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Way Too Easy

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“This has been way too easy,” I think to myself as I pause to take in the scene before me. My petite young nurse/radiologist is bent over in front of me, stark naked, her upper chest and the side of her head resting on the examination table, her arms at her sides and her little hands spreading her ass cheeks, eagerly waiting for me to impale her tight little anal canal on my rigid nine inch cock.

As I ease the swollen crown of my cock up to the well lubricated rosebud of her tiny anus and press firmly forward, I feel her body tense momentarily and then slowly begin to relax. The look of concentration on her face shows me that she is following the directions I’d given her and my patient pressure is rewarded when my cock head suddenly pops through the rubbery ring of her sphincter muscle. I pause to give her body time to adapt to the foreign intruder.

Her face betrays the discomfort she obviously feels at the initial penetration, but she doesn’t cry out, so it must not be too intense. Gradually the pained look is replaced by one of … what, I wonder? Relief? Satisfaction, maybe? Or even pleasure? I try to resist the urge to immediately penetrate as far as I can into her warm tight tunnel by carefully recalling the events that led up to this moment. My mind wanders back to yesterday…

Jennifer has been working for me for over three years now and she is everything I could want in an office nurse who is also trained in radiology. She came to me straight out of nursing school with an impressive transcript and strong letters of recommendation from faculty members who I know personally and respect. She is very intelligent, conscientious, hard working, punctual, and really has a way with the kids who make up my clientele. Emily, who is my receptionist and office manager, is really good with the parents and so the office usually is the model of efficiency.

Jenny is the type of person who would go out of her way to help anyone or any living creature in any way she could. She has lived a very sheltered life and is as sweet as she can be. If she has a fault, it is her naïve gullibility. She wears her emotions on her sleeve and she will swallow the most amazing lines with rapt attention. Emily and I tease her often, but she’s so nice that she refuses to let us bother her.

I never gave the least thought of trying to put a move on her; she is, after all, the same age as my second son and I’m a happily married man. I also didn’t want to risk upsetting the office dynamic and, besides, for the longest time I thought she was still a virgin. It wasn’t until she came to me rather timidly one day for my professional opinion as to whether she would be better off using the morning after pill or the daily pill to prevent unwanted pregnancy that I realized that she was sexually active.

I suggested that her OB/GYN was probably a better source to ask, but we did discuss the basics. In spite of a ferocious blush, she admitted that her periods were, indeed, regular without being on the pill. I opined that both contraceptives were effective and safe and suggested that she evaluate her choices from an economic perspective. The conclusion we reached was that when she found herself paying more for the morning after pill on a monthly basis than what it would cost to be on the regular pill that she should change over and go with the least expensive option. That way we didn’t have to delve into the specifics of how often she was getting laid and saved her further embarrassment. She was so delighted with our discussion that she actually gave me a peck on the cheek before she left my office. I got a pharmacist I know well to provide me with the costs of the various options so she had some hard figures to work with and was rewarded with another peck on the cheek.

When I noticed yesterday that she was visibly disturbed, I gently asked her if she wanted to discuss anything with me. She asked me to let her think on it and her blush strongly suggested that her agitation might somehow be sexual in nature. When she came to me after we had finished with the last patient and Emily had departed to pick up her kids, I was ready to give her a shoulder to cry on if that’s what she needed. Instead, she shocked me by looking me straight in the eye and announcing that her boyfriend, who she loved dearly, was pressuring her to have anal sex with him and she didn’t think she could do it. Then she broke down and started wailing.

“I really want to make him happy,” she blubbered, tears running down her cheeks as I held her gently. “But, the one time I tried it when I was in college, it hurt so badly that I don’t think I can ever try it again.” She was so frightened that her slender body was shaking like a leaf. “I’m afraid that I’m not capable of doing it and I want to so badly.”

“Well, let’s see what we can do for you,” I said when she calmed down a little. “What form of lubrication did you use when you tried it in college?”

The look on her face told me the answer to my question even before she stammered, “Lubrication?”

“Yes, the anal canal doesn’t have any natural lubrication, so there must be some artificial lubricant used to prevent chafing and pain,” I said in my best bedside manner. “KY jelly is the most widely used of sexual lubricants, but most any water soluble lube will do,” I added, making the stuff up as I went along.

“Oh, I didn’t know that,” she murmured as she gained a modicum of control over her sobbing and sat down in the armchair in front of my desk.

“Did you masturbate yourself during the anal sex?” I asked. “You do masturbate, don’t you?” This was getting better and better.

She blushed profusely and answered, “No, I certainly did not!”

“But you do, don’t you?”

“Well, yes, sometimes,” she admitted sheepishly. “Why?”

“Well, there are few nerve endings in the anal passage. Some women can achieve release from anal penetration, but most do not. Therefore, additional stimulation is required to make the act pleasurable for the woman and manual stimulation of the clitoris by one or more of the partners is usually required. Since it is normally easier for the woman to apply the necessary stimulation and she is generally more attuned to her own needs, it is usually left to the woman to pleasure herself during anal sex,” I said, laying it on thicker and thicker.

“I didn’t know that.”

“And did your college partner properly relax your sphincter before penetration?” I inquired, continuing the BS.

“How is that done?” she asked, looking up at me with her big brown puppy dog eyes. I noticed that she seemed to have her tears under control now.

“Well, the method I suggest is to insert a small lubricated penetrant into the sphincter and get it to relax and expand to that size. Then introduce a larger one, let the sphincter relax and expand to accept that size and gradually increase the size of the penetrant until the anus is spread to where the penis can be inserted without causing any significant additional stretching of the muscle. The sphincter is capable of expanding to accept most any size cock that you’ll find on a human, but it is a very strong muscle and has to be relaxed and gently enlarged to accommodate whatever you’re looking to insert in there.” Now I’m really piling it on and she is swallowing every bit of it.

