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Two Travellers

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The two travellers struggled to get through the swinging glass door entrance to the hotel. Ingrid, the maitre d’, hissed for the young porter who was usually to be found lounging at the back of reception. But he was nowhere in sight and now the men and their bulky luggage were through the entrance and walking grim-faced towards the front desk.

In an attempt to deflect any initial dissatisfaction, Ingrid put on her friendliest smile and, even though it was almost the end of a very long shift, greeted them with energetic efficiency.

Mr Entwisle and Mr Chapple were early and Ingrid explained that their rooms were not fully prepared yet.

‘Look lady,’ said Chapple in an impatient American drawl. ‘We’ve just flown 15 hours, been fucked around by your immigration Nazis and waited half an hour for a fucking cab.’ He gave her a mean look as if she were personally responsible for all this. ‘We just want to drop our bags, have a shower and get into some fresh clothes. OK?’

Ingrid smiled reassuringly and passed them forms to complete. As the two men jotted down details she quickly looked them over: in their mid-30s, tall and well built, gym bags and sponsorship logos. She guessed they were sportsmen or athletes. Both had dark cropped hair and firm tanned features. Chapple was taller with small beady eyes, his thin lipped mouth in a slight downturn. His square jaw and thick neck gave him a look of physical strength and he had an air of narcissistic confidence. His long fingers with manicured nails held the pen awkwardly and he wrote untidily.

Entwisle had a more languid casual attitude. He smiled at Ingrid as if apologising for his companion and she found herself automatically responding to his large brown eyes and lazy grin. She coded and passed across their key cards and they headed to the elevator, their bags on a trolley to be taken up later by the porter.

Ingrid looked at the wall clock – ten more minutes before the end of her shift – then rang housekeeping. The two rooms had been made up but towels and toiletries still had to be taken up. No answer. She was the only one in the lobby – where was that porter? – otherwise she’d go herself and find the maid.

What was going on? She’d phoned housekeeping three times in the last five minutes and still no answer. Just then the evening manager came in and after hurriedly handing over to him, Ingrid rushed down to the basement and pushed through the heavy swing doors to the laundry. She pulled up short in shock. There on her back on a pile of sheets was Anita the 24 year old chambermaid that had only been with them a week, legs spread wide round the waist of that lazy kid who was supposed to carry bags. At the noise of her entry, the youth staggered back and reached for the pants that were around his ankles. Before he managed to pull them up, Ingrid saw his stiff cock, glistening with Anita’s juices. Stammering apologies and still doing up his belt, he rushed past Ingrid and out through the swing doors. With a smug, almost insolent smile, Anita casually sat up and pushed down her short black maid’s skirt, Ingrid catching a glimpse of dark bush. Not bothering to pick up her panties she said she had finished her shift and was going home now.

Ingrid could see in her eyes the triumph of a younger woman able to attract a lover and the pitiable contempt for the older single woman. Ingrid wanted to fire her on the spot but knew it was wrong to act hastily. And anyway she didn’t have time right now. Telling the slut to be in her office at 8 am sharp, Ingrid grabbed a bundle of towels and hurried out.

As she headed up the stairs she looked in the overhead corner mirror and saw the young porter peak out of the utility room at her retreating back. She went round the corner, waited a moment, then took off her shoes and crept back down. Quietly easing open the laundry door a fraction she peered in. Anita was energetically French kissing the boy, her hands busy at his belt. She got his pants down and grabbed his still hard cock, wanked it a couple of times then slid to her knees and teasingly touched the boy’s red knob with her tongue. After a moment he grabbed her head and pulled it down on his straining cock, both of them moaning as it went deep into her throat. She fellated him as energetically as she’d kissed him and Ingrid could see that the tart was enjoying it as much as the boy. The boy started to pant, going up on his toes each time Anita pulled back. For a moment longer she continued then, having brought him to the brink of orgasm, let his cock out of her mouth so that it slapped up against his shirt, and sat back on her haunches smiling up at his red face. Then she stood, turned around and put her hands on the pile of sheets, strong tan legs straight and wide. Looking over her shoulder she made a kissy mouth at her lover and flipped her skirt up. Ingrid saw that not only was her snatch heavily furred, but the dark hair led thickly into the cleft between her plump cheeks. She bit her lip thinking about how sweaty and humid it must be in that crack. Then her view was blocked as the porter stepped up and fitted his cock between the spread legs.

Ingrid felt her face flush with arousal as the young cock slid deep into Anita’s pussy and the chambermaid grunted in satisfaction. She watched them rut for a minute or two, the boys pale buttocks clenching and balls slapping, Anita bucking back to take his thrusts as deep as she could, the two of them grunting and groaning. Then she eased the door quietly shut and went back up the stairs.

Making her way to the third floor she thought about how long it had been since she’d enjoyed the company of a man. Her marriage had been over for nearly three years, the divorce settled and lawyers’ fees almost paid off. She hadn’t had sex in all that time, and not for a good few months before they’d separated. She’d now turned 40 and even though she’d had no children, her body was beginning to get heavier around the waist, butt and thighs, and she had to colour her dark blond hair to camouflage the grey coming in. When she looked in the mirror she saw lines drawing her mouth down, tiredness round the eyes. She wondered how her life had come to this.

