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Out of the Night

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A little before eight PM, the phone rang. I picked it up and said, “Hello.”

On the other end of the line, a breathy female voice asked, “Can I speak to Rad, please?”

Rad is my internet name and a pen name I use when I write erotica. Very few people know that name and the few who do, know my real name. “Uh, this is Randy, can I help you?”

There was a short silence and then a throaty laugh. “If you are the one that wrote the wonderful sexy stories I found, then you can do almost anything to me or with me that you like.”

“Oh.” Was my brilliant comeback.

Again, I heard the throaty laugh. “Did you write a story called A Cold and Rainy Day?” She asked.

For a moment, I considered saying no. There are some weird people in the world and not all of them are men. “What if I did?” I asked back.

There was another short silence before she replied. “If you did, then I want to thank you for all the wonderful orgasms that, that story has given me over the last month. I take it to bed with me most nights and after a few pages, my fingers begin to wander and play in a place that makes me go wild.”

Praise from someone that likes my stories doesn’t come often, mostly because very few people see my stories. I post them at one of my favorite web sites and I have given a couple to some close friends. “Thank you. I like to hear that people like my stories. Usually I get feed back on them by e-mail.” I said, still a little worried about the reason for this call and the type of person that I might be talking to. Only, what she had said about her masturbating had my interest peaked to say the least.

There was another silence, this one longer than the others were. Finally, she said, “E-mail? Why would I send you an e–mail? I found these stories in a box of trash. This phone number was written across the top of one of them.”

I laughed and said, “Someone must not have liked my stories much.”

“No. This trash was left in the house I just moved into. Actually, I don’t think it was meant to be left behind. There are some books and other papers in it that I wouldn’t have tossed out.” There was a short pause and then she asked, “Do you know someone named Julie Barnes? Her name is on several of the papers and in one of the books.”

I relaxed a little and replied, “Oh yes, I definitely know Julie. She is an old and dear friend of mine. Did you just move into her old house out by the lake?”

She laughed and said teasingly, “Maybe, maybe not.”

“You gave away too much information, didn’t you?” I asked with a laugh of my own.

“Yes.” She said with a hiss. “Just blame it on my blond hair.” I laughed again and she chuckled. Out of the blue she asked, “How much of you, is in that story? Do you just write about wonderful sex, or do you live it also? What I mean is, is any of it true, or is it all a fantasy?”

“Quite a bit, both, and fantasy.” I said with a chuckle.

There was a long silence this time. I started to hang up but at the last second she asked, “Are you married or living with someone?”

My first impulse was to tell her I was married but instead I said, “I’m happily single and unhappily alone at the present time. How about you?”

She laughed and replied, “If I was with someone, would my sex life consist of my fingers and a couple of very sexy stories. I wonder if Julie has missed the stories.”

“Probably not, I gave them to her shortly after her husband died a couple of years ago and she was living alone. Since then, she has found a great guy. That’s one of the reasons, she moved out of that place. He lives up north of here and her work has also moved north.” I told her.

There was a sigh on the other end of the line. “Lucky her.” The woman said. There was a short pause and then she asked, “Could you do me a favor?”

“Sure, anything within reason that’s legal.” I replied.

She laughed and said, “I just need to know what you look like. Part of my fantasy with this story, is thoughts of you getting horny while you were writing it. I’ve often wondered if you had to touch yourself from time to time, as you wrote it or even masturbated. Maybe even cumming on your desk.”

I had to laugh before I replied, “My stories always turn me on. They are my fantasies, for the most part, after all.” I paused a moment and then went on, “Yes, I have masturbated to my stories. I try not to cum on my desk, as it has a tendency to make the keyboard sticky. I do my writing on a computer.”

She laughed and said, “That could be an electrifying experience. You didn’t tell me what you look like.”

“Hmmm, do you want the truth or a description of the fantasy me?” I asked jokingly. “I’m six foot tall, around two hundred pounds, and a little too well padded around the middle. I have black hair that is going salt and pepper and I wear it in a ponytail that reaches down between my shoulder blades. I’m no lady-killer but I don’t scare people either. Is that good enough?”

She chuckled and replied, “Not exactly what I had pictured, but I can adjust and go with it. What about your ass and how should I put this, your equipment?”

I laughed and said, “Now we’re getting personal aren’t we?” I paused a moment but when she didn’t say anything I added, “Well, my ass ain’t as tight as it used to be but it’s still muscular and doesn’t sag. As far as my equipment is concerned, let’s just say it measures up. I haven’t had any complaints at any rate. Not that I’ve had much opportunity to use it lately. If I didn’t apply some baby oil to it occasionally it would probably rust.” This brought a laugh from her. “Ok, now it’s your turn. What do you look like, and don’t leave out any of the personal details. I figure turn about is fair play.”

“Well, let’s see, I’m five feet tall and five feet wide. I have big hips and tits that sit down before I do. I have long stingy blonde hair and a wart on the end of my nose. How does that sound?” She said and then laughed.

“That sounds like a big fat lie to me.” I said.

“You’ll just have to wait and see then, won’t you? If I had a chaise lounge like in the story, you’d find out sooner. I’d let you act out the story, in a heart beat.” She said in reply.

Softly, I said, “The chaise lounge from the story is real and is sitting here in my living room.”

There was a long silence on the other end of the line. When she spoke, I could barely hear her, as her voice was so soft. “Can you come get me? You know where Julie’s old house is.”

My mind was racing along at ninety to nothing. “Ok, but there are a few rules and some things you have to do first.” I fell silent and waited for her reply.

After another long silence, she said, “Ok, what are the rules and what do I have to do?”

“First of all, we won’t follow the story exactly. The primus will be the same but if you know what’s going to happen next, it takes the uncertainty out of it. That is a large part of what makes the fantasy so good. Next, at anytime, I can terminate this whole thing. That has to be understood.” Do you understand?

She whispered, “Yes, I understand. What if I want to stop?”

“You won’t, want to.” I said softly. When she didn’t say anything else, I went on. “Now you need to go take a hot bath and shave your bush completely off, that is, if it’s not already shaved. When you get finished, call me and I’ll tell you the rest.” Quickly, I hung up.

I stood there wondering what I had gotten myself into. Part of me said she wouldn’t call back and part of me hoped wildly that she would. Part of me said that with my luck, she would look exactly like she described herself. For some reason, part of me knew better. My mind was playing ping-pong with this whole scenario.

