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TR Trade

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We were in the study of Professor Hendrick’s house, in the late evening, nearing the end of the tutorial he was conducting. At least I assumed it was nearing the end, because I was very close to coming. We were in a straight chair facing his desk. Professor Hendricks, his hands wrapped around my waist was sitting in the chair; I was sitting on his hard cock—or, rather, fucking myself on his cock in slow risings and fallings and me moaning in tenor to his groaning in baritone.

Professor Hendricks was murmuring how nice I was between his groans of churning inside me—as well he should, because I had had no intention of letting him fuck me and had fended him off for weeks.

Yet here I was, not only letting him have me, but doing the fucking myself—skewered in his lap and pushing off the oriental rug under the desk on the balls of my feet. Up and down, up and down. I’d never done it this way before. But I was in full heat, total rut. Today I wanted a cock inside me; I wanted to fuck myself on a nice juicy cock—and here was a more than willing Professor Hendricks, handily providing a hard pole.

Laying in front of me on the desk top, open, was what had finally won the day for Professor Hendricks. It was a coffee table book of glossy pictures—although not exactly the sort of book most people would lay out on their coffee table. The photos were of men fucking—and not just fucking. They were fucking in public places, sometimes with people strolling by and not taking notice at all. I had no idea how some of these photographs had been taken. Naked male couples fucking on the grass or on the benches in a public park on a sunny day. People sunning on the beach, with a couple of men right there fucking on a towel in their midst. Commuters packed into a subway car, hanging on straps—and there, one man with his pants down around his knees and another man crouched behind him fucking up into him.

I had been sitting at the desk in the straight chair with Professor Hendricks off to the side in his arm chair, running over the mathematics tables with me. Trying from time to time to touch me, but, as usual, me not having anything to do with it. Not saying anything, not accusing him of anything. We both knew that was out of bounds. He was the professor and I was the student. Anything in the open would mean I wouldn’t pass his class. And no good reporting it; all the students knew he fucked his male students like a rabbit—whoever’s pants he could get into. Surely the university administrators knew that. But he was a big name in applied mathematics; he gave the university stature. In a dispute between him and a student, it wouldn’t be the professor who would be packing his bags.

“Perhaps this is something that you might be interested in,” he had said. And then he had put this glossy photography book in front of me.

And I’d made the mistake of opening it. I went into instantaneous, intense heat. I had no idea that seeing guys fucking in public would be such a turn on. My interest was obvious to the professor, as I’m sure he had hoped it would be, and he was leaning into me from behind. Touching me. And I wasn’t pulling away as usual.

I turned a page, and the professor was pulling my T-shirt over my head. And I was letting him do it. My eyes were pouring over the photographs. Drinking in every pixel of them. Searching the eyes of the passers by for any sign of recognition that there was fucking going on within their sight. And here and there, seeing a reaction and stirring at the thought—actually at the thoughts: both of stumbling upon such a scene in public and of being the guy being fucked. Doing it in public. Seeing who was attracted. Who might be bold enough to join in.

All of the guys having sex in the pages of this book were real hunks. The professor had his arms laced under my pits and his hands on my nipples, pinching them. He had brought down another book—this time a photo album. Even more real and more erotic to me. Not just glossy, quite possibly staged or photo-shopped photos in a book of guys fucking in public, but actual, real life photos of the same. And in these photos—the professor—doing the fucking. A younger, more muscular, achingly handsome professor. My reaction was intense—I wanted to be fucked by the man in these photos. And somehow it didn’t matter that he was older now.

He was naked and his hard cock was rubbing between my shoulder blades. And he turned my face to him and kissed me. I let him do this, but only briefly. It was the photographs I wanted to see—it was the “him” in the photos I wanted fucking me. But the photo wasn’t real life. Real life was the professor, here, in his study, dominating me.

I stood at his guidance and leaned over the desk, face close in to the photographs. Turning pages, examining the photographs closely. My pants and briefs gone now. The professor sitting in the straight chair, his hands spreading my buttocks cheeks, his mouth and tongue at my asshole.

And then me, in a frenzy of lust and want. Rising and falling on the professor’s dick as he sat under me in the chair, moaning, his hands encasing my waist. And me scrutinizing the photographs of the guys fucking in public places. My eyes went to the captions in the glossy book. There were repeated references to an Internet address.

