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Down Payment

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Jamie was dropped off by her husband, Mark, at the dentist that morning for her surgery. “I’ll pick you up in a few hours,” he told her as she climbed out of the car. She nodded and blew him a kiss, then closed the door and headed into the low brick building where her dentist office was located.

In the lobby she gave the receptionist her name and sat down with a magazine to wait.

She had a few stomach butterflies about the impending surgery but the pill she had taken that morning was doing its job, and she was for the most part relaxed and ready.

While flipping the pages of the magazine, she heard the receptionist talking to her dentist, Dr. Grove, behind the counter. She peeked up through her lashes and watched him gesturing as he talked. With dark, curly hair and a youthful face, the man was very hot. She had to admit she was one of the few people she knew who looked forward to her dentist appointments, enjoying relaxing under his dark-eyed gaze as he checked over her teeth and chatted about how she was doing. Then, at her last appointment, he told her that she would need to schedule surgery to correct an old procedure that had not been done correctly. Not good news in any sense, but he had a way of smiling at her that made it seem ok.

She didn’t have to wait long. A nurse called her name and she stood to follow. Jaime was tall and willowy, with straight blond hair that fell past her waist and legs that seemed to go on forever. Today she had chosen a comfortable outfit with an eye toward impressing her handsome doctor: a long, casual flowered skirt, a white peasant blouse that draped nicely over her shapely hips, and light canvas shoes – an outfit she could sleep in if she was too woozy to change when she got home after surgery.

She walked into the small operating room and settled herself into the reclining chair indicated by the nurse. She handed off her purse to be hung on a hook, and leaned back in the chair as the nurse busied herself preparing Jamie for anesthesia. She put a heartbeat monitor on her finger and wrapped Jamie’s long hair into a knot and tucked it behind her on the chair. She laid out instruments nearby and then told Jamie that the doctor would be with her soon, and left.

Jamie stared at patterns on the ceiling as she waited. Within a moment, she heard footsteps and the ceiling was obscured by the handsome, smiling face of Dr. Grove. He grinned at her before tying his face mask on, asking her how she was doing. She smiled back, feeling slightly giddy under his gaze, and told him she was fine and ready to go.

The dentist gestured to his assistant who had just entered the room, and Jamie turned to see a younger man, tall, well-built and blond with high cheekbones and striking blue eyes.

“Jamie, this is Chris. He’ll be joining me today to assist in your root canal.”

Jamie’s heart thudded a little as the two gorgeous men sat on either side of her, Chris tying a surgical mask over his nose and mouth as they did.

“Are you ready?” asked Dr. Grove. Jamie nodded mutely, and Chris reached for the gas tube and pulled it near Jamie’s flushed face.

“I want you to count backward from twenty, ok?” said Chris as he hovered the tube near her face. Jamie nodded and started to count as he positioned the tube beneath her nose. She made it to seventeen before she went limp and unresponsive.

Chris secured the tubes to her face and checked her heartbeat monitor. “She’s out, doctor.”

Dr. Grove sifted through his instruments and then stretched. “Ok Chris, let’s get started. Would you please ask the nurses for no interruptions, and lock the door. I don’t want to be disturbed.”

Chris complied and Dr. Grove bent over his patient, opening her mouth and checking to make sure everything was set up the way he liked it. As he did so his chest brushed against her breast and he felt a familiar quickening in his blood. Jamie had been his patient for years and he always looked forward to their appointments. She flirted effortlessly and had a habit of reaching out to touch his arm when she was talking to emphasize a point. At the contact his skin zinged and crackled, and he always had to take a short break after these appointments to lock himself in the bathroom, sweaty and breathless, and close his eyes, imagining her long legs wrapping around him and that electric skin sliding along his, and furiously rub himself into ejaculation over the toilet. She was totally irresistible and more than once he’d caught himself fantasizing about her while making love to his wife.

But now he needed to concentrate on the task at hand, and her luscious body laid out like a banquet in front of him was making it impossible. He leaned back in his chair and called Chris over.

“Chris, please prep her mouth. I’m going to re-check her charts.” He turned away trying to look busy while attempting to hide the growing bulge in his pants. Flipping through her charts he stared blankly at the pages, trying to focus his thoughts. This was not a difficult surgery, but it would be a challenge to get it done without being distracted by the urges she incited in him.

“Ready, doctor,” said Chris behind him. Dr. Grove turned back to Jamie and began choosing his instruments. Motioning to Chris to adjust the light, he leaned in and began to work.

