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Lust’s Willing Slave

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This story came about quite unexpectedly. It involves a good friend of mine, William. We have known each other since high school and he was one of the few I have kept in touch with over the years. By coincidence, we have both been living in Knoxville together for years. It has not been uncommon for us to hang out, have movies nights, or a night out on the town. I hooked him up with one of my girlfriends, Sarah, and the two of them seemed to hit it off well. So well, in fact that they dated for about two years.

The end of the relationship came when Sarah got a job in the Nashville area as a teacher. They tried the long distance thing but ultimately it didn’t work out. There is a reason for that.

Sarah, as one of my friends, is a bit of a horn dog. She loves sex. I mean who doesn’t. She also really cared for William. A lot. When she first moved to Nashville, they had planned a beautiful trip to the Caribbean, to give them time together and away from the stresses of the every day. A wonderful idea, right?

Well, as the months passed, Sarah began to get those “urges”. Torn between her love of the cock and her love for William, she gave in to the love of the cock. I can’t blame her. Their relationship changed when she moved. Nothing really major, just subtle things. I guess you can say personalities didn’t sync up anymore.

Anyway, William wasn’t too distraught. They stayed friends. Sarah’s honesty was definitely the reason for that. Sarah went on to become the harlot of Nashville (wink, wink, just kidding). William instead didn’t date. At all. We still hung out and did the things we always did. It was like Angelica Rose and her plus one.

When the time came for the trip to the Carribean, he asked me to go with him. Because he couldn’t get his money back, he never canceled the it. He had hopes that maybe he could find someone. When he didn’t, he asked me. After slugging him in the shoulder for considering one of his closest friends either a consolidation prize or a reluctant travel buddy, I said sure. Actually I believe my exact words were “Sure, why not?”

Que up the Sofia Petrillo story, “Picture it….”. We had a good time driving to Key West, joking and singing horribly to even worse music. The cruise was awesome. He had never been on a ship like that before and it cool seeing it through his eyes. Kind of like your child the first time they go to Disney World and see their favorite character. It was like that.

We checked in with hopes that we could get separate rooms as opposed to the suite he had reserved for he and Sarah. Long story short, we were roomies. Not bad considering we had stayed the night at each other’s houses since we were kids. It was like a cooler, more expensive night at his house. Or my house. You decide.

William and I had a blast the first day we were there. We went diving, walked the beaches, looked at hot men and women —complete with the point system too! That night, we decided to try one of the local spots that was suggested to us by the (really cute) guy behind the reception desk.

When we were seated, we became increasingly aware that it had a very “free spirit” vibe. We ordered our dinner, drank, and listened to the wonderful entertainment. We weren’t aware of it at the time, but apparently at ten p.m. the cabana becomes a dance club.

As neither of us have done the club thing in quite few years, it was a nice change of pace. They started off with some “Holiday” and ventured into Kylie Minogue about an hour later when we finally stepped off the floor. We were more than just a little close on the dance floor. We bumped, grinded, and practically had sex while we let go of our inhibitions there.

Ordering a few rounds of drinks, somehow the conversation turned towards how much fun dancing was. I teased him about being an incredible dancer. You know what they say about a man who can dance, supposedly was the kind of stuff we teased each other about.

He mentioned that it was the closest he’d come to sex since he and Sarah split up.

Which was almost a year prior to the trip. What the fuck, right?

I told him that he needed to get back on the wagon and not waste his talents. To which he responded to “what talents”? I told him that it was his dancing and sexual aptitude as a result of it. He knew I was lying. Or at the very least holding something back.

Now keep in mind, we’d known each other for the better part of thirty years. He was six years younger than me. Most of the girls he dated… “talked”. Sarah thanked me for introducing them because of his “condition”. A “condition” that William had thought I was referring to now as evidenced by his increasingly red face.

I’ll spell it out. The “condition” I speak of is William’s supposedly enormous cock. It is the stuff of legend according to every woman he’s dated. I figured they told me because it wasn’t big at first or that he sucked in bed. You know, make up stories to share in high school type-of-thing. At first, yeah I could believe it. The reality of it was when Sarah told me and I didn’t believe her. It wasn’t until she provided me photographic evidence that I believed her.

As uncomfortable as it was for William, the “truth” came out. I joked and laughed at his expense while noting that several people who’d walked past us looked. Mostly woman, but a couple of guys smiled and admired him too.

To make it worse, I told him about the picture I saw.

His face was about as red as a beet. I could see the beads of sweat coming down his forehead now. I reveled in his discomfort. Until he turned it around on me.

With my knowledge of his “condition”, he wondered why I never tried to fuck him. My response was because he was my buddy, my William. I couldn’t sleep with William. I admitted a slight attraction to him in high school but once I got engaged, he became something like a brother to me. I reminded him that he stayed the night with me during the lonely nights when my ex-husband was away on trips and consoled me when I discovered his affairs. I also confided in him many of my sexual exploits, starting with John, when I got divorced. He did the same with me. There wasn’t much off limits to us.

This teasing dynamic between us has always existed and we’ve never truly thought much of it. He challenged me, playfully, at first to take him on and try it in response to my razzing of him. I did the “eeehhh” and “gross” thing that little kids do. Honestly I don’t think I had ever thought of William in a sexual way. Completely odd considering my sexuality, right?

Well, the thought was put into my head that night and the more we teased and played with the idea, the more receptive I was to it. Even when we went back to the dance floor, the teasing continued. Except that this time, the teasing was more like a full-blown attempt at getting into each other’s pants. The lines between playtime and business, as it were, had become increasingly blurred.

I think I became aware of William as a man the moment I slid down his body and saw his erection bulging through his slacks. When I rubbed myself against him as I rose back up him, I felt it press into my belly.