Mr Chapple’s door was ajar and she knocked lightly, stepped in with the towels held before her. There was no sign of him other than his hand valise open on the bed. Ingrid headed towards the bathroom to lay out the towels, then came to a sudden halt at the half open door.

She stood motionless, looking through at the mirror on the bathroom wall. In the reflection she could see the big American. He was naked, sitting on the toilet, his deep tan and dark hairy chest a contrast to the sterile white of the tiles and chrome fittings. She watched transfixed as a moment’s strain passed across his face. The splash as a turd dropped into the toilet made her shiver involuntarily. He must have caught the movement in his peripheral vision. His eyes looked up and locked with hers in the mirror. She couldn’t break that piercing stare even when he strained again – his eyes never leaving her. Another splash and again she shivered.

Her mind was cast back to the first year of her marriage, the discovery of her bent towards messy sex, they way they explored it together, six years of thrilling perversion and increasing depravity. She felt afresh the pain of the discovery of her husband’s ‘other’ life, his gay friends, the betrayal, the intense rejection when he left her, the almost overpowering need for his body and the abasement he put her through.

The American stood now, hand stroking and shaking his lanky uncircumcised cock. Ingrid wanted to move, but couldn’t. Now he spoke, his voice a combination of irritation and accusation. ‘What’s with this excuse for a hotel? No help in the lobby. No bags. No towels. No fucking toilet paper, either.’ Her mouth was dry but she was as powerless to swallow as she was to move any other muscle. ‘This is beginning to really piss me off,’ he continued in his menacing drawl. ‘First a guy can’t take a shower. Then he can’t wipe his arse after taking a dump.’ Ingrid shivered again at the word ‘dump’ and the man smiled knowingly.

‘Fact is,’ he said moving toward the door and swinging it open so they were now face to face. ‘Guy’s got shit smeared all in his crack,’ another knowing gleam in his eyes as Ingrid blinked rapidly, ‘and nothing to wipe it clean with.’ He held up a long blunt finger and reached back, eyes hooding slightly as he stroked between his buttocks. He brought his hand round between them, the finger smeared brown and smelling of faeces.

Ingrid’s heart was pounding, her head light and spinning, as he brought that stained digit slowly to her mouth and slid it between her dry lips. Her eyes closed as he wiped the foetid finger on her gums and tongue, the earthy taste and acrid smell making her knees go weak

‘Seems to me that a decent hotel would do something to rectify the situation.’ He turned around, put one foot on the toilet seat and pulled his buttock wide with a large hand. ‘Why don’t you kneel down here and see the condition I’m in,’ he said in that drawl, his eyes holding hers in the mirror.

Ingrid stepped forward and knelt on the cold tiles. Her face was close to his buttocks and she felt her arousal building as she looked at the taut globes and their covering of light brown hair, smelt his maleness mixed with the rankness of his dirty crack and the unflushed toilet. She was taken back to her marriage, her pleasure in her husband’s rear end, her need for the filth to be found there.

Not needing to be bidden, she leant forward and ran her tongue down the sweaty divide to the slimy anus, collecting first the salty taste then the full gagging acrid flavour of raw shit. She held there, tongue flattened in the messy crease, excited by having her face once again pressed in a man’s bottom, revelling in the taste and stench. The American gave an impatient hiss and she started lapping, steadily cleaning his gummy butt and washing the dark hairs that circled it.

‘Oh fuck that’s nasty!’ grunted the man as Ingrid made her tongue pointy and probed at the centre of his rubbery pucker. She felt him bearing back and her tongue slid into his humid rectum. ‘Unngghh fuck,’ he moaned as she reamed the spongy muscle then probed beyond. Ingrid was enjoying the taste of this man’s buttery bowels and lapped hungrily.

She would have been happy to keep licking and sucking this man’s arse but he pushed her back onto her heels. He turned around and her heart thudded when she saw his large cock standing stiffly out from his hairy groin. Putting his hand behind her head he pulled her face towards it. ‘Suck me,’ he ordered in a hoarse voice.

Ingrid took the glistening head between her lips, closed her eyes and lost herself in the tastes and textures she had so long gone without – the slickness of the glans emerging from the foreskin, the cheesy residue under the foreskin, the musk of the shaft.

‘Oh yeah, you like to suck cock!’ The man held her head and started bucking his hips, gently at first the, once she was taking half his penis, more insistently, driving deeper. She gagged the swallowed, remembering the technique, the spongy helmet entering her throat.

‘Uh huh, suck it bitch! Take it all the way.’ He tightened his grip on her head and drove all the way until her lips were stretched wide and pressed against his hairy belly.

‘Mmmmmmm,’ he sighed and she felt his cock pulse along her tongue and in her throat. He tightened his grip again and started to rock. Ingrid gave herself up to it, let it happen, felt herself slide into that almost forgotten state of sexual submission. For the next five minutes she simply knelt there and sucked as he thrust sometimes deep, sometimes shallow, sometimes pulled all the way back so just that fleshy knob was between her lips, presented his balls – first one, then the other, then forcing both in her mouth at the same time – then gave her the full length of his magnificent cock again.

She was unthinkingly absorbed in sucking him when he pulled all the way out and urged her to her feet. He told her to undress and went through to the bathroom. She quickly took her clothes off and was standing naked, arms across her small slack breasts, worried that he would find her unattractive. He returned unscrewing the lid of a hotel-issue plastic bottle of moisturising lotion and, barely glancing in her direction, told her to go to hands and knees. He pushed her legs wide, rubbed his hand between her buttocks then smeared moisturiser over her anus.

