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To The Rescue

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Another long overnight shift, Stacey thought. She hated to say the word, lest she jinx herself. Quiet. The ER was dead. Only two patients out of 35 beds. And being Triage Nurse, she hadn’t had any activity for 4 hours. Sigh. Even the difficult crossword puzzle was done. Having recently gotten over the flu and a breakup with her ex, she was still a little weak and out of it, only just recently having her appetite return. Only a half hour left of her shift and she could go home. She started to dose off at her desk….

A large commotion snapped her out of it. A fire department EMS crew brought in a patient strapped to a stretcher, struggling and shouting obscenities. It was one of her favorite teams. Adam & Maria. Two street-wise medics with almost 30 years experience between the two of them. And, her former partners to boot. Stacey had been a medic for a few years before becoming a nurse. Although the pay was higher and the schedule fit her needs better, she missed the streets, driving fast with lights & sirens, handling those life-threatening calls, being able to stabilize patients at critical moments. Those still happened in the ER, but usually the medics did the immediate interventions and by the time a patient was wheeled in, they were sometimes almost stable.

Adam was 6 feet tall with a medium complexion, dark hair buzzed short, and an athletic build. Maria was around 5 foot 6 and curvy with c-cup breasts. In fact, they looked like they could be sisters, although Maria’s Mexican grandmother gave her a slightly darker complexion and dark hair to Stacey’s blond tresses. The three of them had worked a rotating schedule, with two working together while the third had his or her days off. They had a great time and occasionally all went out together when they had holidays or vacations at the same time, though rarely. There was certainly much flirtation, raunchy talk & stories that were exchanged during a shift. It was not uncommon for crew members in their department to date each other, as they shared a common experience: crazy work hours, stressful calls, and the life and calling of being a paramedic.

Maria and Adam had hooked up on occasion, but had nothing permanent and preferred it to be that way. Their sexual exploits were not kept from their former partner, however. On the days they worked together, Adam would tell tales of Maria & him parking the ambulance behind the abandoned warehouse on the outskirts of their coverage area, sneaking in a quickie between calls. Maria was far worse, giving explicit details about what they did to each other. Stacey would always tried to play it off like it was no big deal, and that she really didn’t care to know. However, they all knew differently. Stacey had been in a troubled relationship, and tried to make it work. She and Adam never hooked up because she tried to honor her commitment. Adam never pressed her and respected her decision, although they both knew if circumstances were different…. Maria, on the other hand, was constantly trying to get Stacey and Adam together, not to mention copping a feel of her own whenever she could. Maria was a trisexual: she’d try anything, and was known to not just limit herself to men. She’d tell Stacey about his skills and technique, of how many times he made her cum and in all the different ways and places. While Stacey blew it off, she would find herself getting moist hearing the details. It would be a lie to say she hadn’t thought about what would happen if they did hook up. She was almost scared at how she might react.

Last New Year’s Eve, they all happened to be off and attended a party thrown by a fellow station member. At midnight, they were all pretty buzzed and just happened to be standing under some mistletoe in a doorway. Stacey was feeling no pain and turned to her two partners and said, “Merry Christmas! I looooooove you guys!”

Adam looked up and saw the mistletoe.

“Christmas? It’s New Years. I guess you saw the mistletoe up there, huh? Hey, you know what mistletoe means, right?”

Stacey looked up at the mistletoe, then at Adam, and then at Maria. She smiled at her and grabbed Maria in a big embrace and kissed her deeply. Maria’s eyes opened wide, pleasantly surprised at Stacey’s move. Her eyes rolled back a little and closed as Stacey’s tongue parted Maria’s lips, seeking her tongue out. They held each other, hands caressing backs. Stacey’s hand dropped down onto Maria’s backside, feeling her firm buns. Maria moaned a little into Stacey’s mouth, who moaned back as her partner’s hand snuck in between them, cupping and squeezing a breast. Applause and cheering sounded as the rest of the room began to notice their sapphic exploration. Adam’s jaw dropped, having not expected that side of Stacey to ever appear.

“Hey!” he said, “What, no love for your OTHER partner?”

Stacey and Maria reluctantly parted. Stacey turned and moved close to Adam, looking into his eyes with a playful and beckoning look.

