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Urges Ch. 01

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“Mom! Pete! I’m home!” Alyssa called as she entered her childhood home. Having moved out 2 years prior when she had just turned 18, she had developed a greater appreciation for home and family. She stomped her feet on the welcome mat in the foyer to dislodge any excess snow she had gathered on her boots walking from her car to the front door. Hanging her winter coat on the coat tree in the corner, she took a moment to close her eyes and breathe deep the familiar smells of home. The warm, comforting scents of the wood burning fireplace and a hint of her mother’s apple pie greeted her.

“Mom! Hello!” She called out again but was only greeted with silence. Surely her mother and step-father hadn’t gone out on the roads. It took every last nerve Alyssa possessed to make it to the house. Snow and icy roads weren’t the nicest of things to drive on. She picked up her large duffel bag and decided to place it in her bedroom before searching for her lost parents.

As she trudged up the stairway at the back of the house, she thought she heard faint music. It sounded like it was coming from the basement area. She turned and went to the back of the staircase where the door leading down was located. Her step dad had the entire basement finished to make an extra bedroom for his son, Alyssa’s step-brother, Jeremy. He didn’t live with their parents but visited frequently when school was out and some weekends.

Their parents had married only 5 years before when Jeremy was a senior in high school. He had decided not to go off to college right away and had taken a year to travel the country. At 22, he was a junior at the local college. Alyssa on the other hand, to her mother’s dismay, had decided college wasn’t in her future and opted to immediately join the work force. Fortunately, a friend of her birth father, who had passed away of cancer when Alyssa was just 9, was the manager at a local bank. He had offered her a job as a teller straight out of school. That’s where she had remained. Until recently. She wanted to wait until the right time to tell her mother she had been laid off. Currently, her mother assumed Jim, her manager, had been kind enough to allow Alyssa three weeks vacation to coincide with Jeremy’s school vacation. Little did she know, her daughter was now unemployed and as a result soon to be homeless.

Shaking the stress of thinking about her currently messed up life, she flipped the light switch at the top of the stairway but was only greeted with darkness. Great, she thought. Leaving her bag at the top of the stairs, she carefully made her way down into the dark hallway of the basement. The basement had been made into three rooms, the hallway she was currently in which had a door leading outside, Jeremy’s room and a full bath. She turned towards Jeremy’s door, which was currently closed but light emanated from beneath it to give her a little bit of sight. She made a mental note to tell Pete to replace the light bulb.

A scuff on the carpet sounded behind her. She gasped and whirled around only to see the vague outlines of boxes and totes that were lined up against the wall by the back door. Shrugging it off as her imagination she turned to take a step towards Jeremy’s door. Before she could complete the step, a large, warm hand covered her mouth while an equally large, steely arm snaked around her middle. The scream that had risen in her throat died quickly as she recognized the scent of the tall, hard man behind her. Polo Blue.

She had given it as a gift to Jeremy on his last birthday. When he had first opened the box he chuckled softly then set it aside. Feeling slightly offended, Alyssa had given him the cold shoulder for the remainder of the day. That is, until she had been walking down the upstairs hallway past the spare room when Jeremy grabbed her and pulled her into the room. He shut and locked the door then faced her with an apologetic look on his too handsome face. His dark silky hair that was short in the back and longer on the top fell into his eyes as he looked down at his hands, which were holding the cologne she had given him.

Before she could open her mouth, he said “I’m sorry I was amused by the cologne, Lyssa.” He used the nickname only her birth father had ever called her. She never did correct him on it, however, because she thought it sounded so right coming from his mouth. “It just reminded me of something I heard a couple weeks ago. We were both here for the weekend and I went to use the phone. I didn’t realize you were already on it.”

He looked directly into her green eyes at this point and saw the moment she realized what he talking about. Her cheeks burned a becoming rose color and her eyes teared up in embarrassment. A triumphant look came into Jeremy’s blue eyes, causing them to darken to a deep navy color. He started towards her, the grace of a predator in his every move, to force her back against the wall behind her. He placed his hands on the wall on either side of her head and leaned down until they were eye to eye.