‘Nice tight butt,’ he said, worming a finger through her ring, hand heavily on her back to prevent her moving. ‘You like cock up there?’

‘Yes,’ she replied, panting a little at the rough invasion, the stretching of her anus.

‘Good,’ he said. She watched over her shoulder as he smeared lotion all over his cock, apprehensive at what was happening. He slapped her cheeks, knelt behind her and wedged his hard cock in the entrance to her little brownie. She focussed on accepting him, remembering how to bear back, relax her anal muscles.

‘Oh yeah!’ he grunted as his cock pushed her wide, entered her rectum. She moaned, pushed back, felt him slide a little deeper. He laughed, smacked her a couple of times and started to work his hips. His cock slid back and forth and in a minute or two was going all the way inside her, rocking her forward each time his hips thudded into her buttocks.

‘Uh! Uh! Uh!’ she grunted, the force of his thrusting rocking her whole body, making her breasts sway. She arched her back, lowering her nipples so they grazed the rough carpet, making her parts clench. The man laughed again and gripped her hips hard, fucked her faster. She felt a deep seated wantonness building in her, pushed back to receive the hammering shaft, panted at each thrust.

Ingrid knelt on the carpet feeling the big cock throbbing deep in her rectum. The man had stopped fucking and she wondered if perhaps he had come and somehow she hadn’t realised. Then he leant sideways and picked up the phone. She looked back over her shoulders, through a screen of disarrayed hair, and watched as he dialled another room. ‘Hey Chad,’ he said into the handpiece. ‘Got a hot bit of action going here. You wanna come by and get a piece of it?’ He hung up and winked at Ingrid before jagging his cock deep in her gut. Ingrid’s eyes closed in pleasure and she resumed moaning under the steady pounding, unable to think of anything other than the pole arrowing up her backside, so that she was startled a minute later when there was a knock on the door.

‘That’ll be Chad,’ the man grunted, pulling his long cock free of her clasping anus and getting to his feet. He walked to the door, his soiled cock swaying heavily, and opened it. Ingrid saw the man’s companion walk in, a big grin on his handsome face.

‘Why don’t you get your gear off while Ingrid here cleans her shit off my dick.’

‘Way to go, Howard,’ Chad replied, sitting on the bed to take off his shoes and watching from only a couple of feet away as his friend held Ingrid by the hair and slotted his shit streaked cock into her mouth. As soon as the rank smell hit her nostrils, Ingrid was eager to suck the filthy meat. She was at that stage where she’d eat a turd off a plate if it was presented to her (as she’d done several times in the last year of her marriage). Her own waste, mixed with the strong musk of this big cock and the hint of moisturising lotion, was an aphrodisiac and she sucked and swallowed hungrily. By the time Chad was undressed, Howard’s dick was clean and he was ready to resume buggering the middle aged manageress.

‘Make it nice and wet, slut,’ he said looking down at Ingrid. ‘Cos that’s all the lubrication its getting till I cream in your arse.’ He pulled his large cock dripping from her mouth, walked round and knelt behind her, slapped her upraised buttocks several times with his large hand, then fitted his fat cock head to her reddened anus and pushed against the stretched muscle, grunting that it was a tight hot fit.

Ingrid’s eyes shut as Howard rammed through her loosened but still resisting sphincter, her lip caught between her teeth to cut off the deep moan of pleasure and pain. Now as she opened them, Chad was standing before her, his smooth body a contrast to Howard’s. ‘I’m gonna let you suck me hard,’ he said hefting his weighty meat. ‘Then I’m gonna fuck that hot mouth.’ Ingrid licked her lips and parted them in anticipation. She could think of nothing she’d rather do while being sodomised than suck on a fat cock. ‘But first I’m gonna clean that mouth out. Make sure all that shit is gone.’

With that he stepped forward and lifted the head of his cock so it rested on Ingrid’s lips. She sucked it and moved forward as much as she could to try and take it into her mouth. ‘Uh uh,’ said Chad chidingly, pulling his cock free and slapping her cheeks with it. ‘Wash mouth clean first, then you can suck it.’ He rested the head of his cock on her lower lip again and this time Ingrid waited, her eyes looking up at his face.

Chad let out a long breath and started to urinate. Ingrid accepted the warm bitter liquid, the flow steady enough that she could swallow without spilling. It had been some years since she had drunk urine and she was thirsty for the taste. Her hard nipples ached afresh and she longed for the kind of rough handling that her husband would give them.

‘Oh fuck that’s hot,’ said Chad, pulling back a little and watching as the yellow stream arced across into Ingrid’s mouth.

‘Way to go!’ admired Howard, who had slowed his thrusting to watch. The flow was easing now and Chad slid his dick back between Ingrid’s lips. She sucked gently on the flaccid meat, encouraging as much piss out of it as she could, then tonguing round the inside of the foreskin and probing at the weeping eye of the satiny head.

‘Get her to eat out your arse, buddy,’ encouraged Howard, bucking his cock deep into her gut and grinding his hips against her buttocks. ‘She’s fucking champion at that.’

