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Don’t Leave

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“Please don’t leave Shannon!”

My back was against the inside of the front door. We never got any further before we were pawing at each in our heated states. And when I pressed my palm against her crotch and felt the hardness there, that’s when we stopped, my mouth open and my eyes wide.

Let’s take a step back and introduce you to Tina. I was sent on an all day seminar through my company on payroll issues and the latest upgrade to the software we used. At morning break, I found myself in line with one of the other seminar participants at the Tim Horton’s next door. We chatted on the way back and I moved my note pad over to her table for the rest of the day. We hit it off perfectly.

We avoided the others at lunch to find our own spot together and began to talk about ourselves rather than the course. I couldn’t believe how much alike we were, and yet just enough difference to excite me. She was single like myself, held more of a manager’s position than me, a bit more confident, a few inches taller, short blonde hair, and wonderfully long legs.

I could hardly concentrate during the afternoon but Tina asked lots of questions, really knew what she was talking about.

“Want to go for supper?” Tina asked at the end of the seminar.

“Sure, that would be great!”

And half way through my Chicken Caesar supper, I felt her leg softly slide along mine. “Please tell me I didn’t offend you?” she asked, smiling.

I responded my kicking my shoe off and rubbing her long leg. Supper seemed to drag on from there. We took separate cars which was a real shame, back to her place, a trendy uptown turn-of-the-century apartment building. No elevator, we had to walk the four flights up. Each landing we paused to touch or kiss and then scamper up like schoolgirls chasing each other.

And here we were, barely inside her door and I was shocked to feel something hard between her legs, pressing against the fabric of her skirt.

“Please Shannon, let me explain!”

“You better make it fast.” I said, slipping away from the door and standing a few feet away, staring at her face and down to the now perceivable bulge. It wasn’t large but I could see it now that I had touched down there.

“I’m not a guy.”

“You’re a guy who thinks he’s a girl?”

“No, no, no, I’m not a transvestite. I’m a girl, a woman. But I have, have a dick.”

My mouth popped open again. “You’re a hermaphrodite?”

She smiled. “You’ve heard of it?!”

“Yeah, but I’ve never met one. I’ve seen pictures but…”

Her smiled hooked even further up in the corners of her sweet mouth. “You’ve seen pictures, eh? Maybe you’ve been curious to meet one like me? Maybe fantasised?”

Gulp. I’ve been caught. My face went red. And I nodded yes.

“Don’t be frightened, I won’t bite.” And Tina advanced towards me, “Unless you want me to.”

That broke the tension and I laughed at the old joke. Tina gathered me back up in her arms and kissed me softly. I could feel her smaller but firm breasts pressing just above my own. My hands slid around her back side and squeezed. Tina let out a short yelp and I quickly forced my tongue into her open mouth. She moaned with pleasure and we began to get more physical.

Tina pulled me through the hallway and into the middle of the living room. Before long we had a puddle of blouses, bras, shoes, and skirts around our feet. Here we paused as once more I lay my palm against her crotch. Tina whimpered and begged me to touch her, don’t be shy, to explore her. I knelt at her feet, and eased her support panties slowly and carefully down her hips and over her crotch. I eased the front panel out like a do with the guys until her cock sprang out from the waistband.

It was a fairly ordinary looking cock, a foreskin slightly pulled back over a smooth head that lacked the more pronounced cap that I’ve seen on my guys. I slipped the panties over her painted toes and reached out and slid my left hand around the hard shaft. Judging from the size of my hand, her cock was probably 6 inched long, maybe a little less. Tina gasped as I held her and gently stroked it.

My right hand explored her curly bush and found no traces of balls.

“I don’t have any.” She moaned, knowing what I was feeling for. “But I still cum.”

I still remembered my high school biology and knew that the male lubricant came from elsewhere than the balls so I wasn’t surprised but I shivered in anticipation of seeing her cock spurt out its goo.

My right hand continued to explore and I see found her damp cunt lips. They were extremely small. Mine are fairly large compared to my fem lovers I’ve had, so the contrast between Tina and I was extreme. Smallness didn’t affect her wetness though and my fingers between wet very quickly, and slid easily into a very hungry cunt.

Having satisfied my curiosity for now, I got down to the joy of fingering and blowing this sexy chick with a dick. I had plenty of questions but I figured they could wait. And while I fingered her snatch, I opened my mouth and took in her cock, giving her a great blow job, or at least the guys say I do.

Tina’s hands were in my hair, gathering handfuls, gently pulling my head towards her. Her hips moved gently back and forth but before I could have her blow off in my face, she pulled away quickly, my right fingers pulling loose. Tina came crashing down to her knees in front of me, panting, her face flushed.

