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Wonderful Neighbors

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They had become our closest friends. Since moving to Florida we had not had much time with work and the kids’ schools to meet many people. Luckily, John and Anna lived next door and had befriended us on the day we moved in. They were close to the same age yet a few years older and we all seemed to hit it off well from that very first day. John was the large muscular type that is always helpful to have when you are moving.

He worked as a personal trainer for a local gym. Anna was a beautiful lady and looked much younger than she actually was and she worked in a local downtown office. Both had outgoing personalities and we found them very easy to talk to; almost as if we had known them for years.

We all enjoyed lounging around the pool and having drinks; talking and laughing at whatever had happened to one or the other of us that day. We had a small stone patio built onto the back of our home that connected to the pool on one side and the privacy fence on the other. My wife had worked so hard on getting all her plants arranged just right. We had, with the help of our neighbors, landscaped the entire back yard. We had lined the pool with landscaping lighting that gave off just enough light to see to walk around but still dim enough to allow my wife and me to take the occasional skinny dip without fear of being seen. This setting was perfect for entertaining our neighbors and it had become almost a nightly ritual.

Most evenings started with drinks to ease the tension of a long workday. I normally excused myself to shower since I worked outside in the Florida sun and normally came home sweaty, which is no way to entertain guests. My wife would keep the neighbors occupied until my return and we would talk away into the night on most occasions. On very hot evenings, we often stood in the pool or sat on barstools in the pool to keep cool. These nights were very enjoyable for all but we had no clue how much fun it would eventually become.

One unusually muggy evening, we had several drinks when John announced he was taking a dip in the pool. He arose and pulled off his t-shirt and stepped out of his sandals onto the somewhat cool stone patio. John glided underwater for some way and then surfaced facing us on the patio. He was smiling and motioning for us to follow him in. As he made eye contact with my wife, I noticed her blush and giggle and began whispering to Anna. She appeared like a schoolgirl with a crush and it took me several minutes to recognize the look on my wife’s face as lust. I had noticed the occasional glance at John whenever he had his shirt off, and tonight my wife was taking a longer look than usual for her. As I sat gazing through the half-light towards my wife and Anna, I thought I saw Anna smile at me and wink but in the dim lighting I could not be sure. This excited me and a hundred thoughts and feelings coursing through my mind and I could not tell if the arousal was from my wife’s lust or Anna’s possible flirtation.

A moment later, the girls stood up and announced they would need to put on their bathing suits so they could also enjoy the cool water of the pool. At this, John suggested that they could simply swim naked if they preferred. The ladies giggled and went into the house to change. I stripped off my shirt and joined John in the pool awaiting our wives.

“That wife of yours is really quite a beautiful woman.” John commented to me once I entered the pool.

“Yes, she is. And your wife, well she is quite beautiful also. We are two lucky guys, I guess.” I said awkwardly, still dealing with my confused feelings from moments ago.

In a few moments, the wives returned wearing their bathing suits. They brought a couple of cold beers for us guys and they walked down the steps and into the pool. Anna waded over to where I was propped on the side of the pool and handed me a cold beer and then took up a position beside me leaning into the side of the pool. John was positioned directly across from me and my wife handed him his beer. Although I was behind her on the other side of the pool, I could see the edges of her face as they gave away the big smile she was showing John. She, contrary to what Anna had just done, took up the spot next to John.

Small talk ensued between the couples for the next few moments. Then my wife asked John how to go under without holding his nose. This spurred laughter from both sides of the pool. My wife had always held her nose when she went under and I loved that ‘girlish’ trait. I had tried on several occasions to show her that holding her nose was not needed but to this day she still did. It was one of the small things that any husband notices about his wife and loves her for it. John offered to work with her to overcome this and she gladly accepted his invitation.

Anna then mentioned to me that she had noticed me swimming and relayed that she wished she could swim as easily as I did. She confessed that her swimming was more of a splashing treading of water rather than actual swimming. Seeing as swimming lessons would be norm tonight, I offered to help her with her swimming stroke.

I looked across the pool and for a moment and was mortified. My wife and John was no where to be seen and I had not seen them leave. Before panic could fully take hold, I saw the two of them surface on the opposite side of the pool. They had been submerging and practicing going under. I laughed to myself and turned my attention back to Anna who had noticed my concern.

“They will be fine, darling.” She said softly to me with a wink.

“If you will hold me up, I can show you how I am swimming, or trying to swim.” She relayed with a giggle.

“Of course, I apologize.” I said as I approached her.

She took my hand and placed it across her stomach as she held onto the side of the pool and my left shoulder.

“I kick my feet like this, but it doesn’t seem like it helps move me in the water.” She said as she demonstrated her usual leg movements during swimming. She was facing into me and her large breasts seemed ready to pop out of her top with each thrust. I could almost make out her nipple through her suit. I watched with barely controllable anticipation for just such a pop-out event to occur.

Momentarily, holding Anna as she kicked and moved I began to feel aroused. I was filled with fear that my neighbor’s wife would feel the ever hardening bulge in my loose trunks. I tried to guide her farther away but her kicking motion would keep her close to me. After several moments, she stopped and stood close in front of me.

