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Urban Legend

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Madison felt a little self-conscience. Somehow her boyfriend, Billy, had talked her into wearing her collegiate cheerleader uniform to the frat party. She had reluctantly agreed because she knew some of the other girls on the team would probably be wearing theirs. Billy had on his football jersey, all the boys wore their number when they were together and out among fellow students, so it helped Madison not feel so alone and awkward.

Billy guided her up the busy street. It was one of the many streets near the campus that the fraternity and sorority houses were on, but this particular street was unfamiliar to Madison. Billy moved decisively and swiftly up the sidewalk, passing parked cars and loitering students. There was a carefree, party buzz in the air. Madison was looking forward to a good time.

Billy stopped in front of an old van. He grabbed the handle of the sliding van door. He looked at Madison, telling her, “I have to meet someone, and they told me to meet them here.” He opened the van door and slid it back. As he helped Madison into the interior, he told her, “They have something for me.”

As Madison took a seat, she looked around curiously. The van had two bench seats, one on each side in the back of the van. There were pillows on the seats and on the floor. The lighting was dim, and music was playing through various speakers all around the van. There were no obstacles baring the way from the front of the van to the back. A person could move easily back and forth. All the windows were darkly tinted. The van was small, yet comfortable. It was made for privacy. A good place to party and to have sex, Madison thought naughtily.

Billy closed the van door and took a seat opposite from Madison. He couldn’t look at his beautiful girlfriend. It wasn’t because she didn’t look incredibly sexy and fuckable in her blue and white cheerleader outfit. She always looked good in her uniform. It was because he knew what he had done. He knew the bargain he had struck, and the desperate measures that drove him to do such a thing. He was spared further guilty thoughts when the van door again slid open and the person he had come to meet entered.

Janice took a seat next to Madison. She was a plumb girl with frizzy red hair, and freckles on her face and arms. She had a thin folder on her lap. She turned in her seat, her knees facing Madison. She looked at the cheerleader with an appraising eye, but directed her comments to Billy, “I’m very pleased she is in her cheerleader outfit. Very pleased. You get the first half of your term paper now. You’ll get the last half when I’m finished. If your girlfriend doesn’t behave and cooperate, I will withhold the rest of your paper. Also if she is fussy and cooperates part way but not all the way, I will rip out random pages in the final half of your paper, and hand over what is left. And believe me, I know what pages are valuable, and you’ll have no time to correct what I have ruined.” Janice finally turned to look at Billy. Her power and lust made her pale green eyes glow in the dim van light. “No paper, no grade, and you fail. You’ll lose your football scholarship.”

Billy swallowed nervously. “I know. I know. She’ll do what you want, won’t you baby?”

“Huh?” Madison’s heart thumped in her chest, yet she felt a strange stirring. She felt remotely horny.

“Take off her lettermen’s sweater,” Janice ordered Billy.

Billy knelt in front of Madison. “Let me take your sweater off, sweetie.”

He took his girl’s hands in his own and gently guided her to sit up straight. He grabbed the bottom of her white pullover sweater with a bold blue school letter appliqued on the front, and told her, “Lift your arms, baby. Time to skin the rabbit.”

Billy always told Madison that when he stripped off her thick sweater. Out of anticipation and nasty training, her pussy distantly tingled. She loved it when her man undressed her. But as she lifted her arms over her head, she couldn’t grasp what was happening. She seemed to be on autopilot.

Billy peeled off Madison’s cheerleader sweater, leaving her in her button up white uniform blouse, and tossed it on the opposite bench seat. Janice handed him the notebook she had brought, and he retreated to his seat. He was half way home.

Janice scooted closer to Madison, the hungry appraising look still in her eyes, and took Madison by the hand. She pulled, but Madison refused to move. Janice looked at Billy; her meaning was obvious.

Billy fidgeted in his seat. He practically caressed his life saving notebook. He summoned his resolve and said to his girlfriend, “Go to her, Madison. You need to do what she wants. It’s important to us both that you do as you are told.”

Madison didn’t understand what was happening. She did have a desire to please her boyfriend, but what was going on? She was weirdly afraid and excited. She looked rapidly between Billy and Janice, hoping for some understanding.

Janice pulled at Madison’s arm again.

Madison anxiously looked to Billy. He looked down at his important notebook, and said to her, “Go to her, Madison.”

Confused, but obedient, Madison followed Janice’s insistent tug on her arm. As she was pulled toward Janice, Janice slipped an arm behind her and, still guiding Madison forward, bent her over her lap. Madison was in a complete panic bent over Janice’s knees, facing the van’s dark carpet.

Janice’s pussy was on fire! She couldn’t believe she had the absolute hottest cheerleader over her lap! She slowly pushed up Madison’s pleated blue and white uniform skirt, and gazed longingly at Madison’s blue brief panties. She remembered all the times when she had watched Madison cheer, and her skirt flew up and showed off these sexy briefs. And up close, Madison’s ass was still as exquisite.

Janice began to rub and caress Madison’s bottom. Madison fought her handling. Billy went to speak, but Janice cut him off.

“Be still, my dear. Any more fussing or struggling will result in your dear boyfriend’s demise.”

Madison kicked her feet. She wanted up.

Janice held her, but it wasn’t easy. Madison was an athlete and strong. She spoke quickly, “Don’t you know, my cheerleader? Your loving boyfriend is failing. He needs a good term paper in his history class to maintain his grade point average. If he fails, he’ll lose his full scholarship. He needs his free ride or its quitsville for him. And who knows? He probably won’t make it as a free agent, he needs his college experience and exposure to find his way to the pros. Your boyfriend needs an excellent grade to make his grade point average, so he came to me.”

Madison stopped her struggling and listened to Janice’s words. The girl began to once again fondle her bottom. She didn’t like it, but she was beginning to understand.

“I,” Janice continued as Billy sat in shamed silence, “don’t always want or accept money as compensation for my services, which I guarantee. I have never failed. I always deliver top grade work that is always original. When Billy came to me, desperate and eager, the price for my work, thus the salvation of his scholarship and quite possibly his professional football career, was you. An evening with you. All the time I want.”

Madison shifted uneasily. She had heard of this type of thing before. She knew many students paid for schoolwork to be done for them, and there was the urban legend that sex was sometimes exchanged for such schoolwork to be done. The price was always high. Madison realized just how high.

Janice quieted Madison with an affectionate pat to her up turned bottom. “Shh, girl. You should know that for my payment, I promised your lazy boyfriend an additional paper should he need it. I’m sure he’ll need the extra help, but I do get all the time I want. That might be until dawn or later. Anyway, you can secure your Billy’s college experience.”

Bill, his cock a serious urgent force in his jeans, humbly said, “I’m sorry, baby, but if you don’t agree, I’m out. We’re screwed. I’ll have no chance at the pros.”

“Billy?” Madison was reeling. She was the price?! She had to be this girl’s sex toy? Oh, God, she wasn’t sure.

“Just do it, baby,” Billy pleaded. “She won’t hurt you. She just wants to play with you. Allow it. Secure our future. Don’t be selfish.”

Janice smiled wickedly and continued to caress Madison’s buttocks. “Yeah, don’t be so selfish,” she echoed. “Besides, I promise you, you’ll like it.”

“Billy?” Madison whined.

“Leave us!” Janice commanded. “She’ll do as she’s told or you fail. She’ll see it our way. Don’t worry, she’s in good hands.”

Billy hesitated.

Janice looked at him sternly. “I’ll call you when I’m done. Now, go. I’m anxious to get started. The clock is ticking.”

Billy, with an apology to his cheerleader, and deep regret he wouldn’t be allowed to stay and watch, left quickly.

