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Web Cam Show

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Everything started when I met this guy who went by the name of Special-S. We both posted on the same bodybuilding message board. I myself was not huge into body building. I have more of a slender runner’s type of body. I did occasionally lift weights though and I liked to check this board to read about supplements and also post in the general off topic discussions.

After posting some pictures in a thread one day, I got a private message from Special-S. He told me that I had a hot body and he recommended I make a profile on a web camera site that he used. He told me I could make money through donations if I turned on my web camera and put on a show for the other users. He said that young slender guys with light blond hair like myself always got a lot of donations.

I thanked him for his recommendation but disregarded it at first. I didn’t have a web camera and putting on a sexy show for other people through a video sounded like it would be awkward to me. I put what he had told me in the back of my mind and for the next few weeks I went about my regular business. I did not think about it until one Saturday morning when I was feeling especially bored and horny.

I was rubbing my cock while watching some porn videos of women doing solo shows. I got especially horny after watching a very hot porn model dance sexily before sitting on a fat dildo. I started thinking about what it must be like to be in front of a camera like that, knowing people are getting turned on while watching you. The thought of making a smutty video of myself rubbing my big prick while cute girls watched and fingered themselves definitely had an erotic appeal to me.

After vigorously beating my dick to several videos, I decided to make my fantasy a reality and went over to the web camera site that Special-S had told me about. I put in my email and made an account under the username str8boi. I filled out a profile including putting down my location and added a picture of myself. Just in case anyone wanted to send me a donation, I linked it to an online pay account I had previously used to bid on an online auction site. After several minutes of waiting for a confirmation email, I logged into my account. There was only one problem; I still didn’t have a web camera.

I left my desk and hopped into my car and quickly drove towards the nearest supercenter. I had a stiff hard on the entire drive over there. When I would stop at an intersection, I would look around to make sure no one was looking at me through the car windows and then I would rub my hand the top of my lap. When I finally got to the store, I had to sit still in the car for a few minutes so I wouldn’t walk into the store while pitching a huge tent in my pants.

I was able to buy a web camera for only $25. On the way back to my apartment, I managed to tear the camera out of its plastic shrink wrap simultaneously while driving back. When I got home, I plugged the camera into my laptop and set it up so it would have a clear view of me. I discarded the clothes I was wearing so that I would be completely nude for the camera. Finally, I logged into the cam site.

I was especially hard and horny at this point. I couldn’t believe I was about to make my own porno video and broadcast it to the web. The thought sent shivers down my back. Since I had never done this before, I thought I should use one of the videos I watched earlier as a guide. I turned the volume off on my laptop and pulled up the video in a web page next to the web cam site. I took a deep breath and steadied my web camera. “It’s now or never,” I said softly to myself. I hit the record button.

The light on my web cam turned red, indicating that it was recording. I hesitated nervously for a second and then shifted my focus from the lens of the web camera to the pornographic movie that I had pulled up. In that movie, the cam girl bounced back and forth, dancing erotically. She shook her ass for the camera and then turned and bucked her hips, thrusting her smooth, shaved pussy forward.

I imitated the girl in the video to the best of my ability. I danced playfully which caused my hard as steel cock to bounce back and forth in front of the camera. I turned around and waived my ass around for the camera. At one point, I bent over and shook my butt cheeks backward. I turned back around and put my hands on my hips. I thrusted my hips forward and my cock swung upwards before falling back down and then I spun it in a circle. I repeated this process a few times. On one occasion I gave the camera an extra close up view of my ass as I shook it side to side. While on another, I spun my cock around right in front of the web camera. I was rock hard and very turned on knowing I was putting on a show.

Eventually I saw the girl on the video begin to finger herself vigorously. I realized this was the time to get down and dirty. I was making a porn video, after all. I grabbed my dick and began to give it a slow and sensual rub down. I grabbed my desk chair and pulled it up behind me. I squatted down into a sitting position in the chair and firmly grasped my cock as if it were a sword. I pumped it up and down while moaning for the camera. After a minute or two of pumping, my cock exploded all over my stomach and chest. It was one of the larger orgasms I have had and lasted for quite a while. I grunted as spurt after spurt of cum flew out from my cock.