My mind skidded to a quick halt as it dawned on me, that I had some things to get done myself. I needed a shower and to get some things ready, just in case she did call back.

I had showered, shaved, and changed clothes. I had also moved the old chaise lounge out into the middle of the room and rounded up all of the things from my story and a few more. I had also checked the batteries in my digital camera and had it sitting on the coffee table along with the rest of the stuff. I was opening a bottle of wine in the kitchen, when the phone rang.

I forced myself to slowly walk across the room and to pause before I picked it up. I took a deep breath and said, “Hello.”

“I’m squeaky clean and as slick as a whistle all over.” She said and then took a shuttering breath, which I could hear over the phone line.

“What are you wearing right now?” I asked.

“I’m wearing a sweater and a skirt like the girl in the story. I also have on a pair of panties, a bra, a pair of thigh high stockings, and a pair of black heels.” She said softly.

“Ok. Do you have a long coat or house coat?” I ask her.

“Yes, I have both, a full length leather coat and a house coat that’s rather thin and only comes down to my knees.” She answered.

“Take off the sweater, the skirt, the bra, and the panties. Leave on the heels and the stockings. Put on the leather coat and find a scarf or handkerchief that can be used for a blindfold. Turn out all the lights in the house except the one in the kitchen, unlock the front door, and put on the blindfold. Stand by the counter, in front of the sink; I will be there in about five minutes or so to pick you up.” I told her. There was a long silence. I broke it by saying, “Either you trust me completely or we call this whole thing off before it starts.” The silence dragged on and I just waited. The ball was in her court, so to speak.

I heard her take another deep shuddering breath just before she whispered, “Ok.” I hung up the phone and headed out the door into the cold and rainy night.

I took my time driving over to the house the woman was living in. First off, I wanted time to think and to plan. Secondly, I wanted her to have time to get a little antsy. Anticipation was everything from now on. I had to do what she least expected and I had to take total control. She was fascinated by the story, the story line, and me. On my end, the worst that could happen was that I’d have a great night of sex.

I pulled into the driveway of the house and shut off the motor to my truck. I could see her standing by the kitchen counter with the blind fold on. What surprised me was her beauty. She was gorgeous, even with the blindfold covering part of her face. I got out of the truck, walked up onto the porch, and went in the front door. Her head turned toward the noise of the door opening. “Rad, is that you?” She whispered.

I didn’t say anything; I walked up to her and put my fingers under her chin, tilting her head up slightly. When she started to speak again, I kissed her, softly at first and then I used my tongue to force her teeth apart. As I put more force and passion into the kiss, she whimpered softly and kissed me back. When her hands came up toward my neck, I caught one in each hand and held them away from me.

I ended the kiss and used her arms to gently pull her away from the counter. I placed her hands at her side and stepped around behind her. I pulled a short piece of soft cord from my jacket pocket and loosely tied her hands behind her back. From my other pocket, I took a dog collar and a chain leash. The wide black leather collar was a loose fit but I used it anyway. When I was finished, I put my head on her shoulder and whispered into her ear, “I promise, you will not be hurt, and that you will truly enjoy the rest of this night. If you believe me and trust me, nod your head.”

She nodded and I continued, “Now, I’m going to take you home and tie you to that chaise lounge. Then I going to tease and please you as you’ve never been teased and pleased before. Until then, you are to be absolutely quiet and to do everything I tell you to do. Do you understand?” She started to speak but a quick slap on her leather-covered ass stopped her. She shivered and then she nodded sharply. “Good, you learn quickly.” I whispered softly.

I held the chain in one hand as I walked around in front of her. Five foot tall by five foot wide, she wasn’t. Five foot eight inches tall and slender was more the case. The leather coat covered her from her neck to just below her knees but I sensed that there was a good body under it. Her blonde hair was shoulder length and baby fine. I reached up with the back of two fingers, traced from one high cheekbone down under her chin, and then up to the other cheekbone. She jerked slightly at my initial touch but then she smiled and pressed her jaw against the moving fingers.

I unbuttoned the top button of the coat and used the leash to gently pull her toward the door. She was a little hesitant at following just the pull of the leash since she was blindfolded and couldn’t see. “Trust me.” I said softly, “I won’t let anything happen to you.” She smiled shyly and moved with a little more confidence after that.

At the door, I asked, “Do you have your keys in the pocket of that coat?” Her mouth opened slightly but she caught herself and shook her head. “Tell me where they are.” I said.

“They are on the kitchen table, next to my handbag.” She said softly.

I wrapped the leash around the doorknob several times and went to get her keys. I dropped them into her coat pocket and led her out the door. I closed and locked the door and used her arm and my voice to guide her down the steps and over to my truck.

Once she was seated inside the truck, I went around and got in. I started it up and turned the heater to high. I backed out of the driveway and headed off down the street. After a block or so, I said, “Sit back and relax, it’s only a short ride to my house.” As I exited her subdivision and turned left onto the county road, I reached over and unbuttoned the next button on her coat. “I’m not sure how many miles it is between your house and mine but lets play a little game. For each mile, I undo a button on that coat. Which is there more of, buttons or miles? I guess we’ll find out won’t we?” As the speedometer clicked over another mile, I undid the next button.

The area we were driving through was dark and wooded. There is a country grocery store with a lot of lights, a little over half way to my house. By the time we passed this lighted area, half the buttons on the coat were undone. I looked over to see a smallish pert breast peeking out of the open coat and the flat expanse of her belly below it. There was the flash of silver at the top of her navel; a small ring was clipped through the skin there. “Nice belly ring.” I said softly, which caused her to sit up straighter and to pull her shoulders back. This caused more of her right breast to be exposed. “Very nice breasts also.” I added with a grin. Her mouth opened for a half second but she didn’t say anything.

By the time I pulled into my driveway, all the buttons on the coat were undone and I had slid it open to expose her body. It was a mighty fine one I must say, much better than I had ever dreamed it would be. I shut off the motor and got out of the truck. I came around, opened her door, and helped her out, the coat still unbuttoned and open. As she slipped off the seat and stood up in the cold night air, her nipples grew harder and got a crinkly appearance. She shivered as I led her to my back door and inside.