“It’s up to you, now,” Janice told Madison, her payment. “Cooperate and you and your guy are home free, plus you’ll have one more paper in case he needs it. And it has been my experience that if you need my skills once, you’ll need them twice.”

Madison thought her boyfriend’s problem through. She wasn’t responsible for his failing grades, but she wanted to help him; she loved him after all. She knew she had to help. She knew she would cooperate.

Janice, having done this type of thing dozens of times, read Madison’s thoughts. She trapped the cheerleader against her body with her right arm, and told her captive, “I am going to spank you. A nice quick spanking to show you who’s in charge. If you are a good girl, you won’t receive another. I will warn you though, a second or third spanking will not be pleasant. I have paddles and whips to correct naughty girls. You would be smart not to earn my displeasure.”

Madison’s pussy jumped to life. She had never been talked to this way. She was turned on by Janice’s no nonsense, firm expectations.

Janice swatted Madison’s butt. She spanked her cheerleader with her briefs up. She smacked as hard as she could. She knew the material of Madison’s uniform protected her fine smooth skin. When she had enough, she pulled Madison’s panties down and paddled her bare bottom.

Janice’s crotch wetted her underwear. She had fantasized about this moment ever since she had seen Madison cheer, but when Billy had come to her for help she knew her dream would come true, and it had been on her mind for weeks. When she masturbated lately, she had visualized Madison in her van naked and compliant, agreeing to her every wish and demand. Janice knew she would take her time tonight, and she would not be lenient. She meant to get exactly what she wanted.

Janice pulled up Madison’s briefs, covering her rosy butt cheeks, and had her sit back up. Madison’s long brown hair was tousled and her eyes glowed. Janice wondered if it was because of her spanking or if she was turned on. Maybe it was both. She didn’t care. Madison looked so sexy and perfect. She scooted closer to her sexy cheerleader.

“Sit up,” Janice told Madison.

Madison sat up and Janice slid her left arm behind her back. Madison didn’t like the way Janice now held her, but there was a vague heat in her skirt that had nothing to do with her previous spanking.

“Put your legs over my lap,” Janice further instructed.

Madison put her sneakered feet on Janice’s lap. Janice scooped up her legs by the shins and moved closer to Madison. Madison’s thighs were now sitting on the other girl’s lap. Janice pulled Madison close to her by her back. She leaned froward.

Janice studied Madison’s pretty face. She noticed the cheerleader lacked freckles or blemishes. Her skin was milky smooth and looked soft. Her lips were full and rosy, unlike her own. Madison’s eyes were luminous with an inner azure light. She seemed to be glowing from within. ‘I’d never have a chance with a girl like her’, Janice thought hornily. ‘She’d never look at me twice even if she were into girls.’ She licked her lips in anticipation, grateful she was industrious enough to find a way to get what she coveted.

Janice rubbed her right hand up and down Madison’s strong, tanned legs. She watched her hand moving along Madison’s length. She imagined these legs bent at the knee, spread wide, exposing Madison’s beautiful valley. She would rest Madison’s feet on her shoulders, like a man would, and lapped up her sweet water. She knew she would eat Madison until she had her fill, but for now, she reminded herself sternly, she would take her time exploring and tasting all of Madison. Billy got his moneys worth, so would she.

Janice roughly pulled Madison toward her with the hand behind her back. “We’re going to make out. Come here and kiss me. Use your tongue.” She sat up straighter, anticipating Madison coming to her. “If you’re a good kisser, and I’m sure you are, we’ll enjoy ourselves a good long while, if not, I’ll teach you the proper way.” Janice enjoyed the panicked, hesitant glean in Madison’s eyes. “Come on. Get over here and kiss me. Your boyfriends future depends on your willingness.”

Madison was horrified! She never kissed a girl before! Janice held her so close that her sexual desire practically burned her skin.

“We start kissing,” Janice told Madison with an air of complete authority, “or I rip up one page of Billy’s desperately needed term paper, or maybe,” she looked down the length of Madison’s legs, “I’ll get one of my bad girl paddles and beat your butt.”

Madison licked her lips nervously. She didn’t want either option, but to kiss a stranger, a girl no less, that seemed to hold her whole future in her hands, what should she do? Janice was patient, yet anxious, and she could convince Madison on what course of action to take.

“You’ll have to the count of three. A kiss or a torn, missing page, and/or a spanking. It’ll be my choice, but first you must choose.” Janice gave Madison a sour, pinched look. While it didn’t enhance her already plain features, her expression did not lack determination or assuredness.

Madison leaned into Janice and offered her her mouth.

Janice eagerly kissed Madison. She held her tight with her hand on Madison’s back, and with her free hand she took Madison’s chin and held her still.

Janice’s mind swirled in excited lust. It was almost unbelievable! Madison tasted so sweet and her tongue was tender, almost shy in its work. Janice forced her cheerleader’s mouth open and slowly explored Madison.

Madison, in an effort to accept her situation and help Billy, shut her eyes and let her mind go. She could not think of the person she was actually kissing. The thought of a girl, a stranger, the person’s hands that her potential distant future now rested in, made Madison’s mind reel and her heart thump in fear under her breast. She couldn’t think of it. And she couldn’t, she realized, as her lips were forced opened and her tongue was forced to massage the tongue in her mouth or suffer dire consequences, think of Billy. The stupid boy sold her for a paper, a grade. He parlayed her into a chance, just a slight, meager chance at a shot in the pros, when any injury could waylay any future prospects. How could he do this! Madison shifted uneasily.

Janice just held Madison tighter. She removed her hand from Madison’s supple chin and wrapped her legs in her arm. She did not stop kissing her payment, her fee for saving the lazy footballer. Instead, she pushed harder against Madison’s lips aggressively, shoving her tongue into the cheerleader’s mouth. She kissed with relish, forcing Madison to kiss her back. Janice felt Madison relax. The girl suddenly surrendered to her plight, and Janice eased off. She once again took Madison’s chin in her hand, and slowly, leisurely began to gently tongue Madison’s lips and silky tongue. Finally she pulled her face away and stuck her tongue out. She and Madison flicked at each other’s pink, wet tongues. Janice giggled with sheer delight. Madison’s eyes were closed, but she worked diligently. She was lovely in the dim light of the back of the van.

Janice told her, “Open your eyes.”

Madison refused. She acted like she hadn’t heard Janice’s instruction.

Janice sat up straight. She encircled Madison’s out stretched legs. “Open your eyes,” she demanded, “or I’ll whip you with my riding crop.”

Madison’s eyes snapped opened. Janice looked unhappy and angry. Very angry. If there was any doubt in her mind about how serious Janice was about this whole scenario, it was instantly wiped out by the look on the term paper writer’s face. Madison was suddenly very afraid; she had better realize Billy and her tender skin were at risk here.

“Better,” Janice said, although her stern look did not lessen, “but anymore disobedience and I will put you straight over my knee, bare your bottom, and demonstrate my dominance and your submission here. As I explained earlier, every subsequent spanking you deserve, will get progressively worse until, I assure you, you will be quite regretful. If you earn four or more spankings, I will also withhold the final half of your precious Billy’s term paper. I do not tolerate willful little girls who think they have some choice with what they will or will not do. I make every decision. I make all the rules. I am in control. Do we understand each other?”

Janice looked flushed and impatient.

Madison answered humbly, her backside already feeling the sting of the whip, “Yes, I understand.”

Janice sat up proudly. “I’ve ruined college careers. If you must be bratty and obstinate, be so at Billy. He’s the lazy bastard who is failing. He’s the one that promised you to me. Basically sold you, and at a good price I might add, so behave. Make this easy on yourself.”

