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School of Life

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The sound of the bell ringing after third period was a reminder for the four girls to hang back and get their favorite teacher to sign their academic reports so the volleyball coach knew they were okay to play. Letting the other three go before her, she waved as they headed off to fourth period as she held the page out to the teacher. He was, hands down, the hottest teacher on campus, all the students thought so.

He had thick sandy hair that he had let grow down to barely brush his collar and the most beautiful blue eyes she had ever seen on a guy. He also towered above her though that wasn’t too difficult seeing as she was only five foot three.

“Here you go, Mr. B.”

“I can’t sign that, Mya. With that last test and a few assignments that you didn’t make up, you’ve dropped down to a seventy percent.”

“But Mr. B, this is our final game. We have a chance to go to State, there’s even gonna be scouts there, I have to play. Can I come back after school to make up the assignments? Maybe even retake the test?”

He looked down into those sky blue pools of sapphire and thought about it for a moment before nodding. “I don’t normally do this but your usually my best student, so yes. I have to stay late anyways.”

“Oh! Thank you so much! I really appreciate it, Mr. B!”

“You’re welcome. Now go, before your late to your next class.”

Tucking the page back into her binder, she did just that and ended up making it just a few seconds before the bell rang again.


With only a few minutes left to spare in the last class of the day, she scribbled her homework down into her day planner and went to collect her academic report from the teacher since Mrs. Walters preferred to have the entire period to fill them out, especially since she had seven in that class period alone. Thanking her, Mya went back to her desk in the back and slid the piece of paper into her day planner before settling her text book and binder in her messenger bag with the rest of her things. Once the bell sounded, she hung back and waited for Ember and Claire before all three girls headed out into the crowded corridor.

“Who’s up for smoothies and a study session at Casa Fidatov?”

“Count me in.” That was Claire.

“I’ll meet you guys there; I have some stuff to make up in Mr. B’s class so I can play tomorrow.”

“Okay, chickie-baby. Text me when you leave here. I’ll get you a smoothie and keep it iced for you.”

“Thanks Emmy. I’ll call you, drive safe girls.”

Waving them off, she stopped at her locker and grabbed her Law Studies book and closed the door, locking it back up when she was done. Heading back to the other side of the campus, she stopped and talked with a few people along the way before finally reaching the English teacher’s classroom. Knocking, she opened the door and peeked in, smiling when he looked up from whatever he was doing on the computer. Closing the door behind her, she moved to stand in front of his desk as she greeted him.

“Hi, Mr. B.”

“I was beginning to think you had changed your mind or had forgotten.”

“Course not! I don’t go back on my word.”

“Neither do I. Here are the assignments and here’s the test. Its open notes but not open book.”

“Gotcha. Thanks again, I really appreciate it.”

“You’re welcome, Mya.”

Turning, she chose a seat in the front and sat down to start on all the work. It was all so easy she honestly didn’t know how (or why) she hadn’t done the work or how she did so poorly on the test. Consulting her notes only to check her answers on the test, she watched him work for a few minutes, admiring the way his long, unadorned fingers flew across the keyboard. As she stared at him an idea began to take form in her mind even though she doubted that it would work. Taking a pad of red sticky notes from the front pocket of her bag, she wrote a few words down and stuck it to the middle of the front page of the test which she put on the bottom of the stack of papers. Standing, she shouldered her bag and went to his desk, moving to the opening beside his chair to put them beside his keyboard more easily. What happened next was not at all planned but it ended up working; in whose benefit, you ask? See for yourself.

Stumbling over her bag as it lost its place on her shoulder and fell to the floor in front of her while she was in the middle of taking a step; she hit her knees just as he spun around in his chair. That alone isn’t bad, right? Right. But when paired with the momentum pushing her forward, she ended up face planting none-too-gracefully into his lap. Gasping in mortification at first, she began to apologize profusely before she realized that his lap wasn’t exactly appropriate for the school environment. His slacks were tented, straining over the large bulge of his erection. For a moment, she was frozen but then the part of her that secretly wanted him kicked in, the built up lust for her teacher overriding the lack of confidence and rational thinking.

“Here, Mr. B. Let me help you, you look a little…stressed.” She glanced up at him as she unbuttoned his pants and pulled the zipper down to reveal another layer of dark blue fabric. Quickly pulling the length of his shaft out from beneath the extra layer of material, she pulled the chair back to her when he rolled it away in an effort to stop her.

“Mya, stop it. Stop this right nnn…ow…” He trailed off as the seemingly scalding heat of her mouth closed over the head of him, her little hands wrapping around the base of his cock and his heavy balls, respectively. He knew in the logical side of his brain that he needed to stop her, that what they were doing was against the school policy, not to mention the law but the part of him that had wanted to see her bent over his desk as she screamed for him to fuck her harder made him grip the curved ends of the chair arms hard enough for his knuckles to turn white. He rarely thought of his students in that light but from the first day of school she had caught his eye, it was impossible not to be attracted to her, in his opinion. It was one of the reasons she was his favorite student though she was also quite smart and very polite and nice to talk to. She was someone that he’d ask out, if he wasn’t her teacher and she wasn’t his student, but then again…it didn’t matter anymore, considering his current situation. Deciding to give in, he thrust a hand into the thick mane of silver-blonde tresses and curled them around his fingers as she twisted her hand around the much wider base of his shaft as she stroked what she didn’t bury behind her lips.

