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One Bad Patient

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Melissa glanced at the clock while finishing up on the patient in the chair. It was nearly six, and she normally would have been home by now. But this patient came in the office only minutes before closing complaining of a toothache. And Dr. Roger Coast, Melissa’s older brother, was willing to stay over to help. Of course that meant that Melissa would have to stay as well. Melissa was the only dental assistant who was a salaried employee.

All of the others were paid by the hour, and staying over would mean overtime. But Melissa had agreed to go salary and do her part to help her brother.

Roger had a good practice going. But three years earlier his wife divorced him. Taking the house and half of everything else, including their bank account. Roger had to buy her out of his business and had been struggling ever since to get everything back in order. Only recently were signs of full recovery and imminent prosperity being seen.

Melissa wasn’t really in any hurry to go home anyway. The 27-year-old was currently living with only her cat ever since her husband was deployed overseas eight months ago. He still had ten more months before coming back home. So Melissa usually only sat at home feeling lonely with nothing to do. So working late with her 31-year-old brother was usually okay with her.

But tonight was an exception. Not because of staying late: But because of the patient: John, was a new patient. He had no insurance and promised to pay by check if the bill was more than the cash he carried. Melissa guessed him to be in his late thirties or early forties. He was homely and unkempt, and somewhat vulgar.

Melissa caught him rubbing her crotch when she was over the armrest of the dentist chair. She knew that incidental contact was commonplace when leaning over patients and trying to get into a good position to work in their mouths. But Melissa had been in the business long enough to know the difference between a nudge and a rub. And the second time it happened her attitude towards the patient was altered.

Of course, knowing and proving are two different things. So Melissa hadn’t said anything to her brother. But she was no longer polite to the grubby patient. And there were ways of working in a man’s mouth that could cause more discomfort than necessary. So she was certain that John was aware of her displeasure.

John looked up into the face of the pretty woman working on him. Melissa was very attractive. She had dirtyblond hair, pulled back in a ponytail. Green eyes and just a hint of freckles that made her look younger than she really was. Her body was slender, but sexy. Her breast were smaller than he liked. He guessed them to be borderline A or B cups.

He couldn’t resist the temptation to rub her crotch when she was so close to his hand. And even now, with her uncaring attitude and treatment of him, his cock was rigid over the embarrassment he was sure he had caused her with his actions. John enjoyed being dominant with women. He had little luck with the prettier ones, but often found women who, while not attractive, could satisfy his desires. And he had committed a couple rapes in his time as well. He often had fond memories of a pair of college girls in his past. But that was another story. Now his mind was only on the pretty Melissa. He wondered if she had noticed the bulge in his jeans.

His tooth had been repaired by the good dentist. All it had needed was a filling. The doctor had left to tabulate his bill while Melissa finished up. John arose from the chair and wiggled his jaw, wondering how soon the Novocain would wear off. He hated that puffy feeling in the left side of his mouth.

“Thank you for ‘everything’, Melissa.” John said with a sneer. Knowing that she would understand.

Melissa was not oblivious to his comment. But she just nodded and went about her business of picking up the tools that had been laid out.

“There is no need to be so rude, my dear. I think someone is in need of a good fuck.”

Melissa spun around. “How dare you. We stayed open late to help you out after everyone left and you insult me like that.”

“Now I know that you need a good fuck.” He said.

Melissa turned to leave the room, willing to wait until he had left before coming back. She had taken only a step before John’s hand wrapped around her face, covering her mouth, as his other arm came around her front and pulled her back.

Melissa tried to break free, but the stronger man spun her around and dropped her onto the dental chair. She then saw the pocketknife in his right hand.

“Not one word, or else I use this.”

Melissa froze at the sight of the knife. She decided to play it safe, knowing that her brother would soon be returning before anything could happen.

John grabbed a roll of medical tape and wrapped it several times around each of Melissa’s wrists and the corresponding armrest until her arms were securely bound. Needing more tape he began going through the drawers until he found another roll. Just then the door opened and Roger walked in.

“What the hell are you doing to my sister?” Roger yelled, rushing John.

Roger was a good dentist, but the 31-year-old had trained in medicine and not fighting. John was both bigger and stronger and quickly wrestled Roger into the chair in the corner before grabbing his knife again.

“You just hold still, Doc. All I want to do is tie you both up and leave without paying.”

“He’s lying, Roger!” Melissa cried out.