Madison nodded meekly. Janice was right; Billy was a lazy bastard, who took a very easy way out.

“Of course, you can leave. Billy can fail for all I care.”

Madison, blue eyes glowing in anticipation, a dirty lustful anticipation, shook her head. She would stay…but now she wasn’t sure it was for love of Billy. She was excited by Janice’s assuredness, her clarity. Madison would follow.

Janice’s face softened. She didn’t want to plow over this girl. She wanted to savor each moment she had with Madison. She wanted to be gentle and tender with her. And she wanted a lot of time. She didn’t want to waste precious ticks of the clock spent on explaining the cheerleader’s evening. Although, she thought hotly, her pussy stinging wetly, she might still spank Billy’s term paper’s ransom; that would be completely satisfying.

“Stick your tongue out. All the way. I’m going to suck your tongue. You will keep your eyes open.” Janice took Madison’s chin in her hand, and as she leaned in to suck Madison’s offered tongue she said, “When I’m done, you’ll suck mine.”

Madison’s crotch tingled guiltily. She hated the thought of having to suck Janice’s tongue, but when Janice’s suction warmly took in Madison’s tongue, it was nice. Janice was tender and slow in her work. Janice drew in her tongue and rubbed erotically with the top of her tongue on the bottom of hers. Madison kept her eyes opened as instructed, and they grew misty with desire. Madison felt her nipples begin to burn with itchy heat.

“Put your tongue away,” Janice told Madison kindly.

As Madison tucked her tongue safely away, Janice latched onto her lower lip. She sucked and pulled at the same time. When she had Madison’s bottom lip as far as she dare pull, Janice released it. She immediately gathered it back up, and moaned as she tasted Madison’s beautiful, full bottom lip.

Finished sucking Madison’s lower lip, Janice began to lightly tongue the outside of her cheerleader’s lips. To her surprise Madison suddenly parted her lips and encouraged Janice to kiss her. Janice didn’t have to be asked twice. She immediately covered Madison’s mouth with hers, and tenderly kissed. She allowed Madison to close her eyes, knowing the girl was enjoying herself. The girls kissed a long time.

Janice pulled away. “Mmm, that was nice.” She smiled at Madison.

Madison was flushed and panting in sexual heat. She couldn’t believe she had wanted Janice to kiss her. She had surprised herself by parting her lips and allowing Janice to tongue her mouth again. It had been a good kiss, so different, so sweet and patient.

“Your turn to suck my tongue,” Janice told her. “Just think of it as a cock,” she added hurriedly when she saw a flicker of distress in her pretty athlete’s face. “Think of Billy’s little pecker in your mouth.” Janice pulled Madison up with the arm she had behind her back. “Get to work, sweetie. And remember, eyes open.”

Madison, fearful of the paddles and other implements for spankings, leaned in, eyes open as instructed, and enclosed the protruding tongue with her pink lips. She tentatively sucked the wet length of Janice’s tongue. Her blue eyes darkened in anxious embarrassment as she was forced to look into her captor’s. Janice’s pale green eyes pierced Madison’s in silent encouragement, they smiled her approval. This braced Madison, gave her the knowledge that she was pleasing Janice, her superior. It also relaxed her, and she began to work and move with confidence. And as her confidence rose and she relaxed, she felt her pussy heat and burn with need, and she realized that it would not be Billy who would cool her.

Janice pulled away, satisfied. She dried her pale lips with her finger, eyeing Madison greedily.

Madison blushed sweetly when Janice looked at her so expressively, but it was the girl’s words that made her heart thump rapidly and made her squirm in her seat.

“That was very nice,” Janice praised. “I bet you give good head.” She looked down at Madison’s breasts. She stared a moment before continuing, “I bet you do a lot of things good. I’m gonna look at your titties now.”

Madison gasped, shocked!

“Sit up,” Janice ordered. She grabbed a pillow and tucked it behind Madison’s back. “Sit up straight. Lean against the van and the pillow. Very good.”

Madison was nestled against the van and the pillow. Her legs were now in front of her. Janice slid close to her, looking right at her chest. She reached forward and began to unbutton Madison’s white uniform.

Madison moved, trying to grab Janice’s hands from her blouse. Janice stopped instantly.

Without a word, Janice quickly grabbed Madison’s left arm and left knee, and flipped her onto her side. Janice wrapped her right leg around Madison’s legs, effectively pinning her. She then wrapped her left arm around Madison’s torso and free arm, holding her still. Janice had Madison’s cheerleader skirt up and her briefs down before Madison knew what was happening.

Madison struggled but realized Janice had her skillfully restrained. She knew her butt was bare and she knew what would happen next.

Janice paused a moment before she commenced with Madison’s spanking. She admired the white flesh of her captive’s bottom, the sweet, smooth skin of her perfect ass. Janice wanted to spread it open by the sexy crack and spilt it in two. Spread Madison open to gaze upon her, to look where it was special and private.

Madison fidgeted nervously, waiting for her upcoming punishment. She felt Janice apply some of her weight downward and Madison felt further trapped.

“Relax,” Janice hissed. “This is the first spanking you have earned. I’m gonna use my hand. Oh, am I ever gonna use my hand on your bad little bottom! But don’t think you’ve got it easy right now, my dear. You’re about to find out my hand can by quite punishing.”

Janice had spanked plenty of bad girls, and she had spanked plenty of good girls. She enjoyed spanking girls, and, at times, had enjoyed receiving a spanking herself, but none were as satisfying as the one she doled out on Madison. She was so caught up in taming her cheerleader, her pussy scorching her, her nipples tight and erect, her excitement in listening to her hand as it made make sharp contact with Madison’s bare bottom, watching it glow red and feeling it heat up, that she scarcely noticed Megan’s sudden burst of effort. She strengthened her hold on her strong athlete, and doubled her paddling efforts. She spanked without mercy. She stopped when she felt done.

Janice felt satiated and she felt powerful. When she cupped the scarlet red bottom in her hand, she smiled at the searing heat and the flinch Madison gave her. She had proven her point.

“I have balm I could apply to your very hot ass, my dear,” Janice told Madison, her hand remained on the pom-pom shakers warm ass, “but I will not use it for you. I am tempted to take your temperature. Rectally, of course.”

Janice paused, waiting for some sort of defiance from Madison. When none came, she pushed again, anxious to see if her girl, truly, was willing and docile now, ready to comply.

“Should I spread your butt and take a reading, my sweet?”

Nothing. Madison remained quiet and still.

Janice caressed the bottom captured in her grasp. “If I release you without further ado, will you behave?” She asked still enjoying Madison’s red, hot butt in her hand.

“Yes,” Madison whispered.

“You better mean that. Anymore swats to this bottom,” Janice gave her an affectionate pat, “would be very uncomfortable. I’m going sit you up. Once your are comfortable, you are going to unbutton your blouse and unhook your bra for me. You are going to show me your titties.”

Madison settled back against the pillow like she had been before her most dreadful spanking. Her uniform briefs were back up and her skirt smoothed back down, but her butt was very sore. Never had she felt so humbled and corrected. She didn’t have time to worry about the tears that had slid down her cheeks from Janice’s stern, determined hand; she was too busy trying not to worry about exposing her breasts to Janice. She had no time to worry what, exactly, Janice planned to do with her bare chest either. With trembling fingers, and damp cheeks, and a sore ass, she made quick work of the front of her blouse, and, sitting up briefly, unhooked her white bra.

“Stop,” Janice ordered. “I’ll do the rest.”

Janice peeled back the white shirt fabric, then, grinning happily, slowly pushed up Madison’s bra until her breasts were bared before her. She gasped in delight.