He smiled at me wickedly, telling me not to play with fire because I might get burned.

We continued to dance through three or so songs, but it wasn’t until they turned down the lights even more and they changed the tempo from dance/hip-hop/techno to dance/dance (if you catch my drift) that we even cared. Well, “Angel” by Aerosmith was the first slow song they played.

Instead of leaving the floor, we looked at each other for a long moment. He extended his hand and I took it. Pulling me to him, we began to slowly tiptoe into familiar but now awkward territory. I remember resting my head into his shoulder and chest for a great majority of the song. William was always a great dancer. Comes from years of taking dance lessons, I suppose. Seriously.

Maybe midway through the song, I looked up at him to see him looking down at me. Our eyes caught. We smiled, warmly, before reality reminded us of who the other was.

As our heads dipped closer to one another, I had not realized that “Angel” was over. Continuing to dance through “Careless Whisper”, something odd happened at the end of the song.

We kissed.

It was innocent. Brief. Yet it left us in the far end of the cabana, searching for meaning while everyone else around us was dancing.

I mean, we kissed before. Tons of times. With kisses just as innocent as this one. This one, however, THIS ONE carried something else with it. A silent admission.

Realizing we were the only two not dancing, we left the floor together and returned to our seats. Seats on the far corner from where we stopped dancing.

No sooner had we sat down, the dance/hip-hop/techno music started up again. We looked at each other in silence for a moment. It wasn’t a awkward silence, it was one of those “what the fuck happened” moments.

Within five minutes, we were laughing and playing like the kiss never happened. Or that it did, just that the meaning behind it didn’t matter.

I couldn’t help myself.

I was hot.


Dancing with an attractive man who had a horse cock.

What woman’s libido isn’t going to be shook up after that?

Add copious amounts of alcohol, even if most of it had been danced off over the course of hours, and it is a dangerous mix.

Whether on purpose of mistake, I was now a slave to my own lust.

“William, I want to kiss you.”

He seemed puzzled, as if he did not understand the request.

“Seriously,” I drew in my bottom lip, “I want to kiss you.”

“Ok.” he joked, the realization of what I wanted to do was slowly beginning to kick in.

“I mean like you’re a guy.” I winced as I said it. I couldn’t believe I just said it.

William chuckled, quite confidently, “I can assure you that I am a guy.” He looked at me with curiosity before his mood changed. It became…. intense. His brown eyes seemed to narrow and focus.

On me.

I felt warm. As if something dirty had just happened.

I reached across the table and placed a hand between his legs, a vain attempt to touch his cock, “I know you’re a guy”, I felt my breath catch in my throat, “I am very aware that you are a man.”

“You don’t say?” he teased, widening his legs to allow me access to what I sought, the fucker was teasing me!

“I do.” I nodded. I felt the warmth of his crotch, the sudden stretching of fabric as I struggled to reach just one…more…inch….

He chuckled, quite amused at himself. Or the situation we were staring directly into now, I wasn’t sure. “I have to say,” he paused, the dramatic type, “I am well aware that you are a woman, Angelica.”

“Am I now?” I pursed my lips, the response coming from my lips like a whistle.

“Not just now,” He intently narrowed his eyes at me, “I’ve always been aware.”

Oh God, I remember thinking: I want to fuck him in the worse possible way. It had been a while since I had sex, four months, which for me is a lifetime. I needed that familiar release now in the worst and most incredulous way. The urge was too much to contain anymore. All that dancing, grinding, bumping, intimacy, and teasing was too much to resist. Especially with an available cock right in front of me…

“How about that kiss?” He was continuing to egg me on, “Show me that you are a woman.”

He watched me push my chair back, rise to my feet, walk around the table, and looked surprised when I leaned over to kiss him. Abruptly, he shoved his chair back and pulled me down onto his lap. My spine tingled as I felt his strong hands splayed across my back and traced the outline of it down to my hips.

“I want you, William.” I admitted, kissing his neck, “I want to have sex with you.”

A blatant admission. I have to admit, I hadn’t thought about the repercussions of a sexual interlude between us. Could we keep it simple? Sure we could, I assured myself.

Fuck it, I thought. I need this. I need to sate my desire.

“We should do this my way,” he said wryly against my lips, “because I have lots of ideas for what we can do with each other.”

“You may speak the truth.” I spoke partially above a whisper before kissing his lips again.

I leaned in close to William and bit the fleshy and warm bottom of his ear before whispering against his neck, “However, I think you will find that doing this my way is going to be way more fun my way.”

To emphasize my point I shifted my bottom against his erection, innocently at first, before I noticed my “wiggle” had much more of an impact than I had anticipated which was quite advantageous for me. I could feel the pulse of his erection through his clothing and I murmured my delight to him as he sucked in a deep breath and held it for a moment before releasing it slow and measured, a vain attempt at maintaining some decorum of control.

With an enchantingly, wicked smile, I moved against him once more in a very slow and leisurely seesaw manner. This time, the effect was two-fold and served to spike my senses as well as his with Flash-like speed. I could not help but laugh to myself at the delirium I imagined us to be entwined in soon. The thought of his cock deep inside me made my clit throb.

William took possession of my hips, fingers splayed and exerted pressure downward, holding me firm against his straining cock. His dark, brown eyes closed for a long second before reopening consumed with fire and determination. I can’t exactly explain what that “look” is on a lover’s face but it is one of “the looks” that make me ready to fuck my lover until the last ounce of energy is gone from their body.

I had to kiss him at that moment. My will became exerted over his in the next. There was a certain urgency within my body that was itching to come out. That impatience, for lack of a better word, gave a power to the kiss that might have otherwise been lacking. I wanted to ransack and ravage this man; I didn’t want a taste and I certainly did not to sample his “goods”. I wanted a full-on gluttonous preview of what was to come this evening.

