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You smile as I kissed my way from your bare shoulder, up your neck, to the base of your ear. I make sure you’re really turned on with lots of kissing. I move on to sucking your full tits, stroking your pussy… As you start to moan in response, I begin sliding a finger slowly in and out of your cunt, letting your horny pussy lube up my finger.

“Mmmmm…” is all you reply, both of us thinking in the same direction.

My tongue now flicking your nipples, finger flicking your clit. I let two fingers start delving into your cunt, gently curling to rub your G-spot. My hard cock rubs against your thigh, and then my fingers slide out of you, slowly gliding back along the surface of your ass, gently caressing, then rubbing your rosebud. The tingling sensation spreads all throughout your body. I feel the tight muscles in your ass clenched under my fingers; I don’t try to penetrate. Again you moan softly.

I just slowly rub the surface, making circles, relaxing the muscles; your ass relaxes, enjoying how good it feels. My pressure increases slightly, and you tilt your hips to rub your pussy lips against my wrist. I can feel your hole begin opening, inviting me in and with a bit more lube I press in slowly, gently. Just barely penetrating you, only that half-inch to your sphincter, I hear you gasp softly in pleasure. Your ass squeezes my finger, unsure what direction you want it to go. I just hold still, letting both of us enjoy how good this feels. My other hand firmly squeezes your breast, and I kiss you deeply, our tongues entwining. Your hand then closes over mine, pressing me further in.

I let my finger sink slowly past the first knuckle. You exhale raggedly as your ass stretches to let me in, squeezing to control the pace, letting me know how far to go. I can feel your pulse through the muscles, into my finger – quick and strong, like your breath. Extremely aroused, wanting more, your hand wraps around my cock, squeezing it, showing me how much you like this anal play. I press in further, hearing your pleasured moan as I do, knowing how deep, how fast is good by the pitch of your moan. With yet more lube, I’m now in just past the second knuckle, and you begin to rock your hips slightly. Your hand on mine, I begin sliding my finger slowly, slowly in and out – short, shallow strokes, very slow, teasingly slow. To my finger it feels like almost no movement, but I know the strokes feel full and powerful in your ass. Your moans rise, louder and hornier as I feel your ass relaxing more. As your moans of pleasure get stronger, I gradually increase the pace and depth of my strokes. Soon, almost my entire finger is sliding in and out of your ass, never quite leaving entirely, still slow, but steady and firm.

I can hear you start to murmur… “yesssssss…ohhhhh yeahhhhhh…mmmmmm, ahhhhh, yeahhhhh”

Adding another dab of lube, I break the rhythm, pausing on the outstroke. Pressing firmly, but very slowly, you can feel me adding a second finger. Your eyes widen, fully open, staring into mine. My free hand squeezing your tit firmly, as my fingers sink into you in one long, slow stroke. I pause when they’re fully inside you, and I can feel a shudder of pleasure course through your whole body. Your eyelids droop and your arms clasp me, pulling me hard against you as your passion climbs. Your hungry mouth devours mine, the thrashing of your tongue telling me better than any words how turned on you are. The movement creates a slight stroking of my fingers as your ass rises off and onto them. You fall back against the bed, gasping, breathing hard, one hand clenching your tit, the other reaching down to rub your pussy.

I gaze down at you with a lustful grin and I let my fingers start a new rhythm in and out of your ass. I love how tight you are around them. I kiss you hard again as I grind my cock into your thigh, your cool skin in such contrast the heat pulsing through my rigid tool. I hear your guttural moans of lust, feel your body rising in time with my fingers and the alternating strokes of your own fingers on, then in, your pussy.

“Yessssss…unghhhhh, yeahhhh, oh yeahhhh… fuck me….unghhh, yeahhhh… now… fuck my ass…”

We stare into each others’ eyes, both seeing hot, horny lust reflected. I grin and lube my cock. My fingers withdraw with a slight pop and you whimper briefly, but you know what comes next.

I slide a pillow under your hips, raising them a bit. Kneeling between your luscious thighs I see you pull your knees to your chest, wantonly, brazenly offering up your ass. I reach down and guide the head of my cock to your back door. Your eyes close as you feel the fleshy head of my dick pressing against you. I slowly press my hips forward, and your eyes widen as your ass does too, stretched open by the bulbous end of my cock, the hard length following it, inch by inch, filling you up. Even relaxed and warmed up as you are, it’s a stretch – no pain, just an intense feeling of resistance and surrender. My cock feels huge, enormous; you can feel each vein and ridge sliding in. The length of my shaft seems to go on forever, prolonging the agonizing ecstasy of being penetrated. I hear you whimper in joy and pleasure at being so filled. You can feel my cock throb as my own excitement climbs.

When I’m buried to the hilt I pause, watching you, making sure you’re still enjoying this as much as I am. Your legs wrap around my back and I feel you pull me even tighter against you. I rock back slowly and hear you inhale , then roll forward back into you. Your hands clench my shoulders, your nails digging into my flexing muscles, stabbing, piercing me harder when your legs pull me in to stab, pierce you. Gradually our pace builds, both of us delirious with the amazing feel of my long hard cock plowing deeply into your hot, tight ass. Me feeling your ass squeezing my cock; you feeling my cock throb and glide inside you. We’re both moaning, gasping, grunting as we grind ourselves together. My own hands now grip your shoulders allowing me to pull you even harder onto my rigid pole.

The lube lets us thrust and pound hard and fast with pleasure only, no pain, until we both begin to spasm, my hips quivering. Your ass clenches hard around me as my cock swells and explodes deep inside your horny ass you can feel the pulsing as my cum gushes out. your nails scratch deep red lines into my shoulders while my own fingers clench on yours, leaving slight bruises. Our cries of release echo around the room, until, breathless and exhausted, we both collapse, my still-hard cock sliding out of you.

You lay spent, your ass satisfied, thrilled, yet oddly feeling both empty and relieved. I kiss your shoulder, then your lips, lightly. We both smile at each other, and you run a finger across my chest, saying, “Wow… yeah, now THAT’S the way it’s done…”

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