For half an hour he was able to focus enough to fix the offending tooth, all the while fighting the sensations that her body was causing as he worked over her. At one point when he shifted for a better angle, he bumped her arm which slipped off the chair and into his lap. The back of her hand bumped against his softened penis through his pants, which quickly throbbed to life and swelled against the fabric. For a moment he relished the touch, carefully pushing his erection against her hand, covering his actions from Chris by leaning further over her as he worked. He gently flexed his hips over her limb as the erotic sensation of an unconscious hand job tingled through his body. After a moment he realized he needed to get control over himself in order to complete her dental work, so with one leg he pushed her arm back onto the chair and shifted positions again to obscure his action. Chris seemed not to notice.

Ten minutes later, he was done. He straightened up and set down his instruments, his hands shaking slightly, and sighed. As he did so, one of his hands brushed against her stomach and he hesitated, relishing the feel of her warm body under his touch.

Chris looked up and noticed him pausing. He smiled slightly. “So doc, are we taking a down payment on this one?”

Dr. Grove’s heart beat harder as he considered. Among the dentists he knew, there was a practice that was understood but never discussed, referred to only as a down payment. The reasons were various, but he himself had never indulged. Now as he gently ran his fingers over her smooth skin through the fabric of her blouse, he thought he may have to give it a try. Chris was a trusted assistant and would never divulge this most secret of rituals, but in return it was understood that he would be allowed to exact payment of his own.

Running his hand lower, Dr. Grove caught the edge of her blouse in her fingers and gently moved it up over the satin skin over her flat belly. Her chest rose and fell in relaxed breaths as she languished in deep sleep, utterly under his control. He felt his willpower crumble and he looked up at Chris, nodding once.

Chris moved his chair to her head and checked the gas levels, then gently released her hair from its knot and began to unbutton Jamie’s blouse as Dr. Grove ran his hands over her torso, beneath her bra and filled his hands with her warm breasts. He felt his penis twitch impatiently as he caught her nipples between his fingers, squeezing gently, digging his fingers into the mounds of flesh pillowed on her chest.

Her blouse fell open as Chris finished unbuttoning, and Dr. Grove marveled at the honey skin laid out before him, the gentle ripples of her ribs, curving into the flat expanse of her belly. Removing his hands from her breasts, he moved around the chair to her legs and gently parted them under her skirt so that they dangled on either side. He knelt between them and ran his hands along the tops of her thighs under her skirt, moving the fabric up around her waist, revealing perfectly shaped legs climbing to meet her pelvis beneath a swatch of thin white satin.

Eagerly he pressed his thumbs up under the straps of her panties and tangled his fingers in her pubic hair, which was as blond as the hair on her head. His breath was coming quicker now as his need grew, his cock pressing painfully against the zipper of his pants as he knelt over her, kneading his hands into her taut flesh. He hesitated now, knew he could stop, turn back and not complete the deed. His heart thudded in his chest as he watched his fingers make dents in her body where he pressed her. He wanted her; this desire had been following him for years, and here she was, under his hands, just as he had fantasized.

With a sudden groan he gave in to his desire, and reached back with one hand to free his aching cock from his pants. It sprang from his fly, firm and purple-tipped, and twitched in the air as he flexed his hips. Leaning forward, he moved her panties to one side and ran his fingers over her clitoris, between the folds of soft skin to the edge of her opening. Dipping in gently to gather her moisture, he pressed up inside her vagina and her heartbeat monitor began to bleep slightly faster. Feeling a rush of pleasure that he was having an effect on her, he carefully spread the slick nectar from his fingers along the pink petals of her labia.

Gently so as to not disturb her much, he lowered his hips to meet hers, supporting himself on either side by his hands on the chair. He positioned the heated tip of his cock at the top of her slit and let it gently kiss her clitoris, then slid it through her pussy lips down to her opening, dipping the very tip inside for a sip of nectar, then sliding back out and up. He continued this for a few moments, lubricating himself with her juices and her pussy with the drips of pre-cum that leaked from his tip, listening to her bleeping monitor quicken each time his penis rubbed her clit.

Chris was sitting on the stool near her head, watching silently, a small wet spot appearing in his trousers over his growing bulge, one hand gently caressing her satiny breasts.

Dr. Grove leaned back as their mingled juices tugged at him, and then forward in a long, slow thrust, plunging his full length into her body as she stretched to accept him. He shuddered at the wet heat surrounding him, holding himself still, relishing the feeling of being buried to the hilt in her soft flesh. He flexed inside her and her pussy walls contracted in response, causing him to spasm slightly and push deeper inside, his pelvis pressed heavily against her clitoris, their pubic hair tangled in a mix of curly blond and dark brown. He looked down at their joining, seeing the root of his cock protruding thickly from her juicy hole, his swollen balls pressed tightly against her ass cheeks.

