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Unconditional Therapy

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Doctor Charlotte Preston sat in her dark grey wingback chair and quietly tapped her pen against her folio papers as her client rattled on about his latest setbacks, as he saw them. She had been trying to concentrate all day with little success, Jackson was coming in for his appointment right after lunch and she could barely contain herself.

Charlie flushed a deep scarlet when thoughts of Jackson entered her mind, which nowadays was all too frequently and her case load was starting to suffer. Right now she was trying and failing to discreetly keep her fidgeting to a minimum so that she didn’t disturb her patient’s thought flow.

Laid out on the white leather sofa to her left was one of her more daunting cases. Gabriel had been a Green Beret before suffering a complete mental breakdown out in the field when his entire battalion was gunned down. He had only lived because he had sustained a severe head wound and fallen underneath his dying brothers. However, despite the horrific situation that encompassed Gabriel’s PTSD and more specifically his survivor’s guilt, he was actually fully recovered in her professional opinion. But he was still uncomfortable and resistant to letting go of his time with her, constantly worried that he would have some unforeseen setback that would cause him to unravel and once again become the empty shell he had been when he had first met Dr. Preston.

Charlie looked at her watch for the hundredth time and then calmly interrupted Gabriel’s monologue.

“Why don’t we leave it there this week Gabriel? I would like you to continue using the led meditation tapes which we created together when you are feeling overwhelmed and keep a log for me of any flashback episodes.”

“Ummm. Yes. That sounds good Doc.” Gabriel answered as he sat up from his reclining position on the couch. “Same time next week?”

“Of course.” Charlotte answered back, smiling at her patient’s anxious face. “I’ll be here with bells on.”

Gabriel laughed at Charlie’s joke and she ushered him out of her office. Glancing around the waiting room as she waved goodbye, Charlie noticed that Jackson had not yet arrived and she quickly masked her crestfallen look at his absence.

“I am going to run across the hallway to discuss some patients with Dr. Zimmerman, Lindsay.” She said turning to face her receptionist. “I’ll be right back.”

Fifteen long minutes later Charlie walked back into her waiting room. Dr. Zimmerman had been particularly chatty with her today and she had no doubt in her mind that it was because he had been admiring the way her new outfit highlighted her buxom figure. She had spent way too much money on the form fitting steel grey skirt and jacket set and the crisp white silk blouse, and even more on the white lace lingerie which was hidden beneath. But she had rationalized the purchase to herself because impressing and enticing her patient Jackson Hawthorne had been Charlie’s obsession for months now.

Meeting Jackson had happened as it did with all of her clients. The Veteran’s Affairs office had sent him to her after he had made his way through several other doctors and had been unsuccessfully treated. He had come into her office disheveled and an obvious sufferer of PTSD, who was poorly masking his symptoms with alcoholism. Jackson had been a Marine, joining up when he had just turned eighteen. His file had indicated that he’d been in the field almost immediately from the day he had graduated and that his first few missions had been uneventful and routine. Whatever had happened to him after those first few years, the years and missions which were still secret enough that her file only held pages upon pages of blacked out type, were the ones that had caused him to become unhinged. But even on that first day she had seen something in his eyes. The real man that he was, the one he had been, buried under all his skeletons and grief.

Their first few sessions had progressed about as well as all his previous therapy had. They hadn’t achieved anything. However, after Charlotte had created a led meditation recording for him and asked him to try it out, suddenly she was met by an altered person at their next meeting. According to Jackson he had completely given up drinking and he was even willing to admit that he was an alcoholic. Charlotte had encouraged his progress but had kept an extra vigilant eye on his mannerisms to ensure that he wasn’t just trying to bluff his way through his therapy. But in truth, since that day she hadn’t seen anything to suggest that he wasn’t completely serious about therapy and about keeping away from destructive habits that only buried his problems. Every session she was met by a confident man who opened himself up to her completely, without reservation and she listened to him with rapt attention as he slowly unearthed all of his dirty laundry and insecurities.