Moving to press her lithe body between his thighs, she bowed her head over him, working her mouth over the first few inches of him continuously. Rolling the width of her tongue against the underside of his shaft, she teased the very underside of his head every few moments, pausing to torture and tease his rigid flesh as she rolled and massaged his balls in her free hand even as the other squeezed him rhythmically, perfectly in sync with the downward thrusts of her mouth upon him. Moaning around him, the sound vibrated her mouth around his heated flesh, her lips pressing tighter against the ridge of his head as she suckled him as if he were her favorite flavored lollipop. Tilting her head just right, she looked up at him with fierce blue eyes of her own and removed her hand from him as she slowly began to take more of him behind those plump lips of hers, both of his hands now fisted in the thick mass of her silky hair as he watched her, his face a mask of uninhibited pleasure that he hadn’t donned in over two years.

This went on for what felt like forever even though it was the quickest orgasm anybody had ever given him. The pressure of her mouth around him had been almost too much to bear but when she looked up at him, winked and then plunged the remaining few inches of his shaft into her mouth, he lost it. The feeling of her throat enclosing the end of his cock and working around him as she swallowed sent him flying over the edge into a level of oblivion that no one else had managed to take him to in his twenty-five years of life; and to think, he went there at the hands (or rather, mouth) of one of his students. Slumping back in his chair, his hands clenched and relaxed in her hair a few times before he gently took them from its thickness and released her.

Watching his expressions as his orgasm ripped through him, she made sure to swallow every drop he shot into the depths of her throat and slowly pulled off of his cock, gingerly removing him from her mouth as she realized how sensitive he’d be now. Tucking him back inside the confines of his boxers, she fastened his trousers once more and stood as she wiped the smeared lip-gloss from her lips with the tips of her fingers. Grinning wickedly, she straightened her top and picked her bag up as she gestured to the pile of finished work that had landed on his desk haphazardly.

“Have a nice night, Mr. B…and thanks again. You’re awesome.” Blowing him a kiss, she winked and left the classroom, breaking into a run when she reached the halfway mark of the hallway. Once she was outside she slowed to a walk and ran a hand through her hair, the realization of what she had just done slowly sinking in as she headed out to the parking lot and her car. Digging her keys out of her bag, she tossed the latter into the passenger seat and pulled her phone out of her pocket as she settled in behind the wheel. Calling Ember, she told her she was on the way to her place and that she would be there soon. Normally she would tell Ember everything, the girl was her very best friend who knew all of her secrets, but for some reason Mya wanted to keep this to herself.


Alek had only been a teacher for a year and a half but even in that short amount of time he never once lusted after one of his students. Not until the beginning of this year when he first set eyes on Mya. She had chosen a seat right up front which was weird since usually the popular kids tried to get away with sitting in the back right out of the gate. And believe me, she was popular, he could tell. She knew everyone in the class, even the people who weren’t exactly under the ‘popular’ category and talked to each of them as they all settled in before the late belt rang. That’s what made him like her as a person, she wasn’t judgmental and she was nice to everyone no matter what, which was a huge plus for him. At the end of the day though, he kept chalking it up to some sort of crush, at the very least, and figured nothing would ever come from it. Maybe he’d get the guts to ask her out after she graduated, but that was still four months away.

Now though, he couldn’t deny that there was something between them. She wasn’t the type to do that sort of thing just to get a good grade in his class. In fact, when he had recovered and checked her work it was all correct and she had only missed one question on the test. When he’d discovered her little note he had grinned, folded it up and tucked it into his wallet and finished grading her assignments before putting the grades into his computer. Before he left, he shot the volleyball coach an email explaining the grade situation and that he’d sign Mya’s paper tomorrow morning and have it on her desk by lunch and then closed his computer down.

Once he was home he ate a quick dinner and settled in behind his computer, absently scrolling through Facebook and chatting with friends until it began to get a little later. Opening a private tab, he navigated to his favorite porn site and looked through all the different categories before choosing the one that would best fit his present hunger. Fishing his shaft out of the depths of his jockey shorts, he ran his fingertips over its slowly hardening length as the video began to play. Watching the young blonde flirt with her teacher, he sat back in his chair and enjoyed himself, stroking the thick length of his cock as he got deeper into the mini-movie.