Once I had the door shut, I leaned over, sucked one of the cold puckered nipples into my mouth, and ran my tongue over it. Her back arched and she groaned loudly. As the groan softened, I switched to the other hard nipple. The groan got louder again and her back arched even more. I dropped the chain leash, placed a hand on each of her bare hips, and then ran them slowly up along her back, pulling her breast tighter to my mouth. When I sucked most of the flesh of her breast into my mouth and bathed it with my tongue, she got even louder. I sucked on the firm flesh and slowly moved my head back until the breast popped out of my mouth with a slurping sound. I tried to swallow the other breast as I had the first. She pressed it tightly against my greedy mouth as my tongue swirled and danced over its surface. I popped this one out of my mouth and stood up, still holding onto her back.

I ran my hands up and down her back slowly, enjoying the feel of her satiny skin. “You do have a very beautiful body.” I whispered more to myself than to her. She took a deep breath and smiled. “Stand right there, I’ll be right back.” I told her as I went to get my camera. I took a couple of shots of her as she stood there with just the coat, stockings and high heels on.

I turned her around and untied her hands so I could slip the coat off of her. I hung it on the coat rack and moved back to get a shot of her gorgeous ass and tight muscular back. Moving around in front of her, I took two pictures from different angles. Her head was moving as she listened and tried to figure out what the noise was. I grinned and told her, “What you’re hearing is my camera as I take pictures of you.” When she stiffened, I added, “You’ll want a souvenir of tonight and so will I. Think of all the fun you’ll have looking at them later.” She relaxed and I asked, “Have you ever been photographed nude before?” When she shook her head, I added, “You should have been, these are going to be great pictures.”

I put down the camera, led her over to the chaise lounge, and sat her down on the end of it. “Do you know what you’re sitting on?” When she shook her head, I continued, “It’s the chaise lounge from the story. It’s where I’m going to tie you up and ravage you.” She took a sharp breath as my hand touched the top of her right thigh. “But first I’m going to get you a glass of wine, so sit there, and relax, I’ll be right back.”

I returned with two glasses of wine and handed one to her. “Is it warm enough in here?” I asked her. She nodded and sipped the wine. “Ok, you drink your wine while I go get more comfortable. Remember, keep the blindfold on or all bets are off.” She looked toward my voice and nodded again.

I went into my bedroom and took off my clothes, watching her through the open door, the whole time. She ran her hand over the chaise and then fingered the chain leash and the collar. I returned to get my camera and then sat in a chair a few feet in front of her. I took her picture and then sat the camera on the coffee table. I quietly watched her as she sipped the wine. When she had drunk most of the glass, I took two pieces of soft cord from the table next to me and moved down to kneel in front of her. She jumped slightly as my hand touched her ankle. I looped the cord around her ankle and loosely tied it to the ball leg of the lounge chair. I used the other piece of cord and tied the other ankle to the other leg of the chair. Now her legs were spread the width of the chaise lounge, about three feet. Her knees were about the same distance apart and raised slightly. She tried to close her knees as she heard the camera noises but couldn’t because of the chaise cushion and the pillows she sat on.

I took the now empty wine glass from her hands and pushed at her shoulders gently until she lay back on the lounge. I sat the glass on the table and got two more lengths of the cord. I looped one cord over her left wrist and the other over her right wrist. I moved around behind the chair, pulling her hands and arms up over her head. I looped one cord around the other and pulled the ends until her arms were stretched out and her hands were even with the back of the chair. I tied the cords together.

I walked back around in front of the chair and picked up my camera. I took several pictures of her beautifully exposed body from different angles and a close up of her very obviously wet sex. I laid the camera on the table and touched a fingertip to the inside of each knee. I slowly and lightly ran the fingertips up along the insides of her thighs until I was less than a quarter inch from her wet pussy. She had been wet and excited for a while, as she was wet several inches down the insides of her thighs. She shivered and whimpered softly the whole time my fingers were moving over her skin. When I stopped just short of her sex, she raised her hips and rotated them, trying to find the fingers.

I sat back and asked, “So, how do you like the reality as compared to the fantasy?” When she just nodded vigorously, I laughed and added, “Its ok, you can talk now.”

“Oh God, you are driving me totally insane. Here I am, completely exposing myself to a total stranger that I don’t have any idea of what he looks like. I can’t even be sure we are alone. There might be another dozen people sitting around here looking at me. You’re taking pictures of me. I rode over here with no clothes other than a coat. I walked in here with the damn thing wide open, my nipples nearly frozen off, and then I had my tits damn near sucked off.” She paused the torrent of words and laughed. “It’s going great so far. I had a small orgasm when you first kissed me and another when you sucked on my breasts. Right now, I’m on the verge of another from just laying here with my pussy exposed to you and God only knows whom else. One little touch and I’m going to explode.”

I grinned and reached out one finger to lightly stroke it across the smooth puffy outer lips of her pussy. Her hips jerked at the touch and she moaned deeply. As my fingertip slipped into the folds of her slit and slowly traveled down the slipper trench, her hips came up off the pillows and the moan became a yell. She flexed her hips and hunched against the small intruder. As the digit touched the sopping wet opening to her sex, she came with a rush and a little bit of a gush. I could see her juices running down the tightly clinched crack of her ass as her hips continued to buck and jump.

As her ass settled back to the pillows, I asked, “You mean like that?” She nodded as she chewed on her lower lip; another small tremor running up and down her body.

After a minute or two she took a deep breath and said, “Oh yes, just like that.”

“Ok, no more talking until I tell you to, understand?” I said softly. She nodded her head, as I picked up a small fuzzy duster, and brushed it lightly over her nipples. Her stomach jerked slightly and she lifted her small breast higher. Even lying down, they stood up in small cones, the puffy dark circles under the hard nipples stood up also, as though they were offering the nipples up to me. I brushed the duster over the hard nubs several more times before I slowly drew a figure eight around her breasts. This drew a sharp intake of breath and a soft moan. I brushed lightly across her flat stomach, which made her jerk and then giggle. I did another figure eight around her breasts and drew the length of the duster across each nipple. She took a hissing breath and arched up, trying to make firmer contact with the fuzzy side of the duster. “I love your nipples, the way they stand up, and how sensitive they are.” I said softly as I ran the duster over them once again. She took another hissing breath.

I brushed the duster across her stomach again and she jerked but didn’t giggle. I did it again and then tickled her with just the tip of the fuzz right on her mound. She gasped and lifted her hips. I stepped back, picked up my camera, and told her to lift her hips again. When she did, I took a couple of quick shots of her exposed, open, and very wet pussy.