At first, Charlie hadn’t noticed that she was spending more and more time thinking about Jackson when they were not together in a therapy session. She didn’t put two and two together when the night before he was scheduled to see her, she would spend extra time primping herself by waxing everything, by plucking and painting her nails. Then at the end of one of Jackson’s meetings with her, as she walked him out, he had stopped, turned to her and squeezed her into a long hug. She had been startled initially by the contact with him, but as he whispered his thanks into her ear, she had begun to melt into his embrace and when she finally realized that he had stopped talking, she had awkwardly broken away from him and flushed a deep crimson with embarrassment as he proceeded out of her office and waved goodbye.

That night she had tossed and turned in her bed, not able to sleep. Having exhausted every other avenue, Charlotte had pulled out her vibrator and begun pleasuring herself. Thoughts of Jackson’s hands and lips on her skin built up her lust and before long she was dripping and writhing on her bed. Then she pictured herself naked in front of him, his steely gaze drilling into her, the same look she kept just catching glimpses of in person, the one that she finally realized was driving her to distraction. It was imagining that look which broke her and as her orgasm shook her body, his face was all she could see and his name sighed from her lips.

Her utter infatuation with Jackson Hawthorne had only gotten worse since that night six months ago and despite her guilt, knowing that she was compromising her ethical standards, Charlie had continued to treat him. He had made so much progress that he really didn’t need to see her anymore, and as each of his sessions ended, she grew ever more fearful that he would soon realize it and that she would never see him again. That was why she had spent a whole month’s pay on her outfit for today. She wanted him to want her, she wanted to see the desire in his eyes. She needed it.

As Charlotte’s quick steps crossed the waiting room, she still did not see Jackson waiting for her and decided that she could spend a few minutes in the washroom of her office fixing her hair. She was moving so fast that she barely heard her receptionist trying to speak to her as she turned the handle and opened the door to her office. Charlie crashed directly into Jackson, who was standing just inside and began to fall as she bounced off his solidly built form. Her eyes closed as her body recoiled from the impact and braced itself to hit the floor. But the floor never came and when she opened her eyes it was Jackson’s smiling face that she saw, he was holding her two feet from the ground, having caught her as she had fallen backwards.

“Good afternoon Doctor Preston.” He said, grinning at her.

Charlotte instinctively smiled widely back at him and then as he slowly pulled her back up to her feet and they were standing far too close for comfort, she whispered.

“Thank you, Jackson.”

She had placed far too much emphasis on his name and immediately regretted it. Until she saw that his gaze had turned from playful to icy steel and still smiling he nodded to her and turned to take his seat on the couch. She shakily turned away from him and closed the door but not before giving Lindsey a dirty look. Her receptionist looked back at Charlie and mouthed the words “sorry”, but Charlie was embarrassed and off kilter now, so she could only grimace at the attempted apology from her employee.

When she turned back to Jackson, she had been expecting to see him reclining in his usual manner across the couch but instead she was greeted again by his hardened gaze. She stared at him for a moment transfixed and then took her seat, crossed her legs and cleared her throat.

“How was your week?” She tried to begin as she always did, in an attempt to regain her equilibrium.


“Pardon me?” Charlotte said, misunderstanding his meaning. “I asked how your week has been since you were last here.” She repeated her question to him politely.

“I understood the question Charlotte.” He answered her back, his tone now matching the steely gaze in his eyes.

Charlie was genuinely perplexed now. Jackson had never spoken her first name before although she knew he was aware of it. He had always chosen to address her as Doctor Preston and she had never had him answer her before with such an authoritative and clipped tone. As she opened her mouth to ask him what exactly he meant, he cut her off.

“You can’t be my doctor anymore.” He said and Charlie’s heart felt like it was in a death grip.

“Oh…” She blurted out, her voice cracking from the emotional swell of grief that overwhelmed her. “I am so… sorry.”

She cast her eyes down to her lap and her hands began to fidget as she blinked back the tears which threatened to spring forth. Her mind raced as she tried to regain her composure. She needed to be professional now, she needed to do her job. She had been living in a stupid fantasy world of her own making for far too long now and her work had suffered, she knew it and now the reality of her situation was coming home to roost. She began to mumble about recommending a new doctor who she thought he would like. She wasn’t even making coherent sense, but she felt a deep need to fill up the empty air between them with words and she simply could not look up and see him now. Not now.

