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Island Fever…

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“What about those two? They look positively scrumptious,” Dani whispered to me as we took in the warm Caribbean sunrays, lounging on the beach of our resort in our cabana chairs. Those ‘two’ were a couple of college-aged guys with ripped abs, bulging speedos and most certainly, cougar-worthy.

“Yeah, sure, whatever,” I replied with a yawn, knowing that it was ‘tequila-talk’ from Dani. All mouth and brag but not ballsy enough to ‘really’ do it, to ‘really’ shag some young, twenty-something stud-muffin and fuck his brains out.

She would never.

But I would.

I have.

Not bragging, just stating truth.

Dani and I have been friends for a couple of years, meeting through a chance pairing in the Women’s Golf League we belonged to. We fell into a fast friendship and this was the second of a ‘gals-only’ trip that we plan on making a regular ‘thing’.

“You don’t think I would, do you?” She challenged back in response.

“Nope. All talk, Dani, all talk,” I threw back at her with a chuckle.

“Would you?” She asked seriously.


No sense in lying, Dani knew of my past indiscretions, of my occasional forays into Cheatersville. She also knew I was a switch-hitter, loving good pussy as much as I loved good cock.

In fact, truth be told, early on in our friendship I entertained some thoughts of getting into her pants. I thought it but never sensed vibes that she’d welcome me trying. In the end, I lusted a bit but did nothing.

As I said, we were close friends and have bared our souls to each other.

“Well, get me drunk enough on this trip, I might even fuck you,” She retorted, complete with her own little derisive snort.

Turning my head towards her, I looked at her over the top of my sunglasses for a heartbeat, wondering if she was serious, or just teasing me.

“Don’t let your mouth write a check you can’t cash,” I cautioned her, but my evil twin was already salivating over the thought of getting into her pants.

All she did was smile.


The warm water from the massive shower head embraced my body as I slowly soaped myself while thinking about what Dani had said earlier, on the beach.

Lord knows I’d between her legs in a second if I could. She’s about six years younger than my forty-five years, well-proportioned, smallish boobs but with large, thick nips. First time I saw her naked when we hot-tubbed one night while the hubbies were away on business, I thought I’d cream right then and there.

Her marriage, like mine, was stable but boring. Big difference between us was that I’d do something every once a while for myself and get me some strange, pussy or cock, whatever. I’m an equal opportunity cheating wife.

Not Dani, though.

No, she’d play like she would and talk about it, joke about it but when push came to shove, she always just masturbated her frustrations away, at least for a while.

“You almost finished in there? I’d like to clean up before we go out to dinner,” Dani’s voice snapping me out of my reveries.

“Give me a couple more minutes and its all yours,” I answered, hurrying to finish up.

Hearing the shower stop, Dani came into the large bathroom stripped and ready for the water. Stepping aside, I slowly dried myself while she and I chit-chatted as she showered.

“You look good for an old broad,” Dani teased as she eyed me appreciatively, never letting me forget that I was older but not in a bad way.

Didn’t bother me, I’m not one of ‘those’.

I worked hard to stay in shape and wasn’t ashamed of my figure in the slightest. Several younger gals and guys out there would agree with me on that.

“Keep sweet-talking me like that and I just might have to take you up on your offer to fuck you,” I teased back.

“I didn’t say I would…I said I might,” corrected Dani.

“Well, not yet you haven’t,” I threw back, walking out of the bathroom to slip into a beach dress for dinner.

We both decided on the buffet for dinner, both of us liking the exotic dishes and choices. We each had a couple of Red Stripes with our meal, taking our time, gab-festing the night away.

“Want to get something stronger than beer for a nightcap?” Dani asked as we exited the restaurant into the warm, night air.

“How bout the pool bar by our room, its quiet at night and close enough that we could stumble home,” I suggested.

“Capital idea,” Dani agreed and into that warm, tropical night we went, arm in arm.

We got hammered! Well, ‘almost’ hammered. Had we stayed another hour, it probably would’ve happened.