He tried to pull away. William tried to take control but I was not having it this night. I gripped his face, “No. If you do not play by my rules, then you shall not have me.”

In reality, he could have easily broken free from me. He was a lot larger than me. Stronger, too. Both facts were clearly known, hell, Stevie Wonder probably could have guessed this man could have turned the tables on me quite easily. Instead, William conceded to my order.

He was mine.

William did curl one hand around the back of my neck and ensured that our bodies did not part. His kisses were less forceful, his tongue exploring me in a grazing rhythm in tune with the pace and lead I had established. His free hand came to drift slowly down my back, sliding upward for a moment, as his fingertip came to rest on the plump outer curve of my cloth-covered breast.

The feel of his fingertips sinking gently against the fabric of my maxi dress ignited a deeper fire within my belly. My breathing changed instantly at that moment. I was very much aware of how vulnerable I was presently and the control I possessed, however imaginary, made my stomach ache for more of his touch.

Perhaps it was gratification but he chose to inhale my increasingly erratic breaths and drew me closer. A solitary moment later found my body arching upward to him, allowing premier access to the body part that he was massaging. He kissed the taut tip of my nipple through the maxi dress before waving his hand over it. Slowly his index finger pressed against my nipple. My instinctive response, of course, was to give more of myself to him by pressing into his hand.

I felt the flex of his hips as he thrusted upward, ramming his cock against my bottom. I giggled softly and my head flew back in response to the sensations I felt. His hands clamped hard onto my hips and exerted a rough downward motion. His cock literally pressed against the lips of my pussy. I found myself needing more than this feeble foreplay. He must have felt the same way because we both groaned at the pleasure building up within us.

I was no longer in a mood to wait. The urge to take him was quickly becoming a necessity.

“I’m done.” I murmured against the side of his head, pushing him away as I spoke the words.

I could almost hear the skipping of his heartbeat as he saw me pull away. The next moment his eyes widened as I reached for the zipper on his slacks. “I am done kissing.” I bluntly stated.

The zipper was down and I stood up.

Reaching for my nearby purse, I reached inside and fiddled for a moment before withdrawing a foil wrapped object. I held it up and with my teeth ripped it open and placed it upon his considerably more than generous cock.

A momentary thought about kicking off my sandals was pushed away. William had given thought about rising to his feet and fucking me against the wall. I saw it in his eyes. I sensed it in his movements. I wasn’t having it.

Placing my hands on either shoulders, I leaned against him and kissed his lips. It was soft and tender, with lips parting before our tongues danced against one another. I couldn’t wait much longer, my entire body was on edge. I was eager for his sex to be inside of me. I had to stifle my excitement as I straddled him, already imagining that magnificent cock deep inside of me. His hands lifted up to my sides and led me in, helping to raise the hem for our ascent to ecstasy.

William adjusted my position only slightly in order to bring the crest of his cock against the wet, throbbing lips of my pussy. With determination, he gripped my hips while our teeth gritted in pleasure as my flesh parted for him.

The world around us was muted and solitary in the next few moments. The silence, in reality nonexistent, was mentally manufactured by me as I began to take the full sensual force of what William was giving to me. That impact—with slick, electrifying friction as our bodies merged— caused me to yield to the desirable, the wanted, the needed, and the incredible sexualized invasion I was enduring. I felt a combination of pain and frantic pleasure wash over me as I came to rest completely on his cock. I felt it’s head pressing against the walls of my stomach.

I could hardly breath as I adapted to the careful yet raw burrowing of William’s massive cock inside of me. He took advantage of my momentary loss of perceived control and slipped his hands under my bottom. He took deliberate care to slide me back up his cock with a leisured and controlled ascent; no doubt to prolong the writhing sensations of having his eleven inches of sinful delight inside of me.

It worked.

I felt every soul-shattering degree of friction he provoked within me. I couldn’t help myself but to cry out in joyous delight as he completed one single thrust. It may have been too much for Samantha from Sex and the City, but a cock this size was more than pleasurable, it was downright fucking incredible.

My hips trembled in response to the second thrust of downward motion. My fingertips clutched at his shoulders as I felt him brush against my clit as my flesh gave way to him. I panted bit my lip, cursing at him in thought only, as I feverishly demanded more of his offering to me.

He must have sensed my distress because he obliged. We began to pick up speed and tempo, but each thrust was full and complete. I could sense his own impending climatic rush, but it was irrelevant to me. Despite his own condition, he lifted me up again so that we could both feel the lust-filled rapture that had made us victims of our own desire.

God, it was glorious. Every inch of my body hummed. I was awake and hungry. At the next depth of my descent, I arched away from him. Arms flailed behind me and my head fell back. Blood rushed to my head, providing me a vertigo-like rush of warmth, as my nerve endings elsewhere began to tense.

His hands claimed my hips, pushing me down and to provide me with balance, but in my delirious state of arousal I heard his distressed breathing. He was on the edge.

I vaguely heard his breathing stop for a moment as he came. Undaunted, I continued to ride him. Forcing myself on him, I was now challenging him to provide me with release.

To my surprise, William obliged me. Despite his own satisfaction, he continued to thrust his hips against me. With the next full thrust, I lifted myself from my backward state and collapse against his chest. Kissing his neck and throat, I bit his lip. Feeling his smile under my aggressiveness only served to make me more bold.

I sat up straight and began to move up and down his cock on my own. I couldn’t help myself. Each long, thorough, and soul-shattering time I reached the apex of descent and climb I found myself rising in anticipation for the next.