Ingrid looked up at Chad hopefully as she nursed on his meaty cock. ‘Maybe later,’ he said. ‘But right now I’m gonna fuck this slut mouth.’ Ingrid got a thrill at being called a slut and sucked steadily at the penis, feeling it begin to thicken. Chad pulled back and cock slapped her a few times, the foreskin pulled back from the bulbous knob as it became harder, splat splat splat as it smacked her cheeks. It was almost fully hard now and he grabbed her by the hair, tilted her face up further, and slowly pushed the hefty cock through her eager lips and deep into her mouth. He eased forward till the head was at the back of her throat.

‘This is where you show me how good you are at sucking cock, baby,’ he said cruelly, his eyes narrowed with lust.

Ingrid’s eyes watered as he pressed harder, forcing his cock into her throat. She felt herself begin to gag, then forced it back down and worked her throat muscles in a kind of convulsive swallow. She’d never had such a big cock in her mouth before and was having trouble taking it all even though she’d just given deep throat to Howard and god knows had done it often enough on her ex-husband. Chad’s cock finally slid into her throat and he came to rest with his soft pubic hairs against her lips, his scrotum on her chin.

‘Oh man,’ he gasped admiringly, looking down at the sight of her face hard against his groin, both of them swaying in unison as Howard continued to ram into her backside. Ingrid looked up and as her eyes met his, she rippled her throat and felt his cock twitch. ‘Oh fuck,’ he moaned. ‘This chick is fucking unbelievable!’ With his cock still deep in her mouth, he reached under her and grasped her hanging breasts, first squeezing them, then gripping the fat hard nubs. Ingrid moaned in pleasure, sucked harder.

He began to slowly fuck her face, pulling at her nipples as he worked his cock back and forth. Ingrid was lost in an overload of sensation, her mouth and throat stretched wide, a big cock plowing deep in her shitter, her buttocks burning from the slapping of Howard’s meaty hand, her nipples on fire as Chad twisted and pulled. She felt herself building relentlessly to an orgasm, then gulped round the cock in her mouth as it hit her like a train, her anus clamping on the pole in her arse. The men laughed at her thrashing about on their cocks and despite having to nearly support her, they continued to fuck her at a ready pace.

Ingrid was almost dazed with the intensity of cumming, barely aware of being handled. She was on a pleasure plateau and every thrust, slap and pinch was welcome. She bucked against the cock in her arse, sucked hard on the meat moving in her mouth, and wished she had a hand free to diddle her dripping puss or play with Chad’s lean butt. The thought of his little brown eye all squeaky clean and dripping with her saliva caused her to shudder as another mini orgasm swept through her.

‘You wanna take over at this end, buddy,’ gasped Howard. ‘I’m about to blow a nut and I wanna see this bitch take it in the face.’ He bucked erratically a couple of times and slapped Ingrid’s red buttocks. ‘You’d like that slut, wouldn’t you? A filthy shit covered cock spurting hot jizz in your face?’ Ingrid groaned in assent then gasped as both men withdrew their large cocks from her body. Howard grabbed her hair and pulled her round so she was kneeling before him. He was wanking the base of his muddy cock and brought the fat knob to her mouth. It had a couple of lumps of dark shit on it and long muddy streaks down the shaft. She sucked hungrily on it, Howard watching closely and breathing heavily.

Now she applied lots of suction, bobbing back and forth, taking over from his hand. Howard’s head went back and he gasped for air. Ingrid rolled his balls and took as much of his dick into her throat as she could. Suddenly Howard pulled back and with a long grunt, ejaculated all over her cheeks and nose.

‘Fuckin’ A, buddy’ admired Chad. Ingrid leant forward and caught the last spurts in her mouth, then nursed on the oozing shrinking fuck tube. After a moment Howard slumped onto the bed, panting and sweating from the exertion of the last twenty minutes. Chad leant towards Ingrid and with a finger wiped her face and fed her strings of his friend’s sticky semen.

‘You ready to eat out my butt now, cunt?’ he asked.

‘Just let me lie on my back on the bed,’ she pleaded. Her knees were sore and she wanted a change of position. She got up and lay on the bed next to the panting Howard. Chad knelt beside her but before he could position himself over her face, Howard rolled on top of her and kissed her deeply.

‘Christ you’re hot!’ he said after a long tongue swirling kiss. Then he held his face above her and drooled spit into her open mouth. ‘Use that to grease up Chad’s corn hole,’ he grinned lewdly.

Ingrid returned his smile then looked up as Chad straddled her face and lowered his smooth buttocks. She put up her hands and held the lean cheeks wide. ‘Oh god,’ she thought, stomach going all weak as she gazed at the hot sweaty crease. She put her tongue out and took a long swipe up and down the deep crack. She pushed the cheeks wider and washed over the taut little anus, probed at its puckered centre, felt him bear back, smelt the waft of arse as his ring relaxed to accept her.

As she plunged her tongue back and forth in the hot rectum, she played with his hard cock, lightly feeling its considerable girth and length, tugging the foreskin. She savoured the earthy taste of his pooper and ran her tongue inside the tight muscle.

‘Oh baby,’ Chad gasped. ‘You do that any more and I’m gonna cum.’ He groaned as she dug deeper and stroked his shaft again. ‘Oh I’m gonna have to fuck you now. Fuck that hot arse and make you squeal.’ Chad shuffled down between her thighs and lifted her legs onto his shoulders, revealing her abused rosebud. ‘Pass me the lube,’ he said to Howard.

