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Sunday and the Future

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Well, Rob woke me up Sunday morning with a hardon and let me tell you that I was really enjoying our newly exciting sex life! We had been married for a few years and after the first we had slowly reduced our sexual encounters over the years, just like most other married couples. I had no interest in being a “hot wife” or screwing around and I really didn’t think Rob had any ideas along that line but he seemed to really be getting off on displaying me.

I wasn’t all that happy about that, I didn’t really get off on being nude in front of friends or Shawn for that matter, but after the first couple of days where Rob couldn’t keep his hands off me, well, it was pretty good for the both of us. He had been all over me everyday and I was loving that a lot!

So after he had finished, and I really mean finished, we showered and I fixed breakfast. I was still nude, Rob was dressed and his hands and fingers were all over me. I am surprised that I actually managed to get breakfast on the table. And after we were done and the dishes cleared and in the dishwasher, I wasn’t surprised that he wanted to go for a drive and he expected me to go as I was.

As good as the sex had been for us, and wanting to keep that going as long as I could, I acquiesced. So, I got in the Tahoe, bare ass naked and Rob drove off with me like that. He got on the interstate and the first thing he did was pull up next to a semi and have me lean back against him, with my feet facing the semi and then spread my legs for the truck driver. Now, I was embarrassed to be doing this but also turned on. He did this with several trucks and I could tell he was turned on also. Rob would tell me what a slut I was to do what I was doing and just for the fact of me going out with him without a stitch in the Tahoe. He was toying with my tits and nipples as he drove down the interstate with me showing myself off. God my nipples got hard! And, (blush) I got wet too…..

All this was so surreal for me. I was not a virgin by any means, and we had played with domination, but it was not like me at all to get naked for friends or strangers, but I was doing it. And not saying too much about it either.

So we played like this for a while and the next thing was a trip to Key West for Fantasy Fest. Do you all know about that? It’s near Halloween and the women who go there, well they show a lot of skin. And have pictures taken by complete strangers. Well guess what Beth was doing during the week we spent there…..

Yep, you’re right. Beth was showing off, a lot, at her husband’s instigation. And she wasn’t saying too much about that either, just going along. We went to the Garden of Eden, where it seemed that women were allowed to get naked and no one said a word, not even the police. Yeah, Rob got me naked there and let all the men get a good look at yours truly. And yes, my nipples were erect during that. Rob got me body painted the second day. I wore my barely covering me shorts, my only pair if you all remember, but my tits were bare all day except for the paint. Hardest part for me was that the painting was done in plain sight of the people walking by on the street and then having to go out of the shop without a top.

He took me to Rum Runners, another bar that has wet t-shirt contests every night. They have strippers who get in the contests too, to try and get the amateurs to go all the way. Guess who got entered in the wet t-shirt contest. Guess who ended up with a stripper that Rob talked to without me knowing about it. Guess who ended up bare ass on stage in front a ton of younger guys….I wasn’t the best looking woman in the contest by a long shot, didn’t have the best body. Remember that my tits sag and that I have a fat ass. Didn’t matter a bit to the crowd. I didn’t win anything but Rob sure was happy. And the last day, after a stop at the body painting shop all Beth had on was paint and a bit of a sunburn all over her body.

I was enjoying the sex after we got back to our room, not really the nudity, I still blushed all the time but yes I got aroused. So did Rob and he managed to show me how much it affected him each night.

We talked a lot about what we were doing and he let me know how much it turned him on and in a way I didn’t mind too much to live out his fantasies for him and me both. I didn’t enjoy too much the picture taking by people I didn’t know but didn’t have a clue how many or who was taking them. We’re both pretty sure that I am on the internet.

The next thing that we did was Mardi Gras. By this time Rob was pretty sure that I would do what he wanted so I had some jeans and slacks in addition to my shorts and a few more tops but still no underwear. We had a hotel room on the second floor with a balcony. I got tons of beads each night because Rob would get me out there, remove my top and pull down my jeans or slacks, usually to my ankles and I would be pretty much nude out there. And on the last three days we were there, Rob asked me if I would take off all my clothes on the balcony in front of the crowds of people on the street and I blushingly complied. It was kind of worth it to see the happiness on his face and it did do things for me also. I also got to get the door for room service, sometimes with a towel, which I had to drop while room service was there, sometimes without even the towel. At this time for three more years, our kids were very young and we’d leave them with my parents on our four trips to Mardi Gras.