“Merry Christmas to you too,” she slurred and pulled his head down towards hers.

Adam went right along with it, sliding his tongue into her mouth, causing her to moan. She pulled him tight against her, rubbing her thighs against him to feel his growing member probe her crotch while his hands gripped her ass. He felt Maria’s hands slide along his arms, caressing them and Stacey’s back and shoulders. They continued like this for a few moments until the audience and their protests of non-inclusion could not be ignored. Stacey pulled back and turned to pull Maria to her. She then faced her audience.

“Sorry guys, you’re not my partners!” she laughed.

Cries and groans of disappointment filled the room as the partying continued and people embraced, everyone singing Auld Lang Syne….


Back to the ER. Adam was trying to talk the patient down.

“Come on Raymond, calm down. We’re at the hospital. You need to be quiet now. You know what happens if you don’t”.

Stacey sighed. Raymond. A frequent-flyer who was often a pain in the ass. Most diabetics became drowsy or unconscious when their sugar went low. Not Raymond. He might as well have done meth. How someone with LOW blood sugar could gain superhuman strength was beyond her. She looked forward to correcting his condition. Aside from his mean and violent behavior when he became hypoglycemic, Raymond was actually a nice guy. A Vietnam Vet who often could be found helping out at the local homeless shelter, having been a former resident himself.

“Hi Raymond,” Stacey sighed. “Sugar’s low again, eh?”

“Fuck you! The only thing low around here is your shirt! You might as well take it off & let me at those titties!” he growled.

Stacey turned red and glanced down. Her scrub top WAS opening up, showing plenty of cleavage. Normally, she wouldn’t care, being proud of her body. However, there’s a time and place for everything, and work is not one of those times nor places. Maria and Adam both noticed, although they didn’t let on.

Maria grabbed Raymond by the shirt and pulled him back down supine on the stretcher.

“Raymond, BEHAVE.” she said firmly. “As usual, we had to give him glucagon I.M. because he wouldn’t let us start a line on him.”

“As usual,” said Stacey.

“As usual,” said Adam.

Raymond grumbled and obeyed, calming down and becoming cooperative. Adam and Maria lowered the stretcher down and removed the restraints, while Stacey came around from her desk to start taking his vital signs. She hooked up the blood pressure cuff to his arm, and as she turned to the machine to turn it on, Raymond pulled a move he never had before and suddenly wrenched his legs free of the straps and stood up swinging. He caught Maria off guard, making contact with her chin and sending her flying. Stacey, never one to run from a fight, joined Adam and pounced on Raymond, taking him down. They became a writhing mass of tangled limbs on the floor. They managed to keep him down while another nurse came with Ativan to inject and sedate him. Maria recovered from the blow and piled on top of both Stacey and Adam, helping to hold Raymond. In the process of restraining him, Adam’s hand became trapped between Raymond and Stacey, her full breast mashed against his open hand. While they held him there, unable to move until Raymond became unconscious, they both realized where his hand was. From behind Stacey, Adam was the first to speak, leaning it a bit and whispering quietly in her ear so no one else would hear.

“Sorry about where my hand is,” he said.

Her breasts had always been sensitive and despite the circumstances, she couldn’t help but feel aroused. She bit her lip to suppress a moan.

“It’s okay,” she whispered while the struggle continued, her breast being massaged. “I’d MUCH rather it be your hand than his.”

Adam could tell the effect him gripping her tit had as he felt her nipple grow hard against his palm. It wasn’t the only thing getting hard.

The sedative kicked in finally and Raymond stopped struggling. Adam was able to remove his hand, although they both wished it could remain. They picked Raymond up and placed him on a hospital bed, unconscious and snoring. They made their way back to the triage station, checking each other for injuries. Maria’s jaw was fine, and they all were relatively okay. They completed their paperwork and sat there.

“Thank god my shift is over,” said Stacey.

Maria asked, “How are you feeling? You look a little beat.”

“Yeah, just got over the flu but I’m definitely a bit dehydrated.”

She leaned in towards the two of them.

“Hey guys, look, any chance you could give me some Ringers Lactate outside? I don’t want to do it here, cause then they’ll make me stay here & I just wanna leave.”