“Your titties!” Janice stared right at Madison’s perfect mounds. “Look at your titties!” She looked at Madison, who was trying to hide in plain sight. Janice looked back down at the naked chest. “Ah, your titties are so perfect, so beautiful and round.” She glanced back at Madison. “Your nipples are almost hard.” Back down her gaze went. “You little tease! You like me wanting your boobies don’t you? I’ll help you take off your top and bra.”

Madison sat up and Janice pulled off the blouse and striped off the unwanted bra. After Madison had settled back against the pillow, Janice admired the other girl’s tits.

“They’re bigger than I thought they’d be. Probably because they don’t sag. They’re so perky.” Janice noted.

She reached out and from the sides of Madison’s breasts pushed them together, then released them. She did this several times, enjoying watching as they jiggled and bounced.

“Oh, I like that,” Janice giggled. “I’m fluffing you like a pillow. A booby pillow.”

Madison groaned in embarrassment, and fidgeted in her seat. She made a move to cover herself, but Janice stopped her cold.

“Don’t you dare!” She warned. “The next spanking won’t be pleasant, and if you budge again without my consent, you will be getting one. Sit still and let me fluff you. Besides, it isn’t even really touching the titty until you touch the nipple, so knock it off. If you’d just relax, you’d enjoy this. Now, where was I? Oh, yeah,” she placed her hands against each side of Madison’s surprisingly plump breasts, “I was fluffing my booby pillow.” She began to roughly push and drop Madison’s breasts, and laughed with girlish glee.

Madison, almost too afraid to breathe, sat perfectly still. Janice’s playing with her chest was beginning to turn her on. Especially the enjoyment the other girl clearly was having manipulating her in such a manner; the admiration she had for her boobs. Madison was very pleased that Janice, her captor, had thought their size was above satisfactory.

Janice stopped her booby fluffing, and, scooting up, sat next to Madison. She leaned over and put her head on Madison’s right shoulder, and turning slightly, cupped Madison’s left breast in her right hand. She cupped it lightly and gave it a tentative squeeze, as she would do if she were in search of a ripe tomato at the grocery store. She squeezed and lifted the trapped boob in her hand, memorizing its shape and weight and texture. She then lifted it from the bottom, her palm flat, and began jiggling it rapidly. She again giggled in girlish delight. She heard Madison groan, but ignored her. Janice was too busy playing with her exquisite breast to care. She stopped jiggling Madison’s boob, and began pinching around her whole tit. She did not touch the nipple or the areola, but worked all around them. Sometimes she squeezed gently, sometimes much harder, getting a feel for the flesh and texture of the meaty mound.

Janice sighed deeply and began gently to feel up Madison’s left boob. As she massaged and squeezed, she said, “I’m not touching your nipple. No, no I’m not. And if I’m not touching the nipple, I’m not really touching your tit, now am I?” She traced a big circle all around the dark pink of Madison’s areola. She barely touched the skin, and she noticed the nipple trying to harden. “I could stop right now and you would never had been felt up by a girl. I bet that would make you happy.”

Janice stopped her light tracing around Madison’s half erect tip. She lowered her head and gazed at Madison’s right nipple. It was only inches from her thirsty lips. She knew she would pop that lovely tip into her wanting mouth; Madison wasn’t about to leave this van without a thorough breast examine. As she lowered her mouth to suckle the teat waiting for her, she reached out and grabbed Madison’s left nipple between her fingertips, and before she began to suck Madison’s right nipple, she said to her sexy cheerleader, “I’m touching your nipple,” and then vacuumed up the remaining dark nipple.

Madison gasped in surprise, her pussy springing to attention, as Janice not only pinched a nipple, but began to suck heatedly at her other. The feeling was so sudden, so simultaneous that the sound escaped her lips before she knew she was going to utter it. Encouraged by her response, she felt Janice tug harder at each tip. This time Madison’s groan was pure desire. She felt her nipples harden to sharp peeks and felt their heat; it matched the temperature of her groin. She shifted hornily.

Janice released Madison’s nipple from her mouth. “You like that, baby?”

She looked at the dark, hard tip and grew horny as she saw it glisten wetly in the dim van light. Unable to stop herself, she latched back on and sucked and nibbled Madison, not forgetting the nipple in her fingertips, until she was ready to taste Madison’s left tip.

Janice half rolled onto Madison’s chest to suckle on the left nipple. She rolled the right nipple between her fingers as she gently sucked on the left nipple. As she felt it harden under her insistent suction, she clasped the hard tip in her teeth and carefully nibbled and rolled Madison’s tender flesh between her teeth.

Finished with Madison’s right nipple for the moment, Janice returned to Madison’s left, and took it between her teeth. Back and forth she went, sucking and teasing Madison’s tender points until Madison was arching her back in hot, heavy desire toward Janice’s mouth.

Janice scooped Madison up by slipping her arm behind her, arching her back further. She sucked cruelly at the cheerleader’s nipples until she had left love marks on each tit.

Janice drew back to look at Madison’s tattooed breasts. She was pleased with what she saw.

“I left hickeys on your tits. You tell Billy I made those. You tell Billy how much you moaned and writhed in desire while I sucked your boobies.”

Janice removed the arm behind Madison’s back, and cupped both boobs in her hands. She played with Madison’s chest in the dim van light, enjoying the weight and feel of each boob. She enjoyed the dark marks she had left upon each as well. Madison seemed relaxed and enjoyed Janice playing with her, but Janice was ready to move on. Ready to enjoy Madison further, ready to enjoy the fruits of this girl’s hidden garden.

Janice slid her hands down the sides of Madison’s uniform to the waistband of her cheerleader skirt. She looked up at Madison, who was looking at her with a mixture of fear and shame, knowing where Janice would look and taste and explore next. It was a look of acknowledgement, knowing Janice had a tool or two to ensure she would do as she wanted, and Madison knew she was powerless to stop her.

“Sit up,” Janice instructed.

Madison, anxious for more, yet a bit reticent, sat up. She knew what was coming. Janice would strip her naked and taste her. She could either obey and accept her fate, or she could refuse and destroy Billy’s college scholarship. She wasn’t sure if she cared about the football scholarship anymore, but she was sure about her curiosity, and her horniness. She sat up slowly.

Janice mumbled, “Good girl,” as she reached around Madison and undid the skirt’s back button and pulled down the zipper. “Lean back,” she further instructed.

Madison, blue eyes wide and her mind on the verge of panic, leaned back against the pillow. Her chest was bare to Janice and soon she knew she would be completely naked in front of her.

“Lift up your hips,” Janice told her.

Madison did as she was told, and Janice slid off her cheerleading skirt.

Janice smiled a small, pleased smile. “Now, your panties,” she said. “Lift up and hold yourself up. I’m taking these off slowly.” And because she felt so powerful and in complete charge, she added warningly, “If you misbehave I will put you over my knee and spank your butt. I will also require you to pick out the paddle or switch I will use to spank you. You will also have to count out your strokes to me, and the you will thank me for your punishment as I slowly and thoroughly spank your bad behind. I then will put you on your knees in the corner, and destroy Billy’s paper and have you anyway. So be a good girl,” Janice added cheerfully. “Let’s not spoil this important moment. The moment I get you naked and spread your luscious legs, and finally have a peek and a taste of your girlhood. Up, up, up. There’s a good little girl.”

Madison lifted up, and held her bottom off the van’s bench seat as Janice slowly pulled down her uniform briefs. Janice took them all the way off, carefully maneuvering them over her sneakers.

“Relax,” Janice told her.