But as they got older the trips stopped and we got back into the humdrum life of parents with older children and we stopped doing the things that spiced up our sex lives.

Every now and then something would come up, like my trip to the cottage, the golf tournaments with the caddie, Marilyn’s little pushing of me to do things that had been buried in our past. Rob didn’t really forget what we had done when we were younger, we just didn’t do it that much anymore, couldn’t do them because of the children.

We still talked about my adventures when we were alone and used them to excite Rob and in some sense myself too but not as often. We had gotten into our forties. My body had not completely gone away, but I wasn’t a young woman anymore. My once pert tits were now lying on my chest, although my nipples were still the same, when aroused, thick and erect. My once 34 inch hips were now at least 37 inches. The stretch marks from giving birth to two children were there too, but I had managed to keep them from looking too ugly. All in all, for a forties woman, I didn’t look bad. Not model good, but good for my age. I didn’t have men checking me out like back in my twenties, but some still did. That made me feel good about myself.

Our youngest had just started college and we were empty nesters again, like when we were first married. We had taken our son to college, with my Tahoe for the room and carried all his stuff to his dorm room, met his room mates. Spent the afternoon walking around the campus, taking a good look at it. Took our son and his new room mates out to dinner, and then spent a quiet evening at an Embassy Suites. Which my husband had me spend nude, of course.

The next morning we took our son to breakfast and then said our goodbyes. As we drove off Rob gave me that look and as soon as we entered the interstate, he looked at me and grinned.

“Remember ten years ago, Beth?”

I looked at him and smiled. I knew what he was thinking.

“Yes, I do, Rob.”

“I bet you’d like to take off your clothes for me, Beth.”

“Honey, I don’t understand you. I’m an old woman, in my forties.”

“Come on Beth, you know that you get off on it.”

It had been a few years with raising children and not having that much time with just the two of us. So, I did what Rob asked. I took my clothes off and when he told me to drop them on the floor behind my seat, I did.

“Rob, I just don’t get why you get so excited. I’m old and my body doesn’t look like it once did. I’m getting a fat ass and my tits sag.”

“You’re my wife and the mother of my children and you still look hot to me Beth.”

I blushed and I got a little twinge of arousal. Both by Rob’s words and the fact I was bare ass in the car again. I know that I shouldn’t have, but I undid my seat belt and turned to face Rob. Then I put my left foot over the console and my right foot on the dash. Leaning back against the door I showed my husband everything I had, my tits, nipples and pussy.

“Touch yourself honey.”

And I did, cupping my tits and squeezing them, toying with my already erect nipples and running a finger through my slit. I was being just as bad as I had been over ten years ago! Rob would glance at me from time to time as I played with myself, grinning and my whole world was my body and those hot glances he gave me. It wasn’t long and he gave me a big grin and before Rob even said anything, I knew what was happening.

“Turn around honey.”

I did and before I looked I knew what I was going to see. We were gaining on a semi. As Rob’s right hand closed over one of my tits and began to tease my nipple, I glance to my left out the windshield. Slowly, slightly embarrassed but getting aroused, I put my right foot near the door post and my left on the dash, spreading my legs for what I knew was coming. Even as anonymous as this was, I still felt that tinge of embarrassment and humiliation! Which was a hot button for me. Rob slowly pulled up to the semi’s door and did his best to hold our vehicle right there. Rob honked our horn and I put one hand over my pussy. Then I looked up and at the semi, seeing the driver glancing over to us. I could feel my face getting warm, watching him double take and then grin. I stayed like that for a while, letting him look at me, seeing my face and my tits with Rob teasing and squeezing one of them. God my face felt so hot! Then I took my other hand and covered the top of my face and slowly removed the hand covering my pussy.

I let that truck driver see me, all of me, blushing but feeling very aroused! Rob held that position for maybe five minutes, letting the driver see everything I had to offer. I didn’t play with myself, that would have been too much for me, but I didn’t even attempt to cover up. Rob even had me get on my hands and knees and press my bare ass up against the passenger window for the truckers viewing pleasure and for mine also. I still do not understand how doing something like this can turn me on so much! I should be totally embarrassed and humiliated and I do feel some of that, I really do, but I get so aroused too!