Every time the camera showed the young woman’s face, he replaced it with Mya’s, imagining what she’d look like in the throes of passion as he bent her over the edge of his desk and fucked her tight cunt like a man possessed. Eventually the fantasy became too much and as the girl on the screen screamed her orgasm, he groaned huskily and shot a few thick ropes of spunk over his abdomen, the last few dribbling over his hand as it came to a close. Breathing raggedly, he reached into his desk drawer and pulled out a few tissues from the box hidden in the dark depths and wiped the sticky residue from his hand before balling the saturated paper up into a ball and tossing it in the garbage can under his desk. Shutting his computer down, he lumbered down the hallway to his room and stepped into the bathroom to clean himself off before falling into bed to dream of the one thing he hungered for the most now. Mya.


The next morning when she woke up, she found herself smiling to herself as she stretched beneath the comfortable heat of her bedspread. Pushing her hair back from her face, she rolled to the edge of the bed and sat up, the hardwood floor cold against the soles of her feet. Touching them down a second time, she stood and moved to her closet to flip through all her clothes to find something to wear. Settling on a red camisole with lace at the edges, she pulled it off the hanger and took a three quarter sleeved blazer from another hanger and laid them both on the end of her bed. Moving to her dresser, she sifted through her skirts and settled on a plain black, pleated skirt before tossing it to join the rest of her outfit. Opening the top drawer, she pulled a bra on as well as a matching set of satin panties.

She had a plan and she wasn’t going to let anyone or anything spoil it.


The first two classes of the day passed her by without any issues and when the bell rang to let them out of homeroom, she ducked into the bathroom before heading to Mr. B’s class room. Grinning, she took up her seat in the front row and settled in, smoothing her skirt down as she crossed her legs at the knees. As the rest of the class came in and sat down around her, she chatted idly with a few friends before the late bell rang. Getting her text book out, she laid her notebook on top of it and flipped to the next blank page, her fingers twirling her pen between them as Mr. B started to teach.

Smiling whenever his gaze landed on her, she jotted down notes and twirled a strand of her hair around a slim finger. When he assigned them a page to do in the textbook, she watched him for a moment as he sat down in his chair behind his desk, his eyes glancing at her as she uncrossed her legs, paused and then crossed them again. His surprise was awaiting him between those silky, toned thighs her skirt hiding her secrets from the other students to either side of her. Winking at him, she turned her gaze to her work and focused on it, making sure to occasionally change the positioning of her skirt that way he could catch glimpses of the smooth, damp flesh at the apex of her thighs.

The next time he began speaking, after everyone was finished with the first dose of class work, she noticed he opted to stay seated which could only mean one thing. He’d have to be blind to not get turned on by the sight of her hairless slit glistening with her juices as she replayed the previous afternoon’s encounter in her mind over and over again. The rest of the class period seemed to fly by on the wings of a sparrow, the bell ringing after what felt like only five minutes. Scribbling her homework down, she paused in her seat as Mr. B asked her to hang back for a moment. Standing only when the last student left, she flattened her skirt and stood in front of his desk with a subtle smile.

“Yes, Mr. B?”

“You’re back up to a high B, almost an A after all the make-ups yesterday, so I can sign your report now. Also,” he lowered his voice before continuing, “I’d appreciate it if you would wear undergarments in my class from now on.”

“That’s awesome; thanks for letting me bring my grade back up. I’m sorry; they got snagged on a locker when I was changing for gym. It won’t happen again.” She handed over the report and watched him sign it before placing it back in her day planner once more.

“You’re welcome, here’s a pass since you probably won’t make it to your next class without being late.”

“You’re giving me a lot to say thanks over, Mr. B. Hey, don’t you drive a black Beamer?” She paused at the door and looked back at him as she asked, grateful that fourth period was his planning period.

“Yes, why?”

“Oh, I was just wondering who I parked next to this morning, is all.” Waving, she left and headed to her next class after stopping by the bathroom to don her panties once more.


“Tuomi! Don’t scare me like that again. I didn’t know if you’d be playing tonight.”

“Sorry, coach. I fixed it all though so no worries.”

“Right. You know the plays, inform the girls.”

Nodding, she turned and headed out onto the court after the rest of her team. Pulling them into a huddle, she passed on the desired plays and told Kendra and Janine to work extra hard on their spikes. “They’re front line is weak, I remember those girls from last year. Chances are they didn’t get any better, so focus on them, even when they rotate. Mares on three; one, two, three!”

A chorus of the word rang out as the crowd cheered a greeting, the girls on both teams spreading out to defend their territory. Since they had won the coin toss earlier, they were the ones to kick the game off and Angela didn’t disappoint. Within the first three minutes the score was six to zero all because Angie kept changing the direction she was aiming her serves. The other team kept missing until the seventh serve where they finally began to get into the swing of things and were able to volley it back over the net to them.

Over the course of the game she kept checking the crowd between volley sets before the ball was served but she never saw the one face she really wanted to see. He was there, of course, he went to all the games, but this time he stayed where she wouldn’t be able to see him. He liked the way she worked with her teammates; she made them look good while at the same time doing the same for herself. He had no doubt the scouts would all be jockeying for her name on their respective schools’ rosters; she was that good.

