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Andy Chooses

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When the strike was over, Andy knew nothing would be the same in the shop. For 5 years, he had worked closely with the three women and built up a successful outlet selling clothes to a wide range of customers. The shop’s success was as much down to the women as it was down to him. Sure, he’d brought better organisation, better accounting and stock control, but it was the 3 women on the shop floor who made the tills sing. And Andy knew that.

The strike had started in Head Office over a badly handled disciplinary incident and quickly spread. In no time at all, the Union had balloted its members and the disastrous strike followed. The customers started shopping elsewhere and sales were down. Now he had to make one of ‘his women’ redundant.

Office procedures guided Andy about how to go about the selection. It had to Julie, last in first out. She of the jet black hair, Spanish good looks, and breasts that burst from her usual low cut T-shirt, or out of her tightly fitted blouse. Andy sighed. He never knew whether to leer at the occasional glimpses of lacy bra and breast or whether to look up her skirt at the stocking clad legs. He could jerk off just thinking about Julie.

Now she was sat opposite him and he had to sack her.

“Julie, you know why I’ve called you in don’t you.”

“No,” replied Julie, smiling at Andy, “But I can guess that it’s not to ogle me again.”

Andy frowned, surprised; Julie’s response was not what he expected.

“Oh, come on Andy. You don’t honestly think that we hadn’t noticed. I’ll give you your due, you looked and never touched. You’re very restrained.”

“I think you’ve got the wrong end of the stick Julie. Of course I notice attractive women but …but …”

“‘But’ all you like. I bet you dream of having me don’t you.”

“Julie,” replied Andy, desperately trying to regain composure and control of the conversation, “I’m a happily married man.”

And then his voice trailed off. Julie had unbuttoned her blouse to expose her black, lacy bra cradling her voluptuous tits. Her skirt was rising quickly over her thighs as she slid down into the chair. Andy gulped as he saw the first glimpses of her panties between her spreading legs. Her black bushy hair showing through the translucent silk.

“Oh my god, you can’t do that,” Andy stammered.

“No? Well how about this then?”

And with that, Julie came around the desk, knelt down on her knees, and grabbed at his crotch.

“And this,” Julie unzipped his pants and freed his cock. Her sharp red nails causing him to wince.

He was paralysed.

“Is this the sort of persuading you need to keep me on?” Julie asked huskily.

Andy was awe struck. Julie bent her head forward. Slowly and deliberately, she parted her ruby red lips and took his cock in her mouth.

“Oh my God.”

“Let’s see how far down I can make a lipstick mark. The further I go, the more you keep me in a job.”

Julie gobbled almost all his cock on her mouth and squeezed her lips tight around him. Pulling back, she surveyed the lipstick ring almost at the base of his cock.

“Oh, sir, you must be bigger than I thought. I can’t quite touch base,” she laughed devilishly.

Andy was transfixed, still trying to come to terms with the sudden change to Julie. Her tongue danced over the top of his erect cock, gently swishing the pre-cum and taking it into her mouth. Her hands started a rhythmic stroking of his cock. Her mouth stayed tightly closed, encasing his head. He could feel her tongue bringing the tingling sensation that he so loved. His wife took him this way from time to time but never let him cum in her mouth or even over her face. And he was too much the gentleman to take advantage of his wife.

Julie was different. As Julie stroked and licked his cock, Andy began to regain his composure. He started to respond to Julie’s encouragement, gently thrusting forward into her mouth. Julie swooped down to the base of his cock. She drew her teeth along it as she pulled her head back. It hurt him for a second. You bitch he thought. He grabbed her by the hair and pulled her face against his cock.

“Fuck this,” he snarled. And he rammed his cock back down her throat.

This time he felt the back of the mouth. He held her head tightly. It was Julie’s turn to squirm but as she did so, Andy’s grip on her head made her eyes water as her hair was caught tight.

Losing control at last, Andy fucked Julie’s mouth. He held her head tight. He shoved his cock deeper and deeper, trying to get it down her throat. He knew women could deep throat and now he wanted to know whether Julie was one of them. Julie was now beginning to flail to try to break free. She felt Andy’s cock choking her. She was losing control. Her fight to get clear became more frenetic. Andy responded, tightening his grip.

“Christ,” he thought, “I could be done for rape.” And with that realisation, he eased his grip with a sigh and Julie finally pulled free.

“Be gentle and you can cum over my face,” she whispered.

Andy slipped back into his chair. He could feel Julie working his cock with her hands. He could feel her lips around his cock again, her tongue constantly flicking at the tip. His wife had once worked his cock in her velvet gloves, giving him an amazing hand job. The feel of Julie’s lips reminded him of that night but the feeling this time was more exquisite. This was better than any hand job.

For a few minutes more, Andy luxuriated in the feel of Julie’s warm, enveloping mouth. Luscious lips gently held his cock, her tongue teased his tip. She kept her eyes on him. Those big beautiful dark eyes, with the black eyelashes set off by the tanned skin. God she was a stunner.

Julie began to work his cock with a greater degree of urgency. Her movements became more pronounced. Andy slipped his hands down to feel her firm breasts. He pinched her nipples that were just freeing themselves from the bra cup. He began to pump against Julie’s ministrations. He freed a hand and gently placed it behind Julie’s head. With a sudden movement, he pulled Julie off his cock. Julie, surprised, tried to move away. She wasn’t quick enough.