“And, was the rest of your body properly relaxed before the anal penetration?” I continued, leading her on further.

She fell for the bait, “What do you mean, properly relaxed?”

“Well, I don’t want to get too personal, but how many orgasms did your partner give you before the attempted anal penetration?”

“Why, he didn’t even give me one the whole time!”

This was getting to be fun. “Well, I recommend that any woman who is interested is allowing her partner to perform anal sex with her demand at least two non-anal orgasms prior to the anal penetration. This will relax the rest of her body and the subsequent relaxation and penetration of the anus will be much easier and more enjoyable.”

She looks incredulous. “Two orgasms? I don’t know if I can have two orgasms. I’m happy to have just one,” she admitted and then blushed a bright red.

“Oh, well, have you ever tried to have multiple orgasms?”

“Well, no, I haven’t tried. I’m usually just trying for one. And, if I do manage to achieve one, he’s usually done and asleep.”

“So, you’ve never required him to get you off before he starts himself?”

“No, I never thought of that,” she said wistfully and then suddenly perked up and asked, “Would you tell my boyfriend all this stuff if I brought him in to the office?”

I wasn’t in the least bit interested in talking with her boyfriend, but I thought I spotted a possible way of helping Jennifer with her problem. So I casually said, “Well, it is possible that you’re either not capable of multiple orgasms or possibly incapable of relaxing the sphincter to properly accept your boyfriend’s member. If that is the case, then any talking I did with your boyfriend would be useless and would just frustrate the both of you even more.

What I suggest is that you let me examine you, and, as long as we don’t find any medical problems that would prevent you from performing anal sex, I can demonstrate the techniques that are known to work and then you could actually show your boyfriend how to do it in the proper manner.” I was amazed when her face suddenly brightened and she exclaimed, “Oh, would you please? When can we do it?”

“Well, do you have any plans for tomorrow? Say around 10:30 AM? We could meet here at the office.”

“That would be GREAT, Doc! Thank you SO much for helping me out with this. You are such a doll! Would you like me to bring some doughnuts?” she bubbled, with a silly grin on her face.

“Sure. See you around then,” I replied, trying to act as professional as possible.

She gave me a quick peck on the cheek before she skipped out the door with a broad smile on her cute young face.

That was way too easy.

** Jennifer **

I find myself humming a tune as I pull my little car into the empty parking lot in front of the office where I work. “My, what a beautiful day it turned out to be,” I think to myself, “the sky is crystal clear and not a cloud to be seen.” The birds were cheerfully loud outdoors behind my apartment while I was getting myself ready this morning and Felix, the cat who adopted me to care for him, eagerly dashed out to greet them when I opened the sliding patio door to let him out for his daily prowls.

My heart does a flip when I see Doc’s truck parked at the side entrance when I pull around the corner of the building. He is such a sweetheart to help me with my dilemma. I couldn’t ask for a better boss to work for. He is so kind and considerate; you can see it in the way he works with the kids. I made sure that the clerk included a couple of his very favorite Chocolate Covered Bavarian Crème filled éclairs in the half dozen doughnuts that I bought on the way here.

I feel all tingly inside. The joyous anticipation of just what I might learn today is tempered with the genuine fear that I really might not be able to do this. But I trust Doc to be gentle and kind. I just know that I turned to the right person when I asked him for help. I can’t think of anyone else that I could turn to with a problem like this.

And I do so want to please Jeremy. I love that man like I’ve never loved anyone in my entire life! Just thinking of him makes me shiver in delight. I can feel my nipples harden a little inside my T-shirt and my pussy is warm. “Down, girl,” I command, “not yet.”

I let myself in the side door with my key and immediately smell the fresh coffee that Doc has brewed. “Doughnuts are here!” I announce.

“Good morning,” I hear Doc’s reply come from his office/sanctuary.

The coffee pot is full, so I fix each of us a cup and balance them atop the doughnut box as I wander into his office. He clears a corner of his big desk and pulls a couple paper towels from the roll on the sideboard behind him. We dive into our brunch and his face clearly shows his delight when he sees the selection I chose.

“Ooooh. My favorites,” he says, extracting an éclair from the box. “You’re just too good to me, Jenny.”

I have to laugh. He’s the one who is too good to me. I take the opportunity to look him over and I’m not unhappy with what I see. Tall, of course anyone a foot taller than me is going to seem tall, slender, dirty blonde hair cut short, but not a military buzz, a touch of gray at the temples and a boyish face that displays the tan and tiny wrinkles of someone who spends a few hours a week outdoors on the golf course.

His blue eyes and gentle smile enhance the image that he is younger than his actual years. He’s wearing an AC/DC t-shirt and jeans. I can’t see his feet under the desk, but I’d be willing to bet a week’s pay that he’s wearing heavy leather sandals. No socks, of course.

“So, you decided to go through with this, eh?” he asks between bites.

“Oh, yeah. I really want to do it,” I reply, stifling my fears.

“OK. A couple of preliminary questions, if you don’t mind,” he starts. “Have you ever had a rectal exam?”

The question immediately brings to mind the horrible butch dyke doctor that did the physicals at our school health clinic in college. She seemed to take special delight in cramming her latex covered finger up my asshole. She’d slapped an icy cold glob of some sort of goo between my cheeks before she did the exam, and it didn’t really hurt that much, but it was the look on her face that made me want to heave.

“Yes. Once. During my entrance physical in college,” I answer.

“Well, then it looks like you can withstand an anal penetration,” Doc comments. “That’s a step in the right direction.”

“I had forgotten that,” I gasp. And I really had forced the memory out of my mind until just then. It had seemed so humiliating to have all my privates exposed to the leering eyes of that bitch. Oh, how I had hated it!

“All right. Have you had a bowel movement recently?” he inquires in what I have come to know as his professional tone of voice.

“I had one this morning when I got up.”