Breaking away from the side of the bleachers where he had been standing, he pulled his wallet out of his back pocket and dug the folded piece of red paper out of its depths. “Call for a good time.” It read and it had a number scribbled neatly below it in cute little bubble-letters. Dialing the number, he replaced the scrap of paper in his wallet and re-pocketed it.

“Meet me at 4630 Lane-berg Avenue. Look for the red notes.” Hanging up after delivering the message, he smiled to himself and left the school. Pointing the nose of his car towards town, he began to plan the rest of the night in his mind.


Once the game was finished and they shook hands with the other team, the celebrations began. She was just about to disappear into the locker room with the rest of the girls when the coach approached her.

“I have four business cards for you. They were impressed; by you and a few others. Congratulations.”

“Thanks coach, I’ll be sure to give them a call on Monday during business hours.”

“Sounds good, now go celebrate, you girls deserve to have some fun.”

Heading into the locker room, she grinned as the music blared as soon as she opened the door. Going to her locker, she changed out of her uniform and into her regular clothes, turning as Em nudged her.

“We’re going out for pizza, you in Captain?”

Checking her phone, she saw the voice mail icon and checked her missed calls log. When she didn’t recognize the number, she held up a finger to Em and accessed her voice mail, listening to the short message before saving it and looking to Em. “Mom and dad left a little early and they want me to meet them at home so we can go to dinner and celebrate. Sorry chickie-poo.”

“It’s cool, tell Mr. and Mrs. T that I said hi. Drive safe.”

Shouldering her bags, she headed out to her car and got in, throwing the bags into the passenger seat haphazardly as she listened to the message again. Repeating the address to herself a few times, she accessed her GPS and plugged it into the program before pulling out of the parking lot. Turning the radio up, she sang along with a few songs that came on as she drove; the butterflies beginning to roil and riot within her stomach the closer she got to her destination. She began to realize it wasn’t a house or apartment as she got into the main part of the city, so when she pulled into the parking lot of a motel she wasn’t taken completely by surprise. Scanning the cars in the lot, she pulled in and parked beside his when she spotted it. Looking over, she saw a red sticky note stuck to the driver’s side window but she couldn’t read it from where she was so she grabbed her purse and got out, locking the Jeep as she rounded the front end to approach his car. Pulling the note from its home on the window, she smiled faintly at the words that clung to it.

“Remember, look for red.”

Looking around her, she studied the building quietly and finally spotted another splash of red against the white of the wall. Walking over to it, she took it down off the wall and stuck it to the back of the first one after noting the direction the arrow was pointing. Starting off in that direction, she came upon another note stuck to the wall beside the stairwell; this time with the arrow pointing up the stairs. Once more, the newest addition was stuck to the back of the one before it and she continued following the little red trail markers until she reached the last door on the second floor. Taking down the final note, she read it twice as the butterflies grew stronger as they pummeled the inside of her stomach.

“Be my dirty little secret.”

Tucking it in the back of the sticky notes, she ran a hand through her tousled blonde locks and twisted the door knob. Pushing the door open slowly, she peered inside and reached in to flip the light on before going inside. Looking around, she spotted yet another note lying on the dark, hunter green bedspread at the foot of the queen sized bed. Smirking when she read it, she fought not to turn around as the light went out once more. Standing still just as his note instructed her to, she dropped her bag on the floor by the end of the bed after putting the stack of notes within its shallow depths.

Feeling his arms wrap around her from behind, she stifled a gasp and leaned back into the strength of his embrace. Tilting her head to present him with the taunt skin of her throat for his tasting pleasure, a light moan escaped as his lips found her pulse point. The feel of his lips brushing back and forth across the soft skin of a sweet spot made her press back into him a little more, her hips arching back and grinding into his which succeeded in yanking a faint groan from within the barrel of his chest.

“Mr. B…” Her hands dropped to rest atop his on the wide flares of her hips, her fingers settling into the spaces between his perfectly.


“Mmm Aleksandr…please.” Her voice was soft, husky with desire and ragged with the tint of lust and hunger. Now that she was here, in his arms in the darkness of a motel room where no one else could see them, she felt like she could be herself and show him just how much she did want him.

“Please what Mya?” He wanted her to say it, to tell him exactly what she wanted even though the way her body spoke silently to his was clear enough that he already knew the answer to his question. Twisting her around to face him, he cupped the back of her neck with a firm hand while the other gently caressed her cheek. Staring down into her fierce, sapphire eyes, he dipped his head down as if he was going to kiss her but kept his lips a breaths length away from hers. Whispering huskily against those slightly parted, sweetly plumped lips, he smirked just a little.

“Use your words, Mya.”