She took my wet fingers and sucked on them. We then embraced once more, our lips smashing hard against each other. Breasts were fondled, nipples teased to hardness. I had her cock in one hand, Tina had one between my legs.

“Oh shit Tina, lick my cunt.”

And she pushed me backwards till I was laying flat, knees raised and opened. Tina didn’t hesitate and her mouth came down on my cunt in a fury. Her tongue parted my wings and probed my hot hole, her nose nuzzling my clit, fingers teasing at my lower entrance. I closed my eyes and moaned, massaging my own tits. She was wonderful if not a bit too fast and hard. And when she pushed a wet finger against my anus, sliding easily to the second knuckle, I cried out my orgasm. Tina switched her tongue from hole to clit and she teased me to yet another but smaller climax.

Tina climbed up over my body and I gasped as she moved her small cock to my humming cunt and slid it home. I was in awe as she lifted herself up on her arms, allowing me to fondle beautiful firm breasts while feeling a throbbing, hot, living cock in my snatch.

“Oh God Tina, that feels so good. I can’t believe this!”

“Shannon, you are so beautiful. I love you for accepting this so easily.”

And she slowly fucked me, grinding her hips into me. She wasn’t big and long enough to make me cum this way, especially after making me climax twice. So now it was her turn. I wrapped my legs around her thighs, winked, and rolled her over onto her back. We laughed. I sat back on her cock, driving it a little deeper and Tina purred with pleasure.

I slid off her and kissed my way down her chest, belly, navel and held her cock to my lips once more. I sucked my sweet juice off her cock. I worked two fingers into her tight snatch and started finger fucking her.

“Shannon, hun. Would you please do something for me?”

“Tina, anything!”

“Go to the second desk drawer and take out my toy.” Tina pointed at the sleek computer stand in one corner of the room. I found a black, thick, ribbed dildo there. I smiled and as I turned around to walk back to her, I played with the rubber cock head in my mouth. Tina was slowly stroking herself as she watched me. I stopped between her legs, parted my own, and teased the thick dildo along my own slit.

“Fuck yourself before you fuck me Shannon. Shove that cock up your sweet cunt.”

I turned my wrist, bent a little bit and pushed the thick dildo into my cunt. “Oh God Tina, its so big!” I worked it in and out slowly and quickly. I wiggled it around. Tina was squirming on the floor, trying to finger herself and stroke herself at the same time.

“Fuck me Shannon, fuck me now!”

I withdrew the now glistening dildo and dropped between her legs. Tina gathered her legs up for me and I eased the cock into her snatch. I could feel the resistance her tight walls had on it. And after a few minutes of wiggling it and changing rhythms, I bent lower and popped her small cock into my mouth. I began to suck and bob up and down on her cock while fucking her with the black dildo.

Tina screamed with pleasure, begging me to suck and fuck her. “I’m going to cum Shannon, you’re making me cum, oh baby, I’m cumming!” I wonder what I should expect? Would her juices flow from one and not the other, maybe both? Would it be like a guys goop and like a girls? I was about to find out.

I felt the small cock throb and the taste of precum was in my mouth. Definitely not as soapy. Tina suddenly grabbed my head between her legs and thrust her hips up and down. I was near to choking but it caught me by surprise. My mouth was filled with her female jism, still thick and plenty of it. I could also feel the dildo suddenly become a lot easier to push and pull.

Tina finally relaxed. I popped her out of my mouth and inspected her cunt. She was soaked! It had seeped out of her and pooled on the clothes we had under us. Glad it was her blouse and not mine. God! What a soaker!

“Shannon, oh baby, that was so good!”

And as I crawled up her body, leaving the dildo buried in her so that I could push upon it, I found another surprise. Tina’s tits had leaked a little sex milk. I’ve heard of this too but I shocked to find both a tit weeper and hermaphrodite together. I licked and sucked her tits, drawing out even more moisture. Tina moaned and thrashed under me, grinding her hips against me. I swung one leg over the outside of her hip and used my upper thigh to press against her dildo filled cunt.

I fucked her with my leg this time while sucking and licking her wet tits. “Oh God, Shannon, I can’t believe this! I can’t believe I found you. Oh fuck Shannon, I’m going to cum again. Please Shannon, fuck me, fuck me!”

I reached down and grabbed the semi erect cock and stroked it hard, like a guy pumping himself. Tina gasped and cried out her orgasm once again, her tit weeping in my mouth. Her cock didn’t explode this time but her cunt must have.

When we finally slide off each other, we were a royal sticky mess. I laughed at Tina’s nervousness and assured her everything was okay. She took my hand and led me down to the washroom where we showered and explored each other some more. By the time I came home that night, I was exhausted.

I hope she’ll let me see her again.

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