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Winter Wonder

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The snow continued to fall and Neal was tired from the long drive. However, as he turned onto the road to the ski resort, his excitement built. The mountains ahead of him were covered in white and the heavy snowfall bode well for a great week of skiing.

It was spring break of his sophomore year in college. His childhood friend, Cassie, had invited him to join her and her family at their slope-side vacation home.

Neal quickly accepted. He loved to ski and free lodging at a great resort area was irresistible. Plus, it would be fantastic to see Cassie again.

Their families were close and since grade school they’d grown up together and shared many interests. In high school, they had dated. Senior year, they introduced each other to sex. Cassie was uninhibited and often insatiable. It still sent chills up his spine when he remembered how she had convinced him to have sex in the department story dressing room.

When they went to different colleges, they had stopped dating, but were still occasional fuck buddies. Over time, they had more experiences and became more sexually skilled. Therefore, each time they hooked up was something new and special.

Frequent phone calls, emails and impromptu sexual encounters kept the friendship strong. Although never explicitly stated, Cassandra and Neal considered each other best friends.

Pulling into the driveway, Neal was impressed by the beautiful post and beam home. Mr. and Mrs. Knight were both successful in their careers and it showed in this upscale retreat. The front of the house had a deck over the basement garage. Windows on each side of the large stone fireplace stretched from the floor up to the vaulted ceiling. The windows spilled light onto the snow covered yard and gave the large falling flakes a magical quality.

Exiting the car, his breath misted in the night air and Neal gave a quick shiver. Grabbing his duffel bag and ski gear, his feet crunched on the snow as he moved up the steps to the door.

Cassie’s younger brother Paul answered the doorbell. “Mom, Neal’s here.” he shouted back over his shoulder. “It’s great to see you, man. The slopes are going to be sweet!”

“It’s good to see you, too. You’re right. With this new snow, we should be able to rip.”

Mrs. Knight emerged from the kitchen wiping her hands on a towel and wearing a plum sweater, jeans and a smile. She was naturally warm and outgoing. She was also a big fitness buff and very active. It showed that her skiing, tennis and yoga kept her trim and limber.

While Paul was tall like his father, Cassie favored her mother. It was clear that’s where Cassie got her good looks from. They were both adventurous, on the petite side and shared dark, curly hair. “Neal, you’re looking well.” she said while giving him a welcoming hug. “How was the drive?”

“It was fine, Mrs. K. It got slippery in a couple of places. But, I think I beat the worst of it.”

“That’s good,” she said waving him into the main house. “I’m glad Cassie’s got the SUV. The snow is supposed to continue through tomorrow, so we couldn’t have picked a better ski week.”

“I want to thank you for inviting me, Mrs. K. It was really nice of you.”

“Don’t mention it.” she replied with a shake of her head that caused the chestnut hair in her ponytail to swing. “I’m going to love your company. Dinner’s almost ready. Why don’t you unpack, while I finish up? Paul, help Neal stow his equipment and show him his bedroom.”

Neal had one of the guest bedrooms in the basement next to Paul’s room. Cassie and the Knights were located on the second floor. Although windowless, it was well appointed. Besides the roomy queen-sized bed, it had a closet, bureau, and an overstuffed chair. A mirror, lamp, landscape paintings and a full bookshelf completed the furnishings. It was more than comfortable for the week.

After quickly dumping his clothes in the bureau, he changed into sweatpants and a long-sleeve jersey. Returning upstairs, the aroma of food filled the air.

“Perfect timing,” Mrs. Knight said. She carried a large bowl from the kitchen to the heavy oak table in the dining portion of the main room.

“Anything I can do to help you?” Neal volunteered.

“Not now. Maybe later. You boys sit at the table while I get the last things.”

The meal of pasta, salad and fresh baked bread was delicious and plentiful. It was accompanied by a postcard perfect view of the snow falling across the valley below. They talked about school and caught up on family news.

Mrs. Knight confirmed that because Cassie had an afternoon class, she would be getting a late start and planned to arrive in the wee hours. Unfortunately, Mr. Knight was on a business trip and wouldn’t be here until mid-week.

After dinner, Neal and Paul played some video games and watched a little TV. Tired from the long drive, Neal excused himself.

From the couch, Mrs. Knight said “We’ll be going to bed shortly ourselves. You have sweet dreams”

“You too,” Neal replied and went to his room. He washed up and slipped into the gym shorts he usually slept in. Since the house was warm and there were lots of blankets on the bed, he decided against wearing a shirt.

Crawling into bed, Neal thought about the week ahead with anticipation. He was looking forward to Cassie showing up. He drifted off to sleep dreaming of Cassie’s body and feeling a little horny.