Then the realization came that my wife may see the bulge in my trunks which would be much worse than Anna noticing. I glanced out of the corner of my eye to the other side of the pool and saw they were still going under together. It seemed that my wife was able to stay under for quite some time and she was now doing so without holding her nose. They seemed occupied and I felt confident my erection would not be noticed.

Guilt overtook me. John was trying to help my wife and all I could do was lust after his. This guilt luckily helped my bulge subside and in an effort to ‘get back on the right track’, I excused myself to get more drinks. My wife noticed me getting out of the pool and followed behind me to the bar.

“Don’t be mad. Please. I am sorry; I don’t know what came over me.” My wife said in a most earnest tone.

“Mad? What would I be mad about baby?”

“I didn’t mean to make you mad, it was just kissing. We were just joking around. It didn’t mean anything.”

Suddenly, I realized that while John was underwater with my wife that somehow kissing had taken place and my wife thought I left after witnessing it. She was afraid that I would immediately spring into ‘jealous husband mode’ and fly off the handle. I felt the swelling in my crotch again and was surprised at how it turned me on to know my wife was kissing another man.

“Honey, it is ok. I honestly am just getting us a cold beer. I am not mad at all. I did not even know you two were getting along so well” I said in my most reassuring yet sarcastic voice. “Did you enjoy kissing John?” I asked trying to veil my excitement.

“I don’t know what happened. We were just going underwater together and he moved my hand from my nose and kissed me. It surprised me, but I did kiss him back. When we surfaced and you were still working with Anna, we went under again, I don’t know why. But when his tongue was in my mouth, I was so turned on. Then each time we came up for air and went under again, we would kiss more passionately than before.” She said as she looked into my eyes to note my reaction.

“But that is it; I am not going back into the pool. I am sorry. I never meant to hurt you or make you mad.” She said with obvious dejection.

“Nonsense, honey. We have been married for way too long for me to get jealous over something like that. But I am not sure how Anna feels about it and she may very well get very mad.” I said in a low murmur as to not be heard by our guests. “You may just want to keep this between us.” I advised.

At this point, my wife noticed the obvious erection in my shorts and looked up at me with a confused look.

“You want me to kiss him, don’t you?” she said with noticeable irritation, “I will bet you want me fuck him too, don’t you? You want to watch me suck on his huge cock, don’t you?” she said defiantly.


“Don’t Honey me!” she interrupted, “I know you have talked about swinging before, but I never knew you would really want it? Do you?”

At that, she quickly turned and walked back to the pool. I quickly followed fearing what was definitely going to be a ‘scene’.

My wife dove in and went underwater straight to John and surfaced only inches from his face. I was wading behind and as I approached John to hand him a cold one, I noticed that my wife’s hand was inside his trunks. I could clearly see in the crystal clear water that she was stroking what apparently was a huge cock that definitely loved the attention. John nodded to me as he took the beer from my hand as if nothing was going on at all.

Dumbfounded and not sure what to do or say, I placed my wife’s beer on the side of the pool and then waded back over to Anna.

“Thank you Love”, Anna said taking the cold beer from my hands and then patting the side of the pool as if commanding me. I dutifully took my place leaning against the side where she had patted. As she moved her hand, she slowly let it trace down over my shoulder, down my chest, and across my half-hard cock. As I looked at her in astonishment, she smiled and winked again and I felt all my inhibitions and reservations float away in the pool.

“You know what we should do?” she asked as I stood there stunned from the glance of her hand across my crotch. “We should turn off these lights and skinny dip.”

As if on cue, my wife turned to Anna and complimented her on her idea. Then the ladies walked up the steps and went into the house to turn off the dimmer switch.

“Yeah, she is quite a beautiful woman you have there.” John said to me from the other side of the pool. “This could be quite a night. What do you think?” John asked as the lights went off.

I stood there stunned in the dark and really could not find the reply that would fit this situation. After a few seconds of silence, the ladies returned to the pool. I could see the silhouettes but could not make out which figure was Anna and which was my wife. They both walked down the steps and one lady approached each of us. I felt my anticipation build as I wondered if my wife would now be joining me or if it was Anna.

One of the ladies approached me and took my hand. In the moonlight, I could see this was Anna and she was guiding me up to the shallow end of the pool. Once I was in about three foot of water, Anna instructed me to sit on the edge of the pool. I followed her instructions and was thankful it was dark due to the bulge in my trunks.

As I raised myself up out of the pool, in one smooth movement, Anna removed my trunks and tossed them into the yard. I tried to cover myself, but Anna’s hands were on my cock already. She softly stroked my cock up and down and then with one hand began removing her suit. I watched in the dim moonlight as she guided the strap from her shoulder; her hand slowing tracing down the thin strap and pulling down to her breast. Then she was moving slowly and seductively to the other strap, again tracing it down from her shoulders to her breast. In one fluid motion, she removed her top and her large breasts came free. Her breasts were very large with very little sag and her dark silver dollar sized nipples stood at attention as if posing for my gaze. She held both breasts, kneading them in her hands and watching me intently for my reaction. My bulge ever increasing, I had momentarily forgotten about everything except Anna.

