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Uncovered Desires

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It was a hot summer day when Eric suggested they go out for a good meal and maybe dancing. Paula loved to dance, she could shake her ass better than most and had a ass most like to watch being shaken. With her long blonde hair and large breast she could still turn heads. She looked through her closet and found the little black sun dress she knew would show off her body and would make her man horny as hell.

It had been a few weeks since she his cock buried deep inside her and she wanted to feel the full treatment tonight. She took a hot shower and applied her make-up just right to hi-light her features perfectly. He peaked in the bedroom to get a glimpse of what he had coming later tonight.

“Damn baby you look any better and we will just stay here!”

“Oh no we won’t! I feel like strutting my stuff tonight and that’s what I am going to do!”

They entered the restaurant and every man in the place took a peak at Paula as she strode by swaying her hips just enough to make them drool at the sight of her shapely ass barely covered by the tight sundress. Eric held her arm with pride, he knew what they were thinking and he himself couldn’t wait to she her in action later. They were seated in a back booth, the lights dim and the smell of great steaks filled the air. Paula leaned over whispering in a low husky voice.

“I think that couple over there is trying to get our attention.” She said motioning towards a couple sitting across them.

Eric looked in the direction Paula had motioned to and saw a very attractive man and woman smiling at him. He smiled back trying to be polite but couldn’t help but notice that the ladies legs were parted just enough for him to see the thin white panties that covered her womanly delight. He squirmed in his chair at the sight, cleared his throat before telling Paula.

“She has white panties on!”

“I noticed that also! She also has her hand on his cock!” She said placing her hand on his cock.

Eric couldn’t keep his eyes off her as she adjusted her dress making sure he could see everything. She moved her hand between her legs and pulled her panties aside slightly and slipped her finger inside her pussy. Her eyes were fixed to his as she lifted her wet finger to her lips and sucked it. Paula watched as this woman played her game with her husband. She felt her body responding to what she was watching and ran her own finger inside her panties rubbing her clit softly. Paula’s breath increased as she watch this beautiful woman tease her husband and her. Paula felt her wetness flowing down her thigh as she thrust a finger deep inside her now wanting womanhood.

“She is driving me crazy!” Eric said feeling his cock growing hard.

“She is doing a pretty good job on me too!” Paula said softly.

Eric looked over at his wife for a second noticing her face was flush and a movement in her lap. He looked closer seeing her pumping herself hard with her finger. He looked at the man who was intently watching his wife finger herself when he noticed his cock was out and being stroked by his wife. He felt a strange feeling as he watched this stranger being jacked off in public.

“She is jacking him off! I can’t believe we are seeing this!” He whispered to his wife.

“He is? Oh My GOD! He is! Right here! This is so exciting!” Paula said as she felt her orgasm starting to build.

She looked the strange man straight in the eyes as her orgasm crashed through her body. She knew he knew she was cuming and that in itself excited her more! She looked over at the woman who’s eyes were fixed on Paula’s pussy also. She felt a little strange allowing this woman to see her cum and even more excited when the woman blew her a kiss.

The waiter walked up to the table setting their plates down not knowing what had transpired. He asked if everything was ok. Paula managed to say in a low voice it was. The waiter turned and walked away and to their dismay the couple was walking towards the door. The woman turn towards them as she walked through the door and winked at them seductively.

“That was by far the most sexual thing I have ever done!” Paula said as she tried to collect herself and enjoy the meal.

“I agree! That was something I will never forget ever!” Eric said taking a deep breath and adjusting his cock.

They finished their meal and drove quietly to the club for a night of dancing. Paula told Eric she was really wanting to get down tonight and that she was going to screw his brains out when they get home. He leaned over and kissed her passionately before getting out of the car and going inside.

The band was louder than normal, the thumping of the bass and pounding of the drums got Paula’s ass swinging as she walked to a table. They ordered drinks and she jumped up pulling Eric with her to the dance floor. They danced to the fast music taking the chance to take a quick feel of her ass as he pulled her close before spinning her around. Paula loved the feeling of her husbands hands on her ass when she danced. She knew all the men wanted to be in his place as she wiggled that sweet ass of hers and grinding against his legs. The music stopped for a minute between songs and they hurried back to their table to take a quick drink before the next song. Paula was breathless as she quickly drank most of her drink in one gulp. The music started again but was a slow love song. Eric swung Paula around and led her back to the dance floor. He pulled her close feeling her full breast pressing against his chest as he cupped her ass with both hands. The song was one of their favorite, Paula snuggled close kissing him softly on the neck. Her hot breath against his neck felt wonderful.

“Pardon Me! But could I have this dance?” A female voice said.