But, what happen is this…

“No mas,” Dani slurred, grimacing as the Patron slid down her throat. That was her fourth. I was nursing my second.

Hey, not my first rodeo with Tequila.

“Want a drink to take back to the room?” Dani asked, standing with just a ‘wee’ bit of a wobble.

“No, I’m good sweetie and, really, so are you,” I said softly so only she could hear, “besides, I thought we were going to smoke the ganja we got from the beach dude,” placing a steadying hand to her arm without making a ‘big deal’ of it.

“Oooooh, yeahhh…forgot about that. Well, okay then, lead the way lady,” Dani smilingly replied, letting me lead her out of the opened bar and back to our room.

“Here, drink some ice water,” I said, handing Dani the glass, “I’ll go roll us a joint.”

We were sitting on our covered patio that looked down to a tropical garden, glowing with subtle lighting in the right places. Our patio light was off, a soft glow from an inside lamp the only illumination.

Judging by the silence on either side of our patio, the adjoining rooms were not at home. Pulling her chair closer to mine, I fired up a ‘fat boy’, took a huge hit, passing it on to Dani.

Both of us were still in our beach dresses, spaghetti-strapped, loose and flowing, the type you’d wear over a bathing suit. Neither of us bothered with bras, choosing bikini briefs as our underwear of choice.

We smoked in silence, the liquor, the warm tropical setting and, yes, the ganja, mixing together like a good gumbo, filling all the senses with pleasantries.

“I’m cooked,” Dani pronounced.

“Yeah, me too,” I agreed.

“I meant what I said earlier, you know, about you looking good…no, not good, more like hot,” She said out of the clear blue.

“Thanks, sweetie, I try,” feeling a little more than glad that she thought me ‘hot’.


Dani called me Babe, said I reminded her of a cousin named Babe. Worked for me, I’m easy.


“I wish I had boobs like yours,” Dani said with a faux-frown, her eyes looking at my 36C ta-tas.

“Nothing wrong with yours, Dani…they’re well-shaped and perky. Perky is good,” I answered honestly.

“Think so?”

“Yeah, I do.”

“You like my boobs?”

“Yeah, I do,” I replied, beginning to wonder where she was going with this.

She stayed silent for a while. We both did. Her face appeared like she was weighing something, deciding ‘something’.

The vibe had changed. There was almost the feeling one gets right before a bolt of lightening stikes close, like when your hair stands up from the electricity in the air. Her eyes locked with mine, a slow smile coming to her lips.

“Show me…show me how much you like my boobs,” She said, her voice low, lover-low.

I stared at her for a bit.

“You sure about this? Don’t tease me, Dani,” hoping that she wasn’t teasing.

“I’m sure.”

Reaching with a finger tip and sliding it under one of her straps, I moved the strap to fall off of her shoulder, to her elbow. Moving my hand and trailing my fingertips just barely over her skin, I traced a path to her now, bared, breast, softly cupping it, kneading it, letting my thumb slowly twirl her hardening nipple in a slow circle.

“That feels good,” she said slowly, her breathing somewhat labored.

“I know,” was my soft reply, “I’m glad you like it.” Moving my head until our lips were brushing softly against the other’s, I increased the pressure of my fondling hand to her breast, her nipple becoming cock-hard instantly.

“Ummmmmmph,” She cooed when my tongue slipped between her lips, past her teeth, finding her tongue and started dancing with it, the sound of her voice muffled as our lips widened and chewed at each other feverishly, wantonly.

Breaking our kiss, I slid my tongue over her chin, down her throat as she moved her chin upwards to give me access, taking my time, tracing circles and wetness across her chest.

As my mouth made its wet way to her breast, I could feel her arch her back to thrust her chest up. Teasing her no longer, I opened my mouth and swallowed a huge portion of her tit, my tongue swirling and licking her cock-like nipple.