Rob had me stay naked for the entire drive home, it wasn’t difficult for him to convince me and had me show at least four more truckers my body. I was just oozing from my pussy! Rob likes to watch me masturbate but I have to be so turned on to do it, that it doesn’t happen often. It is embarrassing. He didn’t push me, just had me turn to face him again, and started fingering my slit and then finger fucking me. He used his thumb to rub my clit with two fingers right up inside me and I think I came three times in the Tahoe. I was slightly out of it after the second that is why I think it was three times. It could have been more. I finally had to stop Rob, it was too much. He pulled his fingers out of me and held them out and I knew what he wanted. So I sat up and took them in my mouth and licked and sucked my pussy juice from them. This is something that I don’t do that often. But Rob likes it. He likes to see me tasting myself, he likes to kiss me after he has been licking me. And of course he likes me to suck him after he’s been in my pussy. Rob has told me that he likes that because a good girl wouldn’t do it. And for a lot of our life together I have been the “good girl”. The scout mother for our daughter and son, the PTA mom. It just really arouses him to see me do things that would shock our families and for that matter most of our friends. The Sunday School teacher that I was when I kids were growing up.

And he likes that I will do this for him, with just a little prompting. But he also likes being able to show me off and he has, unfortunately a very good memory.

Rob remembered the sorority bringing former sorority members to the frat smokers and what the former sorority girls ended up doing….getting naked in front of a bunch of frat boys and potential pledges and it gets him really excited to know that I did it once. And he wanted me to do it again…and again…and again. And once we arrived at home from dropping off our son at college, when Rob informed me that I was to strip when I got home from work, just like in the past and stay naked until I got dressed for work in the morning and we talked and I found out from his words how much it turned it him on, I just told him that I would.

So I found myself answering the door to our friends nude once more, blushing once more, turned on once more. Yes, I was embarrassed and their comments humiliated me a lot, but in a way I was so happy to do what Rob told me to do, it didn’t seem to be a big huge problem. The only issue I had with it, other than being so embarrassed was the comments from the wives. That and the suspicions that they had that I was fucking their husbands, which I wasn’t.

Rob and I know about the so called “hot wife” lifestyle. Wives fucking other men with their husband’s approval. Neither one of us was interested in doing that. But Rob always seemed to get more excited when he came home and I would casually mention that Bob or Chris or Jason or Mike had stopped over that day while he was at work. The first words out of his mouth after I said that always were….

“Were you naked?”

Sometimes I would say yes, sometimes wouldn’t you like to know. Because of our agreement Rob knew that if any of them dropped in on me, that I had been naked, but it seemed to really excite him to be wondering if I had been completely nude in front of his friends. So I asked Rob if I could start wearing the tank top and shorts during the day so I could tease him with him wondering if I removed them for his friends.

By this time, with the previous years while our kids were young and then when they were at school, all of these guys had seen me bare ass naked so many times, it wasn’t that big of a deal anymore. Don’t get me wrong, it still was embarrassing to be caught nude or to be made to strip while they were at our home but it seemed to raise Rob’s arousal level to wonder. So I played to that.

Rob also spoke with our female friends to have them be somewhat cruel to me, calling me “dumb slut” and things like that. That bit of humiliation was exciting to me, exciting a lot. Every now and then I would have one of the men call Rob while he was at work and tell him that they dropped over and that Beth was nude and she didn’t seem to care that they saw me. It was humiliating enough to have them ask me to get naked and I would. They all were aware that it was “look but don’t touch” but the unknown for Rob was a turn on for him.

I got to know what would really get him going in bed.

“Rob, honey, do I feel really wet to you tonight?”

Implying that maybe someone else’s sperm was swimming inside me before he got there.

Or, “Rob, do my kisses taste different tonight?”

Implying that I had been sucking someone else’s cock and he came in my mouth earlier.

Both were things that I would never do, but he felt so much harder and lasted so much longer just by me saying things like that to him. So that got brought into our playing. Me hinting that perhaps one of Rob’s friends had gotten into my pussy or mouth during the day and Rob wondering if it was actually true. Rob would be deep inside me, as deep as he could get…..

“Did XXX get some of this today, did you let him go bare inside you?”

And I would look at him and smile…..

“Wouldn’t you like to know, honey….”


“Maybe XXX reached virgin territory today darling.”

“What do you mean Beth?”

“Well his dick is much longer than yours Rob so it definitely would be a place that you have never reached.”

Now I didn’t really know if anyone’s dick was longer than my husband’s but if I said that to him while we were screwing, he almost always came right then, but my honey stayed hard as a rock and just kept banging me. After he came for the second time inside me he rolled off of me and we both laid there, breathing hard.

“Would you like to do another cock Beth?”

I was shocked!

“Rob, you are all I want, really.”

“I was your first and only, right?”

“Yes, but you’re the only one that I want.”