But Roger had little choice in the matter. He sat still while John used the second roll of tape to secure his arms and legs to the chair.

Returning to Melissa he said, “Let’s see what we have here.”

Melissa screamed as Roger began cutting her srub top down the middle, revealing her bra covered 34-A breast. He then placed the knife between her tits and cut the bra loose, exposing her tits.

“Small, but very nice.” He said, cupping her right tit in his hand. Melissa felt her nipples harden as he fondled her.

Then John pulled off her shoes and began tugging her scrub bottoms and panties off in one motion She kicked and struggled but was unable to prevent him from stripping her bare.

Melissa tried crossing her legs to hide her exposed pussy. John stood over her, admiring her neatly trimmed bush.

“I see I’m going to have to make you spread those legs.” He said. Then grabbed a third roll of tape. He grabbed her right leg and pulled it up so that it was bent upwards until he had her ankle near her wrist. Then taped it to the arm of the armrest. Once finished, he went around the chair and did the same with her left leg. Now Melissa had both legs spread far apart so that both her attacker and brother had a full view of her pussy.

She continued to cry out, insisting to be set free. John rummaged through the dental tools then found something of interest.

“This may not shut you up. But if you want to keep your mouth open I’ll make sure that you can’t close it at all.” He said, holding up a dental gag.

Melissa struggled, but John was able to force the gag into her mouth, locking it in place so that her mouth and, more importantly her teeth, were forced to remain open to his satisfaction.

“Please, leave her alone.” Roger begged. But John ignored him.

John pinched Melissa’s nipples, tugging at them until she winced.

“You don’t like having your nipples pulled. Well let’s see how you like this?” He said, grabbing the suction hose that Melissa had used to suck spit out of his mouth during his procedure. “You took some delight in sucking my tongue with this a few times and pretending it to be an accident. Well now turnabout is fair play.”

John placed the end of the tube against Melissa’s right nipple. She tried to struggle in a vain attempt to escape, but John held her tit firmly as he forced her nipple into the tube. Then he reached up and flicked the on switch.

Melissa cried out as the suction grabbed hold of her hard nipple and pulled it a quarter inch or more deeply into the tube before stopping. The suctioned continued to pull at her nipple and there was no escaping it.

John found another suction tube. And repeated the process with her left nipple. Now Melissa was rolling her head back and forth as the pressure pulled at both nipples. She felt as if they would be ripped from her tits.

John manipulated the controls to adjust the chair so that Melissa’s head was lying all the way back and giving him easy access between her legs. She closed her eyes trying to escape the constant tugging on her nipples, then jerked when she felt his tongue running along her pussy.

John ignored the numbness as he licked Melissa’s sweet pussy. The girl struggled against her bonds as he began caressing her clit with his tongue. Melissa had wanted this ever since her husband had left. But not this way. Worse, the sensation in her nipples was having a duel effect. On what hand it was very discomforting. But on the other, it was stimulating her body more than she would have imagined. Now, with him eating her pussy at the same time, Melissa could feel her body responding against her will.

She was relieved when he quit licking her cunt after only a couple minutes. John arose and left the room and she thought that he was going to flee. But her hopes diminished when he returned a minute later with something long in his hands.

“This is, but it should work fine.” He said, holding a plastic broom from the cleaning closet.

John placed the edge of the broom handle between her pussy lips and slowly began inserting it into her pussy.

“No, please!” Melissa begged through her openmouthed gag. John put several inches of the broom handle inside her, then guided the tool tray closer to her and lowered it enough to lay the rest of the broom on. He grabbed more tape and taped the broom onto the tray, and locked it in place so that Melissa was stuck with the broom handle inside her.

He then reached for the air tool, the one used to spray air into a patient’s mouth. He placed it very near her clit and squeezed the trigger a couple times, adjusting the nozzle until he had the correct angle. Then taped it down on her and pressed the on button.

Melissa bucked in the chair as a steady blast of air began spraying across her now swollen clit. John stood over her, watching in delight as she struggled. With every movement she caused the broom to move in or out of her a couple inches.

Melissa tried fighting the responses her body was giving. But all of this was too much for her. The constant sensation on her nipples and clit were driving her wild. She had gone without sex for eight months and was in dire need of being satisfied. And now she was finding herself being stimulated by her brother’s dental equipment. Worse, she caught herself fucking the broom handle inserted in her. She struggled to stop, but her body was taking control and she could no longer resist rocking her hips back and forth on the handle, trying to bring herself to a climax. She knew that her brother was watching as well. But there was nothing she could do. Melissa blushed with shame, but continued fucking the broom handle until her body erupted in orgasm.