“Ooooh babe,,,ooooooooh babe…that’s feels so wonderful,” she said with her lips against the top of my head as her fingers ran through my tresses, her hands pulling my mouth harder against her boob.

Stopping my suckling of her tit, I stood, pulling her to stand with me, then leading her back into our room.

“Take off your dress,” I told her.

She did. Slowly, her eyes never leaving mine.

“Now, mine.”

She did. Her hands returning to cup the sides of my boobs, both of us in our panties, still.

Sliding my hands down her back until my fingers slid under her panties, I felt her shudder with pleasure as I slowly walked my fingers down her spine until I had both of her ass-cheeks in my grasp, pulling her until her pussy was rubbing against mine.

“Oooooh, damn,” she cooed, dropping her mouth quickly to one of my tits, her mouth chewing, tasting, nibbling at my boob and nipple.

The “Oooooh, damn” was brought about when one of my fingers slipped down her ass-crack and began playing with her asshole.

I like a little ass play in my love-making. Turned out, she did too. The more I played with it, the harder she sucked on my tits, her mouth now alternating between the both of them.

Using my hands to spread her cheeks wider, I slipped a middle finger into her, causing her to damn near suffocate herself as she tried to swallow my entire boob.

“Ooooh shit, that feels good, so fucking good,” Dani breathed, her words interrupted by gasps for air.

Moving the two of us as I continued to finger-fuck her butt, I maneuvered us until we fell into the king-bed. After slipping her panties off of her quickly, I slipped mine off to join hers on the floor of our room.

“Ever been with another woman?” I asked as I kissed her face and neck, chewing her earlobes, the whole while fingering her ass, my thumb now rubbing across her hard clit in slow circles.

“Once, when I was fifteen,” Dani answered slowly, her hands caressing my scalp under my hair, her legs spreading wider for me.

“And?” I pressed, my mouth returning to suck on her nipples.

“She was rough…and kinda’ scary…I didn’t like it so much,” Dani answered after a short pause, almost as if she was reliving it in her head, “I’ve often wondered if I would have liked it with someone different, not so scary.”

“Well, hang on sweetie…I’m going to show you how its done.”

And I did.

I puncuated the statement by surrounding her pussy with its landing strip patch of hair with my mouth, my tongue flicking her clitoris back and forth like it was a punching bag. My thumb was now sliding in and out of her pussy in rhythm with my finger doing the same in her asshole.

She tasted good, she smelled good, the aroma of her arousal filling my nostrils as I lovingly sucked and ate her sweetness.

“Oh God….oh Jesus….ooooh babe, I’m going to come, sweet Jesus I’m going to come,” She cried out as she increased the humping of her snatch to my mouth.

Knowing she was so close made me redouble my efforts to get her off, to give her a climax like she hadn’t had in forever.

Gripping my head tightly with her hands, Dani groaned and moaned another few seconds and then, POW, she drove her pussy so hard against my mouth that I was sure I’d be bruised in the morning.

“Aaaahhhhhh, FUCK!!!!” screamed the thirty-something surburban housewife as her friend gave her the pussy-eating of her life.

I let her come down from that big ‘un, waited until her breathing almost returned to normal as she cooed sweet nothings to me about marrying me or having my babies or some such shit.

And then, I started back into it again, getting her off a few more times before I had to come up for air.

“I’ll be back,” I said, kissing her long and lustfully before treading to the bathroom to wash my hands and freshen up a bit.

Crawling to lay next to her, I moved her to lay in the crook of my arm, my hand casually stroking her back and ass.

“Like that did you?”

“If I had thought it could be this good, I’d let you fuck me a long time ago, so, yeah, I liked it a lot,” Dani answered.

Taking her hand in mine, I moved it from my breast and placed it over my very-needing-to-be-stroked-and-petted wet pussy.

“You’ll have to show me how,” She said with a bit of hesitation, “I mean, I want to, I want to do things to you but I’ve never…”

“Its easy, sweetie…think about what you might like done to you and go with it, try it…I’ll let you know if I don’t like it or whatever,” I said encouragingly.