Fucking myself on the professor’s hard cock in the quiet evening of the wood-paneled study and repeating the Web address over and over again in my mind.

* * * *

I could hardly wait that night when I got back to the dorm for my roommate to drift off to snoring before I huddled down behind my desk, out of view from his bed, and tapped out the address for the TR trade site on my laptop. I hadn’t the foggiest what that meant, but, with trembling fingers, I clicked on the “join” button. I had to pay a fee, which was a bit stiff—but within moments of the images of public male fucking popping up on the screen, I too was stiff and happily masturbating away.

The images almost immediately took over my life, and I found myself checking the latest additions to the Web site whenever and wherever I could settle in a place that had an Internet connection.

I was crouched over the laptop in the university library one day, checking out the Web site and trying to be discrete about holding my throbbing dick through the cloth of my trousers under the rim of the library table top. I don’t know how long I had been at that before I realized that someone was standing behind me and looking over my shoulder. I turned. It was a guy a couple of years older than I was—Mediterranean darkness of complexion and with a profusion of black curly hair. The hair was not only on his head but heavy on his forearms as well and welling up at the v in the neck of his sports shirt. He had what I would call bedroom eyes and full, sensuous lips. His features where angular, almost craggy, but everything fell together in a highly attractive, attracting package.

I didn’t know how much he had seen, but I only became aware of him when he had laid his hand on my shoulder. In shock, I looked around. Long, thick fingers, with curls of black hair on them above the knuckles and on the back of his hand.

I mumbled something—I don’t know what—and snapped my laptop shut and stumbled out of the library building. When I reached my car, I turned as I was throwing my stuff into the backseat, and saw him there at the top of the stairs up to the library entrance. He was scanning the area around the library.

Before his eyes turned in my direction, I instinctively shut the car door again and slipped across the street and into the large city park that ran across the road from the older, main buildings of the university. I was well down the path and turning onto one that rimmed a large grassy area when I looked back and saw him again at the entrance I’d used to get into the park.

I went off the path and into a grove of trees. I found one where the trunk split into two about four feet off the ground so that I could hide behind it and peek out between the tree trunks and view the path rimming the grassy area. I couldn’t be sure he was following me. If so, I should be able to see him from here when he passed on the path and then double back and be gone. I was so embarrassed that he might have seen what I was viewing on my laptop screen in the library. Still, I was all a tremble and aroused. The new sensations were delicious. And here I was in a public place.

I waited a few minutes, but no sign of the man who had followed me into the park, although a couple, very much taken with each other did pass by not more than twenty feet from where I was half concealed between the two trunks of the tree. Two young guys had come out onto the grassy area, throwing a Frisbee and being pretty noisy about it. They looked pretty hunky, and my imagination went to what the three of us could be doing out on that grassy lawn.

My mind went into a fantasy of the three of us throwing the Frisbee—all in the nude. People were passing by us on the pathway skirting the irregular oval of parkland we were frolicking in, but they weren’t seeing us. It was like we weren’t there. The two men were impossibly hung, like this was some sort of a cartoon. One laughed and flew the Frisbee over my head toward a fringe of trees. Both I and one of the young hunks were going after it. Our paths collided at the fringe of the trees, on a little knoll just short of the tree line. We went down in a heap. The guy was under me and somehow I was stretched on top of him, my ass impaled on his hard cock, and he was fucking me. The other young man approached and fell down on the grass at my feet and began sucking my cock. All of the time, people—in Victorian costumes, the women with frilly parasols—were strolling the pathways around the oval, oblivious to the fucking going on just short of the tree line.

I came back into the real world, my hand at my crotch, spot of wetness on my pants where my cock had released some precum.

I was about to leave, when I felt hands on my hips from behind and a deep voice was whispering in my ear. “Hold still. Just hold right there.”

I turned my head in shock, just in time to see a mop of black curly hair dipping down at my side. Hands were fumbling at my belt buckle and then my zipper, and my pants and briefs were being slipped down off my hips.

I flinched and moaned as a cool tongue lapped between my butt cheeks, seeking out my asshole, and a hand encased my dick. I was confused. Was I slipping into another fantasy or was this real. It seemed quite real, though. I should have pulled away then and stumbled out of the park, but the lust filled me immediately and I was going very hard. The reality was even more arousing than the photos on the public fucking Web site were.