“So your bowels are evacuated and you couldn’t move any more, no matter how hard you tried?” he asks.


“Good, because it is easier to relax the sphincter if you pretend that you are trying to move your bowels. And, as long as you’re confident that there is nothing to evacuate, you will be able to press down and relax without having to worry about actually expelling anything,” he continues. “And you and your partner should be aware that passing gas is not unusual in these situations.”

“What?” I cry incredulously.

“Yes. You may have to fart before penetration, during the act itself and quite often immediately after the penetrant is removed. It is a natural function of the anal tract to expel excess gasses from the digestive system.”

“Oh, my! I never thought of that before,” I exclaim. “I’ll have to remember to tell Jeremy about that. Could I take some Tums before we try it?”

“You could, but as long as you both realize that it is a normal bodily function, you should just be able to ignore it when it happens. I should hope that you and your partner would be too interested in pleasuring each other to let something like that distract you,” Doc says calmly. “Is that his name? Jeremy?”

“Oh! Haven’t I told you about him? Jeremy Thurston is his name. He’s doing his residency at the hospital,” I say dreamily.

“Well, I hope the two of you can find true happiness together,” Doc says and my body just melts under his gaze. Such a sweet man! I can feel the blush on my cheeks. And it isn’t helped any when he asks, “Have you masturbated recently?”

I can feel the warmth of my blush all the way down my chest. I just couldn’t help myself last night. I was soaking in the tub when Jeremy called during his evening break. We talked until he was paged and had to run off to care for some patient that was having breathing difficulties and my bath water was only lukewarm. I carefully avoided telling him anything about my appointment with Doc in the morning. I didn’t want him to get his hopes up.

After I quickly scrubbed myself, I drained the water and carefully shaved my legs, anus, and pussy lips so I would be prepared for today’s exam. That is always guaranteed to get me turned on; so I pulled the hand held shower head down into the tub, adjusted the water temperature to where it was just right and rinsed myself off thoroughly. Then I sat back in the tub, adjusted the shower head to pulse, pressed my legs against the sides of the tub, spreading myself as wide open as I could and focused the spurting stream of warm water directly on my throbbing naked pussy.

I let the water beat on my tender pussy, working around and around the outer lips, avoiding my aching clittie until it had poked itself out from under its hood. Then I gently started pinching my erect and swollen nipples one after the other, turned the water torture directly on my slit, directing it so it separated the labia and then ran the stream slowly up my core to my pleasure nub. My orgasm crashed upon me almost instantly and I screamed out in ecstasy. My body convulsed and shuddered long after the initial shot of release swept through me.

As I slowly let myself down from the incredible high of a delightful session, I turned off the water and tried to stand up. My rubbery legs almost failed me, but, after a couple of tries, I finally managed to clamber out of the tub and dry myself off. Then I slipped into one of my cotton summer nighties and collapsed into bed. I was asleep before Felix could hop up on the bed and curl up next to me.

“Yes,” I admit, sheepishly, “last night in the bath after Jeremy and I talked on the phone.”

“Did you try to have more than one orgasm?” Doc inquires.

“Oh, goodness no. The one that I did have absolutely wiped me out.”

“Hmmm. Well, that might still be a problem, but I doubt that it is insurmountable,” he says and I notice a little smirk on his face that I’ve never noticed before. “When you masturbate, do you use any sex toys? A vibrator, dildo or anything of the like?”

“Oh, no. I don’t use anything like that, Doc,” I stammer out, and then dig deep to find the courage to admit, “but, I did use my shower massage last night.”

“How did it feel?”

“Oh, it was fantastic! I had a tremendous orgasm! Just wonderful,” I catch myself babbling.

“That’s good. You might want to consider getting yourself some sex aids. You can buy them over the internet these days without having to let anyone else know and without having to go into that grubby adult store downtown. Just be sure to clean them thoroughly with alcohol after each use and be sure to get a good supply of lube,” Doc advised. “Then you could get yourself properly excited before intercourse to ensure your orgasm, or, if you can train yourself to be multi-orgasmic, then you could get yourself off once or twice before the two of you get started together. Many men are sexually aroused by watching their partner masturbate.”

“What do you mean, ‘Train myself to be multi-orgasmic’? Is it something that I can learn to do?” I ask, incredulously.

“Well, you admitted that you’ve never even tried to have more than one. Let’s try it today and see if you’re capable. And sex is like anything else, the more you practice, the better at it you get. Why don’t you step into exam room 2, take your clothes off and sit up on the examination table. I’ll be there in a minute or two.”

My heart is racing as I let myself into the familiar confines of room 2 and close the door, more out of habit than anything. I slip out of my sandals and check myself out in the full length mirror on the back of the door. Trim, almost boyish figure. I slide my shorts down off my hips, allowing them to drop to my ankles and kick them over to where my sandals wound up on the floor. Turning around slowly I see that my legs are slender but definitely feminine, with a nicely curved calf and well developed thighs below my narrow hips and firm little ass which is covered in conservative white cotton panties.

Slipping my T-shirt up over my head and adding it to the pile of clothes on the floor, I gaze despairingly at my tiny breasts. “Why can’t they be larger and heavier?” I silently lament. They’re so small and firm that there really isn’t any need for me to wear a bra other than modesty. The areolas puff out from the center of the little mounds and the nipples, which are slightly erect even in repose, are now starting to engorge and make their presence unmistakable.

I slip off the panties and carefully examine my razor work from the night before. Satisfied that my slightly swollen pussy lips are completely bare, I run a hand over the remaining triangle of neatly trimmed pubic hair, down over my sex and slide a finger back between the cheeks of my ass confirming what my eyes told me. The feeling of smooth skin is not disturbed by a single stray hair. When my hand returns from it’s inspection of my most private areas, I notice a small glistening streak of moisture on the heel of my palm. Bringing it to my nose, I sniff the scent of my arousal and realize that my pussy is already wet.