“Charlotte.” Her name from his lips was like a shotgun, and it demanded her attention. “Stand up.”

It was a simple command and Charlie found herself on her feet without even realizing what she was doing.

“Now.” He said, “Look at me.”

She didn’t want to. In fact she desperately wanted to do anything but follow his simple request. But his voice was so calm and firm, that she slowly complied. When she lifted her lashes and took in his face, she was sure that she saw a glimmer of approval before it disappeared back behind the steel.

“You are going to go and speak with Lindsey. You are going to tell her to cancel all of your remaining appointments for today and you are going to tell her to go home and enjoy her evening because you will lock up. If she questions you, you will tell her that I am having an emergency crisis that has to be dealt with immediately. Then you will close and lock the doors and resume your place standing in front of me.” He issued the orders to her as if he was speaking to a child, clearly, confidently and without hesitation.

He was so convincing that Charlie actually took several steps towards the door before she understood what he had said and turned to him questioningly.

“Why would I do that, Jackson?” She queried, adding his name in a weak attempt at balance.

“Why indeed?” He answered back. “You will do the things I asked you Charlotte, because I am ready to claim what is MINE. And because over the past six months, everything you have done and everything you have said, has told me that you are ready for that too.”

When Charlie didn’t move from her spot or say anything back to him, he spoke again.

“You are MINE Charlotte. Now, do as I ask. I don’t like repeating myself.”

Charlie wanted to question him, she wanted to dispute the things he had said, but ultimately she knew that he was right. She had been parading herself in front of him for months now. She wanted him and now he was saying that he wanted her too. So Charlie followed his directions and sent Lindsey home after ensuring that she had cancelled the remainder of her patients for the day and then she closed and locked all the doors behind her.

As the door to her office slid into place and she heard the lock click, Charlie took a deep breath and turned back to face her now former patient, Jackson Hawthorne. He had moved from his place on the white leather couch and had seated himself in her grey wingback instead. She smiled at his silent demonstration of authority. He was the one in charge now, their roles had reversed. He watched her intently as she slowly measured each step until she was standing in front of him again.

“You look very beautiful in that outfit Charlotte. I am guessing that you wore it especially for me?” He paused and then continued, “Of course you did. What a very good Babydoll you are. Now, take it off. Daddy wants to see what other presents you have for me.”

Charlie couldn’t help but beam back at Jackson under his praise. She hesitated for a second and then began to take off her clothes. She slipped off the jacket first and then unzipped her skirt and let them both fall to the ground. She knew that her blouse was long, so the majority of the new lingerie that she was wearing was still hidden from Jackson’s scorching gaze. The one thing that he could see, was the very tops of her thigh high white silk stockings. Paired with the three inch grey heels, the stockings highlighted her shapely calves and toned thighs.

Her fingers were shaking as she began to unbutton her blouse, but she wasn’t afraid, only nervous and excited. She drew in a shaky breath and managed to get the last one undone and then she let the blouse fall to the floor, joining the rest of her discarded clothes. She had chosen the remaining lingerie to highlight her best features and hide the ones she felt the most awkward about. The white lace corset she wore pushed up her double D cup breasts and slimmed her waist, while the matching panties were cut high in the back accenting her firm ass. Without being told, Charlie turned in a slow circle making sure that Jackson got an eyeful. When she came back to her starting position, he stood up and closed the gap between them until she could feel the heat of his skin through his own clothes.

Then he began to run his thumb down her jawbone starting under her ear and stopping at her chin. He tilted up her face until their lips connected in their first kiss. It was a simple kiss, just the merging of their lips, firm but yielding and yet it was the dissolution of every shadow of doubt that still pressed from the back of Charlie’s mind. That kiss was bliss. When Jackson threaded his fingers up into her dark ebony hair and gently pulled both her hair and head back, Charlie instinctively parted her lips in a moan and Jackson deepened their kiss, sliding his tongue across her own and tasted her mouth. Electricity coursed through Charlie’s veins as wave after wave of adrenaline swept over her. Every nerve in her body came alive as they kissed and the slickness that had already built up between her thighs soaked her panties.