Adam said, “Of course. Go check out and meet us at the ambulance. It’ll give us time to put stuff away anyway.”

“Thanks guys, I really appreciate it.”

Stacey looked at both of them, still aroused a bit from Adam’s hand, and went to change and clock out while Maria and Adam brought their stretcher back to the ambulance. On the way to the rig, Adam told Maria what happened during restraining Raymond.

“REALLY?” asked Maria. “Hmmmm… and you’re sure she was turned on?”

“Her nipple became hard as a rock, and I could feel her breathing change.”

Being the nympho that she was, Maria’s mind started whirring.

“So, you finally got a chance to feel what I felt last New Years.”


Maria laughed, and cocked her head and gave him a mischievous look, a fiendish idea apparent in her mind.

“I think I know a way we both could feel MUCH more!”


Stacey climbed into the back of the ambulance where Maria and Adam waited for her. She gave them both a hug and a friendly kiss before laying down on the stretcher. Adam slid the sleeve of her shirt up his fingers brushing the side of her breast. She shivered a bit at his strong, warm, powerful but gentle touch. Maria set up the IV kit and bag of lactated ringers, infused with a little dextrose for good measure. Adam pierced her arm with a needle catheter to establish the IV.

Unlike most people, Stacey did not mind needles. There was a part of her that loved the pain, the sharp twinge as the needle enters, then the dull ache as the body adjusts. Her ex never understood that other, secret side of herself that associated pleasure and pain together. Thus, much of her sex life with him was unfulfilled. Now that she was single again, she thought about what to do next. She looked at Adam as he secured the IV, occasionally glancing at her with his bright piercing eyes and borderline smile as he went about his craft. Stacey began to feel warm and fuzzy, the painful pleasure of the IV mixing with recent memories of him stimulating her tit. Maybe Maria was right. Maybe she should follow through on those occasional lustful thoughts she had of him. She felt her pussy become moist as the warmth covered her body, the lights in the ambulance becoming dimmer, and dimmer….

What Stacey didn’t realize is that Maria had also pushed diphenhydramine into the IV line, more commonly known as benadryl. Used to treat allergic reactions, it also has the side effect of making one drowsy. The active ingredient in over the counter sleep aids, it works well in oral tablet form. Injected into the bloodstream, it works much quicker and more powerfully. It’s not uncommon for patients to fall asleep after being treated with IV diphenhydramine. This was no different with Stacey


The dim lights returned as Stacey became aware of her surroundings. She was kneeling squatted down on the stretcher, face resting on a pillow. Groggily, she tried to sit up, but was only able to get as far as kneeling on her hands and knees. Confused, she tried to get up but couldn’t move further than that. She finally became aware of what was happening. Her ankles and legs above and below the knees were bound securely together, legs closed, with flexible kling wrap bandages. Straps were banded across her calves to the stretcher, keeping her in place, unable to move them. Her wrists were secured to the stretcher with handcuffs. She struggled, tried to pull free, but was successful in only bruising her wrists with the cuffs. She looked around and realized she was naked, stuck in a doggy style position. She began to panic, trying desperately to free herself. Eventually, she realized she wasn’t alone. She looked up and saw Adam, seated in the captain’s chair mounted in front of the head of the stretcher. He was naked, as was Maria who straddled him in his lap, facing her with her back to him. She gyrated on his lap and Stacey realized that Adam’s cock was in her slick pussy, sliding in and out as Maria moved around. One of his hands was clamped around her neck, holding her to him. The other was between her thighs, fingers dancing across her slick shaved slit. Her hands cupped her own full bronzed breasts, rolling the nipples between her fingers. Maria’s eyes were closed, her head back against his shoulder. He looked intently at Stacey, lust in his eyes.

“Well, look who woke up.”

Maria opened her eyes and looked down, smiling when she saw Stacey awake, and continued to fuck her partner.

“Ahhhh,” she said. “Just in time.”

Stacey became anxious and nervous. “What are you guys doing? What have you done to me? Let me go!”

Maria pulled off of Adam, knelt down next to him and took his cock into he mouth. She kept her eyes on Stacey’s as she bobbed her head slowly up and down. She took it out for a brief moment and spoke.

“Mmmmmm, Stacey, you REALLY need to try some of his cock. It’s so tasty.”

