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Swim Yraining Heats UP

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Jake could here the coach yelling, he turned at the wall, and finished his last lap of the pool, exhausted he climbed up onto the side of the pool, and waited for the coach to come around. Ronna was tall, slim and tanned, she had long blonde hair, and the best pair of legs you have ever seen,. She also happened to be Jakes mom, and swim coach. Jake looked up at his mom, she was wearing a Speedo race swim suit, very high cut, and very revealing, at the front it was a tight V shape, barely covering her privates, and at the back, it was Brazilian style, barely covering half of her firm, tanned ass cheeks.

Jake struggled to keep his cock soft, just looking at his mom’s firm figure, soon he was joined by his buddy, Rory. Ronna, Jake and Rory, had stayed behind, to finish of a few extra laps of free style, Ronna had the key and the 3 of them often would stay behind to do a little extra training.

Ronna walked up to Jake and Rory, she was angry, both of them had been slacking off again, she declared that they had better come with in a second of their personal bests for the last 200 meters, or there would be hell to pay…

Grinning, Jake dived into the pool, he long firm torso broke the water, Rory followed, and the 2 swam off and a furious pace. Soon both had finished the 200 meters, both in good time.

Ronna was happy, and said it was time to hit the showers, she walked off in front of them, her firm ass bouncing a little, Jake could have sworn he saw Rory perving on his mom.

Rory and Jake entered the showers and took out their shaving kits, as varsity smim team members, they had to remove all body hair, to allow for better swim times, and after each training would shave them selves. Rory started on his legs, while Jake did his arms and chest. Jakes firm broad chest, was soon smooth, and he was about to start on his legs when Ronna walked in.

Both boys looked up, Ronna had a kind of wicked grin on her face. She congratulated the boys on a good extended training session, and said she had a reward for them, but they had to follow her orders, exactly or they would get nothing….

Jake and Rory were curious as to what she could mean. Both thought something sexual could be up. As her son Jake had often though about Ronna, about her firm sweet ass, about her sweet tits. And Rory always jacked of to memories of Ronna, Thinking of training sessions, when he would get a great look at her in her revealing race swim suit, at night he would pump his fist up and down his 7 inch cock, until his sperm would fly every where, landing on his chest and rippled firm stomach.

Both boys became semi hard at the prospect of something sexual happening. Ronna began speaking both boys snapped out of their trances to listen carefully.

Ronna wanted the boys to take their Speedo’s off, she reminded them to follow orders, or no special suprises for them. Jake took his off first, his 8 inch shaved cock and balls, leaped forth, Rory followed, his balls were not shaved, his 7 inch cock was rock hard also.

Ronna walked up to both boys, she took each of their cocks in hand, and slowly jacked them, both boys were in heaven, as her tiny fist pumped their rock had cocks, their eyes wondered all over her body, her nipples were hard, pocking through her swim suit.

As she pulled their dicks she encouraged them to explore her body, Rory went straight for her firm tits, he pinched her nipples and playfully fondled her, Jake went straight for her tanned firm ass, his hand felt her tight butt, and wondered all over her thighs and even over her swim suit crutch.

Both boys motioned they were close to coming, so Ronna stopped jerking them, and said she had some new instructions. She wanted Jake to shave Rory’s cock and balls.

Both boys looked at each other, neither had really though of each other sexually, but here they were, about to do something a little weird and a little exciting. Both wanted Ronna’s suprise, so neither complained, Jake took some warm water, and ran it over Rory’s cock and balls, the sensation caused him to become hard. Slowly, trembling, Jake took shaving foam and applied it to Rory’s privates. Jake looked over to see his mom rubbing her clit through her swim suit, she licked her lips, as he started to shave Rory’s balls. Rory was hard, really hard, so hard that his balls ached, the tickling sensation caused by Jake shaving him, almost caused him to cum there, but he held off, and watched as his cock and balls,. Were soon shaved clean.

Ronna continued to fiddle with her clitty, and when Jake had finished, instructed the boys to take care of each other, the one who got the other to cum first, would then be able to get the suprise, they would be able to enter her sweet pussy, fuck her, and cum UP her!

They two boys got started, Jake took Rory’s cock in his hand, and started pulling him off, Rory groaned as his 7 inch cock was being jacked off, he reached out too and in turn started pulling Jakes fat smooth cock. The boys bucked their hips, and tried to think of other things, neither wanted to cum first, both wanted so much to shoot a load up Ronna so badly.

After 5 minutes both boys were still going, Jakes fist pumped up and down on Rory, and Rory jerked off Jake like no ones business. Suddenly Rory had an idea, he was jacking Jake of with his right hand, but with his left, he licked his index finger, and slowly, but surely wriggled it up Jakes shaved, tight puckered ass hole. He moved his finger ever so slowly, and Jake even welcomed it a bit, spreading his ass slighty. Soon Rory was up to the second knuckle, and Jake was bucking his hips, and swaying. The pleasure of a finger in his ass, and Rory’s fist wanking is cock was soon too much, Jake looked over at his masturbating mom, and came like never before. His load flew all over Rory, hitting his stomach and even his balls and cock, Rory was covered in Jakes sticking white sperm. Both boys sat down for a second, Jake fully exhausted and Rory, still hard as a rock.

Ronna congratulated Rory and his tactics, and quickly got down on all fours, she left her racing swim suit on, and motioned for Rory to approach her from behind. Jake watched as his best friend approached his mom, Rory’s big 7 inch cock swaying between his legs.

Leaving Ronna swim suit on, merely pulling the crutch to one side, Rory entered her shaved pussy in one swift motion, he had been waiting a long time to get a load off, he balls ached like hell.

Rory slammed into her, his balls slapping Ronna clitty, driving her mad, he held her hips and he fucked her like a mad man. Before long Jake had recovered, being 19 his cock was soon up for more, he slowly began jacking off, as he watched his best bud, fuck his mom.

Rory smiled as he watched Jake jack off, and Ronna moaned while her pussy was pumped like never before. Soon it was too much for Ronna all the masturbating and waiting was too much for her, her pussy muscles milked Rory’s cock as she came hard, it stared to set off Rory and soon he was close to.

Jake’s hands flew up and down his cock, Ronna laughed and motioned for Jake to come over, he milked his fat cock, and landed a gob of cum in Ronna’s hair, it was all too much for Rory as well, and he held Ronna’s hips hard as he came deep up her. It felt so good not to have to use a condom, or to pull put before he came, his hips bucked and rocked as his cock spasmmed until no more sperm would shot into her womb. All 3 lay exhausted on the floor of the swim change rooms, covered in each other cum, and fully spent, they really had a better work out than any swim session ever before !

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