When the kiss finally ended and Jackson pulled away from her, Charlie felt euphoric.

“Undress me Babydoll.” Jackson commanded her as he stepped back.

Charlie no longer hesitated at Jackson’s orders and instead set to work undressing her new Daddy. She peeled back the suit jacket he had been wearing and dropped it behind him. Then she began on his shirt buttons working faster than she had on her own, but when her fingers tripped up halfway down, she just grabbed both sides and ripped the shirt open the rest of the way. Jackson chuckled under his breath and reached out his hands and began to gently rub along the length of her arms. He let go of her briefly as she tugged his shirt down and ran her fingers across his biceps and taut abdomen. Then she began to work on his belt and when Charlie pushed down Jackson’s dress pants she came face to face with his raging hard on. Poking out from the gap in his red boxers, she could see his engorged head dripping pre-cum and clearly showing his restrained excitement. Quickly removing his pants the rest of the way and taking his socks and shoes with it, she completed her task and Charlie licked her lips and smiled as she stood back up to face him.


Jackson watched Charlotte as she rose up and then he walked the short distance over to her desk. He swept off the sparse contents, spilling them onto the carpeted floor and then motioned Charlie over to him. He laid her down across the desk, with her head hanging off the front. While she was positioning herself, Jackson stripped off his boxers and began to stroke his raging erection. With each stroke of his hand, his shaft was coated in the pre-cum that was dripping steadily now from the tip. When Charlie had settled herself to his liking, he immediately closed the distance between them and dropped his swollen balls into her mouth.

He watched as Charlie eagerly sucked and licked his tight sack, and he relished the idea that soon she would be gulping down his hot load. Knowing that their minds were synchronized, Jackson pulled his balls from her mouth and let her take his head instead and as his salty seed hit her tongue she moaned, in loving appreciation of the taste.

He started slowly pushing his cock into her mouth, pleasantly surprised by her fervor to take him as deep as possible. Having her head tilted back as it was, made it simpler for her to deep throat his cock and as she sucked and continued to pull him as deep as possible Jackson’s steady grip on his control started to waiver. Her mouth was hot and as she moaned from the pleasure of fulfilling her oral fixation, she sent tremors up his shaft and he became harder than he thought possible. He wanted to fuck her beautiful little mouth and hear her gasp for air as he slammed in and out, slapping his heavy balls filled with cum just for her into her perfect face. He distracted himself momentarily from the overwhelming urge to cum, by watching her bouncing tits attempt to free themselves from her corset’s bra cups. He reached out with his hands and pushed the fabric of her bra down so that her hardened nipples were exposed to him and he pinched them both in turn, eliciting more moans from his magnificent Babydoll.

When he caught sight of her glistening juices slicking the insides of her gorgeous thighs, he could take no more. He sped up the thrusts of his hips, drilling his dick into her mouth in a savage rhythm. He could hear her choking slightly as he pushed into the depths of her throat and she attempted to breathe through her nose. He could see the tears streaming down from the corners of her eyes and the mix of her saliva and his pre-cum spilling out of her mouth because she could no longer swallow with his pace being so quick.

He wanted to erupt, to drown her in his spray. He twisted her nipples harder now, ripping more moans from Charlotte and he pulled at her hair as he pumped. It was a savage way for him to claim her as his own, but he couldn’t help himself. She was so willing to please him, so far she had needed so little of his direction to be exactly what he dreamed that she could be.