She continued to suck, despite Stacey’s protests to free her, begging to know what was going to happen to her. Adam forced Maria’s head all the way into his lap. She takes it all the way in and Stacey can see the head bulging out the top of Maria’s throat. Adam leans forward and catches Stacey’s nipples in his hands. Squeezing them tight, he pulls down, forcing Stacey’s upper body down so he can drag them roughly across the sheet that covers the stretcher. Stacey’s eyes bug out and her mouth drops in a silent scream as she gasps at the pain of his pinching with the pleasure it brings, especially the rough play as he abrades them against the cot.

“Now Stacey, you’re in no position to complain here. I know you enjoyed kissing and feeling up Maria here at the party.”

Maria struggles to remain in place, despite her body’s protest at the invader in her throat. As she fights the gag reflex, tears appear at the corners of her eyes.

“And your tit felt heavenly back there in the ER. And the way your nipple got hard, I know you enjoyed it too. So, we’re all going to have a little fun. Now that you’re recently available, you should enjoy this. After all, we’re partners in this together.”

“No, please!” Stacey says, not entirely successfully fighting off the moans and gasps as her arousal grows. “Not like this!” she pleads.

Adam releases her nipples and sits back up. Maria comes up off his cock, gasping for air. Adam grabs her hair and pulls her to him for a deep kiss, causing her to groan. He then pushes her towards the rear of the ambulance and slides forward until his rock hard prick is bobbing within inches of her face.

Stacey begs, “No… no… I’m… I can’t… you’re my frien-uhhhnnnnnn!”

She stops mid-sentence as she feels hands spread her cheeks behind her and a tongue lick her from the top of her crack down over her anus and across her pussy. As her mouth opens, Adam takes her head in his hands and lowers her open mouth onto his cock. Stacey feels it against her tongue, the musky mix of Maria’s juices and Adam’s scent on the head of his penis. Between the two sensations, she breaks and closes her eyes. She runs her tongue around the head, enjoying the taste.

Maria has straddled the stretcher behind Stacey and peers at Adam.

“Bend her over more so I can get at her clit.”

Adam runs his hand through her hair, the other hand on her neck. He pushes down, causing Stacey to take him into her mouth deeper, while her hips rotate forward, giving Maria the access she wants. Stacey moans as Maria seeks out her clit through the folds of her labia, lathering kisses all over it. Adam locks his fingers in Stacey’s hair and starts pulling her on and off him, fucking her mouth. Stacey takes over, bobbing her own head up and down, desperately trying to take his hard shaft deeper. It bumps the back of her throat, causing her gag reflex to kick in. She withdraws, his cock wet from her saliva. She looks up at him.

“Sorry about that,” she pants.

Stacey opens her mouth once again and takes him in and out, desperately trying to deep throat him. She moans and cries around his cock as he groans with pleasure. She fights off the gag reflex and takes him into the back of her throat. Maria’s fingers are hard at work, sliding into the slick opening of Stacey’s pussy while her tongue circles her clit. She runs her tongue back up her slit, fighting to enter her pussy, then continues north, rimming her, pressing her tongue against Stacey’s rosebud. Stacey squeals in delight, having been far too long since anyone paid any attention to her there. Maria returns to her clit, sucking it in like a little cock. Adam is now thrusting up into Stacey’s mouth, his hands back on her breasts, kneading them and pulling on the tender tips. Stacey’s moans turn into cries around the shaft that keeps entering and leaving her throat. She starts shaking and is soon gripped in the throes of an orgasm. She buries her face into Adam’s crotch and he gasps as her nose presses into his pubis, the mushroom head deep inside her oral pathway.

Maria slides a well-lubricated finger slowly and gently into Stacey’s ass, triggering a second orgasm from her.

“Mmmm…,” Maria says to Adam. “you’re going to love being in here.”

Adam pulls Stacey off of his cock, against her protests. He switches places with Maria, who sits on the front of the stretcher, legs spread wide in the face of Stacey. Adam straddles the stretcher behind Stacey and lowers himself down behind her. With one hand firmly on Stacey’s lower back, holding her in place, he uses the other to guide his dick to her pussy. Still wet with her saliva and Stacey’s dripping juices, he has no problem pushing the head past her lips into her vagina. Stacey gasps at the entry as he fills her.