Madison settled back down, very aware of how exposed and bare she was.

Janice looked right at Madison’s crotch. “I see you are well groomed.”

In the dim light, Madison flushed red hot, embarrassed. She wanted to cross her legs and hide.

Janice grabbed a foot and began removing Madison’s footwear. She talked while she worked, “We’ll take these off. I want you completely naked. Besides,” Janice looked straight at her beautiful, sexy payment, “it hurts to have shoes on your shoulders. When I eat you, you’re feet will be up here,” she patted her shoulders, “and I want to be comfortable. I plan on eating you for a long, long time. Probably for hours.” Janice tugged off the first sneaker and sock. “I mean, I really enjoy eating girls.” She turned her attention to the second sneaker. “I truly can spend hours and hours dining on sweet, tender pussy. I bet you are so ripe and fresh. I am going to smell you, lick you, suck you, and, yes, penetrate you. You have all sorts of holes to explore, don’t you?” She laughed wickedly.

Janice tugged off the last shoe and sock. She scooched down to her knees. She was situated between Madison’s naked valley. She couldn’t see as well as she liked, but she knew it was only a matter of time before she did. For now, a teasing look was turning her on, and allowing her sex toy a chance to realize and settle into her predicament.

“I’m going to lift your legs, one at a time, and put your feet on my shoulders,” Janice told Madison, turning her head back and forth, trying to improve her view of the dark space between Madison’s legs. “Then I’m going to push your legs open. You will be spread before me, and your pussy lips will be opened. I’ll make sure they’re nice and splayed open before I tongue fuck you.”

Madison shifted uneasily. Her pussy heated up. No one had ever spoken to her like this. No one. And it made her giddy with need.

“Oh!” Janice exclaimed, fringing surprise. “Did I say tongue fuck you? How tacky of me!” She gathered up Madison’s right bare foot and kissed the bottom of it. “I guess I should have said that differently, but it does get to the point.” She put Madison’s foot on her left shoulder. “I mean,” she gathered up Madison’s left foot and lightly ran her fingers up and down the bottom of it, tickling her cheerleader, before she smothered it in kisses. As she placed it on her right shoulder, she continued, “I am so going to probe it and taste it and know it. I suppose that is technically ‘fucking’ it, but I should say it nicer, neater.” Janice placed her hands on the inside of Madison’s firm, creamy inner thighs. “Let’s get you ready to uh, hmm…eat, tongue fuck, lick, flick, suck, and probe.”

Janice pushed Madison’s legs open. Madison was used to Billy having her orally this way, but this was something else. Janice pushed her as wide as her thighs would allow. She saw Janice looking between her legs and examining her pussy. She felt her twat heat up and twitch excitedly. Madison was looking forward to being eaten, tasted, by this girl, but she couldn’t help but be very nervous and jumpy. Her knees jerked vaguely, and Janice was quick to remind her to be still and obedient.

“I have ways to restrain you and keep you spread,” Janice warned. “Keep these beautiful legs open and relaxed. I’m going to get my hard works worth of you.”

Madison felt Janice’s hands on her and felt her puckered, kissing lips on her inner thighs. Again her knees jerked together. Janice just pushed her knees down, holding her open, and continued to kiss all around Madison’s pussy until she groaned out loud, and her legs loosened into the outstanding sensation moving closer to her central love nub.

Janice, starting high on Madison’s thighs, close to the knee, slowly meandered her way down her creamy flesh. She kissed and bit lightly, using her tongue liberally, almost licking the milky skin of Madison’s wide-open legs.

Janice stopped her kissing and began to lightly stroke Madison’s thighs. She looked at her girl in the eye. She noted how dark and deep the blue in them was. Madison was horny. Ripe. Ready for plucking. Janice dragged her gaze downward, slowly soaking up the beautiful body of her naked, helpless cheerleader. Her gazed lingered a few moments on her tits. She smiled at the hickey marks, the brand, she had left. She drew pleasure from knowing Billy, the lazy stupid football player, looking at those very same marks, would mentally slap himself for allowing someone else access to his scrumptious girlfriend. His territory would be marked by some other for awhile. ‘That ought to drive him out of his mind,’ Janice thought smugly. Madison’s chest was heaving from her desire. Her nipples were pointed and sharp, in full horny alertness. Janice paused a moment longer, building the tension between them before she dropped her gaze to Madison’s bare, exposed pussy. She continued her light, titillating stroking of Madison’s inner thighs as her eyes finished their journey, and she soaked up the sight of the perfect pink pussy before her.

“Ah,” Janice sighed in grateful appreciation. She stopped stroking Madison’s smooth inner legs. “You are quite beautiful. Now, let’s see. How should I open you? Really open you? Your lips need to be spread open. You need to be picture perfect for my eating pleasure, but how to spread your pussy lips? Should I use my finger? My tongue? Oh,” Janice sighed in a breathy whisper, her eyes on Madison’s waiting pussy. “What to do?”

Madison jerked when she felt the finger on her twat. She knew it wasn’t unexpected, but she jumped anyway. Janice didn’t seem to notice, or she didn’t care, because she used her right forefinger carefully to nudge open her pussy. When she felt Janice gently blow on her, Madison knew she was open and her slit was viewable, ready for Janice’s wet tongue. Madison knew she was shockingly exposed; yet she was searing hot. She knew Janice would taste her, explore her, and she needed someone to cool her.

“Nice,” Janice whispered.

She lifted Madison’s legs up, from under the knee, off her shoulders. Madison’s feet dangling prettily near Janice’s ears. Janice smiled faintly as she leaned forward and kissed Madison’s precious clit.

Madison squealed in surprise. Her legs kicked feebly in the air. Janice adjusted her grip under her knees and kissed her bean again. And then again. And then again. And again, and again, and again, until Madison was gasping out loud in sheer delight.

Janice pushed Madison’s naked legs wider and when she went to kiss the cheerleader’s clit again, she lingered and sucked lightly at the nub captured in her mouth.

Madison’s legs jerked violently, and she bucked at the hip. Janice held her firmly and relented in her sucking, but she returned to kissing Madison’s hot button until Madison relaxed into her hands. Once relaxed, Janice sucked again. She was careful to work lightly, yet she was insistent. Madison this time had no escape. Janice lingered at her clit until Madison was panting and groaning in unbelievable heat. When Janice finally released her, she watched Madison’s pussy twitch and spurt.

Janice chuckled with delight. “Nice. Oh, that was cool! Your pussy is boiling! I think your ready for this…”

Janice flicked her tongue back and forth at the base of Madison’s slit. She felt Madison weekly try to close her legs, but Janice held her easily. Janice teased the opening until she felt the athlete’s legs relax noticeably in her hands. As Madison surrendered, Janice tucked her anxious, wet tongue into her pink heat.

Madison groaned like a collegiate whore. She felt her box clench around her captor’s tongue, and she knew Janice was tasting her wetness, measuring her pussy’s heat. She didn’t care. She slumped down against her pillow and the van’s side. She strained sexily against Janice’s support, trying to widen her legs, trying to allow the tongue penetrating her better, deeper access to her female valley.

Janice couldn’t believe how sweet Madison tasted, or how tight and hot she was. She rested Madison’s feet back on her shoulders and there was no disobedience on the cheerleader’s part. She kept her legs relaxed and her knees dropped generously. Janice was wild with happiness! She had Madison, her dream girl, panting and scorching and dripping under her touch. She pulled Madison’s twat wider with her fingers and drew her taunt. She paused a moment to look at Madison’s shinny, twitching pussy, almost disbelieving her eyes, before she got down to the very serious act of eating her prize.