She was his whole world now and she had been for months. He recalled the exact moment when his life had snapped back into reality and he had realized just how much he had fucked it all up. At the time, he had already been to several sessions with Dr. Charlotte Preston and although he thought she was awesomely gorgeous, he knew that there was no way she would ever have any interest in him. But he had taken the meditation tape with him when he had left their last session and had promised to listen to it. She had given him a look when she had asked for his promise that had made him pause. She hadn’t wanted to just hear him say that he would. She had wanted to know that he would. Her eyes had silently begged for him to tell her the truth and that had made him follow through. At first Jackson assumed that the audio was filled with all the same new age garbage that he had come to expect from the multitude of psychiatrists and therapists who he had already blown through. The only real difference, was that Dr. Preston had actually created the audio herself. It was her sweet voice lilting across the sounds of rain in the background. Telling him to breathe and close his eyes to relax. But in the next moment of the audio, the inflection in her voice changed just slightly and the simple words that she had said altered his reality.

“Jackson I want you to take three deep breaths for me. This is the only moment you need to worry about. No Yesterday. No Tomorrow. Just this moment, now, where you and I are together. You’re not late for anything. You are not going to miss anything. You are exactly where you are meant to be and you are exactly who you are supposed to be. Whatever happens today is exactly what is supposed to happen. And if you want, this moment can be the only moment. This moment, just you and I, for the rest of your life and all you need to do for me is breathe.”

You and I together, she had said. Those were the words which had broken through the veil for him. He had realized at that point just how much he wanted Charlotte and he was determined to find out if she wanted him too. He had cleaned up his act, given up drinking that night and tried to pull himself together. Over the next several weeks he had overloaded Charlotte with every horrible, depraved and necessary sin that he had ever committed. She hadn’t ever flinched. She had absorbed every lurid fact and bloody detail and had offered only insightful and empathetic comments. Then, he had started to notice that she looked more beautiful and put together each time he saw her. Her hair shone, her nails and make-up were impeccable, her clothes were tighter and more revealing and the thing he noticed the most, the thing which haunted his dreams and filled his waking thoughts was her skin. The pale, smooth creamy and succulent look that her skin had begun to have tormented him. He wanted to lick it, to taste it, to grab it, to claw at it and ultimately to possess it and her.

So he had leaned in one afternoon after their therapy appointment had ended and he had squeezed her into a tight embrace and whispered a thank you into her ear. And he had felt her soften in his arms. Her pulse had raced and when they had pulled apart he had seen her dilated pupils and flushed cheeks. She wanted him and he was going to make her his.


The word battered through Jackson’s mind as he continued to plunge his cock in and out of Charlotte’s mouth. When she reached back and grabbed his naked ass, digging her fingers into him, in an attempt to help him push even deeper down her throat, Jackson let himself go.


Charlotte barely had to swallow as Jackson unleashed his hot load into her. He was so far down her throat already that her tongue barely tasted the prize of his orgasm. When his tremors subsided, he pulled out far enough that she was able to take a deep breath and she sucked on his head ensuring that she had every single drop that she had earned. When her gentle sucking started to become more persistent again, the sensory overload on Jackson’s cock was too much and he pulled away from her. He caught her pouting lips with his own and kissed her deeply.

“My God Babydoll!” Jackson mumbled, trying to pull his lips from Charlotte’s and failing. “You are amazing at that. Now. Sit down and let Daddy reward you.”

Charlotte moved from the spot where she had been splayed out on the desk and sat as instructed on the edge of her desk chair. Then she moved backwards, so that the back of the chair touched the wall and she was able to hook her heels along the edge of her desk. She opened her legs about hip width apart and watched Jackson crawl under her desk and towards her displayed form. When he reached her, he pushed her legs as far apart as possible and then licked up along her damp panties from her puckered ass to the tiny spot just above her throbbing clit.

Then he moved away from Charlie, to retrieve an item from his fallen jacket, rummaging around in the pile of clothes that she had left behind while stripping him. When he came back to kneel before her exposed and spread legs, he pulled out a large and wickedly sharp knife. Charlotte’s eyes widened as she looked at the glistening metal, but Jackson’s intent was visible on his face. He wasn’t going to hurt her, his eyes were filled with a mischievous glint. She smiled widely to him and bit down on her bottom lip, waiting for his next move. Jackson slid the flat side of the cold steel up the inside of Charlie’s thigh and then gently slid the blade down the other side. She could feel the pressure as the sharp edge ran along her flesh and although Jackson could have easily broken her skin, he didn’t. In a motion that was too fast for her to see before it had already happened, Jackson sliced both sides of her panties, destroying them and fully displaying her dripping wet cunt to his hungry eyes.