“Wouldn’t it be nice to have or experience another man Beth? I know that you love me but you don’t know…..”

“I don’t need anyone else, darling. You do it for me, that’s all that matters.”

The conversation died out that night, but every now and then Rob would bring it back up. Along with my teasing of him about me perhaps doing someone else while he was at work, well our sex life was amazing.

But even with how good it was, Rob still had me contact my sorority and offer to work the fraternity smoker, knowing full well that I would have to get naked to do it. And so, three weeks later we ended up in the town that I went to college in and on Friday night Rob dropped me off at the sorority house, wearing a coat and nothing else but sensible heels. He was to pick me up at midnight. He also had given me a note to give the sorority that I would start the evening naked and stay that way until he picked me up.

So I spent basically over four hours totally nude, in front of perhaps 50 college age boys and few girls from the sorority. Most of the boys were gentlemen, since they all had been told that it was “look but don’t touch”. But there were always a few who had roaming hands. My ass got stroked quite a bit with several guys trying to get between my legs. I stopped them of course, we were in sight of other people.

But there was the frat house kitchen, which was off limits for the cigarette waitresses to take breaks. Of course some of the fraternity officers managed to get in the kitchen and one of them got me up against the wall, pushed his knee between my legs and really felt me up, even getting a couple of fingers in my pussy and finger fucking me! Held my face and kissed me with a lot of heat. He even sucked on my nipples!

He got me really hot and I began to think of how Rob and I had teased each other with the thought of me fucking another guy. By the time Rob had picked me up, I was so hot. Here I was, a forties woman, who had been naked for a long time in front of a bunch of young men, been felt up and fingered by one of them, kissed and had her nipples sucked on. I was ready for Rob, for sure.

I told him all about this kid on the drive to our hotel and in the elevator Rob was all over me, got my coat open and was kissing me and feeling me all the way to our floor. We got off the elevator on the sixth floor and Rob pushed me up against the wall, pushed my coat off my shoulders and pulled it off me….remember the coat is all I have on but my shoes. And off he walks, leaving me standing naked, shocked. I finally come to my senses and hurry behind him, too late to catch the door to our suite, it closes in my face. I am rapping on the door, scared shitless that I am going to be caught! He makes me stand out there for a few seconds and then opens the door, grinning.

“Had to hang up your coat Beth.”


But less than five minutes later he is screwing me. After I come and he finishes Rob asks me how the evening went. I told him about the roaming hands and the one guy in the kitchen, feeling and fingering me, sucking on my nipples and kissing me and Rob gets hard immediately!

He doesn’t say a word, just flips me over, pulls back on my hips so my ass is up and starts really banging me! I turn my head to the side so I can kind of see him…..

“Turn you on to know another guy was feeling my pussy?”

Rob just keeps pounding me as hard as he has ever done and for a long time….and he blows off inside me again. He pulls out and flops down on his back next to me and I kind of just slide down, lying on my belly, looking at him and he looks at me…

“Did you even try to stop him?”

“Yes, but he didn’t take no for an answer.”

“Did you come?”

“No, someone came in the kitchen and he stopped and just left me there shivering.”

“Do you want to fuck him?”

“Rob! No!”

“I’ll bet you do Beth. I’ll bet that you want to feel a different cock inside you, don’t you?”

I was silent. Did I really want that? Now that Rob had planted a seed I was wondering….how would it feel, different? Better? Would I hate myself if I did explore?

We fell asleep without any more talk about that and I had Rob’s sperm leaking out of me. We cuddled during the night and I woke up to his morning “wood” poking me in the ass. I kissed my husband awake and before I knew it Rob was on top of me and sliding inside. Kissing me like a madman and doing me fast and hard. I had to smile to myself! After he finished inside me again……

“No more for you today Rob. I don’t want to go to the smoker looking like I’ve been screwing all day!”

The poor boy looked exhausted anyway! So we did the room service thing and Rob dared me to go in the bathroom bare ass and come out when room service arrived. I could make it look like I didn’t realize that room service was here and I did. I took a shower and when I heard the waiter come in, I walked out of the bathroom, drying my hair with a towel, the rest of me showing. I scrubbed at my hair for a bit and then lowered the towel. It wasn’t hard for that girly “eek” to come out and I turned bright red! Then I turned around to let the waiter see my bare ass and walked back into the bathroom. When he left I came back out nude.

“You just love this, don’t you Rob?”