Several hours later, his bedroom door opened and light from the hall fell on his face. Neal drifted up from a pleasant sleep into semi-consciousness. He squinted his bleary eyes and caught a glimpse of a female figure in a short pink nightgown sneaking into his room. Still groggy, he tried to shake himself more awake. Before he could focus, the door closed and the room returned to pitch blackness.

She tiptoed to the bed and one of the floorboards creaked. With a quiet giggle, she reached the bed and slipped under the covers.

Neal rolled on his side and reached out to her. She pulled close and gave him a kiss. Neal was immediately more alert and his body showed the first signs of arousal. He was always easily stimulated and this unexpected visit hit all his triggers. Neal initiated a kiss and said, “I’m glad you made it safe.” And then with a hug, “And, I’m really glad you made it to my room, Cassie.”

With another quiet laugh, she shushed him and gave him a warm hug in return. It reminded Neal of when they used to make-out at her house with Cassie warning him that her family were all light sleepers. Paul was just down the hall. They didn’t want to disturb him and risk her parent’s finding out about their casual sex. Mr. and Mrs. Knight were liberal, but Neal didn’t want to tempt fate by flaunting the fact that he was screwing their daughter under their roof.

Snuggling close, Neal ran his hands over the soft fabric covering her skin. Although he couldn’t see a thing in the dark, he didn’t need to. His other senses were sharp and they filled in. It was all touch, smell, sounds and taste. And memory and imagination. It was six months since their last sex, but even with his eyes closed, he could clearly visualize Cassie’s body.

Her nose was pressed against his neck and her fingertips moved across his chest.

Inhaling the subtle aroma of her perfume brought a smile to his face. Cassie rarely used perfume. Her body always had a natural and earthy scent, but the new fragrance was a nice complement. “You smell wonderful,” he whispered.

She didn’t answer, but gave his face a caring caress in reply. Neal was used to her silence. Cassie liked him to talk during sex, but she was a quiet and focused lover who let her body do the communicating.

While her hands explored the muscles of his upper arms, his fingers traced the lacy material of her nightgown. It was sensuous and feminine. It had the intended effect of stimulating his arousal. He couldn’t believe how a little piece of filmy material could seem so erotic. It’s softness and fluid movement both concealed and enhanced her body. Neal’s hand followed it down her back to where it ended at mid-behind. Her panties picked up there and had a frilly texture. He spread his palm to maximize the tactile experience.

When he paused at the leg opening to clutch and massage her ass, it evoked a sigh and she thrust her hips forward against him. The pleasant pressure tightened his loins and stiffened his penis. Her breasts pressed against his chest through the babydoll and the nightgown acted as a stimulating lubricant. “I love your new nightie. It’s sexier than what you usually wear. All these changes are driving me crazy, baby.”

Wrapping her arms around him to keep him tight, she pulled their heads together and engaged in a long, wet kiss. She accompanied this with a firm grind of her hips that radiated warmth from his cock straight to his brain.

Pushing back, his engorged prick slid against her panties in a terrific dry hump. “Ohhh,” he moaned. “Are you as horny as I am, Cassie? Cuz I really want to fuck you.”

She nodded her head affirmatively against him and then nibbled gently on his lips.

Neal moved to mount her. However, she twisted sideways to put their bodies at almost right angles. He hesitated, unsure of what she wanted him to do next. Often, they got right down to business with little foreplay.

Before he could think, she guided his face to her breasts. Without delay, he brought his hand up and cupped her right tit. Neal loved to play with tits. As his hand explored her yielding flesh, he could sense Cassie’s rising excitement. When his fingers circled, and finally, touched her nipple, it was large and puffy. Her breathing deepened pushing her chest up against his hand.

If anything, her bosoms were bigger than he remembered. This was one of the best parts of having a regular fuck buddy. As Cassandra matured, her changing body was a source of constant discovery. Toying with her nipple, Neal elicited quiet moans and squirms of delight. Neal blew warm air through her nightie onto Cassie’s skin.

Reaching underneath his leg, she slid her hand onto his boxer encased penis. Neal shifted his weight so her fingers touched his balls, while his stiff rod settled into her palm. With slight movements, she squeezed his shaft and maneuvered his testicles in a rhythmic massage.

Using her free hand, she pulled the straps off her shoulders and brought the neckline of her nightgown down to reveal her breasts. Neal didn’t need any encouragement to flick Cassie’s nipple with his tongue and suck it into his mouth. He attacked the succulent orb with a ferocious, but gentle, hunger.

In response, her hand gripped his penis and squeezed it tightly. Neal was breathing hard and breaking into a passion sweat as his body began to build toward orgasm. To increase the friction, he began to rock his hips to slide back and forth against her hand.

Reading his racing passion and wanting to prolong the sex, she pinched her nails into the skin of his penis just below the tip.