“Oh, oh, oh nooooo. Godddddddd,” he cried aloud as he splattered her face with cum. The force and speed of his climax ensured her lips and cheek took the full load of cum. Julie sat still for a micro second and then, with a smile on her face, licked his cock clean.

“Shit, Julie. When did you learn how to do that?” asked Andy as he tried to control his panting.

“When I was at College, I had to pay the bills somehow,” explained Julie, her voice smoking sexuality.

Julie rose and sat on the edge of the desk. Andy could feel himself getting hard again. He rose and edged closer. Julie pulled him to her and crushed his lips with a passionate kiss. Andy responded. His hands slid down his sides, he stood between her parted legs. His hands pushed up her skirt and he slipped his fingers inside her panties.

“Fuck me,” she shouted, “Do it now, hard.”

She grabbed his cock as Andy rammed into her.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck. Give it to me; I’m your slut worker.”

Andy fucked her, pushing her down on to his desk so he could better admire her body. She was smiling up at him. With another of those devilish looks from the big, dark eyes, her hands snaked down and inside her panties. She fingered herself as Andy fucked her.

“Now, now now. I’mmmmmmm cumming. Jesus. Give it to meeeeeee.”

Julie convulsed a few times forcing Andy to cum inside her. She twitched a few more times like a dying animal but she wasn’t yet able to orgasm.

“Yessssssss. Oh yes,” she panted, “Finish me.”

Andy had little left to give but Julie was not to be denied. Grabbing at him, she hoisted herself up off the desk and pressed herself against him to gain maximum penetration, grinding her pussy against him. Her grinding became feverish and then with a great whoop which shattered any illusion of a quiet dismissal interview, he felt her juices flow on to him. She was finished. A few seconds later, he pulled his limp cock out of a smiling Julie.

“Julie, I never realised.”

“Typical of men, never notice anything about women apart from the size of their tits or arse. You could have had this long ago,” and she parted the petals of her cunt with a big, wicked grin.

She hopped off the desk, tidied herself up for a minute and then went back to her chair where she sat demurely.

“Now why was it you wanted to see me, sir?”

“I was wondering, Julie, of the other two, which do you think I should let go?”

“Well, sir,” replied Julie, reverting to a straight-laced voice, “Helen swallows, June doesn’t.”

“June it is then”.

Three nights later, Andy had arranged for his wife to be out. Julie came round early. He took her on the sofa with little ceremony. Julie just lay there and let him, playing the prostitute she had effectively become. Afterwards, Andy poured them both a drink. The doorbell signalled the arrival of the visitor. Helen. Bra-less, mini skirted. There was no doubt that Helen meant business.

“You’re late, Helen, he’s already fucked me.”

“I always miss out; bloody kids wouldn’t go to sleep,” replied Helen with a slight sigh in her voice.

“Well, we haven’t cleaned up after ourselves so …”

With a smile, Helen turned towards Andy. She slipped out of her top. Whoever said more than a handful’s a waste, thought Andy, had not admired these jugs. His open palms slid over Helen’s breasts, with circular motion before resting on her nipples. Helen dropped to her knees and with a matter of fact approach, had Andy’s cock out of his trousers and in her mouth in seconds. Practice makes perfect thought Andy.

“That’s it, Helen, clean him up. And when you finished him, you can start on me.”

“Promises, Julie, wait your turn until I’ve finished the boss.”

Helen licked every part of Andy’s cock, sucked his balls for a few seconds and then turned her attention to Julie. She took down Julie’s panties parted her legs, and pushed her face into the cum sodden pussy.

“Make you sure you clean every corner out, Helen,” laughed Julie as she started to groan from Helen’s tonguing.”

Andy stood transfixed by the sight of his two workers. Lesbianism, voyeurism. Every man’s fantasy. And it was happening in front of him.

“Well, don’t just watch, fuck her,” encouraged Julie.

Andy knelt down behind Helen. Parting her panties, he slipped his erect cock inside her. No surprise that she was warm and wet. Julie ground against Helen. Andy pummelled into Helen, using his cock as a jackhammer and her tits for leverage. Julie groaned, rolled her head to one side, and shuddered as she orgasmed into Helen’s face. Helen pulled her face clear, the juices glistening. She managed to pull herself off Andy’s cock, turn around and take him in her mouth.

None of them heard the door open. Nor saw Andy’s wife tip toe into the room. She was just in time to see Andy explode onto Helen’s tongue. Looking straight at Andy, Helen swallowed.

“Told you,” trumpeted Julie.

“Told him what?” The voice was clear and cut through the heady atmosphere of lust. It was Andy’s wife. Andy spun round.

“Oh shit, what are you doing here? I thought, I thought” he stammered.

“I can see what you thought, Andy. Now watch what I think.”

And with that, Andy’s wife moved across the room, hiked up her skirt, and pushed Helen’s face into her panties. She held Helen’s head firm, and face fucked her, keeping her eyes firmly fixed on her stunned husband.

“Whilst you’ve been ogling us over the last few years, and not touching, your wife’s been enjoying us,” whispered Julie, “I told you Helen swallowed, what I should have said is that she swallows your wife.”

Julie pulled Andy down on top of her and pushed his cock back inside her. You can imagine the rest of the night but spare a thought for the sacked June.

That same night, she lay on the desk thinking about how she had been forced to leave the shop. Still, her new job working as a Security Guard had its benefits. Like the nightly visit from the 3 black yard men. She called them the yard men because their cocks were a foot long and as every good college girl knows, three feet make a yard. And as she thought, a black cock drove her to another orgasm.

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