While Chad put the last of the hand lotion round her pucker and coated his dick, Howard shuffled to Ingrid’s head and brought his cock to her lips. ‘I need to piss, honey,’ he said. He wiped it round her cheeks and nose, Ingrid getting a hot rush as she smelt faint traces of her shit.

‘Oh please,’ said Ingrid, mouth open and ready for his urine. But Howard continued to tease her, watching as Chad fitted his thick cock head to her rosebud and leaned his weight forward. In the few minutes since Howard had buggered her, her anus had regained some resilience and they both groaned as his thick cock wedged through her greased sphincter and deep into her bowels.

Chad immediately set up a hard rogering pace and Ingrid was pushed deep into the bed as he pistoned away. She closed her eyes in pleasure, surrendering to the base sensation of being buggered. After a minute she was brought back to the present by Howard’s hand slapping her cheek.

‘Open wide, cunt,’ he growled. She obeyed and he rested his heavy cock between her lips, barely getting it there before it twitched and a heavy stream of piss burst into her mouth. She reached up and pulled back the foreskin, her lips now on the silky head, tongue fluttering across the eye as the hot urine sprayed out, throat working as she swallowed every few seconds. Once he was finished she kept her tongue on the piss slit and released his foreskin. It slid up her tongue and she wormed around inside getting all the flavour caught deep in the crease.

Howard slumped back on the bed, breathing heavily and taking no further part in things other than to cheer on his buddy who now had Ingrid’s legs held high and wide and was fucking his big cock into her butt with increasing vigour. Ingrid reached up and pulled on his little nipples, making him grunt. She ran her hands over the taut slabs of his chest then tugged those little nubs again. His face was screwed up as he approached crisis, sweat dripping from his chin. Howard was telling him to pull out and blast it on the bitch’s face but Chad was beyond the point of no return and with a frantic pistoning of his hips dumped his load deep in her gut before collapsing forward, panting face on her shoulder. Ingrid hugged him tight, her legs crossing over the small of his back holding that wonderful prick inside her.

It was a couple of long delicious minutes before he pushed himself off her and rolled onto his back, still panting. Howard grabbed Ingrid by the hair and pushed her face to the flaccid tool lolling on the sweaty thigh. Ingrid crawled over and, not using her hands, lapped it into her mouth, cleaning away the heavy smears of brown and savouring the strands of white. She wanted to take the flaccid penis between her lips again, nurse on it, but the men told her to leave, barely waiting for her to dress before pushing her out.

Ingrid was at work at 6 the next morning, competently moving through the shift’s tasks, only occasionally thinking of the two men in their rooms on the third floor, though her puss contracted each time and her nipples stirred. She was in her office at 8 when Anita knocked and entered. Ingrid looked at the Spanish woman, her dark curls pulled back and tucked behind the white lace cap, her dark eyes large and almost bulging beneath the heavy eyebrows, nose a little beaky, lips full and dark. She wasn’t beautiful, but certainly sensuous and as Ingrid looked at her large bust and flared hips, she realised that the woman oozed sexuality.

As the woman apologised in a thick Mediterranean accent and all but begged for her job, Ingrid could think of little other than the young woman’s thickly thatched snatch and the trail leading back between her legs. All the sexiness of the previous afternoon swept over her and she could almost taste the sweat and feel the heat that must be there. Anita’s voice slowed then halted. Her eyes held the older woman’s then she moved slowly round the desk till her waist was inches from Ingrid’s face.

‘I know madam watch me play with young Craig,’ she said in a low voice. ‘Maybe madam want I play with her instead.’ Ingrid’s mouth was dry as the maid stood before her, short skirt high, those firm wide thighs inches from her face, the tops of the stockings visible from where she sat. She could almost smell the other woman and longed to run her hands up to the hot join of her legs. Anita put a hand along her jaw and tilted her face up. Their eyes met and Anita’s lips parted as the younger woman leaned down. For the first time ever, Ingrid kissed another woman, marvelling at the softness of her lips, the smallness of her tongue, and the smoothness of her teeth. Even the taste of tobacco was a turn on and Ingrid sucked at the tongue that slid sexily into her mouth.

The intercom buzzed. Ingrid guiltily broke off the kiss and punched the red button. It was the receptionist saying the man in 318 was demanding to speak to the manager. Ingrid picked up the phone, it clicked and Howard’s voice came on. Ingrid felt her face freeze as his laconic voice sounded in her ear telling her he was busting for a leak and if this fleabag hotel had any respect for its guests she’d get up there fast and make sure he had somewhere suitable to piss. Ingrid’s face flushed in memory of the previous afternoon and anticipation of a repeat performance. Howard told her, his voice loud and penetrating, to hurry the fuck up ‘cos Chad was there too and needed his arse cleaned after his morning dump.

Ingrid knew Anita was watching her closely, had probably heard Howard’s voice, and as she hung up the phone the Spanish beauty gave her a knowing look. ‘I think madam is providing special service to room 318.’ She leaned down and their lips met softly again, Ingrid sucking as the hot wet tongue slid into her mouth. ‘Is it a man?’

‘Two men,’ Ingrid said, lowering her head in shame.

‘Then they need two girls,’ said Anita decisively.

‘It’s an unusual service,’ said Ingrid in near panic.

‘That OK,’ purred Anita. ‘I help. Anita unusual girl.’