She held her hips up and I realized that I hadn’t told her to put them down. I picked up feather that I had found, and ran its tip lightly along the inside of first one thigh and then the other. Her thighs moved wider apart and a quiver worked itself across her hips and stomach. I brushed the feather over the outer lips of her sex and then traced the very edge of the open slit all the way around. At the top of her slit, I must have touched her clit because her hips shivered and rose higher.

I placed the feather on the table next to the chaise lounge and sat down. I had a raging hard on and slowly stroked it once with my hand. “You can lower your hips now.” I said. I stroked myself again and asked her, “Do you know what I’m playing with right now?” She shook her head. “I’ll give you a hint; it’s hard as a rock and sensitive as hell.” She was still for a second and then a big grin split her face. “That’s right, it’s my dick, and do you know what I’m going to do with it?” She shook her head again.

I got up and walked over to straddle the lounge chair above her waist. I put one hand on the back of the chair and leaned forward to brush the spongy head of my dick across her lips quickly. She moved her head in the direction I had last touched her and then licked her lips. She smiled and opened her mouth slightly. I brushed a finger over her lips and she licked them again. A frown crossed her face and I laughed. “What you didn’t get a taste that time?”

She shook her head and opened her mouth. I stood up and moved back from over the chaise saying, “You’re much too eager for that. I think I’ll let you wait a little longer.” She frowned and then put a pouting look on her face. “Too late.” I told her and chuckled.

I picked up a piece of ice out of a bowel and touched it to her lips, her tongue came out and licked at the moister, I dripped a couple of drops of water on her lips and then on her tongue as she licked her lips. The next drop was on her right nipple; she jumped and rolled her body away from me. A drop hit the other nipple and she rolled the other way. The next drop was on her bare mound, right at the top of her slit. She jerked her hips and gasped. I rubbed the rest of the ice cube on her outer lips. Her ass ground back into the pillows for a second or two and then they moved back, trying to get the cold to touch her slit. The cube was melting quickly as I ran it up along her slit and touched the last little bit to her clit. She gasped and her hips jerked wildly for a second, a loud moan come to her lips.

I moved to the end of the chaise and knelt down to take a slow full lick up along each cold outer lip. I did it again and she whimpered softly. When my tongue made contact with her slit, her ass came up off the pillows and she moaned louder. I licked up and down her slit, smoothed out the long thin inner lips, but I didn’t touch her clit or her opening. Her hips were rocking slowly against my tongue as she tried to get me to touch her in those two places. I sucked the two thin inner lips into my mouth and chewed on them gently, her hips froze, and a shaking shiver ran up her body.

I grinned and stood up, as I thought about fucking her right then, and there. Then an idea crossed my mind, something from a picture I had seen on the internet. I went to the kitchen and unscrewed the mop handle from the mop, going into my bedroom, I found another couple of pieces of the soft cord I had used earlier. I untied her feet from the chair and retied them to the mop handle as far apart as I could get them; then I tied two new cords to the ends of the handle. I lifted her feet and legs high over her head, moved to the back of the chair, and tied the two cords to each legs of the chaise.

Her ass was now lifted off the pillows slightly and her ass and pussy were spread out before me. I got my camera and took pictures of her from a couple of different angles. Damn, what a gorgeous sight she was in this position. My hand ran up and down the length of my shaft a couple of times before I asked her, “Are you comfortable?”

She didn’t give a sign of hearing me for a couple of seconds and then she nodded her head slowly. I knelt at the end of the chaise, ran my hands slowly over her ass cheeks, and then up along the insides of her tight thighs. “Move around a little and see if you can get comfortable.” I said.

She did and ended up with her knees bent slightly and spread wider apart, her feet lower than they had been. She sighed and nodded a couple of times. I got the camera and took some more shots. Laying the camera aside, I knelt and took a long lick from her tail bone all the way around to her clit. As my tongue touched her asshole she jerked, as my tongue dipped into her open pussy, she gasped and wiggled, as my tongue bumped over her clit, she yelled and came like mad. I moved lower and lapped at the flood of juices running down the crack of her ass. She had calmed a little by the time my tongue was once again touching her asshole, her hips jerked and then she groaned loudly the whole time I licked her there. I did spend a little more time there than I needed to but she was wiggling and moaning like she was really enjoying it. I even probed at the tight opening with the tip of my tongue several times but it was much too tight for me to make any inroads, so to speak. This made her wiggle and moan even louder. The idea that this was virgin territory came to my mind. I wondered what was going to happen when we got to the part of the story about the girl being fucked in the ass. Maybe that was part of this whole sexual fantasy, bondage thing she was into. Later, my mind said, that could wait until later.

I continued on with my clean up until I reached the source and then started to bail with my tongue. She was a spring with the cork pulled out, and tasted sweet and musky at the same time. I was really enjoying my liquid feast and starting to make some headway with my bailing, when she tensed up and yelled loudly. Then the spring was a small geyser that I could almost drink from. With a grin, I went back to her tailbone and started the cleanup again.

Once again, I was teasing and licking her asshole and as I probed it with the tip of my tongue, I was making a little progress on entering it. As I did, her ass was now working back against my tongue, a soft whimpering moan coming from her lips. It took several minutes but by then I had most of my tongue moving in and out of her easily. The whimpering moan was louder and then she whined loudly as I moved up to once again feast on the well of her juices. I released the grip I had on her ass with one hand and slowly slipped a finger into her asshole. She groaned loudly and wiggled her ass from side to side, my finger slowly sliding in as far as it would go.

I slowly finger fucked her ass as I tongued her dripping pussy. She was once again making the whimpering moaning sound but now her ass was moving back and forth, as she fucked herself on my finger. After a minute or so, I pulled my finger out of her and reached up to dip another one into her vagina. She whined loudly when I took the finger out of her ass but moaned as the finger slipped into her wet pussy.

When the two fingers together probed at her asshole, she grunted and jerked away but as soon as they entered her slightly, she gave out with a loud moan and humped away at them as hard as she could. I held them so that they were just inside her and then slowly let them sink into her hot tight depths; the moan grew louder and almost continuous.