A small smile played at his full lips as he continued. “I distinctly remember you saying, and I quote, ‘Any time I smell Polo Blue on a guy, I just want to strip naked and drop to my knees to suck his cock.’ I just want to know why you gave it to me then. Is that how you feel, Lyssa? Is that what you want to do to me?” He chuckled at the look of terror and anger combined on her face. Her mouth dropped open but no sound came out. “Speechless, Princess?” He ruffled her dark auburn hair and placed a chaste kiss on her forehead. “Anytime you want to sniff me, I’m all yours, Baby.” With that he left the room with Alyssa staring silently at his back.

From that moment on, she had avoided being alone with Jeremy in fear he’d bring up that incident. Now with his arms wrapped tightly around her and her fear subsided, her survival instincts kicked in. She took advantage of his not having too tight a grip over her mouth and sunk her teeth into the fleshy part of his palm. He pulled his hand away with a curse.

“Dammit, Lyssa! Why the fuck did you just bite me?” He released her to push open his bedroom door. He went directly over to his bedside table where he picked up a remote and turned off the music coming from his stereo then took a close look at his hand under the light.

Rolling her eyes at how all men were big babies, she crossed his room and took his hand to look at it herself. “You wuss. I didn’t even bite you that hard. Look, not even a teeth mark.” She threw his hand down to his side and gave him an amused glare. “So where’s mom and Pete? They didn’t answer me when I hollered.”

Taking a final glance at his palm, he stuck his hands into the back pockets of a pair of well worn jeans. “They had gone to the store earlier, only to get a flat tire and now the snowstorm has them stuck at the city garage. Thankfully, Robbie, the owner remodeled to put an apartment above the garage. So they are safe but won’t make it home until the snow stops and the roads are cleared. It’s just you and me Kiddo.” The wide smile he gave reminded her of the cat who ate the canary.

Instantly an image flashed in her mind of both of them naked and wrapped in each others arms panting and sweaty. Blinking away the image, she took a step back to give herself some distance. When they were both still in high school, Alyssa fancied herself secretly in love with Jeremy. It’s something she had always kept to herself and would deny if ever asked about having a crush on him. That had been before their parents had married but it seemed some feelings never would fade.

She no longer thought of herself as his girl or daydreamed about becoming his wife as she had when she was younger, but she still did appreciate his dark good looks and six pack abs. He possessed the type of washboard abs a girl could just touch and lick for days on end. Alyssa glanced at his tight stomach and could make out every ridge of each muscle through his tight white t shirt. With a huff she averted her eyes but couldn’t keep her cheeks from burning crimson at the thoughts of his amazing body.

Jeremy chuckled softly at seeing her cheeks flame. She was so damn adorable when she was embarrassed. Any other time she was gorgeous and he always felt as if she were above him. Even though she hadn’t gone off to college and he had, she had always carried herself with such confidence that it sometimes intimidated him. But seeing her now, in ripped jeans and a tight fitting pink sweater, with her hair down and cheeks flaming, she almost looked touchable. Edible even. Almost. Jeremy had to get a hold of his hormones before a certain part of his anatomy took total control. This was his step-sister now. He had no right to look at her and think the thoughts he had just been harboring. He knew she had a major crush on him when they were in school and had wanted to act on it but he knew his dad was starting to see her mom so he didn’t pursue her out of respect for their parents. Now he found himself stuck at home, alone, for at least a couple days according to the weather report earlier that day, with sexual tension so thick he could’ve cut it with a knife.

He couldn’t stop his eyes as they roamed down her tight little body that she had kept in shape by cheerleading in school then by doing pilates before work every day. As he made his way all down her body to her cute little reindeer socks back up he noticed her nipples pebble under her sweater. Those sweet, hard nubs seemed to call to him, demanding he touch and lick them.

Before he knew what his traitorous body was doing, he had taken two steps toward Alyssa, crowding her in the corner. He heard her breath hitch at the nearness of him. He looked into her deep, beautiful green eyes then to her sensuously full lips that were slightly parted, begging for a kiss. He watched as her tongue snaked out and ran across those sweet lips, seemingly mocking the fact that he shouldn’t, couldn’t, taste them. “Alyssa. I…” he stumbled over his words, not sure what exactly to say. Should he just walk away and let the awkwardness continue between them? Or should he pursue this connection that seems to be pulling them together? His brain was telling him it was wrong, she’s your step-sister. But his body was eager and ready to sink deep into her tight body, giving her unimaginable pleasure. He looked back up from her lips to her eyes, completely confused by what to do or say.