The two women headed up the service stairs. Anita was in front and Ingrid could see up her short skirt, her voice panting from more than the exercise as she glimpsed the white cotton briefs unable to contain the dark hairs within it. Halfway between the second and third floors, Anita stoped and leant forward, hands on the step ahead, butt pushed high. ‘You wan’ kiss my legs?’ she said looking back at the older woman. Ingrid bent forward and ran her hand up the strong leg, her fingers pale against the tan olive skin. She pressed her lips against the inside of Anita’s thigh above the stocking top and traced a finger along the taut edge of her panties, brushing the hairs that had escaped under the elastic. Anita moaned and the gusset of her panties darkened with wetness. Ingrid lifted her face higher and lapped at the wet spot. Anita groaned and pushed back. ‘Lick my pussy,’ she hissed.

This was all the excuse Ingrid needed to run her hands over that splendid bottom and hook her fingers in the waistband of the tightly stretched panties. Anita wiggled her hips as her panties were slowly tugged down and when Ingrid’s hands pressed apart her buttocks she pushed back so her butt was right in the older woman’s face.

Ingrid was transfixed by the vision before her. The splayed buttocks revealed an amazingly hairy crack – hairier than any she’d seen before. And the pungent aroma that wafted out!

A door slamming several flights below and the sound of footsteps on the stairs interrupted them. Ingrid leant in and took a luxurious sniff followed by a quick kiss, then pulled back. Anita gave her a hooded eyed smile and blew her a kiss before they resumed climbing the stairs.

When Ingrid knocked at Howard’s door, he called for her to come in. She opened the door and quickly slipped through, beckoning Anita after her. When she turned round, the two men were beaming at them. Howard was naked, his hand round his large semi-hard tool, his eyes as mesmerising as the day before. Chad was wearing just a t-shirt and his look was fixed on Anita.

Howard shook his dick and Ingrid walked over to where he was standing, sunk to her knees and opened her mouth. Her heart was thudding in her chest as she waited, then she moaned as the warm urine gushed into her mouth. It tasted stronger than the night before, the full benefit of 8 hours in the bladder, and she savoured it before swallowing.

‘Let us all see,’ she heard Chad say after almost a minute, and Howard pulled back a little way so he was peeing in a broad yellow arc into her open mouth. From the corner of her eye she could see Chad standing a little behind Anita, lifting her heavy breasts out of her unbuttoned blouse. Anita was staring at Ingrid, mouth twisted in a worldly smile, hand to her side on Chad’s thick hanging cock.

Ingrid swallowed three more mouthfuls of piss before the flow started to wane. Howard stepped close again and she took that magnificent prick back into her mouth, moaning involuntarily. He finished peeing, Ingrid sucking for a last few drops, then pulled back.

‘You still need your crack cleaned, buddy?’ asked Howard. Ingrid glanced over at Anita. The maid was topless now, that same lazy sexy smile broad across her face as Chad was hefted and squeezed the meaty breasts.

‘Sure do,’ said Chad walking towards Ingrid, slapping Howard on the thigh as they passed each other. Ingrid shuffled on her knees so she was facing more towards Anita, wanting to see her reaction, and Chad leaned over the bed, his butt high.

‘You know what to do, bitch,’ he said looking back at Ingrid. She shuffled forward, put her palms flat on that taut backside and pushed the cheeks wide. The smell that wafted up nearly made her swoon. The crack had several dark brown smears and the creases around his puckered anus were all clogged with brown. Ingrid couldn’t suppress a moan and the men both laughed. She glanced quickly at Anita and was relieved that the maid showed no disgust. Then she couldn’t hold back any longer and leant forward, started lapping.

‘Yeah, way to go!’ cheered Howard. Ingrid soon had everything clean and risked another glance at Anita. The dark woman was watching intently, her eyes wide with lust, hand massaging a breast. She gave Ingrid a smile, blew a kiss, and the older woman lost any last feeling of embarrassment and self loathing. She leant forward and tongued the centre of Chad’s knot hole, impatient for him to relax so she could ream him, search for any more brown butter.

‘Oh fuck yeah,’ Chad groaned. ‘Suck my shitter, slut!’ But she had barely been at it a minute before he pushed her back, got up and sat down frontway.

‘Need to piss,’ he said, holding his cock out. Ingrid leaned forward again, mouth open, and he started pissing, a thick yellow stream gushing against the roof of her mouth, spraying over her face, trailing down to soak her clothing.

She looked across at Anita as she savoured and swallowed, . The young woman was naked now, her hips flaring above that darkly thatched groin. Her sturdy thighs were apart and Howard had one hand rummaging around in the thick thatch and the other under her chin as he tilted her face up for a tongue twisting kiss, the young woman’s eyes reluctantly dragging away from Ingrid’s.

As Chad’s last few drops trickled into her mouth, Ingrid heard Howard say to Anita, ‘I bet you love to suck cock, baby, don’t ya?’ Chad then held Ingrid’s ears and ground his groin against her face for a moment before pushing her back on her heels and telling her in a mean voice to strip.