I worked the two fingers in and out of her ass for a moment and then asked, “Is this the first time you’ve had anyone play with your ass?” There was no reaction for a second or two, so I took the fingers out of her. The moan became a whining whimper. I sat down on the chair and waited until she was quiet and then I asked the question again. This time she slowly shook head and I rubbed the fingers against her anus a couple of times before I pushed one of them into her slowly. She moaned loudly and worked her ass back against it with a circling motion. I picked up the camera and took a picture of my finger in her ass. I eased the finger out and shoved in sharply, she gasped, and her hips shook and then bucked back against the intruder. “Have you ever been fucked in the ass?” I asked softly as I pulled the finger almost all the way out. She shook her head and flexed her hips trying to get the finger back into her ass. “Do you want to be?” I asked and jammed the finger back in all the way. She yelled and there was a small gush from her pussy, it was opening and closing slowly. “That was an interesting answer and I’ll take it as a yes.” I told her and she nodded quickly.

I didn’t own a small vibrating dildo but I had found an aluminum cigar tube with a round end. It was about as big around as my thumb and about six inches long. I held it in my hands for a moment, allowing it to warm to my touch. I moved to sit on the floor at the foot of the chaise lounge and touched the cylinder to the opening to her vagina. The tube slowly and easily sank into her pussy and as it did, she moaned softly and circled her hips. When it was fully inside her, I held it still for a second and then started to fuck her slowly with it. Her hips were still making the slow circles and her face had a totally slack, faraway look to it. At the bottom of one stroke, I released the cylinder and left it there, reaching for my camera. I took a picture of her pussy with it sticking out about an inch and then pulled it about halfway out and took another. As I lay the camera aside, the tube started to slowly slip out of her as her inner muscles squeezed at it.

I watched it until it started to move faster and then I stopped it with my hand. I pulled it out and lightly touched it to her anus. Her hips froze for a second as she expected it to enter her. Instead, I leaned forward, and licked and lapped at her sopping wet pussy. Her hips arched up against my face and I pressed the tube into her ass. She jerked away and just as quickly came back forward, driving the tube even deeper as a loud groaning moan came from her lips. I left the tube there and got the camera. As I took the picture, I could see the tight ring around the cylinder flexing as it clamped and unclamped on the invading object.

I left the tube alone for a second or two and then used one finger to gently push it in farther. Her hips jerked and even more of the tube disappeared. Again, she groaned loudly. “You like that don’t you?” I asked and eased the tube in a little more. She was nodding as her hips jumped and she took the tube in to the cap on the end. I took another picture and then started to slowly work the cylinder, in and out of her ass. She yelled softly at the bottom of each stroke and her hips were quivering and shaking the whole time the tube was moving.

Her clit, which I hadn’t paid much attention to until now was standing up, completely un-hooded, a dark red color, and throbbing to a pulse of its own. I leaned forward, holding the tube deep inside her and touched my tongue to her clit. She yelled and tried to sit up, her stomach muscles clenching as she came one more time. I sucked on her clit and rolled it around with my tongue as she yelled, bucked, and jerked her way through the biggest orgasm yet. Even after I moved away from her clit, her stomach was still jerking and twitching, her ass moving in little starts and jerks of its own.

I sat back up on the chair and took the last couple of pictures on that film chip. I flipped the small cover open on the side of the camera and swapped the full chip for a new one. I took my time and even checked to see that it was set at a full thirty six shot. I had kept an eye on my guest as I did, she slowly relaxed and quieted down. Now, she was still but still breathing heavily. The cigar tube was still deep in her ass. When I reached over and slowly pulled it out, she whimpered and flexed her hips.

I got up and walked around behind the chaise lounge and undid the cords holding her feet and lowered then back to the floor. I tied the cords from the broom handle to the legs of the chaise and moved back to my chair. After a moment of just sitting there looking at the woman I asked, “How was that for a start?” When she nodded slowly I added, “You can speak now.”

She nodded again and whispered hoarsely, “It was way beyond anything I’ve ever even dreamed of. I’ve cummed so much; all I want to do is sleep.” She took a ragged breath and asked, “Could I have something to drink, my mouth is so dry.”

I went and got a glass of ice water and then untied her hands. I helped her sit up and handed her the glass. She drained about half in one long swallow and then sighed. “I didn’t know sex could make you so thirsty.” She said and then smiled. “It must be from all the juices I feel under me. I feel like I’m sitting in a lake or a swamp. I couldn’t have made this big a mess. Are you sure I did this all by myself?” She asked and then chuckled.

“You sure did.” I replied and she chuckled again before she drained the water glass. “Do you want some more?” I asked.

She giggled and nodded, “Yeah, and some water too.” I laughed and took the glass from her, going to the kitchen to refill it. “I can’t believe I said that and really meant it. I’ve had some of the biggest and longest orgasms of my life tonight. Like when you were licking my clit on that last one, normally I would have pushed your head away just as the orgasm started. With my hands tied and my legs spread and tied, I couldn’t do anything to stop you when it started.” She took a long sip of the water when I put the glass in her hand. “The start was just that as I found out then. From there it peaked even higher, even more sharply, and intensely than before. By the time the full brunt of it burst on me, I was on a totally different plan than I would have normally been.” She sipped the water again and grinned. “At first, I thought this would just be an interesting little game of tease. I’d tease you; you’d tease me, a phone sex thing. However, it didn’t go as I planned. You acted differently than I expected and then you got me even more curious than I had been by being so secretive.”

She took another sip of water and I said, “I had no idea who you were or even what you were. There are a lot of crazy people around. I didn’t want or need any trouble. I was just being cautious, if you know what I mean.”

“That makes sense now that you tell me, before it just made you more mysterious. God, what am I saying? I still have no idea what you look like or who you are. You could have been an ax murderer. I’m the one who is crazy, I get myself in a position where I’m going to be blindfolded and tied up by a complete stranger. My God, where did my brain go?” She said in a rush.

I took the water glass from her and sat it on the table before I took the cords and pulled her back to once more lie down on the chaise. As I tied her hands back behind it, I said, “You were just sitting on it, in that puddle of your desires.”

She giggled and then laughed, “Ain’t that the truth.” She said softly. More seriously, she went on, “I don’t know why, but I trusted you and believed you when you told me, I had nothing to fear. You promised me the night of my life and you haven’t lied about that either.” I moved over to straddle the chaise again and brushed the head of my dick across her lips again. She licked her lips and grinned, “Oh, now you’re going to stick something in my mouth so I’ll shut up, huh.”