He just grinned at me. So for a treat for him I ate room service breakfast naked. Wouldn’t let Rob touch me though or we most likely would have ended up on the bed again.

“So did it turn you on to hear about that kid finger fucking me in the kitchen?”

Rob just looked at me. I slid my hand onto his cock.

“If it didn’t why are you so hard Rob? And if it did why don’t you admit it?”

I removed my hand and had to push his away from me.

“No Rob, no more today, or least until I get back from the smoker. Do you think he’ll be there again tonight? Do you want him to feel me again?”

Rob sort of grinned.

“You do! Damn it Rob, if you do, just say so!”

The shit didn’t say a word, just smiled at me. So I knew if there was going to be anything going on it was going to be up to me. I had to think long and hard about this but during my thinking, I continued to tease Rob about the kid and what he had done to me and also about me maybe doing him just so I could “experience” another cock. Poor Rob had to keep his hands in his pockets all day to conceal his erections. I kept Rob out of our suite for most of the day to keep him from ignoring me about sex and just throwing me on the bed or couch, taking what he wanted. His poor dick was hard almost the entire afternoon as I teased him….teased about the kid finding me again in the kitchen and me just letting him do what he wanted, teased him about me finding a guy who would want to do me, although I not sure that I could find one. I was in my forties, my tits sagging, my ass widening. Who would want me? Thinking that did make me feel a little sad that I would never know what another man felt like, if he could do to me what Rob had done since we got married.

Finally I had to get ready to go to the smoker…makeup and another shower. Leaving the suite with Rob wearing nothing but a coat and shoes again I began to get aroused. I began to think about that young man pressing me up against the wall, his fingers between my legs, feeling and penetrating me. My nipples got hard immediately and I shook my head. I didn’t want to think of that and how aroused it made me, it just wasn’t right.

Soon I was back at the frat house, naked, serving cigarettes and cigars once more, the braver ones feeling my bare ass and trying to get hands and fingers between my legs. Eventually I took a break and the young man from the last night appeared in the kitchen like magic. He smirked at me. The next thing I knew he had me pressed up against the kitchen counter and his hand was between my legs. I resisted but he was stronger than me and it wasn’t long before one then two fingers were up inside me. At first I was pushing against him but when his thumb found my clit and started rubbing it, still with two fingers up me, I found myself clutching his shoulders and gasping.

“Do you want to come, bitch?”

I kept silent and began pushing away again. He kept rubbing me and working his fingers in me.

“Do you want to come, slut?”

I whimpered and before I could think I was nodding yes.

“Where are you staying tonight, slut?”

I mumbled the hotel and room number without really thinking. He made me repeat it to him and then he removed his hand, leaving me right on the edge of coming. He smirked at me.

“Maybe I’ll see you later, you dumb cunt.”

And he walked out of the kitchen, leaving me an unfulfilled wreck. My hand went to my pussy and it wasn’t easy to stop myself from finishing what he had started. I found a towel to wipe myself off. I was feeling pretty stupid, aroused and embarrassed at how easily he had overpowered me, brought me to the edge and left me hanging. For the rest of the evening, I am ashamed to say that I did not push the hands that groped me away as fast as I had before. Finally my evening at the smoker was over and I pulled on my coat and went outside to the street to wait for Rob. He pulled up, rolled down the window and …….

“Get in the back, Beth.”

I was confused but I opened the back door and found the young man and another, a black young man in the back seat. I hesitated but Rob told me to get in and I did. I sat down and before we had even got started moving, the two of them had my coat open and pushed down my arms and hands were all over me. I managed to squeak out….

“Rob! What is going on?”

“Feel good Beth? Just relax.”

Dumbfounded, I struggled with the two boys, but they managed to get my arms and hold them and just kept feeling me. My husband was driving my Tahoe and he was just letting two college kids take advantage of me! And they weren’t being gentle with me either! They squeezed and pulled on my tits and nipples and took turns fingering and finger fucking me. I was so glad when we got to the hotel and I was allowed to pull my coat back up and button it. But the two of them got out and followed Rob and I into the hotel and on the elevator and as soon as the door closed and we started going up to our floor the two boys were all over me again, in a glass walled elevator! The door opened and I was standing with my coat open again and hands all over me. Rob stepped out and motioned to them and they let me get our and I clutched my coat to myself and hurried down to our suite. When I reached the door and Rob came up, smiling at me I hissed at him…..

“What is going on Rob, why are you letting this happen?

“Does it feel good Beth, and don’t lie to me.”

I turned red or I should say more red because the two of them fondling me had made me blush or get aroused.