“Now it’s time for me to fuck that pretty mouth.” John said.

She opened her eyes to see John standing over her head. He had removed his pants and his dick was at full erection. It wasn’t huge, but she was able to tell that he was a little larger than her husband was. Melissa tried to turn her head away, but he grasped her head with both hands and eased his dick into her mouth. With the dental gag firmly in place there was nothing she could do as it slid into her mouth completely.

John began fucking her face, enjoying the sensation of his cock in her prissy mouth. His balls slapped at Melissa’s eyes as he pumped her mouth. The continuing suction on her nipples along with the air blasting her clit was causing her to continue to fuck the broom, but all she could do was try to accommodate John’s pecker as it fucked into her throat.

John continued fucking her mouth, reaching down to play with her tits as he pumped away. “Oh, yes. I’m gonna cum in your mouth, baby!” He cried out as his balls tightened.

Melissa felt his pace quicken. Then tasted the first drops of his sperm just moments before he began pumping his seed into her throat. She gulped it down to prevent herself from choking, feeling disgusted at being used as a receptacle for his vile semen.

John pumped her throat until his climax ended. Then pulled free. Melissa and her brother hoped that John would leave now. But the rapist had more in mind.

He came around the side of the chair and used his knife to cut the broom free, then pulled it out of Melissa’s wet pussy. Then he turned off the air that was blowing her clit.

He leaned down and began licking her pussy again. Melissa’s eyes rolled back as his tongue massaged her clit. She hated this man, but his actions were pushing her over the edge again. A moan escaped her lips and she climaxed a second time.

“Your pussy taste so sweet, Melissa. Now let’s see how good it feels on my cock.”

“No!” She cried out.

John stood; his cock was hard once more. He eased it into the struggling woman’s cunt and started fucking her with long, hard strokes. Melissa looked to where her brother sat, forced to watch as she was being raped. Wishing that there was something he could do to help. But all Roger could do was sit still and watch his little sister getting fucked.

John banged away at Melissa’s tight hole. Making crude comments as he pounded her. Melissa felt her body responding once more and cried out as she climaxed a third time. She could not believe that her body was enjoying this rough treatment at the hands of a rapist. But she could not deny the satisfaction her body was getting either.

John felt her orgasm and gloated at how she was loving every minute of it. He fucked her for a few minutes more before announcing, “I’m cuming!”

“No, not in me!” Melissa called out through her gag. Not wanting his to risk impregnating her. But John continued on, enjoying nothing but his own orgasm as he shot his sperm inside her cunt.

When he was finished he backed away; looking on in triumph as Melissa just lay there, with his cum dribbling out of her cunt.

“I wonder how, Doctor Roger is handling this?” He said, smugly. Then placed his hand between Roger’s legs. “Why he has a hard on.” Roger proclaimed.

Melissa turned to look at her brother.

To prove his point, John began undoing Roger’s pants, pulling them down to his knees along with his underwear. Melissa saw that her brother did indeed have an erection.

Roger was ashamed of himself. He did not desire his sister. But it had been over two years since he had slept with a woman. He had only been with one woman since his wife had left him, and that had been a prostitute.

Roger was possessed with porn. And used that to jerk off to most nights. And as much as he hated what was happening to Melissa. His body had become aroused at the sight of her being fucked.

“Well I think that we need to let your brother get off too.” John said, then started cutting the tape that held his secure.

When Roger was free John forced him to his feet, having him remove his trousers all the way.

“Get over there and fuck your sister.” He ordered.

“No.” Roger said. Refusing to take part in this.

“If you don’t fuck her, I may just have to really hurt her.”

Roger didn’t know what to do. John pushed him until he was between Melissa’s legs.

Roger looked at her pussy, feeling disgusted at the tingling in his balls. Then he looked at her puckered anus. Roger loved anal sex movies. But he had never tried it. He begged his wife several times to let him do her that way, but she had always refused, calling him a pervert for desiring it. He was being forced to fuck his sister. But he thought that in this one way he could not only fulfill his desire, but not have to have true intercourse with her. At least he would prevent any risk of getting her pregnant.