“Phew,” I sighed. “What a video.” I turned off the web camera. The website popped up a window asking me if I wanted to upload the clip. I hesitated a bit. Did I really want to put this out there so a bunch of strangers could see me dropping a load on myself? Ultimately, I decided to upload it. I wanted to see what kind of reaction I would get. Perhaps some hot cam girl would send her own video in response. Most of all, I wanted to show off.

I ended up going to go work out at the gym after filming the video and did not end up alone and bored again until Sunday night. I logged into my profile and was surprised to see I had received several donations. It wasn’t like I could support myself doing this sort of thing but it was not a bad haul, it more than made up for the cost of buying the web camera. I checked my inbox and many people had sent me compliments and positive messages. This turned out to be better than I thought it would be. Finally I had a place where I could get some extra money and a little bit of appreciation for keeping my body in good shape.

I recorded several more videos, all very similar to my first one. I would wait until I was feeling horny and then would upload a video and when I checked in a few days, I would get donations and compliments. One person I received consistent compliments from was a user named nutters. Nutters gave very descriptive compliments, telling me I had a perfect, smooth and bouncy ass and I milked my cock like a pro. It always felt good to get a compliment from nutters. One day, nutters left me a message with a phone number and asked me to call. I noticed the area code on the phone number was the same as mine.

I knew I wanted to make the call but I was very nervous. I had hit on girls online before but never ones that had seen me jerk myself off multiple times. Eventually on a Tuesday night, I sat down, drank a beer, and worked up the courage to finally dial the number. I listened intently as the phone rang several times. Finally, I heard a click.

“Hello,” a deep, male sounding voice answered through the phone.

I was a little thrown off because I was expecting a girl’s voice to respond. Nervously, I spoke, “Uhmm, I am looking for someone… uhh, they’re name is nutters.” At this point I felt like a complete idiot. What if I had been tricked and given some random dude’s phone number? Who in their right mind calls asking to speak to someone named nutters?

“Oh hey,” the voice responded. “You must be str8boi. I was waiting for you to call me. And you can call me Jimbo.”

I couldn’t believe it. Nutters was a guy? I responded over the phone, “Oh… I guess I was kind of expecting you to be a girl,” I tried to explain.

“A girl?” the voice asked disbelievingly. “Are you fucking kidding me? There aren’t any girls on that web camera site. You realize all of the people who have been watching your jerk off videos are all dudes? Horny masturbating dudes.”

I was stunned. Looking back at things in retrospect, I should have realized. All the compliments I had been getting, they weren’t from girls who thought I was hot; they were from horny men thanking me for helping them to get off. I quickly scanned the usernames I had gotten comments from, they were names like “commando12”, “callohdutyfan”, “steelrod69”. Those were definitely dude names. I tried to play it cool on the phone, “Right… I knew, I was just joking around…”

“Well that’s good that you know,” the voice stated over the phone. “That last video had over 3,000 hits. That is a lot of dudes beating off while fantasizing about your body.”

I felt kind of disgusted. Of course it was at the back of my mind that maybe some gay guys would watch my videos but I had no idea that thousands of horny men had been vigorously beating their dicks to me.

“You’re hot,” the voice went on. “But you’re not at full potential. That is why I wanted you to call me. I have a proposition for you. Together we can make something really hot that will really get guys off good and you can make a lot of donations.”

I tried to rationalize the position I was in. So maybe I had gotten myself involved in a seriously gay situation and subjected myself to being a fantasy to a lot of gay men but all I did was jerk off and I made a decent amount of money to show for it. I felt embarrassed but I fought off the urge to feel regret for what I had been doing. Trying not to sound uncomfortable, I asked Jimbo what he had to say. “What is your proposition?” I asked.

“Well,” the voice began. “You need to take it up to the next level from this solo stuff. If you want big donations, you are going to need another man in the picture. Jerking off is one thing, but what people really want to see on that site is some hot and sweaty sex.”

“S-sex?” I said over the phone in a startled tone of voice. “I can’t be having sex. I am straight, remember? My name is str8boi. I can’t, I mean, I would never have sex with another guy, especially not on a web camera!”