“I thought so. Just go with the flow Beth.”

The four of us ended up in our suite and three men talked. I went into the bedroom and put on some jeans and a top and walked back out. I tried to get Rob’s attention but he was engrossed in the conversation the three of them were having. I told them I was going to sleep and went back in the bedroom. I kept the jeans and top on, I didn’t have a nightie or any panties or bras.

I didn’t know what Rob was thinking and I was upset with him, I wanted him in bed with me and here he was talking with some college guys and probably drinking too. Eventually, with all that had gone on, the nudity, the fondling, I fell asleep.

Sometime later I woke in the dark, feeling two hands undoing my jeans and tugging them down my legs.


The person grunted his assent and shortly after that he was between my legs. I felt his cock rubbing on my pussy and then slide up inside me. It didn’t feel like Rob!

“Like my cock slut?”


It was the young guy! I started hitting him as hard as I could saying no, don’t over and over. He grabbed my wrists and pushed them over my head and held them down. Then the light went on and I saw Rob and the black kid watching. I looked down my body and saw the young man and then his cock, his bare cock, sliding in and out of my pussy! Rob came and sat by my head and whispered to me…..

“Tell him you’re not on birth control and he has to take it out.”

I looked at him like he was crazy……then I understood what he was asking and what he wanted to hear.

“Please….stop….don’t….I’m not safe, I’m not on birth control….please stop, please….”

The kid looked at me, grinned like an idiot and started pumping me faster and harder. The black kid took off his pants and boxers and started stroking his cock in front of everyone. I was scared and angry at Rob and the kid inside me. I didn’t even get really turned on and he came inside me, I mean he really came, a lot. I could feel it and tell by the sounds he was making as he rutted on top of me. He finished and pulled out and sperm was just running out of my pussy. He rolled over next to me on his back and the black kid climbed up between my legs and just stuck his up me. By this time Rob had pulled my top over my head and I was nude.

So my “loving” husband is kissing me now and the black kid is fucking me. I am so not turned on! Rob’s kissing me and feeling my tits and another man is fucking me! The black kid just pounds me and I hear him start grunting and he lets loose inside me too. He finishes and gets off me. Rob tells the two kids to go in the other room.

“Rob, you bastard! You meant for this to happen! How could you do this to me?”

“Beth, we’ve teased about this and it didn’t hurt you a bit. It isn’t like your pussy is going to be used up. You need some experience with other dicks and men.”

“I didn’t want this, they essentially raped me!”

Rob got up and got a towel and wet washcloth and cleaned me up and then he got down and started eating me and kept on until I came. Then he got up once more and the black kid came back in the bedroom, climbed on the bed and he had another hardon. I am ashamed to say to that let him do me again. After already coming once he lasted and fucked me to an orgasm before unloading in me again.

About ten minutes later the other guy came in the bedroom, wiped me off with a towel and had another turn. I didn’t come again, but he sure did!

And that is how most of the night went. One of them fucked me. The other one came in and cleaned me with a towel and then he’d fuck me. Then I would have a rest and one or the other would come back and do me again. I lost track of how many times I was fucked that night. I was really sore and swollen by the time they left in the morning. And then Rob fucked me last and blew a huge load of sperm inside me. Didn’t take him long from start to finish either.

Let me tell you the ride home was pretty quiet. I was still pretty angry about everything, even if I had come a lot and I didn’t want to talk about it. Rob didn’t seem quite as confident as he had the night before. And I didn’t let him have any at all for about a week.

But eventually we did talk about it…..eventually.

Rob. When we did have our talk, told me that he felt bad that I hadn’t had more experience with sex and that he wanted me to have more. I told him that I didn’t need more experience, that he was enough for me. We had several talks actually. And with each one he got to me a little more. Almost to the point that he had me convinced. So……

“So Rob, you really want me to do other men, right?”

“Well, not as blunt as that, but the experience could be good for you Beth.”

“So if I did another man you would be all right with it? A man of my choosing?”

“I guess so.”

“Well Rob, if this is what you want me to do, I’ll choose who and when. What do I have to do for you?”

“Tell me about it, or let me watch.”

Then he showed me the “Our Hot Wives” blog and had me read some of the adventures of the women on the blog. For some reason it excited me and I thought why not. But I was still angry with him and decided to make him uncomfortable.

I made up a list of men and out of the list I picked Rob’s boss, my boss, and a guy that was an acquaintance of ours that Rob did not really like. I informed Rob that I was going to test the waters three times and if I enjoyed myself, I would consider doing more.