I lever myself up onto the examining table and sit with my legs dangling over the side and my hands clasped demurely in my lap. My face feels flushed, my respiration rate is elevated and every muscle in my body is slightly tensed. I can feel my heart pounding in my chest and the anticipation is making everything just that much worse. The waiting doesn’t help. “OK, Doc. I’m ready,” I announce to myself.

Doc, of course, takes his sweet time, letting me stew in my own juices. When the door finally swings open, I almost jump out of my skin. He looks at me calmly and cheerfully announces, “Let’s check your vitals.” He pulls a thermometer from the cabinet drawer, inserts it into a new disposable sheath and sticks it in my mouth. “Hold still.” The instrument beeps and he pulls it out and examines it closely. “Normal,” is his verdict.

Then he checks my pulse and frowns at me, “Calm down, young lady,” he instructs. Next is the blood pressure cuff and that brings another “Normal.” He follows up with the always icy cold stethoscope and I gasp as it presses against my skin. He listens to my lungs through the usual routine of deep breaths and then quickly examines my eyes, nose and throat. Then he’s back to my wrist to recheck the pulse and I must have managed to calm down a little, because he says, “That’s better.”

“Just as I expected,” he continues, “Healthy as a horse. Now let’s get to the specific reason you’re here. I am going to do a rectal exam now, so lay down on your side facing away from me.”

This is a new position for me. “I’ve never done it like this before, Doc.”

“Would you rather stand and spread your legs?” he asks.

“Oh, no! I hate that position.” That brings a chuckle from him. I can hear him pulling the latex gloves onto his hands with the usual squeak and snap. I sense that he is behind me and I’m not surprised when he grasps the ankle of my upper leg and gently moves it upward until my knee is almost against my chest.

“Please spread your ass cheek for me now,” he instructs and I reach my left hand down and oblige him. He gently rubs a cold greasy finger around my delicate anus and I tense involuntarily.

“Relax,” he demands. “Remember what I told you. Try to push.”

I try to comply and must have been successful because the next I know, I feel a sensation of fullness as the tip of his finger ventures in to my rectum. “That didn’t even hurt,” I think to myself in amazement.

“Did I hurt you?” he asks with a note of concern in his voice.

“Not at all,” I reply.

“Now I’m going to slowly insert the rest of my finger and give you a quick exam. Let me know if you feel any discomfort,” he instructs.

I feel an increase in the sensation of fullness as his finger slowly penetrates further into my body, but no pain. He moves his finger around the walls of the inside of my rectum and then it’s over and the fullness is gone.

“OK, you can start breathing again now,” he says and I grab a big gulp of air down my throat. I didn’t even realize that I had been holding my breath. “You’ll have to remember to breathe on your own during anal sex, dear.” I laugh.

“Are you vocal during lovemaking?” he inquires. I hear him remove his gloves and throw them away.

“What do you mean?”

“Do you let your lover know what pleases you? Do you tell him when he has done something that you like or dislike? Do you ask your lover to do specific things to you and for you?”

“Well, no. Not exactly,” I admit. “I do tend to moan aloud when I’m really enjoying myself.”

“Well, you are going to have to learn to be more demanding. Please realize that most men are completely unaware of what a woman wants and what they are feeling and those men that do are usually gay,” he laughs. “So, if you want the quality of your love life to improve, I suggest that you encourage your lover when he is pleasuring you by letting him know what you’re feeling.

And, a woman’s orgasms are a mystery to most males. That’s why you gals can get away with faking them. We never know whether you’ve had one or not. A man’s climax is obvious. So announce your orgasms. It will give your lover a better appreciation of when to speed up his own climax or when to struggle to hold back. Good communication is essential to any team sport.”

I can’t help but laugh at that, “I’ll try, Doc.”

“OK, I can’t find any medical reason that you should be unable to engage in anal sex. Do you still want to continue with this?” he asks with a note of concern in his voice. Just the fact that he asked, showing his consideration of my feelings, gives me the courage to continue.

“Yes. Please do, Doc. This is something that I really want to do with you,” I whisper.

“OK, we’ll move on to see if you’re capable of multiple orgasms. For the rest of the session, I want you to close your eyes and imagine that you’re in comfortable surroundings and that Jeremy is the one making love to you, not me. Are you comfortable with that?” he asks.

“I’ll try.”

“Before we start, I want you to remember to tell your lover exactly what you’re feeling while we’re making love. I’ll try to tell you what I’m going to do to you before I do it, so stop me at any time if you aren’t comfortable with what is happening or going to happen. I’m not going to try to surprise you with anything. Are you still comfortable?” His concern lets me relax even further and I notice that he has gently rolled me over on my back on the table.

“Yes, Jeremy, I’m comfortable.”

“Good girl. Have you ever experienced an orgasm without any clitoral stimulation, my dear?”

“How can that happen?” I gasp. My lover has spread my legs slightly apart at the knees and his hands are gently caressing my legs.

“Well, sugar plum, that’s what were going to shoot for first, so relax and enjoy. I’m going to start out by giving you a foot massage. Your feet are very sensitive erogenous zones.”

With that he starts to gently but firmly massage my left foot with both hands. It is an incredible treat. My entire leg begins to relax.

“Speak up, girl.”

“Oh, Jeremy, that feels sooooo good. Please don’t stop,” I groan in delight.

The massage moves toward the ball of my foot and suddenly I feel my big toe enclosed in a warm mouth.

“Oh, my. That’s nice.” My lover’s tongue caresses my toe and then moves on to suck gently on the next one. “Oh, yes!”

“You may play with your breasts, but please keep your hands away from your pussy, dear.”