“Relax,” the voice spoke over the phone. “I know that you’re straight. It’s ok. That is the key to all of this. All these men have been jacking off to you. If they get the impression that they can get a straight boy like you to do some gay stuff for donations, you’ll be making a whole lot of money.”

“Look,” I replied sternly over the phone. “I don’t think you are listening. I don’t care how much money I could make. I am not gay. I am not having gay sex on camera.”

“Son,” the voice responded angrily. “You are the one who is not listening to me. Would you please let me finish? I was saying, I know you are a straight boy. That is why you should team up with me. You see, I used to be in the porn business. All we have to do is make a simulated sex video. It will look like you’re having sex but really you won’t be. You are going to make a lot of money through donations. Not to mention the popularity on the site.”

“I don’t know,” I said skeptically. “I don’t want this video out there where it seems like I am having sex with a guy. What if people I know find out about it? They’ll think I am gay.”

“Don’t worry about that,” the voice says. “That isn’t a problem, not even at all. I can fix that easy. We can just adjust the camera angles, blur your face a little bit. Look, I am a pro at this. What I propose is you meet me over at my place and we can discuss the details. If you are still uncomfortable after meeting with me, than we won’t go through with it.”

I ended my conversation with Jimbo by telling him I didn’t feel comfortable doing it but would at least think about it for a while before I said no. I didn’t really think about it until I was feeling horny the next weekend. I started to think about all the comments and views I had gotten. I firmly identified as straight but I got a weird turned on feeling when I thought about all the men who had jacked off to my videos. Although I wasn’t interested in having any type of sex with another man, I increasingly began to think that making the video described by Jimbo would be a worthy, pleasurable goal. There was something dirty and taboo about playing the role of a straight guy doing something unpleasant for the pleasure of a bunch of anonymous men and if it was all actually just pretending, it wouldn’t make me feel uncomfortable. Finally, I called Jimbo back and agreed to meet him at his apartment.

When I arrived at Jimbo’s apartment, I was surprised by the man who answered the door. I was expecting someone my age but the man who answered looked like he was in his late 40s. He was not in the greatest shape; not obese but he definitely had a bit of a gut. He had hairy, semi-muscular arms, tan skin and was taller than me. “Umm, are you Jimbo?” I asked.

“Sure am boy,” the man responded in his recognizably deep voice. “Come on in. From the look on your face, I am not what you expected.”

My heart sank a little. “I though you would be… younger,” I hesitantly explained. I looked him up and down from head to toe. “And maybe a little more, I don’t know, in shape?”

Jimbo chuckled a bit. “Look son,” he said smoothly, “there are hundreds of videos of cute young guys like you making it with other cute young, in-shape guys. But if you want the big donations, you’re going to have to give the impression that you are willing to let that hot body of yours get used by a dirty old man like myself. It might not be pretty but it’s hot… and dirty.”

I started to get the feeling like I was getting myself in deeper and deeper at this point. Against my better judgment, I decided to step inside and let him go over his plan. “I just agreed to come hear you out, and that is all,” I explained. “I am not committing to anything.” “Fair enough,” Jimbo responded. “We’ll post on your profile that the str8boi is going to suck a fat cock for the first time for donations. That will be a week ahead of our live web cast in order to generate some interest. I’ll sit with my legs spread and you can block my cock with your head and we’ll both act like you’re giving me one hell of a sloppy blowjob.”

“Why am I the one who has to be blowing you?” I asked.

“You fit the role of the bitch better than I do,” Jimbo explained. “And I have a bigger cock than you, so naturally you should be sucking me off in the video.”

“Gross,” I said. “What about the rest of the video? I mean, does it just start and end with me pretending to suck you off. I am not being in any video that involves getting jerked on.”

“You don’t have to worry about that,” Jimbo explained. “While you are in your position, I will just fake an orgasm and you will pretend to swallow it. Problem solved. And for the beginning, well, I am not going to lie to you, you’re going to have to play with my cock on camera for a little bit of foreplay.”