“Oh, yes… YES!” she cries. “Fuck me, FUCK ME PLEASE!”

Adam groans as he slides into and back from her slick hole. His hands firmly grasp her hips, pulling her back onto and off of him.

“Uhhnn… uhhhnnn… mmmm… yeah!!!!”

“Enough talking, bitch!” growls Maria.

She grabs Stacey’s head and forces it into her crotch. Stacey recognizes the scent that was on Adam’s cock earlier, remembering how good it tasted. She slides her tongue across Maria’s pussy, savoring the flavor. She runs her tongue up and down the lips and sucks them into her mouth one at a time. Maria sighs at the talent her friend and partner shows. Stacey moans as Adam slides a thumb in alongside his cock, fucking her with both at the same time. The thumb withdraws, causing her to whine, which turns to a groan as she feels Adam press it into her ass. Adam pumps more firmly and Stacey pulls at her handcuffs, desperate to get her hands on Maria’s breasts. Maria sees what Adam is about to do and smiles, fondly remembering the times he’s sodomized her in the past. She grips Stacey’s head firmly to her, moaning as Stacey finds her clit.

She whines in protest as Adam slowly withdraws his cock from her pussy. He rubs it up and down her labia, and drags it further upward until it rests against her anus. Stacey feels it press against her, opening her up.

“Mnnhhhnn… uhhhnn… no… wait… please,” she gasps.

Adam does not relent, and keeps the pressure on gently, moving in ever so slight circles as the muscle relaxes, letting the tip inside.

“Ughhh… GOD… FUCK!” she cries, torn between protesting and licking Maria. “Please… please… slow… slooooowly,” she begs.

Adam obliges. Maria, with lust in her eyes, rotates her hips to maximize the pleasure. She releases her head from her hands and instead starts groping her own tits, squeezing them and rubbing them, twisting the nipples firmly.

“God, you’re good, Stacey, don’t stop! Press back into him, girl. It’s easier if you do the moving.”

Adam pauses and Stacey follows her advice, slowly moving back and forth, back a little further each time, taking him deeper in. She moans against Maria, making her shudder with the vibrations.

“Big… it’s… it’s… uhnnnnn… mmmm…”

Maria replies, “but not too big, right?”

“No… no… just… huh… uh… oh god… OH GOD!” she groans as she loosens up and feels it slide the rest of the way in.

“Fuck girl, you are TIGHT!” Adam moans.

He stays there for a second, feeling her ass against his pelvis, savoring the way it feels. She begins pulling forward a bit, then pushes back. Back and forth. He grabs her hips like before and begins moving with her.

“Oh yeah… oh yeah… so good… so good,” she sighs.

“See?” Maria pants, “told you you’d like it.”

“Yes… Yes!”

Adam begins more forceful strokes, filling her up. He reaches forward and mimics Maria’s hands on Stacey. She cries and shudders, burying her head into Maria’s cunt, lapping desperately. Maria whines and undulates, then shrieks as she cums. Adam releases Stacey’s breasts and leans back, thrusting into her. She sits further up, meeting Adam’s thrusts with those of her own. Desperate to cum again, she wails. Maria, partially recovered, leans forward and kisses Stacey, hands going to her breasts. She tongues Stacey and squeezes her tits hard, sending her over the edge. Adam grips her hips tight and pulls her hard against him, preventing her from dislodging him. He grinds into her, in search of his own orgasm. She spasms beneath him, unable to move any further.

“Fuck, FUCK!” he groans.

“Yes, cum in me, baby! Cum in me!” Stacey cries.

He pounds furiously and explodes inside her, his cock unloading into her. She shudders and moans, feeling the spasms and him squirting against her insides. Panting, he holds her tight against him, not moving, shuddering as a few remaining tremors run through him. Unable to take it anymore, Stacey’s legs give way and she collapses forward, flat onto the stretcher. Adam and Maria release the handcuffs, straps, and bandages that forced her to take the pleasure they gave her. They clean her and each other up, sharing kisses while Stacey hums in content. Holding each other, they sit together on the squad bench next to the stretcher.

“I think we’re all a little dehydrated now,” Stacey says.

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