I hadn’t even noticed my hands reaching for my crotch. “Sorry, lover. You’re so good to me.” I put both hands on my now tender little boobies and squeeze gently. My nipples are at least a half inch long and as hard as they have ever been. A delicious tingling feeling creeps out of the base of each breast and shoots down my body toward my pussy. I can not only feel the dampness there, I can clearly smell my musky aroma. “Oh, yes. That feels soooo gooooood.”

Having suckled each toe on my left foot, his attention shifts to the right and the delightful treatment is repeated. I’m rubbing the palms of my hands over each breast in a gentle circular motion that is making my nipples demand further attention. I pinch one gently and then harder. A moan escapes from deep in my throat.

“My legs are going completely limp,” I declare, languidly. “It’s almost like you’re massaging my entire lower body. And my pussy is wet, darling.”

He pauses his ministrations of my toes long enough to murmur, “That’s good.’ And then he continues, taking his time and driving me further onward. When he finishes sucking and teasing my little toe, his hands gently slide up my lower legs to my knees, spreading me even wider. My hips roll up and my pussy is now completely on display, but, the way I feel right now, I certainly don’t care.

A sensation that I can’t immediately recognize starts at my left knee and leisurely proceeds across the inside of my thigh … It’s his tongue, I suddenly realize and it’s leaving a broad trail of saliva on my skin that cools slightly as his warm tongue moves on.

“Heavenly,” is all I can get out of my mouth.

The tongue reaches the very top of my leg and skips over my aching swollen pussy lips and resumes its gentle course down the other thigh toward my knee. Once it reaches its destination it reverses and repeats the journey, sending shivers of delight throughout my belly. My little clit is screaming for attention, but I don’t want to do anything to stop the feelings that are washing over me. Each time his tongue almost reaches my poor untouched pussy, my hips thrust forward, desperately trying to make contact with my tormentor.

After a couple more laps across my thighs, he pulls away and I’m left alone. I can sense him standing over me gazing down on his handiwork. My hands are twisting and pinching my nipples almost painfully, driven on by my aching clittie. My god, do I want to reach down there and relieve the pressure, but I resist. Barely. After what seems to be an eternity, but is most likely seconds, his hands gently circle around my wrists, pull my hands from my swollen tender breasts and tug my arms up over my head.

“Please keep your arms there, darling, if you can,” he instructs me and our lips touch. “I’m now going to kiss you.” My body is completely open and defenseless. His to do with as he pleases. Inside my eyelids we’re in a palace somewhere. It doesn’t matter where.

His kiss is gentle but passionate and I open my lips and allow his tongue to invade and pillage the inside of my mouth. My body eagerly craves his touch, but the only place we’re together is our lips. All the sexual tension in me is centered in that kiss and I’m lost. Concentrating everything I have into giving him the best kiss that I’ve ever given him, my entire body seems to turn to molten metal and pour out between my lips.

His lips ease away from mine and spread gentle little kisses across my nose, eyes, forehead, chin, and then his lips attack my throat. I tilt my head back to give him access to every bit of me. Right now I would give this man anything he desired.

“Speak to me, darling.”

“Oh, yes. You’ve got me on the top of a cliff, and I’m about to jump off,” I try to explain. “Don’t stop. Oh, God, please don’t stop!”

“Good. Now I’m going to make love to your beautiful breasts.”

His kisses move down my chest to my breast and his hands are again moving gently over my trembling body. His tongue circles the base of each breast with a trail of saliva and his hands move to encircle them where his tongue was just licking. My nipples are screaming for attention as his hands squeeze my little titties.

“Suck on my nipple, Jeremy,” I hear myself say from a distance. And his lips slowly move up the side of my breast and comply. My head is about to explode. One hand leaves the breast that he is suckling and leisurely wanders down my belly toward my painfully engorged clit.

“I’m so close, dear,” I gasp. “Please. PLEASE!”

His teeth capture a nipple and his hand rolls and gently pinches the other. My hips are involuntarily pushing upward lewdly, trying to attract anything to release the pressure building within me. The hand moving down my belly is getting closer and closer as I approach my breaking point. His teeth start to grind my nipple between them and the other nipple is being mauled and tugged painfully.

Just as I expect his roaming hand to reach the pulsing nub that will trigger my release, it lifts off my belly and is between my ass cheeks! My hips are thrusting wildly, totally beyond my control as his finger finds my rosebud and gently circles the tender opening. The feelings are incredibly intense. I never knew that I could feel like this.

In an instant, his teeth release my nipple and he sucks my entire tit inside his mouth. I begin to drop off the cliff and, when his finger presses into my still well lubricated asshole, I’m falling through the air.

“Oooooooohhhhhh Myyyyyyy Gooooooooooddddddd! I’m cumming! I’m cumming!” I shriek.

My body tenses and my legs try to push my swollen pussy to the ceiling as the waves of pleasure course through my belly and radiate to every part of me, shaking me to the core. His mouth continues to try to suck my breast off my chest and I can no longer keep my hands held above my head. I involuntarily grab the back of his head and clutch him even tighter to me. My body twitches and spasms on and on until I can’t continue any further and even then the spasms keep coming. As I come down off the most intense orgasm that I’ve ever experienced, my nipples are suddenly too sensitive for the slightest touch.

“Oh, that’s too much,” I gasp, pushing his head away from me roughly. “I’m too sensitive. Ow!” And he releases his hold on my nipples only to lay his head between my breasts as if he were trying to listen to my racing heart. His finger slips easily out of my rear and I have to admit to myself that I even enjoyed that. I wrap my arms around his neck and we cuddle for the longest time, basking in the afterglow. Until I realize that I’m the only one who is glowing.

“How did you do that?” I ask in amazement. “That was intense!”

“You’re fortunate to have small breasts,” he replies.

“Fortunate? I thought I was cursed,” I laugh.

“No, really. All women have the same number of nerve endings in their breasts, regardless of the size,” he patiently explains, “so, all of your sensitive nerve endings are concentrated into a smaller area and can be more easily stimulated.”