Slowly he lowered himself on top of her, taking care not to disturb her, and positioned his hips between her legs, grasping her waist with both hands, lowering his forehead to her slightly sweaty belly. As he did so he pulled back on his cock, feeling every rib and crease inside her tease his aching member, pulling out almost to the tip, and then with a groan he thrust back in fully, squeezing his buttocks as he strained to fill her with every moment of desire he had spent fantasizing about this.

Wanting to make it last, he slowly thrust into her with a blissful stroking rhythm. With each plunge, he ground his hips against her, causing her limp body to rock gently on the chair as he did so, and raising her heart rate as his muscular pelvis rubbed back and forth across her clit. Her cheeks were flushed and her lips parted as he rode her, no doubt dreams filled with grasping hands and sweaty bodies filling her mind.

The ache in his balls was growing now and he changed his stride to a quicker, shorter thrust, remaining mostly buried inside her, letting the tip of his penis rub the front wall of her vagina as his breath quickened into short gasps. Head down, he desperately pounded into her, rocking his body against hers as he felt his balls begin to contract, the pressure in his cock growing unbearable. The rising tide of need filled his ears with a rushing as he grasped at her and pulled her body against his, plunging deeply inside her as he exploded with an animal cry, releasing shuddering spurts of his thick juices within her depths. He gasped and jerked against her again and again, milking himself dry as her pussy walls contracted around him, her hips bucking gently beneath his body as she orgasmed in her sleep.

Dr. Grove went limp over her, breathing ragged and heavy as he recovered. In a moment he heard Chris stand up and begin to release his pants. Dr. Grove lifted himself from her body with difficulty, his sated cock sliding from her puffy pussy lips with a slight pop. He placed a blue bib cloth under her bottom to catch any juices as they dribbled out, and Chris took his place, his large, eager penis standing proudly from his hips as he straddled the chair.

Chris guided himself into her with one hand, easily filling her depths and then some with his overly-thick organ. Pulsing with veins and throbbing with pent-up need, he did not wait to find out if she could accept this larger intruder, but grabbed her thighs and pulled her onto his hips, plunging mightily into her depths. He felt her tightness stretch around him as he began an impatient rhythm, her thighs slapping against his where he held them into the air, her feet jerking in the air behind him in companion with his lustful stride.

Grunting and sweating, Chris slammed his cock into her, quicker and ever deeper as her body accommodated his size. The muscles in his ass quivered and released as he shoved himself roughly into her, bouncing slightly on the chair, his ball sack slapping heavily against her ass as he fucked her impatiently.

The heartbeat monitor bleeped crazily as Jamie had a second unconscious orgasm, and her body’s limp bucking sent Chris over the edge. In a frenzy of need he dropped her legs and wrapped his arms around her chest, pulling her body against his as he bucked wildly over her, his thick shaft driving into her spasming depths, strangled animal sounds coming from his throat. Suddenly he stiffened, shoving fully into her, body jerking as he came with a drawn-out moan, eyes closed and twitching gently as his cock spurted load after load inside her.

He collapsed between her legs, panting slightly, and Dr. Grove checked the monitors to make sure she was all right. As he leaned over her flushed face, her eyes fluttered open blearily and she looked directly into his eyes. He froze for a moment, noticing that the nose tub had shifted during Chris’s wild ride, then gently patted her chest.

“It’s ok, it’ll be over soon,” he said softly as he adjusted the tube, and her eyes drifted closed again.

He breathed a sigh of relief, turning to his assistant, gesturing to him to clean himself up. Dr. Grove busied himself wiping her down with wet cloths and then, to be safe, inserting a rinsing tool inside her to remove their combined juices and patting her dry, adjusting her clothing and only then removing the gas from her nose and leaving her there to recover.

A few hours later a groggy Jamie was assisted into her car by Mark. Her jaw was throbbing, but oddly, so were other, unexpected parts of her body. She remembered vivid and sexual dreams and blushed slightly, hoping she had not given any outward indication of her dreams during surgery. But she had experienced sleep orgasms before, and never had she awoken feeling so utterly filled and sated. For a moment she considered. Was it possible? The sexy doctor and his young assistant?

She glanced at her husband and then quickly put it out of her mind. She would never think of cheating on Mark, so this would have to be her secret little suspicion. After all, it wasn’t her fault. Right?

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