So, two weeks after our last talk I went Rob’s office and ignored him, to the confusion of the people there, but I cornered his boss.

“I’ve got something I want to show you. Would you mind waiting five minutes and come out my Tahoe?”

Well his boss was sort of confused but I finally got him to agree. I went out to my Tahoe, in the parking garage, thinking just a little I must be crazy but I had decided to go through with this. I had on a skirt, thigh highs, a top and nothing else but shoes. When he got to my Tahoe, me waiting nervously, I opened the back door and got inside. He stood there, wondering what was going on.

“What did you want me to see Beth.”


And I took off my top and skirt. He just stared at me, incredulous.

“If you want it, come in and take it.”

I still can’t believe that I had stripped in front of Rob’s boss and said that to him. As taken aback as he was, he wasn’t going to turn done my offer and he climbed in the Tahoe and looked at me. I opened my legs, blushing at how slutty I was being and crooked a finger at him. He got the hint and was all over me. I asked him after a bit if he would lick me and he did. Then he sat up and pulled his cock out and had me suck it until it was good and hard.

“I don’t have a condom.”

“You don’t need it. Go ahead and do it.”

And he did. He put his cock inside me and fucked me until he came inside me. He was both quite surprised and fairly happy. I told him that this was a one time thing and that I hoped he enjoyed it. Then I told him to send Rob out my Tahoe. Boy did he smirk at hearing that! I waited until Rob came out, still naked and with sperm oozing out of my pussy. Let’s just say that Rob was slightly shocked to find me like that. And he had a smile on his face until I told him that his boss was the one who had done the deed. He started to get angry until I reminded him of our smoker weekend and that last night when he had two boys, really boys, although they were old enough to be legal and that I had told him that I would test this with men of my choosing and he had agreed to it.

“How are you going to feel going to work every day, knowing that your boss has seen me naked and fucked me and that I instigated it?”

He didn’t have much to say. I asked for his handkerchief and used it to wipe my pussy and gave it back to him. Then I got dressed and told him to leave me and I went back to my job. Rob didn’t say anymore about it, but that night he was a crazy man. When he got home I was in the kitchen and he bent me over the counter and did me with my skirt flipped up right there for the first. Then he made me strip naked. I had his sperm and maybe some of his boss running down my leg. I was naked all night and he was fantastic. He got hard so fast after coming, each and every time. I finally had to tell him that I couldn’t do it anymore, I was getting sore. But I was good enough to let him fuck me again in the morning before we got out of bed. He obviously was excited by what I had done but he was also very uncomfortable by it. Having to go to work and knowing that his boss had done me was difficult. Thankfully, Rob was good enough at what he does that he was able to find another job and get out of that situation. I wasn’t too unhappy about that since I did not want to be put in a situation where his boss was going to be hitting on me. I didn’t really like the man all that much.

My next plan took over two months to come to fruition, since I had an out of town conference to attend for a week. Myself, my boss, and three others from work were going. For a whole week! I had thought about this quite a bit. Rob had been after me for a while to quit my job since with his we didn’t really need the money. My boss was a black man, about ten years younger than me. We got to the conference in the afternoon on Monday and the five of us went out to dinner. At dinner I handed him a key card for my room. He looked at it curiously and then it dawned on him. He raised an eyebrow at me and blushing, I nodded yes. He knew my room number since it was on the reservation confirmation that our office received for the conference.

Well, when he came to my room and let himself in with his own key card to it I was standing by the window looking out. I heard the door open and close. I turned around and felt my face warm. I then unbuttoned my blouse and removed it, dropping it where I stood. Reached behind my back and undid my bra, letting it fall to the floor. He started to walk towards me and I held up my hand to stop him. I was nervous as hell, but excited too! I undid my skirt and unzipped it, letting fall and stepped out of it. Then I hooked my thumbs in my panties and pushed them down, leaving me in stockings and sensible heels. I did a turn for him and stopped, facing him again.

“Do you want this?”

He grinned and came to me, wrapping me in his arms and kissing me hard! Before long, I was on my back, legs spread wide and he was on top of me, pumping his thick black cock inside me. I had told him before ending up on the bed that he didn’t need a condom if he didn’t want one. After he finished inside me, I had him take a picture of me, showing me naked except for my stockings, legs spread and black sperm leaking out of me. Then I had him take a picture of me showing my face again, sucking his black cock back to erection and then one of me riding it. Each one showed my face. He had a nice cock, thick and longer than Rob’s. After he fucked me to an orgasm and came for the second time inside me……

“You can make me a whore this week if you want.”