She blushed heavily, almost as red as the sticky notes, before stepping in as close to him as she could physically get. Only their clothes separated them now, which made her silently curse the layers of fabric vehemently. Looking up at him, she stared into his sky blue hues and licked her suddenly dry lips before speaking. “I want you to strip me down slowly, pausing at every inch of skin you reveal to warm it with a kiss. I want you to let me explore your body as you do the same to mine, I want to taste your skin upon my tongue because it’s a taste that I don’t think I’ll be able to get enough of.”

She paused as he began to undress her, pushing the blazer from her shoulders slowly and following the edge of the thick fabric with his lips, doing just what she wanted. Offering a soft moan, she cradled the back of his head and held still as his kisses rained down upon her newly exposed skin until once more they were hovering over hers, the blazer having long since taken up residence on the floor behind her feet.

“And is that all you want?”

She shook her head, trembling faintly as his words washed over her. Beginning to speak once again, he began the task of removing her camisole, kneeling down before her to kiss her silky skin as he revealed it to the cool air. “I want you, Aleksandr. I want all that you’ll give me and I want to give you everything that I can give you in return. I want you to be able to look back on this moment and not regret it.” She looked down at him as he paused and tossed his gaze up to search her eyes.

“The only way I’d regret it is if you don’t enjoy it as much as you possibly can.” Standing, he finished stripping the soft material of her camisole off and tossed it away from them; neither of them caring about where it landed. Brushing the pads of his fingers over the swell of her breasts, he leaned down and graced her supple skin with gentle kisses that led into the shallow ravine of her cleavage. The sweet little moans that escaped past those luscious lips of hers were like the most angelic music that had ever graced his ears.

Now that she was practically half-naked, she began to undress him just as he had her. Kneeling, she pushed her hands up beneath the edge of his t-shirt and as it lifted, she anointed his muscle-ridden abdomen with light-as-air kisses. Hearing his sharp intake of breath, she glanced up to meet his eyes and smiled; the expression a cross between naughty and nice. With every few inches of skin she revealed, she stood a little more, working her way higher until she was able to strip the shirt off his wide shoulders with a faint whimper of hunger. She hadn’t realized how trim and muscular he really was, not that it mattered; it didn’t, in truth. Brushing a hand through the thick mane of her hair, she pressed her much daintier frame into his, delighting in the way he dwarfed her so easily.

Feeling the wide pads of his thumbs brushing back and forth across her bra-clad nipples, she arched into his touch and reached behind herself to unfasten the tiny hooks of the bra with a single hand. Letting the fabric slide down her arms, it clung for a moment before succumbing to the laws of gravity and plummeting to the ground.

“So you are a naughty girl…. Good girls don’t get their pretty little nipples pierced. Hmmm…I like them. My…” He pressed a kiss to one nipple, “pretty…” and then the other. “Naughty…” This time he teased the slowly hardening rosebuds with a slow circling of his tongue. “little baby…” Tugging gingerly at them with his thumb and forefingers, he finally brought his lips to hers and captured them in a fiery kiss. Exploring the heated depths of her sweet little mouth, his hands gently fondled and squeezed her hand-full sized beasts, the cool metal of the barbells gliding across his palms in a light, teasing reminder to not tug on them too hard. Swallowing her soft gasps and moans of pleasure, he buried his own sounds of pleasure into the kiss as her nails dug into the hard planes of his shoulder blades.

Now that they were bared to each other, for the most part, their true hungers became unleashed. Her hands darted south along his hard-packed body, her fingertips nimbly unfastening the button of his jeans and pushing the head of the zipper down, tooth by tooth. Stepping back, she tugged him with her by the front of his jeans, a finger hooked beneath the fabric as his own hands reached up beneath the hem of the skirt to explore what might (or might not) be under it. Smirking down at her as she fell back onto the bed, his eyes danced down along her frame until they rested on her hips as he flipped the front of her skirt up to reveal the scrap of red that she had removed earlier in the day to tease him during class. “I’ll have to think of a punishment…you really shouldn’t lie to your teacher, you know.”

“Well, I couldn’t just hand you my panties where anyone could see if they happened to walk in…Now could I?”

“I suppose not but you’re still getting punished.” He paused with a devious smirk. “Perhaps more than once…” Caressing her smooth mound through the satin, he curled his index fingers beneath the material on the outside of her hips and tugged them sharply down her legs before dropping them over the edge of the bed beside him. Taking a moment, he let his eyes wander along her feminine curves and began to trace their hills and valleys with the curiously hungry tips of his fingers. The jut of her hips made his mouth water, the sight of her patiently spread before him making his hunger for her grow exponentially. Kneeling by the edge of the bed, the relatively large expanse of his hands cradled her right foot, his head bowing to press a faint kiss to the curved surface of the top of her foot. Seeing the faint glint of silver around one tiny, red-tipped toe, he grinned and began the slow trail of kisses at her ankle. Working his way steadily higher, he passed his kisses out along the swatch of flesh where her sweet skinned stomach merged with her hips. Journeying down the other leg, he paused as he reached her delicate foot and smiled up at her.