Paula turned to the voice to see the woman from the restaurant. Beside her was the man, he reached for Paula’s hand and pulled her close, Eric just stood there in shock as the woman snuggled up to him form fitting her body to his. His hands went around her as she started moving to the music.

“My name is Kelly. Hope you don’t mind m cutting in like this?” She whispered into his ear as she moved his hands down to her ass.

“I’m Eric and no I don’t mind at all.” He said feeling her firm ass and pulling her closer.

“I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed you in the restaurant.” Eric said feeling her lick his ear lobe.

“The pleasure was all mine!” She whispered in a husky voice as she ground her hips into his.

Paula and Frank peaked over for a second to watch the other two they groped each other dancing. Paula ground her hips into Franks after seeing her husbands actions. She also pulled his hands downward to her ass cheeks before sticking her tongue in his ear and sucking his ear lobe. She thought to herself two can play that game baby and from what she was feeling he was hung pretty damn good too. They dance through the night teasing each other until the wee hours of the morning. The drinks and dancing had taken it toll on all four of them.

Paula had openly felt Franks cock and allowed him to feel her from top to bottom. She was so wet and excited she thought she would explode if she didn’t get something hard inside her soon. They had never done anything like this before and she knew that they had just gotten started.

“Why don’t we go to our house and finish this night off in style?” Frank said to the group.

Paula looked over at Eric with a look of can we. Eric looked at Paula with the same look.

“I have to pee!” Kelly said taking Paula’s hand.

They walked to the restroom hand in hand like two school girls with almost a skip to their step. The restroom was empty to their surprise, Kelly locked the door and turned to Paula with a sheepish grin on her face.

“I don’t have to pee, I just said that to get you alone.” She said walking slowly towards her. I want to see if you taste as good as you look!

Paula had never been with a woman and was almost in shock at the words she had just heard. She stood there transfixed on Kelly as her hand reached under her dress. Their eyes glued to each others as Kelly’s finger slipped Paula’s panties aside slipping one single finger through her pussy lips slowly before sliding it fully into her wetness. Paula sighed softly at the touch of a woman’s finger entering her. Her eyes closed as she felt it stroke her clit softly before reentering her. Her legs felt weak from the strange feeling of a woman’s touch knowing just where to touch for the most pleasure. A knock at the door brought them both back to reality. Kelly leaned close and kissed Paula softly on the lips as she removed her finger and then sucked it clean of her juices.

“We better go back to the boys.” She said in a soft voice leading Paula to the door.

They arrived at Frank and Kelly’s house around two in the morning. It was a big house furnished beautifully with thick soft carpet on the floors and even a pool.

“Wow a pool! I want to swim!” She squealed.

“Go for it! I love to swim late at night myself.” Kelly said unzipping her dress and letting it fall to the floor. She slipped her panties off and dove into the pool without looking at Eric or Paula.

Frank just smiled at the sight of his wife stripping in front of them without a thought of what they might think. Paula waited for a second before following Kelly’s lead and stripping and jumping in. Frank looked over at Eric shrugged and followed them into the water. Eric joined them thinking what the hell. He dove in and swam up to Paula who was sandwiched between Kelly and Frank. He put his arms around the three of them, Kelly turned to him and kissed him passionately as her hand found his cock. Paula felt a twinge of uncertainty of what was happening when she felt Franks lips pressing against hers. She instantly responded to his kiss with her tongue darting in and out of his mouth as if sword fighting his tongue. His hands grabbed her ass pulling her tight against his now hard cock. She sighed softly feeling its eight inches of hardness pressing against her belly. She reached down stroking his hardness as they kissed. Kelly had Eric pinned against the pool wall rubbing her breast hard against his chest as she kissed him.

Frank pulled Paula up and positioned her over his throbbing cock, he lowed her slowly until the head of his cock was pressing against her pussy lips. Paula reached down and rubbed his cock against her clit for a second or two before he lowered her down. His cock slipped inside her and she sighed loudly as it found the bottom of her pussy and pressed deeper. She kissed hi hard as he drove his cock hard inside her and held her tightly squeezing her ass cheeks as his cock worked its magic. She felt her orgasm building quickly to the feeling of his large cock filling her completely. She groaned louder as her body shook violently to the powerful orgasm. Eric was up on the side of the pool with his cock halfway down Kelly’s throat. He watched as his wife was fully involved with the strange cock that was imbedded inside her. The strange feeling of seeing his wife fucked in front of him made his cock so hard it hurt. With Kelly’s soft lips sucking hard it didn’t take long before he was shooting his hot load down her throat. Kelly drank his cum like a sweet drink, she gulped it down fully before climbing up and sitting down hard on his cock. She leaned forward and kissed him deeply letting him taste his own cum. The taste thrilled him for some reason he didn’t understand why.