Alyssa’s heart pounded a quick heavy rhythm causing her chest to rise and fall rapidly. She watched as Jeremy’s eyes darted down to her chest, where she knew her nipples were rock hard and aching. If she were more bold she would just strip and give herself over to him completely. They held each others eyes for several seconds. Alyssa noticed the dark desire within those blue depths and knew he would see equal desire in hers.

She opened her mouth to tell she him that she was tired of the tension and the anxiety being near each other caused. Then she had planned to stand on her tip toes and kiss him. But before she could utter a word, the power went out.

With a gasp of surprise at being plunged into total darkness, she stood completely still, hoping it would come back on in a few seconds. Her luck had apparently run out because it remained dark and the only sounds were of her and Jeremy breathing. She hated being in the dark. Her imagination always took over and she would become paranoid and downright scared. Her breath quickened even more as the anxiety began to creep up on her. When a familiar hand wrapped around her hip, she yelped and jumped.

“Sorry! I can’t stand the dark. I kind of freak out a bit for no apparent reason. It’s just a phobia.” She hated that her voice had a slight tremor to it as she admitted her fear.

“It’s ok, Lyssa. I’ve got you. Do you want to try to make it back upstairs or would you rather stay here. I know my way around my room so we won’t bump into anything, I promise.” Jeremy placed his hand on her other hip, holding her steady.

Her body trembled ever so slightly in his hands. He began to pull her forward gently to bring her to the bed to sit. At first she resisted but then took a tentative step forward.

“It’s ok, baby. I’m right here with you.” As she got closer to him, he allowed his hands to slide from her hips around to her back in a comforting embrace. To his amazement, she let out a relieved sigh and wrapped her arms around his middle, resting her head on his chest. Her placed a kiss on her head and rubbed her backs in slow circles as she calmed her fear.

When her body stopped trembling, he still moved his hands in slow small circles on her back, but allowed them to dip a bit lower, catching them bottom of her sweater. When she didn’t utter any protest, he put his hands on her bare skin and his hormones fought viciously for control. He caressed from the small of her back where her jeans began up to her silky smooth shoulders and back. Slowly, indulgently he moved his hand over her back not wanting to ruin the moment by saying anything.

Alyssa couldn’t believe the warring emotions in her head. It was wrong to want him as much as she did but his hands felt so right on her back. She wriggled closer into his body and heard the growl deep in his throat she could tell he tried to hide. She could feel the rigid evidence of his desire against her stomach. His hands bunched up into the back of her sweater before traveling further down to caress her denim clad buttocks.

Heart pounding with aching need edged with nervousness, she hesitantly lifted her head from his hard chest and found the pulse at the base of his neck with her lips. His hands tightened on her backside to grind his bulging erection against her aching core. A moan escaped from her lips before she could stop it. In an instant, Jeremy’s lips were there to catch the sound. His tongue dove into her mouth with vigor, fighting with hers in an age old battle. He continued to gently rock himself against her core, making fiery tendrils of need sweep ever outward from her nether regions.

It was that moment her brain sparked back to life. What the hell am I doing? I can’t do this, he’s my step-brother! With a groan she pushed with all her might against his chest to break contact. Jeremy took a step away but didn’t let go of her hips. His hands continued to squeeze her slim hips in rhythm to his heartbeat. Both of them were breathing hard and Alyssa’s skin had a sheen of sweat beginning.

“I can’t.” Alyssa said between gasps of air. “It’s wrong. Holy shit is it wrong.” She stepped back out of his hold only to be reminded that they were in complete darkness and she was unfamiliar with his bedroom. Almost immediately she bumped into what she presumed was his nightstand but just that small hit sent her back into the spiral of anxiety she had for a short while forgotten about.

