panting, trying to regain her breath.

“What are you waiting for you bastard, fuck my ass!” Jessica screamed at me.

Without even a moment’s hesitation, I rammed my dick so hard into her ass, she screamed like a banshee. Her ass was even tighter than Angela’s, it was fucking beautiful. I grabbed her head and pulled it back towards me. Angela looked up at me, lying on the grass. “Fuck her big boy”, she whispered.

I started fucking her ass like a pussy, no even waiting for her to beckon me on. I rammed my cock in and out like a fucking piston, slamming my balls into her ass, slapping against it like a drum.


I started to fuck even harder, faster. Man, this girl ain’t going to walk for weeks. Angela was now sitting on the grass, looking up at me, licking her juicy lips. I was fucking like a champion. My balls were slamming so hard into her they began to ache. I could feel my balls filling up with cum, ready to blow my load any second. I wanted to destroy her asshole, the slut deserved it.

“ARGH!” I screamed at the top of my lungs. “BOTH OF YOU GET ON YOUR KNEES!”

I yanked my cock out of her ass, which was now stretched like a clowns pocket. Standing up, I held my majestic cock over their faces, and started wanking like mad.

“Give us all your hot juicy spunk baby!” they both yelped at the same time. “Cover our faces! Turn us into spunk snow cones!”

“OH MY GOD!” I shouted, as I threw my head back. A spurt of cum shot out like a gun blast, slapping across Jessica’s face like a punch. Another jet blasted out over Angela’s tits. I threw my head back and shot again, this time a thick string of jizz landing in Angela’s hair.

“YES YES YES!” I shouted! I was Cumming like a fucking elephant! Shots of spunk shot out like cannon blasts, absolutely covering the two girls. They were giggling with glee as I totally iced their faces with warm sticky spunk. A final blast hit Jessica in the eye, which made me laugh out loud.

“GODDAMN!” I screamed. I slapped my dick around their faces a few times, wiping the cum all over. They both gave my cock a final suck each, getting rid of that final bit of spunk.

“Thank you baby,” Angela said. “That was a huge load from a huge cock!” She giggled as she wiped the dripping, oozing cum from her forehead.

“That was amazing chick,” Jessica exclaimed. She looked like a kid on Christmas morning – so happy! I leant down and kissed them both on the lips.

“Thanks girls, that was amazing.” I said. “Did you enjoy yourselves?”

They both nodded in succession.

“Can we get a photo with your cock Hugh?” Angela asked?

“I guess so yeah, if you want!” I laughed.

She leant over to her back, and grabbed her digital camera. She pointed it at herself and Jessica, with my enormous flaccid dong hanging between their shoulders. They were both still soaked in spunk.

“Say Big Cock!” Angela said giggling, and both of the girls grinned as the camera flashed.

I collapsed down in between them on the grass, my dick slapping between my legs.

“Thanks girls, we should do this again someday!” I exclaimed, laughing. They both giggled, and laid their heads down on my shoulders.

“Well one things for sure – we aren’t going to be walking anywhere for the next couple of weeks!”

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