I gave in to it—just as I had for the professor. I stood, leaning into the crotch of the tree, my legs spread out behind me, locked and in a wider stance so the dark guy could kneel between them. I was depicting as fully clothed for anyone spying me from the park path or out on the grassy area, but I was revealed from the rear as naked from the waist down, with, first a tongue, and then fingers, digging into my ass canal and a big, calloused hand pulling at my engorged cock.

I came almost immediately, as an older couple was passing by on the pathway. The woman glanced around at me in slight surprise of seeing someone there. But it didn’t seem to register with her that I was spilling seed against the tree trunk with the callused pad of a finger rubbing my prostate. I found that thrilling.

“Come with me to the tearoom,” A deep voice was whispering in my ear as my pants were being pulled back over my hips.

“The tearoom?” I responded in a confused voice.

“Yeah. The public toilet. Tearoom, as in the letter ‘T’—standing for toilet room. You know, like in the name of the Web site you were looking at in the library. Tearoom trade fucking— You like being fucked in public, don’t you? I want to fuck you in the tearoom.”

“I . . .uh.” I wanted to scream out that, no I didn’t know anything about this lifestyle, and I wasn’t at all ready for the risk of being fucked in a public park bathroom. But I was in high heat too. It was all just so arousing—the intensity and reality of it just so much more than even looking at the photos of it. And it dawned on me that he thought I already was into this public fucking and that I had purposely led him from the library to the park for this tryst.

I just let him lead me deeper into the park.

We reached a narrow, boxwood-lined path leading back to a one-story building that was nearly covered with vines and that had a discrete “public restrooms” sign posted on a metal board stuck into the ground.

I hesitated, but my new Greek god companion of the sultry Mediterranean looks had a strong grip on my arm and was pulling me back toward the men’s side of the building. When we entered, there was another guy, dirty blond hair hanging down in his face, rangy body, a good bit older than either the Greek god or me, standing at one of the urinals, one hand up on the wall in front of him and the other at his open fly.

I stopped at the door. “I guess . . . there’s someone already here,” I whispered to my companion. “I guess we can’t . . .” I still wasn’t sure. It was almost a relief that there was something that would prevent this.

“It’s just Danny,” my companion said. “Hey, Danny, want to take the watch position for a few minutes?”

“Yeah, sure,” the other guy said with a big grin on his face. He turned from the urinals, and I saw an especially long, but thin dong hanging down from his open fly, a bush of dirty-blond hair at the root. “That is if I get seconds.”

“Done,” my companion said. I hadn’t been asked it that was OK with me—but for some reason it caused a little chill of thrill to go up my spine. I was being totally dominated, and I found that especially arousing. I was controlling none of this. We passed each other, Danny toward the door and my companion bustling me up to the urinals and jerking my pants down again.

I stood, leaning into a urinal, my cheek against a damp tile wall and my arms out in front of me, palming the wall—at least until one hand went to my dick to masturbate myself—while the dark Greek guy rolled on a condom and covered me from the rear and fucked me in slow, even strokes.

I was terrified that someone would come in and catch us—and that heightened my arousal even further so that I came again in short order.

The Greek went into a fast flurry of plowing me hard and then grunted and shuddered. And then he was moving to the door, and Danny was saddling up behind me, holding his piece in his hand, and sliding his cock in a long, swift movement up into my channel. I couldn’t believe I was doing this. Letting complete strangers fuck me like a dog in a public restroom. My heart was pounding; my dick was harder than it had ever been before. He wasn’t as thick as the Greek had been, but he reached a whole heck of a lot deeper up into me. And he had an off-rhythm way of fucking that made me catch my breath at each change in the upward thrust.

I moaned and masturbated into the urinal again, as he took me in swift motions.

I turned in shock as he was finishing at the sound of voices at the restroom door. My worst fears. A blue uniform. A cop was standing there talking to the Greek. I’d been caught. On my first real public fucking experience, I’d been caught and would be taken into the police station, stared at knowingly and mockingly, and booked and branded. On just one time. But the policemen wouldn’t believe that. And my mind began fantasizing of them taking me into an interrogation room, pushing me belly down on a rough, wooden table, and standing in line to fuck me. And one of them would have a billy club in his hand . . . I was beginning to hyperventilate, but I was consumed by mixed emotions—being both terrified and more fully aroused at the images.