“You’re more of a tease than I thought, Alek…”

“Do you not enjoy my exploratory kisses after all, Mya? I’m simply doing what you wanted, my sweet doll.”

Oh, she enjoyed it, alright. She’d never been with someone who took such an interest in what she wanted, let alone did it, too. Every kiss, whether short and sweet or long and bruising (as was the case along the pillars of her thighs) made her melt just a little more beneath his ministrations. Burying a small set of elegantly manicured fingers in his neck length sandy blonde locks, she nodded and relaxed the grip on her lip that her teeth had taken up.

“I am but damn….I didn’t expect you to take it so, mmmm seriously.”

“I take your pleasure and enjoyment very seriously, Miss Mya.” And with that he dove into the ravine that was formed of her succulent thighs and lowered his lips to the sweet nectar that welled up from within her lithe body. Dragging his fingertips along the backs of her thighs a grin touched his lips when her legs jumped a bit after he skimmed the area just behind her knees. Tugging her closer to the edge of the bed, his lips parted as he reached her slit, a nimble tongue dancing out to gently part the outer folds of her cunt. Taking the tender flesh of one lip between his teeth, he suckled at it like a babe would its mother’s breast before dragging his teeth along it lightly. He’d long since had her undivided attention but as her moist flesh slid slowly from between his pearly whites, her fingers delved into thick hair as if she was seeking an anchor. Turning his gaze up to meet hers, the attention of his mouth moved from one lip to the other to repeat the process, wanting to be able to watch her reaction to his ministrations as they passed across her features.


He didn’t really want to pull back from her succulent flesh but at the needy tone of her voice, he paused and drew back a breath’s length from her. Arching a thick brow, his breath fanned out against her flesh, making her clench in a hot wash of anticipation. “Yes?” He asked, pausing for only a moment before he delved right back into what he’d been doing a moment before. Pressing his lips to the incredibly smooth skin of her mound, he opened his mouth and dragged the curved tip of his tongue and bottom lip up from just below the entrance to her core to that little nub of flesh that brought her so much pleasure. Bathing it with attention, it became his oral fixation as he danced the tips of two fingers along her entrance. As she arched those perfect hips up in reaction, he pushed just the tips in to begin the gentle work of stretching her so he wouldn’t hurt her later on.

Continuing on in similar fashion, he curved the length of his fingers within her and began to massage the inside of her feminine channel as her body rolled, bucked and arched up off the bed slightly. He could tell with every passing moment that she was getting closer and closer to orgasm. Her moans grew louder, trailed off for just a little longer than before and her breathing was getting more ragged by the second. Finally, as he dragged her hyper-sensitive clit through his teeth, she flew over the edge and her voice peaked in a hoarse cry of his name. Feeling her convulse around his fingers, he massaged her clit with slow, deliberate circles of his tongue, enjoying the sight, taste, feel and sound of her orgasm.

“Oh fuck.” Her voice was ragged, fingers tight within his dark, dirty blonde locks as she collapsed back on the bed, toes curling every few seconds as tiny aftershocks rocked her curves.

“That was…fucking great…amazing…and it wasn’t even the main event…” She looked down at him and smiled a knowing, sultry smile as he moved from his knees to stand between her thighs. Caressing the outsides of her thighs, he simply watched for a long moment as she slowly came down from outer space. His cock was rock hard; it throbbed and pulsed with the steady thrum of his need for her, his blood flowing like lava through his veins.

“Turn over.” Pressing the fingers of one hand against her left hip, he watched as she pulled her knees up slightly and moved to kneel along the edge of the bed before him. Seeing her bent and kneeling for him almost made him dive into her soaked snatch right then but he had a better idea.

“Move a bit farther up the bed, baby.” Letting him guide her with both his hands and words, she moved into the center of the bed and laid her upper body flat along the comforter even as she brought her knees up closer and arched her hips up. Looking over her shoulder at him, she bit back a moan as she watched him stroke a large hand over his equally massive shaft. Taking her lip between her teeth, she squeezed her knees together tightly as he moved to straddle the backs of her thighs. She didn’t have to urge him to go slow; he knew her body would still need time to adjust to his even though they’d begun the process already. Moaning aloud this time, her eyes fluttered shut as he brushed the head of his cock up and down the sodden length of her slit. With each pass her lips parted a little more before he was finally able to press forward into her body. They both gasped as her heat drenched him in what felt like liquid flames, her hips arching back a little higher as she tried to take him deeper inside of her.

Pressing his free hand against the base of her spine, the other was wrapped around the base of his shaft as he worked into her with only the first few inches. It was difficult to keep herself from clenching around him continuously but she compromised with herself and let her body tighten around him with every few thrusts, her nails digging into the pillow as her arms lay stretched out along the bed in front of her. Resting her forehead on the bedspread, she rolled her hips just a tiny bit as he began to thrust a little deeper with each rock of his hips against her. Gasping quietly as he gripped the tight globes of her ass, she clenched them beneath his firm grip and arched her back a little more, pressing her hips up and into his just as he thrust into her once more. Curling her toes tightly, she rose up onto her elbows and moaned his name as she felt him surge into her the rest of the way, burying the entire length of his cock deep within her as her heated folds clenched around him and milked his cock instinctually.