“You are too good to me,” I whisper, kissing the top of his head.

“I have not yet begun to fight. Don’t give up the ship,” he babbles.

“Oh, no! I couldn’t possibly…,” I protest, but he cuts me short.

“Weren’t you the one who didn’t think it was possible to orgasm without clitoral stimulation?” he mentions as he turns his head and sticks out his tongue. Leaning down, he starts licking gently in the valley in between my throbbing boobettes. “And, weren’t you supposed to keep your eyes closed?”

“Oh, yes, dear. I’m sorry,” I say as I close my eyes and put my hands back above my head. I’m shocked to realize that my clit is still eager for more. And suddenly I’m certain that he knows it as well as his tongue continues to make love to my chest while carefully avoiding my super sensitive nipples. Slowly he moves the center of his attention lower until he reaches my belly button. His hands are gently stroking my arms and legs, but my attention is centered on his tongue exploring every fold and crevice in my belly button.

“That almost tickles,” I giggle. “Don’t stop, lover.”

“Your wish is my command,” and he’s back to tickling me. I feel so comfortable. My body is limp from my orgasm — oops — I mean, from my first orgasm and yet my pussy and clit are begging for more. I realize that we are sailing into uncharted territory; from here on we’re going to be in emotional areas that have never been explored. My mind wants to say stop, don’t go any further, but my body won’t let me.

“Now I’m going to eat your pussy, my dear.”

As his tongue abandons my belly button and slides down around my patch of pubic hair and clit to start feasting on my intensely sensitive outer pussy lips, I totally abandon anything my mind is trying to tell me. I give myself over to my inner animal and trust my body to show me the way. His hands are on my inner thighs and his marvelous tongue is torturing my pussy lips, gently sliding around and around the center of my being. Each time the tongue reaches the top of my slit, it skips over the painfully engorged bud that is screaming for attention.

“Please lick my clit,” I plead.

“Not just yet, my dear. Hang on.”

Then he spreads my pussy lips apart with his hands and his lovely tongue invades my most private area. He presses his face as far inside my cunt as it can go and starts to noisily suck as much of my pussy nectar as he can. The sensations are as intense as I have ever experienced. Still, my clittie screams for attention!

“Oh, please. I beg of you, please!”

And then, to my surprise, he pushes up on my thighs to roll my hips even further back and slides his wonderful mouth further down to my taint and then even further to my ass. His tongue starts to gently circle my rosebud and I’m in heaven.

“OH! That’s nice. Really nice!”

Every rotation of his talented tongue stokes my fires higher and when his finger gently probes into my ass, I’m again at the precipice.

“Oh, lover, I’m sooooooo close,” I moan.

My body’s tremors begin, promising another impending explosion. When he suddenly sucks my clit into his mouth, gripping its base firmly between his teeth and then pummeling the tip with his glorious tongue I lose it completely. This time I’ve been launched from a cannon. My pussy gushes her juice all over his face; my hips buck and jerk and I realize that I don’t have to tell him that I have achieved orgasm. Again. I fly through the air for what seems to be hours.

“Oh dear Lord! I think I’ve died and gone to heaven!” I croak and push his face away from my now ultra-sensitive clit.

“Do you enjoy cunnilingus, my dear?”

“Oh my God, yes,” I answer, my body continuing to jerk and twitch involuntarily.

“Does your lover treat you to it often?”

“Not as often as I would like, but yes, he occasionally does. But never to orgasm,” I confess.

“And do you perform fellatio on him?”

“Oh, no. That’s dirty,” I insist. “I couldn’t do that.”

“Oh? Does your lover have a personal hygiene problem?”

“No.”, I laugh. “It’s not that he’s dirty, it’s just the thought of putting his penis in my mouth that seems dirty.”

“So, you like for him to masturbate you orally, but you can’t find it in you to return the favor?” he continues. “Why do you find the act dirty?”

“I don’t know. I’ve never really thought about it.”

“Well, hopefully, that’ll give you something to consider,” he says as he is cleaning my juices off his chin with a paper towel. “Are you relaxed, my dear?”

“I’m more than relaxed; I’m totally immobile!” I realize that he is still dressed.

“Well, we’ve determined that there are no medical complications and you do agree that you can achieve multiple orgasms, don’t you?” he asks with a grin.

“Without a doubt! You’re an incredibly talented lover. Linda is a really lucky woman to be married to you.”

“Well, I might not be practicing my skills for a while after I tell her about us tonight.” he says, with a look of melancholy on his face.

“You’re not going to tell her about this, are you? How can you?”

“I have to tell her. She’s my wife. We tell each other everything. It’s the only way we know to keep our love alive: no secrets, nothing to hide.”

“Let me tell her,” I plead. “I’m the one that begged you to do this.”

“I can’t do that. It’s my responsibility. She’ll understand. I may have to treat her especially nice for a while, but I can enjoy that.”

“But, you really haven’t done anything. You’re not even undressed!”

“Not for long,” he says and unbuckles his belt.

“Oh, that’s right,” I realize. “Well, if you’re sure that you want to make the sacrifice, then I guess that I’m still willing.”

I wonder how I’m going to explain this to Jeremy.

** Doc **

“This has been waaaaay too easy!” I think to myself, as I unbuckle my belt. Pulling off my t-shirt, I gaze down on the delightful naked body now resting on her side on the examining table. She is curled up with her legs pulled up under her.

A light sheen of sweat makes her skin glisten. The look on her face is one of languid relaxation and total satisfaction. Such a pretty little thing. And her last orgasm was massive. I almost drowned in her juices.

I kneel down to unbuckle my sandals, kick them off and then stand back up and unbutton my pants. The expression on her face is fascinating as I let my jeans drop. At first her facial expression seems to change to one of amusement, and then morphs to one of astonishment. When I pull down my boxer briefs, letting my throbbing erection free, her expression turns to a look of amazement followed by one of almost horror.