“So, what brought this on?” I asked softly, closing my eyes, my body starting to respond to Dani’s touches and probes.

Moving her mouth from sucking on my tit to answer, she said, “I started wondering about it some time ago…hearing you tell of bedding some chick got me curious.”

“Oh yeah, Dani, just like that baby, slide your finger up and down, slide between my pussy’s lips, baby. Ooooh, feel how wet I’m getting,” I blurted.

Damn, she was getting the hang of this.

“Tell me what to do, babe…tell me how to please you,” she cooed, kissing me with her tongue deep down my throat.

Moving a little further down the bed, I gently pushed her head towards my crotch, telling her to switch ends, to move her ass towards my head. As soon as she settled into the new position, I pulled her hips towards me, slipping my head under her and between her legs.

She got it.

Holding onto her hips with my hands, I lifted my head and began eating her sweet-tasting cunt. Moving her head over my pussy, she lowered her mouth and began her introduction to Pussy-Eating 101.

She was a quick learner, was Ms. Dani. She would later tell me that she tried to do to me what I was doing to her.

It worked!

We sixty-nined that first time for about twenty mintues, both of us bringing the other to the brink, but backing off, wanting it to last longer.

But, finally, we abandoned resistance and both of us orgasmed within a nano-second of each other, followed by little quickies as we slowly came down from the high.

Back in bed after showering with each other, she snuggled into the crook of my arm once more, smelling of magnolias.


“Yeah, sweetie?” I replied sleepily.

“Are we going to continue doing this? You know, when we get back home?”

“Do you want to?”

“More than I can tell you.”

“Then, we shall…now, give me a kiss and let’s get to sleep. We’re going to need our strength for the rest of the week.”

“Is that a threat or a promise?” She teased, her voice betraying her exhaustion and need for sleep as well.

“Both,” and off into the land of Nod we went.

We fucked each other like teenagers for the next three days and nights. Its a good thing I like eating pussy because I got everybody’s share.

But, so did she.

Discovered something about Ms. Dani. She did too.

She liked being slightly subservant in our love making, liked being told what or how to do something. She liked me ‘bossing’ her around, then rewarding her with great orgasms.

I found that I liked it too.

Another thing we discovered was that Dani-baby was actually kinda’ digging the whole ‘getting-some-strange’ thing, kinda’ got into the sex-with-someone-other-than-her-husband thing.

“Babe?” Dani said/asked, her voice sorta’ muffled by the fact that my pussy was humping against her mouth. It was the last night before our flight back to the states. We had rolled and smoke the last of the weed we bought on the island, both of us majorily fucked-up, seriously fucked-up.

“Oh, yeah, baby, like that….what?” I answered, my fingers twirling through her hair as she dined at the ‘Y’ Cafe.

“I was thinking that maybe, when the hubbies are out of town or something, that maybe you and I could check out a couple of the Lez bars near the college…what’d ya’ think?” She answered, replacing her mouth with her hand, stroking and playing with my very wet snatch.

“Already planning on cheating on me, bitch?” I teased.

“Wouldn’t be cheating if you were there now would it, bitch?” She teased back.

“Want to shag some coed pussy, baby, is that what you want to do?” I replied, curious now.

“Could be fun, don’t you think?” Dani answered.

“You’re are a never ending source of surprise, Ms. Dani…but, yeah, it could be fun,” I agreed, the thought of bedding some young (but legal) pussy sounding attractive.

“Anything else you want me to arrange for you, Ms. Dani?” I teased further.

“Well, if you’re asking for a sexual wish list, I wouldn’t have thought that eating pussy would have been first on my list, but since it is, I guess at some point I’d like to feel a cock inside of me that was bigger than a skinny five-inches,” She unashamedly admitted.

Ouch! No wonder she’s been so fucking frustrated.

“Well, baby steps first…now get me off.”

She did.

Her desire to ‘explore’ a little bit more of life with me?

Well, those are simply stories for another day…

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