Neal was startled and it cooled his ardor. He was still highly aroused, but a little more in control. Regaining his stride, he realized the pleasure was still there and the sexual tension even a little more intense from the delay. He was certain he’d still orgasm; the wonderful buzz would just be stretched out. In his porn, he’d read about such actions, but this was the first time he’d experienced it. Neal had an increasing sense of admiration at Cassie’s developing skills. She had always been enthusiastic and uninhibited. Now, in addition, she had clearly grown into a more confident and masterful lover. He couldn’t conceal the awe in his husky voice, “You’ve learned some new tricks, Cassie. You’ve always been the best cunt I’ve ever had, but it’s like I’m with a new woman.”

As if to prove his point, she kissed his ear and then proceeded to attack it with her tongue. It was something Cassie had never done before, but it was amazingly erotic. Her tongue moved incredibly fast to probe and suck.

Neal’s senses were on fire. Besides the novel ear stimulation, his mouth was working her tit and her hand was stroking his tingling penis. Without a doubt it was the most multi-faceted and gratifying sex of his life. However, he wanted to climax inside her nubile body.

Placing his hand on the inside of her thigh, he moved it upwards as he applied light pressure. She swayed her hips and rolled her head in satisfaction. He didn’t stop when he reached her panties. Enjoying the ruffled feel, he slid his hand the length of her slit and reached her waistband. After toying only momentarily at the small embroidered flower, Neal hooked his fingers inside and began to pull them down.

Fully aroused and needing no more foreplay, she lifted her behind and gave a wiggle to help in the removal of her favorite, fuck-me panties. As soon as they were off, Neal attacked her pussy. It occurred to him that his lust was affecting his perception. Like her breasts, her pubic hair seemed more abundant. As his fingers began to probe and tickle, it was like a wild and steamy mat. When his hand reached her pussy lips, they were warm and moist.

His touch caused her to clench and inhale. It stoked her intoxicating physical attraction. She was rapidly approaching the hoped for orgasm that had brought her to his room. The back and forth motion of his hand on her vulva inflamed her senses. The melting sensation inside her generated even more heat and fluid in her vagina. Her hips began to thrust in time with his petting.

“That’s right, move that muff. You want it bad.” Neal hissed in the dark. He knew Cassie liked lewd encouragement as she approached climax. “Are you ready now? Are you ready for a good fucking?”

Gripping his penis, she pulled him between her thighs. While Neal yanked off his shorts, she spread her legs and raised her knees. He settled into the inviting valley. His johnson nestled into her jungle of pubic hair and rocked along the surface of her lips.

“That’s frigging great,” Neal moaned. And then, with labored breathing, “Answer my question. Do you want to be fucked?”

With her body bucking beneath him and her movements getting wilder, the answer was obvious. Neal knew she was ready. However, he wanted to toy with her as playful payback for the times she had made him beg for it. She reached down to move the head of his penis to the opening of her vagina.

Neal was going mad with desire. There was nothing in this universe he wanted more than to get inside her. Nonetheless, in a last build-up of tension, he teasingly tapped his cock at the lips, but didn’t enter. “Say it, Cassie. I want to hear you say you want it.”

Her body begged for copulation. She wrapped her legs around him and reached behind his ass to pull them together.

The head of his penis slightly entered, but Neal resisted full penetration. With a louder voice, “Do…you…want…to…be…fucked,…cunt?”

With a raspy exhale, she finally answered. “Yes. Please. FUCK ME!”

With barely the first word out, Neal slammed his hips forward and fully penetrated her vaginal lips. Once inside, there was no thought of slowing. She held him tight and he rapidly seesawed in and out with all the energy available to him. The slippery friction increased the tactile pleasure. Her tongue and hands expertly stimulated his senses.

Her fingernails grabbed his back and her mind was spinning in a hormone-induced frenzy as she rocketed toward climax.

Neal was close himself. His prick was like the fucking Bismarck: large, hard and plowing relentlessly ahead. “You love getting slammed. Don’t you my slutty little fuck buddy?”

“Ohhhhh. Yeeesssss!” came a guttural moan accompanied by frenetic thrashing. Her breathing came in gasps and her sighs and groans grew quicker and louder. In the next moment, a monumental orgasm ripped through her. Her body arched, and then settled into the bliss of convulsive waves of delirium.

Neal felt the change beneath him and the spasms of her vagina pushed his penis to ecstasy. With a few, final firm thrusts, he emptied himself into her hot and welcoming pussy.

They collapsed into each others arms, lost in their private euphoria.

Lying side-by-side, their breathing and senses slowly recovered.

After a while, Neal said, “Baby, you keep getting better every time. You keep this up, Cassie, and I’m going to be addicted to you.”

She patted his hand and tousled his hair. Then, she swung her legs and sat on the side of the bed. She straightened her hair with her fingers.