He reached a hidden depth that none of the few past lovers in her past had managed to dream about let alone reach and it did take a few thrusts for her body to adjust to his full size but it didn’t hurt like either of them feared. It felt amazing for her to be able to wrap her smaller body around his much bigger frame in such an intimate way. It was harder for her to move than she would have liked but as he began to quicken the pace, she found that if she rolled and arched her hips at just the right moment, the flood of pleasure into her system reached an all time high before being topped by the next thrust. Crying out, she pressed the sound into the side of her upper arm only to have him lean over her and cup her cheek from behind. “Don’t hide your moans or cries of…mmmm enjoyment…oh fuck…you’re so…Tight.”

Nuzzling his hand when he touched her cheek, she tilted her head and glanced back at him, clenching hotly around him as he drove into her a little harder with each thrust. “Harder…Alek, please!” Her voice rose sharply on a gasp, thighs quivering as he did as she begged and began to pound into her, his hands firmly planted to either side of her shoulders as his fingers gripped the comforter a little tighter with each thrust. The sound of flesh colliding with flesh was like music to their ears with sharp, sometimes high, other times low bursts of their voices as they moaned or cried out.

Whimpering softly when he dragged his length from within her, she pouted heavily as he moved beside her and pulled her to him; large hands molding the curves of her hips as he guided her over him. Impaling herself upon his great length, she clenched tightly around him and began to rock her hips into him, her body rising and falling as she rode him, increasing the pace and the strength almost right off the bat until once more the frantic percussion of their bodies crashing together merged with hoarse cries and fervid moans of their pleasure heightening. Within minutes of placing the control within her hands they were both getting so close they couldn’t quite control all the ways their bodies were wanting to move so when he rolled them back to put her on bottom once more, she simply curled her legs around him high along his waist and met his every thrust with one of her own.

She could feel the flames of her orgasm building within the wide cradle of her hips; her thighs quivered, her toes clenched and curled all as he pounded into her curvaceous body with every last ounce of strength that he had. As they were both rocketing towards orgasm, it was hard to tell who was going to crack first but suddenly, when she least expected it, her climax broke over her and the white water crashed through her veins as if an earthquake had been the origin and it most certainly felt like it had been. Her voice rose to new heights, a scream yanked from deep within her body as her hips arched completely off the bed and slammed into his as he pulled his lips back from where he had been lavishing attention on her nipples. Seeing her writhing and hearing her scream of utter pleasure thrust him over the edge and as he made that final deep thrust, he did so as hard as he could, his body tightening and his muscles straining as he shot what felt like an entire gallon of cum deep within her womanly depths. Pressing the entire length of his body against her softer, curvier form, he buried his face against the side of her neck and let out a moan so deep that his voice threatened to crack as he spilled his seed into her convulsing depths. Feeling her hands clutching at his back, he slowly drew back until he could look into her eyes and smiled when she grinned up at him. “I didn’t hurt you, did I?” He asked, concern lacing not only his voice but his handsome face as well as he caressed the curve of her cheek.

Shaking her head, she nuzzled his palm for a moment and then turned to kiss the center of his hand before speaking. “No, not at all….you…You’re amazing…fuck yes.” Blushing slightly, she leaned up and he met her halfway, their lips colliding in another fiery, passionate kiss as their hands roamed and explored each other’s body to their hearts content.

“What say you…to grabbing a shower and then repeating this little private lesson, Mr. B?” She grinned as she called him by his ‘official’ name, dragging his lip between her teeth lightly as he immediately pulled her with him to the edge of the bed before picking her up, all without removing himself from her depths. Feeling his kisses being pressed along her collarbone, she tilted her head back and gasped when he pinned her against the door to the bathroom.

“That can definitely be arranged, Miss Tuomi.” Pressing heated kisses and nibbles against her sweet tasting skin, he took her into the bathroom and set her on the counter before stepping back from her with a groan as the much cooler air surrounded his semi-hard cock. Moving to the shower, he turned the water on and adjusted it before returning back to her. Picking her up once more, he took her into the shower and let her down as he closed the shower door, standing behind her as the water rained down on them. Picking up the small bar of soap, he lathered it up between his hands before reaching around to begin washing her body. Starting at the perfectly formed mounds of her breasts, he massaged them slowly, fingers working in slow circles over her smooth skin until he reached those pierced nipples. Pinching and twisting them teasingly, he circled the bar of soap along her stomach and delved between her thighs, his fingers gentle as he washed her nether lips slowly, listening to her soft moans as her washed her most intimate place.