I did just that and she moaned deeply as she sucked on the head like a nursing baby on a hard nipple. Only no baby ever used their tongue the way she was. She moaned softly as she raised her head and sucked more of me into her warm wet mouth. As her head moved back and then forward, taking even more of me in, it was my turn to moan softly. She whimpered and bobbed her mouth up and down along my shaft, taking more and more of me, until her nose touched my pelvic bone. There she froze except for her tongue going wild along the bottom of my shaft. I groaned loudly and then whispered, “You’re fixing to get a nice warm drink to add to your cold one, if you don’t stop right now.”

This I said as a warning but it just galvanized her into motion again, as her mouth once again moved up and down along my shaft, her cheeks, and lips tightening on the outward stroke and her tongue going wild on the inward. I grabbed the back of chaise for balance and exploded deep in her throat, a long loud groan coming from deep inside me, as I pumped my hips with each jet of semen that left me. She was whimpering and whining as she sucked and swallowed, sucked and swallowed, her tongue fluttering like a mad butterfly.

She sucked at me until I started to soften and then I pulled my hips back, removing my manhood from her mouth. She licked her lips and then took several deep breaths. I moved from over her and walked around to sit in the chair. After a moment, she whispered softly, “I’ve never let a man cum in my mouth before.”

I sat there quietly for a second or two before I asked, “Well, how was it?”

She smiled shyly and whispered, “I think I almost came when you did.” After a moment of silence, she added, “I didn’t find the taste bad like I always thought I would. In fact I found it quiet spicy, a totally different flavor than anything I ever remember tasting before.” She licked her lips and grinned, “I liked it.”

I knelt between her legs and leaned forward, dipping my tongue into her open sex and lapping at the juices there. When her hips rolled up to press her sex tighter against my tongue, I sat back and said, “You mean like I like the taste of your sweet juicy pussy.”

She nodded and lifted her hips, “Oh yes, just like that.” She rocked her hips up and down suggestively and asked, “Would you do that some more, it feels so good.”

I leaned back forward and lapped at her sex as she rocked her hips in counterpoint to the motion of my tongue. I felt a quivering shudder starting in her hips, slipped my tongue up along her slit, and circled it around her clit, just brushing against the hard nub. She rolled her hips rubbing more of her clit on my tongue. My hands came up and cupped her ass cheeks as I started to take long firm licks, one after the other, over her clit. It started out as a deep groan and slowly built to a full yell as I licked her and then she became silent except for a whining moan. Her hips were bucking and jerking, sometimes up against me and sometimes trying to pull away, as her orgasm went on and on.

Her hips slowed their movement and I lifted my head and stopped licking her. She suddenly was yelling, “No, no, don’t stop, please don’t stop.” I went back to licking and her hips jumped harder than ever. This went on for almost another minute and then she was pulling her hips down, away from my mouth and I let her. She was totally silent except for her heavy breathing. I sat back in the chair and looked at her. I picked up the camera and took a close up of her slack, sated face and then a couple of her completely relaxed body.

After a while, she sighed and shifted her body a little bit one way and then the other. “Can I have another drink of water?” She asked hoarsely. I untied her hands and sat her up, handing her the partial filled glass. She drained it and held it out. I went and refilled it; she drained almost all of it in one swallow. After that she sighed, smiled, and lay back on the chaise. I took the glass and placed it on the table. She sighed again and said, “I just had the biggest and the badest, orgasm of my life. I’m probably going to go to sleep on you here any minute.”

I smiled and said, “I figured that much. Ok, we’ll take a break. If you can stay awake for a little longer, I’ll clean you up and get you a dry pillow. Then I’ll cover you with a blanket and you can sleep.”

“Can I sleep with you on the bed, please? You can tie me up there if you want; I just want to be held while I sleep. I’ll be good, I promise.” She said in a soft voice, almost pleading.

“Let me think about it while I clean you up.” I told her as I got up to go get a pan of warm water and a couple of wash rags.

I washed her sex and ass with the warm water as she held her hips up. I removed the sopping wet pillow and replaced it with a dry one. After I dried her off and gave her a kiss on the mound, I told her to lower her hips and relax. I moved over to sit in the chair, I still wasn’t sure of how I wanted to do the sleeping part of this. The story had the girl sleep on the chaise and the guy on the bed but I rather liked the idea of sleeping with her on the bed. I hadn’t figured out how I could tie her up though.

Finally, I asked her, “How do you want to sleep, on your back, on your side, or on your stomach?”

“My side would be fine.” She answered groggily.

“Ok then, I let you sleep with me.” I told her and stood up. I untied her feet and then her hands but left all four cords on her. “Do you need to go pee before we go to bed?” I asked.

She nodded. “I’d better or I’ll be waking you up shortly from all this water I’ve drank.”

I picked up my camera and then helped her to her feet. I tied her hands together behind her back and led her through the bedroom, to the bathroom. I got her seated on the commode and moved away from her, to squat down directly in front of her. Her legs were parted enough that I could see her sex.

She sat there for a moment as though she was listening and then she asked, “Are you going to watch me pee?” I didn’t say anything; I just waited. She wiggled around a little bit and then she took a deep breath and let it out slowly. I took her picture and she stiffened at the sound of the camera.

It took her nearly five minutes before she finally started to pee and then she sighed as she did. I took a couple of pictures and said, “I’ve never watched a woman pee before, not from this close or from this angle. It’s very interesting.” She stiffened as I spoke and the stream slowed but she couldn’t stop herself. I went back to the living room and got the wash rags I had used to clean her up. When I returned to the bathroom, she was finished.

I waited as she sat there waiting for me to do or say something. When she started to squirm around, I turned on the hot water, rinsed the wet rag out, and then adjusted the temperature to where it was nice and warm on my forearm. I wet the rag and rung it out. I used the damp cloth to wipe her sex, as the warm cloth touched her she gasped and then sat back to let me take care of her. I used the dry rag on her after that.

“I had forgotten about this part of the story.” She said in a whisper.

I grinned, helped her to her feet, and led her into the bedroom. I untied her hands from behind her and retied them in front. “Climb up on the bed and lie down on your side, get in a comfortable position. One like you would normally sleep in, if someone was snuggled up behind you.” I told her.

