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Yardwork Ch. 6

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The afternoon sun was turning orange on the horizon. Carrie had finished her nap and was her bubbly self again, even though she didn’t do a lot of sitting. I had heard her tell Beth that she had never hurt so good in her life. “Why doesn’t he have a woman living with him, Beth? I sure am not complaining but if he tries to keep the whole committee satisfied, we are going to kill him for sure.” Both of them were laughing and then saw me sitting there with a hat over my eyes. Whispering, “Beth, did he hear me?”

“Yes, I heard that and I don’t want to talk about it. Debbie, Heidi, I need you two for a minute.” Both of the little nymphets jumped up and skipped over to me. “Help this old man out of his chair.” They each grabbed a hand and pulled me up. They were laughing and as I got to my feet, I wrapped an arm around each one. “How about a swim, ladies?” Heidi started to say something I am sure was going to be suggestive, but Debbie just reached down pulled off her top, dropped her little shorts and turned to strip me down. She had my shirt off and pants halfway off before Heidi could even move. I kicked my shorts off and Debbie grabbed my hand and we ran for the pool. Heidi was getting help from Lisa but it was only delaying her in reality. Carrie had stripped off and was running after us and Lisa was right behind her pulling off her shirt as she ran. Finally, Heidi left the porch as Debbie and I jumped in.

The water felt great and I swam a few laps and then started floating letting my cares float away. Not that I had very many anyway. My relaxing reverie was broken by someone running a hand around my ass to my balls and my floating into a pair of firm breasts. The owner of the breasts put her arms around me to support my weight and in doing so pressed them tight around my ears. I didn’t think there was anything to hear anyway so I just enjoyed the pillows. The sun was just high enough in the sky that I couldn’t see much either. I did feel the set of lips that were planting kisses on my cock and balls. My cock having a mind of its own anyway was very pleased with the attention. He was standing up now and not taking a bow. All I could tell of the mystery mouth was that it was blonde headed, so it was one of the twins.

My position between these two women prevented me from doing anything but trying to keep afloat. Trying to relax while getting your knob polished is not an easy thing. But I would highly recommend trying. We had floated to the side of the pool and all three of us reached out to steady ourselves. This is when I saw Myra and Stephanie standing naked side-by-side running a foot through the water and looking at me. Lisa and Carrie were now lying out on the side sucking up some rays and Beth and Rachelle were calming walking toward the pool and chatting.

The loveliness of all this bare flesh was awe-inspiring and cock-hardening. I let my legs fall into the water; which also extracted me from my pillows and removed the tongue from between my legs. I reached down seeing it was Debbie that had been warming me up. I lifted her up and placed her on the side of the pool. I immediately dove between her legs and returned the favor. I was licking, sucking and slurping all the fluid I could get from her tight little pussy. Heidi was softly stroking my cock and watching me chew up her twin sister. By the quivering that Heidi was doing, I was wondering just how close these twin feelings went. I sucked Debbie’s little clit into my mouth and flicked my tongue rapidly against it and both of them moaned deeply.

When I thrust two fingers up Debbie’s pussy, Heidi squeezed down hard on my cock. I reached up my other hand to toy with Heidi’s nipple and both girls moaned again and in unison said, “YES!” This being my first experience with identical twins I was amazed and began working on either one or both getting both of them turned on. They both started having an orgasm at the same time and before they could recover, I moved Heidi between us and rammed my cock into her from behind. Debbie’s eyes rolled back and both of her hands went to her breast and squeezed. Heidi was holding on to her sister’s legs and kept stroking closer to her pussy as I continued to stroke long and slow into her pussy. Heidi pulled her sister closer to the edge and buried her head in her sister’s crotch and the extra stimulation set them both off again.

I pulled out of the clasping, orgasming pussy to keep from cumming so soon and found myself backing into Stephanie, Rachelle and Lisa. They were having their own tongue duel and Myra was holding Carrie’s ass out of the water as she hung onto the edge and eating her from behind. That left Beth lying on the towel slowly rubbing her slit with one hand and pinching her breast with the other and slowly turning her eyes to each group in turn. I walked to the steps at the end of the pool and dripped my way over to her. The shadow I cast didn’t register to her immediately but when she turned and saw me standing by her, she twisted around on her knees and presented her ass to my view.

“You haven’t fucked my little ass yet, why don’t you do it now?” She was swaying her hips back and forth at me and I dropped down to lick from her pussy to her ass depositing as much moisture as possible around her little star. I then took my cock and ran it between her lips picking up all the moisture that had accumulated there and brought the head of my cock back to her ass. “Bill, I am ready, just ram that hot cock of yours balls deep, I can take it.” I wasn’t sure that I could without blowing my wad, but I try to please when I can. I took a deep breath and as the head of my cock passed her sphincter I grabbed her hips and pulled back as I plunged deep within her ass. The sound of lust that broke from both of our mouths stopped all the other action around us.