“No way,” I objected. “You said everything would be simulated. I am not gay and I am not going to play with some other guy’s cock. Also, I thought you said my face would be blurred.”

“It is not a big deal.” Jimbo said. “We got to make this look real. Don’t worry about someone you know seeing the video; that would never happen. And it’s not going to kill you to play around with my dick a little bit. In fact, we should rehearse while we are here.” Jimbo unbutton his jeans and pulled them downwards. He was not wearing any underwear so it was not long before his large cock and thick, heavy balls came tumbling out. Jimbo wrapped his thick fingers around the base of his shaft and began to rub the cock into an increasingly stiffer position.

“I never told you that you could take that thing out of your pants!” I exclaimed. My eyes were glued on Jimbo’s big cock. He was definitely correct when he said it was bigger than mine. His cock was huge and thick; a cock that exuded dominance and masculinity. It was the perfect cock to be featured in a porn video.

“Come on,” Jimbo said impatiently. “You aren’t going to let me do all the pumping here, are you? This is a big job. Come do your part!” Jimbo grabbed my shoulder and pushed me down into a kneeling position. He swung his cock in front of my face and then grabbed my arm and pulled it towards his huge schlong. “Play with it!”

“Ouch!” I complained as I found myself face to face with Jimbo’s massive rod. “Alright, alright,” I sighed. Very reluctantly, I wrapped my hands around the thick shaft that hung before me. It was so big it made my tiny by comparison hands look like girl hands. The shaft felt warm and very, very hard. My fingers could not stretch all the way around it. Using my hands, I moved the shaft slowly to the left side of my face and then to the right, looking over each veiny side of it with my eyes.

“There you go,” Jimbo said. “This video is going to involve my cock having a lot of contact with you, even if we’re not having sex. You need to learn to be comfortable with it touching you and you touching it.” Jimbo moved his hips back and forth so the thick rod moved and banged up against my hands. “Go ahead and rub it. Get to know it well.”

I nodded my head and began running my hands up and down the shaft. It definitely had a very powerful feeling behind it. I brought my hands up to the fat mushroom tip of it and squeezed down on the folds of skin right before the head. I could see a drip of cum push out of the opening at the end. Slightly grossed out in response, I pulled the cock back and away from my face.

“You’re going to have this up against your face in the video,” Jimbo explained. “It’s going to happen.” He leaned forward which caused his large cock to slide out of my grasp. The warm tip pressed up against my forehead and smeared precum across it. He pushed forward even more so the length of his shaft pressed up against my face.

“Ewww, wait a second,” I objected. “Not my face, please.”

Jimbo grabbed my head and held it in place. He began humping my face, squeezing his hard shaft in-between his gut and my face and then grinding the cock against me. “Don’t worry son,” he said. “I am just making you comfortable with this sort of thing. It is for the video.” Jimbo moaned as he continued to hump my head. “Oh yeah, you’re going to need to be ok with my balls too.” Jimbo took his two sizable testicles in one of his large hands and pushed my head back with the other. He stepped over me and let his large nuts rest on top of my forehead. “Do those feel heavy?” he asked. He then moved his hips back, dragging his thick nuts down the length of my face. “What do you think about it, you ready to start sucking these fat nuts? Let me stick this in your mouth and fuck you, right now.”

“Ok-k,” I began to say. He was so dominant and his cock so commanding I was about to let him use my mouth as his own personal dumping ground. Fortunately, reason quickly took over. “Wait, I mean no. You said that the blow job was going to be simulated!”

Jimbo rolled his eyes at me. “Oh, right,” he said. “Ok, well, let’s practice the simulated blowjob is what I meant.” Jimbo walked over to a nearby chair and sat down. “Ok, so the web camera would be over there. You just come here and put your face in front of my lap like this.” Jimbo motioned with his hands.

I crawled over to Jimbo and found myself once again face to face with his massive cock. The thing kept having a mesmerizing effect over me. It was such a large and handsome cock.

Jimbo grabbed his big cock and pulled it downward. With his other hand, he grabbed my head and pulled it up close above his thick meat. He pushed my chin down on his cock so it was pressed down between his legs. “Where the web camera is, it will not be able to see that you don’t actually have me inside your mouth,” Jimbo explained. “Now you just have to start making noises like you are sucking me off.”