I felt my hands begin to caress my body. From my neck to my hips, I don’t think I left a single inch of flesh alone during that time of extreme pleasure. I even played with the plunging neckline of my maxi dress and played with my breasts. Squeezing one nipple I delighted in the sensation as he continued to look at me with either admiration or want. I could care less. He was giving me what I wanted at this moment. That’s all that mattered.

I knew the moment that I began to quicken my pace that orgasm was not far off. I couldn’t stop myself. I wanted to spend every moment I could fucking the hell out of this gorgeous cock inside of me. The speed and the curiosity with which my climax occurred didn’t detour me from taking every ounce of him.

I screamed, mildly, in short, panicked bursts until my entire body hummed with heat and electricity. I felt as if I had just taken a shower because all I could feel was the sensation of hot, pulsating water on my skin. I rammed myself harder and harder on his cock, insistent to either take everything he could give or to beat my orgasm to it’s conclusion.

It lasted a while. I don’t know exactly how long but I remember hearing LL Cool J in the background and it lasted nearly the whole song. I needed this orgasm.

When the humming in my ears finally subsided and the sensation of floating, or rather riding the Drop Zone at Carowinds ceased as well, I laughed hysterically to myself but in reality it came out as a mild, continuous chuckle. I finally looked William in the eyes and told him thanks for the fuck.

We shared a laugh and I leaned in to kiss his forehead. Kissing his cheek, I turned my lips a little further down to his throat and the rapidly beating pulse of his heart.

He grinned. “Why did we wait so long?”

I smiled sweetly at him. I didn’t know. I exhaled softly, allowing my body to return to normal before resting my hands on his chest to regard him in a way that I had not previously.

“It was fantastic, though.”

I agreed.

I became aware of our situation quite immediately as I tore myself away from him and realized that I was still sitting on his lap. We chuckled in amusement as he helped slide me up and away from him. Straightening my maxi dress as I stood, my legs did feel a little wobbly. Would a few more minutes of fucking him in that position have caused my legs to begin going to sleep, I wondered. I had wanted to give it a try just for shits and giggles.

I looked back at William and reached down for the base of his cock. That magnificently shaped cock. Stripping off the condom, I watched with much interest as he zipped his slacks back up. I took a moment to turn my gaze from him to looking at the condom. The latex was definitely stretched out now. Wasn’t expecting to fuck a horse on this trip.

Not knowing where to discard it, he took it from my hand and stood up. Taking the napkin from the table, he wrapped it carefully, both for cleanliness and appearances. Not that it mattered. I was pretty sure that everybody saw us fucking in the cabana. That thought tickled my belly.

We sat and talked for another hour or so. When we finally did leave, we did so like we almost always did when we went out somewhere. He extended his arm and I wrapped mine inside of his. It was still quite natural and not awkward at all.

As we left the cabana, he kissed the side of my head and I nudged a little closer to him. Again, it was natural, as if we had never fucked.

Walking along the path, I turned and regarded him for a moment. His strong facial features, his deep brown eyes, and shortly cropped hair. He was an attractive man. I had always thought so. Fucking him tonight had been completely unexpected. A welcome unexpectation. Was it wrong of me to want more of his body?

And like that, the urge hit and I became lust’s fickle slave again.

Did I want to go back to the suite and fuck William again? Did I want him to take me here, in the sand,so that I could experience that massive cock inside of me? I was too distracted by the thought of us having sex again that I couldn’t decide on how or where. Hell, I couldn’t even think past the possibility that what had happened in the cabana was a one-time thing.

William must have sensed my distress.

“You are awfully quiet, Angel.” He stopped and turned to face me, lifted my face to him with the crooking of a single finger, “What is going on in that head of yours?”

“William,” I shook my head, “We just fucked.” Pointing to the direction of where we had just come from. “It is something that I can’t get out of my system.”

He laughed tenderly at me.

“I told you.” He winked, “You played a game and got burned, didn’t you.”

I admitted defeat. “I did, didn’t I?” I chuckled with him, “Still, I want your cock. Does that make any sense?”

He shrugged. “Sure. The biological urge to have sex is incredibly great with me as well.”

The fucker. Still joking. “Ok, Mr. Spock,” I stuck my tongue at him, “I want to feel you inside of me again.”

“I can oblige.” he teased.

“I am being serious.” I pouted.

“So am I.”

In the next instant, William pulled me to him and we kissed. I eagerly returned his hungry attentions.

He palmed my breasts through the cotton fabric of the maxi dress. He told that it wasn’t enough, we chuckled and I found his hands tunneling through the low neckline before pulling raising hands upward to undo the knot which kept the garment on me.

Oh my God, I thought. My breasts felt heavy, pendulous and completely ached to be touched. My rose colored-tips could not have been more stiff and pouty. Slowly he dragged his mouth away from my lips and bent over to pull one of my nipples against his tongue. I gasped at that moment and instinctively my hands stilled on his back as he continued to worship my breasts.

I wasn’t without my tricks as well. Dropping my mini-bag, I moved to undo his slacks. The belt gave way in the moment before the clasp to the slacks went. His erection pulsed against his boxers as I lowered his fly. I caught him completely unaware when I slid my hand down the front of his Hanes.

I felt breath hiss against my nipple when I tried to wrap my hand around his cock.

I wanted to stroke his entire body with my fingers the exact same way that I was stroking him now. I had given thought to dipping to my knees and showing him how schooled I was in the art of oral sex, since we had talked about it many times throughout the years of our friendship. Instead he held my shoulders quite firmly and kissed me instead.

Lifting the hem of my maxi dress, he worked his fingers between my thighs and the softness of the skin hidden at the apex of my body. He smiled when he found me to be ready and waiting for him. He bent me down and laid me down on the sands of the beach.