As Ingrid removed her piss wet jacket, blouse and skirt, she watched Anita go down on all fours and suck in Howard’s cock, working it expertly and taking it all the way into her throat. Howard was telling her what a whore she was, holding her dark curls and steadily rocking his hips. From where Ingrid stood she was watching side on, seeing the bulge in Anita’s throat and the shifting of her jaw as Howard’s sizeable prong slid into her throat. Ingrid’s eyes travelled along Anita’s lush body, past the heavy hanging dugs with their turgid nipples, to the flare of her round butt. Even at this angle, the dense thatch was apparent – lots of dark curly hairs protruding from the Spanish girl’s crack, glistening with her arousal.

Howard must have been watching her. ‘Crawl over here and lick this whore’s hairy arse,’ he commanded. ‘I’m gonna fuck it in a minute and you better have it lubed up and ready.’ Ingrid couldn’t get over there fast enough and was washed over with a sense of love as Anita poked her bum back then groaned as Ingrid’s hands parted the silky moons. The manager took a long moment to survey the hairy crack with its dusky rosebud all but hidden by swirls of dark damp hair. It was the warm promising smell that she couldn’t resist any longer and she leant forward and licked up and down the sweaty crease. But it wasn’t until she zeroed in on the puckered prune and wriggled her tongue in its centre, that Anita moaned her appreciation.

God! She’d never tasted an arse like it! Even her ex-husband’s tight hole that gripped her like a vice and seemed to swallow her tongue each time she reamed him – still her favourite masturbation fantasy despite the hell he’d put her through. But that was now going out the window as she ran her tongue gently round the pulsing rim of Anita’s anus, tasting arousal more than arse, knowing that the Spanish slut was willing her to push at the centre of the tight date. Against her nature, Ingrid teased that pulsing rose bud. Even though she was dying to thrust her tongue deep inside and taste the butter. She knew the other woman wanted it as well. Finally Anita reached back and pushed the back of Ingrid’s head. They mutually sighed as the sphincter slackened and Ingrid’s tongue went deep into the stinky channel.

Ingrid was so deeply involved in reaming the younger woman’s foetid arse that she barely registered Chad moving in behind her, brusquely slathering her crack with something liquid, then fitting his fat cock to her date. But she went ballistic as he shoved hard forward, busting her tight sphincter and plunging into the dank rectum, still tender from the buggering the day before. Despite the sharp invasion, Ingrid didn’t lift her mouth from Anita’s shitter, and in a couple of moments the pain in her rear was replaced by that familiar deep seated lust as the thick cock ploughed back and forth.

But she was focussed on Anita. God she wanted to taste everything the Spanish woman had to offer! She could just reach the blunt slimy end of a warm log and she burrowed harder trying to get at it. Right now she wanted to taste and eat poo. She hadn’t had her mouth filled with warm claggy turd since she’d left her husband – and had thought it would never happen again. Anita seemed to sense the need and Ingrid felt the anus blossom under her lips as the younger woman bore down. They both shuddered in pleasure as a fat squishy stool crackled through Anita’s anus and into Ingrid’s hungry mouth. She let it squish against her teeth, break apart, clog her cheeks, coat the roof of her mouth. At the same time she kept kissing that wonderful hot spread anus.

The two men laughed at their moans, not realising that Anita had just shit. ‘Oh god I love these sluts!’ sang Howard. He called to Chad for the lube and after a moment forcefully pushed Ingrid’s face away, flipped Anita onto her back, hitched her legs over his biceps, and with her open groin visible to all, said, ‘Beg me for it kiddo! Beg me to fuck your arse!’ He didn’t wait for a reply but fitted his greased bulging cock to the rosy glistening pooper and shoved hard.

Anita only sighed as he surged up her rectum and Ingrid realised that the 24 year old was no anal virgin. The thought of all the cocks that might have been up Anita’s arse, the turds they would have churned up, the taste of the shit she’d just swallowed, made her shudder into a major orgasm. Her forearms collapsed. Chad rode her down to the floor, cursing then steadying and with a sharper angle, fucked her convulsing anus deeper.

When Ingrid came to it was to the sound of Howard complaining that his dick was all filthy with girl shit. She felt her head being lifted roughly by the hair and then Howard’s hot hard dick pushed against her lips. She slurped on the stinky rod, tasting again Anita’s waste, her cunt spasming in little tremors. It was whipped away again and she watched from only a few inches as Howard rammed it back between the tanned buttocks, Anita’s hips rising to absorb the plunging meat.

The two women were now moaning constantly, the two men grunting as they ploughed the dirty furrows. Chad was close and with a shout and thrust that drove Ingrid’s head into the carpet, he came deep in her gut. Ingrid wailed through an intense orgasm then fell forward off Chad’s shrinking dick and rolled onto her back. Howard grinned down at her then transferred his slimy shit covered dick from Anita’s arse straight into her mouth. Ingrid sucked hard, making Howard groan. He pulled out and slotted his glistening cock back up Anita’s butt, making her heave and cry out.

Chad was kneeling beside her now, his soft dirty cock held out to be cleaned. Ingrid took it between her lips and washed her tongue over the plum head. She glanced sideways as she sucked, blinking the sweat out of her eyes, and saw Anita, still on hands and knees, eagerly bucking back at Howard as he thrust over and over. It wasn’t long before he came inside the Spanish girl’s rectum, head lifted, both of them groaning.