Madison soaked the vans upholstery seat, and Janice’s lips and tongue. She couldn’t stop squirting her pussy juice all over. Janice lapped up all the dreamy water and skillfully had Madison produce more. Madison felt incredible, endless. She had so many orgasms she was out of breath and all but screaming in ecstasy. When she finally realized the big, final orgasm was eminent, she begged to Janice, “No, no, no.” She struggled against Janice’s shoulders.

Janice moved her hands from Madison’s vagina and put them on her thighs. She firmly yet carefully held down Madison’s knees. She knew the girl wanted to cum, wanted this big pop, but was a little scared of the feeling. Janice had had a few girls that were capable of this type of massive release, she knew how to coax it along, knew how to help them realize their sexy potential.

“Oh, God no, no,” Madison pleaded. “Oh, God, no!”

“Shh, baby,” Janice said, her hands gently forcing Madison’s legs open. “You’re so ripe right now. Time to send you.”

She kissed and sucked at Madison’s bean. When she stopped, she watched the perfect pussy clench and sputter.

“Hmm, that’s sooo sweet. Look at the way it’s twitching! Your pussy is amazing!”

Madison wiggled weakly. She was going to cum, blow, in a way that she had never done before. Cum in a way that she didn’t believe was possible. It frightened her in some way, like she wouldn’t be able to live through it, that it would be beyond her control. But it was Janice, the person who was forcing her to pay the price of her lazy boyfriend’s behavior, who helped her complete the explosive journey.

Janice was softly lapping at Madison’s clit. She could measure the readiness of the cheerleader; she wasn’t new at this, but she relished the chance to tease and postpone Madison’s climax. Janice’s body flushed hotly and her own pussy stung wetly, she loved the absolute power and control.

“You’re mine for the taking,” Janice told Madison, her tongue returning to the swollen, searing nub in front of her. “When I’m ready, I’ll finish you. You’ll pop and I’ll be right her to watch you, to help you, to hold you.”

“Please, no.” Madison pushed ineffectively against Janice’s shoulders.

“Hush silly girl. You so want this,” Janice playfully scolded. “You’re just inexperienced with this.” She tickled Madison with her tongue, and smiled when the girl squealed in delight and her pussy twitched hotly, leaking more silky cum down her cunt. “It’s time. You’re ready. I’m ready.” She kissed softly, and held her tongue against Madison. She again watched Madison’s pussy jerk in passionate, wet heat. “So ready,” and Janice moved in, and using just the very tip of her tongue, touched Madison’s clit until the cheerleader, screaming in orgasm, exploded in her mouth.

Madison didn’t care about anything except the undeniable feeling in her crotch. Billy, or any other boy, had never sent her in this way. She pushed her feet down on Janice’s shoulders and pushed her pelvis upward. She knew Janice was watching her pussy spasm and contract. She didn’t care. She wanted this girl to pleasure her more. She wanted to always know this feeling.

Janice didn’t try to hold Madison’s cunt in her mouth while she had her first real orgasm. She satisfied herself with just watching Madison jiz all over herself. But she wanted something more from her girl. She took her hands and peeled open Madison’s butt cheeks. She watched Madison’s asshole quiver along with her pussy before she placed her tongue on it, and milked out Madison’s orgasm.

Madison screamed in shock when she felt Janice lick her asshole, but she performed exactly the way she was suppose to. Janice tongued the butt bud aggressively. Madison couldn’t think about anything except the beauty of her sexual release let alone the surprise of Janice’s tongue on her rectum. She had never been touched there before. Although Billy had asked her to allow him the pleasure of fucking her asshole, she had always denied him the honor. She found the foreign tonguing to be quite nice, if not a little nasty and wicked in a good way. Janice continued the lapping at her tight swirled hole until she was completely spent.

“You like that, baby?” Janice asked still watching Madison’s pussy, still spreading Madison’s butt cheeks, casually tonguing her hole.

“Oh, yes,” Madison breathed heavily. She was becoming aware of the wetness of her pussy and her butt hole.

“You want some more?” Janice asked, releasing Madison’s bottom and looking up at her.

Madison nodded eagerly.

Janice put down Madison’s feet, saying, “Okay, but first I want you to get dressed.”

Janice watched Madison slip back into her cheerleader uniform, including shoes and socks. Janice thought she had never seen a sexier sight, especially when Madison put on her bra and uniform briefs. When the athlete was done, Janice had her get on all fours while she remained seated on the bench seat.

“Bend your elbows, Madison. Rest on your arms.”

Madison excited and curious, slowly dropped her torso downward, and rested on her arms. She realized her bottom was sticking up vulnerably and helpless at Janice. Her pussy tingled with anticipation.

Janice put her hands on either side of Madison’s hips, and gently pulled her backward, toward her. She pushed and moved the horny cheerleader away from her. She smiled wickedly.

“Your butt looks so cute covered up by your skirt,” Janice said. She dropped Madison’s hips. “I can just make out the bottom of your butt.” She smoothed down the uniform skirt. She caressed Madison awhile before she told her, as she began to lift painfully slow, the skirt up, “Let’s take a look, shall we?”

“Oh, that’s so sexy!” Janice exclaimed once the skirt was pushed all the way up, and she was left looking at Madison’s blue briefed bottom. She began rubbing the offered bottom around and around. As she caressed her cheerleader she explained, “I’m going to pull your panties down. I am going to play with your pussy and your butt hole. You will remain in the position you are in. You look so scrumptious in this position, so humble and subservient with your ass in the air, your face bent down, facing the floor. Very sexy. Very sexy indeed. But first,” Janice’s hand stopped caressing Madison’s bottom, “I want to get you wet.”

Madison felt the side of Janice’s hand slip down between her legs, rubbing her clit. Madison wiggled a little, but Janice quickly warned her, “Be still. Remain exactly as you are. If you need to move, you will ask for permission first, and if I give it, you may move, if not, you will remain as is.” Janice slid her hand between her legs again.

Madison’s pussy twitched excitedly underneath her blue uniform briefs. The side of Janice’s hand stroked again between Madison’s crotch back and forth, back and forth. Slowly, splendidly, steadily it went, back and forth, up and down. Madison groaned with desire and relaxed into her most subservient position. But she gave a squeak of surprise and her buttocks jumped when she felt Janice’s thumb on her butt hole through the fabric of her uniform briefs.

Janice smiled. “You like that, girl?” She rubbed harder at Madison’s forbidden backdoor. “You like it when I touch your butt hole? Maybe I should pull your panties down now, and really play with your hole. Play with it, look at it, taste it, poke inside it.”

Madison groaned hotly. She wanted Janice to do as she threatened. She didn’t care about anything, not Billy, not the paper, not the fact she was paying the fee for his bad ways, not the fact that it was her asshole being stimulated. She only cared about being pleasured by the girl Billy’s carelessness had placed her. She felt Janice tug down the top of her briefs, and pull them down only a partial way. Madison knew her butt hole was now exposed, but her pussy was not.

Unable to stop herself, her heart thumping loudly in her chest, Madison begged, “No. Please, no.”

“Oh, now hush,” Janice soothed. “It’s not like I haven’t already tongued you here.” She pulled open Madison’s bottom and looked at her precious spot. “Mmm, that’s nice. You’re so small and tight! Dark too like your nipples. As a matter of fact,” Janice describe cruelly, “it’s a perfect match.”

Madison shifted uneasily.

“Be still,” Janice warned. “Now, we’ll see if your butt star is as tasty as your nipples. Scoot forward.”

Madison moved, and Janice slipped down off the bench seat and sat with her legs on either side of Madison’s. Her upturned butt was right in her face. Janice laughed, delighted. The cheerleader was at the perfect height for Janice’s next pleasure.