I started moving my head back and forth as if my mouth was being impaled by his huge fleshstick. As I did this I made a swooshing noise from the inside of my mouth.

“Good job moving your head,” Jimbo complimented. “But I think the slurping, it should sound more like this.” Jimbo uttered his own variant of the swooshing noise. “This isn’t just your high school sweetheart blowjob; this is supposed to be a nasty, sloppy, man on man blowjob. And when I start acting like I am going to cum, you need to start making swallowing noises, for at least two minutes, like you are sucking down a beer can full of cum.”

I switched up my sucking noise to the slutier sounding version that Jimbo had just uttered. I kept it up as Jimbo began to moan progressively louder. When he shouted a loud, orgasmic moan, I stopped my head and looked up at him with a fake look of surprise. I then switched my facial expression to disgust and pretended to repeatedly swallow something thick.

“Holy shit,” he said. “You did that perfect. This is going to be one hell of a video.”

I didn’t think I would have ever seriously planned on doing this video; I had planned on just hearing Jimbo out but I felt after meeting him that there was this weird sexual connection I had with him. He was a gross older man who was not at all attractive to me but I felt like we had the potential to make a brilliantly disgusting gay movie together. For reasons I can’t explain, I agreed to make the movie with him and followed his instructions, including advertising on the web camera site that the video would be live cast in one week. All I could think about during this week was Jimbo and the video. I found myself thinking about Jimbo’s sizable cock a lot. I compulsively masturbated thinking about it grinding up against my face. I couldn’t wait to see it again.

The day finally came for us to do the video. Jimbo came over to my apartment to film it. We setup the camera just right and had a chair ready to go for the blowjob scene. Jimbo had me get naked, which was awkward because he kept looking at my nude body like I were a piece of meat he was waiting to devour. When we were ready, I kneeled down right in front of the camera for the beginning of the video. Finally Jimbo hit the record button and we were now being live broadcast to other members of the site.

“Ok straight boy,” Jimbo spoke while he stood off camera. “Everyone wants to see you suck some cock for donations so let’s see it.” Jimbo, still clothed, stepped up next to me. His crotch was at the same level as my face and he was now visible to the camera. “What are you waiting for bitch?”

I extended my trembling hands to his jeans. Slowly I unbuttoned the top of them. I pulled down the zipper. The sound of the jeans unzipping mirrored the shivering feeling I felt travel down my spine. A quick tug of the jeans revealed a familiar site as Jimbo’s bulky balls and large but limp shaft came tumbling forward in front of my face and in front of the camera. With my hands still shaking, I began to run my hands up and down the limp, but still large, shaft.

Jimbo smirked at me from above. His limp cock quickly began to grow, both in size and density. “Handle that cock, boy,” Jimbo commanded. Jimbo moved his hips so his cock bounced back and forth between my hands.

As Jimbo’s shaft grew rock hard in my hands, I began grasping it with both hands. I looked at it as if I was experiencing a brand new thing I had never felt before. The truth was that I had rubbed him previously but I was trying to play the role of innocent straight guy as best as I could. If I was going to make this video with him, I figured I would titillate the audience as best as I could. I exaggerated my hand movements to highlight just how huge and hard of a cock I was dealing with.

“Oh yeah boy,” Jimbo moaned. “I love those dainty little hands of yours. Don’t be shy now, boy. Rub my nuts, feel what I am packing for you.”

I let go of the Jimbo’ shaft and took a hold of his balls. I put one of his testicles in each hand and both proved to be more than a handful. I slid my fingers back and forth through the stretchy, wrinkly material of Jimbo’s ballsack. The whole time I did so, his glistening cockhead pointed straight at my face.

“Say hello to my cock, boy,” Jimbo said. As he had done so previously, Jimbo moved forward and began rubbing his shaft up against my face. “You like my cock on your face?” Jimbo grabbed my head and began to hump his steel rod against my head. His twitching fleshy cock rubbed roughly between my boyish face and his manly protruding gut. Jimbo then pushed my head backwards and for an extended period of time, dragged his sweaty, wrinkly nutsack acriss my face. I could taste the sweat of it when it dragged over my lips. After this, he lifted my head up and then swung his cock swiftly and struck me in the face with it. “Ok boy, it’s time for the main event.”