“I wish you could stay the night.” Neal spoke in the dark to her back. “But, I guess we don’t want your parents to know we’re having sex. Much less, that we’re a couple of nymphos. They’re pretty cool, but this might blow their mind.”

A loud, snorting laugh escaped her lips. She leaned over and gave him a light peck on the forehead. Then, she slipped out of bed, pulled up her nightie and snuck back to her room.

Neal rolled over and thought, ‘This is going to be an unforgettable week.’ He went to sleep with a satisfied smile on his face and in a state of blissful anticipation.

When Neal awoke, he had that typical morning-after-intercourse feeling of fulfillment, smugness and exhilaration. He showered, dressed and prepared to go up to breakfast. Just as he was leaving the room, a flash of neon pink on the floor caught his eye.

He bent down and picked up a pair of sexy, lace panties. In her rush to leave last night, Cassie had forgotten her lingerie. He lifted them to his face. They were still slightly damp from her arousal. The scent and the thought of her bare ass bouncing up the stairs made him hard again. He hid them in his bureau with the intent of using them as the pretext for paying her bedroom a late visit tonight. He mounted the stairs with a Cheshire cat grin on his face.

Paul and Mrs. Knight were already in the kitchen.

Seeing his smile, Mrs. Knight said, “Don’t you look happy this morning? Did you sleep well?”

Feeling clever, Neal decided to use some risqué double entendres. “I can honestly say it was the best night I’ve had in months. I went to bed a little stiff, but I had a great dream and woke up all straightened out.”

“I’m so glad you like our cozy little nest,” she replied.

Neal chuckled to himself, ‘If she only knew how much I loved her daughter’s cozy little nest’.

Cooking breakfast, Mrs. Knight continued, “I was a little tense myself last night, but then I crawled into bed and immediately felt better. Maybe, it’s the mountain air.”

Paul, who had been reading the newspaper, turned to Neal and said matter-of-factly, “You got lucky last night.”

Mrs. Knight stopped what she was doing and looked at the boys with a startled expression. Neal couldn’t believe what he’d heard and almost spit out his orange juice. He knew they had been louder than they planned last night. But even if Paul had heard Neal and Cassie having sex, he couldn’t believe Paul blurted it out in front of his mother. “Wha…what do you mean?” Neal stammered.

“Being able to get in last night and not lose any skiing. You were lucky. It sounds like a lot of the roads were blocked.” Paul said, tapping the newspaper articles.

“Oh, yah,” Neal acknowledged, relieved he had misinterpreted Paul’s remark. Apparently with a similar reaction, Mrs. Knight returned to the cooking. Neal felt like he had dodged a bullet and tried to slow his racing heart. He decided to avoid playing any more word games.

To change the subject, Neal asked casually, “So, is Cassie sleeping in after arriving late?”

Immersed in the sports page, Paul mumbled, “Nah. Like I said, she didn’t make it.”

Certain he’d misheard the murmured answer, but not wanting to reveal he’d been with Cassie, Neal said, “I thought I heard her come in last night.”

Turning from the stove and standing behind Paul’s chair, Mrs. Knight said, “Cassie called after you went to bed. The snow closed the roads, so she won’t be here until tomorrow at the earliest.”

Now thoroughly confused, Neal’s mind started to spin and he couldn’t control a quizzical expression from crossing his face. “Cassie isn’t here?”

Enjoying his reaction, Mrs. Knight was looking at him with a warm smile. “Don’t be disappointed, dear. We’ll have a great day skiing.”

For a moment, Neal wondered if last night had just been a vivid, wet dream. Then he remembered finding the panties. Since there were only the three of them in the house, the realization started to dawn on him. Closing his eyes, Neal was gripped by an increasing sense of panic remembering his dirty talk and what he had revealed about his routine sex with Cassie. That was immediately swept away by the magnitude of what he had done with Mrs. K last night. Neal prayed it was all a dream.

When he opened his eyes, Mrs. Knight gave him a knowing wink and a nod. It hadn’t been a dream, and he hadn’t been with Cassie last night. Neal’s jaw dropped, he blushed a burning crimson and he ejaculated a guilty laugh. His mind registered that he’d misinterpreted all the little physical differences he’d noticed and the expert sexual performance.

Mrs. Knight said, “After skiing, I’m sure you’ll be stiff again. We can come back here and be warm and cozy again tonight.” Making sure Paul couldn’t see her; she gave a quick salacious flick of her tongue and lifted her skirt to flash her bare-naked pussy. With a hungry smile, she turned back to the stove.

Neal was a mess of shock and embarrassment. On one level, he was frozen with fear. But on another level, his penis was uncontrollably stiffening. In a small part of his mind, he hoped for a blizzard that would keep the roads closed all week.

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