The policeman was walking into the restroom and unzipping his pants. His cock was already hard—and thick and long. He wasn’t taking me in; he was going to take me right here.

Danny drifted away, and two strong hands were gripping my hips, with thumbs pulling my butt cheeks apart. And I was being fucked again by a man in blue. I sighed with satisfaction and thrill, with my cheek against the cool, damp tile above the urinal, and the sounds of clanking police gear jangling at the policeman’s belt as he fucked up into me, deep and hard. He had his billy club out and was running it up and down on my flanks and belly and thighs as he fucked me, and I groaned and held my breath in anticipation of feeling the cool, thick head of it replacing his cock at my rim—but that didn’t happen, to my relief and slight disappointment.

As he was walking me out to my car, the Greek told me that his name was Ted and that he wanted to see me again. I had already let my name slip and that I was a student at the university, but I didn’t commit to seeing him again and didn’t tell him how he could contact me.

The first day I spent in regretting the experience and feeling so lucky that I had gotten away with it without being dragged down to the station house. The danger of it all sent electric chills through me. The problem, which I acknowledged on the second day, was that I found the danger of it intensely erotic and arousing. And now that I had experienced it in reality, I was hooked. By the third day, I was regretting I hadn’t given Ted my phone number. On the fourth day he called. The power of the university telephone directory.

I told him no, that I had too much to do that day, but when I came out of the front door of my dorm, he was parked there and leaning on his car, sport shirt over swimming trunks and holding a skimpy Speedo with those long, hair-backed fingers of his.

He took me to a swim club and paraded me around the pool a couple of times wearing that skimpy Speedo. A couple of beefy guys took interest and he gave them a look that I guess was a known signal in the tearoom trade world. Fifteen minutes later, he was standing in the doorway between the shower room and the men’s locker room. I was being held parallel to the wet floor in the steam coming down from the shower heads and off our bodies by one beefy guy who was supporting my torso from behind with his arms laced under my pits, while the other one crouched between my legs. He was holding my thighs spread with his hands and standing between my legs and fucking me in long, vigorous strokes. They exchanged places after the first guy was finished. A third guy had entered the showers during my second fucking and then took me from the rear, up against the wall tiles, while Ted and the other two guys watched.

I loved every risky minute of it.

Back at my dorm, the car idled in front of the dorm entrance, with people walking back and forth on the sidewalk, while Ted lowered his face to my lap and gave me a blow job while I tried to keep my face from exposing to all who passed by what was happening in the car.

* * * *

Two days later Ted called and asked me if I’d go to the gay film with him, and I said I would. I’d never been to the 0 Theater before, but I’d heard about the gay movie and bathhouse, and I was lost to Ted. Each time he’d fucked me and watched others fuck me since we’d first met in the park, he’d been more inventive, more bold publicly. And each time it made me harder and more keyed up and the lovemaking had been more intense.

He asked me to wear just gym shorts and a T, and I had no doubts he planned to fuck me in the theater while we were watching the movie. I had no idea how intense it would be, though.

He stripped the T off me as soon as we entered the theater, and he made a point of finding a seat in the middle of the theater and exhibiting how well muscled I was. The atmosphere in the theater became electric, and all of the guys who were scattered around, some isolated and hunched down in the seats, beating their meat while watching what was going on on the screen, others in little clumps, being sucked or sucking or lurking nearby and watching, turned their attention to us.

A sucking scene had started on the screen in a tableau of one young guy as the center of attention of four burly truckers. Ted went down on the floor between the seats, slipped off my shorts and slid his lips over my cock. I spread and lifted my legs over the back of the chair seat in front of me and began to moan as I watched the young actor on the screen sucking at four proffered cocks, he on his knees and the four truckers surrounding him and playing with and kissing each other as their cocks each got a full share of attention.