“Where are the condoms?” he asked.

“Here.” I reached for my mini-bag and with my considerable skills, retrieved what we both desired. I whispered against his ear and kissed his neck, “I want to feel that cock inside of me now, William.”

I shivered as he made short work of the distance between us, the foil wrapper, and the condom. I fought against him to take the condom from his hands and put it on for him. Any chance I had to touch his cock had to be had. I loved the way he gritted his teeth as I slowly put the cool latex on him, both relishing and teasing him as I did so.

Once I had placed it firmly on him, he nudged my knees apart and hovered over me. I saw the want in his eyes, though it definitely paled in comparison to mine. He leaned in to kiss me again.

I touched his erection again, this time to help guide him into me. He was taking too damn long, I thought jokingly at the time. He paused in the instant his head parted my flesh. I could feel his heartbeat increase as he slowly dipped inside of me.

I cried out a meek “yes” and laughed my pleasure as I arched my back. It seemed like it had taken forever to fill me to his hilt and I relished in the return of the pain/pleasure his girth and length provoked in me. All I know is that the moment he completed his entry into me, I engulfed into a writhing flame of uncontrolled fire.

It started with a sigh somewhere at the tips of my ears and traveled the length of my body down to the very tip of my toenails. I surrendered to this fire, gave everything of myself to it, and invited it to consume me.

I felt and could see the strain of his arms as they attempted to keep him above me. I was drawn to his biceps, marveling at the very familiar sight and feel of them. How very different it was now. When he took a full stroke inside of me, my head fell back, completely drowned in sensation and now full of sand. There was no stifling the moan which escaped from deep inside the core of my being. I was so wrapped up in myself and what I was feeling that I was completely unaware that he was kissing me, first on my bare breast then my throat.

I returned his oral attentions, meeting his lips with mine. Our tongues tangled, nearly mimicking the way our bodies were merging together. My legs were firmly wrapped around his, our hips coming together and apart, him inside of me, as we moved together in rhythm.

Drawing back from his kiss, William made a low sound in the back of his throat. This act of vulnerability forced me to urge my own pleasure simply knowing that I am the one who has taken him to that level. The fact that we were experiencing this together was still new but the feelings being provoked, nurtured, and experienced were just as intimate to me as the act of a cock thrusting inside of me was.

I slid my hands down his chest, around his back and down to his behind, reveling in the movements and ultimate power that he possessed, as I sought to match each thrust of his with one of mine.

His rhythm quickened, stealing my breath away. I moved my arms to brace myself against the sandy ground beneath me in a vain attempt to steady myself. The rocking of our bodies prompted such an act but I also knew that there was going to be a resolution to it soon.

As my hands flailed against grains of sand, coming up empty in an attempt to find stability, I felt the fire from within reaching up towards my throat, knowing full well it had already spread throughout my entire body but was aching and fighting for release.

Desperate for something to hold onto, my arms wrapped around William’s back. I cried out for more, faster, and harder. My nails raked his back, moving downward again and clenching his bottom. I tried to push him into me in a delirious frenzy of want and impending release.

Part of me didn’t want the moment to end. The other part of me cried impatiently for a release which seemed too far off in the horizon. I moaned in sweet and reckless abandon, groaning as his strokes became measured and thorough.

I rocked forward and back with his strokes, attempting to match him and force entrance whenever the tip of his erection seemed ready to leave my body. I simply was not going to have that happen. Not now. Not when I was so fucking close.

He definitely knew how to fuck. I will give him that. William repositioned himself to where I needed and wanted to feel him most. I sucked in a deep breath as he acted on my silent request. I pleaded against him as he seemed ready to withdraw before he thrusted deep into me again.

He continued his deep strokes, coaxing orgasm from me finally. At the mercy of lust, I found it to be intoxicatingly blissful. I lifted my hips up as I felt the fire finally escape, I wrapped myself around him as tight as I could while he pounded satisfaction from me.

William continued to thrust into me even as my orgasm subsided and my body relaxed. I’ll admit the tightening within my belly every time he thrusted inside of me was like a tongue flicking my clit.

I felt William biting a nipple as he found release too. He groaned into my ear, his hand coming up to cup my breast. I gave myself to him arching as long and as much as I could for him to purge his demons far inside of me. The heat of his body against mine was becoming too much to bear and in the final throes of my orgasm, I thought to myself “fuck it”. I didn’t want it to end. If lust had made me it’s slave, I wanted to be bound to it forever.

He slid from inside of me, leaving me empty and cold for a moment. He laid beside me and I felt the warmth of his arm brush mine. We laid out and looked out to the stars for a long moment before I looked at him and asked him about what this was.

To my surprise, he returned my look and smirked, like he has so often. “This is about sex, Angel.”

“I want to fuck you all night long.” he joked.

I laughed at him, knowing he was serious. “Well, I’ve got sand in all kinds of places so I want to shower before,” and I grabbed his semi-hard erection, “that gets back inside of me.”

The next ten minutes were seriously the longest of my life. For two hundred yards or so, William and I were making out and practically doing everything we could to make life more difficult for the other until we were both standing stark naked and ready to fuck in our suite.

In the elevator on the way up, he untied the knot to my maxi dress and let it fall off my shoulders. Immediately William proceeded to pleasure my breasts. His tongue, teeth, and lips used in unison to provoke a flame which ignited in the pit of my belly.

He ensured that the fire would remain lit by pressing me completely against the far back of the elevator wall and lifted a leg so that he could run a hand up my thigh until he reached the soft, warm center of my being. I moaned in exquisite pleasure as he inserted a finger directly at the bottom of my pussy and rocked it slowly in and out. I swear I could feel the rumble of desire extend throughout my body and I hungrily sought his mouth in vain.