I flinched a bit after being struck with his cock. Upon his command, I began crawling on all fours over to the chair. I was a bit disappointed I hadn’t had the opportunity to play with his cock more but I tried my best to look excited. I wiggled my ass cheeks back and forth as I crawled in front of the camera. Finally I kneeled down in front of the chair and waited for him.

Jimbo walked toward the chair but before he sat down, he took a hold of one of my arms. “Let’s make this more interesting,” he said winking at me. With his other arm, he reached behind the chair and pulled out a pair of handcuffs that he must have brought with him. He handcuffed my hands behind my back and then sat down. “Start sucking, bitch.”

I had no idea that Jimbo was going to handcuff me but I had to give him credit for increasing the kinkiness of the situation. I began to do just as we had rehearsed. I moved my head over his cock so that it was blocked from the view of the web camera. I then made noises that simulated the sound of me sucking his cock, trying my best to sound extra sloppy and desperate.

Jimbo played his part by pretending to moan and act like he was getting sucked off. After some time of doing this, Jimbo discretely lifted a foot and moved it towards my crotch. This motion was blocked from the view of the camera. With two outstretched toes, he began rubbing the shaft of my dick.

This whole time I had no idea that I had been so hard and turned on by this whole situation. Feeling Jimbo’s toe against my cock felt amazing. I could not help but take a break from the simulated sucking. I lifted my head up just slightly and opened my mouth wide to moan. My eyes clenched shut in ecstasy.

Jimbo looked down at me and grinned. He continued to rub his toes against my shaft. Slowly and carefully he moved backwards in the chair. He reached down and took a hold of the base of his shaft with his hand. When he was perfectly positioned, he made a quick move forward. He guided the head of his huge, bulky shaft straight into my open, moaning mouth. Before I even realized what was happening, the smooth skin surrounding his hard as steel cock was sliding over my taste buds. “Oh hell yeah,” Jimbo said with a beaming grin on his face.

“Mmf, mmf,” I tried to object but every time I tried to move my mouth it just opened up more space for Jimbo to stuff with his enormous cock. My eyes peered downward and all I could see is cock flesh impaling further into my mouth. I tried to move my arms but they were bound by the handcuffs.

Jimbo put his foot back down on the floor and stood up. Just as he finished pushing his big cock into my virgin mouth, he began to slide it out. And when I thought maybe he realized things got out of hand and his plump velvety cockhead was almost back out of my poor mouth, Jimbo moved forward and stuffed the big dirty thing right back into my mouth. He did this repeatedly until he built up a steady rhythm, repeatedly fucking my face for the camera.

I was shocked and didn’t know what to do so I just sat there while Jimbo face-fucked me with his big cock, my hands handcuffed behind me. I felt humiliated. This was all supposed to be pretend to put on a show but it looks like Jimbo has made me his gay suck bitch for real and there wasn’t much I could do but let everyone who was watching see him use me to get off.

“Yeah, bitch boy, yeah,” Jimbo grunted as he continued to fuck my face. With eveyr thrust, his large balls would smack loudly against my chin. While pounding my mouth with his cock, Jimbo put his strong arms on my shoulders and pulled me closer to the camera. He made sure the camera had a good view of his shaft dominating my face. At one point Jimbo pushed his cock deep down my throat causing me to cough and gag. Slowly he pulled out until only the rubbery head of his cock remained in my mouth. “Mmm, come on, start sucking,” he urged.

My senses were overwhelmed with the scent and taste of cock. As much as I wanted to be straight, my cock was rock hard and I was overwhelmed with feelings of subservience to him. It was like I could not help but be his bitch. Following Jimbo’s demands, I willingly slid my lips down his shaft and began sucking his dick. The sloppy, wet sound of cocksucking resumed but this time it was all real. While I sucked, my tongue massaged the Jimbo’s cock from the inside of my mouth.