She did as I told her and once she was comfortable, I had her hold her knees in that position and rollover onto her back. I tied her hands to her lower thighs by running the cords between her legs and then out around each one to be tied together with a wrap or two around her wrists. This tied her wrists to her legs and tied her knees together. She wouldn’t be going far, fast. I rolled her back over onto her side and asked, “Is that all right? Do you think you’ll be able to sleep that way?”

“I think so.” She said and then yawned. She chuckled and added, “I could probably sleep standing on my head right now. I’m so relaxed I feel like a rag doll.”

I climbed on the bed, lay down behind her, and pulled the sheet and blanket up over us. I laid my head on the pillow and snuggled up behind her spoon fashion, her head on my upper arm and my other arm over her waist, my hand on her stomach. She sighed and snuggled back against me. She sighed again as my hand slid up and cupped her breast. “Oh, this feels so good.” She said and wiggled her butt tighter against my semi hard manhood. “That feels good to.” She moved her head around and kissed my arm. “Are you going to fuck me when we wake up?”

I nodded and kissed her hair, “Yes I am. I’m going to make a snack of your sweet little pussy to get it all wet and slippery and then I’m going to fuck you long and hard. Just before I cum, I might even pull out of you and stick my dick up your ass and cum there. I haven’t decided yet. I might save that for later.”

She shivered as my dick hardened at these thoughts and slipped between the cheeks of her ass. She wiggled her ass slowly and snuggled closer.

I woke up slowly, coming up from a sensuously wicked dream, to find that it wasn’t a dream after all. The warm sweet body cuddled with mine, proved that beyond a shadow of a doubt. My hard manhood was trapped in the crease of her ass, our combined breathing moving it just enough to bring a tingling itch from the sensitive head. That’s what had woke me.

I moved my hips slightly and the tingle got stronger. The woman murmured in her sleep and moved her knees up a little, snuggling her ass tighter to me. Her thighs were now almost ninety degrees to her butt. I pulled my hips back, reaching down between us; I repositioned my manhood down between her lower ass cheeks, the top of my dick’s head pressed tightly against the hot opening of her sex. This brought another murmur and a wiggle from the woman.

I lay still, letting our breathing synchronize for a minute or so. Where my shaft was pressed against her anus and vagina, were two hot spots in a much warmer place than it had been in. Our breathing was now rubbing me gently but forcefully against her opening, which caused her to roll her hips slowly back and forth. This combined with the increasing dampness allowed the top of the head to slip farther up inside her. Her breathing slowly increased in volume and in speed, and she was getting wetter by the minute.

I’m not sure at what point she had awakened but she suddenly moved her upper body away from me and straightened her lower legs. The change in the angle of her body allowed the head of my dick to slip inside her. She moaned as it did and I moaned right along with her as her silky heat enveloped me. We lay this way for a moment and then I straightened my legs out and moved down a few inches, my manhood slipping farther into her tight wet pussy. She shivered and moaned, “Ummm, what a way to be woke up.”

“Good morning to you too.” I said and chuckled as I flexed my hips forward an inch or so and then moved them back.

Her hips gave a little jerk and she tried to wiggle back against me. “Oh God, don’t tease me, I’ll cum before you get all the way in.” I moved my hips forward and scooted forward. She moaned and rolled her hips. “I’m going to cum anyway. I dreamed about this all night.” She said and then moaned again even louder.

I thrust my hips forward and back as I worked myself into her and moved over at the same time. As my hips pressed tightly against her butt, she yelled and wiggled her hips as she came and came hard. Her muscles inside were grabbing me and a flood of warmth washed along my shaft. I reached over and quickly untied the cord holding her hands to her legs and lifted her right leg up. I moved my right leg forward over her left and thrust even deeper into her. This brought another yell and another flood. I could feel her juices on my left hip.

I let her rest a moment and then rolled her over onto her belly. She moved her arms up above her head and then lifted her ass against me. When she did, I lifted my hips and we came up to our knees, with her on her elbows. I gripped a hip in each hand and started to fuck her slowly with long full strokes. “Oh yes!” She said loudly and lowered her upper body to the bed, pushing her ass even higher in the air, her knees shifting to each side, spreading her thighs wider.

With her wetness and my grip on her hips, my manhood glided smoothly in and out of her, my hips smacking solidly on her firm ass at the bottom of each stroke. She gave out with a grunting groan each time they did. I was in no hurry to reach my orgasm; all I had on my mind was making her cum, over and over again. From the feel of her inner heat and rippling muscles, it felt like she was having little climaxes at almost every stroke. I could also feel and hear that it was building toward something even larger.

I continued at the same slow pace and then added a quick hard stroke about every fifth or sixth one. These brought a sharp grunting yell to punctuate the grunting groans. She was suddenly wiggling and flexing her hips as her orgasm started to ramp up quicker. I hit her with a dozen quick sharp strokes in a row, which pushed her over the top with a long loud yell. I was bathed in the hottest, largest flood yet as her pussy grabbed and squeezed me. I slowed back to my original speed and steadily fucked her throughout, until she had quieted and her hips had stopped moving except for a quivering shudder every so often.

When I suddenly stopped, planted deep inside her, she sighed and a shiver ran up and down her back. I leaned forward, kissed the back of her neck, and licked in small fluttering licks from between her shoulder blades up to her hairline. She shivered again as goose bumps ran rampant over her body. “How was that for a start?” I asked her in a whisper as I kissed her neck again. She mumbled something and nodded her head slowly. I used the fluttering licks to work my way down her back as I slowly eased myself out of her. She groaned loudly as I did and then shivered as goose bumps again played over her body.

When I got to her tailbone, I planted a kiss there and then licked and kissed both cheeks of her ass. She sighed deeply but didn’t move until I took a long lick up the crease of her ass. Then she gasped and her hips jerked up away from my tongue. My next lick started with my tongue in her sopping wet pussy and went to her tail bone; she only jerked a little as my tongue bumped across the tight ring of her anus.

When I went back to that point, circled the ring, and then probed it with my tongue, she made a soft murmuring sound and flexed her hips back against the intruder. I worked my tongue into the tight ring of muscles slowly and then stiffened it to fuck her with it. The murmur became a soft whimpering moan as her hips made a little fluttering move back against my face. I slipped two fingers into her vagina and felt it clamp down on them, as the moan grew louder. I moved the fingers in and out of her for a second and then brought them up to her asshole. I slipped one in to replace my tongue and a few seconds later added the second. She was pushing back against the fingers and moaning with each push.