“Oh, this is great. We’re a perfect match. I can enjoy you and your brown eye comfortably. Now, remember to stay still. I don’t want any trouble while I explore you and teach you how to love anal play. Remember you aren’t in a very safe position if I should get cross at you and need to spank you.”

Janice tongued and tickled Madison’s chute until Madison’s pussy was blazing with shameful heat. She heated up to an incredible degree, and shocking the cheerleader she had an orgasm. It was small, but it was there nevertheless.

“You do like that, don’t you?” Janice asked, laughing. She flicked again at the puckered circle sticking up in her face, stopped, and watched as Madison’s hole told the story of her horniness. “You dirty girl,” Janice praised. “You dirty, dirty bitch.”

Janice returned to Madison’s crack hole and made her cum a few more times, before, while tonguing Madison’s dark hole, she pulled the briefs down further and uncovered the juicy pussy beneath the cotton material.

Janice pulled back and had a good, long look at the view of Madison’s naked, obedient backside. Her pussy and rectum were beautiful in the dim light. Both look silky wet and patiently expectant. Janice placed both hands on Madison’s butt cheeks and leaned forward and began to eat.

Madison tried to stay put, but Janice’s determined tongued drove her crazy! It was everywhere! First at her clit, then at her asshole, then back again, then up her pussy. Janice held her bottom so lightly, barely holding her that Madison groaned in frustration. She wanted to be held wide open, stretched for better access, but Janice denied her.

“I want to move!” Madison cried out in desperate need.

Janice stopped her tonguing and told her, “No.”

Madison whined in submission, “Please!”


Janice lapped at the swollen clit from behind. She worked upward and jiggled her tongue into Madison’s sweet cunt, moving still upward she quickly tongue-flicked Madison’s asshole. Then she moved downward again, working slowly.

Madison was panting like a dorm room slut before she gasped again, pleading to Janice, “I need to move!”

“Ask politely.”

“Please, Janice, may I move?”


Madison came. Her pussy was dripping cum all over Janice and her own thighs. She groaned helplessly.

“Try again,” Janice teased her tongued working overtime.

“Please, please, ma’am. I need to move. Please!”


Madison screamed in frustration, and Janice laughed heartily. She slapped Madison’s right butt cheek and Madison screamed again. Janice watched her butt hole and pussy twitch; she slapped the left butt cheek. She pseudo-spanked Madison until the girl was positively in need of Janice and her skilled tongue on her again. Janice returned to her fine pussy/asshole dining with renewed vigor. It wasn’t long before Madison was begging her once more.

“Please, ma’am, may I move?”

“Yes. Show me what you want.”

Madison, relieved and happy, spread her knees wide, but kept her hips up so Janice had perfect access to her.

“Nice,” Janice muttered, and set to work again.

Madison was wild with ecstasy. She was so into the feeling in her crotch that when Janice slipped two fingers up her cunt, she screamed in orgasm.

Janice felt Madison’s climax on her fingers. The girl’s pussy tightened around her and Madison bore down until she finally clenched and loosened, clenched and loosened around her two digits. Janice finger banged Madison until Madison was cumming on command and sopping wet.

“Come on, come on,” Janice commanded. “Cum all over my fingers. There’s a good girl. And again. Come on, come on. Cum for me. There’s a good, good girl.”

Madison obeyed every command to cum, and moaned nonstop. She felt her twat hug Janice’s fingers and the words Janice spoke to her helped send her endlessly.

“Come on, girl,” Janice ordered her. “Fuck my fingers.”

Madison instantly began rocking back and forth, Janice’s fingers fucking away at her. She moved and moved, gyrating wildly, and panted like a cheerleading whore.

“That’s right! Fuck my fingers. Fuck’em good. That’s right. That’s right. Come on, move your ass.” Janice watched and finger banged her captive. She shoved her digits up the wet pussy, telling Madison, “You’ve got two in the pink.” Madison groaned cheapishly. “That’s two in the pink, now here’s one in the stink.”

Madison felt one of Janice’s fingers, probably the left forefinger Madison managed to think, enter her butt hole. It wasn’t an all together unpleasant feeling, but it felt surprisingly big and long.

“Oh, God,” Madison groaned helplessly.

She felt her chute tighten around the finger. She wiggled her ass happily.

“That’s right. Fuck those fingers.”

Madison moved urgently, cumming again and again. Janice moved the finger in her butt hole in and out. “I’ve never had anything up my butt before,” Madison confessed.

“I know, baby, keep moving. You’re doing fine.”

Madison moved in rhythm with all of Janice’s fingers. “Oh, my butt. My butt,” she exclaimed unable to hide her horny desire. “Oh my, God. You’re in my butt.”

Janice’s pussy ignited to life. Madison talking about her butt hole finger banging was hot! She couldn’t believe this sweet looking cheerleader was such a dirty talker!

“You like that up your butt, Madison? Here try this.” Janice pushed two fingers up the dark chute.

Madison screamed and moved faster and harder against Janice’s finger reaming.

Janice, curious, asked, “How’s your butt now, baby?”

“Full. Tight. Oh, my God,” Madison whined. “My butt. My butt. My butt.”

Madison’s pussy exploded. Janice’s fingers were held captive inside her pussy and chute until Madison’s climax was over. Madison’s whole groin spasmed around her fingers, and Janice gently wiggled her digits up Madison’s tight wet heat, coaxing out her pleasure.

When Madison was spent, Janice had her lay flat out on her stomach on the van floor. She spread her butt and introduced a small tapered vibrator up Madison’s asshole.

Madison whined and wiggled against the plastic intrusion, yet she was too weak to prevent Janice from having her way. She felt Janice lean over the small of her back, facing away from her, resting on her left arm. Janice held the vibrator in her butt as she made herself comfortable. Madison didn’t like the toy up her, but knew she was helpless to stop Janice. When Janice turned on the device, Madison’s butt hole buzzed softly. The feeling was titillating. She whimpered in desire, and wiggle under its soft tingling.

Janice buzzed Madison’s virginal hole for awhile before she began to masturbate her butt hole. She turned the power up and tickled Madison harder. She moved the sex toy in and out. She had lubed it up generously, knowing Madison was new to anal fun, and it moved easily. She increased her rhythm, as Madison’s response became more urgent and robust. She held Madison open with one hand and toy fucked her with the other. She leaned heavily against her cheerleader so she was unable to stop her anal training, and enjoyed watching Madison chute yield to the plastic. She especially enjoyed watching Madison get revved up.

“Spread your legs, Madison. Good girl. Now lift up your butt. Lift up so you can be penetrated deeper up your butt. That’s right. That’s a good girl. Now move your ass. That’s right. Nice small movements. Fuck that vibrator. Fuck that plastic in your butt. Oh, yeah! That’s a good, good girl.”

Madison was working determinedly. She liked the feeling in her ass. She wanted it deeper, bigger, harder. She groaned in frustration.

Janice obliged Madison by removing the vibrator she was using from her butt hole, and quickly lubed up another toy from her arsenal from a drawer underneath the van’s bench seat. She settled back down and said, “Put your butt back up, baby. I have a nice surprise for you.”

Madison lifted her bottom upward. She couldn’t lift up very far, but it was enough for Janice to hold one butt cheek to her side, and finding the under used rectum, put her new toy up Madison. The squeal she subsequently heard was cause for enjoyment. Smiling, she stuffed the whole shaft up the athlete’s butt canal.

“Keep that butt up,” Janice warned when Madison, trying to escape the discomfort, lowered herself. “That’s right, keep up here so I can teach you. You’re butt needs training.”