Arching her hips back into his, she rolled them against him and moaned as she felt his cock harden the rest of the way once more. Emboldened, she reached back and went up onto her toes as she guided the length of his shaft between her thighs after letting the water rinse all the suds from her body. Hearing his breath catch in his throat, she took the bar of soap from his hands and put it up before laying her hands against the shower wall and thrusting her hips back at him. “I don’t think I can wait any longer.” She looked over her shoulder at him and bit her lip slightly, the feel of his large hands on the flares of her hips making her moan lightly.

“Neither can I…” Groaning lightly, he thrust between her thighs, coating his thick shaft in her sweet juices before guiding himself back within her liquid heat. Dragging in a ragged breath, he gripped her hips and drove into her, his knees bending slightly so as to make it easier for the both of them as he slowly began to build up speed once more. Watching her fingers flex against the slick tile, he smirked as he forced her to rock up onto the very tips of her toes with each thrust, the fingers of one hand moving along her silken skin to tease her clit as the other rose to cup and massage her breast as he fucked her. Fuck she felt so good wrapped around his cock, he was quickly becoming addicted to the feel of her silky heat enveloping his shaft like nobody else had ever been able to. Not one of his past girlfriends had been able to take every inch of him, so to finally find someone he had such chemistry with that he liked and that could….He knew this wouldn’t be the last time they met in secret or spent time together. At least, he hoped.

Laying her forehead against the cold, slick tile wall, she took in deep but ragged breaths, the water cascaded down her back, washing over her entire body as she thrust back to meet him every time he buried himself within her. Crying out his name, she moaned as her hips began to shake, her thighs quivering as a shiver passed down her spine. “Fuck! Fuckfuckfuckfuckkkkkkkk.” Moaning over and over, she bent down a little lower to make it easier on him and gasped when he sank a hand into her hair as the other found her hip before he began to slam into her even harder than before. She could feel it building within her, it felt like this huge bonfire was growing within her, heating her skin from within and setting her blood on fire as it washed through her like a monsoon. “Cummmmmminnnnngggggg!!” Crying out at the top of her lungs, her body clutched at his as if to beg him not to leave her but this time he only slowed down a little as she orgasmed, fucking her right through the entire thing as her body shuddered with each wave of pleasure.

Rocking his hips a little slower against hers, he let his head drop back on a low moan and rolled his hips into hers, groaning deeply when she clenched so hotly, so tightly around him. Pulling reluctantly from her depths, he turned her to face him slowly so she didn’t lose her footing before picking her up by the backs of her thighs. Holding her against the wall, he growled deeply at the soft touch of her hand reaching down to guide his shaft back within her clinging snatch; the lips opening to him like the petals of a flower to the sun’s rays. Driving within her, he built the pace back up in strength but kept it a bit slow this time, wanting to change things up a little as he worked towards his second climax of the night.

Draping her arms around his shoulders, she laid her head back against the wall, her fingers splayed wide across his shoulders as he kept her legs folded over his forearms at the knees. Watching his muscles play beneath his skin, she moaned deeply and parted her lips as he kissed her, her tongue flicking out to dance and war with his pleasurably. Digging her nails into his shoulders, she cried out against his mouth and followed it with a moan, her lithe body wrapping around his in every possible way. Holding him close, she dragged her nails along his biceps and wrapped her hands around them, her eyes shut tight as a third orgasm began to build slowly within her, the constant friction of his cock slamming into her keeping her right on the precipice of something hugely amazing.


“Oh fuck…Oh god…fuck yes…close. So close, baby.” Gasping as he she rippled around him, he buried his shaft within her over and over, unconsciously picking up the pace as he got closer and closer to his own climax. Brushing his lips over the rise of her collarbones, he nibbled his way up along the side of her throat and suckled, the taste of her skin making his mouth water. Feeling one hand slip into his drenched hair and hold him to her throat, he gasped and increased the suction, knowing he’d be leaving a mark for her to enjoy and for him to smile about if she wore it with pride at school. Clutching the outsides of her thighs, he drove into her one final time before crying out hoarsely and exploding within her depths once more. Letting her cradle his head against her breasts, he massaged her thighs and pressed against her as he trailed light kisses along her soft, sweet skin.

Taking a step back, he slowly let her down onto her own two feet and cupped her cheeks in his hands before kissing her deeply, smiling into the kiss when her much smaller hands curled around his thick wrists. Turning the water off, he watched her catch her balance before sliding the door open to step out and grab a towel. Watching her for a few minutes, as she wrapped the towel around her and got him one, he took it and thanked her with a slow, deep kiss before drying off and wrapping it securely around his hips.

“Catch me if you can, Hunk.” Watching her take off into the bedroom, he chased after her and picked her up before diving onto the bed with her in his arms. Pulling her into a slow, deep kiss, she smiled into the kiss and melted into his arms as she moved to lay over him, blanketing him with her body as he combed his fingers through her hair.

“So…how long do we have this room, anyways?”

“Until tomorrow morning.”

“Good, I have a feeling we’re gunna need it.”

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