The elevator opened and together we moved into the hallway. I was able to tear myself away from him long enough to cover my exposed breasts with the flimsy cotton of my dress, all the while his kisses teased the edges of my hairline, my neck, my shoulders, and spine.

Practically kicking the door in, we moved inside and I let the maxi dress fall to the floor in a rumpled heap. Attacking William, I assaulted his mouth with more intent and anguish than I had ever done to him before. I felt him smile under the touch of my lips and tongue as I sought to work out some of the excruciating tension that had been steadily building from within me.

Rolling along the wall, we continued to pursue one another with the knowledge that sex was in our immediate and inevitable future. In the thirty seconds it took to get to the bathroom, we had managed to get him completely naked. I reveled in him for a moment before taking leave of him, briefly, to turn the shower on.

Pushing me inside, he slid the door closed behind him as he stood behind me. I reached for the bar of soap, lathering it in my hands before reaching for his shoulders. Smoothly I massaged the suds into his hot flesh as we kissed. Trailing kisses down his throat and neck, I let my wandering hands reach for something lower and far more sinister.

The moment that my soap-covered hand reached his cock, there was a sharp intake of breath. He whimpered as I began to run my hand up and down the only muscle in his body that I truly cared about at the moment. Placing my other hand on his balls, I massaged them equally as thorough.

A delirious laugh escaped his lips and he fell backwards against the tiled wall as my body pressed in closer to him. I continued to kiss his neck as my hands had their way with him. My strokes quickened and became shorter, concentrating on his increasingly swollen and strained head and it’s smooth underbelly. It was not until I felt his body tremble and experienced the liquid warmth which immediately followed that I ceased pleasuring him with my hands.

The moment his seed touched my thigh, I felt it’s heat. Tearing myself away from his neck, I looked down to see a ravenous expulsion of his semen. My clit throbbed and I could feel the pang of desire emanate from me as well. I could have came if I squeezed my thighs together instead of parting them to cover his body.

William sensed my own urgency during those first moments of his orgasm because he shifted his weight to one side and it brought my pussy directly between the meatiest part of his thigh. Completely wet and ready for him, my clit awakened to the sensation of my gyration against him. I swear it took about twenty seconds before I cried out my own release and that is when he took control of me.

Taking the soap from my hand, William spun me around and stepped into me. I felt his still pulsating cock between my cheeks as he lathered his hands and massaged my shoulders and breasts with both the soap and his free hand. Arching my neck into him, I tried to reach back and kiss him but he denied me.

Shifting me forward, I felt a heaviness in my bosom as he toyed with my nipples and areolas with his fingers. God, he drove so fucking crazy in those short yet furious minutes in the shower.

As I moaned his name, William’s hands turned lower and possessed my hips. Rocking them from side to side, I felt the power of his cock inching past the cheeks of my ass and further still. The moment I felt his cock brush up against my hole, I instinctively bent forward and my arms flew out onto the glass panels before them.

The rapid beating of hot water on my back helped to sensitize me even more as every piercing drop which came from the shower head felt like tiny razors penetrating my skin. My mouth gaped open as I realized that his the very tip of his head had begun to pierce the tight flesh before him. I did the only thing I could do, invite him in.

I arched my back up to him and he claimed my hips, slowly driving his semi-lathered and drenched cock into the deepest recesses of my body. I cried out.

Shocking pain came first. His massive cock parted skin which was not designed to part easily.

Rhythmic pleasure soon ensued as he buried that glorious monstrosity deep within me as fully as he could. It wasn’t until I felt the heat of his groin press against my ass that I was finally able to take a breath.

It took everything that I had to fight against him in hopes of being able to kiss his lips. My body contorted and bent backwards and to the side but William continued to pound his cock inside of me. With every thrust, my quick, labored breaths gave proof to him of how badly I needed what he was doing to me.

The moment that I reached his lips, I felt as though I had accomplished a climb of Mt. Everest. My body hummed with electricity but I felt drained. It took every ounce of energy I had to purse my lips against his. He matched my query and with several quick meetings and partings of our lips, I could bear the strain against my body no longer, I flew back towards the glass panels in front of me.

I tried to brace myself against the slick glass but their wet and sud-filled existence did not permit me to do so. In the next few moments the battle became fighting against the glass, which was being alternately braced by both breasts, forearms, and hands, to reveling in the heightened sensations of William’s continued pursuit of my ass.

He became more and more distressed with every thrust at that time. His hands firmly claimed my hips and he brought exquisite torture to us both with his single-minded, dogged pursuit of sexual glory. The moment I felt him cum inside of my ass, I laughed with delirium. It so fucking powerful and warm, I could feel it linger and heighten my already considerably nirvanic state.

Who am I kidding? At that point, I was complete and utter nerves. Raw and on edge. With every cum-filled thrust into my ass, I moaned throaty pleasure as I felt the first pangs of my own orgasm. It seems my own resolve against this onslaught had it’s limits.

Now, I love anal sex.


Few things compare to a man thrusting into me from behind like that. Once a man is there, I am all nerves and too damned sensitive. Now, add a man with an eleven inch cock who was as wide as most cucumbers and there is a recipe for complete anarchy within me. I can have an orgasm during anal sex that is unlike most that I typically have.

From the intensely building knots and butterflies within my stomach, I knew that this orgasm was going to be better than most.

Well, I was severely wrong.

It bitch-slapped nearly every orgasm I have ever had.

The moment I felt my damn break and allow the repressed sensations loose, my legs tingled with numbness, and I literally shook them to try and get feeling back into them. My clit throbbed, as if he had buried himself so far within me, his cock now pounded against it. My breasts felt heavier than cinder blocks and my nipples were awakened with an electric current that it seemed every time they touched the glass wall, there were surges of static electricity.