I came back up onto my knees and rubbed the head of my dick up and down her slit in time with the movement of my fingers. She shivered and continued to push against my hand. I used my other hand to hold my shaft as I slapped the spongy head of my manhood against her hard clit several times. This brought a gasp from her and a jerk of her hips each time I did. I stopped the fingers and held them still as I knew she was right on the edge of cumming again.

She whimpered loudly and moved her hips. I slapped her on an ass cheek and told her, “Be still, I’ll tell you when to move.” She whimpered again but held still as a quiver ran up her thighs and down her back.

We remained this way for a couple of minutes and then I slowly pulled the fingers out of her. Her hips started to move as I did and I slapped her ass again, she froze with a loud whimpering moan. I rubbed the head of my dick up and down her slit for a second and then over her wet opening. As I pressed it against the opening, I said, “Now you can move.” She slammed herself back against me, coming up on her hands as she did. She literally impaled herself on me, to the hilt in that one push and yelled as her hips bucked and jerked; her orgasm washed over her and she was shaking all over. I never moved except for a couple of jerks my shaft made as the feeling her inside were generating caused it to happen by itself. I was watching her asshole as she came, it was tightening, and relaxing at the same rate as her inner muscle were grabbing and releasing my dick.

When it stopped its flexing, I pulled out of her and rubbed the head of my dick across the tight pucker. She jerked slightly at my first touch and moved away. I grabbed her hip with my free hand and pulled her back to me. I rubbed against her for a few seconds and then returned my shaft to her vagina. I rammed it home with a hard shove and grabbed her other hip, as I fucked her with a dozen long hard pounding strokes. She was yelling and pushing back against me on each stroke. On the last one, I held her tightly as I stopped and let her squirm against me. She was breathing hard but suddenly quiet.

After a couple of minutes, she lowered her upper body back to the bed and shivered as she asked in a breathy whisper, “You’re going to fuck my ass now, aren’t you?”

I moved my hips slowly back and then forward as I replied, “Yes I am.”

She whimpered softly and took a deep breath before she said, “I don’t know if I want you to.”

I pulled my dick out of her and rubbed against her asshole. She tried to move away but I pulled her back to me as I pressed forward. The head squeezed against the opening and then popped through. She yelled loudly and jerked away, only to ram back against me, driving me an inch or so deeper. She yelled even louder and pulled away, I pulled her back, which drove me even deeper. She froze as her insides gripped me like a vise and then she was yelling; her hips jerking as she came hard and quick.

When she calmed down, I asked her in a soft voice, “Are you sure about that?” Then I chuckled as I moved my hips slightly back and then forward. Her answer was a yell and her hips jerked several times as I slipped farther and farther into her. As my hips touched her ass and then pressed firmly against them, she was pressing back as hard as I was pushing forward and yelling her head off. Wave after wave of her hot juices bathed my balls where they were pressed tightly to her sex.

We stayed locked this way for nearly five minutes. I began to wonder if she had passed out or went to sleep, when her ass moved slowly from side to side and she whimpered softly. “Oh God.” She whispered softly. Her ass moved slightly back and forth against me in a trembling movement for a second and she shuddered all over. “Your dick is all the way up my ass.” She said in a hoarse whisper as another tremor ran up and down her body.

“Yes it is.” I said softly as I leaned over and kissed the back of her neck. My slight movement inside her brought a deep groan to her lips and a shudder to her hips. “How does it feel?” I asked her before I kissed her neck again.

“It doesn’t hurt; it hasn’t hurt at all except that first push. I think I came the whole time you were entering me. I’m going to cum again as soon as you move and then I’m going to die or explode or something.” Her ass had started to pulse around me as I leaned forward and now it was a hard rolling motion all along my shaft. She groaned loudly and whispered, “You may not even have to move. I think I just talked myself into an orgasm.” She groaned loudly and then her insides clamped down on me like a vice as she came again in long sweeping waves. Her body grew limp and she slowly slid forward to lay flat on her stomach. I had no choice but to follow her down as her ass had a death grip on me.

Slowly her breathing returned to normal and her grip slowly loosened on me. Other than an occasional tremor, she was completely relaxed and still. I held my weight up off her with my knees and arms. As my arms grew tired, I started to pull out of her. “No, don’t!” She yelled loudly and her insides clamped back down on me as her body gave a big shudder. After a moment, she added, “Please don’t take it out.” in a whimpering whisper.

I rolled us over onto our sides as gently as I could but this brought on another round of climaxes for her. They went on for a good half a minute and then she sighed deeply as I kissed and then licked her neck. She giggled and shivered as goose bumps spread over her body. I reached over, used one hand to untie the cords at her wrists, and then slipped the blindfold off her eyes.

She kissed the arm her head was resting on and she sighed deeply. “When we decided it was time to have sex and you suggested this, I thought you were crazy or weird or something. Now I think it was the best thing that we could have done. I know it opened my eyes about certain parts of sex that I didn’t want to even consider.” She gasped as I shifted my hips slightly, pressing up tighter against her. “How are you going to pull that out without killing me?” She asked with another giggle.

“I’m not.” I whispered back. “We’re going to rest here for a little while and then I’m going to really fuck you there.”

She took a ragged shuddering breath and said, “I don’t think I can take another orgasm this year, much less you doing that to me any time soon.”

“You mean, after all this, you still don’t trust my judgment?” I asked with a chuckle.

She laughed and then groaned as another shudder ran through her hips. After a couple of seconds, she replied, “Please don’t make me laugh. If I do, I’ll probably cum all over myself again.”

I chuckled again and kissed her neck. “This, from a woman who just two days ago, told me she had a very hard time reaching an orgasm. My, how things change, all of a sudden.” I kissed her neck again and added, “Anyway, I haven’t cum yet, and I plan on doing that right where I am, deep in your cute little butt.”

She gave a little shudder at that thought and her hips moved on they’re own. She groaned and moved her hips again. “Oh God, now I know you’re out to kill me.” She said and then groaned as my hips moved with hers.

“No, Julie, I plan on loving you for the rest of your life. Today is just the beginning.” I whispered in her ear as I wrapped my arms around her and started to slowly fuck her in the ass. Her answer was a string of a dozen orgasms before I reached my own, which blew us both away into our future.

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