The guys kicked the two women out into the hallway, tossing their clothing after them. They hurriedly kissed then scooted into the fire stairway to dress, then hurried down to the basement so Ingrid could get clean clothes from the laundry. Anita handed her some guest’s pair of panties from a pile that was ready for delivery then took a pair for herself. Ingrid watched as the maid flipped up her skirt ready to step into the panties; but the Spanish woman paused, looked at her and smiled.

‘You check if I clean,’ she said and bent over the laundry counter. ‘I got a big cum inside. I don’t wan’ it mess my clothes.’

Ingrid leant forward, saw a milky moist ring round the younger woman’s anus. As she watched, the muscle pushed out a little and a muddy yellow trickle oozed out and began to run down the inside of her thigh. She quickly leaned in and ran her tongue up the the firm thigh, then lapped at the leaking anus. The women groaned in unison as Ingrid’s tongue reamed out the sexy maid. She pushed into the centre of the loose pucker, felt the girl bear back and was washed over with a bubbly fart followed by a glob of semen. Ingrid groaned her appreciation and probed deeper. Anita pushed again and then again shuddering as Ingrid noisily ate the used sperm.

Ingrid was just back at her desk when the two Americans stepped out of the lift. They were in t-shirts, shorts and joggers and had gym bags over their shoulders. They didn’t even glance at her as they left the building and she got that familiar sense of rejection, worthlessness, inferiority.

Anita came by the office several times. The first couple of times it was for a quick snog then, early in the afternoon, it was to tell Ingrid that she was off to the bathroom. She lifted an eyebrow and cocked a hip forward. Ingird told her breathlessly to use the one in the back of her office. Just as she was following the swaying butt of the short skirted maid through the swinging door, her phone rang.

Ingrid dashed back and was able to deal with it quickly. She hurried again through the swinging door and there was Anita leaning against the wash basin, skirt and panties off, one hand holding a cigarette to her lips, the other lazily stroking her cunnie. ‘Hurry luv,’ she said, blowing a stream of smoke upwards. ‘I need to piss bad!’

Ingrid quickly went to her knees and, placing a hand on each of Anita’s thighs, pushed them wider. She was once again struck at the sheer volume of dark hair between this woman’s legs and she gazed mesmerised. A hand on the back of her head and a cloud of smoke in her face brought her back to reality.

‘You play my pussy later,’ said the sexy European voice. ‘Now I need piss.’ With two fingers she splayed open her fleshy labia revealing the glistening pink entrance to her cunnie and a bulbous clit above the urethra.

Ingrid ducked her head to the display and ran her tongue up the length of the female split. Anita pushed her back and slapped her cheeks. Smack, back, smack. ‘You show piss before you swallow, OK?’

Ingrid nodded hurriedly before diving forward again. She got both the clit and head of the urethra between her lips and sucked gently. Another cloud of smoke enveloped her then Anita’s hand went to the back of her head. ‘Oh deus, deus, deus.’ she murmured and Ingrid felt the urethra twitch and a gush of urine flood her mouth. She squeezed Anita’s thigh and the flow stopped. She looked up and opened her mouth and the two sets of eyes met. Anita rubbed her bulging clit and nodded. Ingrid swallowed and dipped her head again.

The maid had a large capacity and Ingrid must have swallowed a dozen mouthfuls before the stream eased to a few dribbles. Once the nectar stoped, she ran her lips over the luxurious hair, pulling damp curls through her lips and sucking them dry.

Anita tossed the cigarette butt in the sink and slid off the counter. She picked up her panties from the floor and held them to Ingrid, showing a dirty brown stain in the gusset.

‘You clean,’ she said in a matter of fact voice. The maid pushed the soft cotton against her lips and Ingrid licked and sucked, eyes closing as she savoured the mix of shit, sperm and vaginal secretions. The maid pulled the panties back, put them on and arranged her clothes. She looked at Ingrid, smiled, patted her face.

‘I come you place tonight, OK?’ Ingrid nodded dumbly. ‘You cook for me, we make love long time, OK?’ Ingrid nodded again and Anita pulled her close for a tender kiss before they went back to their duties.

The work day was finally coming to an end. It was five minutes before the end of Ingrid’s shift. Anita had already headed to the staff change rooms and the evening manager was signing in. The phone rang and Ingrid picked it up.

‘Hurry up here cunt,’ said Chad’s voice. ‘I haven’t pissed all day and Howard’s just having a crap. And bring a bottle of bubbly.’ The line went dead and Ingrid was torn between her date with Anita and the gnawing need for the debasement she’d get at the hands of the two Americans.

She’d never made love to a woman before and had all kind of deep seated fears about what it meant. And there was a certain comfort – a lot of comfort – in what was waiting upstairs. She didn’t know what to do but if Chad or Howard called again she would undoubtedly hurry up to their room.

Just then young Craig walked by, buttoning his jacket as he came on duty, a surly look on his immature face. Ingrid really disliked the insolent 19 year old, his slovenly attitude, the smarmy way he looked at women guests. She got a flash of anger recalling that the day before she’d caught the little prick having sex with Anita. She got a sudden inspiration and saw a way out of her dilemma. She beckoned him over and told him to get a bottle of champagne, go to room 318, tell the occupants that she’d sent him on her behalf. She watched as he slouched over to the elevator and wondered if he was going to like taking a couple of big cocks in his bum – she doubted it.

Just then Anita came out from the staff area and Ingrid happily grabbed her bag and car keys, linked her arm in her friend’s and almost skipped out of the hotel.

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