I bit my bottom lip so hard, I swore I broke flesh. My back ached and arched for him, permitting him to do more to me, allowing him to continually fuck the holy hell out of me, if that were at all possible. I could not open my eyes to see the world around me because the intensity of my reality took me to that place. The best way I can compare is to take lick of the tartest thing you can possibly think of and increase it by at least two fold. You know how your face contorts and you close your eyes because of the sensory overload?

That was where I was at.

I couldn’t breathe. Any attempt to do so came up frustratingly short. I didn’t care. All I could truly concentrate on was this moment.

William’s cock.

This orgasmic Armageddon.

I can’t begin to tell you how long it lasted. It seemed forever, yet too damned short.

I do know that when some moderation of feeling returned to my limbs and I could open my eyes, it took everything I had just to remain upright. My arms could scarcely brace myself against the wall anymore, so they just hung down to my sides. My breasts pressed against the glass leaving an already tightened chest seeking any air that it could muster.

My ass ached.

It hummed in both delicious pleasure and excruciating torturous pain. I swear I almost got off of that on it’s own.

William’s cock was firm against the tender cheeks of my ass, his hands possessing my waist. He was doing his part to keep me upright.

It took me a few minutes to take stock of myself, my senses, and the environment I found myself in but as soon as I was able, I turned to face him.

He was so dominant at that moment.

Pushing my back against the steamed glass of the shower wall, He pressed his body against me. His semi-hard cock pressed hard against my thigh. Lifting one of my legs up, his cock dipped further against my body, swollen head bumping against the folds of my pussy.

He dipped into me and claimed my lips with a possession, hunger, and drive that I did not know him to possess.

I returned his aggression and the next thing I knew, my legs were wrapped around him with my hips angled just right for him to slide his cock inside.

Two short orgasms later, William relinquished control of my body. Wobbly legs touched the tiled floor and it took all my effort to just walk to the sink.

I saw that marvelous chiseled cock glistening from the shower and I desired it within me once more.

I pulled William to me and reached for his cock, begging him to fuck me again.

Thankfully, he did so.

He hoisted me up onto the counter top and arched my hips back. With one full thrust, I felt my body filled again. My head dipped backwards and against the mirror on the wall. I laughed in pleasure as the weakness in my body was replaced with an awareness of William fucking me again.

There was no kissing this time. With every thrust, my head arched and bounced in delirium. I could not suppress the moans building within my throat. As they escaped, they kept pace with him. I tried to keep my hands still but they had a mind of their own. Torn between bracing themselves against the marbled counter top and reaching for William, they found a constant tug of war between the two.

In one instance, my hand took possession of his hair and I clung on for dear life. He smiled and thrusted into harder, if that were possible. I didn’t think it was, but trust me it was.

I could feel my orgasm reaching, clawing it’s way out of the very center of my being. Warm yet numbing it erupted from me after I gained enough of my senses to tighten myself around his cock, placing unneeded pressure on a situation which was already out of hand.

As I came, William took me to the bed and threw me down on the mattress. The shock of his withdrawal from my pussy mid-orgasm came as both a surprise and with mild disdain. My eyes narrowed on him as I clenched my thighs together, attempting vainly to see the orgasm through to it’s finish.

William simply walked away from me. “Fuck,” I cried out begging for him to put that wondrous cock back inside of me.

“I will.” were the only words he spoke as he opened up a drawer and pulled out a pair of panty hose.

I watched with interest as he came back to me and proceeded to tie one of my wrists together, before running the hose through the headboard. As he continued to stretch the fabric, my bound hand rose over my head until he took the other end and tied that to my wrist.

I was now completely bound and his to do with as he pleased.

He had no idea that what was going to please him was going to please me as well.

Sliding onto the bed, William took one of my legs into his hand. Under his firm possession, he began to deeply massage the muscle of my thigh and calf. It was so relaxing yet so damn erotic as well. He dipped his head toward the arch of my calf and kissed me there softly before turning soft kisses towards my thigh.

I felt his strong hands lift my other leg over his head as he moved closer against me. At one point I thought I was going to scream because the anticipation was so great.

The moment that he took a lip of my pussy into his mouth, using his tongue to massage it, I thrusted upwards and fought against my restraint. One solid press of his hand into my hip pushed me back down to the mattress as he deepened his attentive oral fixation on me. Sliding his tongue along the length of my pussy, it was not until he could travel no lower that I felt his tongue dip inside to taste the honey within.

He was being such a fucking tease at that point.

Turning his attention towards the other lip, he traveled up it’s swollen wall until he came to the bud of my womanhood. I begged him to continue. Begged him to end my anguish.

He ignored me. Instead he choose to run his tongue wide down the slit of my pussy and I swore that the resulting stab of want within me nearly caused my stomach to cramp. God I loved it.

He continued to make slow, painstaking love to my pussy, taking careful measure to never once touch my clit.

As he did this, I was aware of my breath quickening, my breasts beginning to shake up and down to both the beating of my heart and to every labored drag of breath I took.

I felt two fingers penetrate deep within my pussy while he playfully kissed and sucked on the moistened and fiery flesh which moved in their wake. Slowly William built up a steady pace which I fought against. Still his hand pressed into my hips forcing me into submitting to his touch but without aiding his cause.

Defiant to the last, I did the only thing I could do in response to his possession of me. I began to sway my hips in rhythm to William. Drawing in my bottom lip, I held my breath and let the sensation wash over me.

The next moment, I erupted into orgasm. He knew it too and went from pushing down my hips to possessing them with both of his hands and pulling my hips up and off the bed. All I saw was his erection move towards my body and I closed my eyes in expectation.