“Oh, Doc. I thought Jeremy was large, but you’re HUGE!” she gasps. “How will that thing possibly fit in me?”

“Well, we’ll see if it will, dear,” I say soothingly, “And if it does, and I’d be surprised if it won’t, then you’ll have the confidence to handle Jeremy. Won’t you?”

“Are you sure I can take it?” her voice quavers.

“Are you still willing to try, or do you want to stop now?”

After a long pause to reflect, she takes a deep breath and says, “I’ll try. But, you’ve got to promise to stop if I can’t stand it. That thing has to hurt.” She is visibly trembling.

“OK. You have my word. Can you stand up?” I help her down and steady her when her legs threaten to buckle under her. We’re standing within inches of each other. “You’re a brave lady to have come this far.”

Her wan smile is reassuring. “What now?”

“Would you do us a favor and lube me up good?” I suggest, handing her the bottle of lube.

She takes the bottle and slowly sinks to her knees. The crown of my cock is just about her eye level. She pops open the top of the lube bottle and squirts some on the palm of her hand. Putting the bottle down, she rubs her palms together and reaches for the shaft of my manhood. Her hands close around it with a delightfully gentle pressure and leisurely start working their way up my tool, leaving behind a glistening coating of lube.

Her touch is excruciatingly pleasant. As her soft graceful hands approach the crown of my member which is leaking pre-cum, she sits up and looks at it carefully. Then she astounds me by carefully sticking her little pink tongue out and collecting the tiniest drop of moisture from my slit. She pulls her tongue back in and considers the taste with a look of concentration on her face. Then she gives the very tip a gentle kiss.

“That’s as far as I’m ready to go today,” she says seriously and resumes lubing.

“Oh,” I groan, “that feels so good.”

Her hands slide up over the most sensitive part of me and mix the lube and the pre-cum before retreating back down to the base. I am hard as a proverbial rock and in desperate need of relief after all the sex play that we’ve been through. When she squirts more lube on her palms and continues her leisurely application, I grit my teeth and bask in the joy of the moment.

Just before I get absolutely desperate, I say, through gritted teeth, “That’s fine, dear. You’ve done an excellent job.”

Reaching down, I help her to her feet, amazed at how light she is. We share a long passionate kiss that actually slightly lessens the pressure in my groin. “Now we need to relax your back entry, little sweetheart. Turn around and bend over at the waist. Put your pretty head and your shoulders on the table. Let your sweet breasts hang free. Then I need you to reach back and spread your cheeks.”

“Spread your feet apart. Further,” I direct. “That’s good. Now relax and remember what I told you.”

What an amazingly cute little ass. I am astounded by my good fortune. Her face looks relaxed and when I squirt a glob of lube into the very top of the crevice separating her firm cheeks, she smiles. I work the lube down her crack to the little rosebud that is awaiting my arrival. With more lube on my fingertip, I gently press my index finger against her anus. A gentle press this time is all it takes to slide right in.

This girl is relaxed with a capital R. I feel the rubbery muscle surrounding my finger loosen even more and then I withdraw. Her groan almost sounds like disappointment, but I’m just reloading a little more lube and this time I press my index and my middle finger into her. She sucks her breath in but doesn’t flinch. I gently work the fingers around for a few long minutes, feeling the pressure that originally held them together gradually lessen. Then I continue my in and out twisting and gently spread the fingers apart.

“Oh, Oh, Oh. That feels good,” she coos. “I never would have imagined.”

When I ease my two fingers out, I’m delighted to see that her sphincter doesn’t completely close. We’re getting there. This time I slowly insert three fingers and this time there is a look of concern on her face. Working slowly and gently, I gradually coax the muscle to relax even further.

“Relax, dear. It’s very important that you relax. Now I’m going to insert just the head of my cock in your hole.”

As I ease the swollen crown of my cock up to the well lubricated rosebud of her tiny anus and press firmly forward, I feel her body tense momentarily and then slowly begin to relax. The look of concentration on her face shows me that she is following the directions I’d given her and my patient pressure is rewarded when my cock head suddenly pops through the rubbery ring of her sphincter muscle. I pause to give her body time to adapt to the foreign intruder.

Her face betrays the discomfort she obviously feels at the initial penetration, but she doesn’t cry out, so it must not be too intense. Gradually the pained look is replaced by one of … what, I wonder? Relief? Satisfaction, maybe? Or even pleasure? I try to resist the urge to immediately penetrate as far as I can into her warm tight channel.

“Are you OK?”

“I think so. Please be gentle,” she begs.

“I will. You’re doing great. You’re a very brave girl to do this for a man. You must really love him.” My natural con artist is still alive. “Just pretend that I am Jeremy.”

“Oh, Jeremy. Please be gentle.”

I can feel her tight ring loosening gradually and I strain to hold my position. I gently rub my hands over her slender back and her tight little hips.

“You can let go of your cheeks now, if you want. I’m going to try to slide in a little further,” I warn her.

She tenses and then remembers to relax. I lean forward and slide in another inch. Her eyes fly open and she grabs the edge of the table. But she doesn’t say a word, so I give her a few moments to adjust. The tension is killing me. I’m really struggling to control myself.

“It’s OK, Jeremy. I can do this,” she whispers and closes her eyes again. I ease back until just my tip is inside her and then press in again. This time I’m a third of the way in before her sudden intake of breath signals her discomfort. Then I notice that she recalls another of the things we discussed and a hand slips down between her legs. I continue rubbing her back and hips and her face relaxes into a smile.

“That feels good,” she murmurs.

I ease back out to the beginning and slide forward to within a couple inches of total penetration. My God! This is about the tightest place that my cock has every been. Her breathing returns to normal and without withdrawing this time, I ease myself all the way into her.