Anna leaned into me pressing her hard nipples against my chest and with one hand pulling my lips to hers. I felt her tongue as it entered my mouth and I gave into the passion of the moment and returned her kiss with as much fervor as I could muster. She began to slowly trace her tongue down my neck. I could not believe the sheer eroticism of the moment as she gently kissed and caressed my chest.

As she continued to kiss her way lower and approaching where I wanted to be kissed the most, I could just make out our two spouses in about the same position on the opposite side of the pool. I could see my wife as she was sucking the largest cock I had ever seen in my life. She was taking the long cock deep into her throat and bobbing up and down as if she was milking his cock. My wife had always been especially good at sucking my cock, but as I watched I realized that she was really having fun with this enormous cock, undoubtedly the largest she had ever seen, much less sucked.

I was surprised that this site did not enrage me in any way. I actually felt more aroused knowing that my wife appeared to be enjoying John as much as I was enjoying Anna.

As I looked down, I could see Anna taking my balls into her mouth. She was alternating between licking and sucking them as her hand stroked my hard shaft. She then arose and placed my hard cock between her large breasts and squeezed them tight enough I could feel the hardness of her nipples as they raked across my cock. Each time she would lower herself and my cock would become visible between her breasts, she would place the head into her mouth and tickle it with her tongue. Over and over she continued with this wonderful worshipping of my cock and with each thrust, I could feel the tension of my load building.

As I gazed across the pool, I now saw my wife bent over the edge of the pool and John was thrusting his cock into her tight pussy. Each time he thrust inward filling her with his huge cock, I could hear her moan in pleasure.

“Fuck me John, oh God Yes!!! Fuck Me!” I heard her scream.

“And it is about time you fuck me too.” I heard Anna say as she placed both knees on either side of me.

I felt her hand as it clutched my cock tightly and guided it into her love hole. She was so tight which surprised me having seen that huge cock my wife was worshipping this very moment. As she rocked back and forth on my cock, I could feel her fingernail occasionally as she rubbed her clit intently while using my rod for her pleasure. In only a moment, I felt the warm gush and the unmistaken twitching of the female orgasm. As she came, Anna thrust her tongue into my mouth and mine to hers. I could feel her pussy clutch onto my cock and squeeze tightly in spasms as she climaxed.

“I want to taste you. Cum in my mouth…. Cum for me Baby”, I heard my wife say. I stole a glance to see that she had now begun to milk his cock and wanted to feel his essence spray into her. This surprised me only in the fact that for years she had refused to take me that way but for John, she was definitely going to make an exception. As her hand jacked his cock into her mouth, her other fingers were clawing scratches down John’s chest which he seemed to enjoy. I saw as he tensed and my wife took his entire length into her throat. I watched intently as he came for what seemed minutes as my wife took it all and seemingly wanted, no needed, even more. She swallowed all he could produce and began licking his cock and balls in an attempt to get another rise from this big cock.

This was too much for me and as if Anna felt my cock swell in anticipation of a climax, Anna hopped into the water between my outstretched legs. She placed my cock into her mouth and using her tongue to trace the head, began to moan onto my cock. The vibrations from her moaning coupled with her fondling of my balls brought me to climax quickly. She took every drop that I could produce and sucked my cock begging for more for her to swallow.

As if by plan, she then glided to the other side of the pool as my wife glided to me. Once I could see my wife’s face and the exhausted look of pleasure, I knew that she had enjoyed herself. As she approached me, she allowed her hands to trace up my legs to my cock and she began kissing and licking my cock and balls. It was only a moment until I was erect again and my wife lovingly sucked my cock as she had never done before. She was so aroused and was taking my cock so deep that it only took a couple of minutes and I was giving her my load just as I had seen her taking another load earlier.

Exhausted, I collapsed at poolside. Once I collapsed, I watched as my wife rejoined Anna and John on the other side. Anna was astride of John’s massive cock as she had done mine and was fucking him for all he could handle. My wife, at the waters edge, was in perfect position and proceeded to lick John’s cock in between Anna’s strokes. Up, Anna would go and my wife would lick the underside of John’s swollen cock. Down, Anna would go and my wife would lick John’s balls and lick up to trace Anna’s pussy and then down again. This continued for several moments until John was ready to explode. Anna dismounted him and held his cock into my wife’s mouth and allowing John to pass her his second load. John then laid back in exhaustion.

When John lay back, my wife moved in between Anna’s legs as she was sitting poolside now. My wife began to run her tongue up and down the beautiful pussy lips that Anna had stretched around my cock only minutes earlier. She began sucking on Anna’s clitoris as Anna began convulsing and in a wave my wife brought Anna to climax. Anna hugged my wife and then as my wife rose out of the pool, they embraced one last time and I saw as their tongues darted back and forth between each others lips. I was amazed and aroused, since my wife had never expressed any attraction to women before now. After several minutes of kissing, the ladies too stretched out on the cold concrete of the pool deck and enjoyed the cool cement on their naked exhausted bodies.

John and Anna come over still, each and every day. We don’t always ‘cut loose’ like we did that night, but we are definitely closer friends than before. And I hope we stay friends for quite some time.

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