Hearing the thud of Alyssa running into something and the following gulps of air from her, Jeremy quickly remembered her phobia and grabbed her once again. They had been standing next to his bed before so he gently sat on the edge of his bed and placed her in his lap. He tightened his arms around her and whispered words of encouragement in her ear until she had calmed and her breathing returned to normal.

“I’m sorry, Lyssa. We won’t…I won’t do that again. I promise not without your permission. Now it doesn’t look like the power is coming back on and it’s starting to get cold in here. Let’s go ahead and get underneath the blankets so we can stay warm. There’s not much else we can do at this point but sleep. Ok?” His words were as gentle as his touch. He felt her nod of assent against his shoulder and released a breath he didn’t realize he had been holding.

“Do you want to stay in your clothes or I can get you some of my sweats if you want. I know right where they are so I won’t have to search blindly for them.” He laid her down on the bed and hovered over her to adjust the blanket around her. Part of him wanted her to say yes to getting his sweats because the idea of his clothing being in such contact with her naked skin sent a thrill through him.

Even though she knew it seemed childish, she didn’t want him to leave her side. Not because she was afraid of the dark. She just wanted an excuse to hold onto him.

“No, Jeremy. Thank you though. For now it’s quite warm under here so I’m good.” She snuggled deeper into the blankets, unsnapping the button on her jeans as she did so. She didn’t particularly want him to know that she stripping. It really was too warm under the covers for right now although she knew it would get much colder if the power stayed out.

She felt him stand up next to the bed and take slow, calculated steps across the room. Upon hearing the rustle of clothing, she presumed he was changing into sweats himself. She finished stripping down to her black lacey thong and matching bra. It wasn’t what she normally wore, especially when visiting her parents, but she had felt compelled that morning to put them on. At that moment she silently thanked the voice in her head that had told to do so. No! It’s not something Jeremy will ever see! He is your step-brother! She tried to tell herself over and over again but she couldn’t deny her body’s reaction to his closeness.

The bed dipped as Jeremy climbed in on the opposite side. She rolled to her side facing away from him, hoping he’d leave her alone long enough for her to calm her raging hormones. The idea was thwarted when he spooned up against her and pulled her back against his naked chest. As soon as he realized he was holding her naked flesh, his body went rigid. In more than one place. Alyssa gasped and froze at the feel of his bare chest against her back. When neither moved and she could feel the thumping of Jeremy’s heartbeat against her shoulder, she did the unthinkable. She pushed her thong clad ass back against his groin, eliciting a long hard groan from deep within his chest.

“Don’t move, Lyssa. Please, don’t do this to me. It’s hard enough, no pun intended, to have you here in my room, in my bed for Christ’s sake! Don’t tell me to stop then tease me. That’s just not even fair.” Jeremy held his body completely still against hers. If either one of them moved even the slightest, he would not be held accountable for his actions.

“I can’t seem to stop myself. If I promise to behave, will you just hold me?” She whispered into the darkness. Her body relaxed almost completely as his arms tightened around her and she felt Jeremy place a soft kiss on her bare shoulder.

“Anything you want, baby. I just hope you don’t move a lot in your sleep because I don’t think I could handle much more.” His engorged cock twitched against the cleft of her ass as proof. At this point he thought it might have been easier for him to give himself relief before trying to fall asleep next to her. His hand itched, he wanted to take matters into his own hands, so to speak, so badly.

As if she could read his mind, Alyssa rolled over onto her back, leaving herself on top of Jeremy’s right arm as his left hand ended up splayed across her belly. “I know you’re uncomfortable. Maybe, if you wanted…I mean it wouldn’t be like having actual sex…if you…you know.” She let out an exasperated breath hoping like hell he’d understand what she was trying to say. After a few seconds, it must have dawned on him her meaning.

He let out a shuttered breath that skittered across her shoulder. “Are you sure? It wouldn’t be too awkward for you? You know I won’t if it makes you feel uncomfortable in any way.” His cock throbbed at the idea of relief. Even if it wasn’t while buried deep within her body he’d take whatever he could get. She sought out his lips with hers and after giving him a soft slow kiss she nodded.