Kelly rocked hard against his cock as she orgasmed hard, she moaned into his mouth as they kissed passionately. Paula and Frank moved close to them, Kelly slipped off Eric’s cock and moved her pussy up to his eager mouth. Paula leaned over and sucked Eric’s cock clean of the juices she left on his cock. The flavor was very delightful to her and she licked his cock making sure she had every drop of her love juices. Frank watched intently as Paula sucked his wife’s juices up hungrily. He climbed out of the pool and offered his cock to his wife as she was being eaten alive by Eric’s hungry tongue. She took it deep into her warm mouth as she felt Eric’s tongue plow deeply into her pussy. Paula climbed out and positioned her pussy over her husbands cock and lowered herself down onto it hard. She reached around Kelly and fondled her breast, pinching her nipples roughly as she ground her hips on Eric’s cock. Kelly quickly turned around and cupped Paula’s breast before kissing her deeply. Frank watched as his wife kissed Paula with more passion than he had ever seen from her. He knelt down close to her to watch the two ladies as they took passion to another level. He was spell bound until he felt his cock covered by a warm mouth. He looked to see Eric sucking his cock like a mad man, the feeling of a mans mouth was different, some how it excited him beyond the sight of his wife’s sexual exploits with Paula. He grabbed Eric’s head and held him firmly to his cock as he fell back onto his back. Paula was shocked by what she was seeing, Kelly was also taken back by the sight of her husband getting his cock sucked by a man! They stopped and watched as Eric moved from under them to get closer to the object he desired, Franks cock!

Kelly giggled as she watched the scene unfold before her and decided to let the men have some fun she was surely going to have some herself. She pushed Paula down and sat down on her face before she could protest. The smell and taste of Kelly’s soaking wet pussy was to much for Paula to deny, she drove her tongue deep inside her pussy and sucked on her swollen lips. Kelly had a great view of the guys as they moved to a sixty nine position and Frank took Eric’s cock completely down his throat. She never knew he had gay thought or that he had ever dreamed of this day which he had on numerous occasions. The sight of the two men moaning as they humped each others face was awesome to her and she began to orgasm intensely. She grabbed Paula’s head as she ground her pussy hard against her mouth. She moaned loudly as she felt her cum running out of her pussy filling Paula’s hungry mouth. She closed her eyes as the feelings rushed through her body making her weak. She rolled off Paula’s mouth and the coolness of the concrete felt so good against her skin. Paula followed her as if her face was glued to her pussy, she moved her body around and placed her pussy squarely on Kelly’s waiting mouth. They licked each other intensely until they heard a strange sound. They both looked over to see Eric mounting Frank, he held his cock against franks ass and rammed it deep inside his virgin ass. Frank groaned loudly as his cock entered him, the look on Eric’s face was strange to Paula, he was so excited that he was lost to the fact that his wife was watching him fuck a man! The two woman sat there stunned at the sight, nether knew, nether really cared at that moment the sight was fantastic to them both. Eric’s face grew strained as his cum began to build inside him.

“I’m cuming!” He yelled loudly!

Frank spun around and sucked Eric’s cock feverishly as it shot its hot cum into his eager mouth. The cum ran down his chin as he tried to catch every drop but couldn’t. Eric pulled him up and kissed him deeply as he licked the spilled cum from his face.

“I want your cock in my ass!” Eric said with a voice that Paula had never heard. He was completely lost in lust.

Frank smiled as he pushed Eric to the ground. He smeared a small amount of suntan oil on his ass before rubbing his cock head against his ass. Kelly went over and sat on his face reaching down and pulling his legs up to give Frank better access. Eric’s tongue worked its way deep inside her as Frank’s cock pushed against his ass. He moaned loudly as he felt Franks cock enter him and slip inch by inch until his balls rested against his ass cheeks. Eric gasp for air as his ass got pounded hard from him and Kelly rubbed her pussy hard against his eager mouth. Paula watch intently as they fucked, she rubbed her pussy as she watched her husbands ass get a pounding like she would love to have right then.

“I’m cuming! Frank yelled through clinched teeth.

Paula took the key and moved in front of him, he pulled his cock out and she leaned down taking it into her hot mouth sucking until she had gobbled down every drop of his cum. She looked up at him as she took his cock down her throat cupping his balls as she felt his pubic hair tickle her nose. He moaned as his cock filled her hungry mouth until it started to grow soft. She let it slip from her lips, she smiled at him as she asked.

“Want to taste your cum?”

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