Jimbo knew he had me where he wanted me. Now he could really have his fun. Jimbo pulled his big wet cock out of my mouth and swung it around in front of me. He reached down and tugged on his ballsack. Some precum oozed out of the tip of his dick. Jimbo grabbed the base of it. “Ok,” he began. “I want you to kiss my cock like you were kissing your girlfriend. Let everyone watching see you do it too.”

I stared at the cum covered tip of his dick. Part of me was grossed out but at the same time, horny as hell. I slowly moved forward, sticking my puckered lips out. I tried to put a longing, desperate look on my face. One of my hands gently took hold of the back end of Jimbo’s shaft, holding it as if it were the shoulder of a girl I was dating. My lips touched the tip and I could feel salty cum smear over them. I sensually kissed the tip and smiled shyly. My tongue slid through my lips and stroked the opening of the cock, cleaning up what precum remained

“Good job princess,” Jimbo said demeaningly. “Now start sucking my balls,” He gripped his cock with his hand and lifted it up, revealing his bloated, wrinkly ballsack.

Jimbo’s balls were too big for me to take at the same time and so I tackled them one at a time. I bent down and wrapped my lips around his first lumpy testicle. It tasted sweaty, warm, and full of testosterone. After swirling it around in my mouth for a while, I shifted to his next testicle and did the same. A swashing noise could be heard as I manipulated his bulky balls from the inside of my mouth.

Jimbo let go of his cock, causing it to drop like a weight and dangle in front of my face. He then stuffed his shaft back into my receptive mouth. “Keep sucking,” he ordered me.

I began bobbing my head back and forth, resuming my cock sucking. I could feel the cock starting to throb and pulsate in my mouth. The vibrations terrified me. I had been in Jimbo’s position before and I knew what was about to come next. Those balls I had just been rubbing my tongue all over in mouth were carrying an enormous gooey payload and I had no where I could go to escape it. He was going to slime blast me live on camera.

Jimbo moaned and grunted louder and louder. “Ohh yess,” he hissed. “Its really gonna happen.” Jimbo grabbed the middle of the shaft of his cock and yanked it out of my mouth. He quickly began to pump the shaft. His cock had gone from trembling to full out shaking. The first thick stream of cum shot out of the cock and slammed against the tip of my nose. The cum exploded across my face. The first spurt had more cum present than even my biggest orgasm. And it was hardly the only spurt, thick streams of white goo continued to shoot out from his cock like a machine gun.

“No-oh!” I tried to gasp but his repeated blasts of cum quickly shot into my throat and mouth. All I could do is close my eyes and let warm glob after glob fly into my face. All I could smell and taste was salt, sweat, and man. I could feel the cum caking on my face. It seemed like several minutes went by with no stop to it. Finally, I opened my eyes. I looked at the screen of my laptop computer which showed what the web camera was currently broadcasting. I could see that my face was covered and drenched in cum. Long lines dripped down my face and off my chin. What I saw sent me over the edge and I ended up having my own intense, cum spraying orgasm.

Jimbo, ignoring my spurting cock, grabbed his own balls and started to rhythmically squeeze them. With each squeeze, more and more cum was milked from his balls and would shoot on to my face and chest. Like udders on a cow, he milked several more, thick, gooey streams on to my face. Residue hung from his cock and stretch in lines connected to my cheek. When he finally seemed to have nothing else left, he walked up to me and wiped the final strand of cum hanging off the tip of his cock on my lips. “Thanks for the blow job, son,” he said chuckling. “You wanted to be the star of a dirty movie and you got it. Jimbo walked over to the laptop and turned the web camera off. The red light went dead. When the computer asked him if he also wanted to upload the video to the website, Jimbo clicked that he did.

I later found out I had made a substantial amount of money in donations from the video. My inbox was stuffed with requests from men to perform sex acts on them for money. I couldn’t get the smell of Jimbo’s sweaty cock and salty jizz out of my mouth even weeks afterwards. The video had gotten some obscene number of views and I am pretty sure I have seen some men around town give me dirty, sexual looks after the fact. I had quite a few regrets about making the video but I am not going to deny it was one hot experience.

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