Before he began anything he had to ask her a few questions. “May I touch you while I jerk my self off? Just your tits, it doesn’t even have to be that beautiful pussy of yours. And where am I supposed to come? On myself or on you?” His crude language had the desired effect as he heard her swallow around a large lump in her throat. Suddenly he doubted himself and thought he’d offended her when she sat up in his bed. But his lust was renewed triple-fold when he realized she had removed her bra and she laid back down.

Pulling his arm out from under her when she had sat up, he sat up on his knees above her on the bed. Slowly as to not scare her, he tenderly caressed her naked breast with his left hand, while his right firmly grasped his erection around the base. A ragged breath exploded from his body as he began to pump his shaft.

“Oh God, Lyssa. You have amazing tits. They feel so damn good.” His whispered trying to hide the tremble.

Alyssa lay beneath Jeremy, wishing desperately for light so she could see him. She closed her eyes and pictured him in her head, his fist moving furiously up and down his thick shaft. His deft fingers found that moment to pinch and lightly twist her nipple tearing a moan from her. Her breasts felt so heavy and hot, it was so hot. Her body had reacted before when they were fully clothed but now, like this, she felt a flood of warmth rush to her center. Knowing he wouldn’t see her, she decided to make things easier for herself as well.

Listening to his ragged breathing noticing the way his hand playing with her breasts now shook, Alyssa plunged two fingers into her drenched pussy. To keep from crying out, she bit her bottom lip nearly drawing blood as she continued her two fingered assault. Knowing it wasn’t enough, would never be enough, she moved directly to her clit.

“Shit baby. Where am I going to cum? You gotta tell me, Lyssa. I won’t last much longer.” His hips were lifting and falling in time with his spasmodic hand motions. The subtle moans and sounds of pleasure coming from Alyssa spurred him on even more, making it damn near impossible to not explode right then.

“Tell me!” He growled so loud he startled even himself.

Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! The words repeated themselves over and over in her head until almost all other thoughts were completely lost to her. All that mattered was both her and Jeremy’s impending pleasure. Without much thought other than reaching her own goal of orgasm, she put an arm around Jeremy’s waist, pulling him down closer to her so he had to give up playing with her breasts to brace himself on the headboard. She urged him to straddle her chest but continued to slowly circle her clit with one hand.

He stopped all contact with his cock as he eagerly did her bidding. His scrotum, which was already drawn up tight, ready to explode, momentarily bumped against her chin as he positioned himself. He quickly drew in a breath with a hiss but that second on the edge of pleasure so good it turned to pain was no match for what happened next. Alyssa ran one hand up his chest, stopping to lightly tug his nipple before she turned her nails into his flesh and lightly scratched her way back down at which point she took him completely into her mouth.

“Fuck!” The warm wet cavern of her welcoming mouth was almost too much. He stayed perfectly still, letting her run her tongue over his bulbous cock head and flicking the tip across the delicate underside. Knowing he had one of her arms pinned, he reached behind him to take hold of her hand only to follow the length of her arm straight to her pussy where she was vigorously working on her clit. Now that was too much for him. Leaving her to her ministrations, he placed his hand on the back of her head urging her on and gently thrusting his hips forward.

“I’m going to cum baby…fuck Lyssa…here it comes…swallow all my cum bitch!” He gritted out just as he shot the first stream of hot cum in her mouth, which was followed by several more. He heard her breathing heavily through her nose but also heard her swallow the load he had given her.

With that in mind, he leapt off of the bed and grabbed her legs. He turned her sideways on the mattress and pulled her to the edge where he knelt down and ran his tongue across her panty covered pussy. She cried out and frantically grabbed at his hair, pulling his face closer into her. He took a moment to rip the interfering panties from her body. Spreading her legs wide he latched on to her swollen clit and formed a suction on it. Reaching under her, he thrust three fingers forcefully into her dripping cunt. Alyssa jackknifed off the bed as she came with a scream. Jeremy never let his tongue stop assaulting her clit as he pumped his thick fingers in and out of her body.

After what was arguably the best orgasm of her entire life, Alyssa tugged on Jeremy’s hair urging him back up onto the bed. With a final lick from her now dripping hole to her over sensitive clit, he kissed his way up her body until he righted them both in the bed and covered them with the blankets.

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