He looked at me.

“I’ll do whatever you want for this week, whatever you tell me to do.”

As much as I meant it, I was blushing too. He chuckled and later that week he took me up on it.

He was fucking me every night, coming inside me and on Thursday he arrived at my room with two other black men that I had seen at the conference. I was slightly shocked!

“Take off your clothes Beth.”

Blushing like crazy I did, everything, even my stockings and stood nude in front of the three of them. The next thing I knew all three of them were feeling me all over and in a few minutes I was pushed down to my knees on the carpet and was sucking each of them. Not long after that I was on my hands and knees on the bed, sucking the two men I didn’t know alternately, while my boss was fucking me from behind. What none of them knew was that night I had plugged my cell into its charger so it would handle a long call, called Rob on it and told him to stay quiet and left it on the table between the beds. This was after I had sent the three pictures from Monday night to him. Rob was going nuts but I told him I wouldn’t talk about anything until I got home. All three of them fucked me at least twice, I lost track of who was behind me or on top of me. The wet spot on the bed was huge! My poor pussy was so red and swollen it wasn’t funny! And I had finger marks on my tits and my ass was bright red because they spanked me while fucking me, making me squeal. I had him take more pictures after I ended the call sneakily. Rob had been listening to me getting fucked for over two hours! I sent him the pictures of me and I made sure that one of them included me nude with three dangling black cocks in it too!

That was the last night, thankfully. I was really sore from all the fucking I got during the entire week. I got probably a mile of black cock that week!

My boss made sure that we sat together on the plane and he spent as much time as he could feeling me during the flight, so I was pretty horny by the time we landed. Rob picked me up at the airport and my boss was with me, smirking at him. Rob was just insane with lust and when we drove off, he looked at me and told me to strip. I did and he could see the finger marks on my tits and the ones on my legs where they had held me open. None of the men had been gentle and I wanted them to be rough with me so Rob could see it when I got home. Worked out perfectly! He was a madman again that Friday night and even my telling him that I was too sore didn’t stop him, which I wanted anyway. Four times from Rob that Friday night, a record!

The next plan of mine took two weeks to get to it. During that two week period my boss found every excuse to get me in his office, get me nude and fuck me over his desk. A couple of times, twice in a day. I lost quite a few pairs of panties in that two weeks.

That last day I resigned and told my boss I wouldn’t be back. I didn’t need the job as I said before. I left early and the guy who Rob didn’t like, remember him? Well, he came to our house. I don’t know why Rob didn’t like him, he wasn’t that bad of a guy, but for some reason he didn’t. When Rob got home that night, he didn’t see me around and came up to our bedroom to find me getting fucked in our bed by a man he didn’t like. He stood in the bedroom doorway watching. I saw him over the guy’s shoulder as he was pumping away on top of me. Just to give Rob something to remember….

“Give it to me, give me your sperm. I’m not on birth control, you could make me pregnant! Oh God your cock is so big and hard, much bigger than my husbands. Come on and fuck me and come inside me, please……”

Well, he did, not long after I said that either. And when he rolled off me and saw Rob standing there, it was slightly uncomfortable for him. I just laid there with his sperm leaking out of me and watched, both blushing and secretly smiling, as he hurriedly got dressed and left, Rob glaring at him and not saying a word. He sidled past Rob, nervous as hell, and hurried down the stairs and took off. That was the first night that Rob really spanked me hard! Hard enough to make my ass a bright red and while he was spanking…..

“You slut, you bitch, you dirty fucking whore! His dick is bigger than mine! It didn’t look that big after he pulled out of you, Beth, you slut!”

It was wonderful and the make up sex was fantastic!

After that last attempt to make Rob jealous and to not want me to fuck others we had another long talk and viewed the blog I had mentioned. I still didn’t understand why he wanted this but reading the blog together made us both hot and the sex was really great!

Rob didn’t act like the cuckcolds on the blog, but he did get turned on by looking at the pictures I had sent to him and he liked me to tell him about the encounters that I had had while we were having sex.

So maybe sometime in the future I will tell you about how things went from our conversations after my last cheating experience, which is the only way I can explain it. I had been cheating on my husband with other men, even if he wanted it to happen, because I didn’t tell him I was going to do it beforehand and he had no way to approve or disapprove of what I did. So it was cheating, pure and simple. A married woman fucking other men.

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