Guys in the theater started moving toward us at the sounds of my moans and the sight of my bare legs stretched over the seat back. The ones drawing the nearest were intently watching my face to catch the expression of my ecstasy. Three bold men came right up to us. One was behind me and had his cock out and was rubbing in on my neck and shoulder while watching Ted go down on me. Another one sat in a chair in the row in front of us right next to one of my legs and started sucking the toes on one of my feet. Another sat down right beside me. When he did that, Ted stopped sucking me and lifted my hips up out of the chair with palms under my butt cheeks and started working my anus with his tongue. The man who sat down next to me had his cock out and was stroking himself. And when Ted let go of my cock, that man snaked his other hand over and started slowly pumping my cock. His eyes were intently watching my face. I was letting him know I was enjoying this attention.

I looked up at the screen. The truckers were beginning to fuck the young man doggy style. It was clear they were going to take turns.

My eyes swept the theater. Everyone was looking our way now, and most were on the move toward us. Every man standing had his cock out and was stroking it.

Ted stood up in a crouch in front of me so that I no longer could see the screen. I could hear the moaning and groaning coming from the screen, though—and from around me—and from me as well.

Ted was lifting my hips higher with his hands and the guy behind me who had been slapping my shoulder with his cock, put his arms under my shoulder blades and his hands at the small of my back, and, between them, they held me up, parallel with the floor, my torso in full view of those gathering around me. I cried out and arched my back as Ted entered me with his hard cock. The toes of both feet were being sucked now and the guy in the seat beside me was now bent over me and sucking my cock.

Ted was pumping me slowly, his cock digging deeper with each motion. While still supporting me from behind, the guy behind me drew his belly back. My head dropped back, and his cock was at my lips. I opened to him, and he began to slowly fuck my mouth.

Hands. There were hands all over me. Gliding. Trembling. Pinching, prodding. Tongues on the soles of my feet and in my arm pits. The groans and yelps of hard fucking on the screen and the hum and buzzing in full life around me of an aroused crowd of men. Me giving them satisfaction.

I came in the mouth of the guy hunched over me, and he faded back, satiated. Ted came deep inside me, but then I heard him give a little cry and he was drawing out of me and my hips had fallen back into the theater seat. The view to the screen was open now. The young man on the screen was being held up, sandwiched, between two of the truckers, one fore and one aft. They were doubling him with their cocks, pistoning away in countermotion to each other. The young man was writhing in both agony and ecstasy. Being stretched to the limit but loving it—or at least acting like he was.

I saw what had drawn Ted away. A trucker-type who could have been one of the actors on the screen. He had Ted bent over the back of one of the theater seats in the row in front of me and was doggy fucking him.

The man behind me, who was equally as large and heavily muscled, lifted me over the back of the seat and gathered my back to his front. I was bowing out from the pelvis and instinctively reached back with both hands and locked my fists behind his neck as he grabbed both of my thighs and pulled them around his hips. Willing hands from either side grabbed my ankles and wishboned my legs around his hips as he thrust his cock up inside me from behind. His hands locked at my belly as he held me steady, bowed out from his pelvis, and fucked me with deep, hard thrusts. A face appeared before me and then lowered, as a man went into the seat I had been occupying in reverse with his knees and took my cock in his mouth.

The other two truckers on the screen were now worrying the young actor’s hole hard as they doubled him. He seemed to be semiconscious, although he was smiling wanly.

I felt as much as saw a renewed swirl of motion inside the theater. Down toward the screen and to the left two guys were double fucking another guy, mimicking what had been happening on the screen, holding him sandwiched between them, and double skewering him.

I no longer felt the press of a crowd around me. The tide was moving toward the screen and to the left. The hands on my ankles disappeared, as did the mouth on my cock. And then, having finished, the guy behind let me slowly drop, bent over the back of my theater chair, and he too was gone.

Ted came over the back of the row in front of me, grinning, and plopped down in a seat. He helped me come across the seat back from the row behind and settled me down in his lap, both of us facing the screen and my ass channel sinking on his cock.

He wrapped his arms around my chest and nuzzled my neck.

The actors on the screen were shooting their loads in impossibly prodigious milky-white cum. Our attention went to the double fuck scenario still going on inside the theater closer to the screen, although there was little of the action we could see now because of the chanting crowd gathered around it.

“I just love going to the theater,” Ted murmured with a chuckle, as he reached for and started stroking my cock.

* * * *

The phone is ringing and I’m answering it, hands trembling, because Caller ID is revealing that it’s Ted.

He wants to take a public bus ride out into the suburbs and wants me to wear shorts with extra large leg holes.

I am already beginning to get hard.

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