All eyes turned to see me pistoning my cock deep into Beth’s ass. Satisfied that all was well, they went back to their own amusements. Beth was screaming for me to fuck her hard, to make my cock come out her mouth. I could feel her fingers brush against me as she worked over her clit. I reached around and grabbed her swinging breasts and pulled them back to force my cock deeper on each inward stroke. Her orgasms started almost as soon as I had a hold of her breasts and they just kept rippling through her. The words coming out of her mouth were unintelligible but the meaning was clear. She was cumming hard and wanted more.

Well, the blowjob with Debbie, the quick fuck with Heidi and now this clamping, spasming ass was all I could take. I double-timed my effort and was rewarded with more moans. Beth grabbed my balls and squeezed her grip trying to milk my cum from my balls. I took hold of her hips and slammed as deep as I could and started hosing down her ass. Another spasm began in her whole crotch and she slumped face down, breasts hanging down to the decking leaving her ass to be pummeled however long I could. When my orgasm ended I stayed swaying in the saddle until my cock popped out of her ass.

I became aware of others around us when I heard Beth moaning again. I scooted back, finding a floating chair and eased it into the pool and sat down. Looking back up on the deck, I saw that Carrie was being neighborly and cleaning up Beth with her tongue. She was also pistoning at least three fingers deep in Beth’s pussy. Myra had found a double-headed dildo from somewhere and had inserted on end in herself and was rubbing the head against Carrie’s pussy. When she started inserting it in her, she stopped her movement with Beth until Myra had buried the remaining length inside her. As Carrie and Myra established a rhythm, Carrie copied it with Beth. All three women were moaning and talking dirty to each other. The orgasms were overlapping and one of them was quivering all the time.

When everyone calmed back down, we headed back to the deck drying off. Someone mentioned that they were famished and everyone quickly agreed. We all headed to the kitchen to get some substance back in our bodies. When we had finished, I headed back out to the deck to see the last of the sunset. Stephanie and the twins were the only ones to join me. The twins were plastered one on each side of me and helping me sip a drink and Stephanie was across from us. I still could not figure Stephanie out. She was always just beautiful. Here we had been busy all day long, we had just jumped out of the pool and she looked like she had just left a salon.

Her legs were crossed at the knee and she was slowly rocking her leg. She had put a silk shirt on, unbuttoned that only enhanced her gorgeous breasts. Her red hair was shiny and had been brushed recently. Her eyes were bright and she was watching her girls and I very intently. I saw a couple of times that she had started to say something, but only bit her lower lip and stayed silent. Everyone else came back out of the house dressed. I looked up and Myra said, “we have to be going now. If you need anything, I left a committee call list in the kitchen by the phone.” She leaned over, kissed me and said goodnight. All the rest did the same, with the twins just picking up their clothes and trotting off. Stephanie stayed in the chair, swinging her leg and looking at me.

“Well, it is quiet for a change. I think I will take a shower. Would you like to join me?”


I reached out a hand and helped her to her feet. Hand in hand we walked to my bedroom. I started the water and stepped in and Stephanie followed me. Pushing me under the water, she made sure my hair was wet and grabbed the shampoo. She sensuously began massaging my head and washing my hair at the same time. Her hands went to my neck and eased the muscles there also. I leaned back into the water rinsing and feeling the heat finish melting away the tenseness in my neck and shoulders. I stepped aside and gently moved Stephanie under the water and mimicked her ministrations on her. As she rinsed, I loaded up a washcloth and started washing her back and buttocks.

When I finished she turned and took the cloth from me, spun me around and did the same for me. She then pressed her body into my back and began softly soaping my chest, stomach and upper thighs. She worked on each arm and my side in turn. I then turned her around and pressed my soapy body into her back and lathered her breasts, stomach, arms and sides. Standing facing each other we moved into the spray, rinsing the soap off our upper bodies. Pushing me back to the back of the shower, she leaned down and washed my cock and balls, my legs and feet. When she finished, I placed her where I had been and did the same for her. All of our speaking was done with our hands; there wasn’t a need for words.

After we finished rinsing, we took big fluffy towels and dried each other off. We alternated the job drying as we had the washing. Even though this was a very sensual shower, it wasn’t really sexual, but it was… a bonding.

Stephanie led me to my bed, turned back the covers and laid me down. She leaned over and kissed me. A warm, loving kiss, covered me with the sheet and walked to the door. I followed her with my eyes and when she reached the door, she stopped, turned her head and softly said, “Call me.” She turned off the light and I was asleep immediately.

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