It wasn’t until I felt the head begin to pierce my sopping wet ass that I cried out his name. By the time he filled me, I was in full riot mode. My body sought to lunge off the bed and attack him. The fact I was restrained only added to that feeling of rage but with no way meet him head on, my only recourse was to be an all-too-willing victim.

I was his slave and I loved every fucking minute of it.

By the time William had thrusted twice fully, I was already on edge. With the third thrust, he did so to the absolute hilt of his cock and my womb contracted. I was in full crisis mode.

The bastard didn’t stop.

Instead, William continued his thoroughly penetrating strokes. He drew out the next orgasm as if it were a kitten and he was a toy. It was masterful in directing it, both protracting and antagonizing it.

My eyes were half-lidded, my lips parted just enough to wet them with my tongue. My stomach trembled from the certainty of another orgasm directly behind this one. He had brought me to the edge and beyond so many times already this evening that each release came quicker and easier than the one before. Best of all, they seemed to be intensifying.

William was relentless in his pursuit of my ass. I could hardly feel anything below my breasts anymore. My breasts….God, I would have given anything to squeeze them and coax every ounce of sensation out of my nipples at that moment.

“Fuck!” he roared.

My eyes shot open as I saw the determination in his eyes. He was fighting against the inevitable. In desperation to stave off his eminent free fall, he reached down to me. First he claimed my breasts.

I reveled in his harsh possession of them. He practically ground his hands into them and made them ache from pressure. His hands moved upwards after I cried for more and I found his hands on either side of my face, sliding down to trace them.

A look of deranged sexiness took over his expression and I cried against his touch as his hands moved around my throat. It started out as an innocent brushing of the soft flesh there until his finger brushed against the pulsing vein there. It felt so damned good.

I told him harder.

He did as I wished. I shot out an orgasm so hard and fast that it took my completely by surprise. As I struggled to breath against the aggression I so desperately asked for, I felt another rip through me. My clit was electric and on edge, seemingly ready to erupt with even the slightest breath.

I felt that stunning warmth fill my ass and I called his name as I arched against his possessive hips. My legs, still gripped on him, tightened as he came long, hot, and hard within me. Cursing as he did so, I felt his warmth escape my ass running down my spine and pussy as he continued to jackhammer that magnificent cock within me.

I half expected him to stop at the end of his orgasm but he kept assaulting me. I barely clinging onto reality as two more orgasms swept over me. Part of me wasn’t sure I could take anymore.

The other half was cursing at him to keep pursuing this onslaught of my body. Somehow, I managed to break free of my restraint and I lunged forward towards him.

Arms wrapped desperately around him and I forced him down to me. With knees pressed against my chest, legs wrapped around him, and his body leaning completely against me, if there was ever going to be an end game for sex with William, I had just put all of my cards on the table.

Lucky for me he was playing with a full house.

Somehow, he managed to take a finger and thumb and make his way towards my pussy. Thrusting the finger in and out of my swollen pussy, his thumb pressed against my clit. Hard.

Completely overwhelmed, my senses were no longer my own it seemed. I was floating or was I free-falling. For the love of all things sacred, I could not tell anymore. I had given my body over to lust and was now receiving the deliciously sinful reward and “punishment” for my boldness.

William came again.

I could scarcely care at this point.

The only thing that mattered to me now, as it did earlier in the evening, was the pinnacle of my pleasure and the delicious depravity that my lust had brought me to.

Every inch of my body both hummed with erotic waves of tantalizing energy. It seemed to flow through me and around me. It was as if my entire body was in sync and it brought me to a place of enlightenment that I had only attained a few times before in my life.

I cried out as another release ripped from the very center of my body, possessing my physical form. In an act of desperation, I bit into William’s chest, claiming his nipple as my own and began to consume every inch of his body that I could. For every taste of his flesh I was obtained, I wanted just that much more.

It wasn’t William. It was the moment. It was sex. It was fucking someone with the absolute intent of obtaining pleasure for oneself. We had done that for each other on this night. Would there be more nights like this to come with William? There were. Every night we were on cruise.

Each moment spent together in private became lust-filled sessions in pleasure and this night, well, this night was just the beginning.

As he erupted once more inside of my cum-soaked ass, I clench his bottom and tried in vain to push him closer into me. I was desperate. I knew what I wanted. I was taking exactly what I wanted. This is what it means to be a woman. It means being strong and independent, taking what she needs when she needs to take it. Unapologetic. Uninhibited. Raw and carnal.

Eventually William and I collapsed into a sweaty heap onto the floor. Our fucking had become so frantic, violent, and sense-consuming that it rolled us off the bed. There was no true intimacy between us. No expectation for anything more than what had just happened.

It was sex. Wonderful, clit-throbbing, breath-taking sex.

The only complication which arose from it were two people completely drained and fatigued from a night filled with constant fucking. That night led to six more days of it.

When our lives returned to normal, there was no sadness. It was what it was. I am still single. Williams, well, he ended up banging Sarah on the side. He realized that he could fuck a woman without being attached at the hip. Sarah wasn’t his only conquest. He turned into a regular Romeo. The cool thing is that we still have a movie night and go to ball games. Sometimes we fuck like test bunnies. Other times we talk about sex, life, and whatever comes to mind.

I have received a lot of letters and emails from people wondering where I’ve been. Work has been all too-consuming, sadly. Hopefully this singular story from this January puts Literotica on notice: I haven’t gone quietly into that good night.

Not a chance.

There’s a lot of life still to be lived and this girl is gonna continue to ride the wild wind wherever and whoever it leads me to.

Stay tuned, true believers, there is always another tale to be shared, xoxo.

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