Madison soon accepted the toy up her butt, and writhed in ecstasy as she was butt banged by Janice and her newest, bigger anal tool. She surprised herself by having a few small orgasms as Janice watched her swirled hole twitch excitedly around the plastic toy. She held her butt up proudly and her pussy dripped hotly, all for Janice; the girl who was training her, enjoying her, claiming her.

Janice finally pulled out the anal toy, and had Madison sit up. They sat facing each other. Madison’s legs were over Janice’s, thigh over thigh, and they were inches apart. Janice had taken off Madison’s briefs and skirt, and was now unbuttoning her blouse and pushing that off. Next, she unhooked her bra and took that off. Madison was soon naked, clothed only in her sneakers and socks. Janice remained fully clothed; it proved she was in charge and superior to Billy’s girlfriend.

Janice reached forward, and gathered up Madison’s blonde hair in her hands. She pulled her hair up. She looked at the beautiful girl that was beyond her wildest sexual fantasy. Madison was lovely and firm and sexy. She pulled Madison to her mouth by her gathered hair.

The girls kissed a long time. Janice was in no hurry, and Madison was so hot and horny that she didn’t want it to end. Janice held Madison still by the hair. She didn’t have to grasp forcefully, Madison willingly allowed herself to kiss and be kissed.

Janice dropped her hands from the cheerleader’s hair and cupped her breasts. Still kissing Madison, their tongues dancing against each other’s. Janice squeezed and groped Madison’s chest. She rolled the nipples between her fingertips, and felt as each tip shrunk to hard pointy points. Finally, she stopped kissing Madison, and watched as she manipulated the boobs that she held captive. She slowly lowered her gaze to Madison’s crotch.

“I have something for that,” Janice told Madison, eyes locked onto her pussy. “Something I think you’ll like.”

Janice reached to her side and picked up a vibrator. It was shaped like a penis, it was modest in size and had a head, except that it was blue and that it ran on batteries. Janice turned on the vibrator, and starting at Madison’s clit rubbed it up and down the glistening slit spread in front of her.

Madison gasped and tried to close her legs, but the position she was in, her thighs over the top of Janice’s, she was held open effortlessly.

Janice chuckled, “There’s no escape, my dear. Now, sit still and let me play with you. As a matter of fact,” she added, “put your arms behind you and lean back. The same rules apply as before. No movement unless you ask for permission from me. Go on, lean back. And no budging.”

Madison put her hands behind her and leaned away from Janice. She noticed her legs spread further apart. And when Janice lifted her own legs, bending upward at the knee, Madison’s feet dangled off the van’s carpeting, and her legs were held up and wide. Madison knew her cunny was tipped upward, waiting, available to Janice and the sex toy.

Janice surveyed Madison’s V-shaped valley. She looked at the cheerleader’s spread legs, and the way they were held up and open by her own.

“Oh, that’s nice.” Janice licked her lips, thirsty for another drink of Madison’s girl water. “I should make you sit on my face,” she told her beauty. “Make you surrender your pussy to me. Make you sit perfectly still while I eat you.” She turned on the blue vibrator and began to pleasure the outside of Madison’s private butterfly. “Make you cum on me. Spank your ass too. Make you spurt while I paddle you.”

Madison whimpered in desire. She pushed her pelvis forward, her suspended legs baring down, trying to push forward. Her twat was hot and needy. She could feel the dildo entering her, and she was desperate for Janice to truly penetrate her heat.

Janice laughed. The cheerleader was so hot and horny!

“Your legs look good held open by mine. You look like you’re in doctor’s stirrups. Maybe I should give you an examine? Should we play doctor? Should I probe you? Make sure you’re healthy and functioning normally.”

Madison groaned and tried to force her legs wider. Her slit was scorching and she needed relief.

“Sit still! Or I’ll spank your inner thighs with a switch,” Janice warned. “Then I’ll spank your pink pussy. Spank your pussy while my fingers are up your butt hole.” Janice spread her legs wider therefore spreading Madison wider. “Better?” She demanded.

Madison felt her wet lips spilt open. “Yes,” she whispered.

“Good,” Janice said. “Now, let’s get you good and fucked.”

Janice popped the head of the dildo in Madison’s waiting, desperate pussy. She turned up the vibration, and slowly pulled the head out, only to replace it gently. In and out she popped the tip of the toy in Madison. She gave only the head, twisting back and forth once she had it inside Madison’s cunt. Pop. Pop. Pop, she went, cranking up the desire in Madison.

When Madison was moaning nonstop, she asked, “You like that, baby? You want more? Do you want the whole shaft up you?”

“Oh, yes. Yes!” Madison begged immediately.


Madison kicked her feet in frustrated need.

Janice laughed cruelly, “Sit still. No wiggling allowed unless you have been given permission. And I haven’t given permission. I think someone needs a spanking. Right over my knee, I think. Paddle that bottom. Make you remember you place.”

Madison squealed and climaxed.

Janice watched the pink pussy twitch excitedly. She smiled, telling her horny cheerleader, “Oh, that’s a good horny bitch.”

She pushed the whole dildo up Madison’s pussy and watched her cum again.

By the time Janice was finished with Madison and using the vibrating dildo on her, the two girls were sitting, still face to face, Madison’s legs still spread over the top of Janice’s thighs, so close together that the dildo was held in Janice’s crotch and was completely buried up Madison’s cunt. The girls were kissing passionately, Madison being coaxed to express her love for Janice, and how she would always be Janice’s dirty whore, hers for the taking whenever the mood struck her. Janice’s own pussy burned in nasty desire. She would need to attend to her own sexual release later when she was alone, and could remember the feel and taste and smell of Madison.

At the end of the session, Janice told Madison, “Fuck my dildo.” She put the vibrator onto its highest setting. “Come on, bitch. Fuck my cock.”

Madison once again leaned back on her hands, her arms locked, and since this time her feet were on the ground and she had permission to move, she lifted her bottom up and began rocking back and forth, fucking the dildo Janice offered her. She looked directly at her captor, now her best lover, and fucked herself into oblivion.

When Madison was pounding her pussy back and forth on the sex toy, Janice asked, “You gonna cum for me?”

“Oh, yes. Oh, yes,” Madison panted. “Oh, God yes!”

Janice began rotating the dildo back and forth, watching Madison’s pink opening wet the plastic. “Come on, girl. Fuck my dildo.”

Madison moved urgently, trying to shove the toy further up her. When Janice pulled back only allowing her to have the head, Madison whimpered weakly. She wanted it all!

Janice looked up at the cheerleader. “Tell me you love me.”

“I love you.”

“Tell me again. Tell me again and again.” She kept the dildo away, just out of reach.

Madison, mad with desire, struggling in lust, screamed, “I love you! I love you! I love you!”

Satisfied, Janice fed Madison’s cunt the whole shaft, and while Madison exploded in climax she kept telling Janice, “I love you. I love you. Oh, God. Oh, God, I’m cumming for you.”

Janice smiled and watched as her girl jerked and twitched for her. When Madison finally settled down, she kept the vibrator up her. It was on a low setting, but it milked out Madison’s orgasm. She had the cheerleader sit back up, keeping the sex toy up her, and they began to kiss each other hungrily.

Madison kept whimpering as her pussy continued to spasm on the buzzing toy. She couldn’t stop. She couldn’t get enough of Janice. She begged to see her again.

The hour was late when Janice called Billy, and handed over his sexy girlfriend and the final portion of his school paper. He had one more paper waiting for him, if he should need it, and Janice knew he would, but none of that mattered. She was seeing Madison again later that week at her place, and she had big plans for her naughty cheerleader.

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