My cock can actually feel her working her clit through the walls of her rectum, it’s that tight. My abdomen is firmly pressing against her delightfully tight little ass. I have arrived. Hallelujah! The promised land! My cell phone begins its incessant chirp. “OH, SHIT! NOT NOW!”

Where is the damn thing? I let my ears guide me to my pants on the floor. There it is, out of reach. I’ve got to get it before it rolls over to the answering service.

“Help me get the phone, dear,” I plead and wrap my arms around Jenny’s waist, trapping the arm that is working over her pleasure nub. I pick her up, still bent over and intimately connected to me, and pivot the both of us around to where her head is directly over my pants.

“Please hand me my phone.” She reaches down with her free arm, retrieves the noisy interloper and reaches back around herself to hand it to me. I awkwardly walk the both of us forward until she can rest her head on the side cabinet.

Glancing at the phone, I see that the Caller ID identifies the source of our untimely interruption to be my good friend, Jack Horton. “Oh, well,” I think to myself, “at least he’s not usually long winded.” Jenny is really starting to get into the self-stimulation idea.

“Hello, Jack,” I answer, “What’s up?”

“Ashleigh is over here at my place today and she had an accident on the rope swing. She fell off it backwards and landed heavily on her back and neck. The impact knocked her out for a couple minutes and now she has a headache. Her mother and I don’t feel any indication of a skull fracture or any problem with her neck, and there wasn’t any bleeding, but we’re wondering whether we should take her to the emergency room or not,” he explains.

“Fuck me, Jeremy,” Jenny moans. “I’m almost there.”

“Is she experiencing any dizziness?” I ask Jack.

“Yes, she has mentioned that.”

“Oh, darling, you feel soooo good inside me,” my young nurse purrs. I’ve got to get Jack off the phone.

“Can you bring her in to my office?”

“I don’t want you to have to make a special trip, Doc. We can head for the ER,” Jack replies.

“That’s no problem. I’m already here. Please just bring her in and we’ll check her out.”

“OH! OH! I’m CUMMING,” cries Jenny and her anus clamps down hard around my aching cock. Her orgasm racks her little body and I can feel the contractions ripple through the walls of her rectum. If her sphincter hadn’t tightened so much, I would have erupted inside her at that instant, but my body realizes that the passage my semen needs to flow through is blocked and wisely holds off. But my head is swimming.

“OK. We’ll be there in fifteen minutes,” Jack agrees.

“Come around to the side door and knock. I’ll let you in.”

“What’s all the noise in the background?” he asks curiously.

“It’s nothing,” I protest. “I’m … er … just watching some porn,” I fumble, looking down at Jenny and realizing that it’s not that much of a lie.

“OK, we’ll be there shortly,” and the connection is broken. This time I turn the damn thing off.

I can’t take it any longer. I grip Jenny’s hips and as soon as her ass relaxes its death grip on my cock, I start to slide in and out of her. I try to start slowly, but I know that I won’t last. Her eyes fly open and she twists her head around as far as she can to look at me. I can’t tell if the look on her face is one of wonder, confusion or fear. It doesn’t seem to show any pain or terror, but I can’t read her. She solves my confusion.

“Harder!” is all she says and she doesn’t have to ask twice. I start to slam into her, her ass cheeks quivering with each impact. Her hands are gripping the counter top to the point that her knuckles are white. The sight of my cock stretching her tiny asshole to an unimaginable size causes my blood to boil. After all the delays, I’m getting close. Her lithe little body is pushing back in time to my every thrust.

“You’re getting bigger!” she gasps and she arches her back and reaches her hands up behind my neck. I actually have her feet up off the floor, hanging onto my neck with her head thrown back against my shoulder. Her breathing is ragged. Her entire body shudders each time I slam into her.

This is it. I bottom out and explode, shooting a massive load of pent-up cum deep into her. She screams and her body jerks and convulses on my tool. Her body tries to tighten the anal noose on my member, but there’s no stopping the flow of my seed this time. I pump load after load of jism into her.

Her orgasm rolls through her and she barks out a startled “OH!” with every spurt from my cock. My legs won’t hold us both any longer and I try to gracefully ease us both down until I can roll back on the floor with her still impaled on my cock. We both collapse into whatever shape that gravity dictates. My arms are around her waist and her legs are spread apart on either side of mine. Totally spent, I can’t move a muscle as she continues to twitch in my arms. Our hot sweaty bodies are still shaking gently.

“Thank you. Thank you, Doc. You’ve shown me so much that I never knew,” she whispers in my ear.

“No, I have to thank you, dear. You are a brave and talented student. I’m proud of you,” I whisper back.

We lay together on the floor for what seems to be an hour, but it couldn’t be.

“We do have an incoming patient to care for,” I mention. “Ashleigh St. James took a tumble and may have a concussion. Jack is bringing her in now. Do you feel up to working?” I offer her an out.

“If my legs will work,” she says.

“Pfffhhhttt!” announces the expulsion of my limp dick from her well fucked ass and we both laugh heartily.

“I’m glad you warned me about that, Doc,” she notes and manages to sit up on my abdomen. Gathering her feet underneath her, she uses the cabinet to help stand up, a little shakily.

“I don’t have a uniform here!” she exclaims. I notice that her anus is still a little dilated. She grabs a paper towel and wipes at the cum leaking from her gaping asshole. What a sight!

“Just put on a lab coat. It’s only Jack, he won’t notice,” I suggest. She reaches her little hand down to help me up and I slowly lever myself upright. Then she rises up on her tiptoes and gives me a peck on the cheek.

“Thanks, Doc. You’re really special,” she says over her shoulder as her naked body slips out of the room. I try to imprint that moment into my memory, knowing that it will never happen again. Boy, was it fun while it lasted. Wiping myself off with a paper towel, I reach for my clothes.

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