“You won’t ever need panties again Babydoll.” Jackson said looking at her surprised face. “Daddy likes to be able to use you whenever the mood strikes him.”

Before she could answer him back, Jackson slid three fingers deep into her pussy. Her body gave him no resistance, she was far too slick and she moaned loudly. He slid his fingers in and out slowly, never breaking his eye contact with her. Charlie’s eyes fluttered open and closed with the motion of Jackson’s penetration and as her pussy walls tried to grip and pull at his fingers to prevent them from sliding back out, she tried in vain to spread her legs even wider. Charlie squeezed her eyes shut when she began to feel her orgasm coiling deep in her abdomen.

“Open your eyes Babydoll.” Jackson commanded to her quietly. “Don’t hide from me. I want to see you as cum for me like the good little girl that you are.”

Charlie forced her eyes back open and met Jackson’s clear gaze. The intimacy of locking eyes with her new Daddy while he finger fucked her tightening pussy was just too much. Charlotte’s first orgasm rocked through her body, she wanted to slam her legs closed and ride out the spasms of pleasure but Jackson pulled his fingers out and grabbed her legs pushing against them outward as he latched onto her hardened clit with his mouth. Charlotte groaned out loudly as he sucked her bud and flicked it rapidly with the tip of his tongue. The waves of her first orgasm were just barely finished and Charlie was already on the edge of another. Jackson stroked across her, adding pressure and flattening out his tongue. She gasped at the change in sensations and then felt him pull away just a fraction from her flesh and start to blow. As Jackson’s hot breath blew across Charlie’s overly sensitive clit, her back arched and a second and much stronger orgasm shattered her.

When her senses returned to her, Jackson was still between her legs languidly lapping up her cream as her orgasm subsided. She was still panting when he looked up and their eyes met again. Besides moaning and gasping, Charlotte had been only quietly participating in their tryst. She decided that this was the moment to break her silence.

“Fuck me.” She said holding his gaze. “Please Daddy. I need to feel you inside me.”

It was the first time she had addressed Jackson by the title he had given himself in their newly formed pairing and it had the desired effect. His eyes briefly glazed with lust before clearing into the steely look which sent shivers down her spine.

He stood up from beneath the desk and took Charlie’s hands into his own, pulling her to her feet. His cock stood rigidly at attention and poked into her belly as he shoved her up against the wall and roughly claimed her mouth. This kiss was different from the first one that they had shared what seemed like hours ago. It still sent lighting strikes through Charlie’s body, making her feel like her skin was aflame but it was also full of dark desires. Jackson broke off the kiss abruptly and spun Charlotte around, off of the wall and face down onto her desk. He grabbed her arms, pulled them back behind her and pinned her wrists down, holding them in an iron grip resting just above her ass.

He pushed the head of his cock into her slick wet hole and froze. Charlie moaned and attempted to push back on him, her pussy desperately trying to devour his entire length.


Jackson’s free hand connected loudly with the flesh of her rounded ass and Charlie cried out in painful shock and surprise.

“Daddy is in charge here, Babydoll.” He warned, chastising her. “So far you have been such a good girl. You’ve already surprised me with what you are capable of. But now I am demanding your complete obedience. You will not cum until I say so. Do you understand?”

Charlotte paused before answering. In truth, in that moment she would have agreed to anything if it meant he would plunge into her tight sheath and not stop until he branded her with his seed. But she could hear the genuine pride in his voice when he had called her a good girl, and she craved to hear that again. She wanted to please him more than anything else that she had ever wanted.

“Yes Daddy, I understand.”

Once the words had left her mouth, Jackson impaled her on to his full length. It was heaven. His wide and long cock stretched her tight cunt, molding her around him. They were a perfect fit. He started off slowly, pushing all the way in and then pulling all the way back out. After a few long and steady thrusts Jackson used his free hand to grab ahold of Charlotte’s hair and yanked her head back. Her neck gracefully bowed under the pressure of his grip and he began to pound away at her like a man possessed. He was slamming into her so hard that the desk was slowly shifting across the carpeted floor and his balls slapped into her clit. She could feel her muscles clenching as her orgasm began to build and that was when Charlie started to panic. She didn’t know how she could possibly stop herself from cumming and she didn’t want to disappoint her Daddy. She started to whimper as she felt him swelling inside her, making her ravenous with need.