“I am sorry, Melissa.” He said, as he pressed his pecker against her asshole.

“Roger, no!” She cried out. Melissa could not believe this was happening. Being raped was one thing. But being raped by her brother was even worse. She knew that he was being forced to do it. But that offered little solace. And the thought of his fucking her ass what even worse. Melissa had never allowed anyone to do this. And now her brother was doing it to her.

She gasped in pain as his cock entered her ass. Roger felt guilty, but could not deny the feeling of satisfaction he was getting at finally shoving his cock into a girl’s asshole. He tried to forget that this was his sister and began fucking her bum with pent up lust.

Melissa bounced about on the chair as her brother fucked her ass. Praying for him to stop. Roger tried to go easy on her, but it felt so good that he lost control and rammed her harder and faster until he began spewing his cum in his sister’s ass.

Roger pulled out of Melissa’s ass, feeling guilty at fucking his sister. He could not look her in the eyes after what he had done.

“Damn, that was arousing.” John said, rubbing his cock, which was stiff again. “I think I need to fuck her ass now.”

“No, please don’t.” Melissa pleaded.

“Tell you what, Doc. Why don’t you go around and shut your sister up.”

“Wh-what?” Roger asked.

“Go stick your cock in her mouth before I have to do something worse to her.”

“Roger, no!” Melissa said.

But Roger was no longer himself. He had just fucked his sister’s ass and couldn’t tell if he was acting to save her, or acting to fulfill his own selfish desires. So he went around and laid his soft cock between the dental gag into his sister’s mouth. As soon as it hit her tongue his cock began to grow. Melissa gagged, tasting her own rectum on her brother’s shaft.

John got between Melissa’s legs and wasted no time ramming his slightly larger cock into her now broken asshole. Melissa screamed, but with her brother’s cock in her mouth it was muffled.

John flicked the switch on the air gun and Melissa felt the pressure of wind blowing over her clit once more. The constant sucking of her nipples was still going on the entire time.

John fucked Melissa’s tight ass while her brother fucked her mouth. Roger tried to pretend that he wasn’t into it, but he was getting nearly as much enjoyment out of this as John was.

Melissa felt the pair of cocks stabbing her from both ends. That, and the treatment her nipples and clit were getting, forced her body to respond again. Her head was spinning with all that was happening to her. She was panting as her brother pounded her throat. Then she orgasmed again. As she was climaxing her brother began shooting his cum into her mouth. Melissa had to force herself to concentrate on swallowing her brother’s cum as she continued to orgasm. Her brother finally stopped spewing in her mouth just as her orgasm ended. Then John groaned loudly and emptied his balls into Melissa’s asshole.

John grabbed Roger and secured him in the chair once more. He then kissed Melissa on the cheek and fled. Making sure to take his chart with him, although he guessed that they wouldn’t be calling the cops. After all, neither of the siblings would probably want anyone knowing that they had fucked each other.

Melissa was too exhausted to do anything but lie there for quite some time. John had turned off the air pressure, but the bastard had left the suction on, and her nipples were being pulled into the tubes with a fury that caused her eyes to bulge, and continued to cause her pussy to tingle. Finally she got one hand free and yanked the suction tubs from her nipples. Pain filled her tits as her nipples were freed and blood flow resumed. She looked down at her now swollen; purple colored nipples, and softly rubbed them. But this only caused her pussy to tingle more.

She freed her other hand, then removed the dental gag before working to free her feet. Her ass was sore, and she wondered if she was in shock because she felt so incredibly fulfilled, yet was still horny. She knew that the latter was the natural result of her tits being stimulated for more than a half-hour after John had fled.

Once free she climbed out of the chair and looked at her brother. She was surprised to see that Roger’s dick was erect again.

“You asshole, you enjoyed fucking me didn’t you.” She accused.

Roger tried to avoid her eyes. “Just untie me and we can try to pretend this never happened.”

“Never happened,” Melissa spat, reaching down to grasp his cock. “That’s pretty fucking impossible. And I’m not going to untie you until I get this last one out of my system.”

Melissa sat on her brother’s lap, guiding his cock into her cunt. “I expect we can continue this until Larry gets back from overseas, as long as you pay for the birth control pills.” She said as she started riding her brother’s cock. Roger agreed immediately and leaned back to enjoy his sister’s pussy as she fucked them until both had climaxed once more.

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