Luckily for Charlotte, Jackson knew that she was far too close to the edge and he leaned down, bringing her ear close to his mouth and whispered to her.

“Cum for Daddy, Babydoll.”

She did as she was told and came loudly, screaming out her ecstasy for him to hear. He continued to plow into her as her body shook, leaving her breathless and when she was done he released her hands and pulled her by the hair over to the white leather couch.

Jackson sat down and Charlie straddled his lap. He let go of her hair and grabbed two handfuls of her bountiful breasts, while Charlie positioned herself above his erection, which was now slick with the juices of her pussy, and sank herself slowly down until her ass rested on his thighs. As she moved back up, he pulled her tits into his mouth sucking at them and then twisted the nipples as she sank back down again. Charlotte wanted to feel him coat her insides with his creamy juice and she was determined to make it happen. She rotated her hips as she bounced up and down on Jackson’s dick like a pogo stick. But although she could tell that her movements were pleasing her Daddy, she could also feel that his orgasm was still a long way off. So Charlotte decided to step up her game.

She grabbed his face between her hands and ran her fingers into his high and tight hair. Making sure his eyes were locked with hers she started to speak.

“This is the only moment. You and I, together. Possess me. Dominate me. Control me. Take me Jackson.” And then leaning in close and brushing her lips against his earlobe she added, “Daddy, I’m YOURS, fucking OWN me.”

Her words unleashed the beast that he had kept caged until now. He grabbed Charlie’s hips and began to assault her pussy. He slammed into Charlotte over and over again and when he still felt like he could and would go deeper, he rotated Charlie around and drove them both into the couch. Hovering above her now, Charlotte watched as Jackson lost himself in her willing body. She was sure there was no way that he could go deeper, but every plunge proved her wrong and her pussy swelled repeatedly around his shaft. Charlotte wanted to come again. Desperately. She raked her nails down Jackson’s back and stretched her legs open to their very limits. When she finally caught Jackson’s gaze again, she begged him with her own look, telling him silently how demanding her body was becoming. His face dipped down to hers and they began to kiss, feverishly, matching the pace of their coupling. When he disengaged his lips from hers a moment later, letting her breathe, he whispered.


Charlotte’s body responded to the words and to the huge swell of Jackson’s cock deep within her. Her orgasm crested and she was destroyed into a million pieces, as Jackson reached his own climax and shot her full of jet after jet of his creamy spunk.

When he collapsed on top of her, they stayed motionless on the couch together, letting the cool air brush over their hot skin. After a few minutes, Jackson shifted, pulling his still semi hard shaft from her pussy and Charlotte immediately felt the loss. She didn’t want to ever be without him inside her again and she groaned in disappointment.

He moved back to the pile of his clothes on the floor and for an instant Charlotte was gripped with fear and shame. Had he only been interested in conquering her once and now he was going to get dressed and leave her behind him, never to be seen again? But then she saw him pull something from the pocket of his dress pants and turn back towards her. He motioned for her to rise and come stand before him. Charlie scrambled up from the couch and took a clumsy step on weak legs. When she realized that she was lightheaded and her muscles felt like rubber, she slowed down and carefully closed the gap between them.

Jackson’s eyes were filled with pride and love when Charlotte finally took her place in front of him. He held out a luxurious black ribbon necklace to her. It had a simple small gold heart dangling from the front and understanding that he meant to put it on for her, Charlie scooped up her hair and turned her back to him. When it settled around her throat, Jackson leaned in and nuzzled at her neck. She felt his cock hardening again against her ass, as he began to nip at the sensitive spot just below her ear.

“Mine.” He murmured into her flesh.

“Yours.” She answered back and she prayed that this was the moment they would be in together, for the rest of their lives.

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